The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.


If anyone asked Carl why he was following a latex-clad woman across the carnival, his answer would be: “I don’t know, but I can’t stop.”

It’s not like she was attractive, despite the form-fitting dress. He never bothered to meet women for real, too focused on their bodies, and turning a blind eye on their minds. To his misogynistic views, the late twenties brunette’s hips were too small, her eyebrows too thick, her honeyed hair too long. Even her ass produced no effect on his cock, a failure on all accounts. He wouldn’t fuck it even if paid a million dollars though he might reconsider if two were on the line.

Any other day, a single glance would have been enough for him to lose interest but “any other day” was not that one, and so he walked at a steady pace, ten feet behind her, while dodging the happy crowd and their plastered smiles.

At one point, she turned back almost as if to make sure he was still tailing her. He picked up the pace to approach her, and she immediately negotiated a path through a row of food stands, disappearing between the smell and smoke of greasy delicacies. The moment she stepped out of his sight, Carl froze, a newborn junkie desperate for his fix. Bloodshot eyes roved the surroundings until a flash of red beckoned him again. With renewed hope, he pushed a young couple away and ran after her, ignoring the deserved insults, not a care in the world.

From the corner of his eye, he saw her slip inside the Fun House and continued the pursuit, stepping into a corridor of distorted images that only added to her mystery. He stopped to catch his breath, overweight legs barely holding him together. Scouring the environment once again, he found her everywhere.

She was to the left, a single finger pointing at the space between his legs... she was behind him, humming a song only he could hear... she was straight ahead, sly smile dripping red... she was above the infinite maze, caliginous wings hidden by the artificial lights.

Carl took three steps backwards, his shaved head hitting the corner of one of the mirrors. He stumbled on himself, inquisitive jaw slacking off. The other Carl next to him opened his mouth far and wide as if getting ready to scream. The last one on the row of reflections, closed his eyes.

“I hope you’re ready to play,” the woman declared from parts unknown. “In a moment, I will count from ten to one. When I reach one, you better have found your way out of here or things won’t end well for you,” she chirped.

A long, darkened nail scratched the polished sheen, cracks irradiating from its center like a terminal disease. Her impossible shadow lingered between them, a projection of primeval fear few lived to see for long. “Ten, nine, eight... why aren’t you moving yet?”

He didn’t have time to think; he forgot he knew how to breathe. The right foot instructed the left one to move and the left foot did the same, both pushing in opposite directions until he fell flat on the spiraling floor.

“Three, two, one... oh my, you don’t even know how to run straight. I knew humans were stupid, but you are something else, aren’t you?”

He rolled on his stomach trying to get up again only to find her hovering two feet above. Not so gently, she descended over his bulbous belly, crushing both layers of fat and whatever passed as his manhood hiding beneath them. Her fangs were visible now and so was the true color of her smoldering eyes.

“Still think I’m not attractive or are you hypnotized already?” She toyed with him. “Yes, vampires are real, that whole thing about not having a reflection is not, and yes, I’m reading your mind right now. It’s not really that hard seeing how small it is and getting smaller, your thoughts waning, my voice taking over... No, I don’t think you’re attractive either, but food is food and I’ve been hungry for a while. Was I supposed to be mad over you not wanting to fuck me? Oh please, I can feel what you have down there and that wouldn’t please anyone. Even a single nail of mine is longer and thicker, see? Now, be a dear and unbutton that collar for me.”

Carl complied, the striped flannel shirt coming undone. An obedient vein popped for her amusement.

“How cute, you’re trying to get hard but you’re just proving my point, unless you want to offer me more than your blood to make me happy. Shall you go meet your Maker with your pants on or would you rather say hi to him for me, covered in jizz?”

She leapt away from him and grinned, a digital camera appearing out of thin air in her left hand. “Get up and stroke. I shall remember your mindless devotion for the rest of my immortal life with this.”

Carl assumed his position, reverent legs and vacant gaze projected a hundred times all around, pumping his minuscule shaft while she laughed.

A group of other visitors—three young men and a woman—emerged from a semi-invisible path and found him drooling, warm saliva rolling down his half-open mouth while he choked on his own semen and blood.

“How wonderful, a feast,” the seductive creature of the night sang before bringing them all to their knees. Her fun was only getting started.