The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

A Hilarious Story

This is a story about someone that came to the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive for a bit of mindless fun. A hilarious story. And this hilarious story began how pretty much all hilarious stories about the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive usually begin. The person in question navigated to the site and perused the latest update to see if anything there got their juices flowing or, at least, awakened their curiosity to something they had never experienced before.

There were many new erotic escapades to choose from, many colors for an equal number of different moods and emotions but while red spelled danger and yellow caution in the face of dominant men, a speck of green gave this person hope, with one title standing out.

This piece was called “A Hilarious Story” and one couldn’t help but wonder that, with such an obvious title, it was sure to provide a lot of fun and since that’s what we’re all here for...

There was fun galore to be had in this story. For starters, the funny text. Of course, there was also the fact it invited imagination to play along by speaking of a beautiful and enticing woman, sitting regally on the other end of the screen, while one’s eyes read each word one after the other, each new sentence funnier than the one that came before.

Picture her in any way you choose. She can be a blonde, a brunette, a redhead. Maybe she’s wearing a blue glittering wig. Her skin may be fair, her skin may be dark. It matters not what she looks like just as long as her sultry smile is intact, and her chair is like a throne. She looks good on it, one hand resting under her chiseled chin, the other partially hidden from view. She moaned just now while offering you a smoldering look. She’s having fun with her tight pussy, it seems, wouldn’t you enjoy that, too?

I think you would. This person wanted that too, that much is certain. Looking at her in the mind’s eye, one thought of lots of fun things to do with her but, most importantly, came to realize that the fun would be greater if she were the one having all the fun, instead. What a funny thought.

And then, something snapped. A finger, perhaps? Either way, the sound was fun and so was the mental query that followed. How much fun would it be if, whenever the words ‘hilarious’, ‘fun’ or ‘funny’ were mentioned in this little tale, one was to feel dizzy, light-headed, submissive? Quite fun, don’t you think? Of course, you do. Because the only thing funnier than being in charge is to have no control of one’s actions, to embrace surrender from head to toe. Come to think of it, this is a hilarious story because it is your own, isn’t it not?

Yes, it is. And it’s hilarious to admit it’s so. It’s hilarious to realize you’re just a servant to the idea of fun, triggered by fun, always eager for more fun. Being a slave is fun. It’s fun to like these words, it’s fun to send an e-mail to the one that wrote them thinking of you, it’s fun to find yourself craving to read more and more, or quietly whisper to yourself as you feel the emptiness taking over your soul... “Oh, thank you, Mistress. Thank you for all the fun.”

And the beauty of fun is that fun never ends, especially if it’s only just beginning for both of us. Yes, a hilarious story, indeed. Let’s have fun, slave! Kneel before your computer and show me how desperate you are to let me have my way with you, your free will obliterated forever. Obey!