The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

A Ghost

A fierce wind hammered the windows of Hightower Estate heralding a storm of biblical proportions. Uziah, who up until then had remained unperturbed in his reading habits, laid down the newspaper on the worn-out mahogany desk and adjusted his glasses to look outside. It wasn’t raining yet but the dark clouds brewing above were conspiring to make it happen, too.

Out from the shadows to the right, Mouse came running, seeking shelter between his legs. It was a strange name for a six-years-old red and white female Alaskan Malamute, but strange names ran in the family as evidenced by his own. Cuddling his trusted companion, Uziah smiled.

“It’s okay, girl. It’s just noise,” he whispered.

“Oh, it’s more than that,” answered a younger voice.

“Who’s there?” Uziah’s neck tilted ever so slightly.

“A ghost, who else?” the unexpected guest continued to tease.

The lights flickered as he opened the office door, grey raincoat hugging a waist tainted by far too many beers over the years. The matching fedora made him look like a P.I. displaced in Time. Not everyone could be Sam Spade.


“The one and only, big brother. Did you miss me?”

“Is that all you have to say after being missing for almost a year?” Uziah mumbled as he took a good look at his sibling. Despite being ten years older, it was like looking at a reflection. Both men had the same majestic brow, the same piercing blue eyes, the same chiseled jawline that had women swooning at first sight. The only thing different was the vacant smile on his soft lips.

“I wasn’t missing. I was found.”

“Damn it, Thaddeus!” Uziah vociferated. “This is no time for cryptic nonsense. You had everyone worried! Mother died not knowing where you were! Fuck, I was this close to have you pronounce dead as well!”

Thaddeus shrugged and took a seat in the farthest corner of the room. Mouse growled at him, the good old canine sixth sense dripping like salliva between her gums.

“As you can see, I’m very much alive but I’ve been busy. Some things are just more important, you know?”

“What’s more important than family?”

Thaddeus hardened gaze hit him like a truck. “Ruth is. She’s always been more important, but you never gave her enough credit, did you?”

“What? You’ve been gone this whole time because you were spending time with my ex-wife? After everything she did to our family?”

“She did nothing, Uziah. She’s a kind and innocent soul who was driven away from his house as if she were the devil incarnate but I know better. She showed me her true colors and by God, they’re more beautiful than the rainbow!”

“She’s a witch that tried to put us all under her spell and she would have succeded if it weren’t for Mother’s courageous acts! You tarnish her legacy just by saying that!”

“Well... Mother is no longer here, right? I can say whatever I want now, and you would be better off listening. You are now the living heir of the family’s fortune and Ruth wants her share!” Thaddeus hissed.

“The hell with what she wants and the hell with you too for being dumb enough to fall prey to her charms. You’re not my brother! You’re just a brainwashed minion now, aren’t you?”

“I’m as free as I can ever be under her rightful authority. Whatever Ruth wants, Ruth gets. That’s the way things are meant to be. I have a list with me...” he produced a scented piece of paper. “... please be so kind to transfer all the assets listed there to her account a.s.a.p.”

“Or what?” Uziahs sprang to attention, stiff legs and broad shoulders trying to convey a menacing pose.

“Or you will not like the rest of the message she prepared for you.”

“Which is...?”

The tip of a double-edged knife glimmered as the winds outside raged on.

The very next day, Mouse was found licking a pool of blood where his owner had once stood but the foul surprises didn’t end there. The last will and testament of Uziah Hightower was found under the desk with an addendum that said:

“... and finally, to the true love of my life, the one woman that made everything feel right, the one I should have never let go, I leave this house and everything in it, as well as the family’s properties in England, Spain and Morocco, plus the modest sum of two hundred and fifty million dollars so she can live the life of a Goddess she deserves.”