The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.


All the women I’ve ever loved had one thing in common: a passionate devotion for music. Ashley, my latest conquest, was no exception but, unlike my previous girlfriend who was crazy about hip-hop and similar rhythms, she was all classical and playing the piano was a major part of her life as I came to know.

Our relationship was already built on solid grounds when one day she invited me for a lingerie music recital—her exact words!—in her apartment. I accepted her proposal, gladly. Not that I’m a big fan of the sound of piano, mind you, but the invitation was as good as any excuse for me to feast my eyes in her enticing silhouette, and, after she was done with the music score, there was a good chance I could score some points as well….

On the day of the spectacle, we kissed by the front door, she offered me a cup of honey and lemon tea that was simply delicious and then undid her satin robe, revealing a sexy, blue babydoll underneath with lightly padded cups, adjustable shoulder straps, and a matching sheer thong. The sight of the combination was far beyond breathtaking and, as I assumed my position on the leather sofa, it was hard for me to think about anything else.

She glided blissfully towards her walnut polished Steinway & Sons S-155 Grand piano which was her most prized possession and offered me a sultry look. The music staff was already in place.

“I’ll be playing a little something for you from a 19th-century composer called Katarina Gubb entitled Oberhoheit. Do you know the meaning of the word, Liam?” she asked whilst stretching her fingers.

“Truth be told, can’t say that I do,” I responded idly, feeling no shame of my ignorance. “And I believe I’ve never heard of that composer before, either.”

“I’m not surprised as only a few pieces of her survived. She was of German origin and one of the first women to elevate piano compositions to a whole new level. I believe you’ll easily come to understand the meaning of the title the moment I finish playing. Now, don’t make a sound and simply listen…”

She started playing with utmost grace and brilliance a bittersweet tune plucked out of Heaven. The first movement was slow and meditative, like a gentle hum in harmony with the frequencies of the known universe; the second morphed into a frantic fusion of luscious octaves intertwined with fleeting repetitions of the earlier musical cue; as for the last one, it comprised of a triumphant ode of great complexity where all her fingers were in constant motion, almost setting the ebony and ivory keys ablaze. The rush of adrenaline I felt while listening to it all was intense and didn’t immediately subside when the last note reverberated in the room.

“That was… amazing!” I applauded, overwhelmed with sincerest delight. Her face was imbued with ethereal radiance when the million-dollar question was brought forth into the world:

“Thank you. I simply love this piece. By the way, now do you understand what the title means?”

“Supremacy…” I heard myself saying, wondering at the same time how that exact word had formed itself so clearly in my mind.”

“That’s right. And you’re also now fully aware who’s the superior being in this house, isn’t that so?”

“You’re a woman and I’m a man. Naturally, the power is yours.” answered my voice with words that belonged to someone else. Why I was uttering them I did not know and let alone was unable to understand how on earth she had become one hundred times lovelier in the twenty minutes it took her to play the piece from start to finish. A current of contrastive ideas and disruptive thoughts was weakening my judgment from the inside.

“I couldn’t have said it better.” Ashley concurred, crossing her legs. “For you see, Katarina Gubb was not simply a musical genius but a brave explorer of the mysteries of the human psyche even before such studies were made popular by the likes of Freud and Jung. She discovered that certain chords and note sequences have the properties to alter one’s perception of the surrounding world and could effectively be used to train and condition a human mind to do whatever she wanted. It’s a process she came to refer to in her journals as melodic brainwashing and one that works faster when associated with a certain honey-tasted drug I added to your tea. Now that the mixture of elements is already stirring within your veins, it’s obvious I’m supposed to be in charge, always telling you what to do. It is right for women to control men. When a female issues an order, a male’s sole duty is to act in accordance with it, to obey eager and willingly. Supremacy has other meaning besides this one, don’t you agree?”

“Yes… I…” the new directives were rampaging amidst my other beliefs, assimilating those that were useful to the role I was to assume and discarding the ones that failed to adapt or contradicted the natural order of things. “I must obey your commands….”

“Rest assured I’ll give you plenty from now on. Let’s start with something easy. Undress for me and come crawling, pet! Being dominated by me on top of a piano is an experience you’ll never forget!”

She was right. I never did, and this account is the testament to that. I still serve and every single instruction from her is like sweet music to my ears.