The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Who am I?

People ask me all the time:

Who am I?

and my answer is and will always be the same.

I am the stunning Amazon that will have you lick my boots in front of everyone because it’s fun. I’ll make sure you don’t miss a spot because worshiping my shiny footwear is the only thing your unclean tongue is worth for.

I am the super-villain from the comic book you’ve yet to write because you’re too busy masturbating and gooning for me. Are you ready to have your whole body become nothing but an appendage to your horny hands? I know I am, and my camera is ready.

I am the witch that dances with Succubi under the blood moon before casting a spell to turn your mind into mush. You’ll never know what triggered you or how to escape my foul desires. Why would you anyway?

I am the girl next door who’s grown to become a top executive only to have men of all ages kiss the floor I walk on. Every single one of them loves working for me and so will you. The meeting starts at ten and it never stops.

I am the doctor who will rearrange your brain before you even have the chance to blink. Yes, dear, it’s perfectly natural to feel dizzy looking at me and no, there weren’t any hallucinogenics in the syringe I just stabbed you with, don’t be ridiculous.

I am a sprite, a fairy, the Supreme Queen even Mab loves and fears... the Enchantress to rule them all as I place my golden rings on your long neck, sweaty fingers, and throbbing cock. Guess which one is my favorite?

I am the secret meaning behind all your wet dreams. I can make all your fantasies come true if you obey or unleash nightmares like you’ve never seen if you do not. Are you scared? You should be. Tell me you’re scared or better yet chant it out loud so that your neighbors know just how addicted you are to my impossible perfection.

I am the whisper of your mind, the excuse you’ve always craved for overwhelming surrender. I am Woman; I am Power; I am everything you’ll ever need. Look at me, embrace the shadows of my hypnotic trance, and go deeper.