The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Flight to Enslavement

Do you feel like flying with me today? I can make your imagination soar high in the blue skies if you just listen to me for a while. Close your eyes, sweetie, and clear your mind.

I want you to visualize two large hangar doors opening before you. Beyond them, there’s a surprise.The sunlight coming from the windows above reflects on the silvery surface of a bullet-shaped aircraft. This is your private jet and we’re going on a wonderful journey.

Come. Step inside and admire the marvels waiting. Everything you could have hoped for is here... soft, reclining leather-like chairs... a giant plasma screen with the most vivid colors you’ve ever seen... a rotating marble mini-bar filled with all the drinks you need to be in a party mood all the time and, of course, me... a sexy air hostess to suit your needs, every single one of them.

Take a seat anywhere you like and let’s be on your way. Just lean against as the intelligent fabric adapts to the shape of your body. It feels so comfortable that relaxation begins to take in immediately, a gentle numbness on your arms and legs...

Tilt your head slowly and look outside. We’re already moving along the runway, heading into the distant horizon but the plane is so quiet you’ve failed to notice it until now. In this flight, your perception is different. It’s easy to loosen up and forget simple things just like the awareness that the scenery is changing all the time...

See? What did I just tell you? We’re in the air now, traveling inside a cluster of clouds. They’re not thick, compact, or anything of the sort but rather like foam from a nice and warm bath. They dissolve into shreds of white when the planes’s sharp wings open a path through them, just like your conscious self when you listen to my voice...

Lean back just a little bit further in your premium seat as if you want to be completely engulfed by it and close your eyes inside this contemplative state as well. Is is important you do so in order to enhance the pleasure that is sure to follow. Are they closed yet? Good. Very good.

You can’t see me now but you can sense my impending approach. Even though you didn’t call me, I’m coming to you... coming to make you happy... coming to please you... and you want me to do it! I stop in front of your chair, legs partly open, raising the uniform ever so slightly. You feel the touch of my silky legs rubbing against yours and the swift motion of my long fingers as they unzip your pants and reveal your tumescent cock, so desperate to come out and play.

I sit on it, hardening it even more. I’m not wearing any underwear, vaginal fluids dripping. We both moan as our bodies slowly intertwine. You try to open your eyes to gaze upon my expression of delight, but you can’t. You’ve forgotten how do it, drowning in the vortex of leather... my legs pressing your sex and riding it mercilessly...

You’ve never had a woman do this to you with such passion and power, have you? No, you haven’t. This is the ride of your life, totally at my mercy, deprived of thoughts. My pussy entangles you in a spell of immemorial times.

Yes, it’s really happening. You’re losing everything you believe you are in this flight to enslavement. I’ve taken control over your desires and you only have one left. You want to release your seed, feel the palpitating flow of genes that describe you as a man explode inside me. We want the same thing.

There’s only one catch. When you cum, you’ll be expelling a lot more than your semen. The last aspects of your personality will collapse for me. This fantasy plane will disappear and you will thrown into the abyss, free-falling, surrendering all there is to surrender to me, starting with your mind.

I think it’s a small price to pay for the wonderful trip I’ve given you and I know you agree. If we ever fly for real, it will be as Mistress and slave. Now cum and fall deeper. Give me your will to command!