The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.


No one in Ireland knew much about the new political force that was to present itself in the forthcoming general elections. A lot of folks had seen the posters with the acronym PSBD written in green and orange, and TV stations sometimes speculated about it, but the material was scarce. All that was of public domain was that it had been created in the wake of the global financial and economic crisis, more specifically after the IMF had been called to intervene in the country, to apparently save it from imminent bankruptcy.

Opinions were torn about the presence of the Fund in The Emerald Isle and, in a flyer that had been distributed to the general population through the use of aerial means, the PSBD promised to make its opinions known about the matter and, I quote, “(…) radically change the face of the nation with its bold approach to the problems at hand.” The word of mouth began to spread, curiosity grew to levels never before seen, and so did a certain positive anxiety, an unexplained confidence.

Eventually, it was divulged that the PSBD’s first important political intervention would occur on a Friday afternoon and that it would be broadcast simultaneously by every major network, with the possibility of live online transmission as well. When the day finally came, people were tremendously excited and started to gather in massive numbers to see what new hope this party had to offer. Expectations were quite high as you can imagine, and yet there was always room for surprises.

It’s safe to say that those revealed themselves when they saw the leader and spokeswoman of the PSBD for the first time. Who would have, in good honesty, thought about a more than stunning redhead, dressed in a clingy full-body latex catsuit, and proudly wearing a pair of glossy kinky boots with wicked heels? Nonetheless, that was the glorious vision that filled screens and monitors everywhere, accompanied by a mesmeric pattern that blossomed from a gigantic Irish flag behind her. There were hiccups and gulps, bewildered expressions and transfixed stares, a deep impact of outstanding proportions.

“Greetings, my fellow countrymen, and women,” began the vision of loveliness and unmitigated power. “My name is Rose O’Hearn, and I’m the driving force behind the PSBD. I come to you, today, for the very first time, to deliver a cathartic message and thus free you from the uncertainties that have been plaguing our beautiful country ever since our government chose to help the banks instead of the people, ever since they allowed foreigners to come inside our borders and dictate ruinous courses of action that weaken and impoverish us. Surreptitiously, they’re trying to take away our independence and my Party shall not stand for it!”

Suddenly, her eyes widened and she grinned sexily. The Irish flag dissolved into a kaleidoscope of tantalizing might.

“If anyone is going to take away your innate rights and your will that might as always be ME!” she exclaimed, her thundering authority reverberating through the sound channels and finding an echo in hundreds upon hundreds of ears. “Yes, I shall ensure that all of your needs are taken care of, by giving you the greatest gift of all: relentless lust! With me in control, you’ll always be writhing in orgasmic satisfaction, sexual surrender shall cleanse your spirits and Ireland will become the first province of a new Empire of Enlightenment! You WILL choose me as your rightful leader! You WILL obey my every command, starting right now! Feel the burning desire becoming an undeniable reality! Touch, kiss, and love one another as you humbly bow down before me! I AM MISTRESS and you are pets… SERVE ME!”

One by one, in private houses, in bars, in public gardens, in the streets, men and women, young and old, listened to the commands and acquiesced effortlessly, their minds completely wiped clean, their needs entangled by dripping fluids and hormonal discharges, their bodies fusing in the beautiful agony of lascivious release. The PSBD had kept its promise to dramatically alter the spirit of the country, probably the first time a political force had actually been true to its word.

In the headquarters of the Party, Rose O’Hearn was an exultant woman. She had every reason to it, even if there weren’t a group of naked IMF consultants kneeling in line just outside the camera’s range, waiting for the opportunity to eat her out. Of course, that fact helped a lot as well….

And by now, I’m sure you already know what PSBD really means. No? Are you serious?! Okay, I’ll spill the beans, then. Why, it’s the Party of Sexual Bliss and Dominance, obviously!