The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Merry Red

Her hairdresser was in for a disappointment but Mary Lou had already made up her mind, and no one was going to talk her out of it no matter what.

“Please, take them out, Sally. I would do it myself but I’m afraid to damage my natural hair too much,” she said.

“But why do you want to do that? They look so good on you!!!” The mid-thirties woman complained.

“They used to, but not anymore. I want something new. I know you had a lot of trouble with them the last time I was here, and I apologize for the inconvenience but it’s settled. Today, they got to go!”

“Oh, okay… I think you’re making a mistake, but it’s your call. I’ll get you all prepped up in no time. In the meantime, and since you mentioned you were looking for something new, why don’t you try this one on?” and from a drawer in the counter, she produced a 10ml peach-shaped nail polish bottle with the words Merry Red embossed in it.

Mary inspected the bottle carefully, her curiosity piqued. After a few seconds, she said:

“The color looks nice and all, but couldn’t they have come up with a better name? Merry Red, really?!”

“Oh, I think it’s nice, and the play on words is just perfect for you… Mary, Merry… what’s not to love?”

“I suppose you’re right… okay, I’ll try it on.”

“Do that. I’ll be back before you know it.”

Sally went to the back of the salon, probably to pick up something from the storage room, leaving her sole customer of the afternoon to the task of painting her nails brighter than ever.

The color of the polish was far more beautiful exposed to the elements than inside the bottle, something that doesn’t happen every day. With utmost precision, she applied the glossy coating and watched it sparkle before her very eyes, as if the combination produced something magical. In a way, it certainly did.

When Sally returned, Mary was no longer sitting idly but rather standing in a very sensual pose. She had locked the salon, hidden the key in a place where no one would bother to look and she had loosened her clothes to show a feistiness she had lost contact with more than twenty years ago.

“Huh, Mary… what’s going on?” the hairdresser asked, as she caught a glimpse of her glimmering nails.

“Against all odds, I’ve had a change of heart, dear. I think I’m going to keep the extensions for a little longer, but now I want you to do something completely different for me…”

“Like what?”

“Well, I suppose you could start by sucking my breasts…” and she unbuttoned her blouse all the way down, and let the bra fall soundlessly on the floor.

“Mary… Why would I…?”

“Because of these, obviously….” both her hands moved in an enchanting fashion and the beautifully painted nails reflected a variegated spectacle of light in the younger woman’s eyes. “And you better start calling me Merry now!”

She did just that. Before the sun went down that day, Merry became quite merry indeed with the power she had unleashed but even merrier by the total obedience of her new lesbian slave.