The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“First, Do No Harm”

Lynn collapsed, sobbing softly. Her first medical school exam had come back, and it wasn’t good- a 71-Pass. Good enough to pass, sure, but not nearly good enough to get that premium residency she wanted.

As she rocked softly on the worn-out student lounge couch, all that she had done to get to this point started floating through her mind. Hundreds of hours of studying, thousands of hours of research, a summa cum laude diploma from an Ivy League school, medals and honors that would weigh down the stoutest of necks, all for naught. She’d failed, it seemed. Those years of arrogance and swagger were gone, and now she was just scared.

Spent, Lynn leaned back, the cool wetness of her tears quenching the fiery heat around her eyes, and felt something snap back in her mind. She wasn’t going to fail. She couldn’t. Somehow, some way, that C was going to turn around, and she was going to do this.

“That’s right… I’m not going to fail this…” she whispered softly. “I’ve never failed before, and I’m NOT going to now. Not here. Not now. Not after all of this.”

“No, you’re not going to fail. I won’t let you.”

Lynn reddened, both from fear of being heard and anger at being intruded upon, and saw who it was. Dave, a friend of hers. They’d grown up together, and had been friends for years. She’d helped him through a few bad breakups, and he’d helped her with other things now and again before they’d reunited in medical school. Smiling grimly, she asked what he’d scored, and he told her the truth. A 93.

“Honors!!!”, Lynn’s mind screamed. “How in the hell did that little bastard get an Honors when I couldn’t? I never even saw him studying!”

Dave smiled slightly. “Yes, Honors, to answer your mind’s question. How? I can teach you, if you like. Relaxation technique I picked up that really helps me focus.”

Lynn initially flushed with anger. How dare he, a lowly state school grad, think she, an Ivy alumna, needed his help? Then, regaining her composure, she realized that he was serious. Maybe it would help, she thought. Maybe he could do some good.

“All right”, she said. “What do I do?” Dave looked at her with obvious surprise. Clearly, he wasn’t expecting her to say yes! “Okay”, he calmly lobbed back. “It’s more comfortable at my place, and you’ll need to be comfortable. Say after class tomorrow?”

She agreed. After her anatomy lab would be perfect. Go, try this, and when it failed, find something else. “Oh, by the way” Dave called after her as she walked away “Wear comfortable clothes. You’ll need to be able to really relax.”

That night, Dave reflected a bit. She’d turned him down before. He’d never known why, really. His education wasn’t as flashy as hers, just a solid cum laude from a state school, but that shouldn’t matter. He was good looking and fairly muscled, a legacy of long hours in the gym, so that wasn’t it. Maybe she was just that much of an intellectual snob.

“Oh well” he said to the walls. Rummaging through his desk, he found exactly what would help with tomorrow’s relaxation- his stethoscope. Should be all he would need, and maybe helping Lynn out would finally turn her head.

As he drifted to sleep that night, Dave let his mind wander. Tomorrow should be fun, he thought. Maybe it could do them both some good.

Class that day seemed to fly by for both of them. New material, and a chance for some real change. Lynn looked a hundred percent better today; she was relaxed and focused, back to her normal self.

They met for lunch, and Lynn was full of questions. Dave raised a hand to signal her to wait a minute, and she listened.

“Well, I picked this up from a good friend of mine”, Dave started. “She was really big into hypnotic and trance techniques, and what they can do to unlock parts of the mind that are normally closed.”

Lynn stopped him right there. “Wait a minute. You don’t really believe in hypnosis, do you? Watch the watch and all that? Making people believe they’re chickens, or whatever?”

Dave waited, and she eventually wound down. “First off”, he started again “it does work. I can pick up stuff now in one pass that used to take me hours. Second, you can’t make someone do something in trance they wouldn’t want to do when awake- I couldn’t make you go to bed with someone you despised, for example. Third, you’re perfectly safe. I promise I won’t do anything but help ease your nerves and focus you.”

That seemed to settle Lynn down a bit. She had known Dave since they were both little kids, so she trusted him. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

The afternoon lab seemed to fly by, and Dave was a bit shaky as he gripped his scalpel. Easing back structures and balancing tissues, his form was as good as ever while his mind whirled. He was close, so close… soon, he would try his technique out on someone new.

Later, Lynn settled onto Dave’s couch, and waited patiently. He sat back and began to explain the process. “You need to be very still, and do exactly as I tell you…”, he intoned softly. “Just let your mind relax and let me direct you. From there, I can take over and see what good I can do.”

Dave reached in his pocket, and pulled out his stethoscope. It had cost him almost two hundred dollars, and would work perfectly. He handed it to Lynn, and told her to listen to her heart, and to him. She raised it to her breast, and listened to the soft sounds there. As she visibly relaxed into that peaceful rhythm, Dave began to take her down.

“That’s right… close your eyes and let me take you… feel your muscles relax and go slack, feel your very mind relax and take a breath… rest… rest…” Her breathing slowed and relaxed, then he could tell her body slept. “Lynn, can you hear me? Speak if you do.”, he asked. She mumbled “Yes…” and he knew she was in deep trance.

“There, yes… now, tell me… how do you feel?”

“So peaceful… so calm…”

“Good… now listen, closely… from now on, when you study, it will all make sense. It will sink into your mind, and you will absorb it quickly and easily…”

“Sink in…”

“You’ll go into exams proud and calm. You’ll walk in strong and everything you know will flow out of you and into your test like water. You’ll succeed, and know that you will.”

As he finished the long series of intonations, something else came to mind-a trigger. “Lynn, my dear… do you like being this relaxed?” As she whispered affirmation, he gently continued. “From now on, my friend, when you hear me say the word “cadaverine” you will slip into a trance as deep or deeper than this, ready to listen and follow my commands. Now I will wake you, and you’ll wake refreshed and happy…”

He woke her, and Lynn blinked as she became aware again. Nearly two hours had passed. “Dave! I feel great!” she exclaimed. Dave smiled softly, and asked when she would be back. She readily agreed to meet again. The next day, at six.

Dave leaned back in his comfortable studying chair. It was coming together, slowly- she was a willing subject, and maybe he could find out how to attract her if she were tranced. Maybe he’d finally have the upper hand.

Six came quickly, and Lynn was there at his door, ready and willing to go in trance again. He guided her to the familiar couch, and smiled softly as he said her trigger. Her eyes glazed and closed, with her breathing slow and peaceful.

“So relaxed… so peaceful… Tell me, my friend, are you seeing anyone?”

“No… no one…”

“No interests? Really? No one out there you want to be with?”

“Well… there is someone, but he’s more a friend than anything else… doubt he’d be interested in me.”

“Who? Maybe I know something you don’t.”

“I shouldn’t say, but it’s you, really… I had a huge crush on you in high school.”

Dave blushed at that. He’d never known. This was worth exploring, though.


“Yeah. I was always studying, you were out there having fun…”

“And you never were able to tell me…”

Dave smiled softly. Now he had to tread very lightly. Go too fast, and she’d slip away. Go too slow, and it would be as if it had never been. Thinking quickly, he had an answer. He’d help her with her exams, all right, but that would be his key to her. That would turn her head, and all would be well.

So it began. Hours of trances, going over material when her mind was fully open and ready to listen. Long nights, working through page after page, chapter after chapter, disease after disease, and it was starting to pay off. She was becoming a test machine, and knew the material as well as the professors did. Even if old Doctor Brown was his usual evil self and threw his nastiest curveballs, she was ready.

Exam day came and went, and Lynn’s hands shook as she opened the envelope with her score. A 97. Honors. She pulled off the best score in the class, even beating Dave by one. Grinning broadly, Lynn walked through the student lounge as Dave ran up to her. He looked a little nervous, but he’d been waiting for this day.

“So… a 97, huh? Honors? Well done!”, he smoothly let fly. “Want to go out tonight, you know, and celebrate?”

Lynn looked at him, and there was no sign of that scared self Dave had first seen. There was no sign of that Lynn who had confessed to having a crush on him, just disdain. “Well…”, she started, “I really don’t think so.

It’s not that I’m not grateful or that I don’t want to keep working with you, but more that… well… I just don’t think you’re right for me. It’s not you, honest; It’s me. It would just never work.” Her mouth said that it was her, but her eyes said it best; it was him. Dave would never be good enough for her; his sweatshirt and jeans world was simply not preppy enough, not elitist enough for her, and never would be.

Dave’s mind screamed. Never work? Not right for her? They’d been friends for years, but now this backstabbing bitch was willing to take his time and his help, but not even throw him a bone and go to dinner?

Dave hid his rejection well, and went back home to think. After midnight, the answer came to him. If his techniques could build her mind, his techniques could break her. Maybe.

That next day, Lynn showed up again, looking for help. Dr. Brown had been lecturing away again, and she needed a way to make it work. Dave welcomed her in, slowly tranced her down, and went to work.

The beginning was simple, just the same study and review that they had gone through for a long time. Dave then looked longingly at his target, and decided it was time to take things up a level or two.

“Lynn, my friend, I’m going to bury this part in your subconscious instead of your waking mind. From this point forward, whenever I say the word supercilious, you will not consciously know what I say, but will know it deep in your subconscious mind.”

Dave breathed deeply, and spoke loud and clear. “Supercilious.”

“Lynn, my dear… you’ve been studying awfully hard. You really need to relax, need to let go. Just relax, and let me take control of your mind for a while…”

“Relax… yes. I need to relax…”

“Rest… let your mind grow cloudy. It’s so hard to think now, everything so soft and out of focus, so hard to think. You don’t need to think, though. Thinking is too hard, and all you want to do is relax.”

“So hard to think… so foggy…”, Lynn moaned.

“Yes, so foggy. You only need to think of one thing… you need to think of your lust, of that passion that you’ve ignored, and the joys of being touched and being fucked.”

“Yes… I need fucked… I need cock…”, Lynn whispered.

Dave grinned. She was a bit more repressed than he’d thought, but he’d always heard that about Catholic school graduates. 23 and still holding onto it was a bit strange, but that was just playing into his hands. Dave thought quickly, and realized he was about as far as he could safely go with one trance- any further and she might reject it.

“Lynn, my dear, when you wake, you will not consciously remember anything except our review, and you will feel incredibly free. I will wake you now…”

Lynn woke, and beamed. In her eyes was a new glimmer, a new heat and eroticism that wasn’t there before. She traced a finger along Dave’s jawline, and pecked him softly on the cheek. Dave waited, knowing the next day would be fun.

She came to Dave that next day with fire in her eyes, but fear in her voice. “I can’t understand it! I knew this stuff, we went over it yesterday, but when Brown was talking… it was like I couldn’t understand a word he was saying! It was just so hard…” Dave put his hands on her shoulders, and looked deep in her eyes. We’ll just have to work a bit more, he said. A little more directed, a little more pointed. Lynn nodded. She was game. She had to be.

That night, she returned, as she’d done for the previous week. Dave had been slowly building up her trances and her mindlessness, and it was working perfectly. Now to make it even better.

“Cadaverine, my friend. Supercilious. Listen, and obey.” He started, not even making a pretense of studying any longer. “Lynn, listen to me. From now on, you will be more and more a slut. You’ll be an unthinking, sexy, fuckable slut, and that will be exactly what you want to be. Your tits will be your greatest asset, and your pussy your greatest joy. When you help someone else cum, you’ll cum so hard that you’ll nearly black out. You’ll beg to be fucked- any way, anywhere, it won’t matter. You’ll want cock in your pussy, plowing into your ass, crammed down your throat, anything you can get, as long as you’re being fucked.”

There, he thought. That should do it. “Lynn, my friend, when you wake, you’ll remember only that we reviewed your material, but you’ll also wake extremely horny and needy. You won’t be able to relax, to be fully happy, until you’re full of cum. I can restore you to acting normally if I speak a trigger, but your mind will be consumed by fucking and lust. Now, I shall wake you…”

As she woke, Dave was stunned to see a red-hot gleam in Lynn’s eyes. She dragged him onto the couch, and began ripping at his clothes. When she finally revealed his cock, hard and thick and ready, she fell on it hungrily, sucking and licking until Dave shot a load of cum down her throat.

Lynn licked the remains of his hot, creamy cum off his shaft, and pushed him on the bed. She needed more.

Night melted into morning and Dave collapsed, spent. Four times in twelve hours will do that, and Lynn’s repression made her a tigress in bed. She looked up at him with glazed eyes, and moaned a little as she touched herself. Dave was overcome with need, and they fucked again, right before it was time for class.

It was an exam day, and Dave felt like he could take on the world. He whispered Lynn’s awakening trigger as they arrived, and Lynn blinked. She couldn’t remember getting to class, or anything but studying. Dave reassured her, and she accepted this as fact.

When the exams came back, Dave was elated. His usual good form had shown through- a 95. Lynn, though, had bombed. 31, and this exam was worth as much as the previous two combined. She had a letter in the envelope, as well. Dr. Brown, chair of the department and lead instructor of the course, wanted to see her.

Dr. Brown was a long-time professor at the school. He loved teaching, but this was part of the job he hated. Teaching was great, but telling a student they were failing and would have to leave the program was not. Lynn was the last he thought would need this- an 84 average over two exams doesn’t drop this way.

Lynn came in, wearing her new favorite shirt. It was low-cut, and Brown could see her nipples just peeking through the fabric. Totally unprofessional, he thought. Another black mark.

“Ms… forget it. Lynn, do you know why you’re here?”, he started.

“Ummmm… I dunno. I, like, flunked and stuff, right?”

“Well, yes. Miserably. With scores like these, you can’t stay in the program. I’m very sorry, but you’ll have to leave, absent a miracle.”

“A miracle? What if I did something… special?”, Lynn asked, closing the door behind her.

“Like what?”, he countered.

“Well…”, falling to her knees and unzipping his pants, “I could make you feel really good. You can do anything you want- I even love it up the ass!”

As she started playing with his cock, Brown looked at her with rage. “Get out of my office! NOW!”, he shouted. “Take your trashy attitude with you and never come back! Get out of my program!”

“But… all men love getting sucked off by a slut with huge tits!”, Lynn giggled, licking his member softly. Brown pushed her away. You need to leave now, he said. Go get a job more suitable for you, where you aren’t trying to suck gay men’s cocks for grades.

Lynn left, disappointed. She’d wanted his cock, but that was okay. There were plenty out there, and she could make money doing it. All she knew was she had to see Dave again, since he loved fucking her.

She showed up on Dave’s doorstep again, her eyes glazed and soft. Dave pulled her close, his new fucktoy, and marveled at what he had done. He’d built her up to where she could have easily made it, and then tore her down when she spurned him. That didn’t bug Dave at all, though- it was better this way. She would have made a terrible physician.

As Lynn eased on his couch, Dave knew it was time to really let his fantasies and dreams fly, and to really make his fucktoy happy. As he tranced her, Dave smiled. This was going to be fun.

“From now on, you will be the perfect fucktoy, the perfect slut. You’ll think about fucking every minute of the day, of having a hard cock pounding into your pussy, of being dominated, of being owned. The longer you go without cock inside you, the more you’ll need one.”

“You’ll suck and fuck, taking it any way you can as long as you can feel cum inside you. I’ll be your master, your owner and your only desire- my pleasure will be your pleasure, and my cum will be your joy. Someday, I will send you into the world, and you’ll worship cum as your food and your drink. For now, though, you’re mine, all mine.”

He woke her, and she grinned widely. “We fuck now?”, she pleaded. Yes, he said. We’ll fuck, but I want your ass. Dave rolled Lynn on her stomach, and guided his cock deep in her ass. A tear trickled down Lynn’s cheek- one of pleasure and joy. She knew he would cum, and that was what she needed. As he pounded away, turning her ass red, Lynn moaned and begged, needing to feel cum inside her. Dave grinned widely- he knew she never would have done this for him before! He groaned as he came, and Lynn screamed, her body writhing in orgasm.

There was a quiet slurping sound as Dave pulled out, and Lynn obligingly cleaned his cock, sucking down the leftover cum. Her eyes glazed, and she fell asleep, cum slowly oozing out of her.

Time passed. Lynn now lived with Dave for the year, and he took on the strenuous duty of keeping her well-fucked. She’d dropped out of school, of course, and spent her time working odd jobs to pay for her new clothes. She had too look fuckable, after all!

At the end of the year, Dave let her go. They fucked one last time, in the bell tower of the medical school, in full view of the students walking around below. He fucked her in every position they knew, leaving his seed dripping from her ass and her pussy, with even more splashed on her tits and her lips. She drifted to sleep in the afterglow of five orgasms, and knew that her life was going to be full of cock.

Three years had passed, and Dave had graduated with his MD. Honors, and he was now king of his world. Driving around the campus the night of graduation, he saw a familiar form in the darkness. He hadn’t seen her since the last time they’d fucked, but he knew that body.

It was Lynn, looking for students to pick up and screw for money. She ran up to him. “Master!”, she purred. “I love fucking, and I love how you fuck me. Want to go somewhere? I can never cum as hard with anyone else!”

Dave looked at her, and though. She’d denied him, and now she begged for his cock. There was only one answer.