The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

First Week of Work

It was Kelsey’s first day—anywhere. College graduation speeches were only a week in the past and yet she was one of the lucky few seniors to leave with a real life job. Granted, it was only an administrative assistant position, but she was to be working beneath one of the VP’s for an up-and-coming software company, RazorTech. If she played her cards right, she could end up riding the wave of a tech start-up on her very first job.

Kelsey was determined to make a good first impression. She wore a sharp pantsuit, neatly tied her hair in a tight bun, and applied very light makeup. Women’s Business Futures was one of her favorite classes in college, and she had learned a lot about how important it was to appear professional and to not rely on her physical attributes to move forward—that was the only way that women could solidify longstanding respect in the workplace.

As Kelsey arrived, a quick perusal of the office made her realize that hiring women was not a regular part of RazorTech’s practice. While software did tend to skew more male, every department she walked past was dominated by men. A few of them ogled her as she walked past, but most took one glance at her suit and lost interest. Kelsey did her best to ignore both responses. This was the first day of a long a promising career, she didn’t want to start off bitter at the masculine structure around her. She chose instead to think of herself as a pioneer in the company.

She was led to Mr. Richards office, where she was introduced to her new boss. Richards was the VP of RazorTech’s Bio-Integration division. Kelsey knew vaguely what that meant, but she couldn’t imagine what his day-to-day life looked like. She supposed she would find out.

“Ms. Granger,” Richards said and outstretched a friendly hand to Kelsey. “Or may I call you Kelsey?”

Kelsey had momentary crisis as she accepted the handshake. Would he respect her less if she allowed him to call her by her first name? What did he call the men? Was she taking too long thinking through a basic question?

Richards didn’t stop, however. “I’m looking forward to getting you started on all your new positions, Kelsey. I’m sure you have a bright future ahead of you here at RazorTech and I sure feel lucky to have an asset like you to help us out around here.”

“Thank you, Mr. Richards,” Kelsey said.

“Unfortunately, it’s our policy to induct new hires in the RazorTech training for the first couple days of work, so you won’t be taking over all your new responsibilities until you sit through a few seminars. It’s pretty basic. Mostly policies and procedures and stuff like that. Does that sound good, Kelsey?”

“Whatever it takes,” Kelsey said, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. Mr. Richards didn’t seem to notice. He simply directed Kelsey through the office to a small conference room, where a computer was set up for her.

“Just go through the training modules, there might be a brief quiz at the end of some. I admit that they can be boring, but it’s something we have to do.” Then he left.

Kelsey started into the training modules. They were video tutorials and—Mr. Richards was right—they were quite boring. The first was about the basic structure and products of the company. The second was about showing up on time and how the benefits system worked. The third was a history of the company. She actually couldn’t tell what the fourth was about, because by that time she had completely zoned out. Brief words and phrases stuck with her, along with one or two repeated mantras: “The company above everything.” “Every action for the benefit of the company.” “No limits to keep up morale.”

When the last module ended, it took Kelsey a few minutes to come back to attention. It was like her mind had been gone far away and was only now just returning. The first thing she realized was how hot she was in the suit—it was the start of summer after all. The second thing was how lucky she was to be at a company like RazorTech. She was going to do everything she could to keep up morale, because that was her job.

Mr. Richardson poked his head back into the room.

“Kelsey, it’s about five right now. You can go home.”

“It’s five already?” Kelsey said, a big grin on her face. It seemed weird that she had been so nervous just that morning. Now she felt loose and happy. “Wow. Time really flies here doesn’t it?”

“It sure can,” Mr. Richardson nodded. As Kelsey got up, he seemed like he wanted to say something else, but was hesitating.

“Is there anything else Mr. Richardson?” Kelsey said.

“Well I just wanted you to know that you don’t have to dress all professional like that here. We’re more of a casual company.”

“Oh, of course,” Kelsey smiled.

“Well I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow,” Mr. Richardson said.

Kelsey had strange dreams that night. She dreamt that the company—the whole office building in fact—was on wheels and was rapidly approaching the edge of a cliff. It was her responsibility to save the whole company, so she ran to… to… someone important. Was it the governor? Police chief? Someone important. She begged him to do what he could and told him that she would do whatever it took to keep the company safe. Then she realized she was in a set of sexy, black, lacey lingerie, complete with a thick black choker around her neck and she knew what she had to do. She dropped to her knees and stuffed the important man’s dick to the back of her throat. A feeling of supreme happiness overcame her as she heard the cheers of the company. She couldn’t turn to see, because he nose was pressed against the important man’s stomach, but she knew she had saved the company.

She woke up wet and horny. She fingered herself for a half hour, but couldn’t seem to cum. Finally, she drifted back off to sleep in frustration.

She dreamt more, but didn’t remember when she woke up.

Kelsey was tired on the start of her second day, but she drank two cups of coffee on her way to the office and felt perky when she arrived. When she entered Mr. Richardson’s office, he looked up and surveyed her outfit. She had taken his advice and left the suit behind. She was in a skirt, which touched down to the top of her knees and a blue button-up blouse that straddled the line between professional and fun.

“Better, Kelsey,” Mr. Richardson said. “But seriously, this is a fun place to work. You should feel comfortable to dress for that fun.”

Kelsey felt disappointment, but assured Mr. Richardson that she would do better. That seemed to satisfy him and he led her to the same conference room. As they walked, the men around her glanced at her vaguely and she saw a few of them exchange words. Nobody seemed to care to talk to her, but she was on her way to training after all. She was sure that she would get to know everyone after her training.

Also, Mr. Richardson was right. Everyone around her was in casual clothing. Why shouldn’t she be, too? Professional was fine in theory, but in practice you had to have fun at work.

Her first module that day was about harassment. She learned that there was nothing so destructive to a company’s reputation as reports of harassment, especially of the sexual nature. Consequently, it was vitally important that no such activity was reported to anyone outside the organization, or it could risk the future of the company. That thought brought a panic to Kelsey’s mind and she promised herself that she would protect the company above all.

The module also came with a quiz. It played a series of video examples and then asked Kelsey if the situation constituted harassment.

The first showed a young blonde with a full chest that barely was contained by her blouse talking to an important-looking man in a business suit.

“I really could use a raise, sir,” the woman said in a high, soft voice.

“Well I have an idea,” the important-looking man said. “How about you suck me off, and if I think you did a really good job then I might consider it.”

“Oh boy!” the woman glowed. She dropped quickly to her knees and reached for the important-looking man’s belt.

“Hold on,” the man chastised. “First, tits out.”

“Oh of course,” the woman smiled a I’m-so-silly smile and undid her blouse. Perky, fully tits fell out of the blouse as the woman devoured the man’s cock. The video continued until the woman had brought the man to orgasm. Cum filled the woman’s mouth and a look of victorious joy filled her eyes. She released the cock from her mouth and cum dripped from her mouth down onto her still-exposed breasts.

“Now hold right there,” the man said, taking his phone and taking a picture of the cum-covered blonde on her knees. Then the blonde took her finger and scooped the cum back into her mouth, swallowing eagerly.

“Did I do good enough for a raise?” she asked.

The man took his wallet out and handed her a ten dollar bill. “Here’s your raise. Any time you want another, you can come earn it again.”

“Oh thank you so much, sir,” the blonde glowed.

The image faded and a question posed: Does this constitute sexual harassment?

Kelsey took her fingers from rubbing her dripping pussy excitedly (why couldn’t she still come?) long enough to select the option that read, “No, because both participants were consulting adults.”


The module went onward with similar scenarios and questions.

Eventually, Kelsey’s mind began to fade away again and she was vaguely aware that she had passed the harassment module and was moving onto others:

Behavior during holiday parties (“it is expected that female partygoers will provide the majority of the entertainment for their male counterparts…”)

Ethical use of company funds (“while RazorTech does provide a lingerie stipend, it is expected that female employees will use the bulk of their paycheck towards maintaining an appropriate appearance at work…”)

On-call expectations (“female employees are expected to assist their male counterparts with any request at any time. Such service is paramount to the success of the company…”)

When the modules finally finished, Kelsey began to realize that she felt a lot different. A lot of the stress she had carried into the beginning of her job was dropping away. She didn’t have to worry so much about being professional. She didn’t have to worry about her whole career or moving up a corporate ladder. All that really mattered was ensuring that her company had everything it needed to succeed. And that meant that the people working at the company had everything they needed. The men, from accounting to development to human resources, were her responsibility. She was to keep them calm, distraction-free, happy, and motivated. It was the company over everything.

Mr. Richardson knocked on the door as he stepped in. “How did day two go?”

“I learned so much,” Kelsey said. Her voice sounded higher now, almost more girlish. She realized how much time she had wasted trying to deny her own feminine identity and trying usurp a masculine one. “I’m so excited to get to work.”

“Well I’m glad,” Mr. Richardson said. His eyes drifted over her body. Kelsey realized that at some point during the day she had unbuttoned her blouse and her tits (it seemed weird to call them anything else now) were held back only by a lacey bra. She pushed her chest out slightly so that Mr. Richardson would have a better view.

He cleared his throat and said, “Bright and early tomorrow, then?”

“Mr. Richardson,” Kelsey said softly. “I know that I still have a day left of training, but is there anything I could be doing for you right now?”

Mr. Richardson looked down at her tits again and shrugged. “Well, I must say that I do feel very tense this week. If you’re offering…”

“I’m insisting,” Kelsey grinned widely. “Please. Would it help you if I sucked your dick?”

“I think that would help a great deal,” Mr. Richardson nodded.

Kelsey started to drop to her knees, when she remembered her training. First, tits out. She dropped her unbuttoned blouse to the floor and the unclasped her bra. She had always been a well-endowed woman, but she had actually tried to hide the fact for much of her life. She didn’t want to be thought of as the big-tit bimbo who got the top because of her top. But, she did have big tits. And that was a wonderful thing. Why had she denied that for so long? And “bimbo”? Was that such a bad thing? Didn’t men love a good bimbo?

She dropped to her knees and unbuckled Mr. Richardson’s belt. She took her time, caressing his shaft with her tongue and gently fingering his balls one by one. She took it deep into her mouth, sucking with a long inhale as she went. She had never given a blowjob before, but it felt natural, like this was really what her mouth was supposed to be doing all along.

This is where I belong, Kelsey thought and deep joy sparked inside her.

She pulled her mouth off of Mr. Richardson long enough to say, “Would you like to throatfuck me?”

Mr. Richardson didn’t respond with words. He grabbed the sides of her head and Kelsey opened her mouth wide. As she gagged on his dick, slamming against the back of her throat, her fingers dropped down to her pussy again, rubbing in furious pleasure.

Mr. Richardson, her very important boss, exploded in the back of her throat and she swallowed eagerly. It was like sweet nectar in her mouth.

She licked him clean and, with drops of cum still on her lips, asked, “Do you feel better now, sir?”

“Yes, Kelsey, I do,” Mr. Richardson nodded thoughtfully. “You’ve done a very good job. You may cum.”

Instantly her pussy exploded in pleasure, which rocked through her body like an earthquake. She actually saw stars in front of her eyes. The pleasure was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

When it was over, Mr. Richardson had buckled his belt again and was on his way out. Just before he left, he turned back and added, “Dress for more fun tomorrow. Bright and early!”

As Kelsey sat on the floor, cum sweet on her lips, her fingers buried in her pussy, and her hefty tits exposed in the open air, she was overwhelmed by an intense feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It’s so good to have found my purpose, she thought.

That night, she dreamt continuously. Her body was the property of the company, and she used it as such. To the man who wanted to drill her pussy, she spread wide her legs. To the one who wanted to pound her ass, she bent over. She dreamt of being tied down, fucked from every angle at one, and abused in every way.

She woke up giddy.

As she walked into RazorTech, the men finally took notice of her. She wore a black mini-skirt, only half-covering the curve of her ass as she walked. She wore a halter top that tied in the middle, barely containing her tits. All of this was propped up on four inch heels with a spiked point. They made her ass look great as she walked. She was sure the men noticed.

“You finally look ready for work,” Mr. Richardson said approvingly as she entered.

“I’m very excited to get to my training today, sir,” Kelsey said.

“Well I’m glad to hear it, Kelsey,” Mr. Richardson said. “But first, I have need of your services.” He fucked her face, blew his load, and then led her to the conference room. Men actually cheered as she walked past. Mr. Richardson enjoyed the attention too.

Kelsey leaned over and whispered, “Smack my ass.”

Mr. Richardson didn’t need to be told twice. He lifted her mini-skirt and delivered a firm smack across both cheeks with an open palm. The men roared with applause as he did. Kelsey turned and untied her top, flashing her tits at them before going into the conference room. Was it only two days ago that she was worried about not getting along with people?

“This is your last day of training. Tomorrow, you’ll take on your duties for the rest of the office.”

“I can’t wait,” Kelsey grinned. Mr. Richardson left her with the modules.

This day was all about the brand identity of RazorTech. It was a forward-thinking company and expected its workers to be forward-thinking as well. Kelsey learned about the forward-thinking nature of sexual appetites and how the most progressive companies always kept women on staff to essentially act as a harem. The training explained that Kelsey was the first such selected for such an honorable role. As such, it didn’t have an official title. The module asked Kelsey to propose some names for the women on staff. Kelsey began a stream-of-conscious list for her job title:

Office slut

Office whore

Company Cum Dump

Professional Fucktoy

The Business’s Bitch

She typed with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other, imaging the cheering men in the office calling her by these names. It made her incredibly wet and her pussy ached with desire, but she couldn’t get herself off.

The training module told her that they would take the names under advisement and then continued to train. Her mind didn’t wander as fully this time, which Kelsey was glad for. The information they were providing her was very useful. She learned about all sorts of men’s fetishes, how best to fulfill them, and how to identify which ones applied to which men. She learned technique for stripping, posing, and, of course, fucking.

At regular intervals, the program reminded her: “You are the company’s property. Your identity is one of submission and service.”

The training modules gave her more useful information:

How to take the sexiest nudes and how to forward them to the full company.

How to behave when meeting a co-worker’s wife (polite, professional, and non-threatening) and when it was appropriate to give him a blowjob in another room (depending on how much of a bitch his wife is, directly corresponding to the urgency of tension relief).

How to maintain a proper fuck-schedule so her body could last the longest and service the most men (the trick was fitting as many blowjobs as possible between other activities. The mouth could handle more than her other holes).

She also learned why she was having so much trouble cumming. The program she was working on had delivered subliminal messages to her throughout the previous days. They had freed her of her previous restrictions, like an unhealthy and restrictive view of sex and sluttiness, but installed new ones for the benefit of the company. Only a man working for the company could command her to cum, and that would only happen when he was especially pleased by her fucking skills. This kept her highly motivated to continue to improve her skills and delight her co-workers.

It was around this point that the training module began to shift definitions. Her “co-workers” were renamed to “masters” or “sirs”. The training identified her body in ways that she had already began to think, like calling her breasts as “tits”, “jugs”, “fuckbags”, or “cans”. The training module also alerted her that due to the high volume of creative names, all were being accepted as potential titles for her position, as well as any others that she or anyone else thought of at any point. That meant that she was to respond to “slut”, “whore”, “bitch”, or anything else her masters decided to call her. Her mind and pussy filled with glee. She couldn’t identify why, but this was excellent news.

Towards the end of the day, she was instructed to take a series of nude pictures and send them to the company. She did so eagerly, and then wrote a heartfelt email about how much she was looking forward to being their fucktoy. She urged them to be totally open with her, because there was nothing she wanted better than for them to blow their loads in her mouth, up her ass, in her pussy, or—this was a particular favorite of her’s—all over her tits.

At the end of the email, she signed it “Kelsey”, but then paused before sending. It seemed odd to have such a typical name for such an extraordinary opportunity. Everything about her was moving towards becoming the ultimate slut. Shouldn’t her name, her very identity, be the same? She erased the name and signed it, “Your personal slut, Candy.”

Pleased with herself, she sent the photos and message to the company.

Mr. Richardson held her in the conference room for a little while after five, to allow for the men to leave. He was afraid that if she was presented before them, she would be occupied until the late hours of the night. Candy told Mr. Richardson that that sounded quite alright to her, in fact she preferred it that way, but Mr. Richardson told her that first he wanted her to be presented to the other VP’s. They should have the privilege of fucking her first. Candy told him that she understood and they passed the time by shoving Mr. Richardson’s dick down Candy’s throat. Mr. Richardson really liked blowjobs, and Candy really liked choking on his cock.

After most of the men had gone home, with a mix of disappointment and anticipation, Candy was led to another floor and taken up to the executive suite. There were less offices up here, but they were bigger and nicer. Candy admired each one as she moved through all five VP’s. One eagerly fucked her ass, one tied her to his desk with neckties and drilled her pussy, one grabbed her hair and facefucked her (Mr. Richardson’s dick had already loosened up her throat), one went through all three of Candy’s holes and ended up cumming on her chest, and the last had Candy give him a long, slow handjob while she explained to him in excruciating detail that she was a worthless little slut and loved every moment of it. Everyone was satisfied.

Finally, Candy was taken to the CEO’s office. In the outer chamber, she was instructed to change into a schoolgirl outfit, with tightfitting top, plaid miniskirt, and long white leggings. Her training kicked in and she performed for the CEO, playing the role of helpless innocent with an inner temptress waiting to be unleashed.

It was 8 when she descended back to the main floor. Mr. Richardson told her that the CEO had just given him a raise. To pass along the recognition, he allowed Candy to come. He didn’t wait for the end of her explosive orgasm. He left her writhing on the floor and went home.

Candy slept peacefully. It was important for her to get her rest. It was important for the morale of the company.

Candy didn’t even bother to pretend to wear clothes to work on Thursday. There was no need for a mini skirt or halter top. She wore lingerie, a red set with garters and leggings. She brought extra sets and even stopped by a local adult toy story to pick up some more. She was given a small closet to act as a changing room and quickly filled it with various underwear sets and skimpy uniforms. Her training had taught her how many difficult visual stimulations she could provide to her masters.

Then she began making rounds.

Some of the men wanted to be sucked off at their desks as they worked. Others wanted to take her to the conference room and fuck her more thoroughly. Some took out their phones and began to pose her as they wished. She happily accommodated everyone, but she did remind the last group that they could take pictures of her and fuck her if they wanted to. During lunch, Candy gave a striptease performance on a desk in the middle of the office, to cheers and standing ovations. Around 1, she laid down on a desk and encouraged a gangbang session, where men stepped in and out to fuck her mouth or pussy. Some just admired her on the desk and started to jerk themselves off, but she realized that she still had two empty hands so she started to give handjobs as she was drilled in her mouth and pussy.

As closing time started to come around, someone suggested that they tie her up. She was quickly bound and placed on a rolling chair, her ass poised up in the air and her neck on the back of the chair. The result was that she could be rolled around the office and delivered to anyone who wanted to fuck her ass or her mouth. Everyone had a great time with this, including Candy. It felt so good to help morale of the company.

At just before five, when men were beginning to pack up for the day, Mr. Richardson wheeled her to the middle of the office floor and asked very loudly, “Candy, did you have fun today?”

“Yes, Mr. Richardson,” Candy said enthusiastically, although her bent position made it difficult to project her voice.

“Are you our own private office slut?”

“Oh, yes sir,” Candy beamed.

“And do you enjoy being that?”

“Sir, there is nothing else in the world I want to be that your private office slut,” Candy said. “Does anybody else want to fuck me?”

A couple men raised their hands and they stepped forward and selected a hole.

Others stayed a little late and went for seconds, thirds, and one master even went for a fourth round.

Only once everyone was satisfied did Candy finally go home.

“Mr. Richardson,” Candy said, “I am so honored to be in this position. Well… in all the positions you have all put me in. I just worry that I’m not enough to service the whole office.”

Mr. Richardson nodded thoughtfully. “Go on, slut.”

“Well,” Candy said, “there are a little over 40 men in this office. I have three holes and two hands. At best, I can service five of them at a time. But if we brought in more fucktoys, then we could service more masters at one time. And men wouldn’t have to settle for whatever hole is open at the time. If Billy Peterman wanted a blowjob, but I was already blowing Dan Winston, another cum dumpster could still be available to blow him. And that way, we could satisfy more tastes. Men who prefer different hair colors, different body types, different races could all get their fetish satisfied. We could have one whore dressed as a sexy nurse all day, another as a goth bitch, and yet another as a princess to be dominated. We could have a glory hole in the bathrooms that one slut is always stationed at. And during the lunchtime strip show, we could have one whore on the desk and others throughout the room sucking the masters off.”

Throughout her speech, she had been rubbing Mr. Richardson’s dick between her massive tits. He finally let loose, his cum landing all over her chest.

As she bent down to lick him clean, Mr. Richardson asked, “And where would we get these other sluts?”

“Do the same thing you did to get me,” Candy said, pausing to swirl her tongue around his penis head. “Recruit from colleges. Tell them that you are a rising software company looking to hire professionals. Do interviews at the colleges, so you can see the future sluts in person. Hire them and have them train.

“You could even build a front room for training and a back entrance for sluts. That way they won’t see the whores coming in and out until they’re fulling trained.”

“I like this idea,” Mr. Richardson said. “This could get me another raise. But I don’t want to do a lot of extra work.”

“Well I can organize it all,” Candy said. “I love my job so much. I would love the opportunity to connect other girls with it.”

Mr. Richardson nodded approvingly as he took a picture from his phone. He must have had ten pictures of her cum-covered chest, but he always took more. It made Candy feel special and appreciated.

“Do it. Start making plans. Work on it when you’re not fucking this weekend.” Candy nodded happily. Several of the masters had told her that they would be calling her during the weekend and Candy promised she would attend to them, but she was sure she could find time to expand their slut capabilities.

“Candy, I want to ask you something,” Mr. Richardson said. “Can you look at this screen?”

She obeyed readily, looking at what appeared to be a training module. Several colors passed over the screen and suddenly Candy’s head began to feel different. It was familiar, but it felt old. She was suddenly aware that she was covered with cum and that wasn’t necessarily a normal thing. She was aware that at one point she had seen it as a bad thing. Her name was Kelsey, wasn’t it? Where had Candy come from?

“Kelsey,” Mr. Richardson said, acknowledging her changed identity, “we have rewired you. Successfully. Do you remember everything?”

“Yes,” Kelsey said, looking down at her chest. She touched the cum, as if expecting it to disappear from a dream. It didn’t. It was still wet.

“We have rebuilt you to be a piece of company property. Or, rather, a piece of company ass. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Kelsey said.

“But I want to know,” Mr. Richardson said, “if you want this life.” He gestured to the window. Outside was green grass, and beyond that a parking lot. “If you don’t, you are free to go. I won’t keep you here against your will. This is honestly your choice.”

Kelsey looked outside. Out there was her old life. Her aspirations of a career. Her self-respect for her own body. Dreams, goals, and a future. But it was now hollow and empty. It lacked the pure, unadulterated purpose she had experienced in the last couple days. And frankly, it sounded boring.

“No,” Kelsey said. “Please no. Let me go back. I want to be Candy. I want to be your slut. I want to be fucked all day and all night and every which way. Please let me be your whore again.” Tears welled up in her eyes and Mr. Richardson shushed her.

“That’s ok. Look here again.”

Kelsey eagerly looked to the screen. Colors flashed again and Candy smiled. A great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She took a tissue from Mr. Richardson’s desk, wiped one eye clear, and then wiped the cum from her chest. She smiled again at him.

“I’ll get to work on the rest of the sluts this weekend,” Candy said. “As for now, I should probably get to work.” She gave her ass a shake as she walked out, sure that he would have her back in his office by lunchtime for another facefuck.

It wasn’t fifteen seconds before she was down on her knees again in front of Gary Larson. He liked for her to suck his dick, then come up so he could slap her face before she went back down on him. On her fifth cycle, as the sting faded from her cheek and her mouth consumed Gary’s dick again, Candy thought just how lucky she was to have found a career that she could believe in.