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Five Days: Day Five

Day 5: Agent Mathias & Kenny

By 9:10 AM Agent Mathias had gotten the warrant signed by a friendly judge. At 9:23AM he walked through the door to the lobby of O’Connor’s apartment building with a small army of police and crime scene investigators. He marched straight to the concierge, it wasn’t Charles from the other day. Instead it was an attractive woman with mocha skin who glided to her feet at his approach.

Before he could say anything she spoke. “I’m sorry Agent Mathias, but Mr. O’Connor is no longer living here. The movers came yesterday and the trust that owns the unit has placed it on the market.”

Mathias swore. He was afraid of this, but he had hoped he acted fast enough. Stupid search warrants and damn bloody judges who don’t like being bothered at night.

She held out an envelope. “Mr. O’Connor thought you might be dropping by. He wanted you to have this and for me to extend his apologies for his inability to greet you in person.”

Mathias glared at the concierge and snatched the envelope from his hand “I’m sure he did” he muttered under his breath. He tore open the envelope, pulled out the letter, and read…

Dear Agents Mathias & Kenny,

I had hoped you would honor your word, and leave us alone. However I had the suspicion you wouldn’t. Don’t worry Agent Mathias, nothing like that. I hold to the motto “hope for the best and plan for the worst” so I did.

I told you yesterday, I have no intention of doing anything that would put me on your radar. All I want is for Kerri and I to be left alone so we can enjoy our lives in peace. I hope you will respect that.

However, should you choose a different path, well, Agents then you should know that I will do what I have to do to protect mine. I would hate for it to come to that and I hope that the world is big enough for us all to coexist peacefully.

Wishing you and yours a long and happy life. I like to believe you wish me and mine the same.


P.S. Kerri says thank you for the ride yesterday. She’s still not sure if she can drive, and I’m really glad she didn’t take the Mercedes to try and find out.

Matias crumpled the paper in his fist. He turned to Kenny. It’s probably useless, but have them toss the apartment. Let’s go back to the office.

Back at the office the main conference room they used had been swept clean of the files from the previous case. The white boards had been wiped clean except for two pictures taped to it in the center. Agent Mathias stood next to the white board and addressed his team “These are our suspects. Stephen O’Connor and Kerri Reynolds,” He said pointing at the pictures. His is probably an alias and she is believed unlikely to be using her last name. Most likely they are both using new aliases.”

Day 5: Rebecca Hussey

Rebecca Hussey was, as she would be sure to tell you herself if you met, Miami’s number one luxury real estate agent. She was currently showing a 3 bed, 3 bath 2000 sqft condo in one of South Beach’s most luxurious condos. The commission on this one was going to pay for a new Lexus and a trip to Europe in the fall.

She watched her clients as they inspected the apartment. George McWilliam, tall, lean, dark haired, blue eyed, and easy on the eyes. He was also obviously used to the finer things in life. He was wearing a custom tailored suit with a starched white shirt and wingtips. The Rolex on his wrist was certainly real. He looked good. He inspected the apartment with a discerning eye. He also obviously had money. Glancing at his girlfriend, she guessed that had a lot to do with why the young girl was with him. She didn’t look old enough to drink. Rebecca wondered if he was trust fund, tech, or finance. “What do you do for a living Mr. McWilliam” she inquired.

He smiled. She briefly noted that it was a good smile. The type of smile that made women swoon. “I’m a consultant,” he answered. He did not seem inclined to elaborate. Oh well, as long as his deposit cleared she didn’t care if he was the King of England or a drug kingpin.

Turning to the girlfriend, Kerri Johnson, she knew immediately what he saw in her. The girl was simply stunning. Her looks, the way she moved, it was actually intimidating. Rebecca wanted to ask her who her stylist was. Her blonde hair was so light it was almost white it couldn’t be real, but she couldn’t see any sign of her roots. Other women would hate her on sight. Rebecca already hated her just a little. She was wearing a little pink crop halter top with spaghetti straps that was struggling to keep her “assets” contained. Those had to be fake too, like the hair they were too perfect to be real. Maybe she should get the name of her plastic surgeon too. Unfortunately her ass was likely real, it was toned, tight, and shown off to maximum advantage by the tiny jean shorts she was wearing. Even her legs were perfect, tanned, lean and seemed to go on forever till they disappeared in the strappy little high heeled sandals she wore. Yep, Rebecca hated her.

Unlike the boyfriend, she barely gave the apartment a glance. She only wanted to be sure there was a pool in the complex and then she went to check out the bedroom. More correctly, she checked out the master bath. She came out pronouncing the shower perfect with a sultry look at her boyfriend that made Rebecca actually blush.

As soon as she came out she slid up to her boyfriend, attaching herself to his side. She rested her head against his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her. Rebecca noticed she that seemed to be her preferred position. George looked down at the face snuggled against his chest. She looked up with her big blue eyes. She nodded once. George turned to Rebecca smiling and said “We’ll take it.”

Epilogue—One Week Later

Kerri stretched languidly on the lounge chair by the pool. It had taken three days to close on their new home even with it being an all cash transaction. Kerri loved their home. She especially loved the pool. She had finally been able to satisfy her curiosity about swimming. She happily discovered she could swim, and that she loved it. Swimming was close to the top of her favorite things.

She also discovered she loved laying out in the sun. She loved the way it warmed her skin. She would prefer to sunbathe nude but Master had been adamant that if she wanted to sunbathe nude she needed to do it on their terrace. That wasn’t convenient for taking dips in the pool though, so here she was. Admittedly, the little g-string micro-bikini she was wearing was so tiny to be no different than being nude which made her happy. She also knew that it was currently making four men and one woman laying around the pool happy too. That made her horny which was one of the reasons she was now getting up, adjusting her sunglasses, grabbing her towel and water bottle and returning home. Much to the disappointment of her admirers, although she was sure if she glanced back she would find them watching her exit.

She was just thankful that none of them hit on her. She had no problem shutting down the horny men, and occasional women, who hit on her. It was just annoying. They would never understand that her libedo had a single target and although she enjoyed their attention, they did nothing for her, they only made her crave Master more.

Back in the apartment she noticed the couch had been delivered. It was new, but similar to the one in Master’s old apartment. All the old furniture, as well as the apartment itself and the Mercedes were being liquidated by his lawyers. He said doing it that way made it harder for anyone to follow the money trail. She took him at his word. She was just glad the delivery men were gone. Master said when she was around it distracted them and they were likely to hurt themselves or put a hole in a wall. Personally once they got the bed and coffee maker she was satisfied. As long as the shower worked too, she found she was pretty indifferent to the rest.

She could hear Master in the kitchen. It sounded like he was cutting something up for their lunch. She frowned. She really needed to find a cooking class. It felt wrong for him to be making lunch for her. For now she simply stopped at the entrance to the kitchen and watched him. He loved watching her and she loved being watched, but she didn’t think he understood how much she loved watching him. He was so confident and sure in everything he did. He exuded power. It made her need him to throw her down on the floor of the kitchen and just dominate her. She needed to focus.

He finally noticed her. He turned and watched her watch him. “Everything OK?” He asked.

She just glided across the floor to him. She knew how to move. His eyes were glued to her. He didn’t know which part of her to stare at. She saw a little twitch in his pants. She smiled at that. She reached up and caressed his cheek and kissed him, long and deep and slowly, pressing her body against his. Letting him feel her warmth from the sun. She needed to focus. Needed to deal with her other reason for coming up before she could lose herself in him.

She broke the kiss. “Master, I’ve been thinking about something that’s been bothering me all week.”

He loosened his arms which were hugging her to him and let them slide down to her hips. Looking in her eyes he said “I told you Kerri, you don’t have to call me master when we are alone.”

“And I told you that I won’t do that unless you order me. Are you ordering me?” she asked with an arched eyebrow. He just looked at her. Inside she smiled. It was sweet how he took her feelings into account. If he ordered her, she would do it happily and never complain once, but he knew she would hate it. He couldn’t understand how deeply in her core he was Master. It hurt to not call him that. She understood why he didn’t want her to do it in public, even if she disagreed. She honestly wanted to shout to the whole world that she was Master’s little slut slave. Still, she understood and agreed to call him by his new name in public even without him ordering her. But that’s neither here nor there. She needed to focus.

She returned to the topic at hand. “I can’t stop thinking about what Agent Mathias said. About the other girls the Asshole hurt. The ones who didn’t have a kind Master to help them”

Master stepped back, looking at her confused, “what are you saying?”

She looked down, “He was right. You can help those girls. I can’t stop thinking about what if I was one of them. What would my life be like now?” Her eyes were getting moist and her voice caught.

“Are you saying I should go work for the government?” he asked incredulously. “You know what they would do to me.”

She shook her head. “I think Master could go help those girls and get them out of wherever they are without anyone being able to find out. Especially if he has his Slave to help and watch his back.”

He thought about it. “Kerri you do realize that in order to finally help you I had to turn you into a sex slave, right?”

She grinned a naughty sort of grin, “Are you telling me Master, that you don’t like the throught of having a bunch of young hot and horny little sex slave sluts catering to your every fantasy?”

His eyes went wide as he thought about it. She smiled. She knew she had already won. She turned and started to walk away. “Well, I need to go take a shower to clean all this slick sun tan oil from my skin.” She undid the string on her bikini top and took it off, flipping it back over her shoulder to him. She hadn’t gotten three steps through the living room before she heard him turning off burners and taking pots off the stove. Her smile was ear to ear.