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Five Steps to Paradise

by Alicia Strong

Added 15 February 2009

Updated 15 March 2009

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Matt leads a frustrating life as a downtrodden employee of a women’s magazine. He has ambitions to be something greater but in the face of constant put-downs from his female colleagues, any chances of promotion seem doomed. However, all that changes when, one night, chasing links from his favourite erotica forum, he stumbles across the invitingly mysterious website. He is thus introduced to a world of erotic mind-control that could change his life forever.

Chapter Length Added
First Step 2857 words 15 Feb 2009
Second Step 2487 words 22 Feb 2009
Third Step 3180 words 01 Mar 2009
Fourth Step 4492 words 07 Mar 2009
Fifth Step 5340 words 15 Mar 2009