The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Flame & Frost

(mc / ff)

Description: Once more: two mages, a pyromancer and a glaciomancer, face off for a duel in the woods just beyond their college grounds. This time it’s Selyana who’s tired of losing—even if she doesn’t have much of a plan to defeat her partner with.

This is a work of fantasy, which involves magic, mind control, and sexual situations. If there’s any legality preventing you from viewing pornography, or you think you would find such a story offensive or inappropriate, please don’t read it.

Additionally, this tale is a direct continuation of the story Ice & Fire. You may enjoy it without the prior installment, but it provides very valuable context.

* * *

“Really, Selyana; do we have to do this?“

Mietelle stood across the green from me wearing her unsurety openly. Or maybe it wasn’t unsurety. I think it was just confusion, because she couldn’t see why I’d want to spar with her for the third time in the same week. She knew my muscles were raw and tired, since she’d spent two nights that week massaging them, just as I’d done for her.

We were both tired. And that’s exactly why I wanted to duel her. “Of course we have to, unless you’re not interested?” I stretched my arms up above my head, loosing loud pops from my shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, knuckles—those joints would always hurt, the doctors at the college had told me. Chronic hypermobility. There either wasn’t enough muscle, or skin, or flesh, or whatever, to hold all my joints exactly in the places they belonged; they stretched too far, flexed where they shouldn’t have, twisted about unnaturally in manners that made me ache.

Most all of it was in my arms. Some days I scarcely felt it; others, I would struggle to even open the cover of a book to study from. There were treatments, at least, and Mietelle’s cooling touch often helped. But when I needed to focus, a few jolts of pain did wonders to start my adrenaline flowing. My smile was lopsided while Mietelle watched me with obvious concern. “Relax, hun,” I called to her, dropping my arms to hang at my sides as my fingers twitched and danced. “I know my limits.”

“I know you do,” she replied, then her face lit with a grin. “I’m only a little concerned, Selyana. You’ve lost the last... how many bouts is it, now?”

Seven. Seven fights. But I wasn’t about to actually say that—I wasn’t so stupid as to inflate Mietelle’s ego that much. Her grin was sharp, wide, bright; it was confident. Something had shaken loose inside her after that brawl, the first time she’d opened my mind, the first time she’d frozen me, the first time she’d...

I shook my head to clear it of those distracting, annoying, extremely horny thoughts. One win was all Mietelle had needed to excel. She could beat me now even without her magic of the mind, and she had proved as much four times out of those seven duels. And the three that she didn’t... maybe I hadn’t put up as much of a struggle as I could have. Maybe.

She was good, is my point. Really good. I’d been struggling to hold my own when I was actually trying, which said something about how quickly she still managed to dispatch me. Just two days ago, she had led me sprinting in circles while she simply slid along a smooth, effortless carpet of ice. Four days ago, she’d glided through the trees with ease while I fought to catch her with high, bounding leaps.

That was how it went, now. Mietelle would engage, get me to chase her, and then evade until my endurance and strength both flagged to nothing. It wasn’t that she liked wearing me out—she apologized profusely any time she won that way—but it was effective. Too effective. She was just better at coasting than I was at exploding.

I watched her fold her arms across the gray college robes she always wore for our practice, patterned with arcane designs of twisting white thread. Enchantments, to keep me or anyone else from turning her uniform to cinders. Mostly. “I think you’re simply too aroused lately,” she declared.

“Since when has that ever been a problem for you?” I snickered, making her blush. At least it didn’t take much effort for me to do that.

“It hasn’t,” Mietelle replied undaunted. “But it would explain why you’ve been so eager to keep dueling. The only times we sleep together happen when one of us wins.”

“Not true! We fucked last weekend.”

“We fought last weekend, dear.” Her shy smile held a hint of lurking menace. “Don’t you remember?

“Ah. Um, yeah.” That made it eight fights. It had finished almost as quickly as it began—Mietelle had practiced a memory charm on me, and despite her best efforts, the whole day was still blurred in my head. “That’s besides the point,” I said, recovering. “We fucked on your birthday.”

“Only after you insisted we play-wrestle all over my mattress.“

“Fair. What about on my birthday?“

“You made me duel you with a sword!

“I needed the practice!” I complained, “Professor Abernathy wouldn’t stop ranting about my form, and you’re way better with a rapier than I am.“

“Thank you, dear, I am truly honored.” The glaciomancer gave a deep, sweeping bow, raking in the applause both imagined and real; I clapped my hands mockingly for her which sent flittering sparks off my gloves with every crackling impact. My smacking grew louder and louder until each was like a miniature thunderclap—that was when Mietelle silenced me with a frigid look. “Don’t wear yourself out before we’ve even begun, Selyana.”

I felt a sneer beginning to form on my face. Even when it was her, maybe especially when it was her, I couldn’t stand being talked down to. Or underestimated. I let my arms drop, flexing my fingers inward and outward, quieting the rumbling growl that wanted to emerge from inside. “If you’re so eager to get your ass whipped, why don’t we just start already?“

Flighty as she could be, Mietelle seemed eager to comply. She must be looking forward to this one, I thought as my partner planted her heels thoughtfully, raised her hands in a posture fit for blocking as well as casting, and stared at me with almost-unwavering calm.

Almost, I noted with a smile. Her fingers jittered when they were meant to be stiff and ready, while her eyes darted over my body with any move I made. It wasn’t nerves this time; it was excitement. I stretched my arms behind my back, cracking my knuckles one more time, then lowered into a runner’s crouch. My hands itched, tingled, ached and burned: all signs I was ready for a fight. Heat was welling up within me like a flaming forge; I felt a need to exhaust that energy, lest it burn me up and leave me as dust. “Ready?” I managed to ask, speaking over the rush of hot air in my lungs.

“Same rules as always?” Mietelle questioned, keeping her gaze on me steady.

“Same rules. Anything goes.”

“First to pin and earn a submission wins,” she finished.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Those rules.”

The glaciomancer nodded too, stiff to keep herself from shaking. “Ready.”

I gulped, hairs standing on end from the static that surrounded me, the heat that suffused the very air and made it into something thick, something that gave pressure, something that was begging to push me forward. I coughed, shook my head, then set my jaw in place. “Ready.”

I was already looking up when I heard the snap of Mietelle’s fingers. The conjured snowflake flickered into existence above us, glinting in the dying afternoon sunlight, falling fast. And faster. But not fast enough. I wanted to melt it, to make it drop as fast as it could, to heat the air so that drop could cut through it like butter, to—

A flash of light signalled its touch against the ground.

NOW, said the voice in my head and I ran. The hot air shoved me forward, the warm grass all but churned beneath my feet, the static in my hair squealed and buzzed with delight. I reached within and found power, more power, forced it through my gloves and out into the world around me. Energy. Raw and full.

It was like time moved slower than I did, then. I had only taken two steps before I summoned the speed of lightning into my legs, the heat of the sun into my lungs and heart and mind to keep them burning fast enough to keep up. Mietelle was speaking a phrase, some ward or defense, but I cut wide around her before she finished even the first word.

I reached within. More power. More force. I threw it outward with a shout, my hand swinging across the grass like a scythe, immolating anything it touched. The power flew out from me, took form as a superheated shockwave that rippled and ripped through everything ahead of me. It reached Mietelle’s shoes just as she cast her protection, collided, then rebounded toward me with a boom as loud as thunder. My eyes grew wide, staring at the oncoming blast that was hot enough to distort sound and air and light before me.

GO, said the voice in my head and I jumped. I flew into the air from an explosion that propelled my feet higher, and another that shot me forward, and still one more that sent me hurtling up among the branches of trees. I grabbed hard onto one with both hands, swung ’round it twice like a gymnast, then launched myself off with another burst of speed to the next tree over, deftly stopping myself with boots against its trunk.

I grabbed another branch and pulled myself up onto it with ease. My body was so light. I felt like a spring, coiled up tight and compressed, able to explode with whatever energy I pleased.

Such a thought was dangerous. Such a thought was how I could get hurt. “Easy now,” I mumbled to myself, putting a hand to my chest to feel my erratically racing heartbeat. I’d drawn too much power in one go and did not waste enough of it. Now it roiled inside me: making my limbs shake, my head spin, my eyes twitch nervously at anything that moved. “Calm down already,” I whispered hoarsely. “Calm the fuck down, already.“

Mietelle was far below, I could see. She crept about, calling my name, peering into the trees for any sign of me. Her gaze never strayed to the branch I rested on, thank the gods. A couple minutes passed before I felt safe to move, and I drew only the smallest siphons of energy to leap from limb to limb, steadily descending toward the glaciomancer and her oaken braid. I crept behind her, jump by jump, until I was close enough to smell her perfume.

“Hey,” I said.

Mietelle shrieked and whirled to face me.

Then I dove down and planted a flaming boot into her face. Well not her face, per say. I dove down and planted a flaming boot into the sheet of ice that covered her face. The force was enough to knock her off balance and shove her to the ground, and her defense melted near-instantaneously, but I’d already sprung off of her, spinning through the air, trailing flames behind me, before landing in a roll and hopping up with a dramatic flourish and bow.

I turned around and saw that Mietelle was only just getting up. “You missed my trick,” I complained.

“You kicked me in the face,” she growled.

I shrugged, opened my mouth to speak, saw that she was waiting, and then pulled in a deep breath of magic. She put up a ward just as my fist met her arm, my body having crossed the meters between us in less than a second. Then she put up another, and another, and another, and another...

She’s. Tiring. You. OUT. Rumbled the voice in my head, between each punch, in each moment of numb and buzzing silence.

Maybe. I. Want. Her. To! I argued back. Maybe. I’ve. Got. A. Pla—

My left fist stopped moving. Strange. I tried to reel my arm back, but that didn’t do it, either. I actually looked at my hand, and saw that Mietelle had caught it. She caught it. I grunted, twisting my fingers, trying to wriggle them out of her freezing hold, but they wouldn’t budge. I looked up at her eyes—

Then she punched me in the face. The last of the power I’d drawn let me duck beneath her gloved, empty hand, the palm covered in ice that would’ve surely frozen my thoughts to nothingness. I felt a shiver even still, staring into her determined gaze with something that felt like fear, but it felt good.

She smiled. I smiled back. Then her hand swung down and tried to grip my forehead. I dodged back, but her other hand still held mine, and I felt cold scrape against my scalp.

The world spun beneath me. I stood up, stumbling, moaning at the cold in my head that had so quickly thawed, too quick for me to enjoy it. Mietelle still smiled, lifting her hand for another try. I kept smiling at her. I felt so silly for trying to avoid it, so eager to be frozen again, so...

... so STUPID. My hand flew upward and caught her wrist, twisted hard, broke her concentration with a cry that freed my thoughts and melted the crystals of ice on her gloved palm. I gasped, sight and sound and touch all returning to me at once, then I shoved her hard with both my now-freed hands and ran away, sprinting into the safety of the trees.

I had to run. I didn’t want to, it felt cowardly, but it was the only way to give myself room to think. She can make me want it. She can make me give in if she even gets a finger on me. How in the hells am I going to beat that?

I’d been lying to myself earlier, when I said I’d had a plan. But now I stopped in my tracks, stared at my gloved hands, and had the best idea I’d had in weeks.

I didn’t go for the trees this time: I knew Mietelle would be looking for me there, thinking I needed to catch my breath. But I hadn’t exhausted any magic to get away from her. I was just damn good at running fast. From behind the tree where I hid, my eye peeked out to watch her ponderous steps, her swiveling neck, the hand that rubbed her bruised wrist. Maybe sprained. I felt a pang of guilt, but I had to smother it out. Anything goes, we always said. Besides. I can make it up to her tonight.

She took ages to come close enough. Close enough for me to smell, and surely close enough for her to feel my presence. Consciously drawing it in or no, I’d always given off a heat and an energy that she’d always loved. In our very first class together, happening at night after the sun had gone down, we shared a workbench in the back of the room. I hadn’t been paying any attention to her, besides noticing how much she yawned, until without warning, Mietelle had slumped sideways and put her head against my shoulder.

I didn’t know whether to wake her, do nothing, or start screaming. I ended up picking some combination of the three, hesitating before pushing her off me and faking a coughing fit that required both hands covering my face (and my blush) and sprinting out of the room.

Five months and one rivalry later, we started fighting. Three weeks after that, we started fucking. And the rest is history, I guess.

All of it flashed through my mind when I felt her aura touch mine, when I knew she noticed me, when I knew what she would be preparing. I stepped from behind the tree, out into the open with my arms spread wide. Mietelle put her arms forward to stop me, fingers and palms of her gloves alike covered in crystals of ice that were meant to pierce my mind.

I took a deep breath in, and let a deeper one out. My hands clenched, finding the power inside me and pulling it hard. And harder. And harder. I pulled so much of it, enough to sizzle at the ends of my black hair, enough to flush my skin bright red all over, enough to make my vision fall into shades of red.

And only then did I run. Loosing fire in my wake, burning grass, wood, ground, boiling the very air I breathed. I ran faster than I’d ever run. And I ran right for her. She looked confused. She looked surprised. But then, she looked like she’d expected every bit of it.

Maybe she had, for her cool gloves both kissed against my temples, driving my thoughts and worries and fears and desires into blank and blissful nothing.

And that felt wonderful. So, so wonderful. Not just because I smiled, staring into her eyes, falling into her spell. No, it also felt wonderful because it brought every part of me to a halt. My thoughts, yes, but also my arms and my eyes. My lips were locked in a wolfish grin, and my legs simply froze in mid-stride.

Here’s the funny thing about magic. It can make you want nothing more than to stand still forever, fixed in one moment of pure and endless delight. It can keep you from doing anything, wanting anything, needing anything, thinking anything.

But it takes a very different sort of magic than that to stop a body that’s hurtling towards you through the air and is also on fire.

Mercifully, Mietelle was a little wise about the whole thing. Her magical wards bore the brunt of the meteor that was myself when I slammed into her, but she couldn’t stop me entirely. And I couldn’t stop me, either. With her hands on my head, her hands in my mind, I couldn’t do anything but let the rules of physics take over for me.

My chest hit hers, forcing our heads together and slipping her slick hands off of my skull and into the air. Then the rest of me collided with her, taking the wind from her lungs as the sudden jerk of momentum brought my wide arms swinging shut around her back, holding on tight with what little consciousness had returned to me.

And together, we flew, and screamed, until gravity took our tackle to the ground in a long, bumpy, painful tumble. But when that flight ended in a scorching, skidding halt?

I was on top. She was on the bottom. And she was much less used to going that fast than I was. Before she could do more than yelp, I rolled her over and pushed her into the grass, arms still hugging tight across her middle, both of us alternating between laughter and groans.

“Selyana,” the glaciomancer moaned, ”please warn me next time you do anything like that.“

I clicked my tongue dismissively. “You should’ve been more thoughtful about your defense. Low marks, Miss Mietelle, very low marks.”

She giggled beneath me, and I hugged her even tighter while her limbs tried to scrabble for some purchase in the flattened, ashy grass. “Fine, fine,” she relented. “Your trick was very clever. Now let me go.”

My brows rose as one. “Oh? Is that a cry of submission I hear?”

“No!” she shouted. “I just want to get back to an actual fight, not a bear hug!”

Her protestation only made me cuddle tighter against her back, curling our legs together, squeezing my body’s warmth into her body’s cold. My face pressed close against the nape of my neck, and I muttered softly into her ear. “How do you know this isn’t the fight, hun?”

“Because you’re being silly,” Mietelle snapped defiantly.

“No more silly than you,” I chuckled deeply, my hot breath making gooseflesh rise with a pink flush behind her ear. “You think I was just going to pin you without a plan? Look how well that’s gone for me in the past few weeks.”

“Whatever plan you might’ve had, well, it won’t work now... I know you, Selyana—I know your power. You used too much of it just now. You must be exhausted.” Her words held concern, but that was a mask for her whisper-quiet curiosity.

“You do know me,” I whispered, to her surprise. “You do know my power. You can feel it, can’t you, hun?” I smiled, nuzzling my cheek against her neck, making sure she could feel every inch of my warm face. “You can feel the heat rolling off me. You know I’m wearing down, now, and you know I’m not likely to get up again.“

“Yes,” Mietelle said stiffly, but she couldn’t hide her pleasant sighs when I pressed my lips behind her ear. “Which means it’s only a matter of time before you can’t hold me any longer, and I can roll you over, pin your body, pin your mind, and make you submit to me.”

My breath caught, then exhaled as a purr, snickering while my hips made gentle, steady motions against her ass. “No, that’s true,” I mused. “I doubt it’ll be very long at all before all I’ll want to do is lie back, smile, and whisper, ‘Anything you wish, Mietelle...’”

Both of us moaned. That only made my hips grind a little harder, my arms hug a little tighter, my breath come a little faster. “Selyana, have I ever told you,” the glaciomancer began, her own voice coming hotter by the second, “just how arousing your voice is, when you’re completely beneath my power?”

“Mmmm.” I nibbled at her earlobe, making her moan again, feeling her hips start to push back against mine. “Yes. You have. And have I ever told you how very, very wet I get when you speak those commands I can’t ever resist?”

“Ahh...” Mietelle sighed, and I saw her hands start to move. Not to cast a spell, not to overturn me or struggle against me, but to reach past my squeezing arms and to rub herself through the thick robes she wore. She turned her head just far enough for me to see her bitten lip, her want-filled eyes.

I stared down at her, into those eyes, cupping her flushed cheek with an even warmer hand. She nuzzled into the touch, sighing her contentment as I stroked her skin, and as I fed still more warmth into her body. Her eyelids fluttered when I brushed my hand past them, and her mouth gladly opened to admit two warm, searching fingers onto her tongue, her lips sucking softly while I held her gaze. “This feels so nice, doesn’t it,” I said, the words bubbling out of me faster than I could control them, “so good to just have all this want inside, yeah?“

Mietelle nodded her head, that was all. Her lips held fast around my fingers, caressing them and exploring them with her tongue, admitting me into her mouth with pleasure.

A soft chuckle left me, and I loosed my other arm from her waist to stroke her scalp, freeing her long braid with a simply muttered spell. My fingers slid through her hair, soft and gentle, running up and down, side to side, making her head rock with the soothing, relaxing motions. “Yeah,” I said. “Feels good to just lie with me. Feels good to just look into my eyes, just into my eyes, while you rub yourself even hotter. Sound right, hun?”

I freed my hand from her mouth to let her speak then, and she spoke while I licked my fingers clean. “Right...” The most minute furrow appeared on her brow. “Selyana... what are you...?”

I wagged my finger before her eyes, watched her gaze track it back and forth, and back and forth. She’d done the same to me, last week, locking my sight to one of her crystals frozen at the end of a bit of string. I licked my lips while she continued to stare, her breath coming in soft pants. “I think you already know, Mietelle.”

She swallowed, still staring, still touching herself, squeezing her chest, rubbing her ass against my sex through our damp clothes. “But you... but I...”

“But you feel so good,” I whispered, bringing my swinging finger even closer to her face. “But I feel so good. We’re so warm, so hot, so wet and so tired, we can’t even think straight, and that’s just fine, isn’t it?“

“That’s just...” Mietelle swallowed again, then whispered. “Fine.”

Fuck. I’d been wondering for weeks what she got out of this—out of any of this. And now I knew. A thought struck me, warm and wetter than anything. “You had your hands on my mind,” I said softly. “You could’ve made me submit. Could’ve made me want it. Could’ve made me want anything...” I gulped down hard, butterflies swimming through my stomach. “Did you make me want this?”

I saw her eyes go wide. I saw her lips move to speak. And then, on impulse alone, I pushed my finger against her forehead, right above the bridge of her nose. I put all of my warmth into that touch, all of my heat, all of my lust and need and desire in one simple gesture—just like she could do.

I didn’t know what to say, whether there had to be a word to make the spell complete, a twist of my hand to firmly shape it, but Mietelle must have known. Mietelle must have felt it, known my meaning, known the shape of the magic that I pressed into her body, and she must have welcomed it into her mind. For at once she breathed in deep, and as she exhaled it was as though her mind left her. Her eyes rolled back, up towards my finger while her eyelids fluttered and sank shut. Her hands and fingers, so firm and regular in their adorations, stopped and went slack beneath her suddenly leadened body. Even her hips ceased to buck against my own.

My breath shuddered down my throat, and my hands shook as I withdrew them from her face. Slowly and carefully, with all the gentleness I could manage in my exhausted, horny state, I turned her silent body over to face me, pressed my arms against her wrists, and leaned low to kiss her parted lips. “Can you hear me, Mietelle?” I murmured softly against her chin.

“Yes,” came her reply. It wasn’t the flat and empty tone that she’d ascribed to my voice; no, Mietelle spoke as if she were asleep, as if she were floating in a dream most beautiful.

“How do you feel, hun?” I asked her, watching her sleeping face as if through it I could glimpse the workings of her dormant mind.

“Lovely,” she whispered, yawning the word and gently smacking her lips. “So warm. You make me so warm, Selyana...”

Well, I’m feeling a bit more than warm, I would have said, but I knew to take care with my words. Or I at least knew to act quickly, before I mucked something up with what I didn’t understand at all. The state she was in, the unsleep she floated through... whatever it was, she would be just as vulnerable as I could become, when Mietelle got her ice into my thoughts. Just as open, just as susceptible, just as... eager to serve...

I buried that thought quickly, though I knew it to be a shallow grave. Maybe before long it could be exhumed. But for now... I leaned close again, muttering into her ear until I heard a sleepy reply. “... yes, Selyana...”

Satisfied, I sat back on my heels, scrunched my face as if the woman before me might spontaneously explode, then clapped my hands three times in the air.

Mietelle bolted awake, sitting upright in an instant, her face right next to mine and her breath coming quick and hard. She looked at me. I looked at her. Both of us held our breaths.

And I started to giggle. Mietelle blushed, but even she couldn’t hold back laughter for long. We threw our arms around each other and squeezed tightly. “You’re cute when you sleep, y’know,” I said after our chuckles had mostly subsided.

Mietelle wiped strands of hair from her eyes, giggled sheepishly once again. “I didn’t even know you could do that, Selyana, it was... um, it was amazing. Thank you.” She hugged me tighter, and I didn’t let her go, even as a laugh sprung out of my throat. “What? What is it?” the glaciomancer asked.

“Ah, um.” I smiled, managing to meet her eyes. “Well, you’re very welcome and all, but I didn’t know I could do it, either.” At her confused look, I could only shrug. “I just, thought about all the things I wanted you to feel, and...“

“I felt them all,” she said softly. “And I... I felt that you wanted me to feel...”

“Asleep?” I offered jokingly.

“Hardly!” Mietelle gave me a playful shove. “You wanted me to be... open, like you, when I toy with your thoughts.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “I did.”

“So either you can just make that happen...”

“... or you know how to fill in the gaps enough to help it along?”

Her smile was bright, banishing away the worry that had begun to cloud over me. “I think it’s got to be a bit of both.”

“A bit of both,” I agreed. Mietelle moved to disentangle us, but I caught the back of her neck with my hand and held her there, gentle but firm. She tilted her head to the side, and I grinned. “One more thing.”

“Yes?” she said, with a note of confusion.

I cleared my throat. “How would you feel if I said the words, winter’s last snow?

“... ohhhhh...” Her fluttering, winking eyes found mine, and she managed the few words I’d repeated into her ear: “I... submit to... you, Selyanaaaa...”

Didn’t much answer my question. But who was I to complain? I chuckled softly, patting her on the shoulder, then brought my hands together to clap her awake once more... but her hands managed to find my wrists, even as she swayed in the breeze, and brought my hands close, closer, to press against her breasts. She let out a moan, deep and needy.

I looked around at the carnage of our bout: the scarred trees, the scorched grasses, the still-flickering trail of embers that had fallen as we flew together. “Well... it would be irresponsible to leave a fire hazard unattended...” I murmured, then looked to Mietelle’s heavy-lidded eyes.

“Fire unmatendehhhd...” she repeated sleepily, and I caught one arm behind her limp shoulders to lower her to the ground. My other hand went straight between my thighs, and our lips met once again.

We would end up calling it a technicality. It was technically a bed that we fucked on. A bed of grass. And since I was the one that put us there and burned everything in our surroundings... well, it counted as my bed of grass.

Mietelle insisted on sleeping in my bed that night, even still. She just appeared at my door in her nightgown, hands wearing her focusing gloves, asking if I was going to let her in.

And for once, I was glad for it. She didn’t need a fight to convince me. It was strange: for some reason I just couldn’t say ‘no’... but that wasn’t a bad thing at all.

* * *