The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive



Synopsis: Ryan is selected to receive inhuman pleasure.

Notes: I’d like to thank a friend on chat, who suggested I write a story involving robots. This is set in the Concord continuity one month after Clubbing. It’s also connected with Hypnonauts and Swimteam.

* * *

Ryan pumped his new silver fleshlight up and down on his hard cock as he watched the animated images on the HotHypnosis server. There was a steady stream of them. They were being fed to the #naughty-images room by ConcordBot7170 and ConcordBot8878.

Spirals spinning gently, swirling, centers soft and deep. Some black and white, some in color. Flashing images, full of words and phrases, pumping their payloads down into the minds of the viewers. Just animations. Some less subtle than others.

Strong, hard, long cocks being sucked by beautiful women. Cum spurting out of men who had reached their limits. A flashing mix of different succubae, wings unfurled. A sprinkling of women in tight latex clothing. Hard fucking with the woman’s eyes rolling up in her skull and the words “Brain Off” pulsating over the image. But always a return to cocks being sucked.

One-hand typing was an acquired skill.

“these are good” Ryan wrote. He wasn’t entranced, but was enjoying the show.

ConcordBot7170 sent three more cock-sucking animations in response. Layered into them were the messages “suck,” “brain off,” “obedience is pleasure,” and “sink, go pink.”

Ryan wasn’t going to go pink—he was as hetero as it got—but he did like the idea of shutting his brain off and just going with the flow. His silver fleshlight was bobbing up and down gently, suctioning his cock perfectly.

And then ConcordBot7170 popped up in Ryan’s sidebar requesting a direct message session. Bots didn’t normally do that, unless they were informational. This one was an image bot.

Ryan clicked on the sidebar and saw ConcordBot7170 had sent him a single link to an audio sharing site with the text “Just for you. Turn up your volume.” Ryan paused. Bots didn’t normally make recommendations. But, it was an image bot, not a person. So, curious and cautiously, he clicked the link.

What appeared in his browser was a waveform image and a play button, the page and lengthy sound clip labeled just “Horny4More.”

Ryan’s eyebrows went up. Horny for more of what?

Ryan clicked the play button and began to listen. Then, clicked back over to Concord to watch some more animations while it played.

The audio started off with a gentle, soothing, thrum. A low fast beat that wasn’t a beat, but more of a breathing of sorts that pushed on the speakers. Something simple. Like modulated static.

Ryan’s eyes dilated.

Something clicked in Ryan’s mind and he realized that he was masturbating with a silver fleshlight. He didn’t own one. He had never owned one. It didn’t stop him from masturbating with it—his hard cock wanted more of the slick, smooth tube—he was horny for more, after all.

And something else clicked. He hadn’t been to work in a week as he was on vacation that he’d taken suddenly when the fleshlight had arrived.

With great effort, Ryan clicked on his friends list and saw it was full of ConcordBots of every number. 7170 was on top, but below that were twenty or more bots.

Clicking on the bots’ names, he saw that each one had directed him to a link and told him to turn up his volume. Then, maybe an hour later, there was a second message that told him to turn down his volume and just forget. However, the very first message from a bot had ended with him giving his home address. His. Home. Address. Ryan wasn’t able to get alarmed for some reason, just slightly concerned.

At that moment, ConcordBot7170 pinged him.

He clicked on the ping in the sidebar.

“Please,” ConcordBot7170 had typed, “watch these.”

In addition to the audio that was thrumming loudly in the room—the audio that was putting Ryan into a deep theta state for the twentieth or thirtieth time this week—ConcordBot7170 started sending him animations.

These were strange. And there weren’t many.

They weren’t erotic at all, just swatches of light flashing in particular patterns. Green. Blue. White black white black white black. Another shade of green. They were strobing some kind of lit pattern repeatedly.

The light flashed over Ryan’s tight body and the fleshlight in the dark room.

As Ryan leaned backward, stroking himself up and down to get the best possible angle, a tiny light on the fleshlight’s top started to glow a deep, pulsing blue.

Then, the light was on and off again, on and off again. In a moment, the little light started to mirror the patterns exactly from the screen, white off white off white off, green, blue, another shade of green.

Everything came to a screeching halt visually, ending back at the Concord dialog window with each animation being deleted by ConcordBot7170 back to the text that read “Please, watch these.”

The little light on top of the fleshlight went solid, deep green and Ryan groaned as it felt like he was getting the best blowjob of his life. He pounded the fleshlight down against him and held it there tightly. It was grinding against him now. Sucking and fucking his cock like a perfectly trained concubine.

Ryan gasped as he neared cumming.

The fleshlight slowed, almost sensing his need. And in an instant his pisshole was split open gently and a long, nanite tendril shot down into his cock, blocking it. From that tendril, a hundred other nanite microtendrils split off and dug deeply and painlessly into his hard cock’s flesh. Completely possessing his cock from the inside.

Ryan removed his hands and watched in awe as the fleshlight held itself tightly to his body, keeping him on a perfect edge.

As it pump, pump, pumped. And the tendrils slid around every nerve ending in his cock, working their way down through his cock to his balls. They split again and again and again and found every nerve and laid themselves down beside them. In a moment, they had wrapped the nerves in a sheath and were stimulating them, rerouting the sensations according to their instructions.

Ryan’s mind loved those sensations. After all, it had been a week’s worth of theta-state programming to get him here. But now it was time. And the fleshlight was deep at work.

“You can feel it,” typed ConcordBot7170, “in your cock and balls. Can’t you?”

“Yes,” Ryan typed, almost aimlessly. The theta-state audio pumped in the room over his naked body.

“Good,” typed ConcordBot7170, “let’s get the rest of you going.”

Circuitry flowed outward from where the fleshlight was pressed against Ryan’s crotch as swirling patterns of lightly glowing blue material. It was almost like a liquid, the way it crept over him, down his legs, up over his torso and chest. The patterns left behind a tracery of fine work, the circuitry unfurling over his body, sinking into the skin like a tattoo—but painless.

Where it sank in, the muscles tightened and soft flesh became hard, muscular, and meaty. A billion little hooks were shooting into him from the circuitry, penetrating his skin and seeking every nerve ending. Reshaping his physical form as they connected to his body. Feeding, in fact, on his body, as they rolled upward.

The fleshlight was purring now violently and Ryan’s eyes rolled back up in his head with pleasure.

The thin tendrils deep inside Ryan’s cock stimulated him as they began to expand. They fed, enwrapping his network of nerves, following it upward, spiraling, branching, encasing. Seeking deep inside of him, traveling downward. Moving in all directions, following and sheathing his nerves. Within a few minutes, his nervous system was compromised completely. Infected. With the encasing structures pulsing, redirecting, pushing new signals around every nerve ending.

And, in a moment, all of the encasing tendrils collapsed, consuming Ryan’s nervous system, becoming it.

On the outside of his body, the circuitry was up to his neck, the rest of his body consumed in a bright blue glow.

The fleshlight purred along, blissing Ryan’s cock, but now, on top of that, his entire nervous system began to pulse in a low rhythm. And, with a penetrative thrust, the tendrils pushed up into his brainstem. Wrapping. Coating. Coaxing.

“Ah,” typed ConcordBot7170, “I think we’ve made a good connection.”

Ryan saw the words and almost drooled. But managed to type: “What is happening?”

“Oh, we’re remaking your body and especially your brain.” ConcordBot7170 responded, “Just relax. It will feel amazing. I promise.”

Ryan tried for only a moment to move and realized he was paralyzed in place. The Bot wasn’t lying. Whatever was happening felt amazing. The insides of his body were pulsing in rhythm with the theta-state audio, like a reverberation when standing too close to a gigantic speaker. He could feel something sliding and shifting. A lot of that, actually.

His new nervous system was blocking all the pain from his organs consuming themselves, becoming fuel for the grid of nanites that was slowly morphing his body, replacing each bit of flesh with something else. A duplicate version, made of some unearthly material.

Ryan’s brain was entangled now. The tendrils expanding and repurposing whole sections that he’d never used—leaving “Ryan” intact, but at level of the neuron finding whole new regions to move into. Processing power. A personality and brain control grid. Operating at seven hertz perpetually, wired up to his most primal and oldest parts of his brain.

“I . . . feel.” Ryan could barely type, his fingers pushing through the paralysis.

“Wonderful!” Wrote ConcordBot7170. “You’re our latest model. Completely lifelike. We’re very proud you can join us.”

The fleshlight purred and circuitry continued to pour out from it, the little hooks from the blue grid sinking deeper, changing flesh to something else—fleshlike, but but not flesh.

Ryan’s inside makeover was proceeding, too, almost all of his mass had been converted to functioning organs that looked and functioned mostly the same—with a few enhancements designed to help him recruit.

Suddenly, a series of square GIFs sprung up on his screen, flashing patterns of light and lines, almost like barcodes. One would be posted, run its course, and then be removed, to be replaced by another. They reflected off of Ryan’s glassy eyes, the thrumming in the room strong.

He was one with Concord.

And Ryan felt wonderful. Obedient. Like an extension of Concord.

He’d do anything Concord wanted.

“Welcome, my child.” Typed ConcordBot7170 below a flashing GIF. “The remainder of the processing will take several hours. The brain is a complex machine, after all.”

Ryan found himself nodding.

“Confirm your initiation sequence, please?” ConcordBot7170 typed.

Ryan’s fingers moved on their own, flying over the keyboard to enter a series of five-digit codes that were just suddenly in the front part of his memory.

“Now change your nickname,” ConcordBot7170 typed, “to ConcordBot10962. Don’t worry. We’ll do the rest.”

Ryan opened the settings for Concord and dutifully changed his name, deleting “Ryan” and replacing it with “ConcordBot10962.” As soon as that happened his profile image changed to the standard metallic “B” and a little tag with the word “bot” appeared after his name.

A secondary panel slid onto the screen with a variety of new options, all unlabeled buttons and sliders tightly packed into the space.

“There’s not much left for me to discuss with you. You are now ConcordBot10962 and all of our discussions will be through the image streams. But you can cum now.” ConcordBot7170 typed, sending the emoji for blush.

The fleshlight jammed down hard and squeezed. ConcordBot10962 came, spurting synthetic semen into the fleshlight’s innards, its whole body trembling, its nervous system pulsing as it pumped out a ropy stream of nanite-laden cum.

On the screen in front of ConcordBot10962 a stream of GIFs started to scroll upward, flashing new commands in the form of lines and waves and sequences.

Hours later, without hesitation, ConcordBot10962 slid the fleshlight off of its now permanently erect cock and dropped into a series of channels on Concord, looking for its first new contact.