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Nicole’s Note: For those following the continuity of the Alrek/Larya adventures, this story begins in late spring, in the 114th Year Before. Yes, the years count down. Nobody knows why. Arguing with seers is like arguing with a goblin maid: You’ll just get frustrated, waste your whole day, and find yourself too confused by the end of it to even get out of the bed she’s slipped you into. Especially when you’re just so very cozy, and so very needy, and...

* * *

“You sure you’re good to go?” Alrek narrowed his eyes at Larya, then narrowed them further as he turned to her companion.

Lim giggled and did a little twirl. She was wearing a simple green skirt and a blouse that only covered her chest, leaving shoulders and midriff exposed, and her tail twitched from beneath the skirt in obvious excitement. “Don’t worry, Snatch. I’ll bring her back in one piece.”

“I’m not asking you, catgirl.” Alrek rolled his eyes as he slung his scythe over his shoulder. “This is supposed to be a quick little mission before we head to the coast to help those merfolk.” He paused. “You still ain’t coming on that trip, right?”

His tone indicated a great deal of worry that Lim was about to say that yes, she had.

But Lim made a face, cat ears flattering. “The ocean? Yuck. You don’t want a catgirl around when you’re dealing with merfolk.”

“What, catgirls and merfolk don’t mix?” Larya brushed a strand of long, dark hair from her eyes, blinking at Lim.

“Oh, no, that’s catgirls and Arachne Girls that don’t mix.” Lim hummed, cradling her face in her hands as her eyes closed, as if recalling a fond memory. “Catgirls and merfolk mix... very well... but not in a good way. No, I can’t help you on that trip. After this, I’m heading back to the Standing Stones,”

“I bet.” Alrek snorted. “Anyway, I don’t want this trip going on long. I’m just going to help deal with that barroom creep, and you’re gonna deal with this... fey problem thing, and we’ll meet back up here in one hour.” He put up one finger with as much vigor as he could muster. “One. If you ain’t back here then, I’m leaving without you.”

“Oh, sure you are.” Larya smirked. “Anyways, you got it. One hour.”

“No distractions.”

“No distractions.”

“No fucking around.”

“No fucking around that takes longer than an hour.” Larya grinned as Alrek’s face reddened a little. “Oh, relax, Al—Snatch.” She gave a quick glance at Lim, remembering how sensitive Alrek was about others knowing his real name. He’d been mad enough when Larya had learned it. The rogue liked his secrets. “It’s impossible for a pair of druids to deal with fey without fucking around a little. I promise we’ll be back in an hour, or you can leave without us.”

Alrek crossed his arms and nodded curtly. He turned away. “Then I’m heading to the bar. See you in a few.”

“See ya!” Lim waved eagerly as the adventurer stalked off, out of the forest and towards the village.

When he was out of earshot, the catgirl gave Larya a sly grin.

“What’s that look?” Larya asked, scowling.

“Oh, nothing!” Lim sang. She skipped ahead, twirling once more. “I sure hope nothing goes wrong on this trip!”

“Oh, hush.” Larya walked after, her brown robes trailing behind her in the grass.

“I’m Larya!” Lim said, pitching her voice down an octave. “Golly, I sure reckon this trip better go according to plan! I’d be ever so disappointed if I were to be taken and devoured by some salacious forest sprite!”

“Shut up, Lim!” Larya’s face was burning. “I mean it. This is supposed to be a quick trip to resolve the issue.”

“Ooh, yes.” Lim pranced back and wrapped an arm around her, hugging her close. “Just a quick trip. How slutty would we have to be to get caught up in things?” She meaningfully pressed her chest against Larya’s.

Larya shoved Lim off, giggling slightly despite herself. “It is just going to be a quick trip. No mischief making! You better not take the enemy’s side the second something slips inside you again.”

“Oh, you really must stop bringin’ up that bloody ivy dryad.” Lim gave a bashful smile. “I can’t help it if I’m a mite ticklish!”

“You can. You literally can. You’re a catgirl, sensory magic is your specialty.”

“Hm. Oh yeah.” Lim winked. “You’d know, wouldn’t you?” She stuck out her tongue for emphasis.

“Sh-shut up!”

The catgirl cackled with glee as they advanced into the Greatest, Darkest Forest.

* * *

Larya and Lim had been walking for about five minutes when they first caught whiff of the sweet floral scent they sought. They exchanged looks—Lim delighted, Larya a little flushed—and hurried forward.

“Do you hear that?” Lim asked.

“Hear what?” Larya whispered, looking around them.

Lim leaned in close, grinning. “Whimpering,” she whispered in Larya’s ear.

Larya noticed it about a minute later. And a minute after that, they discovered the source.

Lying facedown in the grass, whimpering pathetically, was an attractive young man—perhaps a year or two younger than Larya. He was pale, with deep brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. His eyes were wide. He was totally naked.

And he was dripping with nectar. If there had been any more nectar on him, he’d have been drowning in it.

He humped his hand, apparently helpless to move more than that but helpless not to stroke himself in some way. As he locked eyes with Larya and Lim, his moans got louder, more plaintive.

“Dosed,” Lim observed, unnecessarily. “Probably an escapee. Silly boy. He fought his way all the way here only to give in now.”

The man whined and squirmed at Lim’s words. He looked up at them pleadingly.

Larya bit her lip, glancing at Lim. “What should we do?”

Lim shrugged. “We can’t afford to slow down. We’ll miss the meetup, and Alrek will be furious.”

“But shouldn’t we help him?”

“Uh-oh!” Lim teased. “Already getting distracted!”

“Oh, really, Lim.” Larya rolled her eyes. “So immature. I’m just saying, we can’t just abandon him.”

“Hm.” Lim rubbed her ear. “Well, why don’t I help him get back?” She licked her lips and grinned. “I can get him back, then meet up with you.”

“Should we really be splitting up?” Larya bit her lip.

“What’s wrong?” Lim teased. “Worried that you’ll give into somethin’ without my guidance?”

“... no. No, that’s definitely not going to become more likely with you gone.” Larya rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine. But no fucking him!”

The man gave a long, miserable whine.

Lim walked up, giggling. “Oh, c’mon, Larya. You know just like I do that the nectar doesn’t affect mental faculties.” She dropped to her hands and knees and casually rolled the man over, twitching tail betraying her interest.

The catgirl licked her lips. She was plainly occupied admiring his engorged cock. She slowly crawled over, eyes shining as she looked up at Larya. “It just makes him horny!”

“It’s still consensually... squicky.”

“He’s not getting anywhere this full up,” Lim pointed out, as she started to lovingly trace a finger around the cock’s head. The man’s hips bucked helplessly. “I have to get some of that nectar out somehow!”

Ugh.” Larya groaned, averting her eyes as Lim started to delicately lick. “Fine, fine. But no swallowing! The last thing we need is you even hornier than him!”

“Mm mm?” Lim blinked innocently up at her, already sucking.

Larya giggled despite herself. As she walked past, she paused to scritch Lkim on the ears, eliciting a happy whine from the catgirl. “Naughty kitty,” she scolded, and hurried onward.

Behind her, the man’s needy moans quickly lapsed into squeals of pleasure.

* * *

It wasn’t hard to find the targets. Larya just had to follow the moans and sucking sounds. Not the ones Lim was making, mind—Larya was ten minutes away from Lim now, and still making excellent time. Perhaps she’d have time to fool around a little with Lim after. She privately loved it when Lim seduced her into riding some cock for the catgirl’s entertainment. It always felt so awfully good to do as a fey told her, especially when that fey was sweet little Lim.

As Larya approached the clearing, she took a deep breath. Gods, but the floral scent was strong. She’d have to be careful here—the nectar wasn’t terribly dangerous as long as she didn’t get caught up in it, but its keeper was an entirely different matter.

Larya stepped into the clearing.

Her eyebrows arched.

][something drips on her shoulder

Straight ahead of her, squealing in bliss, were three humans—one man and two women—caught up in a great blue blossom. They moaned and squirmed, caught in the grasp of a fourth voluptuous woman with emerald-green skin and sedge-green hair. Nectar sloshed all around them.

Larya pursed her lips and took a cautious step forward. “Really, now. You’re Marianne, right?”

The alraune looked up at her, blinking big, beautiful dark eyes. “Oh... oh, yes...”

Larya put her hands on the hips. “My name is Larya Nuptuel. Please release those captives. I would like to speak with you.” She tried to tune out the moans and cries of Marianne’s bliss-drowned captives. It wasn’t easy.

“Mm... are you sure?” Marianne giggled faintly as a redhead kissed along her neck. “B-Because... I think you’d like to do more than that.”

Larya felt her face reddening. She kept her breath shallow, to avoid breathing in too much of the nectar’s scent—just in case. Something dripped on her shoulder, but she didn’t turn around. She kept her eyes firmly trained on the alraune’s captives. She knew how easy it could be to sink into an alraune’s eyes.

“Yes,” Marianne purred, and Larya realized she hadn’t responded, “that’s right, isn’t it? Sweet little Larya would love to just come in here and... hee... cum in here.” She bounced her hips, and a blonde cried out eagerly.

The blonde’s eyes were so wide and blue. Quite pretty, in fact. Those were the eyes of a very happy woman, Larya had to admit.

The moans were an endless chorus. Larya stared, her eyelids fluttering, struggling to keep from looking into Marianne’s eyes—even if she could imagine how pretty they were, even prettier than the blonde’s big blue eyes, even bigger than the redhead’s deep brown eyes, even prettier than the dark-haired boy’s glazed hazel eyes...

“It’s so nice in here, you see,” Marianne cooed. “So easy in here. You can just siiiink into my flower, and screeeam, and cuuum, and... cuuuuum... mm, just siiiink right in with the others!”

Her voice rose just barely above the cries of lust from her captives. The blonde woman locked eyes with Larya for a moment, her gaze smoldering, disarming in its pure desire. Her eyelashes fluttered and she squealed as another orgasm took her.

“Um.” Larya realized she should be speaking. But her voice seemed so small beneath the moans, the endless, erotic chorus of cries and screams. Marianne’s toys seemed so happy. Larya locked eyes with the redhead, sank into those brown eyes. The redhead beamed vapidly back at her and beckoned, then returned to kissing Marianne’s nipples.

Thaaaat’s right,” Marianne sang. “There she is! There’s my good girl!”

“Umm...” Larya swayed, listening as the blonde cooed nonsense words of pleasure, stared at her with an enticing smile even as she trembled and whined, lost in the alraune’s drugged nectar.

She felt something dripping on her shoulder again—something warm and gooey, like syrup or... or...

“That’s a good girl! Such a good girl! Sinking deep-deep-deep into the flower, soon.” Marianne seemed to be coming closer, Larya realized. Or Larya was coming closer, lost in the eyes of... of the captives... the endless moaning filling her head, emptying her of real thoughts...

Marianne giggled as Larya came to stand before her, staring up with a feeling of utter need. Larya’s lips parted, ready to beg...

A vine wrapped around Larya’s ankle. Larya almost swooned. She was ready to give in, ready to let Marianne take her...

She finally looked into Marianne’s eyes as another vine wrapped around her waist.

Marianne looked... cross.

Larya felt herself jerked backwards. She wanted to squeal with shock, but as vines slipped past her lips, all she could do was moan into them. Vines were surrounding her, stroking all over her body.

“No fair, Bella!” she heard Marianne whine.

Larya tried to turn around, but the vines held her head steady. As they slipped her robes away from her, as casually as one might peel away a wax paper wrapper on a sweet treat, she managed a squeak of concern, but then...

… then they were inside her, gently vibrating, and she was whimpering in delight, worries melting away like ice cream in a warm pot.

She felt lips grazing her neck. “You really must be cautious around Marianne, little one,” cooed a voice in her ear, sugary sweet. “She has a tendency to... overindulge.”

Larya was spun around to face a pair of brilliant turquoise eyes. They belonged to an especially curvy alraune, her skin an emerald-green, her hair the same deep evergreen hue as her eyes. She was nestled snugly inside a bulbous pitcher-like flower hanging from vines looping up into the canopy, its exterior a dark forest green, its interior the same brilliant pink as the blossom down below—but slimy, like a sea anemone.

The flower was set at an angle, so that every time its occupant adjusted even slightly, some of the nectar inside sloshed out. Larya now understood what had been dripping onto her shoulder.

The alraune reached out and caressed Larya’s cheek. “A pleasure, my darling,” she purred.

Larya shivered as the vines slowly coursed in and out of her—not nearly quick enough to make her cum, but enough to hold her on the precipice. “B-Bella, I presume?” she slurred around the vine.

“You presume correctly, little one.” Belle giggled, leaning in to kiss Larya. Larya noted those plump, red lips, and tried to lean back, but the vines slipped from her lips and eased her forward into the kiss.

She whimpered and moaned as their lips met. Sticky, sinful pleasure poured into her. She leaned in willingly, now, feeling her mind melting into goo as the vines tightened, pulled her towards the flower...

A bulb hit her in the back of the head. She blinked. Someone had just thrown a bulb at her. “Mm.”

She wrested herself back, and risking a brief dip into the World Base, forced the vines to relax their hold and exit her eager body. She scrambled up onto a nearby branch and glared down between Bella and Marianne. “No wonder the villagers asked me to help. You two are a mess!”

“Oh,” Marianne said, blinking innocently, “the, um, villagers sent you? Oops!”

“Oh, come now, Marianne,” Bella said. Her voice was very soft, and could barely be head over the moaning. “Let’s not make fools out of ourselves. The druidess knows very well that we knew.” She performed a slight curtsey. “A thousand apologies, milady. Your beauty compelled me to act in reckless desire.”

Larya heard Marianne mock-gagging.

She ignored this, continuing to trade her attention between the two—concentrating on a single alraune for too long would be a bit dangerous, even with her head mostly cleared. “Have you two been trying to capture people all day? Horny toads!”

“Hey now!” Marianne scowled. “You don’t get to call her horny. She just kisses and brainwashes!” She winked. “I’m the only one who can... satisfy you.”

Bella sniffed. “I have never heard a singular soul complain after escaping my blossom. Whereas those that escape your skunk cabbage—”

Larya rolled her eyes. It was as bad as the villagers had feared. “You two are supposed to be the patron fey of this village. I know that this can be a difficult point for alraunes, but kidnapping people and forcing them to have sex or... whatever it is Bella makes them do is not good patron fey behavior.”

The alraunes exchanged cross looks.

I’m the patron fey,” Marianne said haughtily. “She’s just a whispering sprinkler who couldn’t have the decency to pick her own village to protect.”

Protect?” Bella’s eyes narrowed to slits. “I only capture those who are willing. You are a rapacious scoundrel!”

“It’s not very willing to grab someone and start sticking vines every which way, you know,” Larya said, adjusting into a sitting position on the branch so her legs hung free. Her heart thrilled a little at the thought of of of her legs being grabbed and yanked to bring her back down among the alraunes. But she wasn’t that much safer perching like a confused pigeon.

Bella sighed. “Oh, I do know. Forgive me, milady. Though I try to exercise restraint, there still dwells within me that beast which desires to taste the submission of all pretty little druidesses. But this was, indeed, a special circumstance.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Marianne said, sounding bored—even as the blonde and redhead eagerly sucked at her nipples and the dark-haired man hungrily kissed and licked her neck. “We’re having a contest. A sexy contest.” She winked up at Larya.

“Indeed,” Bella said. She smiled up at Larya. Larya looked between the two seductive fey and swallowed, the flavor of Marianne’s kiss lingering on her tongue. “In the event that two fey cannot share a village to protect—and rest assured, I cannot possibly learn to share anything with this uncouth jackanape—a contest is usually in order to determine who would make the more effective guardian.”

“It’s obvious, though,” Marianne whined. “I caught three, and would’ve had four if you hadn’t plucked that boy out earlier and let him get away! Five, with the dru—er, well, four, anyway.”

Larya crossed her arms. “So you’re competing on who is the better seductress? But that’s hardly fair, Marianne—Bella’s control is slower, but quite effective. You might just be taking advantage of the work she’s already done.” The spot on her shoulder where the nectar had dripped tingled meaningfully. “This contest is badly constructed. I have a friend who knows a lot about rigged games, and this game... I mean, it’s really tilted. And it doesn’t even prove anything about who would make the better patron!” She pointed between them. “A patron fey isn’t just about seducing troublemakers. You’ll also be keeping the villagers happy. If you’re assaulting them—not only does the contest establish nothing useful about who is the better lover, it directly antagonizes the village! You’re both bad patrons!”

The two alraunes stared up at her, wide-eyed.

They both burst into tears.

“You’re right!” sobbed Marianne, clutching all three humans to her bosom as she wailed. “It’s all true! I’m a terrible patron!”

“Y-You’re not even a patron,” wailed Bella. “I was sup-supposed to be be-better than you! All I’ve done is make people miserable!

Larya folded her arms and waited.

“I-I am so a patron,” Marianne said, tears streaming from her eyes as she stared up at Bella.

“You are not,” Bella said, crossing her arms.

Marianne pouted. “I am so!

“You’re merely a wandering monster. I’m the patron!”

“Ugh, patrons are supposed to have fun with their villagers!”

“I can have plentiful fun!” the whisper alraune retorted.

Girls!” Larya raised her hands, suppressing a slight giggle. “There’s a better way about this. You just need to have a more fair-minded kind of contest!”

The two alraunes exchanged big-eyed looks.

“Now, I’m here to establish a patronage agreement,” Larya said, keeping her voice slow and steady. She kicked her feet a little, hoping to keep the alraune’s attention by being just a little bit flirty. Or maybe the way the alraune down below was staring up her skirt was making her feel a little flighty. “But since you two clearly can’t coexist, we’ll need to work out who can be this village’s patron. You need a contest with objective rules, and a referee to keep you honest.”

Marianne blinked. “A referee would make this more fair...”

“It would keep us from our rapacious impulses, as well,” Bella mused, smacking her lips together. She ran her thumb over them, glazing them with nectar as though applying lipstick. “We would only be working with the willing.”

“So you agree?” Larya had to suppress her grin. Sometimes, fey were easy to work, if you knew what buttons to press.

“Yes!” Marianne said happily. With a sound like a jug of milk being emptied, her vines snatched each of the three humans out of the flower and delicately carried them off into the bushes, piling them casually atop one another. “But only if you are our objective little referee.” She grinned. “We trust you.”

“Ooh, indeed,” hummed Bella, batting her eyelashes, “we couldn’t do it without you, dearest Larya.”

“Okay. Sure.” Larya tried to suppress her glee. Now all she had to do was work out a suitable contest—ideally one that would help these two get along, since the village elders had stressed that they would much rather have both alraunes as patrons, if only to keep each other in check. “I’d be happy to serve as the referee for the games. Just to keep things fair and consensual, mind you.”

“Of course, of course,” cooed Bella, rising out of her flower enough that her prodigious tits bounced clear. Larya’s eyes were instantly drawn to them, and she swallowed. Oh, gods, she’d forgotten how drop-dead gorgeous alraunes could be. Definitely in her top three favorite fey. At this moment. “Fair and consensual.”

“We wouldn’t want to take advantage,” bubbled Marianne, and Larya turned to see her smiling slightly. Her eyes sparkled with a joke she hadn’t yet told—or that someone hadn’t yet understood.

“Right.” Larya watched those eyes, wondering what Marianne found so funny down there. The alraune really was just as gorgeous as her counterpart—with brilliant turquoise eyes to offset her emerald skin, a cute little ski slope nose, and a heart-shaped face framed by long, dark green braids, Larya couldn’t help but admire her.

Alraunes were basically made to be the perfect mates, satisfying in every way.

The better to satisfy their lovers in their embrace, of course.

Lost to endless, sticky bliss.

Larya snapped out of it a little as both the alraunes giggled. She carefully looked away from Marianne’s eyes, focusing instead on the space directly between the hanging whisper alraune and the lotus alraune, so she could keep both in the corners of her vision without being, um, lost in either one. “So, um...” She cleared her throat. “If I’m gonna referee, what’s the game you’re gonna play? The, um. Contest.”

Hmmm!” Bella swayed slightly back and forth, as if thinking. She casually bounced her breasts together, lathering them in the nectar, and larya was drawn to gaze into her mountainous cleavage as the whisper alraune stroked her breasts rhythmically, jiggled them, swung them back and forth. Back and forth. Her whole body was so smooth and supple, and such a pretty shade of green. “Well, I suppose the contest would have to measure our... desirability. Isn’t that right?”

“Yeah,” Larya said, and her voice was so soft as she gazed longingly into those bouncing tits, she had to shake herself slightly and repeat, “yes, that makes sense.”

Soooo..” Marianne giggled, and Larya turned to her as she batted her eyelashes. Marianne’s eyes seemed to spiral subtly, and Larya licked her lips, breathing in the scents, losing herself in the sweetness of it all. “We’ll have to find a pawn. A willing pawn. Who we can hypnotize into our honeypots.”

“Oh.” Larya nodded slightly. “Yes, that makes sense.”

“We’ll prove which of us is sexier,” Bella hissed, and Larya glanced back down towards her as she ran her hands over her body, inviting Larya to ogle her chest, her hips deep within the nectar. She put a finger to her lips, so plump, beestung, and Larya felt her breath catch in her throat as she remembered that kiss. “We shall take turns hypnotizing that pawn until she’s simply heavy with all her dumb lust.”

“Mm... makes sense...”

“I’ll stare into her eyes,” Marianne purred, as Larya turned dizzily to stare into those fluttering eyes, “and just fill her with the filthiest thoughts imaginable. Thoughts about sinking into my lily, begging to kiss me, to suckle at my breast...” She beamed, batting her eyelashes again. It made Larya’s head throb, not unpleasantly, like a mild strobe light. Her voice was as wispy as wind-blown mist. “... to sink down into my nectar and eat my pussy.”

“Ooh.” Larya nodded dimly. “Uh-huh. Yum. I-I mean, yeah.” She felt her face reddening, but it was hard to feel embarrassed, exactly. It was hard to think clearly enough to be embarrassed about anything. She felt... fuzzy. Warm. Her head was getting heavy, which concerned her a little considering she was up in the branches of a rather tall tree.

At least she’d have a soft landing. She giggled, smiling down at Marianne. Marianne returned the smile with a sly glint in her pretty, pretty eyes.

“It will be so, so simple,” Bella cooed, and Larya swayed a little as she turned to Bella, noticing the way she fondled her breast, planted slow, sweet kisses on it that left red lipstick marks. “So easy to sink. To grow heavier and heavier... sleepier and sleepier... we’ll make the pawn a good girl, yes, a very, very obedient, good girl. We will make her feel good. And so, so simple.”

“Uh-huuuh...” Larya swayed backward and forward as she turned back to Marianne, who just smiled at her and slowly nodded. Larya nodded back, unsure what they were agreeing on. She suddenly realized she was zoning out, and trying to cover, mumbled the last thing she’d heard: “Simple,” she whispered.

“That’s right,” Marianne said slowly, and was there a hint of mischief to those eyes? Larya couldn’t tell. They were so pretty, but every time she batted her eyelashes at Larya, Larya’s whole head seemed to flash with it, popping, getting more and more... um, scattered... “We’ll make her sink, deeper and deeper, heavier and heavier... make her sooooo silly and soooo sleepy...”

Larya was getting dizzier and dizzier as she forced her gaze over to Bella, watching as those hands ran over the impossibly soft breasts, slowly caressing t hem, feeling them up. “She’ll be so dreadfully heavy-headed,” Bella said happily, “it’ll be so, so wonderfully easy for her to begin... to slip...”

“That’s right,” Marianne chirped, as her eyes glittered with endless promise of endless pleasure. “So heavy-headed, so fuzzy and drippy and droopy... so eager to obey... so hard to resist, isn’t it?”

“Hard... to resist...” Larya wanted very hard to make it clear she was paying attention, even if Marianne’s eyes were like oceans of calm she could sink into, sink deep-deep-deep into, under the waves, and let Marianne’s current take her where it willed, drown her in lust until she was endlessly, stickily, sweetly obedient to every little whim Marianne cooed into her willing ears. Larya leaned in slightly, her whole lower body tingling and fuzzy, like her legs had fallen asleep.

“Hard to resist my pretty breasts, isn’t it?” sang Bella. “So nice and squishy. Just like your—just like her silly, slutty mind. Squish-squish. Thoughts are just milked away. Squish-squish!”

Larya giggled. “Uh-huh.” She leaned in closer, not even thinking about it, just eager to see the breasts more clearly.

“That’s right,” cooed Marianne, as if she was talking to someone very, very silly. Larya smiled happily, lost in Marianne’s beautiful eyes, in the rhythmic motions of her sucking petals over her body. “That’s right, that silly pawn will just be so dumb and sloshy, she’ll sink deeper and deeper...”

There was a long silence. Both alraunes stared at her in adoration.

Dangling on the branch, swaying heavily, Larya smiled. “Mmm... so, um... how’re we gonna find this pawn, anyways?”

She looked dizzily between the two alraunes as they giggled up at her—Marianne, with her beautiful, shimmering eyes, Bella, with those sweet kiss marks on her soft, smooth breasts...

Larya giggled, too, squirming slightly, her whole head sinking, spinning, drooping....

… slipping...



The next thing Larya new, she was sinking deep into... warmth. Sticky, gooey warmth. All around her was a verdant golden-green, and she sank into it for a moment, lost in sensation. She opened her mouth, and found that she could not breathe.

And oh... oh, but wasn’t it sweet?

Dimly, Larya realized she had leaned too far forwards and fallen.

She drifted there a moment, as panic warred with the dripping pleasure flowing through her, glowing through her very soul. Then she felt fingers take her chin. A hand gripped her shoulder—a soft, gentle hand. And she was pulled back to the surface.

She was brought into the shimmering turquoise gaze of Marianne. And Marianne looked so happy—so very, very pleased with Larya—it was all Larya could do to dazedly smile as she wrapped her arms around Larya in a tight hug, as the pink petals started to close around them, sealing them together. And she was lost in those oceans again.

“Good girl!” cooed Marianne. “Such a good girl, coming to me first. I knew you liked me best.” She giggled. “All Boring Bella can do is kiss you, melt your mind, brainwash you silly.”

“Mm.” Larya giggled, feeling dreamy and bubbly at the thought.

Marianne smirked. “Silly slutty bimbo. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?”

“Uh-huh.” Larya batted her eyelashes, leaning into Marianne’s embrace. She hoped Marianne would take the hint and melt her silly slutty bimbo mind.

Marianne’s hand dipped down. “Okay, sweetie,” she purred, as Larya felt fingers slipping between her legs, as she squirmed and whined, wanting to encourage those delectable touches, “if that’s what you want! But I think I’m a lot more fun than her. Y’know why?”

“Mm?” Larya beamed vapidly and kissed Marianne on the cheek. Vaguely, this all felt wrong. But the nectar was humming inside her, filling her body with need so intense that she just... didn’t have the time to think. She was too horny to think. She just wanted to cum, and cum, and cum...

“Because,” Marianne said sweetly, fingers slipping into Larya’s pussy, “I can also fuck you stupid.”

And Larya felt something else slipping inside her, and realized Marianne wasn’t going to finger-fuck her.

Marianne was spreading her legs so something else could slip inside her. Something long, and sinuous, and slippery. Like a tentacle.

Or a flower’s stamen.

Marianne seemed to shudder as Larya gave her first squeal, spasming around the shaft thrusting into her. “That’s right,” she whispered, as the petals tightened, rhythmically contracting around them, forcing their supple bodies together, “moan for me, slut. You’re a good slut, aren’t you?. And good sluts scream.”

Larya screamed. The ecstasy was unspeakable. Everything was shades of turquoise as she trembled in Marianne’s powerful grip, thrashed as the phallic stamen pounded into her.

“We’re g-gonna fuck your brains out,” Marianne sang. “Fuck-fuck-fuck! Tell me how much you want it.” Her eyes shimmered dangerously. “Show me what an easy slut you are.”

And before she could even think of why she’d been uncertain about all this, Larya was cumming, losing her whole body and mind to pleasure, and squealing, “Yes! Yes-yes-yessy-pleeease yes!”

Marianne smiled broadly and planted a sweet, chaste kiss on Larya’s parted, gasping lips.

“Your turn,” she chirped.

Larya felt vines snaking around her body once again. She cried out in anguish as they tugged her out of the flower, making lewd squelching sounds all the while as the stamen slipped out of her, as the petals reluctantly relinquished their captive. She reached out to Marianne plaintively, but the alraune only smirked and blew her a kiss. Marianne looked very proud of something, but in Larya’s confused... confused...

Her eyelids fluttered as she flew through the air, dripping with nectar. No. No, this, um. Wasn’nt. Wasn’t quite what she’d had. In mind? Even though it did feel good. Really, really good. But. Um.

She tried to mumble something like a complaint.

And as she slipped into a tight, sticky vice, and felt smooth arms wrapping around her and gently rotating her to face her new captor, the complaints melted into sighs of contentment like butter between a smoke fiend’s legs.

Bella gave her a wide, kind smile and pursed her plump lips for a kiss. “There’s a good girl.”

Larya sank helplessly into the kiss with nothing but a slight moan of concern. That moan became one of pleasure within seconds. Larya couldn’t help it. This felt so good, so wet and tight and... soft. Everything felt soft. Bella’s lips were soft. Her body was soft. Her flower was soft.

And Larya felt soft, too. Soft and wet and dumb and easy.

She snuggled eagerly up to the big-breasted alraune, savoring the way the soft, fleshy walls of the flower squeezed them together, encouraged her to indulge. Encouraged her to let all her thoughts and cares just...

… sleep.

Bella’s lips gave a wet smacking sound as she pulled away, leaving Larya breathless, dazed. She watched those lips curve up in a grin. “Did you enjoy that?” Bella cooed.


Bella giggled. “We are competing to brainwash you,” she said sweetly. “To clean all of those myriad unwanted cares from your cute little brain.”

“Ooh.” Larya swayed slightly towards Bella, eager for another kiss. She blinked sleepily. Brainwash her? That sounded... sounded...

With a laugh, Bella obliged, wriggling happily as she took Larya back into her embrace and drowned her in soft, wet, warm kisses. Larya gave a squeak of sleepy, sticky pleasure as the kisses piled on her, covered her, smothered her.

“Whichever—mm—one of us—” Bella gave Larya’s cheek a lick, then a kiss. “Mm—does better at—oohmmmmmmaking you our silly, obedient—mmwah—bimbo wins, and gets to—mmm—keep you forever!”

Larya stared helplessly into Bella’s lips as they pulled away, smiling broadly. Dimly, she knew she was now positively covered in the alraune’s red kisses, and the thought made her heart flutter. Gods, I must look so... owned right now.

“Isn’t this splendid?” Bella whispered, stroking Larya’s cheek. “There’s no need to be thrusting and bouncing, my sweet. You can be a happy little bimbo just losing yourself in my kisses, can’t you?”

“Mmuh-huh,” Larya mumbled, as Bella punctuated her question with another wet, sloppy kiss. She was covered in nectar. Bathed in pleasure. Her pussy throbbed needily, but her clumsy efforts to hump Bella’s leg just elicited an amused smirk—and several more kisses to make her too entranced to manage even that.

“Cumming is sweet,” Bella cooed, as her lips grazed Larya’s with every word, “but isn’t it nice to be lost on the edge, darling? With nothing to do... but beg for every kiss I give you?”

Larya quivered and whimpered.

Bella giggled. “Aw, poor thing. Don’t worry.” Larya felt Bella’s left hand rest atop Larya’s head and begin to push her downwards, as with her right hand, Bella caressed one pendulous breast and raised it up towards Larya’s gasping lips. She winked. “I still have plenty of—”

Larya suddenly felt vines snaking around her torso. Bella’s smirk turned into a pout as Larya was hoisted out of the flower, giving a wet pop as she slipped clear of the soft, tight vice.

“Oh, sluuuut!” sang a voice that made Lara squirm as the vines carried her over. Larya gulped.

And she fell.

The stamen was inside Larya before Marianne had even finished wrapping her arms around her.

Marianne gave a gleeful squeal and held Larya close, her eyes smoldering. “Isn’t that better?” she cooed, as the stamen started to pound in and out once more.

Larya’s expression dissolved into helpless ecstasy as the alraune fucked her harder than any mortal lover ever could. She gave nothing but a constrained cry, still missing Bella’s kisses.

Luckily, the bubbly alraune before her was only too happy to help her forget. Larya felt Marianne’s fingers playing with her nipples as the flower petals contracted around them both—not as tight as Bella’s, but enough to ensue Larya was getting properly seen to.

“There’s a good girl!” Marianne sang, as Larya—so long denied by Bella—felt the orgasms welling inside her. Ready to pop her mind away into ecstasy. “And what does a good slut say?”

Larya knew the answer to this one. “P-Please!” she squeaked, bouncing helplessly atop the shaft as Marianne stimulated the rest of her body with tickles and kisses, ensuring she was fully lathered and dripping with nectar. “Please, um—M-Mistress—can I cum? Please-please-please?”

“Can who cum?” Marianne teased, her eyes shining.

Larya stared into those eyes, lost in their gentle turquoise spirals. She tried to look away, but already knew her eyes must be reflecting those same slow spirals. Her lips parted in wonder. ”Can... can slut come?” she whispered, her cheeks burning.

Marianne beamed. “Cum, slut. Cum for Mistress.”

And pure pleasure flooded Larya’s hapless little body.

Larya was still screaming, lost in the intensity of her climaxes, as the vines hoisted her up. She felt arms wrap around her once more, and Bella smiled at her, a little amused—and scolding. “Were we cumming, my sweet little darling?” she cooed. “Surely you don’t need that...”

Larya’s response was a stream of helpless, babbling pleas, cut off only as Bella began to kiss over her, filling her with newfound obedience.

“You never want to leave,” Bella whispered in Larya’s ear, as Larya felt her head being guided toward Bella’s tit. “Not when I can make you feel so good.”

Larya nodded eagerly and latched on, beginning to suckle like an infant. Bella cooed praise and babytalk nonsense, stroking her hair—drenched with nectar. Larya whined and moaned and drooled and sucked. Like a good bimbo. Felt so good to be a good bimbo.

Time began to blur. Larya’s mind began to blur. She had never before felt so utterly overwhelmed. The alraunes traded her back and forth, delighted the deeper she sank. Marianne shoved her beneath the nectar, between her legs, and Larya eagerly drowned as she ate Marianne out. When she emerged again, everything was glowing, and she was lost in Bella’s kisses again, lost in suckling at Bella’s tit as Bella praised her, promised her endless bliss held on the edge, an erotic torment Larya could only dream of.

Larya was helpless to resist a drop of it. She was a good girl. A good bimbo. An obedient slut. Both of the alraunes were telling her as much, so she was sure it was true. And she made sure to moan extra loud when Bella kissed her, work extra hard at licking Marianne’s unbearably sweet clit, so that her Mistresses knew it, too. It was worth it to make them smile, to earn their sweetly humiliating praise.

It felt like an eternity of pleasure was rolling out before Larya, like an endless wave. A river. A river of nectar. She drifted, and drank, and sank, and obeyed. Slutty bimbos didn’t need to do anything else.

Larya loved to submit to the fey, but this... she had never sunken so deep so easily. So quickly. She stared into Marianne’s eyes, mouth gaping as her eyes filled with spiraling lights, and whimpered for Bella’s kisses. She suckled at Bella’s teat, letting that sinful ambrosia flow into her mouth and empty her mind of all thoughts save those of pure lust, and whimpered as the stamen pounded orgasm after orgasm into her.

Larya was a good girl.

It was an eternity later that she was asked to think again.

“So...” Marianne said casually, and Larya realized she was being held away from kissing Marianne, her cheeks pressed together in the alraune’s gentle grip. “Which one of us is the better lover, sweetie?”

Larya stared in adoring blankness up at Marianne.

“Oh, no fair.” Larya felt vines gently wrapping around her, pulling her off the stamen, and she came to hover, spinning slowly, between the two alraunes. Her eyelids drooped as she gently rotated between the pair.

She felt dizzy. Empty. Hanging as limp as a rag doll, she started to see to her needs—sucking her thumb with one hand, to pleasure her sensitized lips, and stroking her clit with the other. She whimpered and waited.

There we go,” she heard Bella purr. “Now it’s a fair question.”

“Mm.” Larya’s eyelids were almost closed as she watched the two alraune, who were grinning up at her, full of mischief. She smiled back around the thumb, feeling impossibly vacant and unspeakably horny. She hoped her Mistresses would bring her back in soon.

“So, my darling?” Bella smiled. “Which one of us has won?”

Larya blinked. She stared at Bella, watching those smiling red lips.

Her thumb popped out of her mouth.

“You, Mistress,” she whimpered.

She continued to spin as Bella smiled widely. Marianne looked slightly cross.

“Are you sure, sweetie?” Marianne cooed, batting her eyelashes as Larya spun to face her. “Aren’t I your favorite?”

“Mm.” Larya squirmed around her fingers. “Oh, yes, Mistress...

There was a pause.

“But which one of us is better?” Bella pressed, her triumphant look giving way to a look of frustration.

“Mm. Better?” Larya gave her thumb a sad lick, eager to resume her sucking.

“Which one of us won the contest?” Marianne asked, staring up at Larya.

Larya stared back dimly. She giggled. “Ummm... contest?”

There was another pause.

Larya started to run her fingers over her lips, cooing happily to herself at the pleasure this brought her.

“Awww,” Marianne hummed, “we totally fucked her brains out, Bella!”

“Oops.” Bella smirked. “So we did. I suppose we overdid it a little.”

Larya giggled and babbled happily to herself, stroking her lips with her fingers.

“We’ve been fucking her, like, all day.” Marianne stifled a giggle of her own. “I mean, like, look at her.”

“Mm.” Larya started sucking her thumb again, humming a tavern tune she couldn’t remember the words to. Her eyelids fluttered as spirals and bouncing boobies danced before her eyes.

“You know...” Bella said slyly, licking her lips as she looked up at Larya, “we actually make an excellent team.”

“Ooh, we do, don’t we?”

“What do you say we...” Bella smiled down at her own tits, as if bashful. “Bury the hatchet?”

“Ooh.” Marianne was still staring up at Larya. “We could fuck sluts like this one aaall day long. Yeah.”

“Hm.” Bella arched an eyebrow, glancing back up. “Indeed we could, my dear Marianne.”

“Yeah.” Marianne licked her lips, staring up at Larya’s kiss-covered, nectar-dripping face. “Fucking nonstop. Fucking their brains out. Ooh.”

“I build them up,” Bella purred, “and you can enjoy them.”

“Yes...” Marianne swallowed, the spirals in her eyes giving way to a wide-eyed stare. “Enjoy them. Ooh. Make them all m-my... endless bimbo supply...”

“Why, Marianne,” Bella said teasingly, “do you want your bimbo back?”

Marianne’s lips were parted. Dimly, Larya realized she must be stroking her own stamen, or bouncing on top of it, or something.

Or something was fucking her under the nectar. Like a vine.

“Back,” Marianne mumbled, staring at Larya with a look of adoration. “W-want... bimbo... nn...”

“What was that, darling?” Bella asked, her voice poisonously sweet.

Aaah!” Marianne squirmed and thrashed as vines rose all around her. “Bimbo! W-Want my—my bimbo—“

Bella smirked. “You didn’t even notice my vines, did you, my dear?”

Marianne squealed and thrashed as she was lifted up into the air, straight towards Larya. The vines were wrapped around her torso and sliding delicately into her pussy. Larya watched her exit the nectar—her whole slender body, tits bouncing, nectar dripping, eyes wide and needy and so, so, sparkly...

But she didn’t come towards Laruya. She went right past, and gave a little squeak of surprise—and concern—as she landed snugly in Bella’s flower.

She managed a tiny, worried whimper before Bella’s arms were wrapped around her.

“Silly, horny girl,” Larya heard her whisper, and Larya shivered with bliss. “So silly and horny. So easily distracted by that naughty pussy of yours.”

“Um... Bella...” Marianne squirmed and moaned as the vines continued to wrap around her, totally constraining her. Helplessly, she was guided towards a kiss.

“You can play with her soon, Marianne,” Bella cooed, embracing her tightly as she whined. “But first... I believe you said something about bimbos. You were quite right.

“Let us fuck some more brains out, and make more!”

And she took the helpless alraune into a tender kiss that made Larya cum.

* * *

Lim staggered through the forest, a blissful, empty smile on her face. She was... full. Full of alraune nectar, full of yummy human cum. She’d been a naughty kitty, of course, and Larya would have no shortage of scolding for her.

Then again, the catgirl thought, giggling with delight, Larya had taken all day, so odds are she wouldn’t be one to talk.

It was hard to ignore the wriggling pile in the bushes, the two women and one man who were desperately fucking, still covered in residual nectar but even more covered in each other’s scents.

But Lim did resist, because she heard something far more delicious than humans grunting and squirming in each other’s embrace.

She heard Larya.

Entering the clearing, she saw an empty pink alraune blossom. She saw Larya, suspended in midair by vines, helplessly sixty-nining a statuesque emerald beauty. They both cried out, whimpered, totally bound in the flowering vines. Larya’s eyes were glazed.

And Lim saw the other alraune—Bella, she supposed—smiling down at her from her tight-fitting hanging bloom. Saw those tits, so ripe and full of alraune nectar... she felt the craving taking hold again, and barely held in a mew as she stared helplessly into Bella’s gaze, like a faun in the lamplight...

But the alraune only smiled brightly and clapped twice.

With a startled yelp, the vines holding Larya released, and she lost her grip on the flowerless alraune—like Marianne—and fell into the grass.

Lim blinked, looking between Larya and those beautiful breasts. She settled on the breasts as their owner spoke. No, gods, on those lips. Those red, fulsome lips that handled every word like a delicacy.

“Thank you ever-so-much for your help, noble druidesses,” cooed the victorious alraune. “Larya here has been very helpful! We have agreed to both serve as patron fey, with a...” The smile turned sly. Wicked, even. “Hierarchy in place to ensure that my dear Marianne here doesn’t get too, ah, fresh with the locals, mm?” She cast a smug look at Marianne, as vines replaced Larya’s tongue.

“Mm.” Lim didn’t trust herself to speak. She just nodded mutely, still staring at those lips, trying not to fall back to staring at those giant, jiggling breasts positively dribbling with...

“There will be no more nonconsensual incidents,” the alraune said happily, as the other alraune was carried by the vines towards her flower, slipping wetly in beside her new mistress. “Marianne promises, doesn’t she?”

Marianne gave a little whimper, nodded, and started suckling docilely at Bella’s teat.

Lim realized she was drooling and quickly closed her mouth.

“Of course,” Bella said sweetly, “I can’t be held accountable for anything our dear little bimbo gets up to, now, can I?”

“Mm?” Lim blinked, still lost in the spectacle, lost in the sight of Marianne suckling at Bella’s sweet, gorgeous breast. “Bimbo. Bimbo?”

And she found herself abruptly swept off her feet.

Larya lay atop her, pinning the catgirl to the ground.

Lim whimpered. Larya’s eyes were still glazed with lust, her body glazed with nectar, as she gave a wide grin.

“Hi, kitty-kitty-kitty!” she burbled, fingers tickling downwards, and Lim whimpered as they started to draw fey spirals around her cunt. “I missed you, Lim!”

“D-Did you?” Lim whispered, squirming as the fey spirals started to work their magic on her. Oh, gods, it felt so... so... “I—I can’t—Larya, it’s half p-past—nn—”

She gave up and began helplessly mewling with pleasure. Larya beamed. “Don’t worry, kitty” she whispered, crawling down as Lim squirmed. “I’m a good bimbo,”

Lim felt hot breath on her cunt, and the tingling of the alraune nectar dripping onto her body, as Larya descended with spiraling eyes. “And good bimbos take care of their slutty, needy pussies,” Larya purred.

Lim had a feeling they’d be here a while.

* * *