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Flying Business

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When a premature ejaculating cuckold is overwhelmed by a sexy blonde air steward on a business trip, he sees an opportunity to bag a trophy bimbo for the BNWO and his Black Master.

Story preamble—

This new stand-alone short story is another featuring the characters from my last story, Marrying Stacey.

I love to chat with readers, and share story ideas, on email——so do drop by and say hello. Sadly, I can no longer be contacted on Kik.

These days, Paul found it easier not to go out much. Working from home after Covid was a great help too.

He was blissfully in a perfect BNWO cuckold marriage to Stacey, a redhead goddess. They lived together with her four children, and their Black Master, Jayden, the father of all the kids.

His problem with going out too much, was they would see another hot redhead, or just some other sexy girl, and Paul would immediately see an image in his mind of the slut taking Big Black Cock and disgrace himself by prematurely ejaculating.

He didn’t mind being a pathetic little white premie, it was why Stacey loved him after all, it was just a bit embarrassing when he was out in public.

* * *

So when a rare business trip came up, only the second time he’d ever needed to go away for work, it presented a particular challenge.

Fortunately, for some years now, Stacey had been helping him manage his little problem by locking him permanently in chastity, and adding a diaper when going out, to help capture unseen the beta cuckold’s inevitable embarrassing leakages.

The trickiest part would be the flights. Obviously he couldn’t wear his metal cage for fear of setting off the airport security scanners, or even a diaper for fear of being found out in a strip search.

Once safely at the work meeting, reunited with those items, it was easy to manage, but for the flights to and from, he would have to concentrate hard, try not to make any eye contact, and keep his head buried in a book.

* * *

That tactic worked fine for him on the flight out, immediately relived to see in his peripheral vision that there didn’t appear to be any redheads in the aeroplane seats immediately around him. Paul breezed through the three days of work meetings relatively untroubled too.

Perhaps all that, and feeling he was now on the homeward stretch, caused Paul to relax just slightly too much on the flight home. Again there appeared to be no triggering redheads on his peripheral radar to ring any alarm bells. Paul could relax, have a drink, and he’d soon be safely home. Back in the arms of his goddess.

He realised he’d been over-confident the moment the Air Stewardess brought him his drink. She was a hot blonde, clearly a wannabe model, only a few cosmetic tweaks away from being able to sculpt herself into the perfect Bimbo doll had she wanted that. The perfect bimbo fuckdoll for Big Black Cock.

Paul squirmed in his seat, eyes fixed on the floor, trying to take measured calm breaths. It was alright, at least she wasn’t a redhead, he just needed to keep his head buried in his book for the rest of the flight, he could cope.

The long miles to landing ticked down. Paul finished his drink. He didn’t dare ask for another one. But he did realise he would need to use the toilet before they arrived.

The toilet was of course next to the steward’s work area, so he waited patiently until the hot blonde air hostess was called down to the other end of the plane. The last occupant had just exited the tiny toilet cubicle, and no-one else was queuing. Now was his chance.

Paul set off towards the front of the plane, eyes firmly down on the carpet, the last thing he needed was to see any other hot women. Just as he was nearing his goal, he became aware of another passenger ahead of him getting out of his seat to also use the toilet.

Damn it. The man slipped into the lavatory ahead of him, leaving Paul waiting for his turn next. He glanced about nervously, willing the guy to be quick before anyone else came. The seconds ticked by. Then potential disaster loomed. Paul could see from the corner of his eye the blonde stewardess returning down the aisle.

All he could do now was avoid eye contact and pray to hear the sound of the toilet door lock being pulled back signalling his sanctuary. He could smell her intoxicating perfume and see the start of her long legs. Legs that would wrap around the pounding ass of her Black Master as he fucked her senseless.

Paul gave a tiny inaudible moan as he squirmed about in discomfort, trying hard not to double up. This of course only made matters worse. “Are you feeling alright sir?” the blonde bimbo slut asked him, only doing her job. Why was the damned guy taking so long?

“Yes… all… fine… thank… thank you” Paul answered trying not to sound too much like a stammering madman, glancing up and fatally making eye contact, then starring full on at her already large breasts. Tits that were only another boob job away from becoming massive bimbo fun bags, bigger than her braindead head, perfect for tit wanking Big Black Cocks until they shot thick cum all over them.

The kind of massive bimbo tits that would cause any man to ejaculate, which was ironic, as that was exactly what Paul had just done. This time, his groan was loud enough to be heard by the stewardess, who was now looking at him in concern.

Paul could feel the embarrassing dark stain spreading across the front of his pants. “Are you ok?” the stewardess asked. He must have instinctively looked down, because she followed his gaze. “Can I… Oh... OH… Erm… I see” she added, finding it was her turn to stammer, feeling an odd mixture of shock and amusement, before her professionalism kicked back in.

But before she could say anything else, Paul heard the cubicle door behind him finally unlock and open, and he rushed into the sanctuary of the toilet to hide. That had to qualify as one of the most embarrassing moments of his life, Paul thought miserably, as he cleaned himself up as best he could.

But he couldn’t stay locked in the plane’s toilet for long. He exited, eyes firmly on the floor. “Is everything…?” the blonde stewardess started to say. “Yes, yes, all fine” Paul interrupted without breaking stride, or raising his eyes, as he hurried on by back to his seat.

* * *

It would have been easy for the stewardess to have laughed at the incident with her colleagues. To chalk it up as simply another ‘you wouldn’t believe it’ tale from her life in the air to tell friends one night in the bar.

But she was genuinely concerned for her passenger, and felt bad that the poor chap had suffered such obvious embarrassment. She wanted to make sure he knew that everything was fine. That he shouldn’t be worried about it.

The flight wasn’t very busy. Like most of the passengers, Paul was sat in a row of three seats with just one other person. A guy in the window seat, and Paul in the aisle seat, with an empty seat between them. A little while before landing, Paul stood up again so the guy could get out to join the toilet queue before they were put out of use for their descent.

“I wondered if these might be of use?” Paul suddenly heard a familiar voice say to him, as the stewardess’ shoes appeared below the book he was reading. He looked dumbfounded at the slut, who squatted down beside him, her long blonde hair swishing back, proffering a damp and dry cloth in each hand.

“You know, lots of people have every kind of little accident on our flights, you’d be amazed. Perfectly normal” she persisted in trying to reassure Paul, even as she dabbed at his groin with the damp cloth. Oh my god, Paul thought in agony, wondering if she was doing this to him deliberately.

He starred into her beautiful bright blue eyes, looking for signs of laughter or deceit, but finding only genuine well-meaning concern, all the while trying to push her hand away, or take the cloth from her, anything to make it stop.

Her face was only inches from his, flawless foundation, sexy eye makeup and hot blusher. He marvelled at her plump hot pink lips. Lips that were only a few more injections away from becoming ridiculously large bimbo cock sucking pillows, tightly suctioned around a huge veiny Big Black Cock, as it twitched and pumped gallons of thick cum into her needy stomach.

Paul moaned and bucked slightly, causing the hapless stewardess to pull her hand away, revealing another wet dark stain, even bigger than the last, spreading over his crotch.

This time though, it was the air stewardess’ turn to be the more embarrassed of the pair. She mumbled various apologies, practically throwing the two cloths at Paul, before fleeing back up the plane, leaving Paul to clean himself up as best he could before his fellow passenger returned from the toilet.

* * *

It would have been easy for Paul to have left things there. An amusing tale of double premature ejaculation embarrassment to tell his redhead goddess wife, and their Black Master, on his return home.

But Paul saw an opportunity in his humiliation. A possible chance for the beta cuckold to show his devotion to the BNWO and serve his Black Masters. It wouldn’t be easy, he would have to steel himself, and be strong for the cause, to avoid just another embarrassing encounter.

So he prepared, and waited when the plane landed to be one of the last to get off. Paul stopped at the door to talk to the blonde air steward, and apologised for the difficulties he had caused, handing her one of his business cards. “I’m so embarrassed I caused you so much trouble” he told her. “Look, I know your crew are just here on a night’s stop over before flying again tomorrow, but if you are at a loose end in the city tonight, I’d be delighted to buy you a drink as an apology.”

She assured him that it had been no bother, and they said goodbye.

* * *

Paul didn’t really expect her to call, and to be honest, she didn’t expect to either, having plans and tickets to meet a female friend for a drink before going to the theatre.

But fate, as it so often does, conspired to intervene. Her friend called to say she was going to be delayed at work, and would have to meet her at the theatre. Plus it was always good when someone else was paying. And it wasn’t like the married guy was going to try anything on. Not when she shared intimate knowledge of his little premie problem.

“I’m going to the theatre later” she told Paul on the phone, “but I’m at a loose end early evening if that offer of a drink still stands?” She gave Paul the name of the relatively posh city hotel the airline had billeted the crew in, and they arranged to meet in the cocktail bar.

* * *

Paul was full of nervous excitement as he waited for the blonde air stewardess to appear in the bar. Normally that would be a worry, but this evening he was feeling almost confident. Stacey had locked him away and diapered him up in loving preparation, so he would be able to happily leak away throughout the night’s promised action.

Paul ordered cocktails when she arrived, and her friend phoned with an update on her ETA at the theatre, providing Paul with the ideal distraction he needed to slip the powder his Black Master had given him into her drink.

They chatted, slowly sipping. She wasn’t from here. Her hometown was a small city in Italy, close to where she grew up. He should have guessed from the sexy accent. There was a long-term white boyfriend patiently waiting at home for her weeks off, in between the endless nightly stopovers like this one. He would soon find himself dumped. And yes, of course the airline job was only temporary until her modelling career took off. Paul very nearly rolled his eyes, but little did the slut know that her modelling career was indeed about to take off, just in a surprise way, as a bimbotised fuckdoll.

They had nearly finished their drinks when Jayden appeared at their booth, feigning unconvincing surprise that he had unexpectedly run into his old friend Paul at this bar. Paul naturally asked Jayden to join them, ordering them two more cocktails, as she still had plenty of time before the theatre, and the desired beer for his Black Master.

With Jayden in their booth, the atmosphere changed sharply, the drugs in her first drink clearly getting to work. She became noticeably more relaxed and giggly, hanging on Jayden’s every word. She soon looked flushed and horny, leaning in close against him, erect nipples becoming very visible.

She started agreeing with everything Jayden said, however ridiculous. So when the Black Master told her that he had heard bad reviews of the theatre production, and they would probably be better off partying up in her room this evening, she immediately invited them up, and Paul ordered a bottle of champagne.

* * *

Up in her room, the bimbo slut wasted no time getting all hands on with Jayden, finding it hard to think of anything but her overwhelmingly horny lust.

Breaking from their first kiss, in a final moment of lucidity, she looked over at Paul, as if suddenly remembering the unwanted gooseberry sat quietly in the corner for the first time. “Oh, what about him?” she asked Jayden. “No need to worry about him” her Black Master reassured her, “you’ve already seen on the plane how my useless little beta cuckold here can’t cause any trouble. You won’t even know he is there.” And he was right, of course, it already seemed to her as if Paul was fading into the wallpaper.

“Besides” her Black Master added, “you will need someone invisible like him to film, if you are going to be a famous model, just like his wife here.” He was showing the hapless stewardess his phone. On the swirling screen Stacey was sucking and fucking Jayden’s huge Big Black Cock. The blonde bimbo started to drool slightly, and by the time Stacey was on her knees, tongue out, joyously taking their Black Master’s thick creamy cum, she was mindlessly caressing one breast too.

She looked up from the hypnotic phone video to find Jayden now standing next to her naked, his erect Big Black Cock, Big Black Cock that was now her entire world, just inches from her face as she sat on the bed. There were no more thoughts, just happy blank obedience for her superior Black Masters. She simply started worshiping Jayden’s Big Black Cock with her month as she knew she should.

Naturally, being a superior Black Master, Jayden had the stamina of a true alpha bull. Even though she was a blonde, not a redhead, Paul found himself leaking almost continuously as he filmed, and she begged her new Black Master to keep on fucking her, even as he broke in her bimbo mouth, cunt and ass, filling all three with load after load of his superior Black Cum.

By the end of the evening, she was a committed braindead bimbo fucktoy for her Masters in the Black New World Order.

* * *

The next day, the sexy blonde air stewardess was welcoming the business class passengers aboard their long-haul flight. The type where each customer gets their own private pod like seat to recline and sleep in.

She’d managed to snatch 10 minutes on her way to the airport to call up her boyfriend back home and dump the little white loser and his pathetic unsatisfying dicklet.

She’d given in her notice to the airline too. Her Black Master had already booked her in for the bimbo lip and tit surgery she wanted, as soon as her last shifts were over. First thing this morning, Jayden had also sent over the link to her brand new OnlyFans site, with its first video from the night before. She couldn’t believe how many hits and comments she was already getting after just a few hours. Once she had had her cosmetic surgery, and become the prefect bimbo fucktoy, her dream would finally come true. She’d be a famous model at last.

But for now, she’d kept a watchful eye on the boarding business passengers. There were two hot Black Masters on the flight. She giggled to herself at the delightful thought that soon she would be taking very personal care of their every need. The two Black Bulls would be delighted to discover that today they were flying BNWO-Air.