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Following Her Dream 15

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

Janet’s finger twitched, tapping against her thumb, as she took in the scene before her. When Snow had asked her to come over, Janet presumed it was to convince her to let them use the device. She wanted to stay home, and had even considered texting Snow to decline the invitation, but that would only result in subjecting herself to her own thoughts in her quiet, oppressive bedroom. At least by accepting she would have some way of keeping her mind occupied with the company of others. Now that she was here, the reality of Snow’s intentions were not something Janet could have prepared for.

To see the two sitting there, eyes glazed, motionless, thoughtless... Janet felt like she had been shoved into the deep end of a pool, her negative thoughts and reservations threatening to pull her under. As her head bobbed beneath the surface, she could hear her own muffled voice warning her. It reinforced her beliefs that nothing good had come from pursuing her ambitions. It reminded her of Rachel. The words wrapped around her and started dragging her deeper and deeper. The sparkling blue light above began to dim as the water pressed on her chest, tightening all around her.

Snow, though... Snow believed in her. She said there was something within Janet. What was it she saw? Janet didn’t know, but she could hear Snow’s voice through the water, as clear as day. It fought against her own voice, suffocating it. Snow reached through the depths, cutting the line that was pulling Janet under. When she breached the surface, all that was left was silence and the two patient bodies before her.

To see them so docile, ready to do anything that was asked, rekindled something in Janet that had been dormant for too long. That Snow had so willingly offered them both up only fueled that spark. The building desire warred with her instinct to give up and run, leaving her to choose which path to take.

In the end, it wasn’t even a choice.

She made her way forward, eyes darting between both blank faces. When she reached the table, she rested her hand on the back of the chair. Violet and Snow were just a few feet away.

She thought about what she wanted to do as she closed her eyes, a dozen fantasies playing through her head. In each one, she could see their absolute obedience as they kneeled before her. They stared up at her, their eyes begging despite any thought behind them.

When Janet opened her own eyes, she gasped.

Violet and Snow had both pushed their chairs back and were kneeling on the floor, still enraptured by the screen that lay on the table. At some point, lost in her own vivid imagination, she must have given them an order. She clenched her thighs, the thrill an appetizer of what was to come.

“Violet, Snow, can you hear me?” she asked, her voice shaky with remnants of uncertainty and her growing hunger.

Both women hissed their response in unison.

Such a wonderful sound to Janet. “While in trance, you are to address me as Mistress. After every command I give, you are to respond with ‘Yes, Mistress.’ If I ever say ‘Drop for me’ after your name, you will return to this same state, obedient only to me. Do you understand?” Janet held her breath. ‘So much for small steps’, she thought.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Janet’s heart fluttered as her cunt spasmed. She let out a moan, gripping the back of the chair until her knuckles went white.

“I want you to move back,” she instructed. As the two crawled on their knees, Janet rounded the table, turning off her device in the process.

Violet and Snow continued to stare at where the wonderful lights had been.

Janet hopped up on the table, knowing that before long she wouldn’t be able to stand anyways. From her position, she towered over her two subjects, and it felt right.

“Listen to me. I am going to say something to you, and when I do, I want you to repeat it. As you repeat the words, feel them become your truth. Absorb them into yourselves fully. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Janet spoke the words she so desperately needed to hear them say. When she was done, she commanded them to begin.

“We are slaves to Mistress. We have no thoughts or wills of our own. Only through Mistress do we have any purpose. Mistress tells us what to think, and we obey. Mistress tells us what to do, and we obey. We obey Mistress.”

The two monotone voices came out in perfect synchronicity. After every phrase, Janet could feel the foreshocks of an orgasm ripple through her, her skin tingling as her cunt cried out for attention. When the silence came, she felt empty. “Keep repeating your mantra until I command you to stop. Look up at me as you do so.”

Violet and Snow both fixed their gaze on Janet as they continued their lines. “We are slaves to Mistress. We have no thoughts or wills of our own. Only through Mistress do we have any purpose. Mistress tells us what to think, and we obey. Mistress tells us what to do, and we obey. We obey Mistress.” When they were done, they started again.

Janet closed her eyes and listened to them drone on, relishing in the sensations brought on by their words. Her hand made for her crotch, but she denied it access. She wanted to savor this moment more than anything. She needed more. “I want you both to start stripping for me. Slowly. Begin.”

“We are slaves to Mistress.” Snow crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her shirt. “We have no thoughts or wills of our own.” Raising her arms up, she pulled the fabric over her head before letting it fall to the floor.

Janet reached out and brushed the hair away from Snow’s face after it had been disrupted by the movement. She held her by the chin as she stared into Snow’s blank eyes.

“Only through Mistress do we have any purpose.” Violet was working at her pants and underwear now. She had to reposition herself to remove both garments, but returned to kneeling when she had finished. “Mistress tells us what to think, and we obey.”

“Mistress tells us what to do, and we obey.” Snow peeled the socks off her feet, her sex already glistening in the still air. When her bra joined the rest of the clothes on the floor, both women had finished their task. “We obey Mistress.”

Janet took a moment to admire the exposed flesh of her slaves in all their glory.

“Continue to let the truth fill your mind as you say your words. I want you to face each other now.” Janet waited until they had done as she asked, their voices filling her ears and threatening to destroy her patience. Through no small effort was she able to refrain from having them ravage her right then and there.

“The person you see in front of you is your sister-slave. You are both equal in your service to me. You love your sister-slave so much. You want to show her just how much you love her. By doing so, you will be expressing your love for me, because it is what I want. Begin.”

Snow reached out to grab Violet’s head as she pulled her in. “We are slaves to Mistress.” She pressed her lips to Violet’s, kissing her in devotion to her Mistress, before pulling back just enough to speak. “We have no thoughts or... wills of our... own...” She leaned back in for another kiss, her body trembling. “O-only through... Mistress! Oh!”

Snow’s eyes shut as the orgasm raced through her body, cutting off her ability to speak. She collapsed against Violet, using her for support. Through it all, Violet continued to express her love, holding the trembling Snow in place, kissing her while she spoke.

Janet had been caught off guard by what had happened, too shocked by the scene to react properly. Snow had cum without even touching herself, just from reciting her words and showing Janet how much she loved her. The notion filled Janet with pride.

However, when the shock wore off, she felt annoyed. “No cumming without permission, slaves.” As much as she loved Snow’s aptitude towards submission, the act interrupted Janet’s experience. Through mild irritation, she decided to skip ahead a bit with her plan. “Keep the words in your mind as you return to kneeling, but stop speaking for now.”

Snow forced herself to straighten up despite the tremors that still ran through her limbs. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied alongside Violet. Both women returned to staring at each other.

“Good,” Janet praised. “Now, here’s what I want you to do. I’m going to give you some new words to say. You’re going to listen to your sister-slave say them, and they will become just as important as the words were from before. While you are repeating the new mantra for her, I want you to stare your sister-slave in the eyes as you finger her. With every line you recite, your pleasure will grow, without end. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Violet and Snow listened to Janet speak. As soon as she was done, both women reached out and placed a hand on the other’s sex.

“You are a slave,” Violet spoke as she began rubbing along Snow’s slit. “Your mind is empty.” Her fingers easily slid into Snow’s folds, still wet from before. “Your cunt is hungry.” She began pumping her fingers in and out. “Only through Mistress can you be satisfied.” She listened to Snow say the same to her as she felt Snow’s fingers enter into her own pussy. “You must obey.”

Janet couldn’t take it anymore. Her arousal suffused every inch of her body, and to have held off from touching herself for this long was nothing short of a miracle. She reached her hand down to join her slaves in the pleasure, grunting the moment her hand brushed across her clit.

Snow’s voice began to raise in pitch as she cried out the words. She bucked against Violet’s penetrating hand as her arousal continued to escalate. Her eyes stayed locked on Violet’s, her own fingers entering into her sister-slave’s cunt at a ferocious pace. With Janet’s command, her pleasure continued to grow, with no hope of relief in sight.

Janet’s toes curled in the air as she sat on the table, plunging her fingers into herself from under her pants. She kept her eyes on her slaves, wondering what it must feel like for them. The words of devotion that they spoke was fuel to the fire that burned within Janet. She reached a hand up to knead at her chest, covered by her shirt, before ripping the garment off in frustration over its impediment.

By now, even Violet was struggling to keep up the mantra. “You are a... s-slave...” Her breathing was as ragged as Snow’s. “Your m-mind... -pty.” She grunted as she leaned forward, pressing her forehead against her sister-slave’s. She was no longer able to stay upright of her own accord as Snow pushed against her in turn. “Y-your... cu... cunt...” At this distance, all Violet could see were Snow’s eyes staring right back at her.

“Stop talking!” Janet cried out. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to come. Not yet, though. She wasn’t ready just yet. There was something she needed first, something she had to hear. “Answer me, slaves. Who am I?” Her voice was a whine. Just a little more...

Violet and Snow could feel each other’s warm, arrhythmic breaths. No longer needing to recite their lines, the only sounds that escaped their mouths were their moans. The arms that crossed between them worked at their pussies with such intensity as they convulsed against each other.

When Janet had asked her question, they only had one answer to give. “You are...” they began, struggling to speak once more. “Our... M-Mistress...”

Janet collapsed back onto the table as the orgasm wracked her body. Just before she gave herself up to it, she shouted out one last command. “Cum for me!” Her voice became a scream.

Violet and Snow both fell to their sides as they shared in the bliss. The experience was so overwhelming that their bodies shut down, their fingers still inserted in one another.

Janet lay panting on the table as her body glowed from the orgasm. With one last shiver, she stared up at the ceiling, a content smile on her face. She never knew something could be so satisfying. She continued rub herself as an afterthought.

She needed more.

Sitting up, Janet regarded the silent bodies on the floor. She noticed the slight movement of Snow’s hand as it still played between Violet’s legs. Janet let out a chuckle at the sight, impressed at how much Snow gives of herself.

“Listen to me, slaves. In a moment I am going to wake you up. When I do, you will remember the words that you spoke, and you will know what they mean to you. You will know who I am to you.” The way the two laid next to each other, so peaceful, was pleasing to Janet. She almost didn’t want to wake them up. It would be a shame to disturb them, but her body had other plans. “Wake up.”

Violet and Snow both opened their eyes, smiling as they saw each other. Violet removed her hand from Snow, making sure to let it drag its way along Snow’s clit, causing Snow to smirk back at her.

When they both heard Janet clear her throat, their eyes went wide, recognizing whom the noise came from. Both women quickly scrambled to their knees and faced her. They stared at the floor, not daring to gaze up at her without permission. They awaited their commands. In their minds, they could still hear both voices. The first was their own, repeating the mantra that they first learned. The second voice belonged to their sister-slave, confirming what they knew to be true.

“Wow...” Janet whispered. The sight was breathtaking. She felt like she could have them bask in her presence for hours as she sat above them. She knew they would.

Perhaps that would best be reserved for another day. There was still much more she yearned to do. “Finish undressing me,” she ordered.

Violet and Snow set about removing Janet’s shoes with dedicated focus. When they got to her pants, Janet lifted herself off the table to allow the clothes to be pulled away. As soon as she was nude, Violet and Snow both returned to their kneeling positions.

Hopping off the table, Janet reached down with both hands to caress their cheeks. Guiding their faces upwards, she regarded each one with compassion.

To gaze upon their Mistress caused both women to gasp as they stared back with abject adoration.

Janet addressed them both, “Follow me to the bedroom. I want you two to worship my body. You may cum when I do.” With that, Janet made her way between her slaves towards the hallway. Her gait showed a level of confidence that was new to her.

Once she had passed, Violet and Snow both stood up to follow, side-by-side, before all three disappeared around the corner.

* * *

Janet could feel the fan’s breeze as the air cooled her sweat-drenched body. A few strands of her hair were matted to her face. While on her back, she turned her head to the side towards the sleeping woman next to her. Images of Snow between her legs flashed through her mind, contrasting her current tranquil appearance. After every round, Janet made them begin anew, receiving no objections in response. Through it all, she lost track of how many orgasms they all shared before Janet collapsed onto the bed.

She had finally managed to relieve a hunger that she had never understood before. Even still, as drained as she was, she could feel the lingering urge to push her slaves for more. Yet if there was anything she learned from her experiences over the past few days, it was restraint. While they were still asleep, Janet spoke the words to put Violet and Snow back into trance.

“This time when I wake you up, you will both return to normal, free of everything that had happened today except for the triggers to put you back under.” Janet took one last moment to relish the afterglow in silence. “Wake up.”

Snow took a deep breath before opening her eyes. When she did, a huge smile plastered itself across her face. “Janet, that was so fucking amazing! Wow, I don’t know what to say!” She reached up, placing a hand on Janet’s cheek before leaning in and offering a short but grateful kiss.

Janet blushed in response as she stared into Snow’s icy-blue eyes. She could see the reflection of her own satisfied face in them. “You liked it?” she asked, her voice full of hope.

Snow bit her lip as she thought back on the experience. She gyrated her hips at a languorous pace, the pleasure she felt still fresh in her mind. With a breathless air and a moan, she responded, “You’re damn right I did.”

Janet looked down at the bed, her fingers trailing along the fabric of the sheet. “Once I decided to go through with it, I kind of just let myself go. I was a little worried that maybe I would go too far.” She glanced back up at Snow. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Janet said with a warm smile.

Snow rubbed Janet’s shoulder. “I told you you had it in you. You just have to listen to me in these situations. Right, Violet?”

Violet gave a lazy grunt in response, her back to the other two.

“Thank you guys,” she said with a smile. After a brief moment of thought, she added, “Both of you.” Janet had mixed emotions about thanking Violet. Even just yesterday she never would have imagined doing as such. Yet for the first time in what seemed like forever, Janet felt a sense of peace. If someone like Violet was in any part responsible for that, the least she could do was express her gratitude.

“And speaking of listening to me,” Snow began in a serious tone, “Reluctant as I am to bring it up, I know you’re going through a lot right now. Take as long as you want to process your grief, but just know that you don’t have to go through it alone. You’re allowed to be happy, Janet. I’ll be here for you, and so will Violet.” Snow gave Janet a playful smirk before adding, “Even if I have to make her.”

Janet couldn’t help but grin back. “You just want me to keep using the device on you.” Not that she would ever decline the opportunity herself anymore.

“Hey, nothing wrong with a few ulterior motives.” She tapped Janet on the nose. “Just because I get something out of helping you doesn’t mean I don’t want to help. You just have to promise that we’ll do this again sometime. I’m thinking...” Snow put her fingers to her chin in mock concentration, “Maybe an hour from now? I’m sure that will be enough time to recuperate!” Her eyes lit up in amusement as she pushed on Janet’s shoulder with her fist.

Janet let the momentum of the push roll her onto her back, beaming as she closed her eyes. She laid there enjoying the company, letting her mind just rest. She let out a contented sigh. There was only one thing that could possibly make this day better. One person...

Janet did her best to focus on her happiness, pushing away the dark thoughts at the edge of her consciousness.

“Violet?” Snow called out. It was said with a hint of concern, drawing Janet’s attention.

When Janet turned around, Violet was standing next to the bed, already half dressed. Reaching down to grab a shirt off the floor, she made her way towards the hallway without a word as she lifted it over her head.

“Where are you going?” Snow pressed again and was once more ignored. She climbed out of bed to follow after her, not even bothering to cover herself.

Janet sat up as Snow disappeared from sight. She didn’t know why Violet appeared upset. Her insecurities were quick to creep back in, already blaming herself for whatever was happening. She felt guilty that she had lost control to her emotions once again. She sought to cover herself before following after Snow. She needed to know what she did wrong.

“Violet, stop. What’s the matter?” Snow pleaded.

Janet rounded the corner of the hallway into the living room, Violet only a few feet from the entrance now. “Violet?” she asked, her voice timid. “Did... did I do something wrong?” She received a reassuring look from Snow.

Violet hesitated a moment when she heard Janet’s voice, her fist clenching. It gave Snow just enough time to close the distance between them. When Snow grabbed her by the wrist, Violet spun around, tearing her hand away. “Just leave me alone!” She glared at Janet, a hint of sorrow seen just under her mask of anger. “I didn’t want any of this! I didn’t want to be put under, and I didn’t want her here!” She pointed towards Janet before turning to face Snow. “But you... You guilted me into it. And now...” Violet turned away, desperate to not let them see her eyes begin to water. She continued towards the door.

Janet’s suspicions were confirmed. She felt a knot form in her stomach. She never should have come here after all. She was about to slink away in defeat when she heard Snow’s panicked voice telling her to put Violet under. Snapping to attention, Janet shouted, “Violet, drop for me!”

Violet reached up to cover her ears, but it was too late. After hearing the words, her hands dropped to her sides as her head dipped forward.

“What’s going on?” Janet asked.

Snow let out a sigh of relief. “I don’t know, but now we can find out.” She knew she had pressured Violet to go along with her plan for Janet, but didn’t expect for her to react this way. She began to feel guilty over the situation, but needed to know more before she could set about resolving it. “Ask her about it,” she requested.

Janet nodded. “Violet, tell us what’s wrong. Tell us why you’re upset.”

Still facing the door, Violet gave her monotone response, “I’m going to lose Snow again, and it’s all because of you. I don’t have a device to use on her. I can’t make her feel the same way you can. Then you put me under as well, taking away my control. Snow won’t love me if I’m not always in control.”

Snow was taken aback by the admission. “What?! Don’t be ridiculous, Vi!” She turned to Janet, pleading in her eyes. “Janet, tell her not to think that!” She waited, but Janet made no move to say anything. “Please, Janet!” Snow begged.

“Actually, I have a better idea.” Janet gave Snow a reassuring smile. “Violet, hear me out before you leave. Wake up.”

Violet shook her head as she came to. Realizing all she revealed, she blushed with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. When she tried to reach for the door, her body wouldn’t move. “Just let me go,” she said in a terse but defeated manner.

Snow wanted desperately to run over and console her lover, but she trusted in Janet enough to let things play out. However, Janet didn’t say anything else to Violet. Instead, Snow was caught off guard when she heard the words that would put her back to sleep. Part of her wanted to fight it. She didn’t want to be put under when Violet was clearly going through some issues. Her body nonetheless purred with arousal as she felt a blanket of emptiness wrap itself around her thoughts, weighing them down and dragging them into the darkness. With a groan, she offered up her mind to Janet.

It all made sense to Violet as she let out a contemptuous laugh. “So is this your revenge for all I’ve done? Parade your control of Snow over me, slowly steal her away?” The silence that Janet gave in response made her blood boil. “I should have known as much. I never should have let her keep in contact with you after you left.”

“I’m sorry, Violet,” Janet said. “I didn’t realize what I was putting you through.”

Violet tried to decipher Janet’s intentions, cautious over what was going to happen to her—or worse, to Snow.

Janet tilted her head towards Snow as she spoke, her eyes still on Violet’s. “Snow, anytime Violet says ‘Snowfall’, I want you to go back into trance, just as you are now, willing to do anything she says.” She observed with amusement the shocked look on Violet’s face, the surprised girl’s eyes darting back and forth between Janet and Snow. “Only obey things you are willing to do, however,” Janet added. “Just a precaution, Violet,” she said with a shrug. “I hope you understand.”

Janet jumped when Violet lunged forward without warning. Her body tensed as Violet’s arms wrapped around her, pinning her own arms to her sides.

Realizing what Janet’s command meant for her and Snow, Violet pressed her face into Janet’s shoulder. “Thank you,” she choked out as she began to weep. She squeezed tighter.

Janet stood there feeling awkward in Violet’s embrace. “Violet, I...” She pushed Violet back, eliciting a look of confusion from the grateful woman. Janet shifted on her feet, staring nervously at the floor. “I’m...” Janet sighed. “I’m glad I’m able to make you happy, but...”

“But?” Violet prompted, breaking the short silence.

“I’m still not okay with everything that happened between us.” It was one thing to interact with Violet through control, but outside of that, Janet was still apprehensive about having any sort of relationship with her. Anything she did for Violet, she assured herself she was only doing for Snow’s benefit.

Violet looked away, disappointed. “Okay,” she responded. She looked over at Snow, still standing there motionless, staring at nothing. “For what it’s worth, I truly am sorry. No prompting this time, just me owning up to it. I’m sorry.”

Violet wondered if things could have been different. If it wasn’t for Janet, she likely never would have been reunited with Snow. For that fact alone, she wasn’t sure if she would have changed anything about what had happened. Not to say she didn’t feel bad, but if it was a choice between her being with Snow, and Janet being with Rachel, she knew which she would choose. Violet figured it was best to not even bring it up.

“It’s okay,” Janet lamented. “I just need some time I guess.”

Violet nodded in response.

“Alright,” Janet said, forcing a chuckle to break the tension. “Wake up, Snow.”

Snow let out a soft moan as she came to. Next to the orgasms, the realization when she woke up that she had been in such a vulnerable situation, so mindless and helpless, often felt like the best part. As she enjoyed the sensations running through her, she turned to the other two. When it occurred to her what Janet had done for Violet, she offered a hug of her own.

“Thank you, Janet. You’re the best,” Snow praised.

Janet returned the hug. “You’re welcome.” She cried out in laughter as Snow pulled tight enough to lift Janet off her feet, shaking her from side to side before letting her back down on the ground. The two held the embrace in shared silence.

Violet shifted on her feet as she watched them, feeling awkward at being left out. She was the first to interrupt the moment. “Um, Janet? Do you mind if Snow and I have some... alone time?” She brought her hand up to her neck, looking to the side in embarrassment. Like a kid on Christmas, she couldn’t wait to open her gift.

Snow glared at her in response.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll get out of your hair,” Janet said while laughing.

“Don’t worry, Janet. I’ll have a talk with her regarding manners right away.” She gave Violet one last look before returning her attention to Janet, her features softening. “I hope we were able to help in some way. Like I said, we’re here for you if you need us. Don’t forget that.” She tousled Janet’s hair.

Janet nodded. “Thank you, I think I’ll be alright now. This afternoon was so amazing, I hope we can do this again soon.” She looked into Snow’s eyes, searching for any sign of agreement.

With a sinister grin, Snow responded, “Absolutely.”

With that, Janet said her goodbyes, waving to the couple as she left Snow’s apartment. Just before the door shut, she could hear Violet’s voice. “Snowfall.” Janet walked away as a knowing grin formed on her face.

She somehow managed to keep her smile the entire way home. She paused at her front door, thinking back on the events of the day. She had never felt such a thrill before. The feeling she got from having Violet and Snow on their knees, willing to do anything she wanted, had been such a rush. She was already formulating how she would have them sate her needs the next time. She pushed the door open as devilish thoughts paraded through her mind, causing her body to flush.

As the door swung open, she let out a gasp. “Rachel?”

* * *