The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Forged in the Foundry

By Sammynona

While Sasha enjoyed going to the gym, her problem was that she could never keep herself going to the gym. She’d always sign up with the best of intentions; buy some cute workout gear and colorful weights. She had at least three yoga mats in different pastel colors. But no matter how great she felt after each work out, the week would drag on and the excuses would come. Maybe she felt too tired to work out. Maybe there was other stuff to do before the gym. Maybe there was nothing on TV but she’d sit there watching it for hours anyway.

Before long Sasha would get the monthly bill for the gym and realize she hadn’t actually gone once during the month. And instead of going back, it would always be easier to just cancel her gym membership and wallow in shame.

That was the cycle Sasha had been trapped in for years, and as she stood in front of the small gym her friend had brought her to Sasha felt certain this would just be another lost cause.

The sign above the door read, ‘THE FOUNDRY,’ cast in neon green letters against the metallic black background. It was hardly the most eye-catching sign for a gym. Sasha must have passed the place a dozen times never giving it a second glance. She always assumed it was some kind of metal shop place until Carly told her that it was where she’d been working out the last few months.

Carly was the real reason Sasha was even willing to try a gym again. Her coworker had always been cute; tall and a bit too lanky, but with a lovely smile and a warm personality. Then slowly she transformed, every day growing more muscled and toned. Her shoulders become broad and powerful. Carly began lugging heavy stuff at work without a sweat. Her thighs looked like they could bend metal. In five months Carly had gone from the cute girl Sasha liked to a buff, gorgeous powerhouse that Sasha had to remind herself not to drool over.

Yet Carly always denied any special diet or regimen. She simply said it was all thanks to her gym, and the awesome owner who knew how to motivate her. So when Sasha mentioned she wanted to get into better shape, Carly all but picked her up and brought her to the Foundry herself.

“You’ll love it,” Carly gushed from behind her, as if still convincing Sasha to go in. “The women here are the best, and Eva is like a fitness genius. She really knows how to bring out the best in all of us.”

“Okay, Carly, geeze. We’re already here.”

“You just look like you’re about to get cold feet,” Carly said, not so casually putting a hand on Sasha’s back to start pushing her towards the door. The windows were tinted black and Sasha could see her own nervous reflection staring back at her. And looming over her was Carly, with her warm smile and wide to-die-for shoulders. Sasha wondered what it would feel like to be that powerful and in shape.

She wondered what it would be like to touch those powerful muscles. To trail her hands over Carly’s arms. To let Carly’s arms pick her up and pin her against the wall.

There was another gentle nudge on her back and Sasha snapped out of the fantasy. Her reflection was now red in the cheeks, and Carly was looking down at her curiously.

Panicking, Sasha said, “What are we waiting for?” then marched herself into the Foundry Gym. It was only as she walked in that Sasha realized how foolish it was to go into a women’s gym to get away from her fantasies about muscles. There were already a dozen women in the gym, each as breathtakingly gorgeous as Carly. They all ranged in body type from short and squat to one who was even taller than Carly. While each was clearly muscled and fit, even Sasha could tell they were all training in different ways. Each specializing in different ways of perfecting their bodies, but to Sasha they all really did look perfect.

Suddenly Sasha felt self-conscious with her own body, not exactly flabby but not thin either. It didn’t help when Sasha noticed how the women were all dressed as well. Sasha had dressed in a black set of yoga pants, with a yellow tank top and cute sneakers. It should have been a fine gym outfit, and she had expected everyone to be dressed more or less the same. Instead, the dozen women working out so diligently in the Foundry all wore the same matching set of skimpy tights. It was practically a one piece swimsuit, all black with green lines tracing over the surface, giving an appearance almost like circuitry. To Sasha the tights looked as though they might have been painted on. Just the thought of wearing a pair of tights like that in front of these gorgeous women made Sasha ready to bolt out the door.

But Carly must have been expecting that, because she just so happened to be standing in the doorway, her broad frame blocking Sasha’s escape. Not that Carly was really trying to keep Sasha trapped inside. She was just being a good friend.

Sure enough Carly smiled and said, “I should have warned you about the uniforms. They took me by surprise too, but they’re specially made to give us a full range of motion. They’re surprisingly comfortable too.”

Sasha gulped. She was only just realizing all the walls were lined with mirrors, and though she was trying to be discrete it was tough when everywhere she looked she saw sexy women flexing and bending and squatting in the distractingly sexy uniform. “You really work out in that?”

Instead of answering Carly just smiled and casually took off her shirt. Sasha gasped. Her friend’s torso was wrapped in the same tight black material as everyone else, with the green fake circuitry lines running across her cleavage. And right in the center of her chest was a green cog, almost like a logo.

Then Carly unzipped her pants and slipped them off, almost making Sasha faint. She kicked off her pants easily, standing in nothing but what looked like a swimsuit. It really left nothing to the imagination, as Sasha now had a clear view of all the muscles on Carly’s body that her clothing usually hid.

It was only after a few seconds of staring that Sasha realized that Carly was actually posing for her, flexing her body in subtle ways to make her muscles dance. Carly was smiling at her too, without a hint of self-consciousness holding her back. Sasha wondered if Carly knew that the tight material was showing off how hard Carly’s nipples were. Or that the black tights were snug enough that Sasha could make out the cleft of her pussy. Sasha knew she must be red in the face staring, but how could she look away from such a tantalizing view?

“I really owe all of this to Eva,” Carly said, turning around. Sasha almost whimpered at losing her view, until Carly flexed and clenched her ass tight. The black tights only covered some of her rear and Sasha’s jaw clenched tight at the sight of her friend’s ass. “She knows exactly how to push my buttons and keep me motivated. I’m sure she’ll be able to mold you into a brand new version of yourself too.”

“Mold?” Sasha asked, barely paying attention.

“It’s just a joke. Like our unofficial motto. ‘The Foundry: We’ll mold a brand new you.’ We keep telling Eva to advertise like that, but she prefers to keep the gym small. Only let in a few people at a time so she can properly focus her attention on us.”

Fear gripped Sasha’s heart at the sudden prospect of this gym being so exclusive. What if they didn’t let her in? What if this Eva decided she wasn’t worth her time?

Almost as if she could sense her fear Carly spun around and put a comforting hand on Sasha’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I already told her about you and she’s agreed to help you. Here she comes now.”

The momentary comfort was gone as Sasha went into a panic again. How could she not? Sasha turned around, praying that Eva really could help her the same way she helped Carly. Then Sasha blinked in surprise at what she saw.

From all of Carly’s gushing Sasha had been expecting some kind of seven foot tall muscle goddess. Instead Eva was shorter than Sasha, and even rounder than her too. She wore a black hoodie and loose fitting black jeans, with bags under her eyes and a tired smile. To Sasha she looked more like some computer nerd who belonged at a desk instead of the guru of a gym of musclebound beauties.

“Nice to meet you, Sasha,” the nerdy woman said as she extended a pale hand. “I’m Eva Brown, owner of the Foundry. Carly here said you had real potential, and I’m excited to work with you.”

“It’s, uh, nice to meet you too,” Sasha said, shaking her hand after a moment too long.

Eva chuckled. “I know, I’m not what you were expecting in a fitness trainer. I might not be as fit as most of my customers,” she said, waving a hand around the gym to prove what an understatement that was. “You see I’ve studied the science not just on exercising bodies but how to keep the mind motivated on certain tasks. It’s all about putting you into the right mindset to push yourself. To let all the excuses and insecurities fall aside. We find a way to truly motivate you to stay in shape. That’s what I do for the women here.”

“And she’s great at it,” Carly gushed, then instantly went red in the face. It was cute, almost like she’d said something embarrassing in front of a crush.

Then Sasha noticed the awkward way Carly kept fidgeting back and forth, the way her eyes kept darting to Eva and quickly pulling away. All at once it hit her: Carly really did have a crush on Eva.

It wasn’t like Sasha was jealous. Her thoughts about being with Carly were more idle fantasies of a hot friend than anything serious. Still, given how incredible Carly looked she never expected her to be fawning over a nerdy woman like Eva.

Except Carly wasn’t the only one. It took Sasha a moment to register how quiet the gym had suddenly gone. The clanging of weights and whirring of exercise machines had all come to a stop. The dozen other women in the gym had been working out with stoic, focused expressions, as if they weren’t even aware of Sasha and Carly when they’d entered. But now every buff woman had stopped, all of them smiling dopily at Eva’s back.

Was every woman in the gym into Eva? She hadn’t looked particularly cute or crush worthy, but Sasha was forced to reassess the nerd if everyone else was into her. Eva was smiling at her, though there was something hiding behind the smile. Sasha couldn’t place what it was, and yet it put her on edge.

“You have a one week free trial with us to decide if you want to sign up. There’s some paperwork, but you can go ahead and start exercising with Carly first and you can come on up to my office later.” That weird smile grew a bit larger. “Oh, and you can borrow an mp3 player for now to listen to.”

Sasha was surprised as Eva pulled out a small music player from her pocket, complete with wireless ear buds. It looked expensive and not like something you’d just hand out to a person who hadn’t even signed up for your gym yet.

“I’ve got my own music,” she started to say, but Carly cut her off.

“You’ve got to listen to the music, Sasha.”

Sasha glanced back at Carly, surprised at the determined expression on her friend’s face.

Eva cleared her throat. “What Carly means is that we use a special workout mix here. I designed it myself, with beats and rhythm that strengthen focus and determination. I know it sounds silly, but it really does seem to motivate everyone to work harder and become their best selves.”

Sasha could feel Carly’s eyes burning a hole into her back. It wasn’t just her, either. Every muscular woman in the gym was watching her. The peer pressure worked, because Sasha took the music player from Eva with a nervous smile.

“Perfect, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Now get out there and work up a sweat,” Eva said with a wink. Then she turned and headed back through the gym. All the other women instantly went back to their workouts too, as if the whole gym had paused just to watch her, and now they started back up again.

Sasha held the music player nervously, but Carly patted her warmly on the shoulder. “Eva’s the best, isn’t she? You’ll see how much she can help you.”

“Um, sure.”

“There’s no need to be nervous. Now let’s get you started.” Carly was wearing her warmest smile, and Sasha almost got lost in the sight of her friend wearing that tight black uniform. But then she noticed a new accessory on Carly: a black armband that kept a music player in place, identical to the one Eva had given Sasha. She even had the wireless ear buds in place too. Sasha had missed Carly putting those on.

Sasha felt like she should go. There was a strange vibe around the gym and Eva, with even Carly acting weird. But then, wasn’t this just another excuse to not go to the gym? Didn’t she feel like this every time she had to work out? If Sasha left now she’d probably feel as guilty as all the other times she’d bailed on exercising. And if she stayed for the workout then she’d probably feel as great as she usually did for actually doing something.

So Sasha shut out the little voice in the back of her head and slipped on the ear buds. The music player hummed to life in her hands instantly. It was playing a poppy beat, a little too electronic for Sasha’s tastes, but then it seemed to fit the theme of the Foundry pretty well.

“Here, let me help with the armband.”

Sasha was shocked how clear Carly’s words were. The music was loud and she’d just been looking for a way to lower the volume, and yet she heard Carly perfectly. As if the ear buds could play loud music but also capture someone’s voice equally. Eva had seemed like the nerdy software type, so maybe she’d built that feature herself? If so she could probably make a fortune on this alone.

She was about to ask Carly when she saw something change in her friend’s expression. Carly’s perpetual smile faded. Her eyes hardened. Her whole face smoothed out, emotion draining away. Green lights flickered on from the wireless buds in her ears.


“It’s time to work out,” she stated, her voice flatter. More focused.

Sasha couldn’t believe the change in her friend. Is this what she was like working out? It had been so hard to picture the giggly, cheerful Carly she knew working out seriously enough to build that kind of body for herself. Seeing this determined, almost emotionless Carly was strange, but it also made a weird sort of sense. You’d have to be in a serious mindset to work out like that.

Carly’s flat expression never changed, but she said again, “It’s time to work out.”

“Oh, right.” The music kept pumping loudly in her head, and Sasha was finding it hard to concentrate. She was staring out at all the different machines in the gym, only knowing what maybe half of them did. And all the other women were working out so professionally. They had no hesitation or indecision. They were glistening with sweat, their bodies wrapped in those black and green tight work out uniforms. And now Sasha could see the faint green lights glowing from their ear buds too.

Suddenly Carly grabbed Sasha by the shoulders. With a strong grip she forced Sasha to turn to her left. Sasha winced, but she saw that Carly had aimed her right at a machine. One for working out her back muscles that she recognized.

“Go,” Carly told her. Practically ordered, actually, but Sasha only felt relief. She’d felt so unsure and indecisive. Yet as soon as she heard ‘go’ Sasha’s mind cleared. She marched right to the machine and got in. It was surprising to realize that there wasn’t the usual self-consciousness of getting on a machine like this. Sasha simply sat down, adjusted the weights to what seemed easy enough, and began to pump her arms.

It felt good. Simply working out. Simply going. The electronic beats pulsed in her ears as Sasha counted reps. It was only after she stopped at the count of thirty did she realize she hadn’t actually been thinking during it. It was an afterthought to realize she’d focused completely on the exercise.

Sasha smiled to herself. “You know, I think this workout mix actually does help.”

“It’s all about the programming,” Carly said in a quiet voice, still laser focused. She bent down beside Sasha and, without a word, adjusted the pin to double the weight Sasha was using.

“Hey, I can’t do that—”

“Shut up.”

The fact that Carly, the sweetest person she knew, would tell her to shut up stunned Sasha into silence.

Carly stood up, towering over her now as she stated, “No complaints. Now lift.”

Sasha felt like she should have plenty of complaints, but the music flared louder. A heavy bass reverb, and Carly’s words almost echoed and melted into the beat.

No complaints. Now lift. No complaints. Now lift. No complaints. Now lift.

Sasha had counted up to three before she even realized she was already working. The surprise only lasted a moment. Sasha acknowledged it, then kept on lifting and counting. The weights felt real now. She could feel her muscles straining with each count, but every time she wanted to quit the music would pulse

—no complaints now lift—

And Sasha would be able to do another rep. Eventually even this determination failed though, and Sasha found her arms falling to her sides, totally spent.

“Fuck,” she gasped. It was like popping up from being underwater. In the moment all she was focused on was lifting. No thoughts, no doubts, no complaints. Now that she was done, though, her thoughts came rushing back and it felt like her head was spinning. Working out had never felt like that before. Part of her thought it wasn’t normal, but then Sasha realized what number she had counted to in her mind.

Twenty seven.

She’d managed to almost match the same number of reps doing twice the weight. Sasha couldn’t believe she was capable of something like that. Carly was standing over her in that sexy uniform, and though she didn’t smile she did nod.

“Good work,” she said flatly. As impersonal as it sounded, Sasha still beamed with pride.

That must be how Carly felt every time she worked out. No thoughts or complaints. Just focusing on each exercise. Putting every bit of herself into it. Like a machine, simply doing it’s task perfectly.

It might have been the headrush from the intense exercise, but Sasha saw the green lines tracing over Carly’s black uniform, the ones that looked like circuitry, and in that moment imagined Carly as a robot. Thoughtless, emotionless, simply programmed to lift and squat and exercise.

A robot probably would be perfect for a gym. Capable of doing it’s exercise routine without complaint. Just doing what it’s told. For some reason Sasha smiled a bit and thought that she should probably act more like a robot. That it would help her exercise to act like a robot.

So when Carly pointed to the next machine, Sasha let her mind focus. Only focused on the machine. Only focused on Carly’s words giving her instructions. Only focused on counting off each rep and pushing her body as she’s never pushed it before. Only focused on the music in her head and let it push away all thoughts and concerns and fears.

Sasha was in the zone. For an hour she simply moved from machine to machine, exercise to exercise. She didn’t make excuses or complaints. Didn’t even make small talk, which she would have found unusual for herself. Except that Sasha wasn’t even really thinking. All that was in her head was the electronic music keeping her focused on her tasks. And Carly’s emotionless commands. Those words echoed in the music, and it never even occurred to Sasha to question them.

Even as she began to feel exhausted Sasha kept following orders. With her muscles aching and sore she continued every exercise as Carly explained them. Occasionally Carly would grab Sasha’s body and correct her posture or movements. Once she even reached between Sasha’s legs and cupped her inner thigh to make her spread her legs wider. There was the rush of pleasure from such an intimate touch, and Sasha let out an involuntary moan, but Sasha was too focused on her workout to care. Her arousal simply washed over her without a thought.

Sasha was truly in the zone. It was the best workout of her life.

So when Carly ordered her to stand up, Sasha hopped up to her feet, aware of how sore she felt but pushing through it with a proud smile.

When Carly ordered her to strip Sasha began to peel off her sweaty clothes without complaint. She did register that she was getting undressed in front of Carly. In front of the entire gym, even. But she was only absently musing on that fact, practically unconcerned. There were no feelings of shame or embarrassment; Sasha was too focused on Carly’s words and the music in her head to be self conscious.

As she slid down her panties the cold air kissed her soaked pussy. That sobered her up enough to hesitate and blink, still bent over and flashing everyone. Sasha blushed, suddenly aware of just how turned on she was. Not just from undressing, but how horny she’d been the entire time she was working out.

Then the music steadily pulsed in her head and the mild embarrassment was beaten away. It didn’t matter that she was so wet. Carly and the other women weren’t even paying attention to her like that. They were all completely focused on their workouts, oblivious to her nudity. The women were acting like robots. Robots were programmed to only do their tasks without complaint or distractions. She wanted to be like a robot and work without complaint or distractions.

If the music wasn’t working on her mind like it was Sasha might have found those thoughts strange. Then again it was the music putting that line of thinking into her head in the first place. Sasha enjoyed the music. It helped her relax and focus. It helped her push herself and become better. The music told her those things too, and also that she believed them completely.

So Sasha completely believed that the music was helping to make her better.

She finished kicking off her panties and stood up, totally naked and standing at attention in the middle of the gym. All she had on now was the arm band holding the music player, the ear buds with their green blinking lights, and a happy smile, unconcerned of how exposed she was. Sasha waited for her next command, like she was a robot, which she wanted to be.

Carly simply stood there watching her closely. Sasha didn’t know it, but Carly was searching for any reaction in her friend. Any sign that she was resisting orders or aware of what she was doing.

Sasha didn’t mind waiting. She was lost in the music. Carly wanted her to be standing naked in place, so she accepted it as easily as any other exercise. They stood like this for almost two minutes as the other women continued to work out around them, their faces focused and blank, eyes just as empty of thought.

Finally satisfied, Carly ordered Sasha to follow her. Carly walked through the gym towards the back mirrored wall, and Sasha followed behind her with a content, absent smile. As Carly reached the mirror she pushed on a section, opening up a door to a locker room. Sasha followed her in.

They passed other women in the locker room. Some wore the black uniform like the others, while some were naked. Some women were stretching or posing in place. Others were touching themselves, or going down on another woman. Sasha didn’t even blink as she registered that women were fucking around her. She was too focused on following Carly. Until they turned a corner in the locker room and Sasha saw something striking enough to make her stop in place.

In front of them were three naked women bent over a bench, bare asses raised high as three other women fucked them with strap ons. The standing women were in uniform, wearing black and green strap ons designed to match. Their faces were blank as they thrusted forward and back in complete sync, while the women they fucked counted off numbers in unison.

“Four fifty one… Four fifty two… Four fifty three…”

Sasha wanted to stay and watch, fascinated by this. They were fucking, and it looked so hot, but their faces were set and determined like it was just another exercise. Sasha wanted to exercise like that.

But before a fantasy of herself being fucked could fully form the electronic music soothed her thoughts, and Carly’s words echoed in her head. She had to follow Carly. Sasha frowned but turned away from the synchronized fucking women to follow Carly. Maybe Carly would tell her to do that exercise later. Or maybe Carly would do that exercise with her, fucking her stiffly and emotionlessly, teasing her for hundreds of slow thrusts.

Sasha didn’t even question why fucking would be part of the workout. The music had her too calm and in the zone to question things like that. She could still think, but her thoughts felt very muted and simple. Only simple observations that could help her do her workout.

So when Sasha was lead into a lavish office room she was only mildly surprised to find a naked Eva sitting on top of a muscular woman, using her as a chair. Another woman was on all fours beside them, with a laptop resting on her back as if she were a table. A third woman stood on the other side of Eva, holding a saucer and cup in her outstretched hands as she remained perfectly still.

All three woman serving Eva were in the same black and green uniforms, their faces utterly emotionless. Eva on the other hand was grinning as Sasha and Carly entered. Without her baggy black clothes Sasha could see that Eva was very attractively curvy, her body soft and adorable. But her grin had a sharp edge to it.

Sasha found herself getting wetter at the sight of Eva using these muscular women as furniture.

“Stop,” Carly ordered. “Stay there.”

Sasha became rooted to the spot, pinned in place by Carly’s words.

Eva crossed one leg over the other as she looked the naked Sasha up and down. “So how did your friend do, Unit 14?”

Sasha didn’t know who Unit 14 was until Carly stepped forward. “Sasha has performed excellently in her workout. She has appeared to be fully receptive to your subliminal music. She carries out commands without hesitation or complaint. She has shown no discomfort at undressing or from witnessing sexual activity of the other units. Sasha appears quite aroused by everything, but her arousal has not distracted her from complying to all commands.”

“Excellent. I knew she’d be a good candidate right away. I only had to tweak the levels of the music a few times before we found the perfect frequency for her. My drink, Unit 8.” The woman standing stiffly at attention beside Eva suddenly turned with a fluid motion, lifting the cup with one hand and bringing it to Eva’s lips. Eva took a drink before the woman, Unit 8, took the cup away and returned it to the saucer. Then Unit 8 froze, stiff as a statue once more. It was like watching some wind up doll perform as it was designed to do, and return back to stillness once it was done. Eva smiled possessively at the frozen woman, before turning her mean smile towards Sasha. “How are you enjoying our gym, Sasha?”

“The workout was tough but feels incredibly rewarding,” Sasha answered, the words tumbling out before she could think of them. “I didn’t know I was capable of doing so much. I really enjoy doing everything Carly tells me. It’s really hot being naked next to her.” Sasha blinked, surprised that she would say something like that right in front of Carly. Only Eva had asked, and with the music in her head Sasha just wanted to answer honestly. “I’m also really horny from watching the other women fucking in the locker room. I don’t know if that’s an exercise but I want to be fucked like that. I want Carly to fuck me. Or anyone to fuck me. Everyone here is so hot. I’m so wet. You’re sexy, Eva. I don’t know why you’re sitting on that woman like that but it’s kind of hot too. Weird but hot.” Sasha stopped, thinking passively over her confession to make sure that she’d mentioned everything she enjoyed about the gym. After a moment she added, “I really like the decor and the uniforms are hot. I can see everyone’s muscles and the way it’s so tight I can see the outline of their pussy too. It’s hot.”

Eva smirked. “I designed them that way on purpose. I want my dolls showing off their bodies at all times. They work out so hard to have perfect bodies for pleasing me. Isn’t that right, musclebots?”

“Yes, Mistress,” every blank-faced woman in the room recited in unison, including Carly. “We make our bodies perfect to please you. Our minds are programmed to perfection. We exist to serve you in all ways. We love to please our Mistress.”

Sasha stood there listening to Carly and the others recite the weird pledge of devotion. It sounded like they were in a cult. If she’d been fully awake Sasha might have considered that a red flag. Except she was horny and couldn’t think properly, so all she could think was that this cult behavior seemed kind of sexy.

Eva leaned forward, the uniformed woman serving as her chair never moving an inch. “You see, Sasha, I’ve turned every woman here into robots. Not real robots, of course, but they’re all essentially brainwashed to believe they are. In this state they see themselves as only machines. Programmed to serve and please me in any way I desire.”

“Like fucking?” Sasha asked. Normally she would have kept a thought like that to herself, but the music had removed all self-conscious thoughts and inhibitions. So the thought of Eva brainwashing women into fucking her was not some scandalous crime but merely a curiosity. An intriguing, sexy curiosity.

Eva’s smile widened. She leaned back and spread her legs. Her pussy was glistening and wet, with a patch of trimmed dark pubic hair above it. Sasha wanted to taste her. Wanted to give Eva pleasure. Was she going to order her to do it?

Sasha knew right away that she would. They might frame it as just another exercise but whatever they’d done to Sasha meant she would obey. She would do it if Eva ordered it. Sasha was hoping she would order it.

Instead Eva commanded, “Unit 14, service my cunt.”

“Yes Mistress,” Carly replied, before walking forward and kneeling at Eva’s feet. Sasha watched with detached wonder and arousal as her friend began eating out Eva in front of her. The black uniform was riding up her ass and Sasha could see the clear outline of Carly’s pussy. She had no doubt her friend was just as wet as her.

“To answer your question, yes, I can use my dolls for fucking. But you have to think more ambitious than that, Sasha.”

Sasha didn’t know what she could want beyond fucking. She was gazing openly at her bent over friend eating another woman out. It was so hot. Even the other women being used as furniture was hot. Sasha had the barest of fantasies of herself on all fours, being used as a table by Eva. How long would she have to hold that pose? It was an exercise. A work out like everything else. But it all seemed so hot.

“Every one of my robots desire me with their entire being. They will do anything to please me. Including pushing themselves to their limits as they work out. My dolls never miss a session at the gym unless it’s a true emergency, and then they make it up with two extra sessions as apology. They are dedicated completely to training their bodies to muscled perfection. My musclebots give no excuses. They have no doubts or fears. They wish only to make themselves perfect to please me, and in that they are perfect. Can you imagine being like that, Sasha?”

Suddenly Sasha could. She knew Eva was already messing with her mind. Normally she wouldn’t react so calmly to such kinky things happening before her, or feel quite as obedient as she did. But the obedience felt good. Sasha had obeyed everything Carly said and it resulted in the best workout of her life.

If Eva did to her what she’d done to Carly, then her workout would only improve. Sasha would come to the gym every time she was meant to. It would be impossible for her to weasel out of it or find excuses. She would push herself as only a robot could. Her entire person dedicated to becoming just as fit as Carly and the other women in the Foundry. She would become muscular and gorgeous and strong like them.

And she would be completely owned by Eva, just like them. Nothing but a toy for her to pose and play with. A sex toy Eva could use to get herself off. It could be Sasha that Eva casually ordered to service her cunt. Or turn into a chair, back straining to remain still and hold her mistress up. Or stand at attention with a saucer and cup in hand, a clockwork doll serving tea.

Sasha knew all of this should have been wrong. It was perverted. It was horny. People shouldn’t be used as robots or toys. And yet…

And yet she found it all intoxicatingly hot. No doubt Eva was doing something to make her this horny and find it so hot. But that was also hot. If she became like Carly, Eva would use her any way she wished, for any perverted idea she could concoct. But in return Sasha would finally be in shape as she always wanted. More than that she’d be strong and disciplined.

It wasn’t as if she’d be a robot forever, either. Carly was still her normal self at work, simply a buffer, sexier version of herself. Was Carly aware of what Eva had done to her? Did she care?

A new arousing thought hit as Sasha remembered how enthusiastic Carly had been about bringing her to the gym. She wanted Sasha here. To be brainwashed and serve Eva just like her. To service Eva’s cunt side by side. Sasha imagined both of them naked before Eva. No, both of them in the sexy black uniform. Eva groping them openly, as their faces remained blank. Robotic. Eva calling them dolls as she cupped their cunts and felt how wet they were for their Mistress.

“So what do you say?”

Sasha snapped out of the fantasies. She realized that Eva was watching her with an amused smile as Carly kept eating her out. Pleasure pulsed through Sasha, and she looked down surprised to find she’d been fingering herself the whole time.

“Will you join the Foundry? Let me train you like I have the others? Make you a perfect musclebot just like them?”

Sasha knew it wasn’t a fair offer. She was so horny, and the wonderful music didn’t let her think straight. But all the same, how could she refuse? She’d become stronger, more disciplined, and finally make a positive change she’d been wanting in her life.

And in return she just had to be Eva’s sexy robot fucktoy? To fuck gorgeous, buff women and be part of Eva’s perverted games?

All of it just sounded so perfect.

Sasha wanted to just say yes, but that wouldn’t be enough. Once she agreed she’d be brainwashed, and Sasha doubted she’d ever have a real thought in front of Eva again. So she smiled and pulled her hand away from her crotch. Sasha dropped to her knees, which made Eva raise an eyebrow.

“Please help me,” Sasha begged, bowing her head but never losing sight of Carly as she mindlessly ate out Eva. “Please brainwash me like Carly and the others. Make me a musclebot. Make me perfect.”

Eva smiled. Not the knowing, secretive smile of a woman clearly leading someone into a trap. Or the cruel smile of someone who was in complete control of her playthings. For the first time Sasha saw Eva genuinely smiling, her face lighting up. It was truly beautiful. In that moment Sasha completely understood why the women in the Foundry all loved her, with no brainwashing needed.

“I knew I had a good feeling about you,” Eva chuckled, before snapping her fingers. The door behind Sasha opened. More women approached, but Sasha didn’t take her eyes off of her future mistress. They slid something over her head. A green visor that was transparent, the glass covering her vision and tinting Eva green. Strange spiraling lines flashed over the screen, sucking Sasha in.

“Now. Let’s beginning your brainwashing, Unit 32.”

Sasha smiled as she felt herself draining away. She couldn’t wait to become Unit 32 and join the others.