The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“A Freshman Course On Hypnosis”

Professor Lang entered the room and walked confidently to the lecture podium. A tall but slim Asian woman in her early thirties, she made a striking figure dressed in a flattering white blouse, thigh-high boots and a skirt that came down just below the knee. All the students watched her closely as she walked across the floor. Most of them had expected someone older. But as soon as she reached the podium and turned to face the class, everyone nervously looked down at their desks. None of the students knew what to expect from a freshman seminar on hypnosis, but no one was quite brave enough to look directly at the eyes of the professor of hypnosis.

The professor looked around the room. Eleven students had registered for the seminar, all but three of them female. A few more males had tried to sign up, too; but she had rejected most of them since she wasn’t interested in teaching men how to hypnotize. However, she did need test subjects to demonstrate on during the lectures, so she had “pre-interviewed” three of the men and allowed them to enroll. Those three males were now sitting in the front row. They weren’t consciously aware of it, but they had already been programmed to do their duty—come to class every day, sit quietly, raise their hand whenever she asked for volunteers, and forget everything that happened the instant they left the classroom.

The professor smiled and began her lecture. “Good morning. Welcome to Hypnosis 101. I am Professor Lang and I will be your instructor. In this class, we will be studying techniques of persuasion ranging from hypnosis to neuro-linguistic programming to subliminal messages.” She paused, then dead-panned, “For lack of a better word, we’ll just call it ‘mind-control’,” waving her hands ominously. The class laughed nervously.

“This semester, we will focus primarily on hypnotizing males, simply because men are more susceptible to hypnosis than women. We’ll discuss the reasons for that in detail during the semester, but it’s basically because hypnosis is really a form of sexual seduction, and men are more driven by lust and therefore easier to seduce, manipulate, and control.”

Several of the girls in the class slightly gasped and looked at the three men in the front row to see if they would react. But none of the men seemed offended. In fact, none of them had even heard her. They were already responding to Professor Lang’s post-hypnotic commands to ignore anything she said, unless she spoke directly to them. After all, there was no point in letting the men learn the secrets of how she was going to control them, was there?

The professor paused to let her words sink in while she surveyed the room. Her hypnosis demonstration would require both a subject and a hypnotist’s assistant. She had already decided who would be her first hypnotic subject—David Klein, the tall dark haired athlete sitting in the middle of the first row. But she’d also need a pretty female assistant to distract David while his mind was turned to mush—a piece of seductive feminine flesh for him to stare at until he could no longer keep his eyes open. She debated between choosing the blonde cheerleader-type girl in the denim mini-skirt, who had perfect sexy legs but relatively small breasts, or the dark haired beauty who unfortunately wasn’t wearing a skirt but who did show off incredible cleavage in a tight, low-cut tank top. Tough call, but the professor finally decided that David would be more likely to respond to the dark haired girl’s look. According to the class role, her name was Marlene Jameson.

The professor continued, “So, without further ado, why don’t we start with a demonstration of hypnotism? We’ll need two volunteers. How about, let’s see...” She looked down at her class role and continued, “ about David Klein and Marlene Jameson? Would both of you please step up here?”

David and Marlene walked to the front of the class, and as they did, Professor Lang pulled two chairs to face each other, a couple feet apart. She motioned for the two students to sit down in the chairs, and they did. They looked at each other nervously, not quite knowing what to do. Of course, David’s nervousness was even greater as he tried not to stare at Marlene’s exposed cleavage. Tempting as it was, he didn’t want to look like a horny idiot in front of the whole class by staring at her breasts. So he looked straight at Marlene’s eyes instead, all the while trying to ignore the sexy treat he could still see out of the corner of his eye.

Professor Lang felt excited at the situation—she was proud of how well she’d set this up. David’s obvious attraction to this beautiful girl in front of him made him aroused, and aroused men are easier to hypnotize. And his desire to not get caught staring at Marlene’s breasts even though they were practically thrust right in front of his face made him nervous and less confident, and less confident men are easier to hypnotize, too. And finally, due to the position of the chairs, the only place David could look besides Marlene’s breasts was at her eyes—and staring into her eyes made him think of every “Look into my eyes. You are getting sleepy” movie he’d ever seen. Was the professor going to have this girl hypnotize him? Would he be able to resist if she did? Hypnosis couldn’t really work that way, could it? But on the other hand, by looking into her eyes, was he already being hypnotized right now? Should he close his eyes so that her eyes couldn’t hypnotize him? Or was getting him to close his eyes and fall asleep part of the plan?

Professor Lang saw the uncomfortable look on David’s face and smiled to herself. She knew the longer she let him nervously stare into Marlene’s eyes, the greater his self-doubt about his ability to resist would become. His mind was already imagining swinging pocket watches, spinning spirals, and deep emerald eyes that he couldn’t look away from. Just like an athlete whose self-doubt convinces himself he’s about to choke, his mind was already convincing itself that he wouldn’t be able to resist falling in to a trance. “Poor boy,” thought the professor. “He really doesn’t stand a chance.”

She walked to stand behind Marlene, faced towards David, and switched to her hypnotist voice. “David. Look at me.”

Before he could even think, David obeyed. Anyone would have. Professor Lang’s commanding voice simply had that effect on people. And while Marlene’s eyes had been nice to look at, Professor Lang’s eyes were simply magnetic. There was no other word for them. You looked into them and then your eyes just stuck there.

“Now, David, I want you to take a deep breath and hold it,” she said. David inhaled, and after two seconds, Professor Lang continued, “Good, now exhale.” David breathed out.

“Very good. Now breathe in again.” David inhaled again, and after five seconds, she told him to exhale again, and he did. She told him to breathe a third time, and he did. Professor Lang made a mental note to point this out to the class after David’s induction was over—when hypnotizing a man to obey your suggestions, always start with a few harmless suggestions he won’t have to question. It’s good to get him in the habit of doing what you tell him, and every time he agrees to do what you tell him, it’ll be that much easier for him to do what you tell him the next time. If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, he’ll jump out; but if you put him in warm water and very slowly turn up the heat...

The professor switched back to her regular voice to continue the lecture, yet her eyes didn’t leave David’s eyes for a second. “A lot of people think the way to hypnotize someone is to be sneaky so they never see it coming. But that’s wrong. Sure, I could tell David that instead of hypnosis, this was just a relaxation exercise, and eventually coax him under my control. But look at the effect I’ve had by openly telling him I’m going to hypnotize him. The idea of being hypnotized is very scary to him, but very exciting, too. He wants to fight it, but part of him wants to submit just to see what it feels like. Even the word ‘hypnotized’ has power over him. Look at the way he swallows every time I say it. Hypnotized. Hyp-no-tized. I am going to hyp-no-tize you, David....Do you see, class? Every time I say I’m going to hypnotize him, he gets more and more afraid that I might actually be able to do it. And the more afraid he gets, the harder it is for him to resist.”

David listened raptly to everything Professor Lang said. He knew every word she said was true. Was he hypnotized already? He honestly wasn’t sure. Hyp-no-tized. Hypppp-no-tized. Oh god, but he was getting a hard-on. And somehow without looking away from Professor Lang’s eyes, he was even more aware than before of Marlene’s breasts rising and falling with her breathing.

The professor’s eyes continued boring into David’s willpower, never even blinking. None of the girls in the class were sure whether the professor was speaking directly to David or lecturing to the entire class. Not that it mattered. All of them were very nearly as transfixed by the demonstration as David himself.

Marlene squirmed in her chair. She felt the professor standing only inches behind her. She stared directly at David’s slack face. She had never seen anyone look more powerless in her life, and in David’s eyes, she could see the reflection of Professor Lang’s eyes. Marlene didn’t know whether she too wanted to get lost in the reflection of the professor’s eyes and taste what being hypnotized felt like; or whether she wanted to shove this nearly entranced man on the floor and hypnoticly rape him, knowing he’d do anything that she told him. Either way, this was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen. She squeezed her thighs together to relieve the tension.

No one dared breathe as Professor Lang, still staring directly into David’s eyes, reached behind her neck with both hands and pulled the chain of a necklace that no one had noticed before. Slowly, slowly, she pulled a gold chain attached to a small crystal pendant over her head. Slowly, slowly, she lowered her arms back to her sides with the crystal pendant in her right hand.

And she continued speaking: “People say they don’t think hypnosis would work on them. They might even believe it. But we’ve all seen the movies where the hypnotist snaps her fingers and the hero falls asleep. No matter what they say, that’s what people expect to happen when they look into the eyes of a hypnotist. And if they expect it to happen, then it will happen. Their subconscious will find a way to make it happen.”

“So if Marlene swings this crystal in front of David’s eyes...” Standing behind Marlene, she reached across to take Marlene’s hand, and wrapped the necklace’s chain around the girl’s finger. She lifted the girl’s hand to eye level so that the crystal hung down just above her breasts. “ if Marlene swings this crystal in front of David’s eyes, he’ll become helplessly obedient—because every movie about hypnosis he’s ever seen has conditioned him to expect that is what will happen.”

Professor Lang paused for several seconds. And then suddenly, she turned her deep, deep eyes away from David’s.

David reeled from the sudden loss of contact. His head literally jerked back. He blinked several times and looked around the room, almost forgetting where he was. He started to stand up, then didn’t, not sure what to do. But Professor Lang was sure what to do. She leaned lose to Marlene’s ear and whispered, “Just swing the crystal back and forth, back and forth. Don’t say a word, don’t tell him to look at it. Just let him find his own way there.” And then the professor turned away toward the whiteboard, picked up a marker, and began writing.

Marlene held her breath as she silently and slowly swung the crystal back and forth, back and forth. The path of the swinging crystal was just above her cleavage, and in no time at all, David’s eyes found the place he wanted to look. He was no longer aware enough to remember he wasn’t supposed to stare at a woman’s breasts. He could see a tiny piece of her black satin bra peaking out from behind her tank top. He thought it was strange how the motion of the crystal somehow seemed far more important to him than a woman’s lingerie.

Professor Lang finished writing on the whiteboard and put down the marker. The board now read:

Techniques for Hypnosis: 1) Tell him he’s going to be hypnotized. Repeat it to him over and over. Let his fear of being hypnotized do all the work for you.

“Class, you should write that down in your notes,” she gently admonished.

The class scrambled to find pencils, Marlene swung the crystal, and David helplessly stared. Professor Lang watched over it all. Then finally, she softly spoke. “He’s ready to fall now, Marlene. You can make him oh, so obedient now. All you have to do is finish the job. Do you know what to do now, Marlene?”

Marlene wasn’t sure what to say. She kept swinging the crystal, wondering what to do. She looked at David in the chair, and tried to get a cheap laugh from the class by imitating a cliched stage hypnotist. She leaned close to David and muttered, “You are getting sleepy! Sleepy!” Then suddenly, “SLEEP!” she exclaimed. David didn’t move, and his eyes continued to trace a swinging path across her breasts, but a small frown appeared on his face.

“No, Marlene, not like that!” Professor Lang snapped. Clearly she had misjudged this girl’s natural talents as a hypnotist. “Let me show you.” She reached over to David and softly stroked his arm.

“Remember, in his mind, he’s not being hypnotized, he’s being seduced. You need to remember and exploit that in order to deepen his trance.”

She reached her hand to David’s face, and gently pushed his eyes closed. With her other hand, she lightly caressed his arm. Even though David’s eyes were shut, she could see his pupils were still slowly moving back and forth, back and forth, as if he were still following the swinging crystal in his mind.

Then she lowered her voice slightly. “Touching is very important. Anytime he starts to look like he might resist a suggestion, gently stroke his arm or his cheek or his chest. Whisper to him sloooowly and soooothingly in your best bedroom voice. Tell him how safe he feels, how relaxed he feels, how good he feels listening to your words and your suggestions.”

Her hand moved from David’s arm to his chest, and tickled slow circles down to his stomach. She continued cooing more to David than to the rest of the class, “Remind him how feminine you are, how enjoyable it is to have a beautiful woman touch him like this. Teeeeaaaasssee him. Stroke him. Arouse him. You want to make him enjoy each step of hypnotic submission so that he’ll let you take him down the next step.” Her hand tickled lower down his stomach, and then lower still, and her voice lowered even more. “After all, being seduced and controlled by a beautiful woman is what he really wants, anyway. All men do. It feels so nice to be seduced and controlled, David. All you have to do is let go and let me hypnotize you. Let me hypnotize you. That’s right, David, just relax. Don’t fight it. Just let me hypnotize you.”

As she spoke, David visibly melted under her stroking and her cooing. His eyes felt glued shut. It was nice being seduced and controlled by a beautiful woman. Being hypnotized was a very enjoyable experience. All he wanted to do was relax and let this woman hypnotize him deeper.

“Now David, you know your classmate Marlene?” asked the professor. “Don’t you think she’s a very attractive woman?” Her hands gently tickled David all over his body.

“Yeeeessss,” breathed David.

“Yes, she is a beautiful girl. Don’t you want such a beautiful girl to like you?”

“Yeeeesss,” breathed David.

“Very good. Of course you want her to like you. You want to be nice to her so that she’ll like you. You want to help her with little things, so that she’ll like you. And she wants to learn hypnosis. But she needs a nice man to practice on. Don’t you want to help this beautiful girl?”

“Yesss,” breathed David.

“Yes, of course you do, David. You want to help this beautiful girl so that she’ll like you. Just help her with what she needs, and she’ll be so grateful to you. She likes getting what she wants. Don’t you think it’s cute how she’s so girly, how she needs your help? It feels so nice to help this beautiful woman with what she ask you for. You feel so good to do things for this beautiful woman. You want this woman to like you. So you want to help her when she asks, don’t you? You want to do what she asks you to do, don’t you?”

“Yeesss,” he gasped.

“Good boy, David. And now this beautiful woman is asking you to do something for her. And you want to do it for her, don’t you? Something that will make you feel so good, so sexy. And if you do what she says, she’ll like you so much! She wants to practice hypnotizing you. You want her to practice hypnotizing you. She wants to hypnotize you. You want to be hypnotized by her. She is going to hypnotize you. You are going to be hypnotized. She is going to make you helpless to resist. You are not going to resist. You want this beautiful girl to like you, and she will like you if you are hypnotized. So, you will let her hypnotize you.”

“Yeeeessss,” breathed David.

“Good boy,” she breathed back. She stroked his chest down to his stomach and just barely touched below his belt, to reward him for being cooperative.

“Now Marlene has a lot of homework this semester in all her other classes. Isn’t it too bad that such a beautiful girl has to spend sooo much time doing her homework? Wouldn’t you rather she spend her time on you? Wouldn’t you rather she spend her time seducing you? Wouldn’t you rather she spend her time...hypnotizing you?”

“Yeeeeessss,” breathed David.

Professor Lang motioned for Marlene to come close. “Very good, David. Now Marlene is going to help seduce you deeper in to hypnosis. And while she does, I want you to think about how nice it would be if she didn’t have to spend so much time doing her homework. Then she’d have enough free time to hypnotize you every day. I want you to think about how nice that would be. I want you to think about how nice it would be if someone did all her homework for her this semester. I want you to think about how much you would like to do all her homework for her this semester. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

David stirred. His eyes remained closed, but he seemed uncomfortable with the suggestion. “Uhhhhhhhhh,” he murmured.

The Professor immediately noticed his resistance and started redirecting it. “Shhhhhh,” she cooed. “Relax. Reeeellllaaaaxx. Just let me hypnotize you. Don’t try to fight it, just let me hypnotize you. You know want to be hypnotized. You know you love feeling seduced and controlled. You know you do.” Her fingers resumed their sleepy stroking tickling on David’s body until he was passive again. She motioned for Marlene to come close, and pointed at David’s lap.

“Now David, I want you to open your eyes but remain in this pleasant, deep, sleepy trance. I want you to look straight ahead.” David did as he was told, as the professor put her hands on Marlene’s shoulders and gently nudged her to sit down on David’s lap, straddling him. Her low cut tank top was in David’s direct line of view.

“I want you to look at Marlene now, David. Do you like what you see?”

David stared helplessly at Marlene’s cleavage like a deer caught in the headlights. Marlene, suddenly understanding the nature of the game being played, smiled a wicked smile. She began slightly squirming back and forth on David’s lap, so that he’d feel a gentle pressure in all the right places. With her deep red painted fingernails, she traced the outline of her tank top in front of his eyes, emphasizing how low cut it was. “Do you want to be hypnotized, David?” she whispered innocently.

David didn’t answer; he only panted and stared. But Marlene instinctively realized she was about to win. Still straddling him, she rocked back and forth across his crotch to stimulate him just right, and repeated in her most girlish voice, “Don’t you want me to hypnotize you, David?” She nuzzled his neck, pushing her breasts directly into his face.

And with that, something officially cracked in David’s mind. His last bit of willpower evaporated and all resistance left him. All he could think of now was how much he wanted to be hypnotized. Hypnotized. Hyp-no-tized. Oh god, he had a hard-on now that felt like it might never go away. He was ready to obey any suggestion. He was ready to beg to obey any suggestion. He felt so aroused, so obedient, so controlled, so mindless, so ready to cum. He would never again resist being hypnotized now that he knew how good it felt. He couldn’t wait to tell this woman all his secret fetishes so that she could use them against him to hypnotize him even faster next time. He wanted to be a hypnotized slave.

Professor Lang saw the change and finished the last steps of her induction, “Now, just relax, David. Marlene is going to seduce and hypnotize you deeper. And soon she’ll take you so deep that it will feel soooo good for you to say yes. So very good to say yes. So very hard to say no. So very hard to resist. So very easy to agree. So very easy to obey. And then she’s going to ask you to do her homework for her, and I’m sure you’re going to give her the answer that brings you so much pleasure, aren’t you David?”

“Yeeeeesss,” whispered David. His face twisted almost as if he were about to orgasm.

Professor Lang smiled. “Now take him deeper, as deep as you can”, she whispered to Marlene. “This will affect your final grade.” Marlene nodded, her eyes wide with excitement. She gently touched David in the slow seductive way she’d watched the professor use, and started cooing in David’s ear. Then she took him by the hand, helped him to stand up, and led him to the back of the room for more hypnotic conditioning.

Professor Lang watched Marlene lead the mindless boy away. Then she turned back to the class. “I hope you all noticed the technique we used to entrance David just now. The first rule of hypnosis is that you cannot hypnotize someone against his will. You just can’t, it’s impossible. The subject has to be willing to be hypnotized.’s not hard for a beautiful woman to make an unwilling man change his mind. Today, you saw how to make a man want to be hypnotized. The job of the hypnotist is simply to use any means she can to make him willing to surrender in to a trance. For most men, that means a sexual seduction. Flirt with him, show some skin, imply you might sleep with him if he lets you put him under—then he’s yours. If he thinks you might have sex with him after he’s hypnotized, then he’ll practically hypnotize himself. If you can make him want to be hypnotized, then nothing can stop him from falling completely under your spell.”

She turned to the whiteboard, picked up a marker and under the “Techniques For Hypnosis” section, she wrote:

Techniques for Hypnosis:

2) Make him want to be hypnotized.

Then she turned back to the class and announced, “That’s enough for today. Class dismissed, and I’ll see you again on Wednesday.”