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Fun with Sabrina & Jon

“Keep an Open Mind”

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In an attempt to be more even handed, Sabrina took interest in some of Jon’s hobbies. With video games, she regretted showing interest in how cool some of the competitive ones looked when the right moves were performed, because an excited Jon was adamant in teaching her how to play.

She learned the fundamentals quickly, how to move around, block, jump, punch, and kick, loving the movements of her swift, graceful Kung-Fu styled woman character opposing his stocky, traditional Karate male one. Unfortunately, special moves and combination attacks that enticed her in the first place, frustrated her immediately as she struggled with them.

As always, Jon admired her confidence and tenacity, sure even in his game she would win. Facing off against him tested her nerves, even as he knew both characters well, and held back how quickly and flashy he could’ve concluded each match.

“You know, if you just—it’s the timing on the button presses. It’s gotta be—”

“I’m doing it right. The game isn’t responding quick enough to me.”

“Can we just go back to the tutorial a minute? I had the same trouble when I started. And you almost go it so—”

“So I’ll be beating you soon. No need for the tutorial.”

He scoffed a little at the stubbornness that matched his, unwilling to mention how he learned exactly how she wanted to learn.

“Look, Sabrina, can you just keep an open mind for a minute and...”

His choice of words got away from him quickly; Jon was so much more careful with his vocabulary thanks to avoiding verbally prompting Sabrina, but to her delight, he still slipped up often enough. His eyes didn’t have to look her way to know hers were boring blue beams into his head.

“Look, I didn’t mean—” he shifted a full couch cushion away.

“Yes you did.” She easily closed the distance, following him one cushion away, and getting closer.

“Otherwise you wouldn’t have said it.”

The two characters on the screen stood idle mid-match while their players played their own little game of offense and defense.

“Because you seem to think I don’t keep an open mind. But I do...”

Sabrina pressed her cheek squarely to his, gentle pressure from her hand to his naked cheek keeping then together, occasionally patting it firmly, like a precursor to a slap.

“I keep it very well, safe and sound.” The hand on his cheek slithered its way into his hair, nails lightly scratching his scalp. “Resting right where it should be.”

Head tilted back at her insistence yielded a deep sigh.

“Free to be as open as we want, because I keep it.”

Nails massaged his scalp.

“I never let go.”

His eyes shut momentarily.

“Why would I when it’s mine?”

The massaging hand swept over his face, and everything went dark and blank for a few seconds. He blinked awake to her huffing in her seat. “You know what Jonathan, I will keep an open mind.” They picked up their controllers and resume their game.

“You really sure you don’t want to go back to the tutorial?” Jon asked in earnest, even though it seemed like a taunt. His character had 75% health left, and hers was down to 10%.

“Just for that, no mercy for Jonathan,” she smirked.

“What else is new?” he told himself.

They started, and right away, she was using the same moves she was struggling with minutes ago, with considerable ease. He glanced at her who paid him no mind and went about attacking him. She’d finally pulled off the three hit combination, and was tactically putting his character on the defensive. He was literally psyched out by what she was doing; all he had to do was land one more hit, but he couldn’t. She jumped and poked at him with kicks from every angle, landing enough that suddenly their remaining life was almost even.

“Were you hustling me this whole time?” he asked, Jon’s voice now the one laced with frustration.

“Like little old me could hustle big, strong fighter man.”

Something clicked in Jon’s mind, as he and his fighter stood stark still in thinking.

Sabrina looked at him, wondering what was on his mind. Before she could press on it, she felt his hand press a few button on her controller before she could react, and suddenly his Karate fighter knocked her Kung-Fu one out.

Jon couldn’t contain his smile as his character raised his fist in victory over a crumpled, defeated contender, all despite the indignant look.

“Cheating? Really Sabrina?”

“Disobedience? Really Jonathan?”

“There was nothing said about not winning.”

“It was certainly implied about me not losing. Quite impudent of you to defy my suggestions, you know?”

Jon’s easy smile caught her off-guard as much as his rebuttal.

“But you like that impudence. You like when I struggle, when I fight. It’s what I do, it’s what we’d both do. And no matter how sexy you make it, sometimes it’s equally satisfying if I win out against your tricks. It’d surely get boring if you always won, even if you exploited every angle you could on the how you won. Sometimes me winning a little battle makes the next one you might take even sweeter.” He punctuated ‘might’ like it was even less of a certainty the next time she went on the persuasive offensive.

“C’mon Sabrina, keep an open mind...”

Sabrina narrowed her eyes at how he spoke that phrase with an inverse attitude from before. Regret transformed into arrogance right before her eyes, and the thrill stirring on her insides proved his theory right.

“As I said, I always do. And we both know how next time is going to turn out.”

“Next time. Maybe.”

She hoped his confidence for once wasn’t catching.

“For now, Jon reigns supreme,” she giggled at how silly he sounded and looked, imitating the karate man on the screen.

“So, what do I win?” he asked her with a tone somewhere between gloating and seductive, all too proud of himself for figuring out her trick. His reward was a deep kiss, climbing on top of him to disregard the game altogether. Her hands slowly caressed his body, driving their pleasure higher and higher. To her surprise again, he’d caught her hands before either of them could pinch his skin mid-kiss to trigger another deep trance.

“Nice try,” he whispered against her lips, bringing her hands to his lips to kiss reverently. Her indignant look only grew more dangerous with each kiss, whether she enjoyed it or not.

“I know what you’re thinking—‘Jonathan will pay dearly for this.’ Before he pays with...who knows what you can and will do to me by then, may he be allowed to give you a full-body massage in the meantime?”

This side of Jon was unfortunately infectious, as she smiled reactively to his charms. Releasing herself from his gentle grip, she laid across the plush cushions of her couch, patiently waiting.

“This better be one hell of a massage.”

He laughed and knelt next to the couch to begin.

“It will be Mistress, it will be.”