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synopsis: A woman awakens, restrained, and scared as her new mistress shows her a video of what she can expect from her new life,


This following section may see a bit pretentious to some of you... but for my usual niche audience, it is expected and often enjoyed. I am not actively seeking subs, so this is just for some extra interactivity.

For those of you who are familiar with my rules... and for those who are intrigued... Those of you who are submissive in nature, I occasionally add extra rules. Here are the rules for unclaimed subs reading this story.

Rule #1: If you are not owned, I own you from now, until you finish reading the story or until you cum.

Rule#2: I want my pets that are reading my smutty stuff, to be slutty. Get yourself wet or hard, I can wait, if you feel your arousal slipping, stop reading, and stimulate yourself again. Continue reading when fully aroused.

Rule #3: I like to mark my pets. I prefer unblotted lipstick on your lips, that way every time you see an ellipse (…), you can press your lips together, feel the thickness of the color, and pretend mistress just gave you a kiss. If this is unavailable to you, find a marker and write ‘Mistress Dyvia’s pet’ somewhere just for you and me.

Rule #4: Follow the instruction at the end of the story.

Rule#5: You may not cum until you finish the story

...and lastly #6 (optional/conditional), if you follow rule five, it is almost time to cum. If you are alone, you will chant, “I obey Mistress Dyvia,’ over and over until you are done. When you do cum, feel confident that I am very happy to have been apart of your orgasm. I love you all very much!

Now enjoy!

Mistress Dyvia presents:

Future Bimbo Actress

I snap my fingers near her eyes to wake her up. I imagine she knows who I am when she sees me. She is very much aware of the tight bonds that hold her arms back, the way she is secured in a hogtie position... The wrap is tied enough to make the blood flow, but enough to keep them a little tingly. She is tied up in what she knows must be some kinky position... A ball gag in her mouth prevents even a single word of protest, or any pointless question from wasting either of our precious time.

And of course, she knows that I know... that she had been investigating me. But she just refused to believe I would do it. I could do it. People have disappeared around me, and she fully had the intention of exposing me... Then came the night she was just walking in the mall, she had to go to the bathroom, not that she suspected even that had been planned. Subliminal messages transmitted to her phone, she had a craving for a specific food in the food court, something slipped into her drink... She did what she had to do and then she heard the door open, She didn’t think twice while she was washing your hands until she felt the needle in the back of her neck.

That was then, and this is back to her now, tied and tingly, “There you are, I’ve been waiting for this moment. I mean we both know why you are here, we both know what I do... And its time to watch a video... and see what your future will be.” I take my remote and point it to her side and press a button...

I sit a little box on the floor in front of her. A projector. I press a few buttons on my cellphone and it says, ‘playing playlist 1 of 3.’ A blond woman stares vacantly at the screen. She is attractive and blonde, she has huge lips, one almost might think they were intended to make men wonder what she could do for them...with them. Her breasts are each larger than her head... obviously very fake... I’m sure my guest here must be wondering if this obvious bimbo is in a trance. It doesn’t take long before my restrained prisoner has her answer.

My voice speaks in the video, “hello hun, what’s your name?”

She giggles suddenly and cheerfully, “Bambi, silly! You ask me this every night!”

“I know, Bambi, but I like to tease the boys with you, don’t you like boys?”

She nods her head, “I love boys!”

“Why’s that?”

The woman licks her lips, “I love cock! Yum!” clearly a slut.

“What’s two plus two?”

“What? I’m here for some sucking and fucking, I don’t want to get all technical.” clearly a bimbo... a slutty bimbo.

I laugh, “No that’s a good answer. You wouldn’t want a brain to get between you and a good orgasm.”

“No way.” she shakes her head.

“What’s your favorite color?”

She points to her lipstick, “Pink!”

“What’s your dream job?”

“She stops and thinks...”

“Five guys at once!”

“That’s not really a job, that is a fantasy...”

She fidgets a bit,“I guess...” She tries really hard to think, “Is porn a job?”


She squeals, “Then I want to do five guys at a time in porn.”

“Okay, that’s enough for now.”

The screen goes blank for a moment before displaying, ‘playing playlist 2 of 3’

The same bimbo is on the screen. It seems to be a behind the scenes video of a porno movie. The director approaches her, “Okay, so here’s your big scene. This is the plot: all those men in there, just found out that they have a statue that can make any girl so horny they will fuck anyone.. When you walk in, one of the guys will ask you for a blow job, you say, ‘no.’”

“But I want to.” the bimbo insists.

The director shakes his head, “But your character won’t at first.”

The bimbo rolls her eyes. “She sounds boring.”

The director seems to struggle not to roll his eyes too, “I agree... But don’t worry, after you refuse, one of the other guys will show you a box, and as soon as he lifts it up, you will see a statue, and then you will declare that every guy in the world deserves a good fuck or suck!”

She giggles, “that does sound like fun!”

It cuts to a few minutes later a different Point of view. A person can be heard saying, “scene three, take one.”

The bimbo runs into the office, “Everyone gets a blow job!”

The director can be heard yelling “Cut!” while the five guys laugh.

It cuts to a new scene, “Scene three, take seven.”

The bimbo walks into the room and sees the five guys, “hey guys, what’s up?”

The guy to her left says, “Me, want something nice and hard to suck on?”

She smiles, “totally!”


The scene slips again...

“Scene three, take twenty-four”

the bimbo walks into the office, “hey guys, what’s up?”

The guy on her right says, “Me, maybe you can help me with that?”

“eww.. dude, that’s messed up.”

There almost seems to be a collective sigh of relief among the five men. They almost seem to pause as the man closest to the table says, “Hey Bambi, check this out.”

The bimbo watches as the guy lifts a box and reveals a little statue of a naked woman. ‘Bambi’ starts squeezing her breasts together and breathing deeply as she slowly lifts her skirt and starts to rub her panties... “You know what guys?” she asks, but then continues without giving them a chance to answer, “I think everyone here needs a good fuck or suck!”

The five men start clapping there hands.. Though in the ‘film’ it would likely be because the statue worked, though in reality it might be because the easiest line ever had to be redone twenty-four times.

Four of the five men start undressing, while the fifth man starts coming over to her and start undressing her. As the other four come around, the first man steps back to undress himself.. the video from here starts to focus on her as she drops to her knees and starts playing with three cocks at a time. But she keeps shifting, trying her best to keep up and getting each man aroused.

Her lips kiss and run along their shafts, some of them she kisses and suckles on their heads and while her other hands grip their shafts tightly. The scenes carries on for a few minute as she takes turns getting each man nice and hard and takes more time keeping them that way.

There is a bit of a collage of her being fucked by each guy in different positions. One man has her pressed against the wall and pushes into her ass. She cries out in lust as he fucks her ass relentlessly for minutes. Another has her on the couch, one of her legs over his shoulder, one spread wide across the couch as he fucks her for a few minutes... The next over the table, her tits and face pressed firmly to the table as she gasps and moans in pleasure while he fucks her. Another of her on her hands and knees getting fucked doggy style,and she takes it perfectly like a bitch in heat. The scene has her leaning over the couches arm, her legs spread wide, the fifth man starts fucking her ass again, as she starts fingering herself. Fluid drips down her legs, but its clearly not semen, its either her juices, their pre-cum from the fuckings she already took, or more likely.. a mixture...

Then the final scene.... A man is lying back on his back, his rock hard cock pointing to the sky... she crawls onto the table and on her hands and knees crawls to him and sits by his cock, laying for a moment as she slowly maneuvers it into her pussy... Anther gets behind her on his knees, and starts to push into her ass... She oddly giggles and moans as he does it. The the other three come around to the front of her and she eagerly wraps her lips around the middle man’s cock and her arms reach out to the cocks of the other three men, and she starts bouncing back and forth to stimulate the men in her holes, while her hands run back forth. The bumping, pushing, fucking and sucking lasts for minutes, she gags and groans, moans and giggles... a true bimbo fuck toy.

But after about five minutes, on cue each of the men start cumming... Her ass and pussy are filled quickly, she takes one blast in her right eye from a cock she is holding, the other across her left cheek.. her eyes roll as she takes it in her mouth, slowly drooling out of her mouth and onto her large tits.

“Cut! Perfect! Great job everyone...”

Bambi looks at the camera and runs over, “I’m like my favorite kind of donut: Glazed!” she giggles... She looks down at herself, “Seriously, is there anything hotter than a woman like me, hot sexy, and covered in warm yummy man-juice?”

The video goes blank... a moment later, ‘playing playlist 3 of 3’

the bimbo is in a dressing room cleaning off her cum. “But Mistress, I hate cleaning this stuff off, it’s so wonderful on my skin.”

My voice laughs, “Can’t always have what you want.”

“booo...” she pouts as she uses a comb and a bottle of water to get it out of her hair.

“I’m sorry you had to play with those men, I know you don’t like men that much...”

She shakes her head, “No, I really do, there’s nothing more fun than fucking five guys.”

“I think you’d prefer a woman.”

She shakes her head again, “No, women are too soft, and not hard enough...” and she giggles the word ‘hard.’

“I disagree, men are boring, you prefer women with soft bodies and firm voices… women who like to order you around.” she looks like she is about to shake her head, but my voice on the video hardens, “wouldn’t you agree with Mistress?”

Her mind seems to freeze for a moment, like her brain was stuck in mid-hiccup... then she simply smiles, “Yeah, men are boring, I prefer women with soft bodies and firm voices to order me around.”

“Of course you do, that’s why you like having me to make all your decisions for you, wouldn’t you agree with Mistress?”

She nods her head, “That’s why I have you to make all my decisions for me.”

“Good girl, finish getting ready and so I can tie you up...”

The camera switches to her time spent cleaning herself up, then fixing her makeup, until she gets up to leave, the camera switches to another room, she walks in. I help her lay down on her stomach at a short bench. I spend some time tying her up, pulling her arms behind her back, and then her feet securing them to one another. I pull her hair up into a ponytail so it won’t be in her face, and won’t be able to distract her. Then I tie her breasts until they start turning red... I kneel down in front of her face and wipe the lipstick of her face with a towel saying, “You are no longer wearing pink lipstick.” She seems to immediately go limp and falls unconscious. I place a ball gag in her mouth as I let the tight restraints do their thing to her. The video moves into fast forward as twenty minutes are played out in under a minute. And then moves to normal speed again. I kneel in front of her, a black remote in my hand I place my hand to just in front of her face, and snap my fingers. She looks up momentarily disoriented, but looks at me with a mix of recognition, and fear... I speak to her, “There you are, I’ve been waiting for this moment. I mean we both know why you are here, we both know what I do… An it’s time to watch a video... and see what your future will be.” and I point the remote to the camera, and press a button ending the video.

And the the third video is over.

“Did I say ‘future?’ oops...” I say with a bit of amusement in my voice.

I have been doing this to her once or twice a day for months. I know she never remembers the previous times, it makes it so much more intense being your first time each and every time. Every time her last memory is that needle in her neck in the mall’s restroom. Sometimes the sex is different, sometimes it is porn, sometimes prostitution, or stripping... sometimes just slutting around for no real good reason. But she has been very profitable...

The realization the bondage has made her a bit numb, not too much, but enough for her not to realize that your body was not right until she saw the finale of the video. She could not see her own face in the plastic bimbo,

At this point, like I do every time I free her from the restraints. Watch as she looks at your body with fascination and horror. Touches parts of herself hoping that it is just an illusion. I hear her voice as it cuts off when she does nut hear ‘her’ voice but the bimbo’s voice from the video...

And then I smile as I reach into my cleavage and say, “Calm down, I have what you need.” and watch as her eyes look at my hand fearfully. I reveal a small tube of lipstick, I watch as her eyes sort of glaze over and she stops moving, her breathing slows, and I open it, then press the lipstick to her lips and slowly coat them in that wonderful feminine color...

“Now you wear Pink lipstick...” the trigger has been spoken and the last thing she sees is me smiling at her as her world goes dark... as Bambi’s goes bright.

The End.