The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

This is a sequel to last summer’s Game On. Although it’s not required to have read that story, some of the characters referenced in this story were introduced there.

Game Off

Months had passed since the most successful opening Summer Ian could ever remember. He’d tried businesses in suburban locations like this many times before, more than he liked to admit. But the success of his arcade was beyond all expectations. Naturally, his top two summer employees had made that a sure thing. But now things were different. Katie and Samantha were on leave. Both were due any day now and after that it would only be a matter of time before they were here at the arcade serving players in whatever capacity they could. Still, Ian thought, something had to be done for the winter slump.

It wasn’t until Ian was reading the paper one afternoon that the idea finally hit him. There was an article in the Entertainment section about a state-sponsored video gaming championship just a few miles south of where he’d set up his arcade. The part that really caught his attention was that this championship was for the lesser seen female population of gamers. Now if that wasn’t stimulating enough, the fact that three top-rated gamer girls had beat out all the competition and were due to travel the country in just three short days was. That opened a possibility for something. It was a plan that began unraveling inside Ian’s mind almost as soon as he saw the photos in the article. These gamer girls were not just skilled, they were fucking hot. These were easily the kinds of girls he needed to make his plan work.

Two days later everything was arranged. The girls would be arriving any minute now and the eager audience was already inside Game On ready to watch the competition. Ian stood outside the entrance, looking up at the large banner he’d had made at a local print shop. The Game On Game Off would be the biggest promotion for his business he could have hoped for. Not only would he feature these already noted gamer girls, but the customers who frequented his arcade had practically thrown money at him to be here today and watch the fun.

Across the parking lot, something caught Ian’s eye, the glint of light off some opening car doors. And there they were. He stood calmly, watching the three gorgeous girls walking his way. They were the kind of young women you saw in calendars and pin-ups. To think these three knew anything about gaming was enough to make any guy more than thrilled. Imagining the games they were about to play was even beyond that.

One of the girls gave a casual wave as they started across the street towards Ian. That would be Kelly, Ian thought. He recognized her long blonde hair and innocent face from the article. Of all three gamers, she was the one who looked not just the youngest, but the most surprising as far as skill. She’d kicked guy’s butts who were probably twice her age and just as aggressive. She was a bubbly looking blonde, but her mind was all focus when it came to gaming.

The two taller girls on either side of her looked already focused, already serious about the competition. Camilla was the brunette and Jen was the redhead. Both girls matched Kelly in the cuteness and physique. In fact, all three girls looked in perfect shape. Clearly they didn’t spend all their time sitting in front of a screen playing video games. Ian stuck out his hand as the three approached.

“Hi there, welcome to Game On. Thanks so much for agreeing to this.”

Camilla grabbed his hand and shook it, her grip as strong as her attitude seemed. “We get the press and it seems like good practice for the nationals.”

“Seriously, you three have no idea how much this will help my arcade.” Ian said. He moved down the line, shaking Kelly and Jen’s hands as well.

“Let’s get this thing going. You mentioned the arcade was unique, with rather special games. Sounds intriguing, but what exactly did you mean by that?” Jen asked.

Ian grinned. It was hard not to, knowing what was in store for these three. “Why don’t we just head inside and see? The audience is waiting.”

Opening the door and allowing the three girls to step inside was like letting the favorite team run into a stadium. The noise of the men waiting inside was deafening for several moments as they cheered and wailed, clapping and whistling for the three gamers.

With a practiced grace, all three girls waved off the attention and seemed more interested in looking around at the arcade machines. In the last few months some minor changes had been made. Ian had realized certain arcade games weren’t as popular as others, especially after Katie and Samantha had begun showing. But he’d still been on top of his game, and the titles he’d brought in were cutting edge and very stimulating to watch. Especially, he thought, watching a few lovely young ladies like these at the joystick.

Ian stepped over towards the roped off section where the guys all stood watching. If any of the three girls had bothered to really look they would have found several surprises. First was the simple fact that not one female was included in the audience, and second was the fact that just by the looks on these guys faces only one thought was on their minds. That thought clearly wasn’t competitive gaming. No, Ian realized smiling, these men had the same images going through their heads as men who visited strip clubs. Although at Game On, the action wasn’t limited to a stage with a pole. Here, the action was in the game and who played it.

The three girls seemed momentarily distracted by the flickering lights up above. The neon strips that ran around the darkened ceiling were always the first to strike newcomers. These three, no matter how skilled and cool in the face of competition were no different. After the flickering and carefully tuned lighting did their job, Ian wondered how long it would be before the girls began questioning some of the machines they could see.

Only about half the arcade was open for the competition but that still left more than enough fun for a competition like this. Ian couldn’t wait to see which machines the three girls decided on. It was all up to chance and that’s where the men shouting and whistling finally settled down.

“These... these are your games?” Camilla asked. Even her attitude seemed stifled a bit by the atmosphere and lighting.

Ian did so love the first few moments. “Yes, yes they are, all exclusive to my arcade. You like?”

“They seem a little... well—” Kelly said, being cut off by Jen. “Adult-themed.”

“They are intended for a mature playing audience. You girls are all eighteen aren’t you?” Ian asked. He particularly looked at Kelly. The bubbly blonde could pass for sixteen if she had to, so he was wondering if her age listed in the paper was true.

All three girls nodded and Kelly looked over at him. “Just barely. My birthday was last month.”

Ian smiled and looked back at the audience of overly eager men. “Perfect then. You might see familiar themes in all the machines available for play today. They just have an adult spin on them which makes things more interesting.”

As Ian allowed the three girls to walk by the various machines, checking the screens and demo levels being displayed, he glanced up at the lighting. Everything was working according to plan. When this competition began, the gamer girls would find out just what they were made of.

He saw one of the girls stop in front of a machine not too far from the entrance. Jen seemed fascinated by the demo screen and he stepped up beside her. “This one’s called Rally XXX. You may recognize it as being similar to the classic Rally X game. But the obstacles for guiding your car are rather specialized and of course so are the penalties.”

“What’s the deal with this one?” Camilla asked from a few machines down the row.

Ian left Jen to stare into the brightly flashing colors of Rally XXX and walked over to the tall brunette. “Ahhh... this is one of my favorites. Whoring Thunder is the name, as you can see, but you might notice a similarity to another old classic. Basically you guide your character through a number of increasingly hard levels. She’s a prostitute who is fighting to keep her morals and self-control in check. To do that is really simple. You must get through the levels, collecting as much of the moral ammunition as possible and killing off the tempter torturers. Those are the little men you see occasionally jumping out and trying to grab her. If they grab her, well, let’s just say you don’t want that to happen. Penalties are rather escalating in this game.”

Ian backed up and allowed the beautiful Camilla to watch the demo. He looked down at Kelly. The youngest of the three was running a hand through her blonde hair, watching a demonstration on what he felt may be just the machine for her.

“You like that one Kelly?” He asked, stepping beside her.

“Yeah, it’s pretty simple looking though. I mean, where’s the real challenge?”

Ian grinned and just had to flash a smile back to the eager men watching from behind the rope. “Well Kelly, this is what I like to call a more mental challenge than a button smasher. It requires a lot of clear thinking and you’d be surprised how difficult that can be. It’s called Mind Mappy. You may have seen a similar game back in old arcades in the 80s. Well, not you, but maybe someone older would have. You see the game only uses a directional joystick. You have to direct the little character there.”

“The blonde?” Kelly asked.

“Yes,” Ian said smiling. “You direct the blonde around the screen collecting the various points and avoiding the mean brunettes. If one of them gets you, you’ll lose a life and you only start with five. Anyway, you bounce on the little trampolines to reach different levels but be careful. Those trampolines won’t hold you for too long. If you wait too long before jumping off by moving the joystick, then you reach a penalty. The penalties in this game are simple. You’ll notice the balloons over at the side of the screen. Each time you get a point, the balloon inflates a little. Each time the trampoline drops you or a brunette gets you, a balloon will pop. You don’t want that to happen.”

“Oh, sounds fun.” Kelly said. She was already sounding a little under the influence. Looking up at the lights, Ian smiled knowing just what that influence was.

Several minutes later, all three girls were standing before their chosen machine. They faced the crowd of leering men and smiled confidently. Ian could see the confusion and slight disorientation these three young women were confronting. They managed to shake most of it off but clearly they were not as in control as they thought they were. And their decisions had gone much the way he thought they would. There was a moment, only a second or two when he thought Jen might go for the game Smack-man but at the last second she switched to the one he’d been betting on her choosing. Now, it was time for the real fun to begin.

“Gentlemen, welcome to the Game On Game Off, an exclusive event open only to you special contributors. We have here with us today three of the top gamers in the state.” He paused and waved his hand towards Camilla, Jen, and Kelly. “And might I add the loveliest gamers I’ve had the chance to meet. These ladies have each selected a machine. The way this competition works is simple. They will compete for thirty minutes on each machine. Whoever reaches the highest level in that time or does not get the most penalties wins. As this is a competition for charity, there is no prize other than the joy of helping one of our favorite causes.”

Camilla spoke up. “Excuse me, what is the charity cause?”

Ian turned back to the three. “Good question. But let’s leave that as a surprise. You three will be very pleased with how much help you are providing and I think the winner will most enjoy having that cause remain a special reveal for the end of the competition.”

At this, several of the men cheered and waved their hands in the air. Ian turned back to them. “As I was saying, the three girls here have chosen their machines for the competition.” He walked over behind Jen and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Gamer Jen has chosen Rally XXX.” There was a brief cheering as Jen bowed. “Gamer Camilla here has chosen Whoring Thunder.” Ian said, approaching the tall brunette. “And finally, Gamer Kelly has chosen Mind Mappy.”

Stepping away from the three girls and over towards the rope, Ian turned and smiled at them. “Let’s all give the ladies a big hand and if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll give them something else big later.”

Everyone broke into applause and Ian joined in this time. He noticed the strange looks all the girls got as he made this last announcement but he knew they were already too far gone. The lights had seen fit to that. This arcade had a very select clientele and for that kind of audience you needed a very select atmosphere. It was all in the lighting. But the games, that was when everyone would be impressed. All three girls were in for quite a ride.

“Ladies, please step up to your machines. When I say ‘go’ please place the quarters in the machine and begin your games. For the next thirty minutes I ask that there be complete silence in the viewing audience.” Ian paused, looked around, then pointed at the girls. “And... Go!”

* * *

Jen put on her game face as she took the controls for Rally XXX. The game was basically exactly like the classic one but even that had provided surprising amounts of challenge to her before. With this one having supposedly different penalties, she’d need all her focus to get the handle of it quickly. Her palms grew slightly wet as she placed a hand on the joystick. For some reason, she felt more nervous than she ordinarily did. Maybe it was the more intimate setting, she thought. This arcade was smaller than she’d been expecting. Whatever it was, the redhead realized she had to get into the zone, pay attention to the screen.

“Level One” She muttered under her breath, reading the message on the screen.

Her little car began moving up and she quickly spun it around to avoid an oil slick. She directed it over to a nearby flag and drove through it quickly. Right as she did this, the strangest sensation hit her midsection. It almost felt as though her abs had contracted. She dismissed the feeling as unfamiliar nerves in the face of this competition.

Rounding the corner up towards another flag, Jen quickly hit a nearby ramp to jump over a small pit. As soon as she landed on the other side, the impact onscreen seemed to carry offscreen as well. She hesitated, wondering why it almost felt as though her feet pressed down heavier when the car on the screen did. There were three more flags and she had a direct path towards them. The clock at the top of the screen was ticking down quickly, so she made her move. Pressing the boost button next to the joystick, Jen gasped a little out loud.

Her knees felt suddenly weak and she nearly buckled right there in front of the machine. This time it wasn’t nerves. She knew that much. As soon as she’d pressed the button, her entire abdominal center seemed to twitch uncontrollably. And this wasn’t an unfamiliar sensation. In fact she was quite familiar with the feeling when her boyfriend was around. It was easy to dismiss at the moment. She had to, Jen realized. Time was running out and there were still a couple more flags left.

Soaring around a curve, Jen directed her little car towards the next two flags. Luckily, they were right near each other. She zipped through both of them and nearly collapsed over the console of the machine. It was as though those two flags had just sent two mini-orgasms right up into her core. She felt a bead of sweat trickle across her forehead. Something wasn’t right about these games. It couldn’t be.

Breaking through the finish line of Level One, Jen leaned back and tried to steady her weakened legs. She felt somehow as though she’d just had sex, quick dirty sex, the kind she never had. The adrenaline pumping through her system as she awaited Level Two was unbelievable.

* * *

Camilla took the controls and placed the quarter in her machine. Unlike the two others, she was ready for anything. If this Ian thought he was going to throw her off her game by mixing these adult themes into the arcade, he had another thing coming. She was always in charge and easily knew she could beat Jen or Kelly at any game she set out to challenge them with.

This game was easy, she thought. It was basically a button masher. All she had to do was guide the onscreen girl through the level, collecting morality ammo and blowing away all these tempter torturers. Sounded simple to her and she aimed to quickly take a lead in this competition.

The music started and her character came on screen. Grabbing the controls firmly, Camilla felt no hint of nervousness. She was a strong gamer, stronger than any little boy. And most of the men she’d beaten threw tantrums like little boys. Being a side-scroller, this game was a bit old-fashioned for her style but that didn’t make it a challenge. Not in her view, it didn’t. No, games like this were simple, as long as you remained focused on your character.

The girl was rather daintily dressed, the one on the screen, Camilla thought. Clearly she was meant to look pathetic and girly. That was an insult and she aimed to conquer this game one level at a time, proving just now strong and superior she was.

Running to the right, Camilla quickly guided her character up a ladder and grabbed a nearby morality ammo supply. Just as she did a couple of tempter torturers jumped out from a dark doorway. She opened fire on them, pressing the two buttons in quick succession. The tempter torturers fell dead and quickly vanished. This was so easy, Camilla thought.

She ran back down the ladder and over towards the right. The level seemed to get progressively more complex as she moved along. That was to be expected, but the feelings she was having weren’t. It seemed strange at first when she missed the batch of morality ammo and instead chose the safer route below the two open doorways. Why was she afraid of taking some chances? She never had been that way before. Giving a half glance at her competitors, each deeply focused on their machines, Camilla wondered if it was the fact she’d been unprepared for this. Just two days ago, she thought she had three weeks before the next competition. But still, that didn’t explain her fear when she saw a tempter torturer jump out behind her onscreen character. Camilla nearly slapped the joystick back in the opposite direction to avoid being grabbed.

Climbing a ladder, Camilla began driving towards the finish of level one. She could see the exit appear on the right of the screen but in between her and the finish were four open doorways. Any one of them could have a nasty tempter torturer waiting hidden from her view. She’d run out of ammo just a second or two before. Now she was left with a decision. She could try heading back in the level to collect more of the ammo she missed, or just push on and hope she didn’t take too much damage from the final doors.

Camilla felt tingly all over. As she held the controls, her fingers seemed unusually warm. She thought of what the poor little girl onscreen would be thinking. It bothered her somehow. Why that was, she couldn’t say. But Camilla didn’t want these evil men touching that girl. Still, this was competition and that required risk. It always had before, and she always came out on top.

Directing the character forward, Camilla passed the first door. As soon as she did, three tempter torturers leapt out from in front of and behind her. They grabbed the little pink girl on the screen and Camilla felt their fingers grabbing her as well. It couldn’t be possible she knew, but nevertheless she felt it. As the men onscreen grabbed and held the character, Camilla felt them grabbing her. One man appeared to be grabbing the girl in the game around the chest, holding her tight. At the same moment, Camilla looked down and saw her breasts shift beneath her shirt. They lifted up as though the man onscreen was holding her the same way. As the three men began supposedly fondling or groping the poor character in the game, Camilla began moaning a little as she felt identical sensations. Her tits were being squeezed. Her ass was being rubbed. The pleated skirt she wore was being lifted up and she knew there were fingers working their way up underneath.

The whole sensation lasted only a minute but it was beyond intense. Camilla looked down and clearly there was nobody around her. But the feelings were still there. Her nipples were poking at her top, and she could still feel the warmth of those men pressed in around her. Grabbing the joystick, she quickly ran the girl in the game through the exit door for Level One.

On to Level two, she thought. Somehow, the feelings she was having didn’t seem what she felt they should be. For some reason she was almost eager to direct that slutty little girl through another level. She almost wondered what might happen if she intentionally let a few more tempter torturers get a hold of her.

* * *

Kelly had stepped in and taken charge of Mind Mappy. It was a simple enough game as long as she didn’t let the others distract her. And they’d clearly been trying. She’d been in the middle of Round One when she swore she heard both Jen and Camilla gasping or moaning or something. She’d wanted to turn and see what in the world they were doing. It sounded downright wrong, but she knew it was probably just a mind game they were playing and purely for the thrill of the men watching.

Kelly was a smart girl. She’d always surprised those around her with just how intelligent she was, especially when it came to things like video games. She could pick up a game she’d never seen and crack it like nobody could. She’d easily beaten all her boyfriends and amazingly they never seemed to mind her winning. That could have had something to do with just how nicely she rewarded them for the effort.

Nobody could say Kelly was a total prude, not the way she made out with them in public or enjoyed allowing the occasional fondle. But sex wasn’t in the options and they knew that much. Being as strict about sex as she was may have led some to believe an arcade like this would make her uncomfortable but they couldn’t be more wrong. All it did was give her greater motive to beat the game. Proving she was beyond the little mind games being played around her was at the top of her goals today. Beating Mind Mappy was another.

The gameplay was relatively simple as Ian had mentioned. All she did was direct the little blonde figure around the screen using the joystick. By carefully avoiding the pursuing enemy brunettes and collecting all the points Kelly was being rewarded by her little balloons on the side of the screen inflating a little. It was all too easy. As long as she didn’t let herself get trapped where a point lay on the other side of a brunette, then she was good.

Hitting the nearby trampoline, Kelly prepared to grab her third point of the round. So far she’d felt nothing odd about this game. It played reasonably well and had cutesy little graphics and music. The tune was rather addictive really, like some bubbly little pop song from a long time ago. However, the song became the least of her attention as she grabbed the point on this level and started towards the opposite trampoline to move up. As soon as the point was collected she saw the familiar inflation of one of her life balloons but also felt a very odd pressing in her chest.

Looking down for just a second, Kelly tried to guess what that feeling might have been. She was a petite girl and the arcade game was typical height. As she looked down, Kelly realized she was pressing into the side of the machine. Her breasts were nearly sitting on the top of the console near her controls.

Stepping back, Kelly felt some relief and moved her character up onto the next level. Once there, she grabbed the final two points and somehow felt the same sensation. Glancing down, the blonde girl found herself once again pressing up a little too closely to the machine. It was as though she were trying to rest her chest on the machine while she played.

On the screen, her score counted up and the next round began to load. But suddenly Kelly was feeling very aware of something she’d just noticed. It wasn’t just the pressing of the machine into her chest. It was more than that. The feeling of tightness was easy to identify. She felt as though her bra was too tight. Standing up straight and waiting at the controls, Kelly looked right down her blouse and realized it wasn’t her imagination. Her tits looked bigger. It wasn’t anything too obvious, but to her eyes, they appeared fuller and more tightly compressed in her shirt. How was that possible? And then as the Round Two screen came up, Kelly wondered something else. “How big could they become?” She smiled, letting a little giggle loose that shook her fuller chest. This game was fun.

* * *

Near the entrance to the arcade, Jen was getting more and more distracted from the action onscreen. She’d just reached Level Three and was feeling more and more of the sensations she’d experienced before. Every time she collected a flag and revved her car forward, she felt like a little orgasm was forced through her system. The clock was counting down faster now and she wondered how much longer she could avoid what she was feeling. Her tits were feeling incredibly sensitive and her legs very weak. If she were anywhere else, anywhere private, Jen knew exactly what she’d be doing. Placing one hand on her head and brushing a stray strand of red hair from her eyes, Jen thought about why she just couldn’t do that right here.

Looking back at all the men, Jen knew any one of them would not only enjoy watching her, they’d be willing to join in as well. That sounded like fun, she thought. Having a big strong man sounded like a lot of fun.

Turning back to the game, Jen missed a flag and spun around to try heading back for it. One thing this level had introduced was all kinds of other new little characters that seemed to want to play keep away with these flags. As soon as Jen was nearing it, another little car grabbed it and sped off. She’d have to chase them and bump their car to get that flag in time.

Bumping the little car onscreen sent chills into her body. Jen could swear at the exact moment her little car made impact with the other one, she felt a similar impact up inside her. It was if a cock had just penetrated her deeply, something she wasn’t unfamiliar with, but in such a setting as this, was not prepared for. She moaned loudly, gripping the edge of the machine and nearly collapsing in pleasure. So far this game had easily given her seven orgasms and these weren’t the kind she got at home by herself. These feelings were real and powerful. Hitting on oil slick on the screen surprisingly brought a similar slickness to her panties.

Jen realized she was dripping wet, more turned on than she’d been in her young life. And that sensation made her only want to play harder. She planned to win this game. And after that, she planned to get some cock. It was quickly becoming the only goal she could focus on.

Laughing a little, Jen realized that her little car on the screen actually looked like a dildo and as she drove it into the tunnel to finish the level, she knew exactly what that tunnel looked like.

* * *

Camilla was trying her best to remain game-oriented. She kept hearing Jen not too far away sounding as though she was having sex or something. Sex was something not far off from where Camilla’s mind was focused. She’d tried to ignore the feelings she had as Level Two had been easily twice as difficult as Level One to get through. There were less and less stashes of morality ammo and more and more doorways to worry about. In the second level, three separate times Camilla’s character had been captured and held for a few moments by the tempter torturers. Each time they groped and clawed at her body, the phantom limbs doing the same to Camilla’s quickly heating up form.

Her tits were shifting underneath her shirt. As amazing and yet incredibly serious as this competition was for her, Camilla wasn’t one to have an imagination run away with her. She knew her bra had been undone at the exact same time as the little weak-willed girl onscreen had hers undone by the tempter torturers. She’d felt everything. The hands clawing up underneath the back of her shirt, the clasp being undone, the feeling of her bra cups loosening and the flop of it hitting the floor by her feet were all too real.

Looking down, Camilla tried to take a breath as she saw the discarded bra and felt her stiff nipples scrape pleasantly along the inner fabric of her top. It was excruciating how good this felt. And worse yet, she was finding herself both fearful of and eagerly taking more and more risks in the game.

Running her character up another ladder and over to the right, Camilla saw the trap before she even reached it. There were three doors, one above, two below, with a gap in between. If she missed a key jump, she would fall down and be immediately bombarded by the tempter torturers. She smiled and pressed the joystick in that direction. I wonder what they’ll do to me next, Camilla thought.

She flinched when she reached the opening. She meant to press the button and jump, but somehow it just didn’t seem important. Instead, she fell into the trap almost willingly. And there they were. From all three doors came a barrage of tempter torturers, big strong men dressed all in black. They surrounded the poor girl on the screen and Camilla could feel herself being surrounded as well.

Looking around revealed that nobody was close to her. But the feeling remained and when the girl onscreen began being grabbed at by the tempter torturers, so did Camilla. Her entire body went rigid as one set of invisible arms grabbed at her. They squeezed her naked tits underneath her shirt. Another set of arms began ripping at her collar. She could feel and hear the stretching of the fabric as her shirt gave up a weak battle and was torn from her body. There was a gasp and some muffled applause from the men behind her.

Camilla looked down and watched the remnants of her shirt flutter to the floor in tattered pieces. Her bouncing young breasts were visibly being compressed and the nipples tweaked. It was as if the invisible man had brought along a few friends and decided to gang-rape her. Her mind felt weak and riddled with desire. She wanted what was happening to her to happen. She needed it. The newest set of hands to begin fondling her sleek body began sliding her pleated skirt up and ripping hard at the thin delicate material underneath. In seconds, her panties had joined the pile on the floor and the cold of the air was felt even more strongly.

Looking to the poor girl on the screen, Camilla watched the crowd of tempter torturers begin pulling and positioning her. At the same time she was being pulled and positioned as well. In seconds, Camilla was bent over, hunched forward over the console below the screen. As her ass was thrust out, Camilla realized her skirt was being pulled up. She knew how exposed this was making her and she surprisingly felt little regret or embarrassment. In fact, she thought, she hoped all the men could see exactly what she had, exactly how wet and open she was. She wanted them to do what these game characters were doing to her onscreen girl. She needed to be dominated and taken. For the first time in her young life, Camilla knew what it felt like to be a wanton whore. That’s what she was, just another gaming whore. People saw her on television or in the newspaper and she knew what they really wanted. It wasn’t to watch her spout off how much knowledge she had about gaming, how superior she was. It was really simple. They only wanted her to be fucking them. They wanted to teach her who was boss when it came to cock.

“OhhhhÉ Unghhhh!” Camilla gasped. As the onscreen girl was taken by the tempter torturers, so was the brunette gamer. She could feel the cock sliding impossibly hard and impossibly deep inside her cunt. She squeezed back, wanting that imaginary cock to shoot its imaginary load all inside her. She wanted all these men watching to see what a real whore was like.

“Ohhh... fucckkkkk!” She screamed.

Everyone enjoyed the scene as Camilla fell prone over the console of her machine and was apparently fucked hard and brutally by the characters in the game. She looked up, her eyes strained with pleasure. As difficult as it was to focus, the big ‘You Lose’ that flashed up on the screen in bright red was easy to make out.

Camilla sighed. Surprisingly she wasn’t that concerned about losing her game. She was more bothered when all of a sudden the invisible tempter torturers seemed to completely vanish and she was left alone, half naked and horny as she’d ever been in her life. She needed a real cock now and not just one. She turned and wondered who the first would be. There were so many men in this arcade. They all had to take a turn with her. She’d make sure of that.

* * *

Kelly was having trouble reaching the controls. She’d been on a roll through another level and was actually now on Round Four. But her tits were just so damn huge. Less than a few minutes before, the girl had taken a moment between rounds to get rid of her bra. It seemed fine. After all, she wasn’t showing anything with her shirt still on. But unfortunately now, that shirt was being stretched a bit far in front of her. She could barely see the joystick clearly and that was making it hard to grab without her boobs knocking it the wrong direction.

Frustrated, Kelly allowed the first of the mean brunettes on screen to grab her. As soon as she saw that balloon deflating a little on the side of the screen, Kelly felt a strangely similar sensation. But the sensation wasn’t coming from her tits. No, she thought. They remained their same giant inflated selves. Letting go of the console, Kelly giggled and placed both her hands on her tits. She squeezed a little and gasped at just how good that felt. On the screen, another brunette caught up and grabbed her character again. The balloon which had deflated a little popped and now she was only left with four.

Again the same deflating seemed to occur and this time she was sure where it was happening. Her thoughts seemed to be growing cloudier as the balloons deflated and popped. With those balloons, Kelly felt her mind going just a little. It was difficult to put her finger on, but something made sense. It was like she were somehow related to the bubbly little blonde on the screen. Every time a brunette grabbed her, which happened yet again, her brain grew fuzzier and she wondered what she should do.

“Ooohhhh...” The girl moaned. The room was spinning and everything seemed to be moving much too fast for her to keep up with. As she got down to just the one balloon, Kelly giggled and managed to move back enough to see the joystick. “Hehe... joystick,” She said. “Sounds kinky.”

She grabbed the stick and moved it just enough to avoid another attack by the brunettes. She was bouncing on one of the trampolines. That looked like fun, Kelly thought, giggling a little as a dribbling of drool formed at the edge of her lips. “Wheeeee!” She called out, watching the little character onscreen bouncing up and down.

Suddenly the trampoline vanished and the little blonde fell into a deep black hole. Standing at the controls, her other hand up beneath her shirt and squeezing an enlarged tit, Kelly saw the last balloon pop and her mind seemed to pop at the same time. All the thoughts of competition, of who she even was, everything left her mind. Instead, happy flowery bubbles floated through Kelly’s thoughts. She imagined puppies and kittens and pretty pink bows. She imagined all kinds of things to play with and then she imagined something fun to do.

Turning from the console, Kelly noticed the other two girls must’ve finished their games. Sticking her thumb in her mouth, Kelly began sucking away, liking how moist and warm her mouth was. She giggled around her thumb and wondered if there might be anything else she could stick in her mouth. Sucking on things seemed suddenly like a lot of fun. Leaning back, the blonde young girl realized how tight her shirt was. It was pulled up a decent amount, revealing her bare tummy. That seemed naughty, Kelly thought.

Looking at the men in the audience, Kelly had sudden thought. She could get used to being naughty.

* * *

Ian stepped away from the rope and turned to the audience of eager men. “Well, it appears the first ever Game On Game Off has reached its conclusion. And I believe I can announce a winner everyone.”

Looking back at the three girls, Ian grinned and let his eyes wander their young bodies. In many ways they were the same girls, but in other ways these were clearly different gamers now. Jen, the sexy tall redhead was already playing with her nipples, having pulled her shirt up and shoved her bra down. She was pulling on her breasts and pinching them, rubbing her thighs together. The shiver that seemed to run through the girl was quite obvious, especially as she looked at Ian and the rest of the men.

Camilla was by far the most openly flirtatious and downright slutty looking. Her top and bra laying on the floor with her panties, left little to the imagination. And if that wasn’t enough, she stood there flipping her skirt up and down, lowering her eyes at every man who looked her way. The most confident of the gamer sluts seemed to have the same confidence in her new attitude. She clearly knew what these guys wanted and aimed to please. Her long dark hair framed her face perfectly, making her look much like a fetish version of the girl he read about in the paper.

Sweet little Kelly, the one who’d seemed almost too young to be included in this fun, seemed to have quickly matured, at least in one respect. Her giddy and girlish behavior were if possible even more immature than she’d been before. She giggled and waved at the boys, shaking her chest and making sure her new heavy tits sloshed both up and down and side to side. Her one hand was on her hips, the other playing with her mouth, occasionally sliding a finger in and growing wet as she slurped on it.

All three girls had easily provided the boost to business Ian had anticipated. Now, all that was left to do was announce the winner and have the celebration. It was a celebration he knew would go on well into the evening, far longer than any of these girls had known or imagined.

“Jen, you did quite well at Rally XXX. You managed to make it to Level Four. Good Job.” Ian turned to Camilla. “And you, my lovely slut with the nicely revealed titties, you managed to reach Level Three. Nice try, but I’m afraid you came in last. You clearly need some more practice whoring to beat Whoring Thunder.”

Ian turned to petite little Kelly. “And you Gamer Kelly, you reached the end of Round Four and came so close to finishing.” He paused for effect. “But congratulations, you did it. You got just enough farther in your game to make you today’s winner.”

Walking over to Kelly, Ian couldn’t remove his grin for even a second. The girl was just so obscenely busty now. It was always fun to watch a cute little girl like her find their true purpose, even if it did come at the cost of becoming a brainless little slut.

“Kelly, you get to find out what all three of you played for today. It’s a cause I believe even you can agree needs our support in these tough economic times.”

The girl giggled and played with her hair. “Like, what is it, hehe?”

Flashing the men a knowing glance, Ian looked at all three girls. “Today you played to benefit the struggling porn industry and you all have earned the option to star in a line of features called Gamer Girls Gone Slutty. How does that sound?”

Among the applause that rose in the male audience, the three girls all laughed and smiled. After a second or two of thought, Kelly’s face blankly showing no thought at all, all three began clapping and jumping up and down. Naturally, this brought the men to silence as they watched Jen’s exposed tits slapping up against her lifted top, and stared at Camilla jumping up and down so hard her tits easily smacked into her neck. Then they looked over at Kelly who jumped up and down so hard, she hit her chin with her expanded breasts and fell backwards against the machine she’d just let beat her. Everyone laughed as the girl giggled and pulled herself back up.

“Now girls, as a special way of thanking the men who came in today to watch this competition, how about you all do what you’ll be doing best in the coming years. Show them what you like a man to do with you.”

Jen nearly slipped on the floor to run towards the nearest men. Clearly her hormones were in control now and this appeared to be something she had little thought or restraint regarding. Camilla as well was already pulling the rope down and stepping in among a group of big burly men. She wanted them more than anything, that much was clear.

As Ian stepped away to let his well-paying customers have first shot at these girls, he wondered what he’d do for his next promotion. At least Katie and Samantha wouldn’t be gone too much longer. They were always a big hit. But these girls were really showing the gaming spirit.

* * *

Jen moaned and let loose a loud scream that told everyone in the room just how deep the man currently fucking her cunt from behind had reached. She was on the floor like a dog just as she’d imagined. Never before had she liked being demeaned so publicly. Never before had she let some big brute grab her hair and use it like reins on a horse as he bucked and thrust his entire length inside her like some worthless animal. She loved being used. She loved having his cock batter her insides and more than that. She loved watching the men looking at her. They all wanted a piece of her. And that was one thing she aimed to give them. As long as a cock got shoved inside her somewhere, Jen was happy. It was why she didn’t even care about coming in second.

“Ohhhhh, OH yessss, Oh fuck me, fuck me like an animal!” Jen screamed.

The man behind her slammed in harder and harder, nearly knocking her face to the floor. Only his grip on her hair kept the girl from falling forward. That was what she meant to do, let the man control her. She wanted all these men to fuck her body. She wanted all of their cocks. She just wanted to win at this one competition. And it was a competition in her mind. Who could get the most cock? Looking over at Camilla, Jen knew she had some very tough competition in this part of the day’s activities.

* * *

Camilla was more than just happy and horny. She was finally seeing what it meant to be a gamer girl. She’d always realized there was a sexiness to it, a style and grace which men just couldn’t portray. Now she knew what really made it worth being. Having men abuse her body and torture her sexually was so much better than anything she’d tried before.

She was on the floor screaming in what many may have imagined was pain. But for Camilla, there was no pain, only pure and unbelievable pleasure. It was incredible. The men were pulling at her tits so hard she thought the nipples might come off, but no, they stretched and tightened and were only made more sensitive. The man between her legs was hammering her cunt so hard, Camilla wondered if he was intentionally trying to cause her pain. But there was no success if that’s what he intended. All she felt was intense satisfaction at finally having a real live cock cramming into her. It was so much better than those she’d imagined during the game.

“OHHHHH, fuck FUCKKK!” Camilla shouted. A new man had simply lifted her up and slid in beneath her. His cock was now stretching her ass as he joined in the first man. As she was now up off the floor slightly, she felt like a doll. She was being tossed around, balanced on one cock after another. That’s all she was good for. Taking cocks and what came with them. Camilla knew what happened when a cock kept poking into her. It was something she couldn’t wait for.

“Do it!” She screamed. “Fucking do it! Cum inside me. Fill me with your sperm!” She yelled.

The men apparently had the same thought in mind as they only grinned and kept flopping Camilla around on top of their respective cocks. She felt the one pummeling her pussy suddenly clench tight and seem to freeze for just a second. His cock jammed even further up inside her and began flooding her belly with seed. It seemed to go on forever and she loved how the other men didn’t care for what she may be experiencing. They simply went on pulling and beating her tits until they were sore and swollen. The man in her ass came shortly after, filling her with even more. Camilla could almost feel the waistband in her pleated skirt grow tight as the men fucked her full of their cum.

This was what it felt like to be a real gamer. And she was more than thrilled at the opportunity to help the porn industry. If doing that was anything like this, she imagined the next time she was seen on a television, the guy watching would be jerking off the whole time. That was her new dream, her new goal in life. Camilla wanted to be able to have guys jerking off over just the thought of doing her. It was just like the guys were currently doing to Kelly, she thought.

* * *

Sweet little innocent Kelly wasn’t looking so cute and naive anymore. She may still look as young in the face as always, Ian thought. But clearly, she was becoming quite the seasoned bimbo. In her head, he wondered if any thought was even happening anymore. Maybe she truly had fucked her brains away at attempting to play Mind Mappy. But in doing so, she gave the men currently jacking off all around her quite the fun target for their loads.

Giggling, the girl looked up into the surrounding men’s faces. She was on her knees, with her tits in her hands. One man had wasted no time in ripping her shirt off. Now she was sitting there waiting. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was waiting on but with all those thick hard cocks bobbing around her, she knew it had to be fun.

Her blonde hair was pushed back and she had a sweet, almost cute look in her eyes. If not for the huge exposed rack that she occasionally pinched at with delicate little fingers, nobody would have thought her anything more than a cute young girl.

Ian knew better than this. He aimed to join in these customers a little later when the crowd slacked off. But for now, he was content to watch them do what had to be moments away from happening.

Kelly opened her mouth for a small yawn as she was tired of waiting. These men had been slapping their cocks up and down for over a minute and she had many more things to try, things like what Jen and Camilla were doing. Just as she opened her mouth, the first man shot his load. White spatters of semen covered her forehead and then surged forth across her nose and into her mouth. Like a chain reaction the other men all followed, each one aiming their cock at various parts of the young blonde girl.

Ian watched as Kelly tried to suck some of the semen off her cheeks and only succeeded in getting it more over her face. The men seemed to have quite a bit built up for just this occasion and they continued splattering the eighteen year old girl’s face with creamy volumes of cum. Eventually they moved on to her large enhanced tits and even her arms and legs. But what Ian stared at was the very young looking girl’s face liberally oozing the white sticky sperm. She looked as though she’d been dipped in thick milk, letting it cover her eyes until she couldn’t see and dripping in long strands from her chin and nose.

Now that, Ian thought smiling, just about summed up the day’s activities. That was what he called putting your game face on.

The End