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Geek the Girl

Allison was never the most popular girl back in high school, to put it mildly. She thought things might change now that she was in college -a fresh start and all that- but in fact, they hadn’t.

She just didn’t seem to have a whole lot of social skills, which she’d be the first to admit. It didn’t help that she looked, well, less than beautiful. Being near sighted, she had to wear glasses, and so the lenses made her soft brown eyes seem smaller than they actually were. She was pale and prone to sunburn, which meant she spent a lot of time indoors. Allison usually wore her sandy blonde hair in a loose ponytail, having done so since she was a kid, and never having much luck with any of the more modern hairstyles -or she just wasn’t brave enough to take that chance. In her more introspective moments, she wondered if she didn’t deliberately make herself plain and uninteresting to look at just to avoid attention. Even her manner of dress was pretty unflattering, tending towards plain sweaters and blouses with jeans or very long skirts.

OK, she couldn’t deny it, she was a geek. She liked reading fantasy books and watching Buffy and all the rest of it. The thing is, coming to college -an institution of higher learning- she expected to meet more people like her; intelligent and well mannered. The reality proved to be somewhat different.

At least there was enough study and work to keep her mind off her loneliness most of the time. Moving to downtown, she lived in a room she rented on the cheap from her aunt. They weren’t really close as relatives, so most of the time Allison didn’t really have too many people to talk to. The internet proved to be some solace, but not as much as it should.

She was at this point completely unaware of the attention she was getting from two of her fellow students. Sitting behind her in the main lecture hall, they had been giving the shy girl some contemplative looks for a few weeks now. Tara and Talla were not twins, though they did seem to go to great lengths to dress and look alike (and who except the college administration knew if ‘Tara’ and ‘Talla’ were even their real names?). Tara was slightly taller with naturally dark long hair. Talla’s hair was dyed black, but worn long just like her friends. They both enjoyed wearing clothing that would probably be more at home at Goth or rave parties, with short tight skirts and elaborate tops. Because of all this, they did get a fair amount attention, and had learned to exploit it for all it was worth.

At this point, Tara and Talla were simply anonymous faces to Allison, just fellow classmates in lecture hall. She had no idea she’d been so keenly observed, or the sort of discussions that surrounded her. So, it came as a surprise when the two girls tapped her on the shoulder after lectures on this one particular Monday afternoon. Allison turned, putting on a friendly smile.

“Er, hello,” she said.

“Hi Allison,” Tara replied. “Your name is Allison, right?”


“Thought so,” Tara nodded. “I’m Tara, and this is Talla. It’s nice to finally talk to you.”

“Oh. Likewise,” Allison said, looking from one to the other. These weren’t the sort of people, at least in Allison’s experience, that went out of their way to talk to her in the past. Still, this wasn’t like high school anymore, and Allison reminded herself not to prejudge people based on appearance, just as they usually did to her.

“Listen, I don’t know what your plans are for the weekend,” Tara said, already strongly suspecting the young woman had none, “but there’s an off campus get together going on Friday night, and we thought it would be a good idea to invite some people we didn’t already know. A great way to make new friends, right?”

Allison blinked at her, at first not clueing in to what she’d just said. Was it her imagination, or were they inviting her to a party?

“You don’t have to make up your mind right away,” Tara told her, “Just let us know by the end of the week. We can even drive you down if you want.”

“Oh, thank you,” Allison stammered.

Tara gave her a reassuring smile before wandering off with Talla.

* * *

Sitting at her desk back at home, Allison tried to concentrate on her studies, but it proved difficult. She was far too distracted by Tara’s out-of-the-blue invitation. They were in earnest, weren’t they. Most of the time she liked to give people the benefit of the doubt, but there was another part of her brain that was telling her that maybe they were only making fun of her.

No, that wasn’t a fair thought, either to herself or to them. After all, this wasn’t sixth grade anymore, and it wouldn’t do to avoid trying to make some new friends here just because of childhood paranoia. She decided that the next time she saw Tara, she would tell her she wanted to go.

* * *

Sitting in the back of the car, Allison fidgeted, her hands in her lap. Tara drove, while Talla sat in the passenger seat, stealing glances back at the clearly nervous Allison.

She’d tried to look her best, for what it was worth. She decided to wear her hair loose, though the way it naturally hung so straight made her feel just as geeky as she did having it tied back. She wore a knee length jean skirt, which was something that she usually left alone in her closet. She thought this would be a great occasion to bring it out, but she worried it didn’t do much to flatter her figure. In some attempt to make her appearance even sexier, she bought and wore a pair of black nylon pantyhose, and wore her only pair of pumps, topped with a dark short sleeved blouse. It was the best she could do, really, but she didn’t expect to turn a lot of heads. Perhaps that was for the best -what on earth would she do if she did manage to attract someone’s attention? She’d probably end up stammering and stuttering away, making a fool of herself. She wasn’t even there yet, and already she was regretting her decision to come.

Naturally, Tara and Talla looked stunning. They both had such naturally lean figures, it made Allison feel dumpy by comparison, though she was pretty skinny herself. They had met Allison at the end of the driveway, Talla opening the rear door for her. Allison was a bit taken aback by the sight of their very dark lipstick, and pale powder makeup, each looking and dressing like the other. Allison put on her best smile, trying to hide her momentary discomfort. The interior of the car smelt like cigarette smoke, but she tried to put that aside too.

“You doing alright back there,” Tara asked, keeping her eyes fixed on the road.

“Oh, yes, fine, thank you,” Allison said.

“You haven’t been in this city very long, have you?”

“No, not really,” Allison admitted. “I came down here just for school. I’ve staying at my aunts place.”

“I see.” Tara and Talla shared a secret smile. “A girl all on her own, away from her parents for the first time -you must be getting into all kinds of mischief.”

“Oh, no, I’m not like that at all,” Allison demurred, waving a hand. “This is about the wildest thing I’ve done since I got here.”

“Yeah, this will be pretty wild alright,” Tara said, flashing a grin at Allison in the rear view mirror.

* * *

By the time they’d arrived, the sun had already set, and the house party was well underway. Allison didn’t expect them to drive so far off, almost to the suburbs, but she assumed she could trust Tara and Talla for a ride back.

The place was crowded, but not too crowded. As expected, everyone there seemed to more or less know everyone else, while Allison didn’t know anyone. With the music playing loudly in the background, she watched the loose groups of people dance or talk amongst themselves, while she came to sit at the end of the couch and simply watch. To her surprise, Talla came to sit down beside her. She crossed her legs, throwing her arm casually across the back of the couch behind Allison’s head. Sara shifted uncomfortably at this close contact, but kept the smile on her face. Talla smiled back.

“Feeling relaxed,” she asked, the first words Talla had said to her all evening so far. She had a very deep voice, almost masculine.

“Oh, er, yes,” Sara replied, avoiding eye contact. Talla had disconcertingly clear blue eyes.

Apart from the other two, Tara was in the kitchen, two short round glasses before her. She filled each with a few ice cubes, about two fingers worth of rum, and topped it off with Coca Cola. Opening her ‘little black box’, what most would assume to be the kind of portable makeup case favoured by the Goth set, she pulled out squat white medicine bottle. The label was unmarked. With deliberate care, Tara twisted off the cap and tapped out a single blue-and-white capsule onto her palm.

It was not a prescription one would find in an ordinary pharmacy. As in most high profile colleges, there was as much research going on as instruction. This little treasure was the result of work on drugs based on Triazolobenzodiazepine -a known hypnotic agent, already used in well established drugs like Halcyon. Used in conjunction with alcohol, the contents of this capsule produced some wonderful effects on the user. Prying apart the thin plastic shell, Tara emptied out the fine white powder within into one of the two glasses.

She returned to the couch, finding Talla leaning close to Allison, evidently enjoying the discomfort she was causing. Tara handed a glass to each one, perching herself on the arm of the couch.

“It’s a rum and coke,” Tara told Allison, noting her reticence. “Nothing to strong, I promise. I don’t drink myself.”


Allison took an experimental taste, having never been much of a drinker before either. She’d experimented with beer, but didn’t care for that at all. The rum and coke though she did find much more to her liking, though it did have a funny taste, but it was sweet and smooth and otherwise quite nice. Talla downed her own drink in virtually one gulp, which encouraged Allison to finish off hers as soon as possible too. Tara grinned at the both of them, keeping silent.

“Come on, let’s get up and dance,” Talla said, offering Allison her hand.

“Um, OK.”

Dancing was another of those things she felt less than confident about, but didn’t want to come off as being anti-social by just sitting on the couch all evening. She teetered a bit as she came to stand on her feet.

“You alright,” Tara asked.

“Yes, fine. Just a little light headed.”

Talla led her out into the living room, which at the moment was doubling as a dance floor. With the slow groove of ambient-dub playing loudly from unseen speakers, Talla took hold of Allison’s hands and began to lead her in a swaying rhythm. Allison couldn’t help but feel a little childish, but at the same time, felt a lot less self conscious than she would have been trying to dance alone, and for that she was grateful to Talla. It was easy to follow the other girls movements, which were graceful and repetitious. Allison watched Talla’s thin lithe torso as she swayed, thinking how sensuous she was. With a body like that, she must get more attention from boys than she could handle. Some people were just lucky that way.

Without immediately realizing it, Allison’s perceptions grew more and more unfocused. The music became muted, and things became very hazy at the edge of her vision. She looked up, but even that simple effort caused her to stumble, only prevented from falling by Talla’s support. Allison tried to stand up on her own, but only staggered back into another dancing couple. She tried to apologize, but the words came several seconds too late to matter.

“She’s a little out of it, I’m afraid,” Tara quickly explained to everyone around as she and Talla took her arm in arm. “I guess she isn’t used to drinking. Joe, I’m going to take her upstairs to the bedroom to dry out, OK?”

With that, the twosome led the half-insensate Allison out of the room and down the hall. Allison had the sensation of being dislocated, as if everything was happening to someone else and she was only watching. She wasn’t even certain if she should be concerned or alarmed, especially since she only had one drink. Was this normal? She couldn’t think clearly enough to tell.

Getting Allison up the stairs proved to be a challenge for Tara and Talla, but once they got her to the top landing, it was no problem at all to maneuver her into the single bedroom. Someone leaving the bathroom gave them a bemused look as they passed by, but otherwise they went ignored. Once inside, Tara quickly shut the door behind them as Talla brought Allison to the edge of the neatly made bed and had her sit down.

“So, let’s see how our little friend doing,” Tara said, kneeling down in front of Allison. She held onto her chin to look directly into her eyes, noting the widely dilated pupils. Talla crawled up on the bed, pressing herself close to Allison’s back. Tara and Talla shared a meaningful look across Allison’s shoulder.

“Allison, can you hear me at all,” Tara asked, gently raising her ankle so she could slip off Allison’s right shoe.

“Yes,” she replied, after at least a seconds pause.

“How do you feel,” Tara said, slipping off her opposite shoe. Talla had brushed back Allison’s hair to expose the side of her long neck, and began to nuzzle against the warm bare skin.

“I’m not sure,” Allison replied, her face creased in puzzlement. She had the sense of something tickling against her neck, and the strong sweet scent of perfume, but it was hard to focus. “I don’t think I feel well. Can I go home now?”

“No, of course not,” Tara laughed, “it’s far too early in the evening for that.”

“Oh.” The was disappointment in Allison’s voice, rather like a child that’s been told she couldn’t stay up late. It didn’t occur to her to put up any greater protest than that.

“No, instead you are going to stay, because you want to have a good time, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, I... I do... I am,” she replied awkwardly. It was getting harder to concentrate, and her eyelids drooped. Talla ran her tongue along the soft parcel of flesh just behind Allison’s ear.

“Allison, look at me,” Tara said sternly, snapping her fingers in front of the girls face. “Look directly into my eyes.”

Allison blinked back into alertness, though there was no active intelligence behind those glasses, her moist brown eyes.

“I want you to listen to what I say,” Tara instructed, “Don’t worry about anything at all. Everything is fine, and you feel very warm and safe.”

Allison gave a small nod, barely perceptible. Talla had retreated, watching the proceeding from the middle of the bed, admiring their subjects slender back and soft hair. These shy and quiet types always turned her on immensely, and they were so much easier to dominate and control.

“Allison, give me your underwear, please,” Tara said, her tone matter of fact, as if asking her to pass the salt.

After a momentary pause, Allison trussed up her jean skirt. Raising her bottom from the bed, she reached under and pulled down her black nylons and plain white panties to her knees. Tara helped to peel her pantyhose from off her legs, taking the bundle into her lap. Tara could still feel a trace of Allison’s body warmth on the cotton of her underwear.

“Now, I want you to go back downstairs,” Tara instructed, taking her eyes away from her subjects skinny legs, and the shadowy gap between, to look back into her eyes. “There is something important you must do. It’s a kind of game. You’re going to find three different men, and lift your skirt to show them your panties. Do you understand?”

Allison frowned to herself.

“But, I’m not wearing them anymore,” she realized.

“Yes, you are,” Tara told her, quickly tucking them into her little back box. “You only think you’re not because you forgot to put on your pantyhose when you left the house.”

Allison looked down at her bare legs.

“Oh, yeah, you’re right,” she mumbled, the deflection of logic working to settle her clouded mind.

“Now, come on,” Tara ordered her gently. “On your feet. You’ve got to get downstairs and complete the game. Only after you’ve flashed your panties to three guys can you come back upstairs, OK?”


Allison rose with deliberate care, not at all unsteady as she was before, but slow and almost dream like. Anyone looking at her would no doubt think she was half in the bag, but unlikely to suspect any more than that.

As Allison left the room and brought herself down the narrow staircase, Talla followed a number of steps behind, keeping a diligent eye on her. After traversing the main hall, Allison turned left into the well lit kitchen. There she found a dark haired young man with a goatee, leaning back against the counter. He gave her a good look over as she came to stand before him, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“Um, I have to show you something,” she told him.

Allison took hold of the hem of her heavy skirt and raised it up close to her waist. His expression faltered as he looked down at her blatantly naked pubis. Her dark blonde pubic hair formed an irregular triangle at the juncture of her thighs, surprisingly thick for such an unassuming girl.

Allison flashed him a nervous, apologetic smile, then dropped her skirt and turned to walk away.

“Hey, is that all,” he exclaimed, grabbing her by the arm. “Weren’t you trying to tell me something? You know...”

Allison frowned at him, completely failing to grasp his meaning.

“What? No, I have to...”

At this point someone else came into the kitchen. He was tall, with a mop of disordered blonde hair and narrow rimmed glasses. Allison intercepted him as he came towards the fridge.

“Hello there,” he greeted her.

Allison hesitated. He was extremely cute, and under normal circumstances, exactly the sort of person she would be far too nervous to simply walk up and start a conversation with.

“I have to show you my underwear,” she remembered, proceeding to pull up her skirt once again.

“Man, she is complete and total freak,” the first boy snorted, quickly leaving the kitchen.

The one she was flashing her pubes to made an embarrassed face, practically blushing.

“I hate to tell you this,” he said carefully, “but you aren’t actually wearing any underwear.”

“Sure I am,” she replied. “It’s only because I forget my pantyhose that you don’t think I am.”

“I think one of us is a little confused,” he said, taking her hands away to let her skirt drop. “Are you sure you’re alright? You don’t look well. Should I drive you home?”


Talla swept in by Allison’s side, taking her firmly by the arm.

“Sorry about my friend here,” Talla said, drawing Allison away. “I’ll take good care of her, don’t worry.”

Talla led Allison away from the kitchen and out into the hall.

“I think that’s enough of that game,” Talla told her, leaning close to her ear.

“But, I have to find one more,” Allison weakly protested, waving her arm vaguely.

“It’s OK. Two out of three is a winning score in my books.”

“Then, I can go back upstairs,” Allison said, moving towards the stairs.

“Not quite yet,” Talla said, effortless holding her back. “I want a little time with you to myself first. Tara can be very possessive. Come on and dance with me.”

Talla took Allison back into the living room. There was a slow dance in progress, some half dozen couples locked in loose embraces. There was a momentary flashback in Allison’s mind to those dire high school dances, where she spent most of the time standing against the wall with her equally shy friends. Especially during those slow dances, she used to feel such envy for those couples, hugging each other close like that in plain view for everyone to see.

Lost in these thoughts, Allison was only abstractly aware that Talla had drawn her into the middle of the floor. Taking her right hand in hers, Talla held her by the waist and joined the others in the dance. This in and of itself didn’t cause that much attention. To see two girls dancing together usually meant nothing more than that they didn’t have dates that night and still wanted to have a bit of fun. Talla, however, held Allison much closer than could be considered innocent, their chests pressed together, faces side by side. Talla observed the covert glances they were getting from over Allison’s shoulder.

“What say we really give them something to look at,” Talla murmured into her ear.

Tilting her head, Talla pressed her lips to Allison’s, forcing them apart with the force of her kiss. Allison’s eyes automatically closed, the rim of her glasses brushing against Talla’s cheek as the young woman continued to brazenly taste her with her tongue. When they finally parted, a very thin trail of saliva bridged their lips.

“If you didn’t have a reputation before, you’ve certainly got one now,” Talla whispered, smiling broadly. “Come on, let’s head back upstairs. I bet Tara’s getting impatient.”

Once Talla escorted Allison back up into the main bedroom, Tara closed and locked the door behind them.

“Allison was a very obedient little drone,” Talla reported, having her sit back down on the edge of the bed. “If she ever runs into these people again, I wonder she’ll explain herself.”

Tara bent down to look into Allison’s eyes, confirming they were still wide and dull. She also noticed the slight smear of dark lipstick on her lips. It seemed Talla had taken a few additional liberties with their subject.

“Let’s not waste any more time,” Talla enthused, coming around to the other side of the bed. “Can we do her here, or should we get her into the car?”

“It’s OK. I know Joe, and we won’t be disturbed for a good hour at least,” Tara told her, kneeling back down to command a better view of Allison’s face. “But I’m guessing the drug should last even longer. She probably doesn’t have much tolerance for alcohol, and she must has a pretty small sense of self to begin with. She’s living a waking dream.”

From Allison’s drooping eyelids, the only concern now was keeping the girl awake. Snapping her fingers, she brought her back to attention. Tara’s thickly mascaraed eyes were like deep enveloping pits, demanding Allison’s attention.

“Let’s play another game,” Tara suggested. “You know Truth Or Dare? Well, in this game, I ask you questions, and you have to answer each one as truthfully as you can. Do you understand, Allison?”


Allison didn’t entirely understand, but it seemed easier to agree to anything Tara said than to try and fight the fog that surrounded her mind.

“Tell me, have you ever been intimate with another woman,” Tara asked. “Do you know what I mean by that? Kissed, hugged, been naked with, played with each other?”

“It was with my friend Shelly,” Allison replied. “Back when we were twelve, we thought and talked about what it would be like to kiss a boy. We kind of decided it would be fun to try it with each other. We used to do it down in her parent’s basement, until they caught us. We didn’t do it after that.”

“That was the last time you ever kissed a girl?”


“So, you don’t remember kissing Talla, then?”

“Kiss Talla?” Allison gave her a puzzled look.

“She doesn’t remember,” Talla said with obvious glee. “They never do. And she’d so suggestible. Just think how much we could fuck up her mind. We’ve got to give her an induction.”

Tara sighed, glancing at Talla with raised eyebrows. Sometimes Talla let her fantasies override her sense of reality.

“You know it’s not that simple,” she explained. “And we’ve never had any success with a proper hypnotic induction before. We’d need more time, and a willing subject. Of course, she’s probably so starved for friends that Allison will do anything we want. We can use that.”

“That’s what I’m saying,” Talla enthused. “Remember how we screwed with Tina?”

Tara smiled at the memory.

“Well, that was different. We didn’t need hypnosis or drugs to mess her up. That was fun though.”

Tara reached up to brush her hand against Allison’s cheek. She wasn’t as pretty as Tina had been, but they certainly shared an air of vulnerability that she found extremely erotic. Perhaps Talla was right after all.

“Allison, I’m going to ask you another question,” Tara said, “Its a very simple one. Are you a virgin?”


Talla licked her lips at this admission.

“I’m afraid I don’t believe you,” Tara said, keeping a straight face.

Allison looked shocked, her mouth agape at the thought of being disbelieved. This was not something she’d lie about. How on earth could she convince Tara she was telling the truth? It shouldn’t have mattered, but it, very much so. Allison’s eyes shot back and forth like a trapped animal.

“Why don’t you show me,” Tara told her, “open your legs for me.”

Without a pause for thought, Allison nodded, bringing her knees up close to her chest, planting her feet apart on the bed. This offered Tara a good view of her pubis. Reaching out, she gently parted the girls thick pubic hair and exposed the soft lips of her labia. They were thin and close set, but easily pried apart, revealing the bright pink interior -and some shocking evidence.

“Not only is she a virgin,” Tara breathed aloud, “but the damn girl still has her maidenhead.”

Talla dropped to her knees, joining Tara in examining Allison’s naked cunt.

“Unbelievable,” she agreed. “You’d think some poor sap would have taken pity on her by now; she’s not that ugly.”

“I told you,” Allison said, apparently immune to insult, “I told you I was telling the truth.”

“People would pay for this, you know,” Tara whispered to Talla, “to break a girls cherry. We should make plans.”

Talla nodded in agreement.

“Allison,” Tara said, removing her hand from her cunt. “You are a very virtuous girl. But, from time to time, you must imagine what it would be like to finally lose your virginity, yes?”

“I do,” Allison admitted, her voice low but calm.

“I want to to think about that now,” Tara told her, “because we’re going to play another game. It will be fun, I promise you.”

“Oh. Alright.”

Tara leaned over to Talla, quickly giving her instructions in her ear. Talla nodded, rising to take a seat on the bed next to Allison.

“In this game, we are going to pretend that Talla is you,” Tara said, gently removing Allison’s glasses. “When she puts on these glasses, she will be you. That means, that you, Allison, will become the man who is going to take your virginity. You will be the man you imagine in your fantasies, the lover you would want to seduce you and lead you into full womanhood. Do you understand?”

Allison paused, looking down at her own pair of glasses that Tara gingerly held in her hands.

“I think so,” she finally said. “Talla will be me, and I will be my lover.”

“When Talla puts on the glasses, yes.”

Allison turned her head, watching as Talla took the slender pair of glasses from Tara and slipped them on.

“She must be half blind,” Talla murmured, blinking her eyes uncomfortably.

Allison reached over, laying her arm across Talla’s back. She smiled broadly, leaning in close.

“I’ve always wanted to tell you,” Allison said in a quiet voice. “I hope you won’t be shocked, but I’ve watched you for a long time. I know people might laugh, but I have to tell you this, Allison -I love you.”

Talla managed to keep a straight face, biting her lower lip. Tara sat back, watching the tableau unfold before her.

“Please, let me have this one kiss,” Allison said, bending her head to meet Talla’s lips with her own. Talla played passive, letting Allison kiss her harder and deeper, as if pouring out all of her pent up desire in this one kiss.

“I don’t know what to do,” Talla said softly, once Allison had allowed her to breath again. “This is my first time.”

Allison laid a hand on Talla’s knee, giving her a reassuring smile. She kissed her again, then reached up to remove her glasses from Talla’s face. Tara watched with interest, wondering if the spell would be broken now that Talla no longer wore Allison’s trademark spectacles.

As Allison lay Talla down flat on the bed, it was clear Tara had nothing to worry about. The game was now too firmly implanted in Allison’s mind, who was now no doubt living a fantasy she’d had in her mind for a long time. To be won over by a mysterious young man, who had worshiped her from afar, and was going to make her his own.

Allison’s hand disappeared under Talla’s short skirt. Talla let her head be cradled under Allison’s free arm, the previously meek girl now fondling her pubic mound through the fabric of her hose and panties.

“Don’t waste any time,” Tara encouraged her, “strip her bare.”

Allison took the not so subtle suggestion to heart, pulling up on Talla’s tight black sweater, exposing the flat expanse of her belly. Talla helped her by raising her arms, letting Allison pull of the garment entirely.

“Talk to her,” Tara said, “let her know how much you desire her, how good it’s going to be when you take her virginity.”

“I adore you,” she cooed, raising herself on one arm to better look Talla in the eye. “Allison, you are so special. I am going to make you feel like you have never felt before.”

Talla smiled a secret smile, stopping short of laughing. Wouldn’t it have been more fun though if Allison had some sort of secret rape fantasy to play out instead? The poor girl was sadly conventional, but she was certainly playing the role of her own paramour very well. With expert hands, she had undone Talla’s thin black lace bra and slipped it off her arms.

Talla’s breasts were very small, fitting easily into Allison’s hands as she held them, fingering the small brown nipples as she kissed and licked the skin of Talla’s neck and shoulders. Talla closed her eyes, grinning from ear to ear. One of Allison’s legs sneaked in between her thighs, forcing them apart.

“Allison must be getting wet by now,” Tara said to her, “why don’t you find out? Make her even more wet; it will make the moment of deflowering that much easier on her.”

Talla’s tight black skirt was already pulled taut close to her waist, and her nylons were stockings not hose, so it was easy for Allison to reach down and slide her hand under the fabric of her black lace panties. There was no mistaking just how wet Talla was, especially being shaved between the legs. Allison’s fingers glided naturally between her labia, teasing and rubbing in a way that made it clear she was very used to doing this on herself. Talla was clearly having the time of her life, receiving another of Allison’s rough kisses while being pleasured with her fingers.

“Don’t wait for her to change her mind,” Tara told Allison, “Take off those panties and start taking off your own clothes.”

Without pause, Allison rose up on her knees, taking Talla’s underwear in both hands and pulling them down to her black heels. She then reached back and unzipped her jean skirt, then began removing her top. It obviously didn’t strike her as incongruous that, being male, she should be wearing and removing her bra.

Naked, Allison’s body proved to be as pale as Talla’s, not as shapely but with larger breasts and delicate pink nipples. Glancing between her legs, Tara could see the open petals of Allison’s labia, wet with her own arousal. Talla’s stocking sheathed legs opened wide as Allison moved her body on top of hers.

“That’s it,” Tara hissed, eyes glinting. “Just like that. You have a very hard erection, your penis begging to get in there. Hold her tight, don’t let her get away once it starts to hurt.”

Allison snaked an arm underneath Talla, reaching down with her free hand to her cunt, positioning her imaginary penis up to Talla’s vaginal opening.

“Don’t be afraid,” Allison whispered, “I promise it will feel very good.”

Allison thrust her hips forward, her pubis coming into direct contact with Talla’s. Talla let out a loud grunt, not just playing the part of the deflowered virgin, but keenly feeling the erotic contact of Allison’s privates against her own. As Tara was well aware, Talla was endowed with a prominent clitoris, which stuck out quite viably when aroused. As Allison began to thrust back and forth in the motions of intercourse, the friction worked keenly on Talla’s senses, her labia fat with the rush of blood and glistening wet.

“That’s it, you’re doing it,” Tara rasped, “keep on fucking her. It feels so good to fuck her, you can feel your orgasm rapidly approaching. Go on, harder, faster now...”

Allison was breathing hard now, both from the physical effort, and her own cresting sexual excitement. Her face was contorted, hovering over Talla’s, who looked on beneath with clear glee. Tara, meanwhile, licked her dry lips, staring intently at the two copulating young women.

“Kiss me,” Talla begged, knees now splayed far apart, arms clutching at Allison’s back. Tara watched the two press their lips together, barely able to consummate the kiss from their continued exertions. Talla’s hips arched up from the mattress, meeting Allison’s thrusts. Tara knew Talla’s reactions intimately, and she waited, holding her breath for that moment when she would get tight all over, her breathing suddenly quickening.

“Now,” Tara exclaimed, “orgasm now. Fill her with your semen, feel it throb through you.”

Allison let out a helpless yelp, hands bunched into tight balls as her climax hit. Talla needed no hypnotic suggestion to trigger her orgasm; the repeating friction of Allison’s pubis against her clit was enough.

For several seconds it was like time stood still, then finally Talla let out a long loud sigh. She took several moments to regain her breath, letting Allison lie on top of her until finally shifting the girl’s weight off of her.

“So, did you have fun,” Tara said, helping Talla from the bed.

Talla only grinned in reply. Allison made no reply as well, lying prostrate on the covers, unmoving. Tara opened one of Allison’s eyelids, noting the lack of reaction. As she feared, the drug had finally put her too far under, now beyond reach.

“I’m afraid my turn will have to wait another night,” she remarked sadly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” Talla whispered, brushing her hand across Tara’s back.

Getting dressed, they left Allison just as she was, now completely asleep.

* * *

Stephen walked into the bedroom, stopping short when he saw the unconscious form of Allison sprawled on the bed. She still lay naked, her glasses resting on the bed stand and her clothes bunched together close by her side. Lying flat on her stomach, her face was turned to one side, mouth half open, flecked of white tainting her lips.

Stephen looked at her a moment, a bit flustered as to what to do. By now it was past 3am, and everyone had gone. He hadn’t expected anyone to remain, and was damn sure he didn’t want anyone hanging about when his parents came home the next afternoon.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered, coming over to her side. He didn’t want to alarm her, but he had to wake her up -and please let her only be asleep! He didn’t want to think about the alternative...

Shaking her on the shoulder, he called to her and was finally met with a response. Allison let out a slow moan, curling her body into a loose ball.

“Are you alright,” he asked.

“I feel sick,” she moaned, not fully realizing she was lying naked on the bed with a man looking over her. “I have to throw up.”

“I’ll help you to the bathroom,” he offered, taking her hand. It felt cold and clammy. She came unsteadily to her feet, allowing herself to be led quickly to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

The closing behind her, Allison knelt down before the plain white porcelain toilet and promptly expelled the contents of her stomach in a series of body shaking heaves. Her head was still spinning even afterwards, standing before the sink and splashing her face with cold water.

“I left your clothes by the door,” she heard from outside.

She only now fully realized she was naked. But how! She couldn’t remember anything coherently. She looked around the bathroom in a kind of blind panic, not able to see clearly with her glasses off. She closed her eyes, hugging her arms to her body to fight off the second wave of nausea.

She had a flash of something, a scent, the feeling of lips pressed together. She couldn’t connect it to anything, but it was very vivid the more she tried to remember. Had she been taken advantage of? Swallowing hard, she reached down and felt between her legs. There was a lingering feeling of moisture, but there was no doubt that her hymen was still intact. She sighed grimly, glad for the news that at least she hadn’t been raped.

But something had happened, of that she couldn’t doubt. She just felt it all over, from the dried sweat on her skin to her disordered hair and still dilated pupils. She looked hard at herself in the mirror, but no further memories would come; only the reflection of her own pale face, and a smear of lipstick on her lips.

Lipstick? Now, that truly was odd. It wasn’t a shade she’d ever wear herself. In fact, it looked a lot more like the kind Tara or Talla would wear.

Speaking of which, where on earth were they? How could they have left her behind like this? Allison ran some cold water from the sink and quickly drank some down, cleaning out the taste of bile from her mouth.

Some time later, she was dressed once again, gingerly walking down the stair to where Stephen waited. He offered her a small smile.

“I called a cab for you,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said meekly, feeling keenly embarrassed by all this.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before the cab arrived, and Allison was finally on her way home. She sat in the back seat, looking out the window with a blank look on her face, trying to put the strangely alkaline taste in her mouth out of her mind.

Allison slept in until close to noon, and even then felt very out of sorts. She sat up and took her glasses from the nightstand. Noticing the blinking light, Allison reached over and pressed play on her answering machine.

“Hey Allison,” Tara’s voice proclaimed, “We had such a great time with you last night! We lost track of you later though; I hope you made it home on your own alright. Listen, we REALLY should get together again. What do you say?”

{end of first movement}

-Story by Ifurita-X