The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Getting Jenny

by firest

“Let me go!”

“Um, no.” He said it almost absently, paying more attention to the computer than to her.

“Damn it, untie me.” Jenny sounded more frustrated than angry now, seeming to fight against the straps holding her more out of some kind of habit than any hope she could break them.

She tried to work out how she had come to be here. She had gone out with some friends, had found herself having a drink and talking with a woman she met at the bar. As they had talked, she had agreed with the woman more and more. Everything the woman had said was such a good idea, leaving the bar, letting the woman drive her over to a friend’s house, going in and meeting a vaguely familiar man.

I must have been drugged, Jenny thought grimly. It hadn’t been until they had started strapping her down to the dentist chair that she had started to realize something was very wrong. Then the woman (Robin, her name was Robin, Jenny remembered) had left, leaving her alone with the familiar man. He sat down at a laptop and began typing.

As the drug wore off, or was negated by adrenaline, Jenny looked around the room. Even in her drugged state she had been surprised to find herself in a dentist’s office in a house in this neighborhood. There were diplomas hanging on the wall, various medical supplies could be seen through the glass cabinets, an x-ray machine on a swing arm stood next to the chair on one side, and dental drill sat ominously in a holder on the other.

She strained against the leather straps holding her down again without any real hope. Two held her arms to the armrests, three more went over her ankles, thighs, and stomach, and finally a collar around her neck attached to the headrest. She hadn’t had much chance of getting out of them when sitting up, but when the man had leaned her back, as if in preparation to start drilling, she had lost any leverage she might have used.

“Look, will you just relax for a minute? I’m almost done here,” he said. Then after entering a few final commands into the computer he said, “Finished, we can start as soon as it warms up.” and leaned back and stretched.

“Start what damn it? What are you going to do with me?”

“Well,” he said, “I’m going to use this machine,” he pointed to the x-ray machine in front of her, “to turn you into my sex slave.”

She just gaped at him for a moment. “But I don’t want to be a sex slave.” she said in disbelief.

He just looked at her for a moment, and then said, “Well, I didn’t think you did, that’s why the restraints.”

She shook her head “Wait, wait, this is insane.” She looked up at him. “Who the hell are you?”

“Hmm, you don’t remember me at all?” he asked. “From high school?”

“Wait,” she remembered now, “that geeky kid. The one who was always in the library.”

“Also,” he added, “the one who was always getting hassled by the jerks, and ignored by the girls; except, of course for the girls who were also hassling me.” He smiled again, and gave a little bow. ”Martin Bailey, pleased to finally introduce myself.”

“And you are Jennifer Seagrove,” he continued, “the most beautiful girl in school.”

“What?” she started. “I wasn’t, I mean… what?”

“Well,” he said, “I admit that Mindy Cohen was the winner of the popular vote amongst our fellow classmates, but I only had eyes for you.” He paused for a moment. “Not that I would ever have actually come up to you back then, I only worshiped you from afar.”

“So this is some sick revenge thing?” She asked, getting a little more scared. “You want to get back at me for ignoring you?”

“What?” He looked startled. “No, I mean, how could I be angry at you for ignoring me when I never really tried to get your attention?” He looked flustered. “Hell, I can only think of a few times we even spoke to each other, you were never unpleasant to me.”

“Then what am I doing here?” she almost shouted.

“I told you,” he replied, “I’m going to turn you into my slave.”


“Using this machine right here.”

“That looks like a dentists x-ray machine” she said.

“It was originally. Now it’s a mind control device.”

“Do you expect me to believe that you built a machine that can do that?”



“Of course I didn’t build this” he pointed to the machine in front of her.

“Ye olde mind control device was built by the crazy doctor who originally owned this house,” he told her.

“And he’s just letting you use his magic machine out of the goodness of his heart?”

He gave a grim laugh “Not hardly, he’s dead and we are all probably better off for it.”

“Oh, don’t look so shocked, he was a true bastard and what he did to his women…” he winced and shook his head.

“I met him soon after graduation,” Martin leaned forward as he talked, “I was making pocket money fixing computer problems, and his kept crashing; we got to talking and, I don’t know, I think he saw me as some kind of kindred spirit.”

“He was rich, to rich.” Martin grimaced. “He had enough money to become a dentist despite the fact he had the bedside manner of a guy who spends all day at an x rated theater in a long overcoat. Needless to say he had virtually no patients, which was another problem, because it gave him the time to invent that.” Martin pointed at the x-ray machine. “He called it his Sluttybimbo maker, which should tell you everything you ever need to know about this guy.”

“Then he was diagnosed with cancer, a nasty kind too. It presents no symptoms until it’s too late, and even then, the symptoms are usually misdiagnosed, so when he finally found out it was only a couple of weeks before the end. As I said he saw me as someone like him, at the very least I was the only person, aside from his slaves, who talked to him on a regular basis in the last few months of his life, I don’t think it really registered with him that I only did so because he was paying me three times the going rate to keep his computer running.”

“So, he made me his heir, officially he left me his house and money, and even after taxes it’s still a lot of money; unofficially, he left me his mind control device and his slaves. I would like to say he was making some kind of attempt to atone, but in truth, he thought I would continue to treat his women, and other women, as badly as he did, and no I don’t like what that says about how people see me.”

“Anyway, after he was gone I cleaned up his mess as best I could, undid what he had done to the women under his control, most of them where happy to forget all about what had happened and just put their lives back together as best they could, Robin, the woman who brought you here, is the only one who decided to stay around.”

“She decided to stay?” Jenny said sarcastically. “Of her own free will, you didn’t just brainwash her?”

“Actually the Doctor brainwashed her, she’s a nurse who was helping to treat him. In return, he decided to take his rage over dying out on her by brainwashing her into believing she was a dog, or a cat, and tormenting her. After he died I freed her,” Martin said, “but after I did she asked me to redo it, in spite of the doc’s torture, she found something she liked in being an animal.”

“You really expect me to believe…” Jenny began angrily.

Martin put his hand over her mouth. “Robin has one of the most terrifying jobs I can imagine,” he said. “She works in a terminal cancer ward that specializes in children; she spends her day trying to make dying kids comfortable.” He took his hand from her mouth. “After spending her day holding the hand of a five-year old girl as she dies does it really sound so surprising that Robin might prefer to spend her night as a dog with a bone, or a cat with a saucer of milk?”

This is surreal, Jenny thought, I can’t be having this conversation, I can’t really be here. But the straps holding her down were real, and the machine in front of her had begun to give off a low hum.

“Anyway, I am now ready to use his device for my own evil purposes.” He grinned at her, “That brings us to you.”

He was really crazy, Jenny thought “Look, just let me go, I won’t go to the police.”

“Go to the police.” He said cheerfully.


“What are you going to tell the police when you call them?” He asked, smiling.

“That you kidnapped me!”

“And?” A bigger smile now.

“And you strapped me down to a dental chair and, and…” Saying it out loud she started to realize why he was grinning.

“And used my mind control device, cleverly disguised as a dental x-ray machine on you.” He nodded, “Boy, I’ll be in trouble then.”

He looked down as the computer beeped, then moved over and adjusted the machine so that it was pointed down at her face.

“Well, it’s ready.” He saw that she was struggling again, “Hey, look at me.” He put his hands on either side of her face and she looked into his eyes.

“I know this sounds pathetic,” his eyes were now very serious, “but I’m not trying to hurt you.” Her fear was overtaking her anger now; he really believed that this was going to work.

“I’m not going to alter your personality, make you abandon your family and life, or turn you into some kind of bimbo.” He was looking grim now. “That’s what the guy who invented this thing did to women, and it made me sick.”

He stepped back and moved to the computer.

“It won’t work,” she said desperately, “it can’t work.”

“Well, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work,” he was smiling again. “I just let you go and you decide if you want to go to the police or not.”

He moved his hand over the computer, “See you in a couple of hours.” Then he pressed a key.

She noticed a light coming from the machine in front of her, and then there was a flash…

* * *

She looked back over at him. He was leaning back in his chair looking at her curiously.

“So is anything supposed to happen now?” she asked.

He smiled again, “look at the clock,” he suggested.

When she did she felt a wrench in her stomach, it showed that several hours had passed.

She looked back at him “It’s a trick. You’re messing with my head,” she said desperately.

He stood up and moved to stand over her.

“I am messing with your head, but it isn’t a trick,” he replied.

“So you’re saying I’m brainwashed,” he nodded his head. “I don’t feel brainwashed.”

He chuckled, “And how does being brainwashed feel,” he asked.

He reached down and started to undo the strap around one of her arms “I want you, not some mindless bimbo. If that was my thing I wouldn’t have freed the doctor’s slaves” he said.

As the strap came loose she took a swing at him, but he just moved back. Desperately she started to undo the strap around her other arm, expecting him to grab her at any moment, but he just stood there, and continued to talk.

“I want a slave, yes, but I don’t want some kind of mindless yes-woman.” She had her arms free and was struggling with the strap around her neck.

“I want someone who will have sex with me anytime, anyway, I want, I admit that, but will also warn me if I am about to do something stupid, not just wave mindlessly as I drive over a cliff.”

She had her legs free now so she sprang up and tried to push the door open, she slammed her shoulder into it a few times, and then turned toward him fearfully.

He hadn’t moved, “I want you Jennifer,” he said looking at her with an expression she couldn’t identify.

“And you might try pulling on the door.”

She turned and pulled on the door, it opened easily. Then she was running through the house, out the front door.

She stopped running in the front yard. It was dark and cool outside the house, like it really was early morning. She looked at the dark houses around her and opened her mouth to scream, but something stopped her. Then she saw her car parked in the driveway.

A momentary hope flashed in her, but then she realized she didn’t have her keys. Hearing, or feeling, something behind her, she spun around. He was there, close enough to grab her, but he just held something out to her. Her purse, she realized.

“I think the keys are in here,” he said.

She grabbed the purse out of his hand and ran to her car, fumbling for her keys. Finally getting her hands under control, she got in and started the engine. She looked over, he hadn’t moved. As she started to drive away he raised his hand and waved.

* * *

Later, she sat in her bathroom naked and wondered what to do. He hadn’t raped her, or even touched her beyond what it had taken to strap her into the chair. The straps had been wide and soft, and what few, faint marks they had left were fading already. No one had seen her come or go from his house. She just had no proof, nothing to go to the police with.

Maybe I should have played along for a while, she thought, I could have called him master, let him kiss me, and…

She sat up. God, what was she thinking? She couldn’t let him get to her like this. Her hand moved down to her vagina and began to stroke it.

No, she thought, he hadn’t really done anything to her, maybe she should have…

As she sat, lost in thought, she didn’t consciously notice that she had begun to masturbate, moving her fingers in and out of her cunt, her other hand stroking her nipple as it became hard and erect.

She was kneeling at the end of the row of girls, her hands tied behind her back, head bowed, legs spread, staying very still, just as she had been taught. They had been lined up according to how beautiful they were. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see all the other girls in line, Mindy Cohen was first of course, followed by Alice Baker, then Nina Jacobs, and all her other friends from school who had been kidnapped and brought to this place to be trained as slaves.

They would be picked first of course, the men would come in one at a time, the best master would be first, and of course he would pick Mindy. Then another master, a lesser man than the first would come in and he would pick the next most beautiful girl, and so it would go until she, the least pretty of the group would be picked by the worst of the masters. She wanted to scream, or cry, but since that would only lead to her being whipped, she forced herself to stay silent and still as she waited for her fate.

Finally she heard a door open and someone came in, her stomach twisting she closed her eyes and waited. She heard him pause at Mindy, but to her surprise he moved on. Maybe, she thought, he wants a redhead, like Linda, or he’s looking for an Asian girl, like Mai. But he didn’t stop at any of them; he didn’t stop until he was in front of her. Oh, she thought, he just wanted to look at everyone, now he will go and collect Mindy and leave. But he didn’t move, he just stood in front of her as she grew more and more nervous.

Then he reached down and putting his hand under her chin drew her to her feet, she still kept her head down, not wanting to get her hopes up. It’s a trick, she thought miserably, he’s just trying to get my hopes up before laughing at me, knocking me down, and choosing someone else, but he kept up the pressure on her chin until she raised her head and looked at his face. She was crying now, he wasn’t incredibly handsome, but he was pleasantly attractive. It’s a trick, she was still thinking, but he was smiling kindly, and leaned down to kiss her, their lips met and she…

Woke up with a cry, masturbating furiously; her sheets soaked with sweat as she desperately tried to cum. It took a few moments for the last of the dream to fade. Looking over at the clock she was stunned to discover that only a half-hour had passed since she had dropped exhausted into bed. Oh shit, she thought, he’s really getting to me. I haven’t had a dream like that for a while.

A few years ago, during a sleep-over with friends at her house, she had gone into her brother’s room and raided his secret stash of books. She had just grabbed one of his books, dancer of something, and she and her friends had giggled over it all night. They hadn’t time to read the whole thing, but her lame-o brother had dog-eared the pages with the “good” stuff. They had all laughed, dissing the book as a stupid boy fantasy, but she knew that she hadn’t been the only one to masturbate that night, putting her face into her pillow in order to muffle her moans.

I’ll talk to Anne later, Jenny thought, about if I should go to the police, or maybe talk to one of the school counselors, Anne always has good advice. But for right now I need to sleep, it’s already eight in the morning and I’ve only gotten a half- hours sleep. I’ll talk to Anne when I wake up, but I’m too tired now…

She was in the dental chair again. This time she was naked except for the straps holding her down. The woman who had brought her there (Robin, the woman’s name was Robin, she remembered) was also naked except for a collar, and was lightly caressing Jenny’s nipple with one of her fingers sending a thrill of pleasure through her. She was watching her master getting ready to do her fillings. “Master,” she asked, “what about the anesthetic?” He looked at her and smiled, “We are using a new procedure here,” he held up a pair of dildos. “We insert these vibrators into your pussy and ass, and then do the work while you are in a state of orgasm; that way you don’t feel any pain.” Saying this, he turned on the vibrators and starting at her nipple, slid the first one across her skin until it was at her already soaked slit. Then he began very slowly to press it into her…

She woke up again, needing to come even more than before. Oh shit, she thought, this is crazy; master couldn’t have really…

Now she sat bolt upright. What the hell! She thought, I just thought of him as master. She took a deep breath; ok, his name is Martin, that’s it, Master Martin. No, not Master Martin, just Master Martin, Master Martin, Mast…

She didn’t notice it at first, the little buzz of pleasure that grew in her head as she called Martin her master. When she finally did, she became as frightened as she had ever been in her life.

* * *

It was early evening now, and he was making dinner when he heard the doorbell.

Going to the door and opening it he saw her standing there.

She was a mess. Her hair was all over the place, she had obviously been crying, and an odor of sweat and arousal came off her in waves. She looked at his face once, but quickly looked away, and didn’t meet his eyes again. As he moved aside, she stumbled into the front hall and stood there breathing heavily.

Still not looking at him, she said, “what did you do to me master, I mean master; no, I mean mas…” she took a deep breath and tried again, “Oh, God, what did you do to me?”

“I told you what I was doing to you,” he said, as he moved forward and put his hands on her shoulders, she flinched, but didn’t move away.

“Please,” she said, “undo this, I didn’t call the police, I didn’t tell anyone,” she was crying now. “I tried to, I tried to tell my friend, to call someone; but when I did it was like, like…

He put his hand under her chin, raised her head, and kissed her. A shudder ran through her body, and the smell of arousal became even more pronounced as he took her into his arms.

“It was like there was a filter on your mouth, “he said, “no matter what you tried to say something normal and innocuous came out.” He started to run his hand in a petting motion from the back of her head and down her back. “Did anyone notice you were acting strangely?”

“They all thought I was hung over.” She said miserably.

“Please mast…,” she stopped and tried to control herself, “I can’t, I don’t want, please.” Finally she gave out a wail, “Why me? You said yourself we hardly ever talked, that you barely knew me.” She gulped for breath, and clung to him tightly. “God, I’m not even that attractive, all the other girls…”

“Stop that,” This was a command, and her mouth closed so quickly there was an audible click as her teeth came together, “I never want to hear you talk about yourself like that again.” He slid his hand under her shirt and then her bra, his hand covering her breast, she moaned with pleasure, and then whimpered as she realized she had done so. “It’s bigger than I remember,” he said.

She was startled out of her internal struggle, “What? When did you ever…”

“Don’t you remember?” He asked, “That day in the locker room hallway?”

Time seemed to freeze for her as the memory flooded back, she had been sixteen, changing in the locker room. She had just taken off her bra when three of the other cheerleaders had grabbed her from behind. She hadn’t started struggling until she realized they were taking her to the fire exit, which thanks to some idiot architect, opened into the long hallway leading to the entrance to the boy’s locker room. Jenny and the other girls had always laughed about that, but she wasn’t laughing now as one of her friend’s jerked open the door and the others shoved her through.

She had stumbled forward until she ran into someone, a boy she had realized panicking. By reflex one of his arms had gone around her, hugging her to keep her from falling. But the other had come up and as if they had planned it, his hand had neatly covered her left breast. Her own arms had gone around him to stop herself from falling. They had stood there holding each other for an eternity that had lasted only a second until the hand on her breast had started to move.

Then, with tears of humiliation in her eyes, Jenny had sprung back to the door and desperately tried to get it open, her friends hadn’t locked the door, but she could hear them laughing on the other side as they held it shut. As her effort became more frenzied, an arm had come around her and grabbed the handle, helping her pull the door open, and she rushed inside. Jenny didn’t realize until later that she had no idea who she had run into.

Jenny had almost quit the squad over the humiliating incident, and had stayed home sick the next day. When she had returned she had expected the story to be all over the school and had been mystified, though grateful, that it hadn’t. A few of the girls involved had apologized, it had been late, and no one had thought that there would be anyone out in the hall, but she had lost a friend over the incident, and had always wondered who the boy had been.

Now as she stood there in Martin’s front hall with her arms around him, his left arm around her, and his right hand on her breast, she began to shiver uncontrollably. “That was you?” she asked, beginning to cry again. “I never knew who, I mean I thought everyone would know, that whoever it was would tell…”

“I never told anyone Jenny,” he said. “I realized pretty quickly that you didn’t know it was me, but I never told anyone. I just…” he kissed the top of her head, “I never told anyone.”

Jenny was crying and shaking harder now, the humiliation of that day came back to her fresh, and it seemed like four years worth of fantasies and wet dreams about the incident were running through her all at once with maste…, with MasMmmartin’s, face replacing the blank that had been there before.

He held her in his arms and waited for the crying and shaking to abate; finally, after a few minutes Jenny took several deep breaths, seemed to gain some control of herself and looked up at him, preparing to speak, only then did he speak a WORD.

She didn’t know what the WORD was; it didn’t seem to register on her conscious mind, at least not before the orgasm that had been building since the morning crashed through her, obliterating all thought, driving her to the floor. Or rather she would have fallen to the floor, if his arms hadn’t been holding her up.

“Wha, what?” were her first coherent sounds as conscious thought began to return to her.

“Well,” he said, obviously amused, “it should have been an orgasm, if it wasn’t, you should tell me now.”

Her eyes suddenly went wide with fear and desperation and she tried to pull away from him.

I shouldn’t have come! She thought desperately, I should have started fucking him. No, I needed to take off my clothes and run. No, God no, I needed to get his permission to call the police; maybe if I give him a blow job he will let me…

He held on to her as she struggled, and when it seemed as if she was going to kick him, he spoke the WORD again.

She fell to her knees this time, and when the orgasm had run its course, didn’t seem to be coming out of it, just leaning against him, and making soft moaning noises.

She was exhausted, he realized. She hadn’t had any real sleep last night, and had spent the day fighting the compulsions he had programmed into her.

She wasn’t fighting now, he thought, and leaned down to kiss her again. Her moans became a little louder, and her tongue slipped into his mouth.

As the kiss ended he considered what to do next. Should I bring her out of it and continue while she was weak, or…

But no, he thought, it was enough. There was no need to be a complete bastard about this, tomorrow was soon enough, and he spoke a different WORD that caused her to drop off into a deep sleep.

After all, he thought as he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, I’ve waited a while for this, I can wait until morning.

The important thing was she was here.

She was his.