The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

This story is dedicated to a fan who really enjoys my stories, especially 11 Pages and Concentration, which she read and reread. You know who you are. I hope you enjoy.


The woman walked through the doors of the building as if she owned it. The doorman who opened the door did so as if she was a queen. The man at the desk, trying desperately not to openly stare lustfully at her incredible beauty. Still he wasn’t surprised when she said that she was there for Walter Fisk. Ever since the man had leased an office in the building a year ago, it seemed that every beautiful, wealthy woman who walked through the doors was going to his office. He had leased the most expensive office in the place, one with a private elevator strictly for his clientele. No one was sure about precisely what he did, but whatever it was, he was well paid for it and the women always left with a certain glow. After checking for and finding her name on the list, he walked with her over to the elevator and swiped his card. It opened and she swept inside like a force of nature. The door closed and the man sighed. He really wanted to ask Fisk what the hell he did for a living, but the man was somehow intimidating. The desk man could barely stand to say good morning or good evening to Fisk without shitting himself. He shook his head and returned to his desk.

The elevator opened and Tabitha Brooks entered a wll appointed reception area. She strode haughtily up to the receptionist and gave her “the look.” Everyone feared the look. Tabitha Brooks was one of the most beautiful and willful women in the city. She had long blonde tresses and startlingly blue eyes a perfect nose that had needed no surgery and a generous, sexy mouth that made men hard just looking at it. Her 38C breasts and delicious bubble butt were her other outstanding features. The receptionist, nervously asked for her name and Tabitha answered with a sneer. The receptionist asked for payment and tossed the check at her as if it was an embarrassment to be paying so little for something.

The receptionist looked at the check, took note and then stood and said “right this way Ms.Brooks.” She led her back to a door and opened it and Tabitha blew inside in her usual bitchy manner. the door closed behind her, clicking as if being locked. Suddenly, Tabiha didn’t feel so high and mighty. And when she got a look at the man sitting behind the desk she blanched. Lita hadn’t said a word about him being black. She would have fled except Lita had assured her tha there was absolutely no touching.

Tabitha struggled to get back her control. She was in charge. She was always in charge. He would be just like the rest, too busy drooling over her looks to stand against her. She made a noise and he continued reading.

“Excuse me but I paid alot of money for my hour and you are wasting my time.”

“Sit down.” The man never looked up from his paperwork nor did he speak loudly yet Tabitha suddenly felt threatend. She quickly sat on the couch and the man continued his work. He went on for several minutes and tabitha became angry.

“Look, just give me back my money this was obviously a mistake.” The man continued to read while speaking.

“Shut up bitch. If you want to leave, leave but you aren’ getting one cent back and you’ll never be allowed to return. Now sit there or get out but either way, keep your fucking mouth shut!” Tabitha was livid...and afraid. Something in the man’s voice would brook no opposition. Stunned, Tabitha sat silently for another five minutes, fear overcoming her anger. Soon the man pushed the papers aside and looked at Tabitha. She broke out in a cold sweat and wished to god she had chosen to leave. Walter Fisk’s rich brown eyes seemed to tunnel into her brains, fingers seemed to be feeling around for something...and then they found it and felt the world turn upside down....

She was on the block at an auction and hundreds of men were bidding, the bidding was furious and soon it started to slow when her raggedy dress was torn from her frame, leaving her completely naked and the men went nuts! It wasn’t long before the bidding topped one million. Tabitha was furious, humiliated and turned on beyond belief. These men all bidding for her and her price was by far the highest of the night.

“We have $1,400,000. Any other bids? Going once, going twice....”

“One dollar!” The room grew silent and all eyes went back to Walter Fisk. The black man strolled leisurely to the front and jumped up on the stage with a panther’s grace. Tabitha felt herself get wet. The men all seemed angry but none of them did anything. The auctioneer, seeing he had no choice finished up.

“Going once, going twice, sold to the gentleman for one dollar!” The auctioneer choked on that last bit. He had stood to make nice fee on the sale. He didn’t bother looking for the owner, he would be in hiding, not daring to cancel the sale.

Fisk walked off the stage and Tabitha followed. She could feel the heat coming from the men as she went through the crowd, stark naked. She was completely humiliated, sold fo a mere dollar and forced to walk out through this crowd of men. Yet being led by Walter she was untouched and knew if nothing else, she was the safer than if she was locked away in a vault.

The go into his car and he sped out to the country and to a large estate he had out there. Once parked he led her into the house and had a woman take her away. The woman had Shower and shave her legs and pussy. She was then brought down to the down to the study, still naked. She entered and the door closed behind her. There was a fire roaring in a large fireplace and Walter sat in a chair, one leg carelessly tossed over an armrest, nursing a brandy. He appeared deep in thought.

“I’d like to get dressed.” This seemed to startle Walter out of his reverie. He sat up, set down his brandy glass almost gingerly and stood up. He walked over to Tabitha again exhibiting that easy catlike grace. He came close, his smile showing straight, white teeth. Tabitha never saw the backhand that landed her on her fluffy ass, but she saw plenty of stars. Until that moment she’d thought it was just a term used in books, but she actually saw stars.

“It seems,” Fisk said in a voice that sounded like the distant rumbling of thunder, “that I paid seventy-five cents too much for you. Understand this bitch and its the only time I’ll tell you, never speak without my permission and never ask me for anything. You beg. You beg for clothes, you beg for food, you beg for lube before I fuck your ass. You aren’t a person here. You aren’t even an animal, they atleast have some rights. You’re property slut. My property. From here on you will call me Master. You will obey me in all ways and in all things and without delay. Understand me slut?” Tabitha stood, her cheek throbbing. But still defiant.

“I understand that I won’t need to beg for lube; I’m certain the only thing you can get hard are your muscles.” Fisk grinned, happy with her response. He liked resistance because he liked breaking in sluts the hard way...hard for them anyway. He slowly stripped and his hard dark body made Tabitha wet. She was ashamed, knowing Fisk could smell her arousal. When he was naked and she got a good look at his endowment her ass cheeks clenched. She instinctively knew what was coming. She turned and ran for the door. It was locked...from the outside. She screamed and banged on the door and then suddenly stopped. This was his house, his staff, an hour outside the city. There was no help.

Her head snapped back as Fisk grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her over to his desk. He swept it clear with his free hand then bent her over it. Tabitha was frantic and struggled mightily to get away, but Fisk held her easily, his strength that of a demi-god.

“Don’t bother begging for lube slut, you said you wouldn’t need it and you won’t get it.” Tabitha screamed the name of god as Fisk’s cock pushed into her ass. The pain was staggering and Tabitha began to sob. But as Fisk bottomed out, she began to feel pleasure and that pleasure grew with every thrust of his cock into her once cherry ass. The harder Fisk pounded her ass the more the pleasure grew. She moaned and Fisk laughed.

“You sluts are all alike. Carry yourselves like you’re made of gold but inside you’re all cheap, stupid sluts who need a true man to make you feel whole. This is who you really are Tabitha, this is the you that you hide behind that ice queen demeanor and those expensive clothes. You think because a bunch of wimps in a board room scurry to curry favor with you that you’re somehow of consequence, that you can command men. But you don’t command me Tabitha. Look at you. Bent over a desk, a cock in your ass, and happier than you’ve ever been in your life. This Tabitha, is how life is when you deal with a real man; you are of no consequence.”

Fisk words bring her even more pleasure but there is a growing frustration as Tabitha couldn’t seem to cum, yet the pleasure and the pressure continued to grow. That same pleasure trippled when Fisk shot his load into her ass. Even his pulling out gave her pleasure. Tabitha pushed herself up on shaky legs as the door opened and the same woman who had helped her earlier came it and she watched as she kneeled and wiped Fisks cock with a warm washrag. Certain he was clean, she rose and left as silently as she came, closing the door behind her.

Fisk turned back to Tabitha and her heart went into her throat. He was holding a riding crop.

“Crawl to me and suck my cock.” Tabitha looked at him like he was insane.

“No! You were just in my ass! No way am I putting that in my mouth, I don’t care how thorough that bitch was, you’ll never get me to suck your cock!” Fisk grinned and mentally pumped his fist. He loved the ones who refused to break. He walked towards Tabitha, cutting off the room as a boxer cuts off the ring. Tabitha tries to run past him and again, using her hair, he yanks her back and slams her over the desk and raises the riding crop....

More than ten minutes later, Fisk sits in the same chair he sat in earlier holding the same carefree pose, still naked, sweat gleaming off his dark, muscular frame in the firelight, only this time he held the riding crop instead of a brandy glass.

Tabitha was on all fours, crawling to him, her ass criss crossed with welts, but with the pain was an almost unbearable pleasure, pleasure that had grown exponentially with each strike of the crop. Now she was a raging inferno, held in check and desperate for release. She took his rampant memebr in her mouth and sucked with a desperation, praying that he would let her cum if she performed. Yet the damnable pleasure continued to rise with each bob of her head and every swipe of her tongue. She deep throated him, licked and sucked his balls, rimmed his ass and still no release, the pleasure was now pain and her brain seemed to be on the verge of short circuit. She wrapped her lips around the head as Fisk blew a load of impossible volume and much of it splashed out and as she licked up what was spilled she knew she would soon go mad if there was no release for her.

She looked up at Fisk, eyes pleading, desperate for an orgasm. Fisk looked down on her, holding back laughter. She looked absurd, on her knees, cum smeared on her face, begging like a whore on meth.

“You want release Tabitha? You want the pleasure to reach its destination? Then submit! With a word you can have pleasure beyond any experience you have ever had. But you must submit. Say it Tabitha. Say the one word that will set you truly free.”

Tabitha looked up into Fisks eyes and knew he was right. She chose submission and said the word.


The orgasm ripped away her sense of self, frying nerves and shorting synapses. She opened her mouth to scream and no sound came out. Her muscles tensed impossibly hard and seemed to tear away from bone. Pleasure and pain mingled and became one and Tabitha embraced them both as she dissolved into nothingness....

She came too on the couch, in Fisk’s office, fully clothed. Fisk sat at his desk, again going over papers. She felt the squishy wetness between her legs and knew she shouldn’y have ignored Lita’s warning about bringing fresh clothes. She stood up. Fisk spoke without looking at her.

“Your time is up. If you need a change of clothes my assistant will provide you with something. If you’d like another appointment she will help you with that as well. Good day Ms. Brooks.”

And like that, Tabitha was dismissed, as she had always dismissed they didn’t matter at all. Tabitha walked out feeling a warm glow in the unfamiliar humiliation. She would definitely make another appointment for as soon as possible.