The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

Girl Power

Linda walked down the street on her way home just like any other day. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the new shoe store that had opened across the street. Out of curiosity, she crossed the street to take a look. Perhaps she could find a new pair of flats or sneakers which was her normal choice for footwear.

As she approached the store window and glazed inside, she noticed that all the shoes put out for display in the window were high heels. Nary a one that wasn’t four inches high. Platfomrs also seem to dominate the window with six and seven inch heels. This definately didn’t fit the type of shoe that Linda would wear. She had’nt had a pair of heels on since her marriage some five years ago. Her husband, Steve; would probably be upset at Linda wearing any such thing as platforms. He had long ago became the abusive and dominating personality that Linda quickly learned to not upset. Steve considered himself the ruler of the house so to speak, and when he came home from dinner he expected the dinner on the table and a wife who did what she was told. Sexually, Steve expected blow jobs when and where he wanted. He always assumed the dominate on top position and didn’t care about whether Linda orgasm or not. Although he never physically abused Linda, he mentally made Linda very passive in his behavior towards him. He called the shots and that was the way it was going to be.

Linda was about to move on from the new shoe store window when a lady walked up to the window from the inside of the store and placed a new pair of shoes up for display. Linda was immediately taken aback from the shoes placed in the window. Linda could not figure out why she was attracted to these shoes. They were platforms with six inch heels. They were black patent with two bands going across the arch of the foot. They were backless and across the two bands were tiny little rhinestones going across the entire band. Linda found herself transfixed by these shoes. She suddenly felt she needed to go in and try them on. She reasoned she would simply try them on and leave. She would never think of buying something like this for fear of Steve going into a rage about her footwear. She broke her gaze from the platforms she had become so transfixed on and entered the store.

Inside the store, a young woman in her thirties moved towards her with a very wicked type smile.

“ Hello, my dear; I see you were taken by the new shoes we just received. I bet you would like to see how they look upon your feet”.

Linda could only nod in agreement still stunned that she would even entertain such a thought of trying on such an outrageous shoe.

“ Sit down, my dear, and tell me what size you wear,” the saleslady said in a deliberate monotone.

Linda found herself sitting down as instructed and saying size six. The mysterious sales lady who seemed to know exactly what she wanted in advance disappeared into the back room. Linda leaned back into her seat in anticipation remembering faintly what she had thought to herself before coming in. She would simply try them on and thank the lady for her time and leave. Linda could not conceive in a million years buying such a shoe.

The lady returned with a black shoe box with some gold lettering on it that Linda could not make out. The lady sat down on her stool in front of Linda and smiled.

“ I really think you will love these shoes. We just got them in and they would look so lovely upon your feet”.For some reason, Linda found herself only nodding.

The strange lady removed one of the platforms from the shoe box and held it up towards Linda. She held the platform in the palm of her hand and tilted it down a little to give Linda a clear view of this magnificent shoe.

Again, Linda found herself transfixed by the beauty of this shoe. The glimmer of the black patent shining back up at her. She had never seen a shoe so beautiful and at this moment, never wanted to look away.

The lady inside the shoe store who had brought these magnificent shoes to Linda now starting speaking in a low monotone that immediately made Linda listen to her intently.

“ I see you have a great interest in these platforms. Before you try them on, you should take a minute and just gaze at them. Take in their beauty” .

Linda stared down at the platform unable to look away. The woman continued to hold the shoe in the palm of her hand but now started to move the black platform back and forth ever so slightly in her hand. Linda immediately found herself looking at the rhinestones going across the band as it sparkled up towards her. So many tiny rhinestones glimmering. For some reason, Linda knew that this was a sight she had waited her whole life to gaze upon.

“ Gaze deeply into the platform and take in it’s beauty. Notice how the rhinestones glimmer and shine. Look deeper and deeper in the rhinestones. You cannot take your eyes off them. They look so peaceful, so calm. You find yourself becoming more and more relaxed by their light”

The mysterious lady continued to move the black patent platform back and forth slightly. The movements of the shoe were perfectly in sync with the sound of her voice.

“ Deeper, deeper, into the rhinestones. The deeper you look, the more relaxed you become. You cannot, you will not look away from this glorious platform. You find yourself more and more relaxed. Soon you find your eyelids getting heavy, getting so heavy. You will just want to close them. To relax.”

Linda indeed found her eyes getting heavier and heavier. She looked deeply into the platform shoe being held in front of her. She took in every movement and glimmer from the rhinestones. Soon she found her eyes going closed.

“ You are now in a deep, relaxed sleep. You hear only my voice and will do only as I say. You find yourself wanting to listen only to my instructions knowing that only by listening to my instructions will you be able to to wear these fabulous platforms.

“ What is your name?", the woman asked.

Linda found herself saying her name.

“ Linda, I am going to give you some post hypnotic commands that you will obey once you have awaken. You will obey each and every one of them that I give you, do you understand?

Linda found herself saying yes.

The woman then gave Linda some post hypnotic suggestions. Then she awoke Linda from her trance.

Linda opened her eyes to find herself looking down at the shoe the woman was showing her.

“ Would you like to try them on now?, the lady asked.

Linda quickly slipped off the boring shoes she was wearing in anticipation of trying on these wonderful heels. She raised her nylon foot and slowly lowered it into the platform that was being held by the woman. She quickly followed this action by slipping the other foot into the other platform.

Linda slowly stood up in anticipation of struggling to keep her balance but found that to not be a problem. Instead she found a different feeling. One she had never experienced before. A tingling sensation started within her feet and quickly rose to her body. A sensation of power that she had never felt before. She moved to the mirror. She looked down at the platforms now upon her feet. The tingling sensation continued and with each second she felt more and more confident and stronger for some reason.

She looked back at the lady and in a voice that was almost unrecognizable she said, " I’ll take them. Don’t bother with putting them in a box. I’ll wear them now. Please remove those old shoes of mine and throw them away. I never want to see them again”

* * *

Steve entered the apartment that he lived in with Linda after another long day of work. He was again frustrated by his deadbeat job and not getting anywhere in life. He was immediately taken aback by the dinner table being bare and no smell of food anywhere.

Steve moved towards the bedroom in a rage. That damn wife was going to get a piece of his mind. He screamed the wife’s name out in anger and entered the bedroom. Steve froze dead in his tracks. Across the room standing next to the bed was Linda but attired like no way he had ever seen.

Linda stepped forward to reveal a black patent lingerie outfit that revealed Linda’s ample breasts. She wore black stockings and upon her feet were the black patent platforms she had bought earlier today. Upon leaving the shoe store, Linda had picked up these other items and even more to go along with her new attitude.

Steve’s confusion was followed by anger. He moved towards Linda in a hostile movement. He would get her out of this outfit and show her a thing or two. As he moved in on Linda, she reached and greeted him with a backhanded slap that stopped Steve in his tracks. He had never felt such a force coming from his wife before and was startled to say the least. Before he could regroup, Linda gripped his balls and twisted with a force he had never felt before. He looked at her face in shock and saw only a wicked grim smile back at him as she slowly turned and twisted his testicles. Steve could not offer any resistance due to the pain and found his legs giving out from under him. He collapsed onto the floor in pain and immediately curled up on the floor.

Linda looked down at the moaning Steve. She stood perched upon her six inch platforms and had never felt so alive, so powerful. She leaned down and gripped Steve’s hair and pulled it up so as to address him.

“ Now get this and get this good. I will not repeat it so I suggest you listen well. From this moment on, things have changed. You will only do as you are told, you will obey all my commands and failure to do so will result in the pain that you are currently feeling.”

Now normally, Steve would recover from this pain inflicted by his wife and go into a rage. But something had changed. The voice, the mannerisms of his wife were all different. He didn’t know why but he knew from the voice of his wife that resistance to his wife and her instructions would result in even worst pain than he was currently enduring.

Linda looked down at Steve and smiled. She knew she had already won this fight. Steve would no longer be giving her any trouble. Again the tingling sensation from her platforms rose from her feet and enveloped her body. The feeling of power within her increased more and more. She could not conceive of the old Linda and the way she was compared to this.

“To prove your new obedience to me, I want you to lick my new shoes and make them all shiny for me.”

As the pain subsided from within Steve, he could not believe what he was hearing. He was not about to be humiliated by this bitch. Soon he would show her who was boss. But as Steve rose his head slightly, he found himself looking into the platforms that were upon Linda’s feet. His gaze immediately became locked onto them. He found himself transfixed by the black patent and the rhinestones going across the bands on this magnificent shoe.

“ Awww, I see you have seen my new shoes. That’s it, Steve, look at them. Do not remove your eyes from them until I instruct you to do so.

Despite warning signs from deep within Steve’s brain, he continued looking at the shoes upon Linda’s feet. Deeper and deeper he gazed at them. Soon, he found himself cleaning them with his tongue as his wife had commanded.

* * *

Barbara moved up to the store window of the new shoe store that had just opened. Much to her chagrin, she did not see the normal footwear she would be looking for but instead many pairs of high heels and platforms. Just as she was about to move away, the lady from within the store set out a pair of platforms that immediately caught her eye.........