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“Girlfriend’s Devious Sister”

(written by pshadmeSummer 2005)

Tom was 24-year-old UPS deliveryman. He lived alone in a fairly large city in Pennsylvania and lately, was happier than usual because he had finally landed his dream girlfriend. Corrina was a 31 year-old redhead with a slamming body and a little taller than Tom. Tom liked her age and height advantage partly because he was an avid hypno-fetishist with a submissive personality and well, red hair…how can you beat that? He liked the perception of her appearing more powerful than he was. His unique fetish was also one of the reasons that Corrina found him intriguing. They had met online, of all places and it turned out, she was not more than 40 miles south of him in a smaller town. Corrina did not seem too willing or presumably even able to hypnotize him, but just talking about it to her always gave him a rush and she liked the feeling she got from discussing it as much as he enjoyed it.

The only glitch in this relationship that kept Tom on edge was Corrina’s live-in, older sister, Kerry. Kerry was a 36-year-old busybody who was always trying to invite herself along whenever they wanted to do something. She seemed jealous of her pretty, younger sister’s ability to get and keep a handsome, young boyfriend. Kerry was not unattractive by any means, however. She was also a little more than 2 inches taller than Corrina, and was almost always in some type of heels, so she towered over Tom. She was also a little heavier. She was not fat, but she had a full ass and thick legs, which supported, among other things, the heavy bosom she was always flaunting. Tom was not really a “breast man”, but Kerry’s assets always managed to keep his mind open. Her hair was just past her shoulders and bleached blonde from her natural auburn that was a few shades lighter than Corrina’s red locks. Her biggest drawback in Tom’s eyes was the fact that she smoked. Corrina had quit shortly before she met Tom, but Kerry was probably at about two packs a day and in his opinion, she stunk up Corrina’s house. Tom forced himself to believe this, because secretly (and to a degree it was a secret even to himself) Tom found a woman that smoked to appear sexy and commanding.

Despite Kerry’s ever-present intrusions on their relationship, all seemed to be going well, so Tom thought, until one Friday when he chose to pay Corrina an impromptu visit.

Tom had finished his route early before the Labor Day holiday weekend and decided to drive down to surprise Corrina. He called her house and left a message on her machine saying that he was on his way and had plans for the weekend. He was excited at the prospect of making her feel good by showing up and offering to drive down to the Jersey shore with her for the holiday, but was unaware that Corrina had flown to her old college roommate’s house to help her friend recover from a badly broken leg. A devious and opportunistic Kerry smiled with devilish intent as she listened to the recording.

Tom pulled into Corrina’s driveway, walked to the door and rang the bell. His heart sunk a little when Kerry answered, cigarette on her lips to say that Corrina was not home at the moment (never intending to mention that it was because she was in another state), but did not let that deter him. He stood at the door and while trying not to be distracted by her silky, low-cut blouse and slightly visible areolas, he briefly explained his plans to Kerry and asked if she could allow him to wait inside for Corrina to return. Kerry’s sexy red lips formed a wicked grin, she looked down at him from atop her extreme heels and said, “SURE, Tommy.” letting the last puff on her cigarette be exhaled into his face.

Tom did not like when she referred to him like that. It sort of excited him, because that is how he had always imagined a hypno-Domme addressing him, with a childish name, as if he was a helpless little boy, but he did not like to be aroused by Kerry. It made him feel dirty.

Kerry’s heels clicked as he walked behind her on the hardwood floor into the living room. Tom struggled to fight off a hard-on while he watched the smoke swirl around her feathered hair as he looked up at the back of her head; still hearing her belittling voice in his mind calling him, “tommy”. He had always imagined a lowercase “t” in his name when a woman said it. They exited the hallway and while Tom took a seat in the midst of his losing battle with a growing erection prodded by the powerful mix of perfume and cigarette smoke he was breathing, Kerry was mentally reviewing her plan.

Kerry turned with a hand on her voluptuous hip to look down at Tom’s seated body like a lawyer preparing to expose a weakness in the opposition’s witness. “You know, Tommy, Corrina has discussed your naughty little fetish with me, because she was looking for some help to try to indulge it and make you feel good. Interesting topic, erotic mind control…I found it deliciously fascinating.” Kerry bluntly disclosed with a sly, smoky smile, as she put out her cigarette in the ashtray next to him. Her leaning over to do so forced her heavily perfumed breasts unnervingly close to Tom’s face.

Tom’s heart beat into his throat, but despite now knowing his nemesis was aware of his fetish, he could not help but be a little aroused to find another woman that seemed interested. Between that notion and Kerry’s heady perfume, he squirmed a bit in his seat. Tom however immediately tried to put any unethical erotic thoughts about his girlfriend’s sister out of his mind, but found it difficult as he looked up at the heavy breasts hanging just below an evil smile.

“I have been doing some interesting reading and speaking to many hypno-subs online to see what it is about hypnosis that makes you, I mean, them feel so submissive and do you know what I’ve learned, Tommy?”, Kerry asked with her eyebrow raised.

Tom was feeling more than mildly aroused now, as simply talking about this with a woman excited him, so while awkwardly crossing his legs, he reluctantly asked, “What’s that, Kerry?”

“It seems that with hypno-fetishists, it’s not only being entranced and controlled that excites them, but simply the idea that it CAN be done. This led me to suppose that a woman does not even need to be well-versed in traditional trance induction to subjugate a man, as long as she chooses the proper subject; one with a weak will, a suggestible mind and an easily aroused body. From my discussions with Corrina, I’ve concluded that you would be a VERY good choice.” she said, eyes wide and in an aggressive fashion.

Kerry had sat on a higher, firm chair that she slid caddy-cornered to Tom’s seat in the corner of couch, so her vantage was one that hung over Tom, making her deep cleavage visible when she leaned in to speak to him. She looked down at his bulged shorts and smiled as her nails purposefully traced the plunging neckline of her blouse. “I KNOW you have always found ME very sexy, Tommy and your type gets excited just from feeling cornered by a sexy woman…especially an older woman who knows how to excite and manipulate a horny young man. I understand that a feeling of helplessness is part of the thrill.” Kerry slowly acknowledged in a mock-consoling manner, as if she was reading his mind.

“I think that merely ACTING as if I am hypnotizing a hypno-fetishist…well, a submissive hypno-fetishist that is…let’s say….YOU, for example, would be enough to actually put you under an hypnotic spell. I find it all seems to be more erotic than clinical, so I think that making you stare at something arousing while I speak to you in just the right way would inevitably leave you powerless to resist me.”, Kerry explained in a threatening, yet sultry manner.

Tom was uncomfortably stimulated by the suggestion that her full, red lips had mouthed and she noticed it when glancing at the uncontrollable throbbing between his crossed legs as he shifted in his seat. However, before he could formulate a defensive response, Kerry slid her fingers between her breasts and lifted out a modest diamond pendant that hung from a chain around her neck. She rested the stone on her ample cleavage. Tom, suddenly overwhelmed with the imagery after which he had always lusted, reflexively looked with doe eyes at the diamond on her full, lightly freckled breasts. Kerry grinned evilly, studying his eyes, as well as the emerging wet spot between his legs.

“Seeeeeeee, I AM right. You find this VERY exciting, my cornered little submissive boy. A sparkly diamond nestled in between full, sexy breasts on a VERY alluring, mature woman must be an unbelievably arousing sight for someone like you. I’m betting that you truly WANT to stare at this AND fall under my spell, Tommy.” Kerry insisted in a sexy whisper, choosing her words carefully. “I propose there is NO room for role play with a boy in your position. I think that simply presenting your weak will with the idea compels your mind believe that I really can. That covers weak will and suggestibility. As far as easily aroused? Look at you. You’ve gotten SO hard from staring at my breasts.” Kerry gently shook her shoulders as she said that, jiggling her breasts beneath the blousy material making her braless nipples firm and visible through the sheer top.

“I suspect you have always found my breasts irresistibly sexy.” Kerry told him while re-directing his eyes by erotically rubbing her hard right nipple with her left index finger, making it protrude even more through the thin fabric. “A tempting pair of breasts makes a boy lustful and as all women know, lust makes a boy OH so pliable. See, it IS more erotic than clinical. You find yourself falling largely because my tempting breasts keep you achingly hard. What WOULD my sister think of you?” she condescendingly added.

Hearing that last part, Tom tried to draw his mind back to the concept that this was wrong and nervously, but sheepishly blurted out, “Please, Kerry, don’t do this.”

“Aww, you said ‘please’. You ARE submissive, Tommy and you are feeling especially submissive for Miss Kerry and submissive boys need to do what they are told.” Kerry patronizingly instructed in a slow, deliberate cadence, continuing to choose and repeat just the right words to fuel his lustful, submissive tendencies as she delicately extracted and replaced the diamond back on the crest of her cleavage. She then slowly caressed his cheek with the palm of her hand which helped squeeze her boobs together, forcing the pendant closer to his wide eyes, as well as her scented breasts closer to his gasping face. The stone held his gaze and the backdrop of her breasts was now causing the precum spot on his khaki shorts to grow wider, much to Kerry’s delight.

“That’s it, Tommy, gaze at the mesmerizing diamond in my necklace and feel yourself get weaker. Stare at my enticing breasts and feel your body becoming overwhelmed with lust.” Kerry masterfully continued.

Tom’s mind felt clouded as Kerry exploited his fetish and although he had never actually been hypnotized before, he felt himself losing control. It was merely Kerry’s well-researched and skillful manipulation of his weakness, as opposed to doctorate in hypnosis, but it was still robbing him of his ability to think for himself and resist her.

Kerry observed his deep breaths prompted by her strong perfume and took advantage with, “That’s right, Tommy…deep breaths in with my will and breathe out all of your will. Now, tell me you will obey me, Tommy. Say, ‘I will obey you, Miss Kerry’.” she instructed, almost sounding over eager.

Tom looked slightly frightened by Kerry’s evil fervor and audibly grunted in an attempt to resist her control, so Kerry decided she would take a more direct approach. She placed her hand between his legs and gently squeezed on his erection and said, “Look in my eyes, Tommy. Stare into my hypnotic eyes and feel your mind become eeeeeeeeeven weaker.”

Kerry widened her eyes that she had intentionally lined with heavy black eyeliner to frame and accentuate the piercing bright green inside and Tom helplessly stared into them. Kerry had diligently prepared for this time alone with Tom and was careful to cover every angle she could. She employed aspects from many of the different induction methods she came across and used multiple focal points, as well as using every seductive trick she could imagine with her make-up, scent and clothing to keep his mind pre-occupied with lustful thoughts. Her newly fashioned hypnotic style may not have been streamlined enough for a stage act, but her ambitious intent was to overwhelm him and lucky for her, Tom’s mind seemed more susceptible to overload than precision. She continued massaging his erection and repeated her instructions to focus on her eyes.

“It’s hopeless to resist, Tommy. YOU know that. A weak little boy like you against a woman, especially an irresistibly sexy woman like me is a lost cause, sweetie. Feel my will overwhelming and erasing you own.” she added, continuing to convince his mind that she was too powerful for him.

On some level, Kerry felt kind of silly using all of the hypnosis clichés she had discovered, but she could not deny the obvious affect they had on a mind so ready to embrace the innate hypnotic power of a woman. Plus, since she never REALLY believed that it was all possible, the sarcastic, almost comical tone with which she delivered them was only making Tom’s eager submissive nature respond more quickly. So, while to Kerry, in large part, her voice reflected disbelief and humor, its condescension implied control to Tom, sounding as if she were simply toying with him.

“Look deeeeeeeper, Tommy. Stare even more deeeeeeply into my sparkly green hypnotic eyes. Feel your own, simple, weak will become sleeeeeeeeeepy. Your own thoughts are wanting to sleeeeeeeeeeep. All your bad thoughts about fighting this are growing soooo tired and sleeeeeeeepy, baby. Let those thoughts and that resistance sleeeeeeeeeeep for me. Submit to Miss Kerry, my little boy and tell me what I want to hear.” Kerry attempted again.

Tom began to mouth the words, but Kerry immediately observed his struggling willfulness to resist and repeated, “Look deeeeeeeply into my hypnotic eyes, let your thoughts sleeeeeeeeep, take a deeeeeep breath and tell me, ‘I will obey you, Miss Kerry’.” She cleverly always repeated the suggestion that her eyes truly were hypnotic, dragged out the “e”s in all forms of the words ‘sleep’ and ‘deep’ which appeared to REALLY make Tom swoon, leaned over him to allow her perfume to envelop him and then further punctuated her command with a firm, but gentle squeeze on the head of his engorged cock through his shorts.

“I will obey you, Miss Kerry.” Slowly came from Tom’s mouth as he stared into her eyes. Her multi-pronged approach had paid off. Between that and her persistence, Tom’s will had collapsed. It nearly sounded to her as if he was in a trance as he said it and Kerry felt herself get wet at the prospect that this was actually working.

“Very good, Tommy. I think my hypnotic eyes will be able to make your sleeeeeeepy will do what I want from now on. Isn’t that right, Tommy? You and you’re sleeeeeeepy mind are becoming slaves to my hypnotic eyes.” Kerry cooed.

“Yes, Miss Kerry.” came Tom’s zombie-like reply.

“Mmmmmmm, yes, soooo sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy, Tommy.” added Kerry in a whisper that she breathed into his left ear while leaning over him.

Kerry, pleased with her progress, rose and walked to the kitchen to get something to drink. She returned a minute later to see Tom slowly coming back to reality with his eyes fluttering, as he was wiping some drool from the corner of his mouth. She glanced at his crotch to see a prominent stain where his precum had soaked through to confirm that keeping her control on a sexual level would help her manipulate him even more effectively. This is going to be SO easy., she thought to herself.

“I’m sorry, Tommy, did you want something to drink?” Kerry innocently asked to see if Tom was aware of what happened.

Tom shook his head to clear the cobwebs, not realizing how long he had been there or what had happened and stammered, “Uh, no, Kerry, I mean, yes, I feel a little dry-mouthed. I will get it, thanks.”

It took him a moment to gather himself to get up, making Kerry chuckle a little. Tom finally stood up and as he stepped past Kerry towards the kitchen, she lightly stroked his leg with her nails, prompting him to look down at her. She widened her eyes and said, “Look into my hypnotic eyes, Tommy and obey me. You so crave to obey me, Tommy.” As she said it, she deftly slipped her hand to the inside of his leg, up his loose shorts and began lightly caressing, with her long red nails, just under the crease where his jockey shorts separated his throbbing balls from his leg, physically fortifying her suggestion. Then she extended her other hand and seductively commanded, “Let YOUR will remain sleeeeeeeeeeeepy for Miss Kerry and go refill my glass but do not get yourself anything.”

Tom wavered slightly, but silently took the half-empty glass from her hand, shuffled into the kitchen and returned with it full for her, but nothing for himself. He dutifully handed her the drink and slumped back into his seat on the plush couch. A couple of minutes passed and Tom again became lucid. Kerry looked down at his relaxed, semi-reclined body as she sipped her lemonade and stifling a giggle, she asked, “Did YOU want something to drink, Tommy?”

Tom felt a weird deja‘vu, but despite the cottony dryness he felt in his mouth, he could not put a finger on it.

“Tommy, could you help me a second, I think I got something in my eye.” Kerry asked with a sinister, feigned innocence.

Tom, unaware to himself that he was much less reluctant than normal to accommodate Kerry, immediately leaned over to look in her eyes and within a few seconds he reverted to the sleepy look on his face that Kerry now loved. Kerry smiled wickedly and said, “That’s it, Tommy, stare once more into my hypnotic eyes and fall deeeeeper under their spell. My eyes make you obey me and they always will. Even that sleeeeeeeeepy mind of yours understands that.” She again reinforced her commands by slowly and lightly dragging the backs of her fingernails on her left hand up Tom’s bare inner thigh to keep her control linked with his arousal.

While still in his eyes, she evilly directed him, “Look down at my pretty toes sticking out of my sexy new stilettos, Tommy.” Tom’s eyes reflexively looked down at her polished toes peeking out of the black leather shoes. She seductively wiggled them while again choosing all of the right words to plant in his mind. “Secretly, you have always loved my pretty toes, Tommy. They excite you and being excited by something sooooo small and aaaaaaalllllll the way down there makes you feel even more submissive. Isn’t that right, Tommy?...Helplessly submissive. But finally, I will let you fulfill your naughty dream in that ooooohhh so sleeeeeeepy mind of yours of getting down on your hands and knees and kissing them.” Kerry suggested, effectively implanting a craving that Tom had never actually had before.

Tom uncontrollably fell to his knees, passively bowed at Kerry’s feet and softly kissed her red-painted toes. Even the strong, sour odor from the sweaty feet in her heels did not dampen his imposed affection for her toes.

Kerry was so excited at how well her little experiment was turning out. She continued to toy with Tom, exerting her will in small ways to continue to extinguish his and help solidify her power over him. She kept him on his knees the whole time, to further demoralize him, smoked a cigarette that she had made him light and after she had finished getting him to profess how much he worshipped her plump ass, she could no longer ignore the wetness between her legs.

“Tommy, Corrina tells me she loves how well you eat her pussy. I think I would like to see if she’s exaggerating.” She looked down and lifted Tom’s chin with her fingertip, stared into his eyes and commanded with a smile, “Look into my hypnotic eyes, Tommy. You crave to pull down my shorts and panties and with all the energy you have left, eat my delicious pussy to orgasm. Don’t you crave that Tommy? It is YOU that wants that, isn’t it? Haven’t you always wanted that? That sleeeeeepy mind can’t possibly fight the desire anymore, can it?” Kerry allowed her “questions” to stream together quickly in a condescending tone leaving his weakened, ambushed mind to believe that it WAS his idea, not hers.

“Oh yes, Miss Kerry.”, responded a defeated Tom, helplessly overcome by his fetish.

He gently grabbed the waistline of her shorts and with one motion, lowered her shorts and panties. The potent smell of her sex right in his face was even more disorienting than her perfume and further stimulated his swelling lust. With each deep breath, his nose and lungs were painted with the erotic scent. He extended his tongue and began lapping at the moist brown stubble between her legs. Kerry’s body shuddered from the contact and being a dominant personality, she instinctively wove her fingers into his hair on the back of his head to secure his face in position.

After about ten minutes of Tom’s breath-robbing oral assault, Kerry’s body erupted in orgasm and being a squirter, her cum burst onto Tom’s face and into his mouth. Immediately, Kerry had a moment of clarity and her devious mind embraced the power she felt and told Tom, “That’s it, Tommy, swallow my juices. They are a drug that controls your mind. The sight of my wetness, the taste, the feel, even the scent will make you irresistibly crave to eat my pussy and each time you bring me to orgasm, you will eagerly drink my delicious juices and become MORE my helpless slave.”

Kerry’s legs were quivering from the powerful orgasm that left Tom’s face soaked with her quim, but still she garnered the energy and ambition to exert her growing power over her new slave. “That’s right, Tommy. My juices are drugging you. You cannot think for yourself when your senses come in contact with my juices in any way. My hypnotic eyes control your actions and my sweet juices control your thoughts. All that I have uncontrollably compels you to submit to Miss Kerry.”

She leaned over and cupped Tom’s slick chin, making him look into her green eyes once more and asserted, “You are forever lost in my hypnotic eyes, Tommy. You will do anything I say whenever you look into my eyes. That weak will of yours will always remain sleeeeeeeepy for Miss Kerry. You love being my helpless, submissive slave.” She continued staring into his eyes as he kneeled there and she quietly laughed in the face of her powerless boy toy, knowing she would have a wonderful weekend, but, more importantly, knowing that it would only be the beginning of her wonderful future as Tom’s hypnotic Mistress.

Tom’s heavy balls were throbbing, with his mind focusing on his extreme, uncontrollable arousal, as well as Kerry’s eyes and voice as she continued to turn his fantasies against him. “Yes, Miss Kerry”, Tom weakly replied without even consciously realizing that he was completely submitting to the woman that he held in such contempt only an hour earlier.