The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Glad You Agree

You need a ride, boy? Yeah sure I’m headed that way, but I got a couple of stops to make along the way, so it’ll be about three days. That alright with you? Alright then hop on in and make yourself at home. You sure got some guts, kid. Not many people would thumb a ride these days. You never know what kind of psychos you might end up with. Guess it works both ways, though, don’t it? So why don’t you tell me a bit more about yourself? We got time to burn anyway.

Well then, look at you. Bet you’re popular with the ladies back home. Figures that you’d have that football scholarship. But from the looks of you, you’re probably pretty smart too. Is that why you’re on some last adventure before being shipped off to college? To write the next great American novel?

Sorry about that damn engine noise by the way. Been meaning to get it fixed for a while now. But otherwise don’t feel like you gotta stay up and watch me drive. I know it can get dead boring so feel free to sleep if you like. I’ll turn the music down even. I’m due for my break in another two hours anyway so I’m gonna stop for the night soon.

Yeah that’s right boy. Keep on talking. Part of the reason I pick up kids like you is because it keeps my job interesting. I believe that when you get to know people there’s always something new to learn. And it makes you a better person. What do you think?

Of course you agree. I just gave you a ride, so you’re probably going to agree with everything I say just because you feel like I’m doing you a favour. Which I am, no doubt about that. At this time of night you’d be crazy if you thought that someone else was going to stop and pick you up the way I did. You’d have been out there all night freezing your ass off.

You don’t mind if I smoke, do you? Here hold that light for me. There we go. No of course you don’t mind. Even if the look on your face says you probably got some high and mighty opinion and some facts and figures involving lung cancer, you don’t wanna risk getting thrown out of my truck now, do you? Maybe once you’ve warmed up to me you might be more tempted to speak your mind, but until then we’ll just wait for that ice to thaw.

If it bothers you that much, you can endure it until the next truck stop, that ain’t too far off. You’ll probably be able to find some other guy in my line of business going in the same direction. That being said I don’t fancy your chances. These days the company tends to frown on picking up hitchhikers. Doesn’t always do wonders for our efficiency or something like that. So yeah, I’m not just doing you a favour here kid, I might even be risking my job.

But you look like you’re worth it. So that’s alright. Just rest for a bit. I got a sleeper out back, but it’s a bit tight in there. You can sleep there and I can sleep out here.

Yeah, figured you’d want to be all polite. I was just checking. Well in any case I’ll be back there if you need me later.

* * *

I can hear you moving about, boy. You having trouble sleeping? Yeah sleeping sitting up ain’t for everyone. That noise is still there? Impossible, I turned off the engine ages ago. It’s probably your imagination. Or one of the other trucks outside. Well, if you want some, here, I take two of them for when I can’t sleep. They’re good for headaches too, which I’ll be honest kid, looks like what you’ve got. Maybe you should lie down.

That’s alright, you can use the sleeper. I’ll sleep out front. I’ve done it more than a couple of times anyway, so it ain’t nothing on me. Hope you don’t mind the smell though, I’ve been meaning to clean that for a couple of days, and being on the road doesn’t afford you much time to do your laundry, so...

Well, glad you agree. You look like you could use the rest. Sleep tight kid.

Ten minutes feels about right. Yep. Sleeping like a log. I can hear you snoring peacefully from out here.

A bit naive, aren’t you, boy? I wonder if you weren’t so bothered by that headache, if you’d actually have taken those pills. Well, what’s done is done, so I guess I won’t need that ‘engine noise’ for now. There. Silence. Just us now, kid. Naw don’t worry I ain’t climbing in bed with you. You took great pains to mention your pretty little girlfriend back home a couple of times just now. I wonder if you caught me checking you out a couple of times just now.

No I’m just going to sit here beside you, and maybe we can have a little chat. No? Well of course, you’re sleeping. That’s okay. Maybe you just oughta listen then. You did most of the talking when you were awake anyway, so it’s only fair anyway.

Well. Glad you agree. Though it comes as no surprise. It’s one of the more interesting side effects of those pills you took. Guess I should have warned you. But there’s no point dwelling on that now, is there, boy? So just relax and I’ll worry about the rest. That’s it boy, just keep breathing. It’s like I’m not even here. You can’t even see me cause your eyes are closed, so for all your sleeping mind knows, my voice ain’t that much different than that voice in your head.

That’s right. Each breath takes you deeper boy. The deeper you go, the more you realize you can trust me. The harder it gets for you to tell whether my voice is a command I’m saying or a thought at the back of your mind. That’s right. Just breathe. You sure look cute while you’re sleeping. I wonder if your girl used to watch you sleep this way back home.

Okay boy, I’m going to touch you. No, not in that way. I’m not some kind of perv who’ll take advantage of you while you’re sleeping. No I’m just going to lightly tap your right arm, and when I do, you’re suddenly going to feel it rise like a balloon, outside your control. Sounds harmless, doesn’t it? Glad you agree.

That’s a good boy. Don’t mind me, I just love doing this to my passengers. It’s not like you mind anyway, being asleep and all. You probably won’t remember this in the morning.

But since we’re here and we’re already talking and all... (Okay you can drop that hand now) maybe you should think about how grateful you should be to me. Not saying that I’m some kind of saint or anything picking you up the way I did. I am having a bit of fun here after all. But like I said, I am risking my job doing this. Maybe you oughta thank me. Yeah. Funny that you never said that when you got on my truck. It would’ve only been the polite thing to do.

No don’t worry about it. I didn’t mind. But you can thank me tomorrow morning when it occurs to you what a big favour it was I just did for you. You can buy me breakfast. No, wait, I’ll buy you breakfast. You got some big shoulders, kid, but you still look like you can afford to put on some weight. Chalk it up as another favour from me to you.

Maybe you should treat me with a bit more respect too. Not like you were incredibly rude to me or anything, but maybe you could afford to trust me a bit more. I’m not going to hurt you, kid. You can trust me to get you where you want to go.

Now answer honestly, were you going to try to hitch a ride with one of the other truckers in the morning?

Of course you were. I guess the cigarette bothered you, then. Well perhaps you better get used to it. Maybe if you think about it, they aren’t so bad after all. Think about it, kid. The smell’s actually pretty nice. And hey, if I like them, and I’m a decent guy, surely cigarettes can’t be that bad either, can they? Well I’ll tell you what. You can try one tomorrow. You’ve been wondering what they were like your whole life after all. Seems fitting that I let you try one of mine.

Cigars are even better. But I save those for special occasions. Maybe you’ll get to try those one day too- who knows?

Alright then, kid. I’ve had my fun. Sleep tight.

* * *

You’re calling me sir, now? Well that was quick. Guess you were a lot more polite than I gave you credit for. Most people take a while to get to that stage, but well, I ain’t complaining. If it feels right to you, call me whatever you want. I can think of a better word, but we’ll jump that bridge when we get there. Eat up, kid. You sure you don’t want to hitch a ride with someone else? Bill over there is going your way, if you-

Right, of course not. We’re already getting along quite well, aren’t we? What? No, you’re welcome. You didn’t have to thank me for that. It’s not like the company hires spies to make sure I ain’t picking up kids like you anyway. Don’t worry, it ain’t no trouble. You can ride with me as long as you like.

Okay then, yeah I’m gonna have one. Hold that- there you go. You sure you don’t want to try one? You look like you want to try one, so why don’t you go on ahead? Here, have mine. I have a lot more where that came from.

There. Hits the spot, doesn’t it? I’m surprised you ain’t coughing your lungs out. You probably tried one once before, maybe when you were in school. I wonder what else you tried in school. See, they’re not so bad, are they?

I’m glad you agree

Right then, finish up your breakfast, we better get going.

* * *

Taking a nap already? Ha well, guess I can’t blame you. It’s not like there’s much else that’s interesting for you to do out here. Better take another one of these. Yeah just one if you’re going to have a short nap. I’ll wake you up when it’s time for lunch. You still hearing that noise? No? Well it must have been one of those other trucks then.

That’s right, boy. Just lay back into that seat and breathe. You can trust ‘sir’ to take care of you in the meantime. Hope you don’t mind if I keep talking while you sleep. I do it to keep awake. No, of course you don’t mind. You like hearing me talk, don’t you? Something about my voice makes people feel at ease. Like they can trust me, like they can tell me anything and believe anything I tell them. You’re getting there again, boy. Once you’re ready I want you to raise your hand like you did last night, just so I know you’re ready to listen.

There. That’s a good boy.

So then, boy. What else did you try back in school?

Ha, of course you tried that, who wouldn’t if the girls were already throwing themselves at you like that? So would you consider yourself straight, boy? Of course you do. You have a girlfriend, right? You sure? I’m just checking, because if you did have one I’m just wondering why she ain’t here on this little adventure with you. I’m sure you just made her up. No? No I don’t think you have one. Or if you did, she’s probably broken up with you. That’s why you left home in a hurry. You’re all alone again. That makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Well I’m glad you agree. We’re coming along quite nicely. Almost ahead of schedule even.

But no, boy, you’re not alone. I’m still here and I’m going to take good care of you. Now aside from those cheerleaders, I’m wondering if you never ‘experimented’ some with some of your teammates. You know what I mean, boy. You ever touch a man the way that slutty ex of yours ever touched you? No? Are you sure? There ain’t nothing wrong with that, I’m just saying.

You look like the kind of open-minded kid who can appreciate men as much as they appreciate women. I mean you look like you got some power in those big shoulders of yours. Surely you can appreciate strength as much as I do. Sometimes being held down, being put in your place can be just as fun as being the lead man. I bet you enjoyed it. I bet you enjoyed being pinned down by another man, bet you enjoyed feeling a firm, unyielding chest much more than you ever did groping that whore’s tits.

No? You sure? Here give me your hand, boy. Here. Feel that. That’s a man’s chest, right there. You sure you don’t appreciate that? You sure look like you do. Those fingers seem right at home stroking those curls. That’s right, boy, daddy’s chest hair is nice and thick. It’s the sign of a real man. It’s why you listen to me. I’ve been around a longer than you, so obviously I know better.

Glad you agree.

Now keep on feeling that. Sorry I’m a bit sweaty today. You sure you not appreciating this? It looks like you got a bit of a problem down there in your pants. Sure, it’s a side effect of the drug, but you don’t know this. And what you know can’t hurt you.

Well, not much anyway.

Trust me boy, I ain’t calling you a flaming homo. Just saying that as much as you liked your girlfriends, you enjoyed that one time your coach kissed you after practice when everyone else was gone. Sometimes when you were horny you had to try and hide the fact that you were getting a little hard-on in the showers from watching your teammates. That’s all.

Well then, glad you agree.

Why did you let your coach kiss you though? I wonder. That’s alright boy, no need to explain it to me. I know the feeling. Sometimes you just love the feeling of being cared for, for being protected. And there’s something about being in the arms of someone older, stronger, wiser, that makes you feel safer than you could be anywhere else. You looked up to him. Probably wanted to be like him, even. No shame in that. Your dad probably walked out on you as a kid and you’re still looking for that person who’ll keep you safe. Well I’m sure he’s a lot closer than you think boy.

Okay then. I feel like I’ve talked enough so why don’t you just carry on sleeping. Dream of that feeling boy. Dream of feeling safe in another man’s arms.

* * *

Wow you sure can eat a lot. It’s like you’re trying to put on weight. No don’t stop, I think you’ll look good with a little gut. I really do. I think you can do whatever you want kid. There’s no need for you to take pains to keep up some regime just because you have to impress some smart-asses in suits. Just be who you are. Or whoever you want to be, whichever applies to you. Am I right or am I right?

Well. Glad you agree.

You have a confession to make? Wow, that sounds serious.

Ah. I figured you looked like a kid carrying around some pain. When did that bitch leave you? Well you’ll do just fine without her, boy. Just fine. Maybe you should sleep it off later back in the truck. Here, have another one. Don’t worry, I’ll wake you up for dinner.

* * *

Now then, boy, how long has it been since you got off? One week? Damn, you need some release. No wait, not now! But I’m glad you agree. I guess I was just surprised is all. Not even a goodbye fuck? That bitch was cold. She never treated you right. But that’s okay. Now you’re free to do whatever you want kid, the world is your oyster or whatever. Going to college was probably her idea anyway. So why don’t you take a good long think about what you really want to do with your life? You got all the time in the world anyway.

Hey, you got some ketchup on your shirt, kid. Well it doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind a bit of a mess- you probably gathered that from the state the sleeper’s in, but it probably bothers you so why don’t you take off that shirt?

That’s right. No need to worry about anything while you’re with me. I’ll keep you safe. You got a nice chest, kid. Could use a bit more hair, but that will come in time. No, I know it’s a bit windy. Here, hang on. Here’s one of my spare flannels, why don’t you put it on? Smells a bit, but you probably don’t mind, do you?

No, of course you don’t. After all, before your coach had any idea you liked him, you stole his jockstraps didn’t you? Something about the way he smelled just drove you wild.

No? You sure? My bad. I just figured you seemed like the type to appreciate the way a man’s sweat symbolizes how hard he works. The harder a man works, the more respect he deserves. You know that. You probably know that more than anyone else. You probably worked hard your whole life to get where you wanted, pretending to be someone you’re not even. Smell that before you put that on. Yeah, that’s a real man right there. Someone who can keep you safe.

There’s something raw, almost electric about the way a man smells up close. That musk carries with it the kind of power you just don’t get from the manufactured way girls pollute the air with their dainty little perfume bottles, don’t you think?

Glad you agree.

Now then, you look pretty good in that. A bit more weight and a beard, and you’d almost even look like me!

Well of course you’d like that. Don’t worry, boy. You can wear as many of my clothes as you like. We’ll throw away the old ones in your backpack when we stop for dinner. That bitch probably picked them for you anyway. You don’t seem like the type to have a lot of opinions. Not that that’s a bad thing, but she sure took advantage of you, didn’t she? I promise it won’t happen again, boy.

I’ll take care of you real good.

You look so peaceful while you sleep, boy. I wish you could see it. Maybe I’ll take a picture sometime. I got one of those cameras on my phone, but I never bothered to learn- yeah, you can show me later. For now though you look like you’ve settled in quite well, breathing deeply, so relaxed, so open.

Here, boy. I’ll just put this on your face while you sleep.

Whoa there! You’re twitching and moaning like you’re about to shoot your load right now! Hold it in, boy, save it for a special occasion. In the meantime just keep breathing in the scent from those briefs. I wore them last week. Again, laundry. No time. But you don’t mind, do you? You seem to enjoy it. The way you enjoyed the way your coach’s crotch smelled after practice.

Dream, boy. Dream of me now. You’re going to need all your energy for what’s to come.

* * *

You sure you’re alright, boy? You’ve been looking at me quite funny since you woke up. No, it’s probably my imagination. Now just finish that burger and then we’ll probably call it a night. We’ll reach your stop tomorrow afternoon.

Yeah, I don’t fancy us parting either. I’ve grown quite attached to you boy. You make an old bear feel appreciated, the way you listen to my stories without complaining. (Of course most of those stories were about you, and all made up besides, but it’s not like you can tell the difference)

But you probably got your schedule to keep. A pretty little list of cities you feel you need to visit before you go off to college. And if you don’t get off tomorrow then you’re going to ruin that schedule. A real tragedy, that.

Here boy, why not we just have a couple of beers first? Oh, and here’s a cigarette too. Let’s just hang out here and talk until it’s time to get some shuteye. No sense in going to bed too early anyway.

Well, glad you agree.

* * *

What’s that, boy? Still having trouble sleeping? No? Are you sure you want me in there with you? It’s going to be a little tight...

Well then, if you insist. Ain’t nothing wrong with it anyway. It’s not like anything’s going to happen anyway, you being as straight as an arrow and all.

Sleep tight, boy. Hope you don’t mind if- wow, it’s like you’re almost leaning into me. Yeah, I’m just going to put my arm around you. Relax. Just try to get some sleep and I’ll wake you up for breakfast.

Mmm. You sound like you’re enjoying this a bit. I like the way you smell too, kid. Of course, you’re still wearing my shirt so you still kind of smell a bit like me, but let’s not get bogged down with details.

Speaking of my shirt, it’s actually a bit warm in here. Why don’t we just take our clothes off and try this again? Sleep in our underwear. It’s not like anything’s going to happen, you being all straight and stuff.

You are quite a sight, kid. I never would have pegged you for a boxers kind of person though. That little fella you got down there ain’t so little, if you know what I mean. He deserves to be accentuated a bit. Perhaps if you wore something tighter that would just feel more snug... Yeah I got a couple of spare briefs, you can try them tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll look good in them. Glad you agree. Now quit staring at me, you’re making an old man blush. Just get back in bed and we’ll get some sleep.

Well then, isn’t that so much better? I’m loving the way your back presses against my hairy chest, boy. It’s almost like you’re wanting something more.’re quite a big fella down there aren’t you? Hope you don’t mind me copping a feel. Just curious is all. Why don’t you reach around back here and do the same? Ain’t nothing wrong with it. Just two guys checking each other out.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Glad you agree. Now why don’t you just turn around and face me for a bit. I got something I wanna tell you.

On second thought...

Ha! Bet you were beginning to wonder if I was never going to kiss you. Now just relax boy and let daddy take the lead. If you really want this (and I’m sure you do), I’ll show you the ropes. I’ll bet you ‘d never have dreamed of this yesterday. Lying in bed with a large, hairy trucker with him almost on top of you, shoving his tongue down your throat. You’re loving in though, aren’t you? Yeah I bet you are. I bet you’re just twitching like crazy down there with the feel of my beard scratching against your chin. Hope you don’t mind if my fingers get a bit more adventurous down there boy, I want to feel your cock in my hands without those pesky boxers in the way.

Let’s forget about tomorrow , boy. There’s only me, here and now.

And you of course, moaning underneath me like a proper bitch in heat.

Yeah it gets proper lonely out here sometimes. How mighty generous of you to offer some company to a horny old bastard like me.

That’s right, boy, touch me. Explore your daddy with your two hands. Every hard inch is yours tonight, feel as much as you want. I ain’t like that coach of yours, afraid of being discovered, afraid of losing his wife. Let the world see us for all I care. Let the other truckers hear us. I want them to know that I’m claiming you as my own tonight. That you’re going to take my cock and that you’re going to love it.

Enough kissing, then. I’m sure your tongue is thirsty for something else. Lean a bit closer, don’t be afraid. Here, a good boy loves the smell of his daddy. And that’s what I’m going to be to you after tonight, boy. Your daddy. I’ll take care of you proper, and you’ll obey me like a good son should. And now I say you’re going to bury that pretty little face of yours in my armpit and slobber your face in daddie’s musk.

That’s it, boy. I knew you’d enjoy this. Like I said, I know a lot of things and you’re just going to have to trust me more often.

Glad you agree.

Now why don’t you go down a bit lower. Trail that tongue down my chest, don’t worry if you get some hair in your mouth. Bigger things are going in that pretty little hole tonight, rest assured. I love the way you shudder at every inch, keep on going. I think we both know what the real prize is.

But you’re not quite sure what to do with that, are you? Did that bitch really treat you that bad? Alright then. No worries. Back off for a bit and follow my lead. I was going to want a piece of this sooner or later anyway. Relax boy, I know it’s a bit intimidating to be underneath a big old man like me, but I promised I wouldn’t hurt you, not unless you asked for it. And I keep my promises. There. You’ve got a magnificent cock, boy. The bitch was missing out big time.

Now with my face in your cock, and your pressed against the fabric of my underwear, smart kid like you, I think you’ll figure out what comes next easy enough. But feel free to sniff at it or lick it through the fabric as much as you want first. You can follow my lead whenever you feel ready. Mmm..oh, that’s right. How long has it been since I’ve had a taste of another man’s cock? Not too long, really, but I’ve been wanting to do this since I first laid eyes on you boy. Let daddy show you what you’ve been missing out on by dating that cunt. See us men, we gotta stick together. We’ll do things for each other that women won’t even consider doing sometimes. Stick with me, kid, and you’ll be happy.

Oh..mmm... yeah... that’s right. This is how you appreciate another man’s cock, boy, with your face buried in their crotch, breathing, licking, tasting what they have to offer.

Your cock feels good on my tongue, boy. I love the way it continues to throb excitedly as I linger around the head. That’s it boy. Relax. Now you give it a try. That underwear’s probably getting a bit stale to you anyway, but I can grind that into your face all night long later if you wish. For now, let’s move on with the lesson.

Don’t worry about choking a bit on it. Take it nice and slow- careful with the teeth. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about if you gag a bit on it. I happen to like that noise anyway. It tells me that you’re willing to do anything to make me happy. Which is the truth, isn’t it? When you have another man’s cock in your mouth, it does things to your brain sometimes. You head is probably spinning with your nose buried in my crotch hair now. Let it. It’s telling you that you that you’re my bitch. My slave. My boy. Let it all wash over you.

You’re mine now.

That thing washing down your throat is my pre-cum, boy. Why don’t you back up a bit and have a taste? I think you’re going to like it.

See? What did I tell you?

Now wrap your lips hard around daddy’s cock and show him how much you want his seed. You can feel it now, boy, can’t you? We’re moving in unison. I’m showing you how much I want you, and you, well, you NEED me at this point. I’m pounding your face into the bed and you’re still moaning and writhing, our sweaty, muscular frames moving in perfect harmony.

It’s approaching now boy, and I think you know it. Any second now I’m going to shoot my load down your throat and you’re going to take it. It’s like we’re making a new person tonight. When my seed enters you, you’re going to feel like a new man. And you, well, whatever you didn’t want from your old life, all those times you were unhappy, give it to me.

You deserve to be happy, boy. You deserve to be safe. Daddy’s going to be there for you tonight. With a gasp, I hear you almost cry out with my cock still in your mouth. In that instant I feel your cock shoot out all that pent up frustration and I eagerly wolf it down. Give it all to me, boy. Cum for daddy. A week’s a long time for a strong, young boy like you so I know you’ve got a lot. Don’t worry, give it all to me.

Keep your lips there, boy, daddy isn’t done yet. Just a bit longer, and we’ll both be complete. Some day you’ll grow up to be just like me, and I’ll teach you to last just as long.

Okay let’s stop for a bit, I have a better idea.

There, now get on your knees beside the bed and continue. I want to see your face looking up at me while I fuck your throat.

Oh yeah, that’s better. Now take it deeper, you can do it. Don’t worry about daddy’s hands pressing your head down, just go with it.

Oh fuck I’d forgotten how good this could be. Eagerness doesn’t always make up for experience, but you’re certainly getting there. That’s right, boy, take daddy’s cock. Take it like the cock-slut you are. I can see you begging for it with your eyes. I can hear you pleading for it with the way you moan. Fuck yes. There’s nothing like a boy on his knees slurping and gagging with your cock in his mouth.

Keep it up boy. Almost there.





Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Keep your mouth there, boy, yes. Keep it there. You deserve a little taste after all your hard work, after all. Now back up a bit, I’m not quite-

Ahhh! Nnhh...fuck.. there, some for your pretty little face, hot and fresh from daddy’s cock.

Now come here, you.

I love it when I can taste myself in a boy’s mouth. And you, boy, tasting your own spunk for the first time? Well that’s quite long overdue. Yes, lean into me, I love the way you press yourself almost desperately into me, your hands tangled in the silver chain around my neck, your toes curling up as my tongue goes back down your throat.

Whew. Okay let’s stop for a bit.

What? Oh you’re welcome, boy. Yeah you looked like you needed that. Yes, you can call me daddy. I did say you could call me whatever feels right. I suppose nothing else feels right now when you got my seed trickling down your face and churning in your belly, eh? I imagine I must be quite a sight too, right now. I probably got some of yours stuck in my beard.

There now. Let’s just lie down for a bit. Tomorrow’s still far off and we still have a lot to do. What? Are you sure?

But your schedule...

Okay, boy, if you’re absolutely sure. I could use the company, anyway. And I could never say no to a face that’s covered in my cum.

Well I’ve got another week or so, then I’m back with the company. But I’m sure they’d let you stay if you wanted to... I don’t know, work with us? You could be a driver just like me. Take over when I’m tired. And when we’re both not, well... I’ll let your imagination do the rest.

Ha. I had a feeling you’d say that.

Now close your eyes and get some sleep. If we’re going to have the foreseeable future to spend together, then there’s no need for us to rush, is there?