The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Good Boy

By Daddy Jinn

M/M Hypno/MC

The doorbell rang.

Jacob set his soda on the counter in the kitchen and headed for the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone, was he? Opening the door, he found himself looking at a large bellied man with a thick blond beard wearing an old work shirt that read “Plumbing Solutions”. The man smiled and slightly tipped his frayed green ball cap, revealing a messy mop of blond hair barely contained beneath.

“Can I help you?” Jacob asked, mildly confused at this stranger standing here.

“Plumbing Solutions? You called about a leak?”

Jacob shook his head. How had he forgotten? He’d noticed the leak this morning and called the card a friend had given him. The guy had said he’d swing by this afternoon. He smiled and offered his hand. “Sorry! I’ve just been really busy and completely forgot. Come on in.”

The plumber smiled and shook his hand. Jacob was momentarily distracted by the large, warm, meaty grip and found himself looking in the man’s hazel eyes for what felt like just a moment too long. He coughed lightly and broke the gaze, turning to gesture into the apartment. “Come on in. I’ll show you the kitchen where the leak is.”

The plumber stepped past him and Jacob closed the door behind him, his heart racing. He liked a big bear of a man, but he drew the line at openly flirting with random service men. What on earth had gotten into him? The plumber smiled and nodded, as if waiting for something and Jacob became aware that another awkward amount of time had passed again with him just standing there looking at the man.

“Right, it’s through here,” Jacob muttered and led the plumber into the kitchen. What was wrong with him today?

The big man gestured at the living room where some toys and a collar and lead were sitting near a dog bed. “You got a dog?”

Jacob nodded, stopping in the doorway to the kitchen. “Looks like a big one from that collar. He’s friendly?” The plumber looked around. “Where is he?”

“He’s sleeping right now. But don’t worry, he’s friendly, I promise” Jacob reassured him and gestured towards the kitchen. “It’s the sink pipes. They seem to be leaking. I found a puddle around the cabinet this morning.”

The plumber brushed by Jacob leaving him with a whiff of summer sweat that caused his cock to twitch in his pants. The big man set down his toolbox and crouched down to look under the sink. “Ah, shouldn’t be a big deal. We can get this taken care of quickly for ya.”

Jacob picked up his soda from the counter and watched the plumber get set up, laying out various tools.

“What made you call me?” The big blond man asked, as he leaned under the cabinet checking the pipe joints.

“A… a friend suggested you,” Jacob couldn’t remember which friend. Or why. His head was feeling a little cloudy. I must be catching a cold, he thought to himself. Figures. Just before the weekend.

“Ah, that’s nice. I like building a good rapport with my clients,” The big man came back out from under the cabinet. “You know, a real….” He seemed to think for a moment before loudly snapping his fingers twice. “…connection.”

Jacob felt a little dizzy and blinked, but nodded. His head was feeling really stuffy, but he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off the plumber who grinned at him. Suddenly, with a bit of a wink, the plumper pulled off his work shirt, rearranged the green ball cap on his head, and then lay on his back working at the pipes. His big fuzzy belly sticking out from under the sink. Jacob found himself staring at the plumber’s grimy jeans and at the bulge in his crotch.

They stayed that way for a few moments, the plumber working and Jacob lost in thoughts of being buried nose deep in his crotch, before Jacob coughed trying to clear his head. “Well, you were highly recommended.”

“Good to hear, good to hear,” The plumber’s voice was muffled and his belly jiggled a bit as he wrenched at the pipes.

Jacob found himself staring at his belly and bulge again. Desperate to regain control of the situation, he forced himself to look away. It was a lot harder than it should have been, and he cursed himself under his breath trying to just think and get out of this fuzzy headed horniness that had come out of nowhere. “Can I get you a drink, Daddy?”

Jacob clapped a hand over his mouth, horrified at what had just slipped out. There was dead silence under the sink as the plumber stopped working and just sat there unmoving.

“I mean, Can I get you a drink?” Jacob squeaked, embarrassed. He could tell he was burning a bright red. Why had he said that? What the fuck was wrong with him?

The plumber pulled himself out from under the sink and stood up, dusting off his hands. He walked over to Jacob. With him came that scent. Sweat, hard work, and sex all rolled into one. “Daddy, huh?” He laughed, a pure sound that made Jacob feel light inside. The plumber wasn’t mad. More than that, Jacob was really starting to like this guy. He liked seeing this guy smiling.

“How about a water…. boy?” The plumber asked with a wink.

He appreciated the plumber’s attempt to make a joke out of the situation to help him save face, but Jacob’s face was still a brilliant scarlet as he got the man a glass of water. What was he doing? Why on earth was he flirting with a plumber? He was cute. And it could be fun… but this wasn’t like himself.

“Thanks.” The big man flashed him a big grin and patted his butt. “That’s a real good boy.”

Warmth flooded through Jacob’s body at that smile and those words. What had he been thinking just a moment ago? Oh he liked this guy. Yes. He liked making this guy happy. He needed to see that smile again. “Y-Y-yes sir.”

“So…I hate to tell you, bud, but there’s nothing wrong with your pipes under there,” The plumber wandered towards the living room door from the kitchen, sipping his water. “So I have to wonder why you really called for me to come over.”

“I…. I… I’m sorry, I don’t…” Jacob tried to find the words, but his head was getting cottony and it was hard to think. That musk, the man’s eyes, the feel of his hand on his ass as he said “good boy”, it was all spinning dizzily around in his head. He didn’t know what to do. The plumber looked at Jacob for a moment before gesturing him over and guided him into the living room. This was good. It was hard to think. Thankfully the big blond man would help him make decisions. He liked the big man. He trusted him. He wanted to do what he wanted to do.

“It’s ok, boy,” The big man smiled and Jacob felt that flash in his chest. All he wanted to do was be the reason for that smile. He’d give anything to make him smile again and say what a good boy he was. Anything. The plumber nodded, and pushed down on his shoulders and Jacob sank to his knees. “That’s it. Get down there. Just give in. We both know what you really want.”

Jacob found himself on his knees burying his face in the crotch of this strange plumber. Licking and sucking at the growing stiffness in the man’s jeans. “P-please, sir. Please, I need it.” Jacob whined lightly. He was naked. Where had his clothes gone? Had he been wearing clothes? It was hard to remember. Good boys didn’t wear clothes, he thought to himself and that felt right. That must be why he was naked.

The plumber sat down on the sofa, pulling open his jeans and pulling out his cock. Jacob started to move forward, desperately hungry to have that cock in his mouth, but the man held up a finger in a “stay” posture and he stopped, confused. The man smiled and then whistled, a “come here” whistle and Jacob scrambled across the floor burying his face to the pubes. The dusky dank musk smell from the man’s crotch was driving him crazy, it was hard to think. But he didn’t need to think. The man’s big hands were on his head, guiding him, using him, he just needed to be the best boy he could. Do what the man asked.

“Fuck, boy,” The plumber growled. “You’re a hungry one, aren’tcha?”

Gasping for breath, Jacob looked up with pleading eyes as the plumber smacked his lips with his cock.

That was when Jacob noticed the man was holding the collar in his other hand. His dog’s collar. A voice in the back of his mind was whispering desperately… wondering where was his dog and why wasn’t he wearing the collar? But it was so hard to think, the clouds had swarmed over his head entirely. All he could think about was the smell of this man, the feel of his hard cock in his mouth, and how every time the man smiled at him, he exploded in warmth and need.

“C’mere, boy,” The man leaned forward and began to slide the collar around his neck.

“I-I’m no….not sure… I…” Jacob began, but as the collar went around his throat, the man’s thick fingers deftly buckling it, he suddenly found he couldn’t remember what he was saying. The clouds swirled in his brain and feeling dizzy, he tried to ask for help but he couldn’t remember…remember what was he trying to remember…

A plaintive whine escaped his throat followed by a short “wuff”. Jacob’s eyes widened. He tried to ask the man to help him, but all that was coming out of his mouth was that whine and short barks. He barked more, alarmed, desperately afraid, but the man leaned forward and held his face in his hands, whispering and calming him. “Shhh, boy. That’s a good boy.”

Jacob’s heart melted as he stared into those hazel eyes and the man spoke to him in reassuring tones. “You’re right where you need to be, boy. You know… this is my favorite part, pup. For me? This is like the 100th time we’ve done this. It’s taken a while to hypno train you properly, after all. I’ve been coming to your house daily for months. But for you? It’s your first time, every time. That moment when you realize that you’re no longer a man, that you’ve lost your voice as the collar goes around your neck. And then that look in your eyes of surrender as your master’s voice calms you…”

The plumber chuckled. “It never gets old, pup. I love stripping the man away from you and leaving you my dog.”

Jacob wasn’t sure what all the words meant. He got lost swimming in clouds trying to understand them, but he could tell from the tones that the man loved him, the man thought he was a good boy, and the man was happy with him. That made him happy. He began to paw at his dick, rock hard at the idea of his master being pleased with him. He was lost in those hazel eyes and eager to know what to do next.

The plumber grabbed the leash beside him and with a grin, held it up in front of Jacob’s eyes. “You’re still in there. Just a bit of you. Fighting through the clouds. I can see it in your eyes. You remember what this is, boy? What it does?”

Jacob didn’t know what he was saying, but inside of him that small voice was trying to cry out trying to clear the clouds, to think.

“Once this is snapped to your collar, you’re just my big dumb mutt. You won’t be a man any longer. You will have forgotten you used to walk on two legs and you’ll just be a bitch in heat that needs to be bred and used at your Master’s pleasure. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, pup?”

Jacob nodded. He didn’t know what the man was saying but it sounded so nice. The man was nice. He loved the man. He wanted to make the man happy.

The plumber clicked the leash onto the collar and the voice inside his head went blissfully silent. The puppy barked, ready to play. “There’s my boy. No sign of Jacob in there now, is there? Just those big, happy, eager to please eyes I love.” He rubbed the pup’s belly and the puppy rolled over on the floor, desperate to be touched more by the man. “There you go, Ace. That’s a good puppy.”

The man leaned back on the sofa and tugged on the leash, bringing the pups face back to his bone. The puppy buried his nose in the pubes, drinking in the glorious scent of his owner. He needed that smell all over him, it marked him, made him belong to the man. He needed it all over him. “Get Daddy’s bone all good and wet, boy.”

He licked and slurped and sucked on the bone as commanded. High on the feel of his owners hands on him, the smell of him as he served him, he gave in to sensation entirely. No thought required, he was his master’s toy. He just needed to do. Master would think.

“That’s right, pup. Just keep sinking into the clouds. Let go and just be the pup you were always born to be, to be owned and used by me. The more you sink, the heavier your balls are feeling. You can feel pressure building up in them…”

Ace whined a bit, as his balls began to feel full.

“… every memory of Jacob, of his life, of who and what he was… it’s all building up in your balls. So heavy and full.”

Ace whimpered and the man pushed his head all the way down the cock. “Deeper, boy. Sink deeper and feel everything that once made you a man build up in those puppy balls.”

The man yanked him onto the ground in front of him, spinning him around, ass up. He felt his master’s cock pressed up against his hole and his entire body flooded with desperate, hot, need. He couldn’t remember needing anything more as he began to slowly grind back against it.

He heard the man spit and then felt the cock head rubbing against his hole, sliding ever so slightly in and out, opening him up to his master’s use. His balls felt like 100lb weights, they were so, so heavy. The plumber slid in, burying himself deep, and the puppy growled and whined, the feel of that cock buried inside of him exploding in sensations of purpose, belonging, and need. He needed that cock. He needed that cock inside of him, filling him, using him. This was his place, this was where he belonged. As long as Master used him, he was a good boy.

The plumber began fucking the pup as he wound the leash around one hand, pulling the pups head back, forcing him to bounce on that cock to keep from choking. “That’s it, boy. You’re ready to let go, aren’t you? Ready to accept your life as my dog? That load in your balls that has been building up, you just want to get rid of it all, don’t you? Feel all of it leave you and just start your life as my big, dumb, brainless mutt?”

He pounded home each word with a thrust and the puppy found it impossible to understand what was being said. He just new his owner wanted something and he desperately wanted to give it, needed to give it. He whined loudly, panting as he felt his master’s cock thrusting in and out. “Then cum for Daddy, boy…”

The plumber slammed deep and the pup howled, his cock twitching as thick ropes of cum began to spill out of him all over the floor. He could feel a vague sense of loss, something leaving that he wasn’t going to be able to get back, but he couldn’t stop… master told him to do it! After a moment, the sensation faded leaving behind warmth and clouds, free floating and peaceful surrender as he came.

“Every memory, every thought that ever made up Jacob, just spilling out of you forever… leaving behind just my good boy.”

The weight in his balls tightened for one last spurt at that and then… he was done. He felt his Master’s cock twitch inside of him, swelling with lust and need. With a loud growl, the big bear of a man dumped a load of cum inside of him, flooding him with warm seed. Grinding softly there for a moment, as the orgasm passed, the man finally pulled out.

Panting and lying in a pool of what used to be his memories, the puppy barked happily and the big man lay down beside him, patting his butt. “No more games, pup. It took a while, but we finally got all the memories out. You’re just my pup now. No more having to pretend to be a man. You’re going to just my big, dumb, eager to please puppy from now on, just the way you were meant to be.”

The puppy barked and wagged his tail and as his Master cuddled him up under his arm with a chuckle. He licked his master’s armpit where that glorious smell was that kept the warm clouds rolling through his happy puppy brain. He was home now and Master would take care of everything. He would serve and please and love his Master, because that’s what good boys do.