The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Grand Experiment

I stood there looking at the sink unable to move an inch. ‘What am I doing here?’ I thought to myself. My mind was a blank. Suddenly I remembered; I had been invited to come to the mall by one of my friends, Timothy . He told me it would be good to stop studying for once and get out of the house. I had reluctantly agreed to go.

However once I got there I realized his true intention. He wanted to set me up with one of the sluttiest girls in town. I had mentioned to him that I was still a virgin just a few days earlier. I guess he took it as a challenge to get me laid.

After seeing him wave me in I panicked. I knew he was trying to do me a favor in his own annoying way, but this was way too much. I saw the men’s restroom nearby and signaled to him that I would be just a moment. I rushed into the bathroom as quickly as I could. I went over to the sink to wash up and clear my head, thats when I felt a sharp pain in my back. It was as if someone had stuck me with a needle and now I was unable to move.

Suddenly I heard an old mans voice from behind me.

“I won’t take long since the affects of the paralyzing serum I gave you won’t last. To put it bluntly, I have been watching you the past week as a possible candidate for an experiment that I am preparing to conduct. I won’t go into specifics about the experiment, as that would taint the results. For now, lets just see what happens.”

I felt another needle inject something into me, “This is a memory loss drug, you will forget everything that has happened between now and when you goto bed tonight.” I could hear the old man leave the bathroom. Suddenly I felt dizzy and everything went dark.

I woke up from my sleep feeling something wet on my dick. I figured I merely had a wet dream. As I looked down though I realized just how wrong I was. There was a blond-haired woman who looked to be in her early to mid thirties tied up so that she could barely move. She was naked and my cock was in her mouth.

The woman was very pretty, she was a B-cup and had fair skin. Her hair hung just past her shoulders, but it was hard to tell due to how she was positioned. She looked as if she had something on her mouth, but before I could tell what it I orgasmed into her mouth. The girl had probably been sucking on me for awhile before I woke up.

She lifted her head to swallow after I had cum in her mouth. I now realized that she had a ring gag on her mouth. I had seen them on some porn sites, but was not into the whole BDSM thing. As she sat there swallowing my cum I could see that she was crying. Suddenly I became very concerned about who she was and why she she was tied up on my bed. I was really hoping it was willing, because I really did not want to get in trouble for this.

I tried to carefully consider my options as I sat there. I had to do something and I couldn’t just leave her tied up. She looked at me with a look in her eyes, as if wondering what I was going to do to her next. Coming to a decision, I took a deep breath.

“Okay this is what I am going to do,” I started to say trying to sound as calm as possible, “I am going to remove that gag so we can talk. Do you understand?”

The girl nodded her head to show her understanding. I lifter her into a sitting position. Reaching around her head to find the straps that kept the gag on her head, I thought about freeing the rest of her. That did not seem like a wise choice however, until I could figure out why she was here and if she was gonna be violent with me. I finally got the straps off and removed the gag from her head. She looked very grateful that I had removed the thing. I was surprised at the first thing she said when the gag was gone.

“I have followed your orders Master, may I please go home now?” She asked in a pleading voice.

‘Just what did I do to her last night?’ was the first thought that raced through my mind. The fact that she called me ”Master” did not help my thought process. I obviously had done something to this girl the night before and it was not pleasant. The girl was clearly more frightened of me than I was of her, so I decided to go ahead and remove the ropes as well and let the girl go home.

While trying to untie the knots I tried talking to the girl to try and calm her down. Asking about the previous night just seemed like a bad idea at the time.

“So what is your name?” I asked.

“Samantha...” She said quietly in a very meek voice, I almost couldn’t hear her.

“So where are your clothes so I can get them for you?” Samantha looked very confused at this statement. As if I was supposed to know where they were already. After a few moments she finally replied.

“You burned my clothes last night in your fire place. You said that a slave didn’t need clothes.” I was almost speechless at that answer. At that moment I also finally gave up trying to untie the knots and reached over for a pocket knife I had nearby. When Samantha saw the knife she began to struggle, she probably thought I was trying to harm her.

“Calm down!” I almost shouted, “I am just cutting the ropes, nothing else.”

That statement seemed to calm her down a little bit, but she still cringed each time I cut a rope. After a minute or so, I finally managed to cut through all the ropes. Once Samantha was free she just collapsed on the bed sobbing.

I got up and went to my closet to find her some clothes that might fit. I quickly located a pair of jeans that were too small for me and one of my plain blue t-shirts. I also grabbed a pair of my older shoes and some socks. Out of respect, I turned around after handing her the clothes It quickly became apparent that despite the smaller size the jeans were still slightly too large for Samantha. I grabbed one of my belts and handed it to her. She looked grateful just to be in clothes again.

“Do you want to call someone?” I asked as I reached for the cordless phone by my bed. “’No, I can walk home.” It was becoming clear that she wanted to get out of my house as soon as possible. I walked her to my front door and let her out, but as she was leaving she turned to me and said, “Please don’t tell anyone about last night.” After those words she left before I could say anything. I closed the door and let out a huge sigh of relief that it was over with. I walked over to the couch in my living room and tried to piece together what had happened last night.

I closed my eyes and tried to think back. What was the last thing I remembered? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, it was that old man in the bathroom. He injected me with something, and it probably made me do weird things.

As I continued trying to remember what happened next I noticed a jacket next to the door. It belonged to Club VIP, a club the catered exclusively to rich and famous people. How the hell did I come in possession of one of these things? I dug through the pockets and found a woman’s wallet in it. Opening up the wallet I felt the blood drain from my face, the thing belonged to Samantha. Not only that, she was the CEO of the advertising agency located here in town.

“I am so dead.” I said to myself. Money meant power, and power meant that she could put me away for the rest of my life. I set the jacket down and headed to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. Suddenly I tripped over a black bag. The bag was from a local bank, everything inside of me screamed not to open the bag but curiosity got the best of me. Once again I could feel the blood rush out of my face when I saw all the fifties and hundreds in the bag. There was easily seven hundred thousand dollars there.

Forgetting about my drink I headed back to the couch with the money, put it on the coffee table and sat down. I stared at it wishing it would go away. There was no way I got the money legitimately so I must have either robbed a bank or stole it from someone. I thumbed through the money as I wondered what to do with it, it wasn’t like I could take the money back to the bank and say “Here is the money I stole yesterday, sorry about the whole thing.”

After staring at the money for a good while I heard a knock at the door. I debated with myself; should answer it or not? My day was not going well and I did not want it to get any worse. A voice came from behind the door, “Delivery!”. I decided to go ahead and see what it was against my better judgment. Whatever it was I probably was not going to like it.

After signing for the package I put it down on my coffee table next to the bag of money. Whatever was inside it wasn’t going to go away. I pulled out my pocket knife and opened the package. Inside was a tube with a clear liquid inside and a note. The note read like this,

“We thank you for your purchase. Just three drops of this drug will make anyone obey any given commands.”

I looked at the return address. The words looked like they were from some Asian company. I took a deep sigh as I put the tube and the note down. The drug was probably illegal here in the United States.

‘So I have committed at least three felonies last night’ I thought to myself as I wondered how much a ticket to Mexico would be. Things probably were not going to go good for me even if I turned myself in. I also had a good amount of cash to get myself started down there, seven hundred thousand dollars would probably last a lifetime.

I suddenly felt a needle puncture through my clothes and into my back. I instantly knew what was happening the second my body froze from the injection of the drug. I then heard the old guys voice come from behind me again.

“I see you had fun last night.” He began, “It’s a shame that you sent Samantha home so soon. There you had a girl all tied up and unable to resist anything you did to her. Oh and I see you bought one of my older drugs. Wonder how you managed to get a hold of it? Well I can confirm for you that that drug does work. Anyways my experiment is now done so you probably wont see me any more.”

I heard him get up to walk away, but he stopped suddenly and bent back down.

“You know what, as a reward for being my subject I am going to give you the same drug as I did yesterday. Well almost the same drug, this one is different in the fact that it is permanent.” I felt him inject another needle into me, “You should feel the affects shortly after the paralysis wears off. Have a nice life!”. This time I heard him actually walk to the back door and leave.

I finally felt able to move again after five minutes. Even though I knew it was useless I went to the back door to look for the old guy. I had wanted to ask him so many questions. Suddenly my head felt fuzzy and I went back to the couch and sat down.

I suddenly found myself regretting letting Samantha go. The old guy was right, I could have done so many things to her and she couldn’t have resisted. I quickly shook the thought off, it was probably the drug. Who knew what that drug actually did. But the second I relaxed my mind my thoughts went back to regretting letting her go.

“I could have done whatever I wanted to her,” I heard myself say.

I looked at the tube filled with the old man’s drug. If he was right the stuff would let me make Samantha my slave. I tried to shake off the thoughts again but I failed. I wanted to make her mine again, I wanted her to be my slave. I decided I wanted a new life and she was going to provide it with her company and resources. I grabbed the mind control drug off the table, picked up the bag of money, grabbed Samantha’s wallet and left to go get my new life. This one was getting boring anyways.

After driving around for a bit I found the road that Samantha lived on. It was in a really upscale part of the city. I quickly located her house. It was a huge thing, easily 5 bedrooms. I never understood why rich people felt the need to live in such huge places.

I found a empty house just a few places down from Samantha’s. It had nice secluded parking in the back to prevent unwanted attention. I walked back to her house and went around the back. I was surprised to find the back door unlocked, you would think that after what happened to her she would lock her doors. I went through the house as quietly as I could manage.

I finally found her in th living room drinking some wine and listening to a mp3 player. She had changed out of the clothes I had lent her into a conservative dress. She looked so relaxed and relieved that the whole ordeal from last night to this morning was over. I was about to show her it was only the beginning.

I was wondering how I was going to get her to ingest the drug. I played with it in my hand as I contemplated how to do it. I only had to give her three drops of the stuff so it shouldn’t be that hard right?

Suddenly she got up and left the room leaving the wine behind. I ducked behind a corner to make sure she did not see me. ‘This is perfect!’ I thought to myself. After I was sure she was not coming back I went to her wine and put three drops of the drug in. I thought about putting more in just to be safe but I didn’t want to risk any unintended side affects from overuse. I went back to my hiding spot to wait for Samantha’s return to the trap I had set up just for her.

It took ten minutes before Samantha finally came back. I wondered what she was doing that took over ten minutes. I decided not to dwell on it as she took another sip of her wine. She had the rest of the glass finished within five minutes. She poured herself another and started on that one.

I began to wonder if the drug really worked, after all I only had that old guys word and the vague instructions to go on. I then noticed something odd about Samantha, her body was limp and she seemed to be in a daze. I wondered if the drug had actually worked. If it did then she should be willing to accept any commands that I give her. I felt a rush as I left my hiding spot to go give her my first command. I walked up right behind her, put my lips next to her ear and whispered.

“Hello Samantha, do you know who I am?” I asked softly. “You are the man who kidnapped me last night.” She replied in her dazed state.

I was happy to see the drug working since she wasn’t panicked by the fact that I was in her house. I thought hard about what to say next. I didn’t want to make any mistakes. After a few moments I finally figured out my next words.

“No Samantha, you willingly came with me last night remember?” I told her.

“That’s right, I came willingly.” Samantha agreed.

“And you promised to be my slave.”

“I promised to be your slave.”

“Good, now who is your Master?” “You are my Master.”

“You will follow any and every order I give you right?”

“Yes, I will follow any order you give me Master.”

It was all going so well. She was now ready to accept any command that I would give her. She was my slave and she was going to provide me with my new life. Suddenly I heard a car pull up, I looked out the window to see a SUV pull up. I quickly went back over to my new slave.

“Who just pulled up?” I asked.

“My maid.” She answered truthfully.

I thought over what to do next. If she saw a strange man in her employer’s house she might call the police. I also had no way to force her into taking the drug right now. I quickly made a plan to get rid of her. I looked at my slave and gave her some commands.

“Listen I want you to act normally when the maid comes into the house. You will greet her and tell her that her services are not required today and that she can leave. After she leaves the house you are to return to this relaxed and dazed state understand?” I told her.

“Yes Master.” She responded.

I quickly found a hiding spot close enough to the doorway so that I could hear my slave and the maid talking. I wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly just in case I had to do something. I heard the door open and and the maid walk in. Just a few moments later my lovely slave went to go greet her.

“Hello Catherine.” She said as she greeted the maid.

“Hey.” The Maid greeted back very warmly.

“Listen, I would love to chat but I need to get some things done today. I know this sounds a bit odd, but could you go ahead and just skip my house today? Don’t worry you’ll still get paind even though you wont be doing anything.”

“Okay, I guess I will see you tomorrow then?”

“Yeah, tomorrow would be great. I hope you have a nice day.”

I heard the maid leave in her car a minute or two later. The two seemed to be friendly. That was not a way to treat someone who serves you. I was going to have to teach my slave that lesson the first chance I got. I went up to her to make sure that we wouldn’t be interrupted for the rest of the day.

“Listen slave, is there going to be anyone else stopping by today?” I asked.

“Only my daughter. She will be here in four hours,” she replied.

I once again stopped to think. I didn’t know that my slave had a daughter. But since I had advanced warning to her arrival maybe I could work this to my advantage.

“Go get me a picture of your daughter” I commanded.

“Yes Master,” my slave complied as she left to go fetch one.

She returned a few moments later with a picture of her daughter. I grabbed it from her and had a look. She had the same blond hair and blue eyes as her mother. In fact she looked just like her mother except a lot younger. In the picture she looked like she was around 18. She would make a excellent slave.

“What’s your daughters name?” I asked. “Jessica, Master.”

“When your daughter comes home you are to offer her a drink that she enjoys. I am going to put something in it before you serve it to her. You are to make sure she drinks all of it. After she is done you are not to talk to her ‘til I say so,” I explained.

“Yes Master,” This was going to be easy.

I decided to have a little bit of fun while I waited for the daughter. I grabbed my slaves hand and led her back to the living room. I unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. Next I removed her blouse to reveal the nice b-cups that I had seen this morning. As I started to message them my slave moaned out in pleasure. This made me very hard, so I forced her onto her knees and pulled down my pants. I got my cock out and forced it into her mouth.

“Give me a blow job slave.” I ordered.

Immediately she began sucking on my dick. It felt so good to have my dick in someone’s mouth. I tried my best to hold out but I blew my load in what seemed to be just over five minutes. After I had cum my slave pulled back her mouth full of cum. It started dripping from her mouth as she awaited my orders on what to do.

“Swallow it.” I told her. She immediately obeyed swallowing the whole mouthful. I ordered my slave to stay as she was on her knees while I went to explore the house.

I wandered through the rooms which were mostly empty. I came upon her daughters room which I decided to leave alone till her daughter got here. I didn’t want to disturb anything and cause suspicion before I managed to drug her as well. Across from the daughters room I found my slaves bedroom.

I began looking through her things finding nothing of interest. I dug through her clothes finding mostly business suites and not much casual wear. I would have to take her shopping soon to get more clothes befitting a slave. The business clothes would have to stay, I needed her to continue running her company for me.

After I was satisfied with my snooping I went and got my slave to go take a shower. As we showered I thought about having another go with her. I decided to save myself for the daughter. After the shower I had my slave sit on her bed naked as I picked out clothes for her. I decided on a plaid skirt with a white blouse. I found a black bra and panties for her to wear underneath. I had her unbutton the first couple of buttons on the blouse. She looked so sexy, and I was sure here daughter would agree. After she was dressed I ordered her to masturbate till her daughter came home. It took a long time for her daughter to come home. My slave looked like she was about to pass out from exhaustion. But before that could happen the car carrying her daughter home dropped her off. The mother quickly gathered herself to go greet her daughter.

“Mom, I’m home!” Jessica yelled out as she entered the house.

“Welcome home dear.” My slave shouted back, “Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure, just bring me a glass of lemonade to my room.” Responded Jessica.

“Sure thing dear.”

My slave and I went to the kitchen to prepare her daughter’s drink. After she poured the glass I put in three drops of the drug. My slave then took the glass to her daughter. I followed quietly so that I could hear the results.

“Here you are dear.” I heard my slave say.

“Mom are you okay? You’re dressed strange and you smell funny too.” Her daughter responded. I smiled silently remembering the order for her to masturbate.

“It’s nothing hon, here is your drink.” I listened to them talk for a few minutes after that. Suddenly my slave went silent.

“Mom, are you okay? Mom, MOM!” I heard the panic in Jessica’s voice as her mom went silent as per my orders once she finished her drink. The girl continued to freak out for a few moments then she too went silent.

I slowly walked over to her room. There I saw two limp girls facing each other. My first order went to the mother.

“Slave, go out into the hall till I call for you.” I ordered.

“Yes Master.” She said getting up to leave.

I then turned my attention to the helpless 18 year old girl beside me. I got her to sit on her bed and then I sat next to her. I then started to rub her breasts. I leaned over and started talking to her.

“Listen up Jessica,” I started, “You are now my slave. Your only goal in life is to follow whatever order I give you. No one else can give you orders but me. Do you understand?”

“Yes...” She replied.

The drug seemed to be working perfectly. I decided to find out some things.

“Good girl, I am going to ask you some questions now and I want you to answer them with complete honesty. First up are you a virgin?”

“Yes.” I liked this answer.

“Have you ever masturbated?”


“Who do you think about when you masturbate?”

“The captain of our track team.”

“Listen up Jessica, from now on when you masturbate you will only think about me. As a matter of fact the thought of any other guy will turn you off. The only guy you want is me. Do you understand?”


Jessica then let out a moan of pleasure from my rubbing of her breasts. I stopped at that point and decided it was time to move on. After a few moments I decided on my next course of action. I started rubbing Jessica’s breasts again and started talking to her.

“Hey Jessica, what did you think of your moms outfit?” I asked.

“It looked silly.” She responded.

“True, but you thought it was hot also.” I told her.

“Yes, it was hot.”

“You thought it was sexy.”

“I thought it was sexy.”

“You thought your mom was sexy.”

“I thought my mom was sexy.”

“You want to have sex with your mom.”

“I want to have sex with my mom.”

I grinned with pleasure. I was about to enjoy a nice show. But first all the players had to be in the room.

“Slave get in here!” I commanded to my slave waiting outside. She immediately followed my order and was inside the room. I took Jessica’s hand and pulled her up off the bed. I then ordered Samantha to lay down on her daughters bed. She quickly followed my orders.

“You are not allowed to move unless it is by my command or your daughters.” I told her. Next I helped Jessica strip off all of her clothing. She then stood there completely nude waiting for my next order.

“Jessica, your lovely mom is right in front of you ready and willing to have sex with you. So get to it and have fun.” I ordered.

Jessica got on her bed and hovered over her mother. She quickly gave her a deep passionate kiss. She then proceeded to slowly remove her moms clothing so that she would be naked just like her. First her blouse, then her skirt, next her bra, then finally her black panties. After all the clothes were removed she started playing with her moms breasts. Rubbing them, kissing them, and sucking on them. After a bit of that she started kissing her on the lips again while moving her hand down south to play with her mothers pussy. She started rubbing it making it wet, then she started sliding her fingers in and out just like a dick. She may have been inexperienced but she sure seemed to know what she was doing. After awhile of playing with her pussy Jessica managed to make her mom climax. She then brought her fingers close to her mom’s lips dripping with pussy juice.

“Lick them clean.” She ordered.

Her mother unable to disobey stuck out her tongue and started licking her own juices off of her daughter’s fingers. While this was happening Jessica used her free hand to start rubbing her mom’s breasts again. Once the fingers were clean, Jessica moved up placing her own pussy to her mother’s face.

”Suck my pussy. Make me cum all over your face!” Samantha complied thrusting her tongue deep into her daughters pussy. Jessica moaned from pleasure. After a small while she came into her mothers mouth. She fell down exhausted from her first lesbian experience.

I got up from a chair I was sitting in to admire the two beauties in front of me. They both looked very satisfied and happy. I decided it was my turn to have some fun. I ordered Samantha to remain on her daughter’s bed just as she was till further orders. I then grabbed Jessica and lead her to her moms room. I laid her down on her mother’s bed.

“I am now going to have my way with you. Just like your mother you are not allowed to move unless I tell you.” She nodded her head in understanding.

I brought my lips to Jessica’s and kissed her. I fondled her breasts during that kiss. Removing my clothes I brought my dick right up to Jessica’s pussy. I kissed her motionless body one more time before I thrust it in. It felt so good to be the first man inside of this girl. I continued to thrust faster and faster just wanting to be the first person to cum inside of her. I cummed inside of her after 6 or 7 minutes of fast and furious fucking.

Looking at her after the fact was such a nice sight. I then ordered her to follow me back into her room. I ordered her over her mom one more time. She got back over her. I then ordered Samantha to lick out all my cum from her daughters pussy. She quickly got to work licking it all out. Jessica cummed one last time before her mother finished licking her out.

Afterwards I had us all take a shower. First I went in with Jessica, then Samantha alone. We went to bed afterwards with instructions to them to wake me up with a blow job. I fell asleep thinking of all the fun things I was going to have with these two tomorrow.