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The Great Outdoors

It was going to be an amazing weekend—just us girls! Deirdre had just graduated college, and Samantha, Jenny and I had finished second year sciences and were in such need for a break. It was going to be a great trip. We’d borrowed Jenny’s boyfriend’s car, packed it full of beer, camping supplies, food and.. oh yeah, more beer. The campsite was booked the week before—a sweet little spot up island on a tiny lake that was supposed to be wonderful for fishing, canoeing, and, best of all, swimming. Of course, you know it—we had to forget something important: bug spray. Haha. Of course, nobody remembered until we were unpacking the car, a bit weary from our three hour drive. Almost immediately, the mosquitoes set in! Just like they’d had advance warning we’d be there! Oh, the lake was beautiful though—I could see it waiting just past the trees. This place was great. We’d manage without the bug repellent, somehow.

Sam and I pulled the tent out of the car and set it up in a hurry. We’d need some refuge from these pests. Deirdre and Jen gathered wood and saw about getting a fire going. A bit of smoke could be just what we need!

Aw yeah, I love these gals. What a great bunch. And beautiful! OMG, I can’t believe they are my friends. Sometimes we tease Deirdre and call her “Dee Dee” or “Double Dee” on account of her fabulous tits! All in good fun, of course, and she laughs—but I do get jealous of her bust, and her lovely auburn hair, all those curls! Ba-boom!

Jenny, of course—tall, with dark short cropped hair. She is just elegant. I think her mom is maybe Japanese or something—she has these really fine features and really looks like a movie star. Killer body, too. A few well-placed freckles, from her dad I guess, on nose and shoulders, and she must be a C—cup, like Sam and me, but oh—oh—oh those legs. Go on forever. That boyfriend of hers, whoosh! One lucky S.O.B., that’s all I can say.

Ok, wait—I should get back to the camping part here. So we set up the tent, and get the fire going, but still these bugs! Black flies too. I stand near the fire for a bit—even right in the smoke—and still they’re after me. Now I’m looking down at the lake, and it is starting to look like a refuge, if only for a moment. It is about four o’clock now and still plenty hot. I will admit that jumping in the water was one of the first things I planned to do on arrival—I even wore my bikini under my shorts and T-shirt so I’d be ready. Jenny and Dee are still working on the fire, but Sam catches my look, and winks at me. “Beat’cha there!”

And already she is stripping down to her underwear and running down the trail. “Samantha!”, I cry after her, “you have no shame! Points off for swimming in your undies!” She giggles, but is already at the beach and kicking off her sandals. I’m only seconds behind by this time, and we dive into the water in near perfect unison.

“Gah!, cold!!”, I gasp. But the water is really bliss. Clean and cool, and after a few seconds, we adjust to it, and it really does take the sting out of the bug bites. We splash around a bit. We start chatting while treading water and shooing away mosquitoes that get too close.

I start ribbing Sam about swimming in her bra and panties. “Reallllly Samatha, have you never heard of a swimming costume?”, I tease, affecting a stuffy English accent, “your undergarments are going to be positively see-through once we leave the water!” I give a mock shudder to drive the joke home, but Sam isn’t buying my humour. She knows I’m half-serious—I’ve always had slight prudish side, especially when it comes to public nudity.

“Oh, puh-leeze,“ she retorts, “there is no one around for miles. Chill out, Mother Superior!”

“Not true!”, I reply, letting the facade of humour fall away, “I saw another set of tents on our way in here. I think they’re just by that next beach there.” I point to the shore about 15 degrees from where we are swimming.

Sam looks for a moment, then back at me with a mischievous grin. “Well, then! Whoever they are, they are about to get an eyeful of our fabulous bods!” With that, she tackles me and dunks me underwater, grabbing the stings of my bikini top and slipping it off.

I rise to the surface, sputtering and coughing. Meanwhile, she’s making a bee-line to the shore, with my bikini top still in hand. “Come back with that!!”, I shout, but she’s already at the shore gathering her clothes and slipping her flip-flops on.

I swim after her, being careful to stay under the water until I’m right at the beach, casting a wary eye towards the other campsite before finally emerging from the water. I cover my breasts the best I can with my left arm, while using my right hand to gather my clothes. I run after Sam, trying to keep my humour, but now feeling distinctly out of my comfort zone. “Sam! Sam! Come back!! Not funny!”

Steps ahead of me, I hear Sam cry out in surprise as she arrives at the campsite. In a minute, I understand why: two guys stand there, leaning against our car, smoking. Jenny and Dee Dee are standing near (maybe too near, I might think particularly if was I Jen’s boyfriend), and look rather relaxed.

Oh!,” Jenny giggles, “these are our f-friends, Lisa and Samantha!” She stammers almost as if she is a bit drunk. Maybe they’ve hit the beer already, though no one is holding a bottle. Odd. “Brad and Chris are from the campsite over there

The larger of the two extends his left hand to me, knowing I’d have to expose my breasts if I was to shake it with mine. “Well, welllll! Very pleased to make your acquaintance! Lisa, is it? Been swimming? Nice. Very nice. I’m Chris.This is Brad”

His eyes are all over me—gross. “Uh, hi Chris. Excuse if I don’t shake your hand just now.” I feel the blood rush to my head. “Pardon me a moment.” I jump into the tent and Sam rushes in after me.

Sorry!”—she whispers. I give her a pissed off look. Just for a moment though.. I really couldn’t stay mad at sweet Sam. I didn’t tell you about Sam, did I? Well she is gorgeous. I like to say we have the exact same body, ‘cept she has finer features and these lovely perky breasts and really striking green-hazel eyes. But we always joke that we are twins, or sisters. She, the better looking one in my opinion, but I know she’d say the exact opposite.

Sam strips out of her wet undies and we both dawn baggy university sweatshirts and sweatpants. Easy to get on quickly, and hey—these boys saw enough of our fab curves that they don’t need to see any more. Gosh how embarrassing. Show’s over, fellas!, I think to myself.

We emerge from the tent, now ready to meet these ‘gentlemen’, and hopefully shoo them back to their own campsite. I see now that they’re a bit older than us, maybe 10 or 15 years, which would put them in their mid to late 30s. They are scruffy and dressed in jeans and plaid cowboy shirts. Uhg, such trash. I extend my hand to Chris, and give him my very best professional handshake and ‘don’t fuck with me’ look. “There, now ready to make your acquaintance.”, I say.

“Nice to make yours, and Samantha?” He shakes her hand too. “Though I must say, I liked your attire earlier much better.” He smirks. I do the same. What an ass.

I am about to reply with something rude, but Jen interrupts. “These guys have some bug spray we can use! Deirdre and I were just about to head over and get some!”

“That’s right!”, Brad chimes in. “Homemade recipe, and satisfaction guaranteed! Don’t see no flies on us, do ya?”

I can’t tell if he’s putting on this hillbilly accent, or if it is just the ridiculous way he talks, but I bite my tongue. The air is now thick with mosquitoes and flies, and the fire hasn’t seemed to help that much. Plus, while Sam, Dee Dee, Jen and I keep swatting at bugs, hoping not to be eaten alive, these two characters seem relaxed and comfortable. There are indeed, no flies on them. Ok, time to be polite, I guess.

“Oh... that is sweet”. I force myself to smile a bit. “Sure, let me just lock up the car and we can head over.”

* * *

Arriving at their site, we are introduced to Milly and Phil, who seem to be a couple and are perhaps in their 40s. It is Milly, I learn, that has invented some kind of natural bug repellent. Ever since then, they’ve come up here for the summers, not minding the bugs and enjoying the quiet of the location. This time they brought Chris and Brad up, neighbours from back home.

“Bugs seem to keep most campers away! You gals are brave ones indeed to come up here without so much as a mosquito coil!”, Milly says to us. She, like the others, is a bit scruffy, though with more of a hippy vibe. She has a kindness in her eyes, and I relax a bit. I felt safer knowing there was a woman like this among them. I guess I misread Chris and Brad.

We all laugh. “Not bravery!”, Dee Dee admits on our behalf, “inexperience and forgetfulness!”

More laughter. Milly reaches for a small mason jar of a yellow oily liquid and passes it to Phil, who empties the contents into an empty spray bottle. “I made this batch of my ‘bug-be-gone’ when we saw you ladies drive into the camping area.”, Milly says with a smile, “I figured you might need a little help. Bugs seem so bad this summer!”

Jenny and Dierdre jump in line to be sprayed with the concoction, and Sam and I follow. Under Phil’s suggestion, Jen and Dee strip off some of the layers of clothing that have been protecting them, up until now, down to their shorts and tank-tops. Phil sprays generous amounts of the liquid over their faces, arms, and legs. It has a pleasant smell I hadn’t been expecting—maybe cinnamon mixed with some other spices.

“You two next!”, Phil says, arriving at Sam and I. “Come on, you’ll want to take those sweats off so you can get this on your arms and legs” He holds the spray bottle up, ready for us to comply.

“Oh, no... “, I explain, “We were swimming and don’t have anything on under these at the moment. Maybe just do my forearms and calves” I roll up my sleeves and the legs of my sweat pants, and hold my arms out for him to spray. Instead, I get a stream of it right in the face.

“Suit yourself!”, Phil laughs. He continues to spray my forearms and calves, while I cough and sputter, having consumed a bit of the stuff by accident, and breathed some in. “Don’t worry, nothing toxic in this. Mostly citrus oils”, he explains as he returns and sprays two or three more heavy doses right in my face.

The spray tingles on my skin, and I am beginning to feel a bit dizzy. My eyes are closed now, so that I wouldn’t get the spray in my eyes, but all I can smell, and feel is this stuff. It’s overwhelming. I hear Phil move on to Samantha, and for a moment—for just a second or two, I think I should warn her away from it. It is like some brief panic that this situation is wrong; that the spray is something other or in addition to what they said it was. I feel dizzy and weird and I want to protect sweet Sam from whatever we’d gotten ourselves into. It seems wrong, so very wrong.

But then, the feeling just passes—and I feel euphoric. This stuff is amazing. I feel great, and I want Sam and Dee and Jenny all to be feeling as good as I am. This stuff is a ride. It smelled wonderful, and made me feel amazing. As I hear the spray bottle pump out more liquid, I know that Sam is getting sprayed, and it makes me feel excited. My strong friendship and my affection for these girls wells up inside me. I am suddenly grateful to Chris, and Brad, and particularly Milly and Phil for helping us, for making us feel this good.

I open my eyes and see that Phil has made his way back to Jenny and Dee Dee, asking if they want another dose, and suggesting they strip down to their underwear so that they can get more on... be more... uhh.. protected. They pause. I can see they’re debating it. Dee Dee is looking confused, and turns to leave. She pauses again. Phil says something I don’t quite make out and holds up the bottle for examination. I can see Dee is still struggling with something, but Jenny by now has loosened her shorts and has stepped out of them, pull her tank top off. Phil coats Jenny’s near-naked body with several sprays of the fluid. He seems to position himself so that the spray is in the direction of Dee, and I notice that some of the the mist from the bottle rises up with the gentle breeze and lands softly over Dee as well. The confused and skeptical expression on Dee Dee’s face transforms into one of pleasure and lust. She suddenly strips off her remaining clothes and skips closer to Jenny so that she too can have the liquid sprayed over her. The two jump and bit with excitement and I can’t help but admire the way their tits bounce.

I watch them getting sprayed again, and then again. They both have blissed expressions on their faces. Wow, and have stellar bodies. I’d always thought so, but now I feel more attuned to this fact. Their hugs of joy are now turning out to some serious kissing and petting and I find myself getting quite turned on! Amazing. I’m taking this all in, and Milly walks up to me and says “lose the sweatshirt, honey”.

My mind snaps back to my own situation and a feeling of panic returns for a moment, fuelled by my fear of public nudity, but I don’t find the energy to resist as Milly pulls my shirt up and off me. My nipples harden, and I flush with embarrassment.

“Phil, “ Milly calls, “This one is ready for another.” Phil turns and smiles. He moves up to me and sprays my tits with a liberal coating of the liquid. Fuck, this feels good. Out of the corner of my eye, I see that Chris and Brad are pulling the remaining clothes off Sam, and getting her ready for spray number two. I feel my pussy getting moist, and it occurs to me that I’d like those two to fuck Sam while I watch. I’ve never felt this way before about my girlfriends, but I love it!

Phil practically soaks me in the spray this time, and am just fucking loving the feeling of it so much. I can feel large drips of it down my skin, trickling down my neck, my cleavage. A big drop hangs at the end of my right nipple. Not thinking, I wipe it with a finger and stick it in my mouth. Oh, was that the right thing to do? Unngghh... the sweet, spicy taste of the spray and the euphoria I feel tells me that it was. I close my eyes and get lost in it for a while, focusing on the tingle of the oily spray as it drips down my body. When I feel it down the crack of my ass and on my pussy, I realize my sweatpants are off. Did I remove them or did someone else do that? I can’t even recall, but don’t even care anymore. Feeling this stuff on my clit sends spasms of pleasure up my whole body. I lose myself to it.

When I finally open my eyes, I see that Sam is now stark naked, and kneeling. Phil is spraying her back and ass, but Chris now has his pants around his ankles and his cock is on her mouth. She slurps hungrily at it. Fuck that is hot.

I turn and see that Jenny and Dee are busy kissing each other, while Brad stands near them, and loosens his belt, revealing a thick 7″ cock. Oh! Please fuck them! Please! I want to see that so bad... Milly walks up close to me and whispers in my ear. “Like what you see, sweet Lisa?” I nod, not being able to find words at the moment. “Your friends are having fun!” I nod again. “See? With this bug spray, you can be naked in the woods. And being naked in the woods means you can ...” She pauses. “...fuck”, she says at last. I whimper with desire.

“Oh, do you want to get fucked?”, she asks teasingly.

“Uh-huh”, I barely manage to utter. I can feel my pussy drip with anticipation.

“Awwright then, come over here.”

I follow her obediently, and watch while she sits down in a lawn chair, lifts her skirt up and reveals a glistening trimmed pussy.

“Come and lick my cunt for a while and we will see who gets to fuck you.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I was there in an instant, lapping hungrily at her pussy. I want so desperately now to oblige her, to please her. All I want is for her to be happy with me, and that will make me happy.

I am busy at this when, after a few minutes, I hear someone come up and kneel behind me. A hand on my ass, then another—big hands now exploring my body. It feels amazing, and I moan in response, but I don’t turn around. I keep licking Milly’s cunt like its the best thing I’ve ever tasted. And it might be! It has the same sweet spicy aroma as the spray. No doubt she’s been putting a lot of it there.

The hands are spreading my ass cheeks and make there way down to my dripping pussy. I almost lose it right there, but it’s nothing to what comes next: I suddenly feel a zing of pleasure and I realize that whoever is behind me has decided to lube me up with some more of the oily spray. A lot of it is slathered. It drips from my swollen labia, but still he adds more. Now a finger penetrates my pussy with it and I whimper with delight. Next, I feel it poured over my puckered asshole and I can feel my muscles there relax. Fuck, this is the best feeling ever. I hear a belt buckle being loosened and the guy behind me takes his pants down. A second later, I feel a hard cock probe against my backside and finally glide into my hungry pussy.

Just then, Milly comes loudly and grips my hair, pushing my mouth harder into her. I lick and suck with even more fervour. The guy behind me takes this cue to start pumping me faster and faster and I can hear him grunt with pleasure. After only a minute of this, I orgasm like I never have before, my body contorting while I scream out in pleasure. He grabs hold of my thighs like a cowboy at a rodeo and continues to pump my pussy. I come another time, then another, before he pulls out and finally shoots his sticky load all over my back. I realize it’s Phil only when he calls to Sam and Chris to come over, and instructs Sam to lick up the cum. Chris saddles around to my front and sticks his cock in my mouth so I can start sucking him off.

Chris pulls out after a few minutes and shoots sticky pearly strings of hot jism over my face. I catch quite a lot of it in my mouth and swallow greedily, licking my lips for any last drops. My left eye feels glued shut from the big dollop that landed there. I’m about to reach and wipe it off, when Samantha comes around and licks it off for me. Now she’s licking Milly’s juices from around my mouth and we spend the next ten minutes or so kissing hard, desperately. Chris gets hard again and then jacks off over both of us and once again we’re back to licking up his glorious cum, searching each other’s bodies for every sticky droplet. We continue to fuck like this well into the night. It is a bit of a blur. At one point, I am licking Jenny’s asshole while Milly fucks me with a strap-on.. Later, Sam and I take turns sucking Brad’s cock while Chris fucks Dee Dee’s tits. Moments later, I’m burying my face in Dee’s chest, biting gently at her erect nipples and breathing in the intoxicating scent of her sweat mixed with Chris’s cum, and—of course, the lovely oily spray. Ohhhh, now I’m on top of Brad, and Chris is slipping his cock into my lubed ass. Jenny kisses me on the mouth, and tells me how turned on she is. I couldn’t agree more, however, I can’t seem to form intelligible words just now. A cock in my cunt, and one in my ass plus Jenny sticking her tongue down my mouth—I’m just a puddle of goo at this point.

And every time we show signs of slowing, we get another coating of the lovely bug-spray. We end up in a writhing pile of tits, cunts, cocks, and assholes, and fuck for what seems like days.

* * *

I wake up, unsure what time it is, or even what day it is. Dee has her head nestled on my stomach and Sam and Jenny are cuddled up next to us. We are naked, but there is a thin blanket covering us. Gradually, we rise. No signs now of Milly, Phil, Brad, or Chris. They didn’t leave so much as a note. We head back to our site, a bit bleary and more than a bit tired. After packing up the car, dawning some clothes and getting ourselves cleaned up, we finally head back to town.

We make a pact though, on the way. We’d return the following year—maybe with some other friends? Sure. That would be great. We wouldn’t warn them in advance though—and we’d make sure to leave our bug spray behind.