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Hacking Her Mind

Originally Published May 2004 at Revised September 2004 and cheerfully submitted to The EMCSA.

All events, places and persons in this story are fictional, and are not meant to represent any persons, places or things, living or dead.

This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are a minor (under 18 years of age in most areas) or live in an area where your community prohibits erotica in law or in custom, then please stop reading now.

The following story contains material of an explicitly sexual nature. My right to write it is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Your right to read it may vary according to any laws that may apply to you.

* * *

“My parents hired you to hack my governmental control chip?” Beth asked, a look of shock on her face.

“Yeah, didn’t you find it odd that cleaning your room made you horny?” I replied. Beth’s mouth hung open in surprise. With her pouty lips open just slightly, I could think of about 12 different things that they could be doing.

“What else did they have you make me do?” she asked, anger creeping in to her voice.

“They didn’t like your ex-boyfriend, so they told me to make you dump him,” I replied. Her breathing had quickened, and that had a nice rhythmic effect on her large soft breasts, moving up and down. She was so caught up in what was happening, that she didn’t notice the lingering looks that I was giving her body.

“Well that was unnecessary, I can’t stand that creep and never want to talk to him again. I would have dumped him anyway,” she replied, defiantly.

“Actually, those were my words. Before I put them in to your mind, you were completely in love with him,” I replied. Her mouth now became a thin line of skepticism, it became a barrier that was a sharp contrast to how it had appeared a moment ago.

“I don’t think so, I think I know my own mind,” she started. She was in denial. This would be fun. “You had me going there, but I think you’re full of shit. I can’t believe that I fell for it. Hacking my control chip! As if that were something you could do. You’re in my same class for God’s sake.”

She was right about being in the same class, they were both 19 year old classmates, in the 16th grade, public school was required by law for all persons aged 22 or less. She was wrong about the control chip though.

“So you don’t believe me?” I asked.

“No. Why would you be telling me, if you really could control my chip?” she replied.

“Maybe it’s because I wanted to let you know, that I felt bad fucking with your mind like that. Or maybe it’s because once your parents got what they wanted, they stiffed me, and now I think it’s time that they got some of what they’ve been giving,” I replied.

“That would explain why they told me not to talk to you again, or to let you in the house,” she said. “Why am I talking to you? Why did I let you in the house?” she asked.

“Uhm, maybe it has something to do with my absolute control over your thoughts, beliefs and actions,” he said, quoting from the government civics book chapter that explained the Second American Revolution, and the need for the government to install the control chips in to everyone. That chapter then went on to explain how they were completely secure, and only accessible by authorized government personnel. I guess you shouldn’t believe everything they teach you in civics class.

I could see the realization sink in. She knew in her heart that this was something her parents would do. They wanted the quick and easy fix. Instead of putting forth the effort to raise their daughter properly, they wanted someone to just hack her governmental control chip. Instead of paying for what they wanted, they just flaked out on the bill. That combined with the sudden erotic urges to make her bed every morning, and clean her room every afternoon, made the pieces fit. Yet, it’s was a difficult thing to accept still. It’s not every day that you have to come to terms with the idea that someone has complete control over your mind. She made her last stand.

“Well, if that’s true, then prove it. Make me do something,” she challenged.

“How will you know that I made you do it? You’ll think it’s your own idea,” I said. I’ve played this game before, and I already knew what her answer would be before she said it.

“Can you make it so that I know that I’m under control. Make it something that I would never do and make it so that I know it’s not my own idea to do it,” she said, trying to conceal a nervous swallow behind her hand. I was not fooled, and noticed it right away.

“Would you normally strip naked and do jumping jacks in front of me?” I asked. The trap was baited.

“No of course not! That’s disgusting you pervert, I can’t believe...” she started to say, and then stopped. A blank look was on her face.

“I just wanted to make sure,” I began. “Right now your control chip is activated, and your completely at my mercy. Normally you wouldn’t remember this part, I’ve done it to you a few times before, by the way. However, this time, I’m going to let you remember it so that you can tell me exactly what it felt like, and exactly what was going through your mind while it happened when I ask you about it later. You’ll tell me in complete detail, and you’ll be unable to leave anything out, no matter how embarrassing. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head, the blank look never left her face.

“Now, any time you hear me, and only me, say the phrase jumping jacks, you will remove all your clothes, and do 20 naked jumping jacks. You will do them properly, and you will make no attempt to hide or conceal any part of your body. Do you understand?”

Again the same blank nod. Satisfied with my work, I released her. The blank look instantly turned back to shock. Her soft lips once again took that desirable shape.

“Oh my god. It’s true. I couldn’t help myself. One moment we were talking, and then the next my mind became completely focused on your words, and I couldn’t think or move. All I could do was listen and nod my head. I was completely at your mercy,” she said nervously. “You’re not going to make me do...”

“Naked jumping jacks?” I said.

At that moment the color drained out of her face. She immediately stood up and pulled her tight fitting, long sleeved t-shirt up over her head and off her body. While she was doing this, I savored that moment when the shirt blocks a woman’s ability to see you, while the positioning of her arms thrusts out her breasts. It didn’t matter that I had complete control of her mind, or that in a moment she’d be doing naked jumping jacks, this was still a delicious sight.

Without missing a beat, or without a single expression on her blank face, she reached her arms behind her back to undo the clasp on her red silk bra. Once again, the positioning of her arms made it look nice. As her brassiere came off her large, pale breasts, I could see that my guess was right and that she had pink nipples.

She then undid the snap on her tight jeans, and bent over and pulled them off, along with her panties at the same time. I noticed that she had a small strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair as she took off her panties.

She then stood straight up with her feet together and her hands at her sides, just like in the physical education training class. Without saying a word, she began to do her jumping jacks. Her blank expression looked right through me as she performed the exercise. My eyes were feasting on her tits, as they bounced up and down. Her nipples were sticking straight out, either because of the air conditioning or the circumstances.

She counted each number out loud as she slapped her hands against her sides, just as she’d been trained to do in PE class. Somewhere around six, I let my gaze move down across her flat stomach, lingering for a moment on the trimmed strip of hair, and then to her pussy. The rhythmic motion of her fit legs, apart and together, was captivating. I was tempted to use her chip to have her do a few hundred more. Each jumping jack caused her pussy lips to spread slightly and gently apart, and judging from what the air conditioning was doing to her nipples, the cool air over that sensitive part of her body must have gotten her attention.

When she counted 16, I tore my eyes off the rhythmic motion in her hips and legs area, so that I could get a good look at her ass. It was firm and tight. With each jumping jack, it made her look inviting. If only she was bent forward a bit... She counted 19, and I got back in front of her.

“20,” she counted, as her arms touched her sides. Then immediately a look of embarrassment covered her face, as it turned red, and she immediately reached to cover her large breasts with her left arm, and her exposed pussy with her right. She bent her knees and squeezed her legs together, as she turned her shoulder towards me and her tits away from me.

It was always amazing to me that they did this, some sort of reflex action, I suppose. I had just got done getting a very good look at her, and with the chip, I could get it again. However, it gave her something to do, and I have to admit that I was enjoying this a great deal. Of course, I timed this to interrupt her after her afternoon cleaning of her room, so I’m sure she was still feeling the arousal that caused her to be so diligent about her chores. Naturally, without a boyfriend, she had one less outlet to satisfy her needs. I wonder if she was satisfying them at all, or letting them build up. I made a mental note to ask her later.

She asked me to turn around while she got dressed. I made a show of doing so, but continued to watch her through a mirror that she was too embarrassed to notice. Not only did I want to watch her, but I also wanted to make sure that she didn’t club me over the head or something.

After she finished getting dressed, I turned back around.

“Now do you believe me?” I asked her.

“Yes, I believe you,” she said evenly, trying to keep her emotions under wraps.

“What’s with the attitude?” I asked. She didn’t realize it yet, but she was about to tell me her deepest feelings, on account of the instructions that I gave to her earlier. I wasn’t surprised when all of her emotions came flowing out.

“I’ve just finished bouncing up and down naked in front of you, for no other reason than because you told me to. All the while instead of thinking about how I didn’t want to do it, or how humiliating it was, or that you were watching me, I wasn’t thinking about anything. It felt perfectly normal that I get naked and do jumping jacks. You told me to do them, and I did, I couldn’t help it. It was like my body was on automatic. I’ve never been so exposed before in my life. And ever since I dumped my loser ex-boyfriend, I’ve been horny all the time, and all I can do to let off steam is clean my room! I can’t take it any more! This is driving me nuts! You’ve got to...” she was really worked up, when I interrupted her with two quiet words. I couldn’t help it.

“Jumping jacks.”

* * *

Beth’s mom, looked surprised when she walked in to see me sitting at her kitchen table.

“What are you doing here? I thought we told you that your services were no longer necessary,” she said evenly.

“Yeah, well, there’s the matter of the bill that you didn’t bother to pay, Susan,” I replied.

“That’s Mrs. Anderson, to you,” she replied coldly.

“I’ll have to remember that...” I said, letting the words hang in the air between us.

“How did you get in her?” she asked impatiently.

“Oh, Beth let me in,” I replied, drawing things out.

“Where is my daughter now?” She asked, not even bothering to hid the growing annoyance in her voice.

“It’s funny that you should mention that,” I began, “We were sitting here talking, and then she started to look a little distracted. She started squirming in her chair, and her breathing sped up. Her face was a little flush, and she licked her lips. Then she said something about needing to dust the shelves in her room. She looked pretty turned on, I bet right now she’s using one hand on the feather duster and the other hand on her pussy. Then again, I probably don’t need to tell you that, since it was you and your husband who hired me to hack in to her government control chip in the first place.”

I could see Beth’s mom getting more and more pissed of as I went on, this was almost worth them stiffing me on the bill.

“Get out,” she said.

“Sure thing,” I replied, “but before I go, you might want to know something.”

“What’s that?” she asked impatiently.

“The encryption for the control chip is programmed by family,” I said.

* * *

“You know, things have been kind of strange at home lately,” my new girlfriend Beth said to me during lunch hour.

“Oh really?” I said blandly, as I put another spoon full of government algae protein #3 in to my mouth.

“Yeah, mom’s been spending at least an hour every night cleaning the kitchen. Normally she’s too busy, and bugs me to do it,” Beth explained.

“Well, she probably thought you were too busy cleaning your room?” I replied.

Beth blushed at that and reached across the table and gave my hand a squeeze.

“How did you know about that?” She asked shyly.

“Know about what?” I replied.

“Oh, nothing,” she quickly said.

The conversation paused as she took a drink from her carton of government soy milk #5. She seemed to be using that mouthful of government approved educational protein as an excuse to think over her next words.

“My father also seems to be spending a lot more time doing yard work as well,” she began, “and he’s always like showing up at my room asking if I have any trash to take out. It’s weird. I think he’s spying on me.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “I wouldn’t worry about it. Parents are weird.”

“I guess your right,” she said. For some reason she always seemed to agree with him.

I took another bite of algae.

“So do you still want to meet up to study after school today?” I asked her, admiring the shape of her mouth, with her lips pursed together. That seemed to break her out of her internal debate.

“Yeah! That would be great!” She replied enthusiastically. “But could you come over an hour late, I need to straighten up my room before you come over.”