The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Heat goes to the jungle

synopsis: Heat continues to capture more superheroines under her hipnotic spell.

After capturing her first victim in the former Miss Freeze, Heat knew she had the secret to ensnaring all of the worlds greatest crime fighters by using her sexuality. Her now secretly formulated chloroform that had been brought from southern India was what she was going to use in order to make even a super heroine mind pliable to her hypnotic eyes. The only problem was that her recent shipments were getting diverted by someone who knew that the product would be used only for evil, and that someone was India’s own crime fighter Tiger Mask. Heat knew she would have to go to India to stop this threat right away before it ruined her plans even further.

Running threw the jungle with her enhanced super speed of a cheetah Tiger Mask went threw to the new drop off points. Tossing herself in the air she landed right in front of Heat’s trench men loading up the shipment of chloroform.

“Stop in the name of all the holy law that rules this land” Tiger Mask shouted

“Well what do we have here, a little prom princess thinks she can stop us” one of the 12 loaders said

“Look sweetheart let the men do the job they are paid for, no batgirl wannabe is going to stop us”

Tiger Mask was shocked that these American grundgy workers had never heard of her and her great accomplishments in India. She had single handily dropped India’s crime rate by 80% and now actually felt enraged that she was being looked upon as some second rate cub scott.

Flying threw the air Tiger Mask landed a devesting kick on one worker who collapsed on the ground. “Stop now and no more will get hurt”. With that, all the workers charged at her to try and take her down. In a slew of punches and kicks tiger mask used little effort to take down each member of the American crew. Standing above the fallen workers Tiger Mask looked on victoriously, but what she didn’t know was that Heat was watching her future foe from a distance and realized that her speed would make it impossible to capture her in a face to face confrontation so she had to come up with a better plan.

At night fall Tiger Mask still feeling proud of herself for the days events decided to clean herself off by taking a swim in the Blangton river. She took off her green and yellow tiger stripped top and bottoms along with her long leather boots and even her own tiger mask and laying them on a rock. She never expected that someone would be following her every footstep.

Heat watching Tiger Mask bath in the river was taken back by the Indian beauty with her pitch black long flowing hair and her dark skin.

“Oh I think I’m going to enjoy this more then what I did with little freeze” Heat said to herself.

Taking one of her bottles of specialized chloroform she came out from the shadows and spread the mixture on the insides of Tiger Masks bikini tops and bottoms. Making sure she got every area of both clothes. She then placed a ample amount on the mask as well just to make sure. Then after her invasion of Tiger Masks costume Heat crept back into the shadows to await her next victims return.

Tiger Mask letting her guard down while she swimming went back to land and started to put her costume back on and go out to stop the crimes that waited till night fall to show their face.

Chapter 2—sleep

After putting both the tops and bottoms on Tiger Mask noticed that she felt a little funny and sleepy, but just shrugging it off to exhaustion from beating up 12 men she resolved to put on her tiger mask.

“Ahh what is happening to me” Tiger Mask said out load “My tiger nipples getting hard and sleepy, my legs feeling weak”

“I will tell you what is happening my newest slave” Heat stated as she emerged from her hiding place.

What Tiger Mask saw was startled by the presence of another person in what she thought was a very secret and hidden solace place for her. She tried to get in her fighting pose to retort back to her female intruder.

“Who are you and why are you here”

“I’m the person you have been pissing off by stopping my shipments, and now my little kitty cat I will soon be your new mistress”.

“No one will ever own me!!” Tiger Mask tried to shout back

“Oh but look at your nipples and how they are responding to me”. “They are getting so big and hard that I can even see them through your top”

“I bet your little kitty cat pussy is starting to get wet as well”

What this stranger was saying was true. Tiger Mask did feel a strange erotic sleepy feeling and was trying her best not to show it. “What did you do to me you bitch”.

Heat walking closer to Tiger mask started to talk to lower her voice to her sultry tone.

“Awww my little kiiiiiiiiiiitttttyyyyy caaaaat” “Don’t resist it, you simple can’t resist you sexual feelings for me”.

Now face to face with her Tiger Mask almost felt paralyzed in her fighting stance. Heat grabbed both of Tiger Mask’s hands and pulled them down to her sides with little resistance. She then started to trace circles around Tiger Mask’s nipples and whisper in her right ear.

“Don’t resist kiiiiiiiittttty caaaat” “You know you don’t even want to resist anymore” “let your body take over your mind”

Heat then moved her skilled fingers down off Tiger Mask’s nipples and down her chiseled stomach and into her bikini bottoms

“Arrgghhhhh” is all Tiger Mask could moan as Heats fingers rubbed the now engorged clit of the helpless heroine.

“Stop please stop”

“You don’t reaaaaaaallllly want me to stop kitttttty caaaaat now do youuuuuuu” Heat responded as she slipped a 2 fingers into Tiger Cat’s warm opening pussy and rubbed the inner walls of her mound in a circular motion while her thumb still lingered on clit.

“I must resist you, but I’m so sleepy, my nipples so hard, must find strength” Tiger mask said her head lowered.

With one final attempt to break the hypnotic connection Tiger Mask used all of her strength and reached up and grabbed Heat by the neck. But before she could do anymore 2 more hands reached around her head and placed a cloth over her mouth and nose. The former super heroine miss freeze now known as vixen was waiting along with Heat in case something went wrong.

“Well my little heroine your tougher then I thought I’m going to have to put you to sleep now and we will have our fun latter”

Tiger Mask now feeling the full effects could only muffle under the cloth as her eyes beneath the slits on her mask fluttered and closed.

Chapter 3

“Awaken my future slave” Heat yelled as Tiger Mask found herself chained in a X position with 2 women looking on at her. She also noticed she was totally naked except for her mask.

“Good evening my kitty cat slave, what you see before you is a former heroine unlike yourself who has been broken by me and also your new owner”

“You will never break me bitch” Tiger Mask retorted back now feeling some strength return to her.

“Many have tried and none have succeeded I fought back before from you and I will fight back again!”

“Enough of this!” Heat said “we have you doped up just enough that you wont be able to break those bonds but I know your going to need a more then that to break you and trust me I’m the girl who can give you more”

“Vixen get the bottle”

Vixen preceded to get the bottle of specialized heated chloroform and a towel.

“No, no towel for this one” “vixen I want you to strip as well” She obeyed her mistresses orders and undressed.

“Now put the oil on her body using your hands and your body” “you will soon see my future slave how good this oil can really make you feel”

Vixen began to pour on the oil to Tiger Cat’s ebony bronzed nipples and chest and rub it in. She poured it down her stomach and legs with her own hands and breasts. When she was finished she stood back and waited on her mistresses approval. Tiger Mask stood shackled and her beautiful bronzed body was now glistening from the clear oil.

“Ahh I can already see it taking effect cant you kitty cat?”

“My m myyyy body feels so hot and sleepy”. “I will resist yooooou”.

“Oh maybe for now you will slave” Heat said then started to blow on Tiger Mask’s nipples

“Oooooooooo feeeeels so good” “The cold air on my nipples makes me want more” “I must still resist”

Heat chuckled at the laughable attempts of her foe to control herself. “Now that your in the mood I’m going to leave you here with my slave girl vixen and let her have fun breaking you.”

Vixen slunk to her knees and began to lick and play with the helpless Indian heroines pussy

“Once she’s done I’m sure you will tell me the secret to your power” Heat left the room and heard extasy moans along with pleas from Tiger Mask to stop.

When she closed the door to the room behind her she listened eagerly as the pleas to stop discontinued and all she heard were a woman’s moan in pure estacy. After 1 hour of this, Heat returned to room and found Tiger mask still moaning with her head held down in total defeat.

“Now my little kitty cat how do you feel” Heat said pulling Tiger Masks head up by her hair.

“Ahhh I feel so gooooood I can’t resist anymore” “my body is so tired and sexy”

Vixen was still giving Tiger Mask a oral assault.

“Tell me what is the secret to your power?”

“Agghhhhhh its my masssssk, my tiger masks gives me power” With that secret exposed Heat ripped off Tiger’s mask and rubbed oil on the temples of the helpless girl.

“Look into my eyes” “you can not resist heat” “You are my slave” As if a beam of light had exited Heats eyes and penetrated Tiger’s rewriting her mind all she could muster was “I am your slave girl” " I can not resist”.

Heat began to kiss her on the mouth as she placed a collar around her newest slave. She released tiger from her bonds and let her fall to floor and watched as vixen and tiger intertwined in a sixty nine position. After each girl made the other one burst into a mind shattering orgasm Heat pulled down her top and her 2 slaves both kneeled up and began to suck her nipples.

“We are yours Mistress Heat both girls said in unison”

.......more to come