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Heavy Petting: Mom Makes Waves

Barbara is concerned about her son Kevin, who is sleeping his way through every one of her MILFy friends and acquaintances. What happens when she’s the odd woman out, the only one not bedded by him, the one left out of the conversations when her friends compare sexy notes about her son, about the guy that keeps blowing every one of their sexual fuses?

* * *

Legalese: Contains adult material. Anyone under age 18 must leave now. Anyone that might be offended by sexy or sexually explicit material or strong language must leave now. The activities in this story may be unrealistic, unethical and/or illegal, and they ignore the reality of sexually transmitted diseases—this is fiction, do not try any of this at home. All characters are over age 18, proof of age on file. Any resemblance to any actual person, place or event is purely coincidental.

* * *
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Author’s note: The comic/graphic novel version of this story is currently being released for free (3 pages a week for about 40 pages) at

* * *

Our story so far ...

Gabby Roberts was the college Brainiac and had been our hero’s best friend since kindergarten. She suspected that something sinister was going on in the little town of Eeville. It seemed she watched as a man grabbed a woman’s breast and began squeezing. Instead of decking him, the woman’s face softened to a receptive glaze, and the man began giving her orders, to which she just nodded passively.

Amazed, Gabby’s mind tried to figure out what was going on. Some type of ... titty trace?! Triggered by the breastal groping?! (Yeah, “breastal” is not a real word; it oughtta be, though.) What evil villain could DO such a thing to poor unsuspecting women?!

And ... who was susceptible?!

Gabby gave her own tiny breasts a squeeze. And passed the test. Thank God!

She badgered Kevin to test this on his beautiful next-door neighbor Jennifer. On the verge of hyperventilating over fears of being slapped by her, arrested by the police, or beaten to death by her jealous husband, Kevin ... grabbed beautiful neighbor boob.

And ... it worked!

Jennifer slipped into a suggestible state. Kevin was so excited over not getting arrested or killed that he ran off before he remembered to give her any post-hypnotics.

But Gabby was never satisfied in her research, as Kevin had learned over the years. Under her badgering, he ... grabbed the tits of various female professors ...

And! Got! Angrily! Smacked! In the face! Each time!

Until ... Ms Swanson, the pretty Home Ec professor slipped into a receptive state as he squeezed her. Holy crap! Yes! He told her she adored him; that he was her yummiest boyfriend; that the sex between them was unbelievable, or at least would be when they finally had sex. And she believed him.

Oh, yes! This was fantastic, Kevin thought! The possibilities abounded!

In fact ...

Like all big sisters, Kevin’s big sister Annie was the incarnation of pure evil. Wouldn’t it be great, he thought, if she were ... a little more positive about him? So he snuck into her room that night, squeezed her sleeping tit, and whispered that she would squeeze her own tits each night and tell herself how WONDERFUL Kevin is.

Kevin wore a smug smile the whole next day! Sometimes he was just TOOOO clever!

But ... the second rule of titty trance is that you never let the entranced program themselves. What, with feedback loops and chaos theory coming into play, well ... it just never ends well.

Annie, it seemed, started getting really huggy with Kevin. And talked about how yummy he was, and how they really did care about each other as siblings. And then one night she ... you know ... showed up naked in his bed, straddling him and riding his pelvis until he quickly squirted into the Woman Formerly Known as the Incarnation of Pure Evil.


Then she just clung lovingly to him. Annie’s still awfully cuddly, nowadays, for what it’s worth, and needs a semen injection from her sibling several times a week.

The story continues now with Kevin having put together a few sexual relationships with several women around his mother’s age. Hey, he likes MILFs—what can he say?

* * *

“Ohgod, baby,” Jennifer gasped as her sweaty ass cheeks slapped Kevin’s thighs, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming AGAIN!”

Kevin unloaded into his neighbor as she rode him across the finish line again.

Then she laid beside him, staring at and adoring his face as she glowed.

Her stomach growling finally broke the mood.

“Sorry!” she giggled. “All I’ve had since dinner last night is sperm.”

“Go get yourself some breakfast out of the refrigerator,” Kevin suggested. “There are plenty of leftovers in there.”

“Can I bring you anything back?” she offered as she sat up.

“No ... I’m just going to lay here and recuperate. You are one sexy little minx.”

“Thank you, darling,” she giggled and told the man that was not her husband.

She wondered if they might have some biscuits and jam in the refrigerator as she padded out to the kitchen naked, and her mouth started water.

However ...

“YEEP!” Kevin’s MOTHER was sitting right there in the kitchen in her robe, drinking coffee. Jennifer frantically tried to cover her R-rated parts!

“Jennifer?!” Barbara Galloway gasped, spraying a little coffee out of her surprised mouth. “What are you ... doing NAKED in my house?!”

“I—ehr—Kevin and I were—ah, that is—”

“You were with KEVIN?!” Naked?!

“Uhh—no? I would ... NEVER do ANYTHYING untoward with ...”

“You were NAKED?! With my SON?!”

“Ehhrrr ...” Jennifer’s shoulders moved in a faint shrug, “technically. But—see—”

“Jennifer! Were you having SEX with my SON?!”

“I gotta—” she pointed back toward Kevin’s bedroom, “I gotta get my clothes and go. RIGHT NOW!”

Like a locomotive, she barreled back to Kevin’s bedroom and snatched her still-damp panties off the floor. “OHGOD! Your mother CAUGHT me!”

“Hungh?” Kevin frowned.

“Ohgod, Kevin! I just padded ... NAKED ... right out in front of your mother!

“And she quite rightfully demanded to know what the HELL I’m doing in her house NAKED!

“Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod! I’ve never been so HUMILIATED!

“We can NEVER do this again, Kevin! You—me—SEX—we can’t! It’s WRONG!”

“Shsh, shshsh,” he grabbed for boob, “it’s okay.”

Her breathing calmed as he kneaded tit.

“That’s just the little girl in you talking. Mom is so much of a parent that she has that effect on everyone. She makes you feel like a naughty little kid. Just remember, you’re fully an adult, just like I am.”

“... an adult ...” she breathed.

“It’s perfectly for us, two consenting adults, to have sex.”

“... sex is ... perfectly okay ...”

“It’s GOOD for us to have sex. There’s NOTHING to be ashamed of.”

“... nothing to be ashamed of ...”

“Even MOM has to admit that.”

“... even Mom has to admit ...”

He leaned her back onto the bed. “Feel better?”

“Yeahhh,” she sighed. “Kevin, you just have a way of helping me calm down, darling. You are SO wise.”

“Feel like another round of sex before we go out and face the day?”

“OH, YES, darling! Though ... my husband Bart was asking—begging pathetically, really—if you could BANG ME SILLY over at our place sometime this evening. He REALLY GETS OFF ON THAT since you and I explained to him how much that excites him. He loves to watch me MEWLING SENSLESSLY while you HOSE DOWN my womb.

“And, too, he really gets off on smelling the slutty excitement that I spray everywhere whenever I’m around, lubing all up in anticipation.”

“Sure,” Kevin chuckled as Jennifer moved toward his crotch to take him in her warm, wet mouth, “we’ll let him whack while we boink.

“But—we’ll spend the night over here. Bart gets to be a pest, begging me to NAIL you over and over again the whole night.”

“Yeth, darling ...” came her muffled reply from his crotch.

* * *

The next morning, Jennifer rode Kevin to completion for the fifth or sixth time that night. Collapsing to his side on the bed, she sighed contentedly. “God, I love you!”

After a minute, her stomach growled, and she giggled. “Would it be okay if I—”

“Of course,” he chuckled back.

Jennifer padded out to the kitchen, naked and still a little shiny with lube and juices around her crotch. “Oh hi, Barb,” she waved to Kevin’s mom, who was in her robe, sipping on coffee.

A little more coffee sprayed as Barbara gasped. “You’re just ... padding around NAKED in my house again?!

Jennifer gave a languorous stretch and sighed, “GAWWD, if you’d had as much SEX as I had last night, you wouldn’t bother covering up, either.“

Barbara’s voice cracked, “S-SEX?! With KEVIN?!”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Jennifer stated. “GAWD, he makes a girl feel like a woman!” Giggle. “I have so much SPERM on my EGGS that I SLOSH when I walk!”

Barbara sputtered more violently. “SPERM?! EGGS?! KEVIN?!” Her SON?!

“Kevin is just DREAMY, Barb,” Jennifer explained to the concerned mother. “One of these days I need to take you out to dinner for raising such a STUD of a MAN.”

“This is,” Barb’s voice warbled, “This is my SON that we’re talking about!”

“I know it!” Jennifer nodded in full agreement. “But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’ve been FUCKED SO WELL that I’m NOT EVEN WALKING RIGHT this morning! Kevin is a GODDAM STALLION!”

“My son—! This is MY SON that we’re talking about!”

“Well, technically your stepson? Kevin said that you adopted him when he was born.”

“STILL. MY. SON! He CAN’T just be HAVING SEX with the LITTLE WHORE next doo—”

“Oh SHIT!” Jennifer giggled as she dabbed at her messy crotch that just leaked a droplet onto the floor, “Sorry about that! My PUSSY just DROOLED some SPERM onto the floor. My womb is AFLOAT in Kevin BABY JUICE. My belly is just SLOSHING with his SPERM.”

Barbara was bunching up toward exploding. “OH! MY! GOD! We CANNOT be having this conver—”

Kevin arrived just in the nick of time, reaching around from behind Barbara to squeeze her boobs, “It’s OKAY, Barbara. Kevin is just TOO MUCH MAN to not talk about him.”

Barbara began to relax as soon as her boobs were being fondled. “... too much ... man ...” she sighed.

“It’s okay for Jen to go on and on about Kevin.”

“... okay ... for the whore ... to talk about ... Kevin ...”

“That’s it, Mom.”

* * *

A couple mornings later, Louisa Swanson, the home ec professor at the college, was naked, sweaty, and riding Kevin’s pelvis toward ...

“Ohgod! I STILL can’t believe that I’m here with a STUDENT! Showing you how to make babies. And ... produce contented little SKANKS as well.”

“Youuu ... would be the ‘skank’?”

“In this case, yeah, I’m afraid so,” she giggled. “I KNOW I’m your home ec professor, but I have just ... opened like a SLUT for you, Kevin. I don’t know why. But GAWWD, you’re yummy!”

Kevin unloaded. A fireworks show went off in her head. Then she hugged up next to him, and just breathed in his smell.

“I want to smell your scent,” she giggled finally, “but all I can smell is myself. Where excited-me leaked lube and climax all over you. You’ve just wrung all the juices out of me, Kevin. Hey, would you mind if I go get a bottle of water from the refrigerator?”

“Sure. But come back soon. I want to do you on all fours one more time before class.”

Ms Swanson whimpered and chewed her lip at the exciting thought of that!

Then she padded naked out to the kitchen. “Maybe something with electrolytes, if they have it, to help replenish my—”

“YEEP!” she startled! Kevin’s mother was sitting at the kitchen table in her robe, sipping coffee. And here SHE was, just ... NAKED!

Barbara sprayed a little coffee as she gasped. “you’re—it’s Ms Swanson, isn’t it? Aren’t you Kevin’s Home Ec professor?!”


“What in the HELL are you doing?! Padding NAKED around in my house?!”

“Well—see—Kevin—ehr ...”

“You were NAKED?! With KEVIN?!”

“I—ehr ... I gotta go! Right now!”

Ms Swanson stormed back to Kevin’s room and snatched her damp panties off the floor. “Ohgod! Ohgod! Ohgod! Your mother CAUGHT me! Padding around NAKED in her house!”


“I stepped into the kitchen and just FLASHED your mom EVERYTHING! The full Monty! The whole shebang!

“Little bits of YOU still dripping out of my—FRESHLY-FUCKED—PUSSY, Kevin!

“Your mom saw EVERYTHING! She might as well have stepped in here while I was RIDING HER SON!

“We can’t—we can’t EVER do this again! I mean, the sex was GREAT, but we can’t ever—”

Kevin laid hands on her boobs and gently squeezed. “Shsh, shshsh, it’s okay. Mom makes everyone feel like a little kid that just got caught doing something naughty. It’s okay, though. We’re all consenting adults here.”

“... all consenting adults ...”

“It’s perfectly okay for us to have sex.”

“... perfectly okay ...”

“ESPECIALLY for sex that’s THIS good.”

“... it WAS really ... great sex ...”

He turned her around, cupped her boobs from behind and entered her. “When the sex is THIS great, we sure don’t have to hide it from Mom.”

“Ohgawwwwd,” she moaned, “... don’t have to hide it ... from Mom ...”

“I mean, let’s keep it a secret at the college ...”

“... don’t let college know I’ve ... <<pant>> become a student’s WHORE ...“

“But Mom’s going to find out—and there’s nothing to be ashamed over.”

“... nothing to be ashamed over ...”

“Nothing to be ashamed of at all.”

Ms Swanson shivered with a small orgasm as Kevin fondled boob. “... I’m fucking him ... and you’re not, Mrs Galloway ...”

* * *

The next morning, Louisa Galloway sighed as she came down from the orgasms rampaging her mind. “Ohgawwwd! I am one satisfied woman, darling! Who’d have ever thought I’d just ... SPREAD for a student?”

“My bitch,” Kevin grinned.

Sigh. “Kevin Galloway’s bitch ...”

“Hey, mind if I go make a toast? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I have to teach class in an hour.”

“Of course.”

Ms Swanson padded up the hallway to the kitchen without a stitch of clothing or of shame, and waved to the robed Mrs Galloway, causing a little coffee to spray from the other woman’s mouth.

“You’re just ... padding around here, openly NAKED?!


“There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Ms Swanson sighed dreamily. “Your son ROCKED MY WORLD last night.”

“Aren’t you ... his professor?! Aren’t there ... RULES against that kind of thing?!”

“I know, right? Tell me about it. If me from six months ago saw me now, getting ALL WET with excitement for a student ... well, you could STICK A COCK down her throat while she sat there, stunned.”

“Shouldn’t you be just a little bit—”

“—ashamed? No, not at all. Kevin FUCKING ME SILLY is the best sex I’ve ever had in my life!”

“You—?!” Pressure was starting to vent from Barbara as she built toward an explosion.

A naked Kevin sprinted up behind his mother.

“You CAN’T BE—you little—”

Kevin slid the last six inches on his knees as he reached forward and around Barbara to cup and fondle boob.

Her eyes ... lost focus.

Just in time!

“It’s okay! It’s okay, Mom! It’s okay for Kevin to have sex! He’s a grown man.”

“... grown man ... a VERY FINE grown man ...”

“He can have sex with these women.”

“... but ... ALL THESE women ... Kevin, there are ... so MANY ...”

Kevin’s voice dropped an octave, and he slipped into a superman voice. “Well, I’m quite the stallion, Mom.”

“... SUCH a STALLION ...” Barbara sighed, “... to turn all these women ... WHORE for him ...”

“So it’s OKAY for Kevin to have sex with these women.”


“It’s OKAY for Kevin to bring happiness and pleasure to these ladies.”


“It’s OKAY for Kevin to be a sexual GOD that these women worship.”


“Just be HAPPY for him, Barb. Don’t you think Kevin DESERVES that?”

“OF COURSE Kevin deserves ...”

“Okay, then.”

She leaned her head back and licked his cheek a little as he continued.

“Now, I’m going to take Louisa back to my room and rock her world a little more.”

“OHGODYESSS!” Louisa’s voice celebrated from the side.

“And you sit here and squeeze your nipples a while and think about how you can make Kevin happier.”

He led the grinning, glowing college professor back to his room to do her on all fours again.

Barbara ... sat in the kitchen ... considering. “... how I could make ... Kevin ... SOOO much happier ...”

A faint smile crept across her face as she caressed and teased her own breasts. “... how I could please him ... SOOOOO much more ... than these ... slutty little bitches ...”

She pressed her breasts into her own caressing hands. “... how I could fulfill ... the little bastard’s dreams ... SOOOO much more than ... these pathetic little whores ...”

She was ... starting to ... well, get REALLY AROUSED! “... I would make Kevin ... SOOOOO much HAPPIER ..."”

She breathed herself back down a little. She hadn’t been told to climax, just to tease her own nipples while considering.

“... if he would just ... rock MY world ... a little too ...”

* * *

Midafternoon at Gabby’s house, she and Kevin were sprawled out on her bed. Fully clothed, you perverts! They’re FRIENDS. Geez!

“Okay, let’s get this out of the way with today,” Gabby sighed.

Kevin looked up from the comic he was reading. “Make sure you’re still unaffected?”

“Yeah ...”

Kevin stood and started reaching for tit.

“Hey! Hey!” Gabby wagged a warning finger at him, “Where are my assurances?”

“I promise not to enjoy a single bit of this,” he sighed.

“Annnd ...”

“And I’ll just give ’em one squeeze. If you seem to trance, I’ll bring you immediately out of it, and we’ll deal with it.”

“Okay,” she drew her fist back just in case he bungled any of this, “my fist is cocked. You get one squeeze. Go.”

Kevin ... placed his palm on her flat little tit and gave one compression. After a second, he drew his hand back.

“You’re lucky,” she warned him. “You acted like you were going to give it a second squeeze.”

“I promise. I DIDN’T enjoy that. Not one bit.”

She lowered her cocked fist. “Good answer.”

“Buuuut you’re definitely still you. Your eyes didn’t glaze at all.”

“Yes, we’ve confirmed I’m still immune. Annnd, you will never tell anyone that you’ve touched my boob, Kevin Galloway.”

“Hey, what boob?” he tried to support his friend. “I haven’t touched any boob.”

“Is that ... a comment on my small breasts?” she demanded.

“I ... just can’t win ...” Kevin complained to the universe at large.

The doorbell rang.

Gabby frowned.

“Are you expecting anyone?” Kevin frowned with her.

“Noooo ... but had BETTER NOT be my ex-stepdad. That BASTARD is NOT WELCOME around my mom, my sister, OR me.”

They went to the front door and opened it.

A ... quite gorgeous young woman with auburn hair and sea green eyes stood there in a sweater dress.

“Hi,” she said after giving a smile, “my name is Margo. I’m a journalism intern, working on a story for Eeville’s newspaper of record, The Eeville Eye.” She smiled toward Gabby, “And YOU’RE Gabrielle Roberts, the genius-on-the-ground here. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? Perhaps we could compare notes?”

Kevin could almost hear Gabby’s suspicion organ clamp shut. “What did you say your last name was?”

“I didn’t. But it’s Litzenberger.”

“Pardon me while I call the Eeville Eye and confirm your assignment.” Then Gabby walked off toward the kitchen to get her phone ...

... leaving Kevin standing there with the beautiful young lady. “Uh ... hi.”


“I’m Kevin. Please, uhm ... step inside.”

“I know: Kevin Galloway.”

The sound of surprise, that she knew him, escaped Kevin’s throat before he could stop it.

Little otters of awkwardness swam around in the silence between them.

“So,” Kevin finally broke the silence, “you’re investigating ...”

“Odd goings-on here. I think you and Gabrielle have come across some mysteries here too.

“For me, my older sister—the one I’ve always looked up to—was a schoolteacher six months ago. She made a difference in students’ lives, helped them to navigate their way through perils to become responsible adults.

“Now ... she’s a STRIPPER. And her former students—adults now—stick twenties down the front of her G-string and wet their fingers in her lube-juices while they’re inside there.”

A couple more awkward otters flopped over and posed really awkwardly. “Wow.

“That’s, uhm ...”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “it IS: uh. Actually, it’s ugh.”

Gabby returned then, and the awkward otters scampered off. “Okay, they confirmed your assignment. But they said you were just an amateur reporter wanna-be, not an intern. You’re nothing as glamorous as even an intern. The paper isn’t paying you. So what do you think you’re—”

“She’s trying to rescue her sister, Gabby,” Kevin said shortly, irked at his friend, “who’s now suddenly a STRIPPER—probably the same effect we’re seeing in the neighborhood.”

Gabby pursed her lips and turned to the newcomer. “Do you have a business card, Ms Reporter?”

“Yes,” Margo shrugged and dug a card out of her purse to hand to Gabby, “Here.”

“Okay, we’ll contact you if we come across anything you need to know.”


“Good to meet you.” She closed the door.

Kevin frowned at her a minute. “We could have just told her. She’s researching the same—”

“Yeahhh ... I didn’t want to. However, that IS confirmation that others have begun to notice the strange things going on here.”

* * *

Kevin sighed and mused to an imaginary audience.

Deborah is Mom’s BFF. She’s like 6 or 7 years younger than Mom, but the two share EVERYTHING.

Even PARENTING TIPS! And Deb’s not even a MOTHER! She just babysat me for Mom’s and Dad’s date nights years ago. So she read up in parenting books. And shared tips with Mom!

I HATED it at the time! The last thing ANYONE needs is TWO moms!

But Deb is the most MILFable lady I know. C’mon, just look at the two of them when they’re together. One’s off-limits, but the other ...

Well, how could I NOT do her?

* * *

A few mornings later, Deborah Bernstein was naked, sweaty and getting it on with her best friend’s son. “Ohgod, I STILL can’t believe that I’m molesting my BFF’s SON like this ...

“I’m practically twice your age, but still ... you make me MEWL whenever you DO me, Kevin ...”

“Ride ’em, cowgirl,” Kevin groaned as he unloaded into her.

“Oh YES, baby!” she wriggled her hips how she knew he liked to tease the orgasm out just a little bit longer, “I am going to ride you until I am ’gasmed out, and in COMPLETE SUBMISSION to you ...”

The pair collapsed on his bed and just breathed a minute.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” she sighed finally, “to someone I used to BABYSIT, but ... anytime you want to BEND ME OVER and make my eggs SOAKED THROUGH with your sperm ... I am SOOOO ready, baby!”

He grabbed her ass cheek and squeezed, still exhausted from their last dance. “Why don’t you go get us two soft drinks, so we can replenish our juices.”

“You’ve got it, babe.”

“Gawwd,” she muttered as she padded, naked, out to the kitchen, “Kevin is just a sexual god!”

Barb, at the table in her robe, sprayed more coffee as she gasped. “Ohgod! Deb!”

Deb let out a surprised squeal from the refrigerator.

“No! Not YOU!”

“I, uhm ...” she gave a half-hearted shrug.

“PLEASE! Tell me you’re not—”

Deb’s face turned red. “I am. We did. I am SO soaked down in KEVIN JUICES that ...”

“Deborah?! What the HELL?! I asked you for your HELP. We discussed Kevin’s rampant behavior lately.”

“We ... did,” Deb sighed.

“He CAN’T just SEMON-COAT every middle-aged woman that he knows! You yourself mocked the dumb bitches that don’t respect themselves enough to—keep from stooping to—getting sex-hosed down by a 20-year-old!”

“I ...” her face twisted up in anguish, “I ... AM one of those dumb bitches now ...”

“I can’t believe you would DO this to me! The young man is just running wild! I counted on you to help me—calm him DOWN! To make him MORE responsible!”

“I—I’m so sorry, Barbara. I—couldn’t help myself ...”

Barbara’s steam of anger began to build again. “You—couldn’t HELP yourself?!”

“I—I couldn’t ... he’s just to YUMMY that I wanted to lick him all up!”

“My SON! You couldn’t help yourself from ... MOLESTING my SON?!”

“Barbara, I’m really really sorry!”

“You need to stop NOW, Deb! You need to NEVER do this again!”

“I—I CAN’T, Barbara!”

“This is MY SON! He’s half your age! Of COURSE you can—”

Deb ... turned naked tail and ran. Back to Kevin’s room.

“Hey! Come back here! Goddammit, Deb!”

She was talking to thin air at this point.

“Stop SEXING UP my son!”

* * *

In Kevin’s room, Deb snatched her moist panties up off the floor and started to pull them back on. “Ohgod, Barb just CAUGHT me,” tumbled out of her mouth, “Padding NAKED through her house! Having just been ... sexually SATED by her SON!”

“Deb—Deb—hold on.”

“Oh Kevin, I BETRAYED her! I slept with her SON! I let him DO things to me that no other man has ever DONE before!”

“Some ... pretty spectacular things ...” he gently agreed.

“Yeahhhhhh,” she sighed wistfully, then tightened up again, “But still! You’re her SON! I can’t DO this to Barb!”

Kevin stepped behind her at this point and reached around to cup her breasts. She relaxed some immediately. “God, your hands feel good ... on my breasts ...” she sighed.

“Yeah, everything’s fine, Deb ... it’s okay, everything’s okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed about.”

“... there’s not?”

“No, nothing at all.”

“Ohthankgod! Because ... I don’t know if I could ... do without you, Kevin ...”

“It’s okay. We’re just two sexy adults having unbelievably hot sex together.”

“Thank God, thank God, thank God ... she’s just ... she’s just JEALOUS, you know ...”

“Hmm? Who?”

“Your mom. Barb. She’s just jealous of how HOT the sex is between us. She wishes SHE could get some action like this. She wishes SHE could get some sex as MOTHERFUCKING HOT as what WE have ...”

* * *

Later that afternoon, Barbara approached Kevin as he was sitting on the couch in the living room. “Kevin, we need to talk.”

“What’s up, Mom?”

“Look, I know you’re having sex with that woman next door.”

“Hmm? Yeah, Jen is a hot little minx.”

“And I know that you have some type of ... weird ... THING with her husband, NOT killing you for that.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, “Bart likes to sit and whack off while I make his wife mewl.”

“Oh Kevin, that is so wrong ...”

“Well, it keeps him happy. And it’s a good man that wants so much for his wife to be happy.”

Barbara didn’t really have a reply for that ...

“And your home ec professor?” she asked after a moment. “Another middle-aged woman?”

“Women are just sexier when they’re middle-aged—in their 30s and 40s. And yeah, Louisa is my little purr-kitten. She likes to playfully swat at—”

Barb held up a palm to him. “I DON’T need the details, Kevin.”

“And then DEBORAH?” she sighed after a moment. “My BEST FRIEND, Kevin?! ANOTHER middle-aged woman?!”

“Deb’s just REALLLLY hot, Mom. You should know.”

“What do you mean I should know?“

“I mean, like, when you two walk around the mall, shopping—it’s like the stuff of dreams. Guys are DROOLING just watching you two.”

A little whimper squeezed out of her, but she continued, “But Deborah is a middle aged-woman, Kevin. You should be dating girls your own age.

“And NOT sleeping your way through every one of my friends and acquaintances.

“I mean, Kevin ... soon I’M going to be the odd woman out among my friends, the ONLY ONE that HASN’T been bedded with you ...

“They’ll be tittering, comparing sexy notes about MY SON that has ... blown each of their minds with pleasure as he made every one of them his ... slutty little lover.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit much?

“So. I want you to STOP sleeping with older women. To STOP having my friends over here to take them to bed. To STOP giving my friends SUCH GOOD SEX that they become OBSESSED over your ...” she gestured penilely.

He smirked suddenly. “Over my WHAT, Mom?”

“I just want you to STOP DOING IT, young man. End of discussion.”

* * *

The next morning, Kevin and Deb were laying in his bed in the glow of aftersex. “Ohgod ... I just MELT for you, Kevin,” she sighed. “It’s like I can’t HELP myself. You just point your penis at me, and command me, and ... I must do ANYTHING for you, baby ...”

“Well, I promise to be a benevolent master,” he chuckled, “and to use my powers only for good. Like this,” he wagged his penis at her, “go get us two soft drinks from the fridge, so we can re-energize for more sex.”

“Ohyes, Daddy!” she giggled.

Deb strolled, fully naked, still a little messy from Kevin’s leaked juices, out to the kitchen and waved sweetly at Barb in her robe as the woman spewed coffee.

“OH! MY! GOD! DEB?! WHAT THE HELL?!” She wiped her mouth. “We agreed you were going to STOP seeing Kevin altogether!”

“Barb, after that MIND-BLOWING SEX with your son, I am in TOO GOOD A MOOD to argue with you. But no. I am NOT going to stop making love to Kevin. He just makes a woman feel so ... womanly!”

“I DON’T need to hear that!”

“Barb, he has this thing he does with his tongue that—”

“Stop! I do NOT need to know about my SON’S TONGUE! The pleasures that he brings you with his tongue—”


“I DO! NOT! NEED! to know about them!”

Deb giggled. “Your loss, honey ...”

“Get OUT of my house!” Barbara jabbed a finger toward the door, the pressure of her anger rapidly escalating.

“Barbara?!” Deb asked in a small voice, nearly cringing from her sudden fury.

A naked Kevin sprinted across the kitchen behind Barb, skidding to a stop as he bumped into the back of the chair.

“OUT!” Barb demanded of her best friend.

Kevin reached around, finding her tits, and massaged. The pressure immediately defused. “It’s okay, Barbara. It’s all right. Everything is okay ...”

“... nooo ...” she whined, “... I want her ... out of my house ...”

“Shsh, it’s all right.”

“I am NOT going to be ashamed,” Deb angrily declared to the dazed woman. “Not about having insanely hot sex! With your insanely hot son!”

“... my son ...”


* * *

“Maybe you’d better leave for a while, Deb,” Kevin suggested.

“Oh, poo!”

“And I’ll have a long long talk with Mom.”

“... you can’t just ravish my son ... you can’t take ALL his sexual energy ... you selfish ...”

“Yeah, I’ll go,” Deb replied angrily, “But you straighten her out GOOD, Kevin! Because I am NOT doing without you, lover.”

She turned to leave, but called back, “Hmmph! But maybe you should get the bitch some TOYS and a whole BUCKETFUL OF BATTERIES! And make sure you include an ANAL vibrator or two for her too! Loosen that SPHINCTER up some!”

Turning back around to him, she pointed at her best friend. “Now you call me, Kevin, when she’s GASPING HER BRAINS OUT in her closet floor in the dark, with toys buried up inside her, HUMMING HER INSANE.

“And we’ll pick up where we left off, lover.

“Toodles, Barb.”

Kevin sighed as he cupped his mother’s boobs. “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom ...”

“... she can’t ... just RIDE you, Kevin, like some ... jiggly, greedy whore ...

“I never knew Deb was ... SUCH A BITCH ...”

“She’s not a bitch, Mom,” he sighed.

“She can’t ... steal all your attention ... she can’t ... keep you all to herself ...

“All your ... ‘girlfriends,’ all these slutty little twats, Kevin ... they just ... want to keep you all to themselves ...”

“They’re not—Look,” He rolled her nipples between his fingers as he sighed, then continued in a bass voice, “There’s plenty of Kevin to go around, Mom.”

“And you can’t ... BOINK the MARRIED ones, Kevin!” she continued despite her light trance, “That’s just WRONG. I raised you ... better than that ...”

“Well, you know, if their husbands paid more attention to them, then they ... wouldn’t have to go looking ...”

He moved around to the front of her, still naked, gripping her boobs in and underhand grip.

“... they’re—they’re—they’re too OLD for you, Kevin. These bitches should ...”

“No, we’ve already been through this, Mom.” She was putting up a bit of an argument for an entranced woman. “I ... LIKE MILFS. Older women are more fun to tease and to seduce, into ...”

“—into becoming your whimpering little SLUTS?”

“No, Kevin ... they DO!” she sighed as her gaze fastened onto the ... semi-hard penis wagging around in front of her. “You ... DICK them, and ... they become your silly whores ...

“It’s like you turn their ... middle-aged minds into ... cummey little cum-cum ...

“And all they can think about is to ... entice you to dick them some more ...” Her hand drifted toward that ... cock ... in front of her, to ... grip it ...

He moved around a little bit to avoid her hand on his cock.

“Kevin, almost everyone I know ... has MELTED for you, and they all ... eagerly BEND OVER and SPREAD for you now ... like whores ...

“What—how—Kevin, HOW do you make all these women ... SO HAPPY?!”

He reflexively smirked and replied in a bass voice, “Well, I AM quite a stallion, Mom.”

“Maybe ... maybe I’m ... curious ...” she continued in a tiny voice, “... how you ... how you make them so eager to ...”

He took the hands reaching around for his penis and pulled them up to her own breasts, then summarized, “Okay, so jealousy. You have been getting you panties WAY bunched up because I haven’t been spending enough time here. I’m always out—”

“... DICKING some FILTHY SLUT, Kevin ...”

“I prefer to call it making some ladies deeply happy.”

“... hmmmph! ...”

“But you’re right. I’ve been spending less time around here lately. So let’s try this. If I spend TOO much time making ladies happy and content—”

“... hmmph! contented little messes ...”

“If I spend too much attention elsewhere, then just remind me.” He focused her fingers on kneading her own nipples.

“... like: quit thrilling the DAMNED SLUTS, Kevin?’

“Maybe a little more politely. But yeah, demand that I spend a little attention here, with you.”

She sighed, gaze still locked on the penis in front of her, as she played with her own nipples ...

“Now ... you sit here, and keep squeezing your nipples, and telling yourself how much happier you’ll be with this arrangement.”

He kissed her forehead, then left her to steep in her own juices as she self-programmed, rolling her nipples between her fingertips.

“... so much happier ... with this arrangement ...” she told herself.

“Because ... SOMEHOW he gives these bitches ... soooo much pleasure ... that they just become his ... pathetic whores ...

“SOOO much pleasure that ... how does he DO that? To ... blow all their pleasure fuses? What’s it ... what’s it LIKE to have ... all your pleasure fuses blown ...

“I just need to ... demand that he ... spend time here, with ME, too ...

“That he ...

“That he ...”

She licked her lips as she rolled nipple with one hand, and reached down between her legs with her other, “that he maybe ... blows a couple of MY fuses too ...”

* * *

That night, Barbara padded silently—and nakedly—up the hallway to Kevin’s room.

I need to be quiet, she told herself, so I don’t wake up that BITCH DAUGHTER of mine. If she wakes up, she’ll want to SLOBBER ALL OVER Kevin. So shshsh ...

Oh goody! He was NAKED in bed!

She knelt beside him, curled her fingers around that ... COCK ... and tasted his lips with her tongue. “You ... sexy sonofabitch,” she whispered. “How do you turn grown women into ... your bitches? Why are they SOOO happy and content as ...” she gulped, “as your whores?”

She brought one knee up and straddled him, pelvis to ... fucking pelvis.

And ... slid him into her.

Her eyes fluttered in anticipation. What made those women SOOOOO happy to whore for him? She was about to learn ...

As Kevin came up out of sleep, he ... was aware of a woman riding him. A ... cute redheaded woman with gorgeous—


She just kept rocking her pelvis to his, like she was riding a cantering horse.

“M-MOM?! WHAT?!”

“Shshsh, baby,” she calmed him. “Don’t wake your bitch sister

“Kevin, honey, I’m here demanding that you pay more attention to ME.” And she shrugged with a sweet smile. Perfectly nude. Mounted. On him ...


“Nope,” she wagged a finger at him beneath her, “you’re going to pay some attention to ME, young man.”

She ... rode him. And whimpered.

Kevin was—well, he was PROUD to bring that ... sublime expression to his mother’s face. But ... he was NOT going to last long! Technically, she WAS his stepmother, but—but OHFUCK, he was INSIDE HER! He was BURIED INSIDE—

Kevin’s whole body stiffened, and a “Grrkhkh!” squeezed out his throat as he ... unloaded. Hell, he EXPLODED! God, some of that must be splattered up into her brain, he was firing into her so hard!

His balls just kept ... convulsively ... pumping ... for what seemed like MINUTES!


He had to have pumped a BATHTUB of cum into her for it to have gone on so long!

Like an epileptic after a seizure ... he was wrung out. Ohgod, that seemed almost like a ten minute orgasm ...

And he was exhaus—

“Okay, you just spilled GRAVY all over inside me, Kevin ... but you HAVEN’T blown all my fuses yet,” she pointed out, still mounted on top of him. “You’d BETTER get hard again ... because I’m demanding you pay some attention to ME, sweetie.”

Then she leaned down and slipped her tongue into his mouth as she rolled her pelvis back and forth on his ...

Ohgod, she DID ... have a sweet tongue ...

And her lips were ...

And that spectacular pussy was still ...

Ohgod! He suddenly realized she was riding him, and he’d never softened! He’d just stayed hard after that last ... whatever you call an orgasm like THAT!

He’d ... never softened.

“I—I never got SOFT!” he blurted. “How can—how does—I just ... stayed hard inside you! How—I—”

“Gee,” she giggled into his mouth, “did I do that to you? Did I make you PERMAHARD?“

“You DID! You really DID!” He couldn’t believe it!

Another proud giggle erupted from her into his mouth.

Then she took her lips from his and sat back up to riding him to an orgasmic cliff-drop.

“Kevin,” she breathed heavily as she rolled her hips at his, “if you are going to stud every other damned mare in the stable, if you trigger every one of them to rut into heat, dumping their horny damned hormones all in the air until it is just MOIST with their sex ... then you have ONLY YOURSELF to blame when I go into heat myself, baby!

“You’ve flipped Mom’s switch, and I’m in FUCKING HEAT!

“I demand some of your attention too, you goddam stallion!

“I want you to DICK ME into a contented little mess TOO!”

She pulled his head up and placed his lips at her nipple. “Kevin, I want you to grab these and SQUEEZE! And tell me that I am going to fucking CUMMM MY BRAINS OUT!

“Tell me that you’re going to make me into MEWLING LITTLE PUTTY for you, you FUCKING BASTARD!

“Tell me you’re going to make me into your SLUTTY LITTLE WHORE!”

Kevin held each tit and pushed Barbara down onto her back, following her pelvis with his so as to never un-impale. Then, with her pressed by the tits to the bed, he informed her, “Barb, uhm ... when you cum, you’re going to DROWN in lust.”

“OHGAAWWWDYEAH!” she rewarded him with mewling enthusiasm.

“Barb, when you cum,” he followed up, “it’s going to be like NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS, going off in your head, MELTING YOU MIND down to slag.”

“OHSWEETGOD, YEAH!” she gasped.

“You’re going to be left as nothing but my DESPERATE WHORE.”

“OHGOD, KEVIN! OHGOD, BABY! But you can’t—I’m your moth—”

“Barb, I’m going to count down from three, and then I’m going to launch ORGASMIC THERMONUCLEAR WAR into your mind.”

Panting, she gasped, “YEAH ... YEAH ... !”

“Three ...”

“THREE ...” she gasped and panted.

“Two ...”

“Ohgod, Kevin! I am SO CLOSE!” she pleaded, “SO CLOSE!”

“One ...”

Barb was panting and warbling, rising ... toward ... imminent—


“OHSWEETJESUS!” she wailed, long and hard and loud, drifting after a half minute toward ululating gasps, then toward unintelligible moans and pleading ...

A minute passed, as she clung tightly to him, twitching, and her vocalizations calmed down ...

“You are my whore,” he declared for her.

“I AM ... your WHORE, darling ...” Still clinging tightly, still buzzing lightly with tingling and orgasmic aftershocks ...

“You are my slutty fucking bitch.”

Another shiver of pleasures rippled through her, causing her to twitch. “I am,” she breathed, “your slutty ... fucking ... bitch, baby ...”

Finally ... her seizures had gentled to undulations, to long languorous sighs. And the orgasmic meltdown that had flashed through her mind, echoed back and forth and back, until it diffused to radiating glow of bliss.

She ... WAS the happiest woman in the world at that moment.

Still clinging tightly to her lover, her son, she rolled until he was on his back, and she was resting on top of his breathing, letting her own breath flow in time with his. “Ohgod, I love you, Kevin ... I love you, I love you, I love you!” She licked his lips in joy. “Ohgod, I am your whore ...”

They laid quietly a few minutes until Barb breathed, “NOW I understand why ... all those sluts will just ... WHORE for you. Ohgod, that was wonderful! You melted my mind, sweetie!

“I am your BITCH, sweetie,” she vowed, “I am your SLUTTY little BITCH ...

“Forever ...”

With a playful smile, Kevin rolled her over on her belly and mounted her from behind, laying on top of her back, still-hard cock buried inside her again, his mouth at her ear, and his hand reached around to let his finger play with her lips. “So,” he said cheerily, “feeling a little more like you’ve gotten your share of attention now?”

“GAWWWD, YEAH!” she gushed, then sobered a little. " I mean ... a little bit, anyway.”

“Are you okay, then, with sharing me with my other bitches?”

“Keee-ee-viii-iiin!” she mock-whined, “You ask me that while you’re still BURIED INSIDE of me! I’m just your SSSEX SLAVE when you’re INSIIIIDE of me!

“What am I going to answer? No? And then you’ll just wriggle that magic rod of yours inside me, and—

“UUNNNGGHGOD!” she erupted in moan as he did wriggle said rod, “YEAH, JUST LIKE THAT!”

“And yeahhh,” she continued in a throaty voice, “WHATEVER you WANT, baby ... you just tell me what to answer, and I will tell you WHATEVER YOU WANT ...”

Kevin used his dick inside her to guide her ass up in the air until she was on knees and elbows. “How about you and I do this every couple nights?

“If I make you into SEXY MUSH every third night or so, you’re okay with me dicking my other girlfriends too?”

“Nnnnngh-hnnnngh ...” escaped her as a weak, trembly sigh.

Kevin continued then until he unloaded into her once more, and launched a second volley of cluster bombs into her mind, to devastating sexual effect ...

“Ohyeahhhh ...” Barbara sighed finally. She was ... totally at peace with the world at this hour ...

“If you blow all my fuses like this every couple nights,” she explained further, “I will just be the happiest girl in the world. And you can bone every one of those other slutty little skanks, as long as you keep coming back to me.

“I will just be your happy, happy whore, darling ...”

Kevin had been teasing nipple with tongue, but sat up now, satisfied with how this all turned out. Barbara was just too sated to even move.

“Although ...” she did manage, though.


“Not Deb, though, okay?” she found the strength to sit up and wrap her arms around her lover and hug him. “She needs to suffer a little.

“That bitch is SUPPOSED to be my best friend. And here, she found paradise when she spreads like a slut for you.

“But she didn’t share that with me. She wanted to keep you all to herself.

“So ... make her wat? Like, three months?

“So I can gloat with contented sighs that I’m GETTING SOME ... y’know, sweet heaven, and she’s NOT.

“’Kay? Please, Kevin? She’ll LOVE it, being put in her place ...”