The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Captain Dunsel

Nelson Chase unplugged the NEWT from the diagnostic scanner, tossed the Neurologic Enhanced Wireless Transmitter in the air, caught it, and grinned. Finished. The new function parameters had checked out. His brainchild was ready for testing. And as luck would have it… hell, maybe it was Fate… the perfect test subject just happened to be available. It was Friday evening and everyone else in the Monterey Hypnotherapy experimental research lab had left for the day. Everyone but Olivia Favreau.

Nelson stood up and peered over the edge of his lab cubicle. He could just see Olivia in her own cubicle, typing on her laptop, occasionally pausing to push her glasses back up her nose. He smiled wistfully at the sight of his beautiful coworker and sighed. Nelson knew it would be inaccurate to claim that he had a crush on Olivia. Personality-wise, after all, she was an uptight, arrogant bitch. What Nelson felt for her was not love or affection. It wasn’t even like. It was lust. Plain and simple. Same as every other male in the lab… and it wasn’t hard to understand why.

She might be a pain in the ass personality-wise, but Olivia Favreau was nothing less than perfect physical-beauty-wise. If Dr. Frankenstein had built a woman using the angelic face of Natalie Portman, the “come hither” smile of Mila Kunis, the smoldering green eyes of Angelina Jolie, the luscious lips of Jessica Alba, the lustrous sable hair of Selena Gomez, the lithesome dancer’s body of Jennifer Lopez, the celebrated bubble-butt of Beyoncé, the long, shapely legs of Cameron Diaz, and the eye-popping boobs of Salma Hayek… well, the mad scientist might have come close, at least, to creating the physical perfection that was Olivia Favreau.

Olivia seemed to be a modest young woman and never dressed to show off her assets, but that made no difference. No matter what she wore, she couldn’t help but look like a walking advertisement for hot, steamy sex. Today, for instance, she was wearing an ordinary grey miniskirt… not too short, not too long… and an ordinary white blouse… not too tight, not too loose. Ordinary. And still she looked extraordinary. The girl couldn’t help herself; she positively oozed sensuous beauty.

Nelson saw her closing down her laptop and knew he had to move fast. He palmed the NEWT and headed over to the busty beauty’s cubicle just as she was sliding her computer into a valise.

“Hey, Olivia,” he said, doing his best not to glance at her huge tits. He knew she hated that. Ditto staring at her ass. Or her legs. Or her gorgeous face. “You got a second?”

“Not really,” she said, packing up.

“Please,” Nelson pleaded, trying not to sound desperate. “It’ll only take twenty seconds. I’ve modified the initial session preamble and wanted you to give it a listen.”

Olivia scowled, but put down her valise. “Modified it how? Why?” she asked. “We’re not supposed to pursue unauthorized research, Nelson, and we’re definitely not supposed to mess with Stanwick’s preamble message.”

“David said I could play around with it,” Nelson lied, holding out the NEWT. “C’mon, please? Just give it try and see what you think. It’s already loaded, ready to go.”

* * *

Olivia Favreau sighed and took the NEWT from Nelson. He was probably the brightest of her coworkers, so it was just possible he had actually come up with something interesting. And at least he was making an effort not to ogle her… at the moment… which counted for something. Besides, it wasn’t like she was in a big hurry to go home to her lonely apartment and surf Netflix. She could spare twenty seconds.

She looked down at the NEWT, positioned it with practiced ease so that it sat right where her metacarpal met her capitate, and pressed the blue activation button with her thumb. As expected, she felt-heard the tingling of the initiating frequency oscillation, then heard-felt old man Stanwick’s sonorous voice, both aloud and in her head, both air and bone-conducted, reciting the standard first-session preamble…

“Greetings, and welcome. This session is the first step on a journey to a new life. I’m Dr. Robert Stanwick, founder of Monterey Hypnotherapy, and I have developed this unique technology to help you become a better you. Please make sure you are sitting or lying in a comfortable position in a distraction-free environment and are holding the NEWT transmitter securely in your…”

It was the standard spiel, all right… but there was another sensation too, something Olivia didn’t recognize, barely on the fringes of her perception. A high-pitched buzzing. Not even a sound, really. More like an… impression. It was… it was… strange.

* * *

Nelson watched Olivia’s eyes glaze over ever so slightly as the preamble began. He couldn’t help but smile a little. Only time would tell if the experiment was working, but the unfocused look in her eyes was a good sign.

He knew what she was experiencing: old man Stanwick nattering on about becoming a new you, the same old preamble they had both heard a thousand times. But Olivia didn’t realize she was also experiencing a looped microburst of subliminal instructions. Just one instruction, actually; a simple induction trigger repeated again and again and again. In the twenty seconds the beautiful brunette would be listening she would receive the equivalent of six hours of that single nested post-hypnotic suggestion blasting at her unsuspecting subconscious.

The twenty seconds passed, and the NEWT shut down automatically. Olivia blinked her eyes and handed the device back to Nelson, her brow furrowed, puzzled. She shrugged.

“So, what was different?” she asked. “It was the standard preamble. Except for that strange buzzing.”

“Ahh!” Nelson said with a grin, holding up a finger. “That strange buzzing is exactly what was different!”

“Okay, well… what the hell was it?” Olivia asked impatiently, using her bitchy voice.

“I added music underneath Stanwick’s speech,” Nelson lied. There had been no music. “That was Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.”

Olivia looked skeptical, as he expected she would. “What, performed by mosquitos?”

“It sounded like mosquitos because it was a series of microbursts. In those twenty seconds you experienced the entire symphony played eleven times.”

Olivia snorted, as he expected she would. “Bullshit, Nelson. Microbursts don’t work and you know it. That whole line of research is a dead end, that’s why David put a stop to it last year.”

“Yeah, except that I figured out a way to make it work,” Nelson bragged. He couldn’t help being genuinely proud of himself, even if the stuff about Beethoven’s Fifth was bullshit.

“How?” she asked, folding her arms… which squashed her tits upward, straining her blouse. It was the sort of thing she did all the time, as if daring you to stare. Nelson pointedly did not stare.

“By splitting the recording into ten-bit sectors and creating an algorithm to continuously and randomly shuffle and recombine them.”

Olivia tilted her head. “I still say it’s bullshit.”

“Well, I can prove it,” he said. “Let me show you. Anyone can hum the opening bars of the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth, right?”

“Dah-dah-dah dummmmm,” Olivia obliged.

“Right. And lots of people can hum the second movement, the Andante.” Nelson hummed a few measures of the familiar lyrical tune. Olivia nodded.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that,” she acknowledged. “So?”

“So only a genuine classical music buff will be able to hum the third movement, the scherzo,” he explained. “You’re not a classical music buff, are you?”

“Not remotely,” Olivia agreed.

“And yet, if you try, you’ll find you can hum it easily,” he said, “because you’ve been listening to the symphony over and over again for the equivalent of six hours. Go ahead. Give it a try.”

Nelson had to give her credit, she took him seriously and genuinely tried. But of course, she couldn’t hum the scherzo because she hadn’t been listening to Beethoven’s Fifth for the equivalent of six hours, she had been listening to Nelson repeating the induction trigger for the equivalent of six hours.

“Nelson,” she said, with something approaching sympathy, “I’m sorry, but it’s not there. I have no idea how the third movement of Beethoven’s Fifth goes.”

Nelson let his face fall, skillfully mimicking disappointment. “You don’t?” he asked.

“Nope. I told you, microbursts are a dead end. I know they were your idea originally, but… you just gotta face the fact that they don’t work.”

“Well… crap,” Nelson said. Olivia picked up her valise and stood, reaching for her keys.

“Maybe you oughta just stick to the authorized line of research, huh? See you Monday,” she said. Nelson straightened his shoulders, dropping his faux despair. Enough with the Beethoven bullshit. It was time for the real test.

“Hey, listen…” he said.

Nelson watched Olivia carefully for her reaction to the seemingly innocuous phrase and was not disappointed. She immediately stopped what she was doing and stood still. She blinked three times. Nelson smiled. The eyes blinks were a good sign, sort of like a POWER ON pilot light blinking. Olivia wasn’t exactly frozen, but neither was she moving. Her beautiful eyes were a bit glazed and her beautiful brow a bit furrowed, almost as if she were waiting for something but didn’t know what. Which was exactly the case.

That innocent two-word phrase was, in fact, the freshly implanted induction trigger, a trigger which automatically placed her in a highly suggestible state… and now she was dutifully waiting for some suggestions. Nelson obliged her.

“I think you should hang around and talk with me a little while longer.” He gave her the release. “Okay?”

Olivia blinked again, shook her head, then sat back down, dropping her keys on the desk.

“Well… okay,” she said. “But just for a little while. I’ve got things to do.”

* * *

Olivia put her valise back down and crossed her legs, wondering vaguely why she had so quickly agreed to hang around and talk.

It was probably because she felt a little sorry for Nelson. He was so disappointed that his microburst idea hadn’t worked. Still… she only felt a little sorry. Everyone knew microburst theory was bullshit. Nelson was smart, but he was also stubborn. She sighed. Now he was probably going to try and pick her brains about potential flaws in that algorithm he created, which meant she would have to prove to him that no algorithm on earth could make microburst induction work, which meant he would think she was a bitch. Men always thought she was a bitch when she was right. If you’re right and you have big boobs, you’re a bitch.

Olivia smirked. Speaking of big boobs, maybe Nelson didn’t give a shit about algorithms and was just looking for an excuse to stand there and ogle her for a while. Her male coworkers were forever making up excuses to talk to her just so they could ogle her. Olivia wasn’t going to pretend she didn’t enjoy being an attractive woman… she did… but sometimes it could be a real pain in the ass.

Well… she’d talk with him for a little while, but then she was going home. She had the next episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ to watch.

“All right, so what do you want to talk about?” she asked him.

“I just thought we could get to know each other a bit,” Nelson said, pulling up a nearby swivel chair and sitting. “I mean, we’ve worked together for almost two years and we hardly know each other.”

Olivia smirked. Right. He just wants to ogle. Fuck that. She snagged her valise and stood.

“Look, Nelson, I really need to go—”

“Hey, listen…” Nelson said, interrupting her.

Olivia blinked and paused, politely waiting to hear him out. She felt a little strange. Not dizzy, exactly, but… strange. Mostly she wondered what Nelson wanted to tell her. It was obvious he wanted to tell her something important. Something really important. Something she needed to hear. After what seemed like forever, he finally did.

“Olivia, we both know you really enjoy talking with me. You need to sit back down, okay?”

Olivia blinked and sat back down, lowering her valise. He was right, of course. She really did enjoy talking with him. He was one of her smarter coworkers, and even though he could be a real pain in the ass he always had interesting ideas.

Still, she didn’t want him to know how much she enjoyed talking with him. He might get the wrong idea. Men would usually get the wrong idea if you gave them the least little bit of encouragement. Even smart, interesting guys like Nelson.

“Oh, I do, do I”? she asked, smirking and purposely using her bitch voice. That made Nelson sigh, obviously annoyed. Olivia hoped she hadn’t overdone it, that he would still want to sit for a while and talk with her because she really did enjoy talking with him, even if he was a pain in the ass.

* * *

Nelson sighed. The experiment was going well, better than he had any right to expect in fact, but he couldn’t help being annoyed by Olivia’s bitchiness. Why couldn’t she be nice?

“Hey, listen…” he said.

Blink blink blink.

“…why are you always so bitchy? I really want you to tell me the truth, okay?” Blink.

Olivia leaned forward a bit. Nelson was proud of himself for not trying to look down her blouse. It was bad enough she had crossed her legs. Maybe he should ask her if she did that kind of shit on purpose.

“You want to know the truth, Nelson?” she asked, her voice firm and determined. “I’ll tell you the truth. I act like a bitch because you guys are always ogling me like a piece of meat. If you treated me with respect, like a valued colleague rather than a potential fuck toy maybe I’d be nicer, y’know? Hell, I’d rather be nice, but it’s a two-way street, my friend. And that’s the truth.”

Nelson blinked. Wow. Fair enough, he thought. He wasn’t about to stop ogling her like a piece of meat, of course… any more than he was gonna stop breathing… but fair enough.

* * *

Olivia sat back, pleased with herself. She wasn’t sure why she had felt the sudden need to speak so honestly about the way all the guys ogled her, but she was glad she had. It felt good to get it off her chest… no pun intended. She hoped Nelson would still want to sit and talk for a little while, because she really did enjoy talking with him… but even if he didn’t it was worth it to tell him the truth. And she could tell from the look on his face that he was really thinking about what she had said. Maybe there was hope for this guy after all.

“Hey, listen,” he said.

Olivia blinked expectantly, waiting for him to continue. He obviously had something important to say, something she needed to hear, and she was very curious to know what it was.

“You need to admit to yourself that you like it when I admire how beautiful you are. You like being admired, Olivia, especially by me. Y’know why? Because you’ve got a little crush on me. And I have a little crush on you, okay?”

Olivia felt herself blushing. He knew. He knew she had a crush on him. How had he known? She hadn’t known herself until just this minute, not really… though she knew in her heart it had always been true. She realized now she had been carrying a torch for Nelson since the day they met almost two years ago. God, she must have been giving him unconscious signals the whole time. He was a smart guy and he had noticed. She wondered how long he had known. Longer than she had known herself, apparently. It was embarrassing.

Still, Olivia couldn’t help but smile. Her embarrassment was lessened by the knowledge that her feelings were reciprocated, and he had a crush on her too. That was sweet. The whole thing was silly, of course. Just a couple of office crushes. It wouldn’t lead to anything. They were both adults with PhDs, not lovestruck teenagers. But still, it was sweet.

And it was very nice indeed to know for sure that he thought she was beautiful. She had always figured he was attracted to her, the way he would stare at her when he thought she wasn’t looking, but it was nice to hear it from his own lips. It gave her a happy little glow of pride. After all, she had to admit, he was right. She liked it when guys ogled her… especially Nelson. Sure, it could be a pain in the ass the way the guys treated her like a sex object and practically drooled over a little exposed cleavage or thigh, but there was no denying it made her feel desirable and appreciated and… well… sexy. She wasn’t about to admit that to Nelson, of course, but it really did. She really liked it. A lot. As a matter of fact, she hadn’t realized just how much she liked it until just this moment.

“I see,” she said. “So, you think I have a crush on you, hmm?” She folded her arms, knowing it would accentuate her boobs, hoping Nelson would notice. She wished she had worn something a little more revealing, something that would show off her cleavage. She loved the way Nelson’s eyes widened whenever he caught a glimpse of her cleavage.

* * *

Nelson couldn’t resist stealing a glance at Olivia’s tits, the way they were straining her blouse, threatening to pop a button. Did she know she was doing that? Was she doing it because of his suggestion, or was it a coincidence? He still wasn’t sure how well this was working, how fully she was responding to his suggestions.

“Are you saying you’re not attracted to me at all?” he asked, back peddling a bit. Olivia smiled… a little mischievously, it seemed to Nelson.

“Well… I’m not saying I am, and I’m not saying I’m not,” she equivocated coyly, twirling a strand of her sable hair. “Do you really have a crush on me, Nelson, or is that bullshit?”

Nelson decided to test the waters. He leaned closer.

“Trust me,” he said softly, nonchalantly placing a hand on her knee. She didn’t flinch… but she definitely noticed, her eyes darting downward. “It was not bullshit.”

Nelson removed his hand almost as quickly as he had placed it and smiled at Olivia. She smiled back, a bit shyly, and swallowed.

“Oh really,” she said, trying to sound more self-possessed than she obviously was. Nelson considered. He judged that it was time for the next phase of the experiment.

“I’m just trying to be honest,” he said, shrugging a smile. “I hope I’m not making you nervous, Olivia. I think you’re a little nervous.”

“Well… just a little, maybe,” she said, uncrossing her legs and squirming in her seat a bit. “We’ve never… y’know… talked this honestly before.”

“Hey, listen…” Nelson said.

Three blinks. She was ready for another suggestion.

“Maybe you should smoke a little weed, Olivia. It’ll calm your nerves. Okay?”

She blinked. Nelson waited. She wasn’t a stoner, but he was pretty sure she smoked on occasion. He had overheard her on the phone. Which was why he was prepared for Phase Two.

* * *

Olivia considered. She wasn’t terribly surprised that Nelson knew she smoked a little weed now and then. Hell, who didn’t these days? And she had to admit, it was tempting. She hadn’t expected to be outed about having a crush on Nelson. It was silly, of course… just a little office crush… but the fact that he knew, and the possibility that he felt the same way about her, had unnerved her a bit. And his hand on her knee had unnerved her a lot, sending an unexpected thrill surging through her. Olivia swallowed. Maybe what she felt for Nelson was more than just a crush. That idea wasn’t at all unpleasant, but it did indeed make her feel nervous. Maybe smoking a little weed was a good idea.

Trouble was, she didn’t have any, not with her. Damn.

* * *

“I just happen to have a couple of joints right here,” Nelson said, producing them from his shirt pocket along with a cigarette lighter. They weren’t joints, of course. They were hand-rolled herbal cigarettes. Phase Two.

Olivia’s eyes lit up and she smiled a sardonic smile.

“Well aren’t you a clever little Boy Scout,” she said. “Always prepared.”

“Well, speaking of being prepared,” Nelson said. He slipped one of the ‘joints’ into her purse. “You can save that one for later…” He handed her the other cigarette. “…and smoke this one now.”

“Why thank you, sir,” Olivia said, grinning as she enthusiastically placed it between her luscious lips. Nelson grinned as well. His suggestions were definitely working. She wasn’t just willing to smoke, she was eager to smoke.

Nelson watched, smiling, as Olivia lit it up and drew in the smoke with practiced ease, holding it in. She held the fake joint out to him, offering. Nelson smiled and shook his head, declining the offer. Olivia shrugged and concentrated on holding in the smoke.

“You know what strain of marijuana that is?” he asked her. Olivia exhaled her first plume of ordinary herbal smoke with a series of short huffs, then cleared her throat.

“No idea,” she admitted, her voice a little rough. “Smells unusual, though.” She coughed a little cough.

“It’s Venezuelan Cinnamon Kush,” he lied, making the name up.

“Yeah? So?” Olivia asked hoarsely, taking another long drag.

“Hey, listen…” Nelson said.

Olivia, still holding in the smoke, blinked and waited obediently for whatever he was going to say.

“That grass is super potent. Like… five times as potent as typical weed. You’ll be stoned as hell by the time you finish that one joint. I just thought you should know, okay?”

Olivia blinked. Immediately her eyelids got droopy and her lips curved into a smile, a wisp of smoke leaking out. A moment later she exhaled a cloud and giggled.

“It’s… super potent?” she asked contentedly, sinking back in her chair a little. Nelson smiled. She was suddenly stoned… on nothing but rose petals and licorice root.

“Uh-huh,” he confirmed. Olivia blinked, obviously thinking deep, sluggish thoughts.

“Well then… well… then maybe I shouldn’t… y’know… smoke any more,” she suggested, staring bleary-eyed at the cigarette in her hand. She turned and looked at Nelson. “I mean… I just want to… like… relax, I don’t want to… to get… y’know… wasted.”

“Hey, listen…”

Three droopy-eyed blinks.

“…you’re obviously enjoying it, so you might as well finish off that joint, even though it’s getting you completely fucked up, okay?”

Olivia blinked and her face broke into a wide, sleepy grin.

“Nn-kay,” she said.

* * *

Olivia felt great. Amazingly great. She was so glad this weed was super potent because she was really enjoying it, the way it was getting her stoned as hell. Nelson was right, she should definitely smoke the rest of this joint. She would get completely fucked up, but that was okay. After all, Nelson had a little crush on her, so he would look after her and keep her from doing anything stupid. Like… like giving him a big old kiss, right here in the lab, which she was seriously considering doing because she totally had a crush on the guy. But sweet Nelson would make sure she didn’t make a fool of herself.

She put the doobie to her lips and sucked.

Some time later… Olivia wasn’t sure how long… either a few minutes or maybe a couple of hours or something… god, she was so stoned… she took her last drag from the tiny little roach in her hand and exhaled her last plume of beautiful, bluish smoke. She was a little sad to be finished with the joint. She would miss it. Nelson gently took the exhausted roach from her hand, which was good because Olivia wasn’t sure what to do with it.

“Thanksssss,” she told him, grinning happily.

Nelson had been absolutely right about the weed. It was super potent, and she was stoned as hell. As a matter of fact, she had never been this completely fucked up before, not even in college. She was slumped lazily in her swivel chair, the cushions amazingly soft against her body, feeling almost like she was floating. The whole lab was sort of drifting and turning and the colors were amazing. She wondered if maybe the weed had been laced with something. One joint, no matter how potent, shouldn’t get her this fucked up.

“D’you… d’you think that, umm…” She couldn’t get her thoughts to cooperate, which was fine, she didn’t mind. Cooperation was voluntary. “…d’you think that weed was… like… laced with… y’know?”

“Nahh,” Nelson assured her. “It was just super potent.”

“Ssssssssssssssuper potent,” Olivia echoed, then she giggled because she felt so amazing and super potent and completely fucked up and everything was hilarious.

“That’s right.”

She caught Nelson staring at her thighs and that made her giggle even more. He could probably see her panties, the way she was slumped down in her chair with her legs splayed and her miniskirt all twisted up. She hoped he could see her panties because she had a huge crush on him and she liked the way he ogled her sexy body, especially when she was stoned as hell. It was so sexy and… like… wonderful.

Olivia decided she needed to let Nelson know how completely fucked up she was so he could look after her and maybe even kiss her right here in the lab. She leaned forward, resting her arms on her bared thighs, hoping he would look down her blouse and ogle her big boobs.

“Nelson,” she said, her words all beautifully relaxed and sluggish, “I am ssssssssssstoned as… as hell.”

“Yes, you are,” he agreed, looking down her blouse. That made her giggle.

“You are… you… you’re looking down my… blouse,” she playfully scolded him, pointing an unsteady finger.

“Yes I am. Do you mind?” he asked her. Olivia shook her head, her hair sloshing around left and right and falling across her face.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnope,” she assured him. “I don’t mind, cuz… cuz I have a crush on you and… and I like it when you notice me.” She giggled and sank back in her chair so he could see her panties.

* * *

Nelson grinned. Pink satin with white lace trim. Very sexy. Obviously, Oliva wasn’t quite the modest young woman he had thought she was. So much the better.

He considered taking her right here in the lab. He was pretty sure he could do it. The induction trigger was working like a charm and she was responding well to his suggestions. He had successfully gotten her wrecked… or at least, he had gotten her to believe she was wrecked, which was the same thing… on nothing but a single herbal cigarette. He was confident he could get in those pink satin panties.

But it would be dangerous here at work. Anyone could walk in any time. Probably no one would, but why take the chance?

Besides, there were other sorts of fun to be had before the main event.

“Hey, listen…” he said. Olivia was still giggling, but she blinked on cue, ready to receive some more suggestions. “…why don’t we go somewhere and get a drink, okay?”

“Nnnnnnnnnn,” she sighed, grinning stupidly. “That is… like… such a good idea, Nelson. Nelson. Nelson Chase, PhD.”

She started giggling again, eyes squeezed shut in merriment. She was gradually sliding down in the chair, her ass approaching the front edge. Nelson knew if he did nothing to stop her slide, she would end up sitting on the floor, her skirt twisted up around her waist.

“Whoops, careful there,” he said, but he did nothing to stop her slide. Still giggling like a fool, Olivia slid right off the chair and plopped down onto the carpet with a soft thump… which made her giggle like even more of a fool. Nelson grinned. Jesus. Her hypno-wrecked was indistinguishable from genuine-wrecked.

Finally, the giggles subsided… more or less… and she peered up at Nelson through heavy-lidded eyes and tousled hair.

“God, I am… like… sooooooooooooo fucked up,” she declared. And then, of course, giggled.

“Here,” Nelson said, standing and bending over her, sliding his arms under hers, “let’s get you to your feet.”

“We can… we can… like… get me to your feet,” Olivia drawled as he hoisted her limp body up, up, up, “but I don’t think I’ll… like… stay… on my feet.”

“Because you’re so fucked up,” Nelson said, holding her waist to keep her more or less balanced. He figured a little verbal reinforcement wouldn’t hurt.

“Exactly!” she agreed, slapping his chest. “I ammmmm… fffffucked up. And… and y’know what?”

“What?” Nelson asked, smiling at her fondly. She leaned closer, her tits pressing, and whispered.

“I have a big ol’ crush on you, Dr. Nelson Chase,” she informed him with a seductive smile.

“You do?”

“Mmmmmm-hmmmm. And I’ll… I’ll tell you this,” she continued, her face inches from his, “if you… if you… if you take me somewhere for a drink and… and, like… and like, you get me drunk… I will probably sleep with you.”

“Sleep me with me?” Nelson asked, feigning disappointment. “Oh. I was kinda hoping if I got you drunk you might have sex with me.”

She thought that was hilarious and dissolved into giggles, burying her face in his chest. Then she stumbled back a step, out of his grasp, standing on her own. More or less. She was discreetly using her desk for support.

“You, sir, are… are a goof ball,” she declared, pointing at him.

“Well… either way, let’s go to a bar or a club somewhere and get you drunk, hm?” Nelson said, not even bothering to use the trigger phrase. After all, she had already accepted the suggestion. To his surprise she shook her head no, left and right, her hair flying.

“No. No. No. No. I can’t go to… to a bar or a club somewhere,” she told him, “because I look terrible.”

“You look gorgeous,” he insisted. She giggled and swatted at him.

“You are just… like… saying that because you want me to have sex with you,” she said with an impish grin. “My hair is a mess and… and my makeup is a mess and… and my clothes are a mess… and… and I’m, like… a mess.”

“Okay… well… fix yourself up and we’ll go,” Nelson said, relieved that she wasn’t rejecting his suggestion. Olivia held out an arm to the right and pointed.

“I will go to the… the, umm… y’know… ladies’ room,” she declared, “and I will… return in just a moment. Minute. Moment.”

“Okay,” Nelson said.

Olivia gave him a peck on the cheek, giggled, grabbed her purse from the desk, and started off, weaving a bit but staying on her feet. Nelson watched her ass for a moment, then he had an idea.

“Hey, listen…” he said.

Olivia stopped in her tracks and turned back to him, waiting.

“…while you’re in there, go ahead and take your bra off. It’s tight and uncomfortable and your breasts are so firm you don’t really need a bra anyway. You’ll be much more attractive with your breasts just sloshing around freely inside that blouse. Okay?”

Olivia blinked and giggled.

“You are… are a naughty, naughty boy,” she said, wagging a finger. But Nelson was pretty sure, judging by the cheeky grin on her face, that she would remove the bra.

* * *

Olivia stood there smiling at her reflection in the ladies’ room mirror. She had peed and touched up her makeup a bit and done what she could with her hair… though it actually looked pretty sexy all tousled and messy… and now she was standing there topless, her blouse in one hand, her bra in the other.

“You have got some… like… gorgeous tits, there, honey,” she told her reflection, then she giggled. Nelson had been so completely right about removing her bra. It had been digging into her shoulders and making her boobs sweat and she didn’t really even need a bra anyway. Not with gorgeous tits like those.

Olivia put the bra down on the counter… she could just leave it there and pick it up on Monday… and pulled the white blouse back on. She struggled a little with the puffy sleeves, giggling at her clumsiness, but finally managed to get the blouse on and tucked into her skirt. She bit her lip, tempted to leave it unbuttoned further than usual, just to give Nelson a little treat, the big sweetie. What the hell. Why not? She liked it when he ogled her boobs.

She gave her shoulders a little experimental shimmy and watched her boobs slosh and wobble and jiggle inside her gaping blouse. She giggled. Nelson was right, it was much more attractive, in a sort of sexy, slutty way. She wondered why she had never tried going braless before. It was fun.

Olivia smirked at herself. She knew why she was having so much fun, why she felt so loose and carefree. It was because she was stoned as hell on that super potent weed. That had been another good idea. Nelson was full of good ideas.

She opened her purse and took out the second joint, arching an eyebrow, considering. If smoking one super potent joint had made her feel this loose and carefree and wonderful… how would smoking two make her feel? She giggled. Twice as loose and carefree and wonderful, obviously. Nelson wasn’t the only one full of good ideas.

Olivia put the joint between her lips and flicked the lighter.

* * *

Nelson had shut down his station, pocketing the other experimental NEWTS, and was waiting for Olivia to reappear. He was just beginning to worry that maybe his suggestions had worn off and she was in the ladies’ room plotting his demise or calling the cops or something when he heard her coming back down the hall. He heard her giggling and heard her stumbling and heard her body periodically bumping against the wall and knew all was well.

The first thing Nelson realized when she came through the swinging doors and into the lab itself was that she must have smoked the second herbal cigarette. If she had been hypno-stoned before, she was completely hypno-wasted now, weaving a crooked path, ricocheting off cubicle walls, and giggling like an idiot. Not only had she smoked the second “joint” without being prompted to do so, her mind had obviously continued to obey the suggestion that it was super potent grass.

The second thing Nelson realized, grinning broadly, was that she had taken his suggestion to remove her bra. Her huge knockers were bouncing and bobbing and swaying, straining the fabric of her blouse, her nipples poking. The blouse was unbuttoned about halfway down, revealing a whole lot of cleavage. There was no question now, his experiment was a complete success.

But it was also far from over. Barely begun, in fact.

“Hey there,” he said to her as she approached him, grinning like loon.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyy,” she drawled happily, stumbling to keep her balance.

“You smoked the second joint, didn’t you,” he accused her with a smile.

“Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyup!” she confessed with a giggle. “And now… now I am… I am super-duper duper super ssssstoned.” She threw her head back and laughed at the ceiling.

“And did you take my advice about taking off your bra?” he asked coyly. She smirked at him happily.

“I know you know… you… you know I did, naughty boy,” she said, “because I know you… you saw my big boobies bouncing.”

“Uhp… you caught me,” Nelson admitted. She giggled.

“I caught you ogg… ogling my ogles,” she agreed happily. “My… my boobies. Cuz… cuz I like it when my… y’know… when… when you notice my bouncing bouncing boo boo boobies.”

That was simply too funny for her and she fell against Nelson, giggling into his chest. This went on for a little while, then she raised her head and grinned at him.

“Fuck. I am… am… ssssssoooooooooooo fucking fucked up stoned.”

“Too stoned to go get a drink and get drunk?” Nelson asked, curious.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnope!” Olivia assured him, throwing out her arms, ready for anything. She stumbled back and half-fell, half-sat on her desk.

Nelson took care of closing down and locking up the rest of the lab; Olivia had her hands full just staying on her own two feet, even clinging to one of the cubicles. He occasionally helped to support her as they headed down the hall and took the elevator to the parking garage.

“I think I’d better drive, huh?” he said as they walked through the deserted garage, their footsteps echoing. Olivia giggled.

“I can’t even… even walk,” she agreed, “let alone… walk. Drive.”

Nelson unlocked his blue Toyota and helped Olivia settle in the front passenger seat, happily sneaking a peek down her gaping blouse as he did so. He climbed in beside her, started the engine, and headed out.

He knew exactly where they were going.

* * *

Olivia wondered where they were going. She watched the lights and buildings and other cars blur past them, but she knew she was far too stoned to figure out what street they were on, let alone what their ultimate destination might be.

She wasn’t worried about it, though. She giggled. She wasn’t worried about anything. Olivia had never been this high before and she really, really liked it. She felt wonderfully sluggish and slowed down and stupid. She had always been the smartest person in the room, and it was wonderful to be the stupidest person in the room for a change. It meant she didn’t have worry about being a bitch and proving to everyone that she was smart because everyone in the room… in the car… knew that she was stupid. It was wonderful. She couldn’t imagine feeling any better.

“You want to feel even better?” Nelson asked her.

“Mmmmnnnnnn,” she said as she turned to look at him drive. He was cute and he was smart, but he could be so stupid. “Not. Possible.”

“Ohhh, I think it is,” Nelson insisted. “Look in the glove compartment.”

Olivia slowly turned her head back to the front of the car. She reached out and tried to open the glove compartment, but she was too stupid. Her hand kept slipping off the latch. She giggled.

“Here, let me,” Nelson said, reaching across her and opening the little flip-down door.

Olivia blinked, very impressed. He was so fast. He moved like lightning. Before Olivia knew what was happening, he had removed a stainless-steel flask, closed the door with a thump, and was trying to hand the flask to her. She tried to take it from him, but her hands were too stupid and kept missing. That made her giggle.

“Go ahead, take it,” Nelson said, trying to keep his eyes on the road. Finally, Olivia’s stupid hands managed to grasp the flask and Nelson was able to release it into her custody.

“What is it?” she asked, working on unscrewing the top. She knew it would take a while because she didn’t have Nelson’s lightning-fast reflexes.

“Ukrainian vodka,” he told her. “You can get a head start. Maybe get drunk before we even arrive. That would be fun.”

Olivia considered that for several hours. Or days. Or moments. Something.

“I don’t… I don’t think I better,” she objected woozily. “I’m already… super duper duper… potent.”

“Hey, listen…” Nelson said.

Olivia blinked and turned to him, waiting. She didn’t know what Nelson was going to tell her, but she knew it would be really important, and that she had to hear it, whatever it was.

“…you love getting wasted, so you should definitely drink as much of that vodka as you can before we arrive where we’re going, okay?”

Olivia blinked. He was right, of course. Getting wasted was the best! And getting drunk on vodka would make her feel even better than being super-duper stoned on super-duper potent weed. Thank god she had Nelson with her to make all these super-duper suggestions.

She untwisted the cap the rest of the way, put the flask to her waiting lips, and started guzzling.

* * *

By the time Nelson parked the Toyota in front of Le Petite Boutique, Olivia had pretty much polished off the flask. He looked over at his coworker and smiled. It wasn’t Ukrainian vodka, of course. It was distilled water. Phase Three. But it had worked like a charm. Olivia Favreau was hypno-drunk as a hypno-skunk.

She was slumped in her seat, loose-limbed and sloppy, her face ruddy… psychosomatic facial flushing, no less… her eyes droopy, her hair falling every which way. She was singing softly to herself… Nelson had no idea what the song was… pausing occasionally to giggle or take another swig. He was pretty sure she was only vaguely aware of where she was or what was going on, and he was very sure she didn’t care where she was or what was going on.

“Olivia,” he said. She turned, blinking, wondering who had said her name, then found him. Her face broke into a sleepy grin.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Nelzzon my sweee Nelzzon,” she slurred drunkenly. She clumsily leaned closer to him, her tits sloshing inside the blouse. “Guezzz what, Nelzzon honey.”

“What?” he asked, grinning at her state.

“I’mmmmm zzzzrunk,” she declared proudly. She held up a wavering finger. “Nod… nod only ammm I… ammm I zzrunk. I am… nod only… I ammmm… compleeeee wayzzzed.”

That made her giggle and she collapsed into his lap. Nelson was very much aware that her face was only inches from his very erect cock, which was pushing with all its might against his khakis. He gently stroked Olivia’s disheveled hair while she giggled into his crotch.

Olivia raised her head a little and peered, bleary-eyed, at the bulge in his pants. She grinned and looked up at him, dropping the empty flask and reaching for his zipper.

“I’mmm gonna give you… give you… a… a Joe blob,” she announced.

“A Joe blob?” Nelson asked with a smile, watching her paw ineffectually at his pants. She giggled.

“You know what… what I mean,” she insisted, trying her best to grasp his zipper. She finally managed to tug it down and slid her hands inside his pants, searching. “I’m gonna…” She giggled. “I’m gonna… gonna suck on… on your dick until…” She giggled. “…until you… you cum in my mouth.”

Nelson grinned. It was a good plan, but at this rate it would be one in the morning before she managed to extract his penis.

“Here… let me help,” he said, reaching down.

“I can dooooot, I can doooot,” Olivia insisted drunkenly, even as Nelson freed his stiff cock from the prison of his boxer briefs. “I’ve givennnn more… more Joe blobs than you have.”

“No doubt you have,” Nelson agreed, handing his cock over to her clumsy care. Olivia took it in hand, blinking at the sight.

“Holy fuck,” she exclaimed, her jaw dropping. “You gotta big dick, Nelshon.”

“Why thank you,” Nelson said. He might have explained to her that it was no good having a big dick when every girl you met dismissed you as a dweeby nerd and you seldom got a chance to use it… but he knew she was too hypno-wasted to understand.

“Fide known you… you had susha big dick I woulda… I woulda fucked you years ago,” Olivia told him, adjusting her position, setting herself up for the Joe blob.

“Story of my life, darling,” Nelson said with a wry grin, watching in fascination as his auto-inebriated dream girl lowered her Jessica Alba lips onto his waiting cock. He was delighted by this turn of events but decided to purchase a little insurance. “Hey, listen…”

Olivia paused, drooling, her lips just barely touching his tip, waiting obediently for further instructions.

“You love giving blow jobs,” Nelson told her, stroking her hair. “Especially to me. You love it so much you can’t help but orgasm yourself, every time, because it turns you on so much. Okay?”

Olivia gave an earnest little moan… and went to work.

* * *

Olivia Favreau was in heaven. Not only was she completely wasted, which she loved, she had Nelson’s big, beautiful dick in her mouth, which was just about her favorite thing ever, even though she had never done it before.

Determined to make up for lost time and give her crush the best blow job of his life, she sloppily slid her fat, wet lips up and down his shaft, using her hand as counterpoint.

Faster and faster and faster. Slurpa-slurpa-slurpa. Olivia growled deep in her throat.

“Holy fuck,” Nelson gasped. “Who knew you were… unngh… such a slut.” The sweet, romantic compliment spurred Olivia to redouble her efforts, and she increased her speed and lip suction. She could feel Nelson building to a climax just as she was.


Olivia moaned as the mutual orgasm neared. She loved giving her man drunken blow jobs! God, she loved it so fucking much!

When the simultaneous climax hit it was like nothing she had ever experienced. Mind-boggling jolts of ecstatic pleasure caused her whole body to spasm and jerk as Nelson spurted a pulsing torrent of cum into her eager mouth, again and again and again, so much that she couldn’t swallow fast enough, and it leaked out of her lips and down her chin.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” her sweetheart grunted, filling her to overflowing.

At last he was finished, spent, sinking back into his seat… but Olivia was still cumming, still quivering and twitching, her mouth still sucking on Nelson’s empty cock, doing her best not to chomp down on it in her mindless frenzy. Her orgasm went on and on and on for what seemed like hours… until finally, gradually, the waves of ecstasy became less frequent, had less power, and eventually died away. Only then did she open her mouth and let her man’s flaccid cock slip out.

Olivia fell back into her seat, entirely spent and entirely satisfied, a beatific smile on her semen-stained face.

* * *

For several minutes Nelson couldn’t move. He hadn’t had all that many blow jobs in his life, but still, that had not been his first. However, it had unquestionably been the best, by a long shot. His suggestions had turned Olivia into an uninhibited, enthusiastic cocksucker.

And that, he knew, sighing contentedly, was just the beginning.

Nelson repackaged his package, zipping up, and looked over at his DIY slut. Olivia was slumped in her seat, eyes closed, a wide smile on her face, completely out of it. That beautiful face was stained with his very own cum. It was sorta sexy, but he knew he had to clean her up before commencing with Phase Four.

He snagged a packet of wet wipes from the center compartment, tugged a few loose, leaned over, and cleaned her face. She giggled and murmured something incoherent. Nelson tossed the wipe away and couldn’t resist, while she was still completely “wasted,” copping a quick feel of her amazing tits through her blouse. She moaned contentedly.

Okay. He pulled back. Plenty of time for boob-fondling later.

“Hey, listen,” he said.

Olivia blinked and opened her bleary eyes.

“It turns out you’re not as wasted as you thought you were. I mean, yeah, you’re a little stoned and a little drunk, but you’re sober enough that you can walk around in public and not get arrested for public intoxication… okay?”

She blinked… then smiled. Her eyes suddenly looked decidedly less bleary.

“Hey, wanna hear something… like… weird?” she asked him.

“What’s that?” Nelson asked.

“Sucking your cock sobered me up a little,” she told him with a little giggle. “At least… I’m not as wasted was I… as I… thought I was.”

“But you’re not sober?” Nelson asked.

“Fuck, no,” Olivia replied, grinning. “But, y’know… if you wanna take me to a bar or a club or somethinn, at lease I can walk in the door without facing… falling… on my fucking face.” She giggled at that and Nelson smiled, nodding.

“Well,” he said, “before we can go anywhere, we need to find you a change of clothes.”

Olivia blinked, her smile waning a bit. “You don’t like my… my blouse?”

“I love your blouse,” Nelson said, “but I don’t think cum stains are in fashion this season.”

Olivia looked down at herself and laughed, then back up at Nelson.

“Fuck. Well… you wanna take me home so I can… like… change?”

“No need,” Nelson assured her, pointing. “There’s a cute little boutique right there. Why don’t I just buy you a new outfit?”

Olivia peered through the windshield, saw Le Petite Boutique, and her face broke into a happy grin. She turned back to Nelson and flung her arms around his neck.

“Iss no wonder I have a big ol’ crush on you, Dr. Nelson Chase.”

And she kissed him. Long and hard. When it finally broke, Nelson gestured toward the boutique.

“Shall we?” he suggested, smiling.

It was time for Phase Four.