The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 16

As soon as Ashley started her show that night, I made a bolt for the tiny room.

I needed to know.

I needed to.

If I’d opened my cabinet, I swear ’Knowing How Ashley Feels About The Upcoming Video’ would have been front and center, but I didn’t. I wanted to be quick; I went into the tiny room as rarely as possible, and never when everyone was still awake.

But this priority had clearly superseded that one, and so I broke my own rule.

Ashley’s cabinet isn’t a catalogue of her thoughts, handy though that would be, but I’d started to work out which thoughts I could and couldn’t infer from going through her files. And so it only took me ten or fifteen minutes of searching before I found it.

A new folder. Not just a piece of paper, a new folder.

It was under ‘Jacob’ (just as I’d guessed it would be), and it was titled ‘Maintaining Normalcy’.

I’d searched right through my own folder in Ashley’s cabinet the other day…well, I say ‘right through’. With infinite files, that’s impossible, but once you get to Protecting Jacob From Lobsters, you know that you’re not going to find anything useful beyond that.

(Protecting Jacob From Lobsters, in case you were wondering, was a lower priority to Ashley than Protecting Jacob From Bear Attacks, just above Protecting Jacob From Falling Off A Train.)

Just the sight of the new folder told me everything I needed to know: Ashley wasn’t suspicious.

She was worried.

Like I said, everything we’d done so far had genuinely served to bring us closer. Even masturbating in front of each other—if you think of it less as a sexual thing, more as a…I dunno, ’bodily function’, it makes sense that we’d be closer once we were comfortable doing it in front of each other.

Camming, cumming, making videos: that was all part of Ashley’s job, and my involvement had been mostly passive (if you ignore the instructions I gave while directing her vids). Even directing was a fairly detached role, relatively speaking. No pun intended.

I was the coach, telling the players what to do; I wasn’t actually on the field.

But using the toy, actually being the one to get her off; to Ashley, that apparently felt like it was crossing some kind of line.

It crossed a line and she still wanted to do it. She was just worried about preserving our relationship.

I opened the folder. There were only a few pieces of paper inside, but they didn’t have clear headings. Maybe because the folder was new? I had no idea how long it took to ‘define’ these priorities, but clearly this one was still a little vague inside my sister’s head.

I took the papers out and skimmed them. They each had a bunch of seemingly unrelated items on them, like you’d see on a brainstorming board for a new project. Stuff like ’Make Sure To Keep Doing Non-Sexual Things Together’, ‘Try To Stay On Same Page With Jacob’, ‘Work Out How Comfortable He Is With Communication If Things Get Weird’, a couple of dozen items like that.

Then I saw it.

‘Do Not Let Self Become Any More Sexually Attracted To Brother’.

I read it again. And again, and again, and again. If I hadn’t known that it was such a risky hour to be in the small room, I could have read that line all night.

‘Do Not Let Self Become Any More Sexually Attracted To Brother’.

A smile slowly spread across my face.

This sentence—this one, weirdly-written, beautiful sentence—was everything I’d wanted to hear, and more.

Firstly, it told me that Ashley was worried about becoming sexually attracted to me.

No, scratch that.

Firstly, it told me that Ashley was sexually attracted to me. Secondly, it told me she wanted to avoid becoming even more attracted.

She was already into me, to some degree. I’d guess that had started when she’d danced for me, when she’d cum for me—for me—but seeing it written down like this…


I couldn’t stop grinning.

My sister was into me (even if only a little) and she was worried about that attraction increasing.

Humans aren’t rational creatures. Sometimes we worry about stuff for no reason, irrationally scared of things that will never happen.

This? This wasn’t one of those times.

Ashley was worried she was going to grow more attracted—more attracted!—to me, and I could see why.

As we worked hard to make the perfect video, I was going to be the one getting her off. Me. Her brother. My hand was going to be manipulating the toy between her legs. I was going to be responsible for orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

I was going to make her cum, again and again and again.

Of course she was worried about that increasing her attraction to me.

My sister was only human. A guy giving her a mixture of the attention she so desperately craves, along with a near endless supply of orgasms?

That’s hot. That’s hella hot.

And I was going to be that guy.

A part of me wanted to take this piece of paper and bury it as far back in the cabinet as it would go. Make ‘not being attracted to your brother’ one of Ashley’s lowest priorities, right back there with ‘Learning To Build Bunk Beds Out Of Coral’ or ‘Joining *NSYNC’.

But this was clearly a new thought, and I didn’t know what would happen if I moved it before it fully developed. Would it stunt its formation? Would this forever be a half-baked thought?

Knowing I had to play it safe, I relucantly put it back in the folder—at the very back, in the hope that small change would help.

But before I did, I added one small note, in the style of her other musings.

‘Remember That To Jacob, This Is Purely Professional’.

* * *

Ashley tried to focus on the camera.

The camera was why she was doing this. That was the thought that she desperately repeated to herself.

She was doing this for the camera. For her fans. For the audience. For the money.

For the video.

Over the past few months, cameras had become a huge part of Ashley’s life. They’d grown to represent so many things to her—mostly attention, at first, but also money. The camera wasn’t just a powered piece of plastic, it was the means by which she made the majority of her income; how she broadcast her image across the world.

At first she’d been intimidated by it. It was silly, really, being intimidated by an inanimate object. But it held so much power. So much potential. Earning potential, the potential to arouse strangers.

The potential to ruin her life.

Her brother had helped her move past that feeling of being intimidated, into the next stage: comfort. He’d taught her to interact with it like it was a person, or a pet. To focus her attention on it, but not too intensely.

He’d told her to treat it like an old family friend, and she’d obeyed. He’d been so helpful, and he’d been right, of course.

Six months ago, Ashley would have laughed at the idea of paying much attention to advice from her younger brother, but he was basically always right. How had she never before noticed how smart he was?

A blush crossed her face, and Ashley forced herself to refocus on the camera.

The camera. The camera. She was doing this for the camera.

It was important not to forget that.

Ever since Jacob had started advising her, her relationship with the camera had been great. Overwhelmingly positive.

And then he’d moved behind the camera, and things had…shifted.

She had continued to have a positive relationship with the camera. She was a pro, after all—it’s in the name. You can’t be a camgirl without being great around a cam. Camming had so quickly become second nature to her.

But ever since her brother had started being the one holding the camera, it’d been…different, somehow.

Jacob was her brother. He was gracious enough to help her out, of course, but when a camera is just clipped to the side of a monitor, it’s just a piece of plastic. A powerful piece of plastic, but still an inanimate object.

When it’s being held by your brother who’s telling you exactly how and where and when to cum, things are going to change.

Not for the worse, fortunately. Her brother really knew what he was doing, and Ashley was happy to obey, to do whatever he suggested.

After all, it was for the videos.

Making the perfect video had become an obsession, and if that meant following Jacob’s every instruction, that was what she’d do. It hadn’t surprised Ashley when she’d found herself becoming such a perfectionist; it’d been the same when she’d taken up bowling in Junior High. She’d been back at the lanes every week until she’d finally done it; she’d hit a perfect game.

This was the same thing, just a lot more…naked.

And profitable.

To avoid things being weird, Ashley had personified the camera. It wasn’t her brother ordering her around; it was the camera. The camera wanted exactly what she wanted: to make the perfect video. The camera had given her fans, fame, wealth. The camera was her ticket to a better life.

Ashley wasn’t delusional; she knew that it was Jacob behind the camera. But in the moment, it was easier to think of the camera. After all, who wants to think of their brother when they cum?

The blush was back.

That separation had gotten harder as they’d developed a more sophisticated language. Jacob would tilt his head to the side, she’d ramp things up. He’d tilt forward and stare at her, she’d cum.

But if she didn’t think about it too hard, it still all worked. Her partner in business, the camera, was the one signalling to her. It was just…using her brother to communicate.

And so now, as her brother guided her favorite sex toy between her legs, Ashley focused on the camera.

The camera.

It wasn’t her little brother getting her off. It wasn’t her little brother masterfully sliding the toy up her thighs, toying with her, pausing, causing her to shiver with anticipation. It wasn’t Jacob shifting her favorite vibrator onto her pussy, making her bite her lip, knowing exactly how much pressure she liked, causing jolts of pleasure to pass through her body…

It was the camera.

Because otherwise, it would be weird.

It was very important to Ashley that things didn’t get weird. For most people, they would have crossed that line a long time ago, but her relationship with Jacob was special. Very special.

There was that blush again.

It was honestly one of the things that she most proud of. If any of her friends’ brothers had discovered their sister was a camgirl, they probably would have been really judgmental about it. Jacob had not only been cool, he’d actually helped—her income had been decent before, but with his help it had gone through the stratosphere.

Most siblings would probably have freaked out at the sight of their sister masturbating. But Jacob and her were clearly cut from the same cloth; he’d not only taken it in stride, but been comfortable enough to jerk off in front of her. After all, it was a natural bodily function, like blowing your nose.

Blowing your nose, blowing your load. Same difference, right?

Being comfortable getting off in front of each other had even managed to bring them to a new level of closeness. It wasn’t ‘normal’—Ashley knew that—but somehow that just made it even more intimate. They were so comfortable around each other, they could get off in the same room, knowing that they wouldn’t be judged or scorned by the other.

They could get off while they were in the same bed. It wasn’t sexual. Well, it was sexual, but only in a biological way. It wasn’t like he was attracted to her.

Or her to him, she blushed.

Even when she’d been cut off from the internet, worked up, cooped up, desperate for attention…as she’d danced for him, all her pent up arousal had somehow boiled over, and she’d cum in front of him.

For him.

Her orgasm had been triggered by the sound of his arousal.

Most siblings would have found that super weird, but Jacob had never brought it up, never made a thing out of it.

She was so, so lucky to have a brother like Jacob. He was so smart, such a good director, so good with his hands…


Like, there was a great example. Ashley had accidentally let out a moan of arousal, but Jacob wouldn’t be weird about it. He’d know that it was for the video they were making—the best video they’d made yet. God she wanted to make a perfect video. Jacob wouldn’t even suspect that the sound had come from her thinking of him, of how good he was at using the toy, at the thought of imagining his hands on her directly…

Her eyes wide, Ashley turned her attention back to the camera. The camera, the camera, the camera. She was doing this for the camera. For her audience.

The heat between her legs was growing, and as Jacob—the camera—pressed the toy against her vibrator, Ashley arched her back with arousal. She’d gotten incredibly good at controlling her orgasm while she masturbated—after all, that was now her job—but this was different. For the first time since her adventurous night at the strip club, someone else was between her legs. Someone else was in control.

Her brother.

The camera.


The camera.

Ashley’s eyes fluttered, and she glanced at her brother—the camera—for guidance. He’d know what to do. He’d know what would make the best video. He was getting her more worked up than she’d expected, and if he wasn’t careful, she’d cum, far earlier than they’d planned.

He really was very good with his hands.

To her disappointment, Jacob’s attention wasn’t on her.

Well, it was on her, just not on her face. He was staring, transfixed, at her glistening pussy.


Ashley loved attention; ever since her awakening on the bus, she’d known that she was a true exhibitionist. She had no idea why it had taken almost two decades to discover this fact about herself, but she didn’t care. It was who she was, to the core.

It was why she loved her job so much; it was why she had such affection for the camera.

The camera.

But ever since she’d stopped stripping, the majority of her attention had been virtual. She knew the hungry eyes were there, of course. The jangling sound of donations, the lewd comments she got in her chat room; she had several channels of feedback, feeding her need, making her feel seen, watched.


She had no shortage of exhibitionistic outlets, but having someone there in person (even her brother) transfixed by her snatch, clearly aroused, dedicated to bringing her pleasure…


That one caught Jacob’s attention; he glanced up at her and nodded, their signal for her to be more vocal.

“Ohhhh…” Ashley moaned, surprising herself with the intensity of her outburst.

Pull it together, girl, she silently told herself. At this rate, this video was going to be a complete bust, and they’d have to do it again, and again, and again…


To make the perfect video, of course. That was why she was doing this. For the money. Because it was her job.

For the camera.

That was absolutely what it was.

Jacob had pressed the toy against her clit, just how she liked it. Exactly how she liked it. She couldn’t have done a better job herself.

The thought made her blush. He was getting her off better than she could.

“Harder…” she gasped. “Please…harder!”

Her words were just for show. They’d decided on a script ahead of time. No matter what Ashley’s brother had done, she would have said the same thing.

As far as Ashley knew, her brother had never had a girlfriend. Apparently watching her get herself off several hundred times had served as a crash course in how to please a woman…or maybe just her specifically.

It probably wouldn’t transfer to other women. No, she’d inadvertently trained her brother to expertly and exclusively get her off.

Ashley knew that thought shouldn’t have made her smile, but it did.

Jacob was looking at her again, and she tried to refocus her attention. He tilted his head to the side, and she increased her passion.

Not particularly hard. Considering that she was his first ever woman, he was…—

“Oh, fuck.”

Jacob raised one eyebrow. That hadn’t been part of the script.

Ashey’s outburst had been completely involuntary. She’d never thought about her brother’s inexperience before, not really. Their casualness around each other had meant that she never thought of what they were doing as something sexual, and so she’d never considered that she was probably the first woman he’d seen naked.

The first woman he’d seen cum.

The first woman who’d seen him cum.

For the rest of his life, Jacob would be comparing every sexual encounter he had with her. Every time he assessed a woman’s body, their orgasm, the sounds they made when they were turned on…he’d be directly comparing them to her.

And Ashley knew she’d be hard to measure up against.

The thought was surprisingly hot.

Had she accidentally ruined her brother for other women? He’d still be able to enjoy watching other camgirls, but in the flesh?

She tried to think about something else—anything else—but the thought was in her head, and it wasn’t going away.

From Jacob’s point of view, she knew that what they were doing was purely professional. It was really important for her to know that. If what they were doing wasn’t professional, then…well, she didn’t want to think about it.

She wanted to keep things normal between them.

Their relationship was completely platonic. Jacob was doing this to help his sister with her job. And more than that—he was getting paid for this too. It wasn’t like this was something they were doing for fun.

Fun though it was.

They were friends, siblings, but right now—as he increased the intensity of the toy pressing against her clit, filling her with erotic energy, making her feel like a swarm of butterflies had formed in her stomach and were flying through her entire nervous system—right now, this was a professional relationship.

He was just doing a job.

Of course…job or no job, it wasn’t like he was just watching any more. It wasn’t like the first time he was with a real woman—well, a woman who wasn’t his sister—he’d still be dazed by the fact that he got to touch her, that he’d get her off.

He was doing that with her, right now.

And Ashley hadn’t let herself think about it, not really, but she knew they’d be doing more than that. She’d seen the kinds of videos she’d have to make, if she wanted to stay competitive.

If she wanted to continue to improve.

And Ashley knew for sure that she wanted to continue to improve.

She’d have to move past toys, and Jacob was the only one she could trust. They’d move past him controlling plastic.

He’d touch her, directly.

She’d touch him.

She’d jerk him off for the camera—it’d look great. He had a really beautiful cock…not that she’d ever looked at it that way.

He’d cum on her body. On her face. She’d lick his seed off her skin, smiling at the camera as she did.

She’d swallow Jacob’s seed.

She’d suck his cock.

She’d suck her brother’s cock on camera, and she’d love it.

Ashley’s eyes rolled back in her head as she came, her orgasm overcoming fast enough that she didn’t have time to give Jacob any of the signals they’d mastered over the hundreds of videos they’d shot together. Her entire body twitched with pleasure as her climax rolled over her, quicker than she’d expected. The combination of her brother’s unanticipated skill and her own surprisingly dirty thoughts had gotten her off faster than she’d ever cum before.

She just hoped it hadn’t ruined the video. Because if it had, they’d have to film it again. And again, and again, and again…

As she came, Jacob continued to press the vibrator against her clit, causing the ripples of pleasure to echo, to fade out slower than they would have otherwise…

When the room stopped spinning with pleasure, Ashley smiled up at her brother. He’d been so good. So, so good.

So professional.

“Cut!” he said, a slight frown on his face. He didn’t look mad, just…disappointed.

Ashley blinked twice, her cheeks red with post-orgasmic glow.

“So,” Jacob said thoughtfully. “I have some notes…”