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Hierarchy of Needs

Last week, I updated the first seventeen chapters of this story, adding thousands of new words. If it’s been a while since you read the rest of the tale, this is a good time to revisit it.

Chapter 18

My fingers were pressed firmly against my sister’s clit as she moaned. After Ashley came (for the fourth time that day: two rehearsals, then two takes of the video), she slowly, shudderingly pulled the toy out from between her legs and licked it clean.

“Thank you,” she said to the camera, the breathy voice that we’d rehearsed slipping effortlessly from her lips. “Thank you, master.”

Just a few months ago, this would’ve been nothing but a wet dream. Now…it was a pretty regular day for us.

I watched her carefully as I put the camera down, and sure enough: just for a moment, there was a weird moment of tension between us.

Weird not because we were brother and sister, or because she’d just recorded a video of me getting her off that would soon be seen by thousands of masturbating fans (who would have no idea they were observing an incestuous act). No, weird for us.

Ashley was so unquestioningly accepting of the life I’d built for the two of us; what once would have been taboo was now so normal. Me filming her, touching her, getting her off a few dozen times each week.

The tension was because of something else. Something I’d been working towards for more than a week.

I didn’t acknowledge the odd moment, of course. As far as Ashley was concerned—and this was important—I was just doing this for the money, and to support my sister. She thought this was just a job to me; that if she’d started a business selling rocks, I would have been just as helpful.

To her mind, I filmed her because it helped her out. I touched her because it would ensure the videos made more money. And she obeyed my every command because it improved the work.

Ashley had no idea I went back to my room each night and rubbed one out while smelling my fingers. Tasting them. Tasting her.

Tasting what would oh-so-soon be mine.

So why were things weird?

Well, the tension was because Ashley was building up the courage to ask me to cross yet another line. That was the beauty of it—she was going to ask me.

My sexual goddess of a sister was tense, because she was nervous about asking me if she could suck my cock.

For a video, of course. It was the logical next step—we’d both known it for a while now. The sales had started to drop off on her other vids…don’t get me wrong, they were still making a pretty penny. But her fans were starting to tire of seeing her get off, or watching a stranger’s hand bring her to orgasm.

They wanted more. And we’d both done enough research to know what escalation the audience expected.

The next step was a blowjob video. It had to be.

But I didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, and my sister was finding it a difficult topic to broach.

I’d barely needed to do anything to set this into motion. I’d maybe nudged the first domino before sitting back and just watching the rest start falling.

The insight that my sister’s filing cabinet provided into her mind helped, of course. The more time I spent reading through her files, the easier it was to interpret her day-to-day mood.

It wasn’t like Inside Out or anything, convenient though that would’ve been. There wasn’t a ‘Conscious Thoughts’ file, or a hidden ‘Sexual Fantasies’ drawer. But I was starting to really learn the system. When I say that a blowjob video had been on both of our minds for weeks, that wasn’t conjecture. I knew.

I’d found a scrap of paper—like a half-thought, an idle musing—‘Giving Head On Camera’.


Even better, it wasn’t new. Like, none of the files have dates or anything like that, but…you spend enough time in sifting through them, you start to pick up on stuff. When a priority is totally fresh—like ’Get The New Logitech Webcam’ had been the day after it was announced—the paper is brighter, the text more vivid.

‘Stop Jacob From Spanking My Butt’, meanwhile, had been written in faded ink on yellowing paper. That was something I’d always done to my sister as a kid to annoy her.

I’d found that pretty early on and, needless to say, moved it to the very back of the drawer, right behind ‘Try Every Kind Of Ramen’. Soon, if all went well, ‘Have Jacob Spank My Butt’ would be one of my sister’s top priorities.

I’m not a cruel man. I’d happily, happily oblige.

So Ashley’s ‘Giving Head On Camera’ need was apparently one that she’d had for a while, since before I’d ever found the drawer. Maybe it was normal curiosity, or maybe it had always been part of the ‘Exhibitionism’ folder that I’d first moved up.

Either way, the events of the past few months had moved an odd, old desire way up the priority list.

And, for reasons I hope I don’t need to explain, I immediately moved it higher again.

So yeah. After the video, as my sister sat up for notes, there was a hint of tension between us. We could both feel it, and we both knew what it was…except Ashley, of course, had no idea that I knew.

I fiddled with the camera, wondering if she’d seize the opportunity to bring it up, but the moment passed. I filled the silence by telling her what I’d liked about the video and what I hadn’t.

I couldn’t be the one to bring up the idea, to suggest she use her mouth on me, wrap her perfect thick lips around my cock, use her tongue to massage cum out of my throbbing erection. It had to be her.

Being the one to broach the subject could be disastrous. Not nearly as bad as it would’ve been six months ago, of course…heck, not even as bad as it would’ve been one month ago.

But still potentially disastrous.

With enough time, my sister would bring it up, or—at the very least—drop a hint. I was sure of it.

“Do you want to go again?” I asked, instead of what I really wanted to ask her. What we both did. “Or do you want to try something different?”

Ashley’s eyes widened, and there it was again. It was an active effort not to hold my breath as she bit her lip thoughtfully (something I would have found sexy even if she wasn’t completely naked, her juices on my fingers).

“No,” she finally said. “If you think that one was good, I believe you.”

Tempted though I was to say something, to take the initiative, I couldn’t.

It was in her hands now.

* * *

Between her shows, her videos, and the numerous rehearsals her perfectionist brother insist she do, Ashley rarely needed to masturbate.

It was an odd day when she wasn’t required to get off at least three or four times. So it wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy masturbation; her needs were just taken care of by her job.

By my brother, she thought with a shiver.

Ashley was an exhibitionist. Ever since that day on the bus, she’d accepted this simple fact about herself.

She wanted to be watched. She needed to be watched.

Stripping had scratched the itch, then camming had made it more profitable than she ever could have imagined.

But having someone there, in the room, watching her cum—it was the best of both worlds.

Even if that someone was her brother.

Getting him involved in her business…she wanted to say that had been a mistake. She wished she regretted it, but, gun to her head, Ashley would have been forced to admit that it was one of the smartest things she’d ever done.

With Jacob’s help, she’d doubled her income, then tripled it, then doubled it again. He’d taken her potential to the limits. He really knew what he was doing.

And he was so laid back about the whole thing. Even when she’d needed someone to touch her on camera, he hadn’t hesitated.

He’d been completely professional. Why couldn’t she be the same?

That was the worst part of it: it made sense. She couldn’t even be too mad at herself for having the thoughts; anyone else in her position would have done the same thing.

It was human nature, probably hardcoded into people. If someone gets you off, if someone brings you sexual pleasure, you start…

Being attracted to them, Ashley thought with a blush.

She was. She was attracted to her brother. She knew she shouldn’t be—and he certainly showed no sign of being attracted to her. He was the normal one, and she was the freak.

Part of her wanted to cut it off, to end things right there. But if she did…

She’d make less money.

The thought filled her with dread, and it was followed by several more chilling realizations.

Her videos would significantly drop in quality. She’d never achieve the perfect video that she was striving for.

And—worst of all—it might change her relationship with her brother.

That was unthinkable. Keeping a good relationship with Jacob was key. Above all, she wanted to maintain normalcy with her sibling.

Which is why she felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. The conflict was filling her with nervous energy.

Sexual energy.

And so despite her career requiring near-constant orgasms each and every day, they hadn’t been enough. For the past few days, Ashley had been insatiable.

She knew the next step she had to take, but she couldn’t do anything that risked freaking her brother out.

But she knew what she had to do…

She had to.

The thought had been running around her head for days, like the central gear of an engine connected directly to her libido. Whenever she thought about it, she got worried. Scared.


I shouldn’t be thinking about this, she told herself in the early hours of the morning, one hand snaking between her legs. It’s so…wrong.

Most nights, getting herself off quickly was the only thing that let her sleep.

Sometimes it wasn’t enough. On some nights, she required another orgasm or two to calm her mind and allow slumber to overtake her.

It wasn’t a bad thought, Ashley reminded herself. Not in and of itself. For most people it would have been an unthinkable thought, but most people didn’t have the relationship that Ashley did with her sibling.

No, the problem wasn’t the thought. The thought, she knew, made sense for her business. For her career.

The problem was not the thought, but the feeling that the thought gave her.

It was almost four in the morning and Ashley couldn’t sleep. Her show had ended around midnight, and—despite getting off twice—her body was aglow.

Warm at the thought.

Warm at the feelings it brought.

Part of Ashley, a secret part buried deep down inside, where she didn’t allow her thoughts to dwell for too long…the darkest part of Ashley wished that her brother wasn’t so professional about it.

That instead, her brother felt the same way about her as she did about him.

Typically these thoughts would be banished, sent away before they could do any harm.

But if they surfaced while she was touching herself, while her hand was expertly—professionally—touching the spot her brother’s had been just a few hours earlier, she would let the thoughts linger, just a little.

If she made her brother feel the same way about her as she did about him (her mouth gaped with arousal at the thought) he wouldn’t just be a business partner. Jacob wouldn’t just be watching her to make sure her shows made as much money as possible.

He’d be watching her to watch her.

Ashley moaned at the thought.

He wouldn’t just be touching her because she needed a male hand to make the video work…he’d be touching her to touch her.

If Jacob wanted her as much as she wanted him, Ashley mused, her index and middle fingers thrumming her aching clit, he’d get her off because he wanted to get her off.

Because he wanted her.

Ashley wanted to maintain normalcy with her brother. She wanted that more than anything. But…they’d transitioned smoothly into their current working relationship. Now, even as he got her off with his hands, there wasn’t even a hint of awkwardness about it.

Who was to say this wouldn’t go the same way?

And if it did…

Ashley’s eyes rolled back in pleasure at the thought.

The thought.

I should ask my brother if I can blow him.

The naked girl’s hips jerked forward, thrusting her ass off the bed as a powerful orgasm wracked her body.

Just the idea of asking him was enough to get her off.

She didn’t know how she’d hide her arousal if it ever actually happened.

Which it couldn’t, of course. It would never happen because she’d never ask him. She couldn’t. What if it ruined their relationship forever?

Ashley had never been an anxious person, but she’d never before had so much on the line.

If she didn’t do something…her sales wouldn’t dry up, exactly, but she knew that a significant portion of her fanbase wanted more.

The first video they’d made of her gagging on a plastic cock while her brother finger-fucked her…it had broken all her sales records. It had sold as much as the bottom half of her catalogue combined.

The audience wanted to see her suck a cock. And they weren’t alone…she wanted to see herself suck a cock. It had been an idle fantasy for as long as she could remember, but she hadn’t been able to get it out of her head lately.

Seeing her own face as a cock parted her lips, sliding into her mouth…

Her brother’s cock.

Ashley had been planning on going back to sleep after her third post-show orgasm, but her nipples tightened at the idea of watching a video of it.

Jacob’s cock, the one she’d seen so many times as he casually got off beside her.

Wrapping her ruby-red lips around it, taking it deep into her throat.

Swallowing his seed.


Ashley paused for a moment, panting.

Something was wrong about that image. Something was so wrong.

That was it: she wouldn’t swallow it. Not directly.

Ashley had watched more than enough blowjob videos to know how they ended.

Just as her brother was going to cum, she’d pull his erection from her mouth and aim it at her face.

The camera would capture her expression as Jacob unloaded, coating her closed eyes with his cum. It would drip down onto her bare breasts, and then she’d open one sticky eyelid, smile up at the camera, and thank him.

Then she’d swallow it.

But it would never happen. Could never happen. Her anxieties wouldn’t let it. Ashley’s most scared thoughts wouldn’t let her ask.

For just as bad as the idea that he’d say no, that Ashley’s brother would reject her and think of her as a freak…was the prospect that he’d agree.

He’d agree, and she’d give herself away. She’d be too enthusiastic, or he’d notice her cumming, his pleasure triggering an orgasm of her own.

She had no idea what she’d do if he noticed. If he knew how she felt about him. If Jacob was made aware of the sick, twisted, incestuous thoughts that ran through her mind late at night.

And that wasn’t even the worst of it. A third possibility wormed its way into Ashley’s mind, a scenario worse than the first two put together.

What if Jacob agreed to let his sister blow him, Ashley managed to hide her true feelings…and he wasn’t into it?

Brothers and sisters weren’t naturally attracted to each other, after all. It was only the unique situation she’d found herself in—her brother’s hand, helping her make porn—that had gotten her into this mess in the first place.

She’d found herself growing increasingly attracted to her brother because of the countless orgasms he’d given her, on camera and off. He’d become a master of her orgasm, and her body had responded.

Ashley’s eyes widened. That was it. That was the key. Her attraction had started because her brother had started giving her regular orgasms, as well as the attention she so desperately craved.

If she started returning the favor, even if he wasn’t into her at first…

He might be, once he got used to the situation.

The young woman’s entire body shook with a powerful orgasm as the idea really sank in.

If she got her brother off regularly, if she made Jacob cum even one-tenth as often as he made her cum…

Maybe he’d be attracted to her. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to help it.

Ashley’s brother would be as attracted to her as she was to him.

There was a huge smile on Ashley’s face as she rolled to her side, deeply satisfied. Less than a minute passed before she’d drifted into a long, dreamless sleep.

* * *