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High ceilings

Sally can’t resist the advances of the sexy female demons looking at her in the mirror.

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* * *

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High ceilings

Nobody knew how old Ronald Denkens was, just that he had always been an extremely secretive Billionaire who travelled the world, buying up mysterious and magical artefacts and hiding them away in his collection. People of course had many theories as to why he did this: One was that he took it as his own personal responsibility to suck out all the stray magic in the world, in order to allow our technological civilisation to develop unhindered by the dark forces that lie just behind the curtain.

Last year a maid discovered him dead in his Surrey Mansion, having apparently died of extreme old age, leaving no decedents and his incredible fortune unaccounted for. After much legal wangling, his property was eventually divided up and his huge collection sent to various museums and research institutes or auctioned off to pay for unpaid taxes.

In the trade he was simply known as “The Collector”.

This is not his story.

* * *

Sally was always the leggy one. I envied how she could catch a mans eye with a short skirt and a quick cross of the legs. That’s how we met and how we eventually found ourselves moving in with each other as flatmates. Two pretty girls teaming up to rent this recently redeveloped Victorian era flat, with its dark wooden fixtures, fireplace in every room and typically high ceilings.

The only downside (apart from the extortionate rent) was the default magnolia white that adorned every wall in the house. Apparently something that we tenants just had to deal with I guess.

It was late in the evening when I knocked on her large wooden bedroom door, curious to look at the new wall length mirror she’d had delivered earlier that day. An enormous thing that she’d bought at auction a month ago, years old apparently. A very vain girl I must say, she really likes looking at herself. She had said over the phone that it took three of the delivery guys to get it up our winding staircase, although they were quite pleased with what they found at the top when they were done.

Hearing no immediate answer to my knocking, I pushed the door open and saw the familiar king size bed now situated in the middle of her large room. It was then that I noticed that Sally’s legs were dangling from the ceiling.

How can I describe it? I was stunned in surprise: her breasts had somehow expanded into two perfect spheres about the size of beach balls. Light beach balls that is, as if they were filled with a gas that caused her whole body to float from the ceiling like she was dangling from twin balloons. Her naked body hung suspended underneath. Her motionless head rested backwards due to gravity, while her arms and legs hung like a puppet without its strings.

“Sally, what happened to you? What’s going on?” I asked while my hand reached up to her, still confused at the sight of my motionless flatmate.

As I looked I could see her nipples hard and pointy, just out of reach of her long exhausted looking slender arms. I saw movement as her head turned to face me while she slowly she opened her eyes. To my shock, her pupils were now almost completely white.

“Run” she whispered with her last ounce of energy.

It was then that I noticed the behind me mirror, its gothic metalwork and perfect glass now occupying an entire bedroom wall. But right now it wasn’t Sally’s reflection, helplessly bobbing up and down in the middle of the room that concerned me…

It was that we weren’t alone.

In the reflection I saw 20 or so slender naked women all lined up against the three white bedroom walls. I saw how their unnaturally pale skin highlighted their deep red eyes. The looked mostly alike, each with little ivory coloured forehead horns and a thin tail coming out of their sexy asses.

They looked as dangerous as they were beautiful.

“Welcome” said one as she advanced to the centre of the room. The room in the reflection, I must add, as I looked around again to confirm that the room I was standing in remained empty.

“What the hell?” I said with fear, as I found myself running for the door now about six feet away.

To my horror I felt multiple invisible hands holding me firmly while I struggled, feeling myself being lifted off the floor and carried to the bed in the centre of the room. Out of sheer curiosity I found myself looking in the mirror at a dozen demon girls carrying my struggling form over to my friend, still floating helplessly over the bed.

“We are the mirror demons” said one, who I suppose I’ll just call the leader from now on. “We have the power to turn you in to anything, and in return we need your help with this mirror prison”

I screamed.

In an instant her blood read tongue lashed out and forced its way down my open throat.

My mouth was instantly full. I couldn’t make a sound or even bite down as I felt this long, leathery, invisible thing wither around inside of me. I felt like I was going to choke, but somehow I could still breath through my nose as this creature continued to force its demonic tongue down my throat.

My skin tingled as my bra started to get tighter and tighter. ‘Oh my god, they’re doing something to me now!’ I thought, helpless as I was.

“Let us help you out of those clothes” said a voice from somewhere.

I couldn’t speak, let alone resist as I felt my skirt zip being undone as many invisible hands worked to remove my socks, dress, shirt and finally unclasping my straining bra.

I saw how my B cup breasts, now released had grown enough to significantly fill my vision. The evil tongue quickly slivered out of my mouth, freeing my shirt to fall on the floor, leaving me completely naked, standing on the bed. My impossibly light breasts grew hard pointy nipples that I could feel being stoked by a few stray invisible hands.

“Please, don’t resist us” the leader asked, a soft demonic kindness in her voice as I struggled to protect my sensitive nipples.

“What did you do to Sally?” I asked, my body shivering with unwanted pleasure.

“We are pleasuring her…” the leader continued in a slow whispery voice. “…We need her to serve us…” “…We can turn you into anything we chose…” “…We could turn you into a mindless slave but that wouldn’t do us any good at all…” “…We need you to open a portal for us…” it said as I noticed that the creature wasn’t breathing in between sentences. “…Will you serve us and we will give you all the sex you desire” it asked in its somewhat mangled prose.

“I don’t want sex” I said sternly, a little disgusted at their somewhat uninviting offer.

“Oh but we can make it so that you do” it smiled as it raised its palm to me and I felt a change.

In front of me floated Sally’s pussy, her beautiful vagina. It grew before my eyes, the demons magic making it larger and more tempting. I just stared at it wanting to taste it, to feel Sally’s luscious juices in my mouth for the first time. Blessedly, the hands let go of me and let my tongue dive into the dark wetness.

I sucked and I licked.

Above me I could hear her groans as I reached out and held on to her gorgeously huge nipples, as I felt my own tongue extend endlessly inside her. I could hear one of the demon girls whisper sweet promises into Sally’s ear as I did my work.

I smiled as noticed that the demons women had stopped ignoring my own elongated nipples, while I effortlessly let my elongated tongue rub against Sally, going all the way inside and pleasuring her constantly. By now her pussy had grown larger than my hands while I skilfully massaged and stroked, from my position between her legs I could feel her squirm with ecstasy.

“Enough!” came the demons voice.

“Noossss” I found myself saying as I was pulled away, my elongated tongue still burying its way inside Sally’s pussy. I felt a feeling of disappointment and deflation as I felt my tongue shorten and revert to its normal length.

I found myself able to speak. “Please, I need her… I need to taste her” I pleaded with the demon woman, who was still only visible in the mirror.

“Yes, you do my sweetie” it smiled. “But we have our own needs too, will you help us with them?” the demon asked.

“Anything” I pleased, the sight of Sally’s long open legs and enlarged pussy still filling my mind.

“Good… that’s much better from you” it said as I felt a warm slender arm wrap itself around my shoulder.

“We will need four girls for the portal ceremony” “We need you to call two of your friends here so we can enslave them also”

Mindlessly I felt myself speaking on the phone, doing as directed until I at last felt my lips around Sally’s enormous nipples for what seemed liked hours. Hours of course… until the doorbell rang.

Before my eyes Sally returned to her normal proportions as invisible hands cleaned her up and helped her redress.

“Sally” I asked my friend and now lover, “I’m not the type to betray my friends just so I can fulfil my deviant sexual desires... Am I?”

“You are now” smiled Sally, as she gave each of my own breasts as kiss which somehow allowed them to slowly regain their original shape.

* * *

“Hello Eve” said Sally, her old friendly self returning.

“Hey Sal, what’s all the fuss about? What’s the big surprise for us to come so soon?” she asked.

“Oh it’s really special” I interrupted, a big warm smile on my face, my pussy walls already loosing up at the thought of having one of these girls eating me out.

“Why don’t you take Mary into the kitchen and make us a coffee” Sally suggested, “while I take Eve into my room so she can have the first go”.

“What is it?” asked Mary, still confused wondering what she would be missing.

“Oh you’ll see” reassured Sally, smiling at me conspiratorially.

* * *

About ten minutes later I brought the excited Mary into Sally’s bedroom.

She stood there shocked at the sight of her two friends naked. Sally: floating around unclothed in the middle of the room, her breasts having once again taken on the proportions of beach balls. Eve: now kneeling on the floor, her mouth forced wide open by an invisible force, only her eyes able to portray her total horror.

Completely relaxed, I blocked the doorway preventing Mary’s escape. She screamed as her arms and legs were ensnared by the erotic devils, only just seeing them in the mirror for the first time.

The noise didn’t matter any more. I knew that none of the other tenants had moved in yet, so this building was still quite empty.

The vale of secrecy now lifted, I got to see two of my friends lifted into the centre of the room, while the demons magic warped their bodies.

Their breasts inflated as different sexual organs grew out of their skin at random and then disappear, as the demon babes searched for an appropriate way to tame their prey. Sally’s vagina turned inside out as red tentacles started to form out of her, flow out from between her legs and enter the helpless openings of her captured victims. I heard screams of pain, of pleasure, of confusion as I came to see how these actions were designed to warp their minds as well as their bodies.

With the demons distraction, I became the only one to notice something change within me. “Oh my god” I said, as I realising just what I had done. In a moment I was once again running for the door.

“Not so fast my pretty” the leader said, taking her magical attention off the two floating girls for a moment as I felt my chest start to heave. I looked down to see my breasts double in size in the space of a few seconds.

The problem was they just didn’t stop growing, while I desperately pushed my bra shoulder straps down as to not lacerate myself. A few seconds later, once my breasts were big enough, had filled up with enough air I felt myself lift off the ground.

Gently my toes lost contact with the wooden floor, as just like Sally I found myself helplessly floating in the air. Weightless and immobilized by my own football sized breasts.

‘Surely they would need to be bigger than footballs to get me to float? I mean buoyancy minus mass and all that’ I thought as my ascent was broken by my head bumping against the white plastered ceiling. By then I had managed to remove my bra completely, giving me enough comfort and flexibility to breathe.

It turned out that I was more than weightless. My breasts had enough up force to allow me to push on the ceiling with my hands and flip myself upside down.

Once the feeling of nausea passed, I found myself kneeling on the ceiling tiles looking down at the inverted action below. My inherent buoyancy giving me enough traction to let me once again start crawling for the door.

“Come back” shouted the leader as I made it over the door arch, into the hallway and then into my own room, having to perform a careful downwards jump to reach my exercise weights lying on the floor.

“Come back, we need you” I heard, as the somewhat warped voice of Sally echoed around the apartment. I turned back towards her bedroom and saw her coming out of the doorway, along with a number of strong looking red tentacles emanating from between her legs and pulling her floating form quickly along the corridor.

“Oh my god Sally” I said with surprise, as I finished attaching the second leg weight and quickly threw a cotton poncho over my enlarged breasts.

By now Sally had reached my doorway, the numerous tentacles relentlessly moving her forward and knocked over a plant pot as she passed.

Seeing no other choice, I squeezed my enlarged form out of the third floor window and jumped.

* * *

Outside it was now dusk, the sun setting quickly this time of year.

I fell like one of those shuttle cocks, the heavy leg weights puling down the buoyant rest. Bobbing from left to right, but still falling straight down I landed moments later with the force of a raindrop.

With the ankle weights keeping my free floating form anchored to the ground, I was able to run through the twilight and make it to the car.

Closing the door I found that I had to put on my seatbelt to stop me rising out of my seat. I fumbled the keys into the ignition, put the car in gear and sped off into the driveway as fast as the little car could take me.

Three storeys above, Sally’s bedroom window opened and a small bathroom mirror was held out by a thin pair of hands.

I turned around to see if anything was following me, only to be momentarily blinded by the last glint of sunlight reflecting off of something small and shiny...

I blinked, as the fear from which I sought to escape began to feel oh so close once more. My suspicions were confirmed when I looked into the rear view mirror and saw that I was no longer alone. A demon woman was sitting in the back seat, or in the reflection of the back seat, which I confirmed when I physically turned around to see that no one was there.

“Please stop the car” it said in its sympatric voice.

“Oh god” I said as I sped up, still trying to get as much distance from the house as I could.

She reached round my neck, as an infinitely long tongue surged out of her mouth and tried to force its way into mine.

Instinctively I grabbed her invisible arm and pulled her hollow body over the seat, making her land head first on the dash board with a satisfying clunk. Surprisingly she wasn’t as strong or as solid as they had all seemed back at the house, ‘maybe it was something to do with the mirror?’ I thought.

Seizing my advantage, I stopped the car, reached my foot over the gear stick and started kicking. Feeling satisfied as I felt the force of my blows land on the invisible creature, hearing a reassuring thud or crunch every time I hit one home.

That was, until I found myself kicking air.

I looked again in the mirror to see the same demon re-seated behind me. I noticed a broken horn and a thin trail of red demon blood falling from her forehead.

“In that case why don’t you just stay here” it said a little angrily, as it raised its hands to do some more magic.

I felt my breasts slowly expand. Not as fast as in the bedroom but growing noticeably under the restrictive seatbelt and poncho.

“Oh shit” I said, hitting the mirror out of frustration, deflecting it sufficiently so I could no longer see the creature. Feeling more confined than ever, I unclipped the seatbelt and slid myself and each of my beach ball sized boobs out of the car, before running to the red call box now just visible at the end of the dark country lane.

* * *

Once inside, I found the old telephone booth to be illuminated by a single electric light bulb, making the night outside look even darker. One of the glass window panes had been broken, but I was happy to find the phone to be still in working order.

I ducked down to dial, as I noticed an enormous spider above me who was busy taking advantage of how the nightlight attracted insets.

I called the only person I could call.

“Hanna, is that you?” I said.

“Who is this?”

“It’s me”

“Oh Hi” she replied, recognising my voice.

“You’ve got to help me, something terrible happened”

“What?” asked Hanna, either confused or concerned?

“There are demons in that mirror Sally bought”

“Demons? …what kind of demons?” she asked, not a trace of disbelief in her voice (It’s always good to know the right people when you’re in trouble).

“I don’t know. Skinny white women, ultra long tongues, horns, red eyes, the works… But you can only see them in the mirror” I blurted out as quickly as I could think.

“Anything else?” she asked, scribbling this stuff down onto the back of an envelope.

“I think they can somehow transfer themselves from mirror to mirror, and their magic can change people physically and mentally. They made my breasts blow up big time.”

“I think I read about that somewhere, I’ll have to go look it up”

Inside the car, an invisible hand lowered the window and broke off the wing mirror.

“Look Hanna, get over here now and do something” I said urgently, as I saw new lights floating over the bend in the lane towards the house. “They’ve got Sally, Mary and Eve and they’ve done something horrible to them, something to their minds.

“Oh my god” Hanna replied, horrified.

The invisible hand held the broken wing mirror and carefully moved it in order to get a view of the call box in the distance.

“Oh and sex, they’re preoccupied with sex... but I think they just use it to control people” I rushed, before dropping the phone and running for the tree line.

A moment passed.

“Hello, are you still there” Hanna said, hearing only the sound of departing footsteps.

The wing mirror fell onto the floor.

It was then that another face appeared in the call box glass reflection, only partially visible in the limited light. The demon woman with the broken horn picked up the telephone and spoke into the handset.

“Hello?” answered Hanna.

“This is the mirror demon” the invisible woman answered.

“Oh right” replied Hanna.

* * *

I made good speed as I ran through the forest in the dark. Every step I took gave me the feeling of floating, as my extra buoyant breasts were now able to silently carry my strides thirty or forty feet at a time. Besides, I couldn’t travel much faster as it was difficult to see where I was running to in the dark.

Hearing noises in the distance, I silently floated up a branch and poked my head above the tree line to see what was going on.

It was then that I saw two pairs of lights hovering nearby. Seeing Eve’s eyes glowing like headlamps as she glided over the tree line, propelled by a pair of small bat like wings that extended out of her back. Underneath her floating form, two bright circles scanned the forest floor being illuminated by her searchlight like gaze.

“Come… Come back, this is so wonderful” I heard Mary call out in the distance, her eyes glowing brightly in the dark moonless night.

“Its so much fun up here, just imaging the possibilities” shouted Eve, who had gone past me and was now searching a somewhere to my right.

I descended and then ran some more.

The forest was big and the night was dark, I knew I only had to get a bit of distance and these creatures that were once my friends wouldn’t be able to find me hiding in the dark. By then Hanna would have probably figured out a solution and brought in the cavalry… or something like that.

That was what I was thinking when I tripped over a stray branch and found myself floating uncontrollably into a pair of hanging red tentacles.

First my arm was ensnared by a thick red muscle, then another tendril wrapped itself around my neck as I looked up to see Sally floating silently above me. Her huge naked breasts giving her all the buoyancy she needed, as a thick tentacle extended from between her legs and wrapped itself around my waist. Securing me tightly, before Sally lifted the both of us into the air.

“I’ve finally found you, our masters will be so pleased” she said as I felt her strong tentacles slip further around my breasts and begin to explore between by legs, while we cleared the tree line. Seeing how the thick forms wriggled and swirled around me, I knew better than to open my mouth and try to scream.

Instead I looked into Sally’s dark green cat like eyes, realising that she could see me quite clearly in the dark. It seems that the flying demons of Mary and Eve had been there only to drive me to my real fate.

* * *

I was back in my own room, this time with my arms and legs bound tightly together behind my back, my gravity defying breasts causing my naked body to float upwards helplessly from a little rope that tied me to a corner bed post.

Despite my struggles, I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

As I waited, my body bobbled on the rope like a balloon while my mind also went wandering. For some reason they hadn’t tried any other magic on me since my recapture, at least not yet anyway. As I heard all the moving of furniture and people in the other room I wondered if I was going to be ignored or if I was in fact waiting for some other fate: human sacrifice anyone?

In different circumstances, this feeling of weightlessness would have been quite relaxing. Instead, I heard the bedroom door open, so I turned my neck around to see a smiling Hanna walk straight in.

“Hanna, you came!” I gasped, before realising that she hadn’t brought any help. “How did you get in?” I asked, realising that somehow I was in for more bad news.

“They asked me what I most wanted” Hanna said, “…they said they could give me anything”

“Any you believed them?” I asked, my last hope disappearing as I realised that Hanna was now working for the other team.

“You didn’t ask me what I wanted”, Hanna said as she turned my floating body to face her. The elongated nipples of my naked breasts were now pointing at her suggestively. “Just look into my eyes and understand”, she suggested.

I looked, considered for a second and replied “You’re not wearing your glasses?”

“Oh it’s much more than that” she explained, “just look at how pretty my eyes are now. How colourful they seem, how you could stare at them all day just to try and follow the flicker of colour that dances within them.”

“Wow” I said as I found myself looking at a heavenly glow deep within them.

“I’m hypnotising you” Hanna explained, with a big smile on her face.

“What? That’s impossible” I said, then felt a bit silly after all the events that had transpired this evening.

“Oh just look away then if you don’t believe me” she joked, toying with me as she ran her hands over my naked shoulders and then around my enormous breasts.

I couldn’t, not just because she held my free floating body but because I was just so transfixed by her gaze. As I looked deeper into those blue eyes of hers I found myself unable to even blink. “Please don’t do this” I begged, “they’re evil”

“Evil?” she smiled wickedly, “why do you think I’m so into the occult?”

“I don’t know” I replied, struggling to keep my thoughts together as I noticed those captivating lights in her eyes form some enticing concentric spirals.

“Because I want to be powerful, to have magic, to take control” she said with a fiendish grin as her hands began playing with my exposed nipples.

“Don’t do that” I pleaded as a jolt of unwanted pleasure ran through my body, breaking up my minds limited cohesion.

“Do you think I could turn down such an offer, for the very thing I’ve been seeking all my life?” she said as she placed her hands around both my nipples and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“Oh god no” I blurted out, as an orgasmic pressure started to build up inside of me.

“Succumb to me” she said, her eyes glowing with a fiery passion as I could feel her force some kind of magical link straight into my mind.

“No” I squeaked, my resistance beginning to melt under the heat of my own carnal desire.

“Give me your will” Hanna commanded as she wrapped her wet lips around my hard left nipple.

“Oh god yes” I said, as warm sensual pleasures enveloped my ultra sensitive teat.

Satisfied with the effect, I felt her slide her warm wet tongue all the way around one enlarged breast and over to the other. She paused while I desperately tried to push my other nipple towards her oh so inviting red lips. “Beg for it” she demanded, smiling at how I was now little more than putty in her hands.

“Please more” I pleaded, while some of my wetness dripped from my free floating pussy and landed on the floor.

In response she wrapped her warm lips around my sensitive nipple and sucked. It felt so warm, so good. So good in fact that I closed my eyes when the first orgasm hit, floating both mentally and physically for a brief while as my body spasmed in ecstasy.

By the time I opened my eyes again Hanna had finished with our mental connection and I was completely hers.

“Now slave, which it what you are now…” Hanna started.

“Slave” I whispered, the word finding new meaning in my altered mind.

“For starters you will help these fine ladies with their little ceremony, with no fuss at all. Is that understood?”

“Help fine ladies… ceremony... no fuss,” I found myself repeating, my obedience solidifying with every word.

“And then I keep you as my little toy, the first of my new collection. Wont that be wonderful?” she asked.

“That will be wonderful” I repeated smiling, hearing my owner speaking nothing but truth.

* * *

It turned out that I would be only helping the ceremony in a support role, the four places for creating the portal having already been marked in chalk on the wooden floor before I’d arrived.

As my mind had been completely ensnared, my breasts had been returned to normal to help me carry out my duties: Fetching things, cleaning the mirror, turning off lights, etc. However Mary and Eve still walked around with their enlarged breasts and bat like wings folded up behind them, as one by one Hanna ensnared there minds for her own evil pleasures.

Meanwhile Sally remained in her bedroom, floating in the air as she carefully positioned various candles and chalk lines with her thick blood red tentacles. The demons preparing themselves for the ceremony by mediating from within the mirror, while there leader gave out precise instructions to the humans beyond.

At the stroke of midnight the demon leader commanded that we all be seated. Hence each of the girls sat, or floated into their pre-allocated position within the circle. Sally with her dreamy expression and cat like eyes, Mary and Eve simply looking at Hanna lustfully, as Hanna herself smiled excitedly at the prospect of unleashing these dark forces onto the world.

In the mirror, the pale demons could be seen returning to their positions against the white walls of the bedroom. Beginning a kind of rhythmic chanting as their leader stepped behind Hanna and placed her hands on the back of her head.

I watched all this from the corner of the room, somewhat out of the way you could say.

Hanna stopped smiling and winced in pain. Her hands clinging onto her head as the demons magic made it expand slightly, altering her brain and endowing her with power over space itself.

The demon let go of Hanna’s head allowing my owner to fall forward dazed. I got to see how the back of her head had grown outward about four inches giving her a slightly alien appearance.

A few moments later her eyes opened and she leaned back once again, recovered enough to explore the changes with her own hands. “Oh my” she said, as she discovered the growth on the back of her head herself.

It was then that Hanna‘s eyes darted around excitedly as she laughed wickedly, lifting her hands in front of her and without warning she warped the space in between them.

I watched as the air itself, under her direct control began to take on the appearance of liquid mercury.

She blew on the floating substance and it flew away like bubbles, quickly filling the room, passing through the occupants and warping their bodies

Hanna enjoyed the felling of power as new bubbles formed reflecting light in odd ways as she mentally directed them around the room. They temporally bent anything they passed through out of shape: Walls, windows even people instantly succumbed to her powers as I noticed my arms grow unnaturally longer.

Hanna toyed with me, coating me with this stuff, making my arms and neck grow to obscene proportions. I felt disorientated as parts of my body reached opposite ends of the room, having to reach for the wall with an elongated arm to steady myself as my sense of balance became useless.

I felt frightened as my owner idly changed the shape of my body, before allowing it to spring back as she turned her attentions to the demons in the mirror. By the time I had recovered I found myself once again standing in the doorway, watching Sally, Mary and Eve with the same dimension shifting powers join forces to warp the mirror into a portal.

In front of me they used their magic to join the real and the mirror dimension, engulfing them all in a blinding flash of light.

* * *

Eve, Mary, Sally and Hanna opened their eyes to see themselves now surrounded by demon girls. Real demon girls this time: their pale white flesh and thin sexy bodies visible now without the mirror.

Hanna smiled at her success, before looking around and noticing that something important had changed. “Hang on, why is the mirror now on the other side of the room?”

I stood alone. From my perspective I was the first to see that the demons and all my former friends were now contained WITHIN the mirror. Something that Hanna, still my owner, was only now just coming to realise.

“Your dimension has little to offer us except an easy meal” said the leader, as the demons all exposed their sharp looking teeth.

“Oh my god” said Hanna, the only one free minded enough to run for the door.

As she reached the doorway, just out of sight of the mirror she noticed for the first time the dark empty void of nothingness that now lay outside.

“Nothing exists in this dimension that cannot be seen in the mirror”, explained the leader who was now standing right behind her. A hungry grin on her face.

“You mean there’s no way out?” Hanna asked, quivering on the darkened ledge between oblivion and disaster, the painful screams of her friend’s audible in the background.

“Not for you” it replied, creeping forward to bite.

“Tuck in girls” was the last things I heard over the screams, as with a grunt I pushed on the mirror, causing it to topple over and fall on the floor. The screams silenced by the sound of glass being broken into a thousand tiny pieces.

* * *

It was six months later and I was now settled somewhere far away from that flat where all my friends had “disappeared”. My paranoid fear of mirrors remained, as I stood alone in the tiny bathroom about to take a shower.

I admired my small perky breasts in the mirror, remembering how they had grown to exotic proportions in response to the mirror demons magic. I then looked behind my reflection, using the mirror to see all around until I was satisfied that I was alone in this locked room.

I didn’t trust these things.

* * *

Feeling warm water rinse of the last few bubbles, I reached down to turn off the water. As the steam cleared I ran my hands along my dripping body, running some water off as I took the opportunity to admire my own well trimmed body.

I paused for a moment to feel my C-cup size breasts, or were they D cup?

I looked down to see that my breasts were slowly getting lighter, bigger, more luscious…

“Oh god” I said, as I realised what was happing: “I have to get out of here!”

I tried to open the heavy glass shower door. Having to fold it inwards made it difficult to get it past my basketball sized breasts.

I felt them continue to grow and get lighter, as I managed to get the second globe around the folded door as I felt the familiar sensation of my feet leaving the wet plastic floor.

I didn’t float far, as a few moments later the shear size of my enormous breasts exceeded that of the small shower cubicle that contained them.

This time I found myself completely immobilised, the water still dripping over my enormous breasts, my hands on top unable to do anything useful. Still, they continued to grow as I felt myself being pressed against the back of the shower, the glass walls starting to strain under the pressure of expanding flesh.

“Please stop” I begged.

“Anything you say” whispered a feminine voice, somewhere in my right ear.

My head looked around, seeking the source of the voice.

I then looked in the mirror and saw how the moisture had been wiped off, providing a crystal clear reflection of the demon with the broken horn.

“I’ve been watching you” the demon smiled, as she leant over the sink allowing me to look into her deep dark red eyes.

“Oh no, not you again” I said, annoyed. “Help” I screamed.

“Save your screams, your flatmates are both out tonight” she explained, “I choose my moment carefully.”

“Oh shit” I replied, realising that she was indeed correct.

Leaving the mirror, I was able to see her reaching out and gently touch each of my enormous breasts with her fingers. The slightest touch from now enough to send shockwaves of pleasure throughout my helpless body.

In the mirror I got to see for the first time how my tit flesh formed circles, as it was pressed up against the frosted glass.

I felt another change, as the demon used her magic to make both my nipples swell out like cocks. I could just about see them in the reflection as the demon bent down next to them, gently holding one in her hand and saying “I need a little favour”.

I didn’t answer before she started suckling, making me squirm in forbidden ecstasy, knowing full well that the waves of orgasmic pleasure wouldn’t stop until I gave in to her completely.