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Hip hop Whore

By: Jinxfosure

What can’t money buy? It can buy a bently ... a lex ... more ice then there is in the artic. In the world of hip hop these were absolutely essential status symbols, symbols that nobody who was the real deal would be without. Ginuwine was the real deal. His rap was nothing new, but youths couldn’t get enough of his shit, it went gold and platinum and beyond, he was making million upon million. Ginuwine was an angry black rapper who had plenty of money which brings plenty of hoes. But what he really wanted was something no one else in his world had. Now you can pay a prostitute to suck your dick, and money attracts plenty of leeches, but what Ginuwine really wanted was to own someone, he wanted a slave. Specifically he wanted to own a little white girl. He wanted to make an lily white little bitch suck his massive dick and beg him to fuck her up the ass... It was costing him a lot, but things were coming into place, the drugs, the treatment, it was all ready and waiting all that was needed was to pick the lucky girl.

Tammy walked the quad, her heels clicked, she was late for class again. Obviously she didn’t care, in fact maybe she would just skip today. She wasn’t aware of the van several hundred yards away, Two men squatted inside, their telescopic lens capturing every detail of her and sending the still frames back to Ginuwine.

She was a bit short, she had long silky hair nearly black, her breasts were ample, her hips wide, her stomach taut, and the best part was her ass, firm and round. Her cute face and big brown eyes hide her nasty dispostion. Today she wore a tight top, and a tan skirt cut above the knee, thigh hi stockings and trampy shoes. Her her striking sex pot figure masked her frigidty. Ginuwine didn’t care, Her skin was so lily white it might have belonged to a dove, she was perfect. He imagined her trotting on six inch heels.

Ginuwine lounged in a pair of silk boxers, as the pictures of his new slave flickered intermittently as they were sent to his laptop. The cell phone next to him rang ... " What about this one boss? A little short don’t you think? Or ... should we go check somemore clubs tonight? “. He didn’t need to think about it " ... No, I want this bitch " ... " Grab her “.

Tammy didn’t notice the van that had been trailing her as she turned around to go back to the dormitory. These men were professials, in the span of a few seconds the pair knocked her out and hustled her into the back of the van, nobody even saw it. She was from there transported to a waiting warehouse.

She awoke very slowly, her head hurt she didn’t know where she was. " She is coming around, get the syringe ready Harvey. " Tammy was strapped down on a hospital bed her head to the side. She could see about ten men in various wardrobe, some behind computers, and one which was approaching her with a large needle. A pillow had been placed under her stomach forcing Tammy’s ass high in the air. Tammy attempted to speak her mouth was very parched, she struggled to force the words out. " ... Wha .. What are you doing to me ... Why ... " She began to sob realizing that wherever she was, she was in deep trouble. She continued " ... You fuckers won’t get away with this! People will look for me! He quickly jabbed the needle into her left cheek, and pumped the fluid into her body. " What did you just inject me with ?!”

Just then Ginuwine enter the room. " Dat is going to make you bitch ass horney slut”. Harvey interjected " Tammy this is your master, Ginuwine. Tammy recognized him that hip hop shit was always on MTV she hated it. She screamed " You black piece of sit just because you are a rap guy doesn’t mean you’ll get away with this!” Harvey cleared his throat for dramatic effect and continued ... " I have just administered a compound, I won’t get into the details, but it is phase one of your treatment. It is going to put your endocrine system into overdrive, I guess phrase bitch in heat somes up what is about to happen to you “. " You my bitch now " Ginuwine affirmed.

Tammy couldn’t believe it but her body was all to quickly betraying her. The men in the room watched as her face became flushed. Within five minutes she was very wet, all the men in the room could smell the odor of her sex very well. Tammy tried to make sense of what was happening, it was like soothing heat had spread from her rear to every region of her body, but then her pussy became the focus of that heat. Her nipples stood erect and she was drawing immense pleasure just feeling them touch the bed. Ginuwine walked over and ran his large black hand over his bitch’s ass, the skintones he thought contrasted nicely. She whimpered. God she was digusted by the thought of having sex with a black man. She couldn’t control her arousely though. Ginuwine tentively probed her wet lips with his long finger. " Finish her training " he barked.

Tammy wanted desperately to cum... it was almost all she could think about thanks to the drug. Harvey explained " Time for phase two Tammy “. She shuddered. He continued " Phase two my dear is what we have been paid to deliver, we are going to to directly stimulate your clit with a " device " ( as an orderly attached it, she gasped with pleasure ), but only when you respond to certain images or ideas favorably, a computer will monitor your thought patterns, when you drop below a certain threshold well then we the computer will adminster a most repulsive punishment ... A tape began playing ... Tammy is a submissive slut ... " Mmmm... " she moaned she already shuddered with a mind blowing orgasm. It continued to play ... Tammy likes to suck cock ... Tammy likes to fuck and suck ... Tammy is a slave ... Just as she began to recover from her orgasm she recollected her thoughts. I don’t to be a slave she thought. Suddenly she felt intense pain rip through her being, she couldn’t keep her head straight in so much pain. " Tammy IS a slave ... She is a black cum dump. She was becoming aroused again already. Ginuwine savored the sight of his first slave struggling to control her thoughts and her body. A large screen was wheeled directly into Tammy’s line of sight. On it appeared Tammy a still image of her kneeling clad only in a g string caressing a huge black prick. The tape continued.

This is Tammy, Black dicks make Tammy’s legs wobbly, she is so horny because she is a slave, she is the property of Ginuwine. Tammy felt like an object just like a girl in a rap video, she just wanted to impress Ginuwine. How did those girls in the rap videos do it? The conditioning was working so quickly. A ditzy smile soon appeared on her face, she was doing her best to imitate the girls in hip hop videos. More images ... Tammy is a good girl she takes it up the ass ... Tammy is an object she belongs to Ginuwine. The conditioning went on for several more hours like this.

Tammy slept well after the full treatment to awake to a new life as Ginuwine’s dutiful servent. Ginuwine left in the middle of her treatment, he went home to wait for her delivery. He wanted to get her delivered like this, just like a car. The van pulled up late the next night. Inside waited Ginuwine and ten or so of his posse. They had been promised something big. Early that morning Tammy awoke all she could do was think about her master and how badly she needed sex. She found in her small room a French maid outfit. She couldn’t wait to get it on, first she slipped on a pair of crotchless black panties, then the garter belt and black seemed stockings. She felt ready to cum as she pull the silky nylons over each leg. Then she put on the rest of the fetish outfit, she bent over in the brief dress did nothing to cover her ass let alone her stocking tops, she viewed herself in the mirror. " What a perfect little slut I have become” she could help but giggle. Finally she slipped into the the heels, except she realized she had seen these shoes somewhere, a rap video! They like ice skates just like the maid in the Ludacris video a few years back. Tammy felt so lucky to be Ginuwine’s houseslut. The door opened. " The van is waiting, we are taking you to your master... " Her face lit up as she was led from the small room in the warehouse, she could barley keep up but the shoes made her look soooo... fuckable.

“ It’s here " the intercom hissed. Ginuwine spoke " I have some biz-nas to attend to “. " Haha what you think he got “? Ginuwine met her at the front door, she looked fine, totally obedient to his will. " Follow me bitch " she did all the way through his immaculate house to his waiting friends. These men had seen a lot of crazy bitches, but still their jaws dropped. Ginuwine made the introductions " This is my new maid Tammy, she do whatever I want, I got her brainwashed into a little slut “. They might not have believed him if not for the inexplicable fact that this hot little white girl stood there her chest thrust forward her dress affording an almost unobstructed view of her perfect round tits and her nipples pressing against the black fabic. " you bought us a whore G ?” He responded she a whore but she loves it. " Play with yourself Slut! " She could not wait to oblige, while she fondled her pussy he explain what he had done to her and how much it cost him. " Go sit on fat joe’s lap bitch " Joe smiled.

She gracefully crossed the room and took her sit. She could feel the obese black man’s erection on her lily white ass as she sat. Fat Joe felt his pants begin to moisten with her arousal. " Smell that joe? Dat my bitch in heat, what you wanna do to her? " " Fuck her white ass! " Joe said without thinking. " Get your ass ready to service black dick slut " Ginuwine commanded. Tammy used her flowing pussy to lubricate her virgin asshole. She quickily took down his pants and his massive erection sprang forth. " Sit back down bitch " Joe demanded. She was so horny the drug never let up. She turned around and began her descent she spread her ass cheeks as Joe guided his cock in, it was slow and painful but they both loved every moment. Tammy loved being treated like a fucktoy.

Tammy started to ride his cock slowly. It pumped deep into her bowels. " Finger yourself while you take dat cock bitch! " Uhhhh uuhhhh uhhh she gasped riding the the black man’s cock... Ginuwine smiled in conquest, he couldn’t wait to try Tammy for himself.

... To be continued