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Home Farm

by Writer345 ©

* * *

Chapter Ten: May 2005 — The Third Phase — Developments.

Megan had become so engrossed in caring for her new pet that she genuinely didn’t notice the strained relationship that was developing between her older sister and the rest of the family. The real progress that she was making with Lily perhaps blinded her to the deteriorating atmosphere within the household for her pet not only seemed to like what was being done to her but she thrived on the contact and treatment provided by the younger girl. Megan, as a result, became totally fixated upon her new pet and this together with her blossoming sexuality seemed to isolate her from the developing unpleasantness that surrounded her.

Lily was the new centre of her world... Her up-bringing in the wilds of Derbyshire with its isolation and lack of childhood friends had left her starved of companionship and now, just after her eighteenth birthday she suddenly had a friend who genuinely wanted to spend time with her. Over those first few days together she found that her interactions with Lily were becoming increasingly intimate. Not only that but this new intimacy seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. They had only been together for a few days when Megan realised that some of the strange looking implements that were in some of the draws and cupboards in the back room were actually sex-toys.

At first she hadn’t any notion of how to use them or indeed any idea of what they actually where, but then on day three she found the booklet and curiously thumbed through it. The shaft with the straps... Well according to the booklet, it was called a strap-on and it seemed to be something that she could use with her new friend. There were other things too... Dildos, for instance and various vibrators too. Lily loved these and squealed eagerly when Megan eased one into her pussy.

Despite living on a rather strange farm, the girl had had a very sheltered up-bringing and so was not prepared for the sight of her pet’s full-blown orgasm. Indeed she thought that her Asian pet was having a fit... Had she hurt her? But no! Lily was fine... More than fine, in fact, if the ecstatic smile that was plastered across her face was anything to go by! She used the vibrator on her pet a couple more times before she tried it herself.

“Oh, wow, Lily! Like wow!” Was all that she manage to say for quite sometime afterwards. It was day five and they had collapsed into an untidy, sweating heap in the mileof the rug.

The next day, day six was the best yet: it began, just as the previous five had, with Megan massaging Lily’s breasts. Was it her imagination or were they firmer than previously? Were her nipples larger? Where her areolae puffier? As Megan squeezed and kneaded she saw a little white droplet form and drip onto the floor. With a squeal of joy the girl grabbed the breast pumps from the nearby table, turned them on and pressed them to Lily’s nipples—milk flowed! Milk flowed! Lily was lactating! Megan squealed with joy! Milk flowed! Lily was lactating!

“Oh, wow!” She exclaimed as she watched the pulses of warm white liquid squirt out and into the bottles which she supported in her shaking hands. She realised that she was shaking and wondered why? Then it dawned on her—she was excited, that was why!

The trickle of watery milk soon stopped, Julie and her mom had explained all about colostrum and how that was very valuable. She knew what to do and ten minutes later went to report the good news to her mother and reassure her that she had placed the little bottles securely in the fridge.

She ran downstairs but could only find Donna, the cook, and a couple of the house girls. “Where’s mom?” She asked excitedly.

Donna had shrugged and turned back to the stove and to the lunch that she was preparing. One of the house girls, a small plump black woman, came to her rescue. “I think she’s up with your sister, Miss.”

Megan smiled and nodded her thanks before heading out at a run only to hear Donna’s disparaging comment. “Kids! Always in a hurry!”

The girl went back up the staircase two at a time and turned towards Fiona’s room, which was at the opposite end of the house to hers. It wasn’t until she arrived at the open door that the raised voices demolished her happy mood. She stopped dead and peered in but initially all she could see was her mom’s back. The room also smelled dirty.

“I told you, ‘she’s just a fat stupid lump’: all she does is eat and piss on my carpet!” Her sister Fiona shouted from somewhere within the room.

“Well if you tether her to your bedpost, what do you expect?” Mom’s voice was calm, but there was a brittleness about it.

“Whatever!” Snapped Fiona.

Mary, Megan’s mum, stepped into the room which allowed Megan to see more of what as going on. And yes, Anna, the woman that Fiona had been given charge of, was indeed tethered to a bedpost by a length of cord. She also looked quite a bit thinner than when the girl had seen her last and why as she shaking like that?

Mary must have picked up on this because she asked. “Have you been feeding her?”

“Yes!” Snapped Fiona defensively using the adolescent tone of voice that everyone else knew really meant no!

“How often?” Mum demanded.

“Enough!” Megan’s big sister snarled. “I don’t now where she puts it all!”

Mary breathed out explosively, a sign that she was angry. “Look at her, she’s lost weight and she’s filthy.”

Megan took another look at the captive woman, besides having spilled food smeared on her face, there was also an angry red wheel across her backside and that was none too clean, either.

“Why’d you tie her up like that?” Mary demanded.

Fiona shrugged. “The nosy fat cow kept searching through my stuff!”

“Perhaps she was looking for something to eat?” Their mother’s voice was now like ice and Megan took a step back nervously.

“Have you been massaging her like you were shown?” Mary asked quietly taking another step into the room.

“Yes!” Snarled Fiona defensively, once again using the tone of voice that meant no!

Mary just stood there for several seconds then shook her head sadly although she didn’t say anything else.

Fiona must have thought that she’d won because she calmed down a little before saying. “Look, I’ve tried, haven’t I? I said I’d try but it isn’t working, she must be permanently dry or something ’cause her tits don’t work!”

There was a pause before she continued. “Just get the fat, stupid lump out of my room and send some of the girls in to clean up—she’s turned it into a pigsty.”

“I think that can be arranged!” Mary said, her voice sounding tired and sad.

When she turned around, it seemed to Megan that her mother was moving in slow motion. Her eyes blazed with anger until she realised that her youngest daughter had been standing behind her and had heard at least some of the exchange.

“Yes, dear?” She asked gently: her voice and body language changing instantly.

“It’s Lily, mom, she’s started lactating!” The girl proclaimed, although her happy mood had been blunted somewhat by the quarrel she had witnessed.

Mary stopped dead and smiled. “Oh how wonderful! Well done, darling. I’ll send Julie up after lunch so that she can explain how to use the big milking machine that’s in your back room.”

* * *

Lunch had been strained, to say the least, so much so in fact that Megan had hesitated before going down for dinner that evening. She did, however but when she sat down she noticed that her sister was missing. “Where’s Fiona?”

Her mother and Julie exchanged glances in an odd, almost panicky way. Then Mary spoke in a slow hesitant voice. “She’s—gone away for a bit. We think that it’s for the best, dear.”

“Oh?” The younger sister sounded puzzled as she asked. “How long for?”

“A couple of months, she needed a break but she’ll be back.” Mary answered, her voice regaining its normal composure. “She was right, looking after the livestock just wasn’t her thing... No matter, there are other things that she can do!”

The meal, when it as served, was eaten in silence and no one lingered at the table afterwards. No one spoke of Fiona much during the coming days and weeks and it was obvious to Megan that her mother was bitterly disappointed. Still, life went on, as far as the younger sister was concerned and she had her new friend to look after, didn’t she?

Lily seemed to blossom and actually liked being milked, or so it seemed to her keeper. Still, the girl wondered just how she could make the experience even more enjoyable for the young woman. The milking machine was, according to Julie, a modified sheep milker and as such was much more gentle than the higher powered things that were used on cows. All Megan had to do was to was clip Lily’s collar to the small tether that was attached to the machine and then turn it on. Once her pet was in a comfortable position she then pressed the milking cups to the woman’s nipples and left the machine to do its work.

Lily’s productivity rose rapidly over the first few days and now, a week after she had started to produce, Megan was milking her four times a day. Julie had explained that the more was removed then the more was produced.

Megan had frowned. “Is that why all of the girls in the facility have large breasts... Do they produce more?”

Julie had chuckled. “No, but they can store more so that if a milking is missed for any reason then there won’t be a drop in production.”

Megan had nodded. “So how much will Lily make?”

Again Julie had chuckled. “Wait and see, I think that you’ll be rather surprised by what she produces. Just label the bottles, store them in your fridge and keep the machine clean and we’ll be okay.”

It seemed to Megan that she’d known Julie for all of her life... Well she had, thinking about it. The woman had always seemed ill at ease with people, herself included, but now that the girl was beginning to contribute to the running of the farm, Julie was opening up and seemed to be happy to help in any way that she could. “Don’t forget that she relies upon you for everything, so be gentle with her and love her back,” The woman added cryptically. “Oh, and expect a surprise in a couple of days time...”

So Megan’s life carried on and she took care of Lily to the best of her ability for Lily was her responsibility and even though she was the youngest in the family, Megan took her responsibilities very seriously.

* * *

Just after breakfast a few days later, Megan’s mom dropped in to see her and as she had been warned of the visit, it was no surprise. She had just given her pet her morning shower and was busily drying her long, beautiful black hair. When their came a knock on the door,

“Come on in!” The girl called and carried on gently brushing her pet’s long, black, glossy tresses.

The door swung open and Mary came in but she was not alone: she had another young woman on the end of a collar and lead. Megan recognised her immediately as Anna, her sister’s former charge. Not only that but Lily did too and her face lit up when she recognised her friend.

“Anna!” She cried out in pleasure and trotted forward to embrace her.

Bemused, Megan stated that this was the first thing that she had ever heard the pet say.

“Yes,” her mother admitted as she sat down on the edge of her daughter’s bed. “we train them not to speak which makes them easier to control.” Then, changing the subject she continued by praising her daughter’s work with Lily. “You are doing so well with your new pet, why you’ve even dyed her hair black!”

The girl didn’t seem to notice the praise. “Yes, well anyone else would have done the same... The old dye growing out made her look odd and spoiled her appearance.”

Mary smiled: she well knew that most other people wouldn’t have done that but she kept quiet as by now the two pet women were kissing. Mother and daughter watched for a few seconds before Megan spoke. “Oh, wow, they seem to like each other.”

“I was counting on that... They were friends before we ‘recruited’ them.” There was another pause before she continued. “Anna, here, has had a rough time lately and we were hoping that you would be able to look after her and win her confidence.”

“I don’t want to lose Lily!” She said adamantly.

Mary shook her head. “We won’t take Lily away from you... Not just yet, but you do know that she’ll have to re-join the rest of our herd sooner or later.”

When Megan nodded her mom continued. “Lily will help you to win Anna’s confidence. Hopefully she’ll start to copy her friend which will make your work easier but you’ll need to be gentle if you hope to win her confidence.”

Megan smiled at Anna who glared back at her. Yes, it’s going to take time. The girl thought.