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Home Farm

by Writer345 ©

* * *

Chapter Twelve: June 2005 — The Third Phase — Megan’s World.

Introversion could well have been Megan’s middle name... It was not that Fiona’s disappearance went unnoticed, it was more that it didn’t seem to matter to the younger sister as she became more and more absorbed in her task. Looking after her two charges need not have taken up so much of her time as they mainly needed her close attention during milking time. But, well, she kind of let the tasks take over. A conscientious loner by nature, Megan had few friends outside of the farm and emotionally had never been close to anyone. This being so, the two young women rapidly became the centre of her universe.

Feeding them, milking them, bathing them, making a fuss of them... What more did she need? Lily and Anna needed her and she was all too willing to let their needs take precedence over her own. Lily was easy to care for but Anna proved to be a real challenge and winning her confidence was not easy!

She didn’t know what Fiona had done to the young woman but she just didn’t seem to like being handled in the way that Megan needed to. In fact when the girl had initially approached her, Anna had scurried away and crawled under Megan’s bed and it took a lot of patience and reassurance to coax her out. But Megan was patient and bided her time, although when Lily also crawled under the bed to join her friend, the girl was at a loss as to how she was going to get either of them to come out.

Megan had sighed and decided to wait and see what else could go wrong... It was mid afternoon anyway and she knew that Lily would not want to remain under there for long—friend or no friend. One of the high spots of her day was approaching and Lily had been made into a creature of biological necessity after all.

So, after peering under the bed for one last time, the girl had left them to it and settled down in her chair to read a book for an hour or so. Then sure enough, just before four, Lily crawled out and, heavy breasts swinging, trotted into the next room and stood by her milker and made an insistent whining noise. Smiling to her self, Megan put the book down and went to attend to her charge.

She gently examined and fondled Lily’s breasts. “Yes, you are full, aren’t you?” She asked before applying cups to swollen nipples.

Lilly sighed and relaxed as the machine began to pulse. After observing things for a few minutes Megan reached around and began to gently stroke the young woman’s pussy: this too elicited another contented moan.

“You love this, don’t you, Lily?” The girl chuckled as she watched as the white liquid was drawn through the plastic tubes and into the receiver.

She peered back into the other room, there was still no sign of Anna and for a moment the girl thought about going to ask Julie or her Mother if they had any suggestions... No! That would be like admitting defeat. She decided.

She turned her attention back to her beautiful Lily and stroke her moist, fleshy pussy again, smiling as she watched the hucow shudder with contentment. She withdrew her hand and noticed that it was wet. She sniffed it and then licked it experimentally. It tasted sort of a cross between earthy and spicy: she thought about it... Not unpleasant, really—in fact quite nice.

Megan gently rubbed the hucow’s fleshy pussy-lips again and was surprised when Lily made a drawn-out, ‘Ooooo!’ sound that sounded remarkably like a ‘Moo!’

The girl chuckled and continued the slow rubbing. “You are turned on, aren’t you, Lily-cow?”

“Ooooo!” Answered the hucow.

Megan smiled knowingly... Well she liked rubbing herself down there so it came as real no surprise that that Lily liked it too. May be this is a way to make the milking even more pleasurable for her?

She carried on stroking for a minute or so, she even curled her mile finger around so the it passed between her cow’s lips so that she could rub her little clitty at the same time. Needless to say the effect was almost electric and Lily stiffened and began to shake.

“Oh! Mooooo! Ahhh!” The hucow almost screamed as she orgasmed.

Megan carried on rubbing... Suddenly she became aware of several other things in quick succession.

Firstly, her other hand had worked its way under the hem of her skirt and she was rubbing herself at the same time. And secondly there was movement behind her. Guiltily she felt her head swivel around and saw that she was being watched—Anna had crawled out from under the bed and was peering at her from the doorway, a puzzled expression on her face.

“It’s alright, I’m not hurting her.” Megan tried to reassure the other hucow. “She loves being milked and I bet that you would too!”

* * *

Later that evening while the hucows were feeding, Megan began to gently stroke and massage Anna’s breasts in the manner that she had been shown by her Mother. Anna had seemed to go ridged, but had not pulled away which the girl thought was a good sign. “What on Earth did my nasty sister do to you?” She asked rhetorically.

The hucow trembled and pulled away, no doubt remembering something unpleasant.

“It’s alright,” Megan cooed, “I’ll never hurt you and besides, Lily’s here: she’ll protect you.”

Megan wasn’t sure why she said this and the image of the plump, roly-poly hucow lumbering across to protect anyone was almost laughable. Still, nonsense words or not, it did the trick and Anna relaxed again, glancing across at her friend as she did so. Actually, this was the turning point and over the next few days the girl was able to win the hucow’s confidence and gradually came to welcome the gentle, but intimate contact that breast massage provided. It would take about a week of stroking, fondling and squeezing to initiate lactation... That and the use of the little breast pumps... But at least Anna was now allowing her to use them—the first time that she had tried had caused the young woman to slip back under the bed once more and then peer out nervously.

Still, that was behind them now and thanks to her patient approach together with Lily’s reassuring presence Anna had eventually allowed the girl to press the cups of the breast pumps against her nipples. Lily had helped by sighing contentedly when one of the little devices was used on her. Then Megan had removed her own tee-shirt and bra and used the other one on herself.

Anna had looked intrigued and was not even put off when the girl gasped and jerked because of the jolt of pleasure the coursed through her as soon as the little machine was turned on.

“Wow! That is really good!” She sighed as the sexual undercurrent of the pump’s action hit her.

Later that day, when her Mother made one of her periodic visits, the girl regaled her with details of her progress. Mary had smiled at her daughter. “You really are good at this: much better than I am in fact!”

Basking in the light of her Mother’s praise, Megan had said. “I don’t know what Fiona did to Anna, but the poor thing was terrified when she first got here: I just didn’t know what to do.”

“But you did the right thing. You won her confidence and that’s what it’s all about, dear.” Her Mother had said. “Now, don’t be afraid to masturbate her: you like it, Lily likes it and so will Anna.”

“Mother!” Megan gasped, sounding genuinely shocked that her Mother knew about such things.

Mary had smiled. “It’s the best way of rewarding good behaviour as it causes the pleasure centres of the brain to release massive amounts of endorphins. She’ll automatically repeat the behaviour in the hope of getting another pleasure jolt.”

More than slightly embarrassed, Megan had reddened and tried to change the subject. “What has happened to my sister?”

Mary’s expression was pained as she remained silent for a few seconds... Was that a tear that welled up in the corner of her eye? “Don’t worry about Fiona, darling, she’s gone away. She’ll not pick on you again and she’ll never hurt anyone else like she hurt Anna.”

Hearing her name spoken, the hucow had lumbered over and begun to rub herself affectionately against the girl’s legs.

Mary reached across from where she was sitting and stroked the hucow’s brown hair but said nothing as there really wasn’t anything more that she needed to say.