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Home Farm

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* * *

Chapter Fourteen: July 2005 — The Herd

Megan sat down on the side of her bed and looked around at a room that seemed very empty now that Lily and Anna had been taken to the bunker to join the herd. The room had been thoroughly cleaned thanks to the efforts of a couple of girls who her Mother had sent up. Although they were always referred to as ‘girls’, the domestics were normally in their thirties—in fact, one of the pair who had deep-cleaned Megan’s room seemed to be in her late forties—and like all of the others who worked in the house, or on the farm, neither of them had any fingernails. They had worked silently and efficiently for most of yesterday morning and thanks to their efforts the room was very clean and very empty although it still retained a faint but distinct odour of milk combined with that of moist pussy which was a poignant reminder of her two departed friends.

Megan knew that she was going to miss the company that Lily and Anna had provided. Her Mother had explained that was impractical to keep them in the house indefinitely and now that they were lactating it was much better for all concerned, including the two hucows, that they be housed with the others of their kind.

“The conditioning methods that we employ makes the girls much more gregarious,” Mary had explained, “they’ll be happier once they are in with the others like themselves. They are constantly aroused so they are much randier than normal and they need the constant, er, ‘company’ that being in the herd gives them.” She had smiled and added. “You would never have kept up with them and they would have soon warn you out!”

“I know, Mom, but I do miss them!” Megan had answered, her voice tinged with sadness.

The girl didn’t say that she loved them but her Mother was aware of this without being told. “You’ll be able to visit them everyday, you know.” She had said by way of reassurance. “They’ll like that, too.”

The two of them, accompanied by the ever-present Julie, then made their way down into the bunker which they entered by way of the tunnel that ran from the Farmhouse cellar. The tunnel opened into a large anteroom, the walls of which were lined with doors. Megan was familiar with the set up and knew that four of the doors led to the tiny conditioning rooms in which new girls spent their first few weeks at the farm: the critical weeks when they were transformed into happy and pliant hucows.

Megan glance hopefully in the direction of the doors and asked. “Are we conditioning any new girls at the moment?”

Mary had nodded but for some reason looked sad. “Just the one.”

“Can I see?” Her daughter asked brightly.

Mary shook her head. “She hasn’t been here long... best not disturb her.”

Megan had frowned momentarily as she knew that they normally trained only two or three new girls most years; three in a couple of months was unusual. She didn’t mention it because it was clear that her Mom was upset about something and she thought it best not to pester her with silly questions.

She ignored the other doors for she knew that they concealed things like the control room, the kitchen, storerooms, the medical rooms, the lab and ‘The Clinic’—it was here that sick hucows could be treated, although she had never known it to be needed.

Suddenly her Mom nodded to Julie who entered a code into the touch pad mounted by the side of the double doors at the far end of the anteroom. They pushed the doors open and walked along another a short corridor, then through another set of doors and out into the fug of a noisy but well-lit chamber about 50′ by 25′. The fug—the smell was—familiar and seemed to go straight to the core of her being. The smell was a much more overpowering version of the one that still haunted her bedroom—it was the smell of milk and aroused pussy—it was the smell of the hucows who lived there.

Megan hurried onto the raised walkway that ran around the cows’ living area and called out. “Lily... Anna... Where are you girls?”

Suddenly two familiar figures detached themselves from the roiling mass of bodies and trotted over to where she stood, yelping excitedly as they did so.

“You remember me!” She whooped excitedly as she sat herself down on the edge of the walkway, feet dangling into the pit.

“They always will, darling, you are even more special to them than they are too you.” Said her Mother who had followed her out. Your bond with your first hucow is special—it will never fade: you’ll want to keep these two with you forever.”

The girl looked up at her Mother and then across at Julie who was hovering in the background... Julie who had no finger nails... Julie who was a couple of years older than her Mom. Suddenly the penny dropped. “Was Julie your first one, Mom?”

The sadness that had haunted her mother for the last few days seemed to evaporate as the two women turned and smiled at each other. “Oh yes!” Mary said as Julie moved over and joined her.

The two of them hugged and kissed. “Your room used to be mine and I’ll always remember the day when your grandma led her in for me to... Well you can work out the rest.” Mary said quietly.

Megan had frowned. “But if Julie was a hucow, how come she’s not any more?”

Mary smiled at her daughter. “The conditioning is reversible to a large extent and we’ll retrain these two for you when the time comes, you can count on it, darling.”

“Do you hear that, Lily? Anna? We’ll be best friends for ever!” And at that she slipped off the edge of the walkway and joined her bff’s on the thick rubberised floor of the pit where she made a real fuss of the happy pair.

“Hey! Where are their knee-braces?” She called when she noticed the pair now only wore knee-pads, the heavy hinged braces that had prevented them from straightening their legs had been removed.

“They don’t need them now that they are fully conditioned to trot around on all-fours. This way they’ll be able to straighten there legs, usually when they lie down, and their knee joints won’t get damaged by having only restricted movement.” Mary explained. She carried on watching for a few seconds before, accompanied by Julie, she left to carry out anything that needed doing inside the bunker. Meanwhile Megan and her bff’s began to explore each other’s bodies becoming more and more excited as they did so... A kiss here... A touch there... A tongue where it mattered... Megan was exactly where she wanted to be and soon forgot about everything else.

* * *

As the days slipped past one after the other Megan tended to divide her time between working down in the bunker, playing with her ‘special friends’ and relaxing at home. Mary carefully structured the tasks that she asked her daughter to carry out in such a way that the girl gained real insight and experience in all that was needed to keep Temple Farm running and in maintaining the health and well-being of the life stock She hadn’t touched on acquisition yet as that was much more contentious.

However Megan was curious about what happened to the women at the end of their time in the herd. “Mom, we can’t keep all of the girls like you have kept Julie, can we?” She had asked one morning over breakfast.

“No dear, that’s not possible, no matter how much we wish that it was.” Mary had admitted while spreading Marmalade on her toast.

“Well I can see that some of them remain here as farm girls or as domestics...” she paused.

Mary had smiled as she knew exactly where this was going but instead of jumping in with an answer, she waited for her daughter to phrase the question in her own way.

“ what happens to the others?” The girl had asked with a frown, no doubt suspecting that the answer was going to be something unpleasant.

Mary smiled again as she trie to reassure her daughter. “Most girls stay in the herd for about five years... We like to move them on while they are still young—they are easier to re-home at that age. They go and live with ladies who are looking for a special someone to share their lives with. There’s people that handle the sales and the transportation for us for 10% cost; it’s much safer that way.”

Megan was quiet for a few seconds but suddenly asked. “And the girls that we know are going to stay; like Lily and Anna?”

“Oh they’ll stay in the herd for about ten years so you’ll have to be a little patient, darling.” Mary said. She didn’t say that most of the lesbians who require pets or sex slaves were looking for younger women hence the five year turn around... There was no need to trouble her daughter with details yet-awhile.

When breakfast was over Mary mentioned that she was impressed by the sympathetic way that Megan had worked with Lily and Anna and asked if she would like to train another girl in the same way and that this girl was a bit of a special case...

When her daughter had agree, Mary had smiled and said. “Thank you darling, only this girl is a bit special! I’ll bring her up to your room in about ten minutes if you would like to go and get things ready?”

But why, Megan wondered, does Mom look so sad?

She found out just after nine o’clock when her Mother and Julie led the new girl into her room for the trainee hucow was none other than her older sister, Fiona.