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Home Farm

by Writer345 ©

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Chapter 6: May 2005 — Bonding.

Breakfast was barely over when Mary Howard called her daughters into the parlour. This was not the small lounge where the family normally relaxed but the big formal one that was reserved for the more important occasions such as receiving visitors or Christmas. As Megan entered she noticed several things besides the old-fashioned chintzy decor of the place and the familiar framed portraits of naked women hanging from the walls.

Firstly was the slightly musty smell that spoke of traces of damp, it was an old house dating from the eighteenth century after all. Oh, the indoor staff kept it spotless and dust free so the smell indicated a lack of use rather than decay. The old house, this room and the isolated setting of the farm itself always made Megan think of ‘Wuthering Heights’: although Kathy rather than Heathcliffe was the character that she imagined reclining on the sofa.

The second thing that struck her was just who was present—it only took a cursory glance for her to realise that most of them rarely ever set foot inside the farm house. Okay her mum and sister, Fiona, were there which was to be expected, but so was granny. She rarely involved herself in family affairs these days, although she still worked around the farm doing little jobs or jobs that benefited from her experience. But the surprise was that Julie was there also but this wasn’t too unusual as she did eat with the family and sleep with mummy after all. However she was accompanied by two of the farm girls and they were not normally allowed in the big house.

It must be something special. Megan thought, slightly perplexed.

Grandma Rachel had looked up and smiled as the younger sister entered but didn’t speak nor did she stop running her fingers through her skimpily dressed pet’s greying hair. Megan gave an involuntary shudder: like others of her generation, she found it a little unnerving when she witnessed old people bestowing affection upon each other. By the way that the pet was seated on the carpet next to her grandmother’s armchair, gazed up lovingly; it was obvious that the devotion ran both ways. The pet looks as old as granny. Yeuch, gross!

She knew that Julie shared her mother’s bed on a fairly regular basis which was almost as bad! Speaking of Julie, she was she standing behind mum’s chair but why was she frowning? Come to think of it, why were the two of the farm girls standing next to her? She had never seen them in the the parlour before!

Mystified, Megan sank into the armchair opposite her sister, whose expression was half way between a scowl and a glare—clearly she was unhappy about something but then that was nothing new: Fiona always seemed to be unhappy about most things these days.

Mary smiled at her daughters and opened the proceedings by addressing them directly. “You both know about the women are housed in the bunker...”

Megan nodded, she had been taken in their from time to time ever since she was a baby. As far as she was concerned, it was all perfectly normal, although why they were there was still a bit of a mystery. She knew that one or other of them always seemed to be undergoing training but as to why was also a mystery. May be they were pets? May be her Mother trained and sold them?

“...and how important that they are to us.” Mary continued. “You have both seen how they are lovingly cared for and how well treated they are.”

Pampered was the word that Megan would have used: well fed to the point of being plump, well housed and never stressed; always warm and always gently handled and what’s more they never had to lift a finger to do anything strenuous—if they had any fingers to lift, that is!

“This is the most profitable part of our farming enterprise and the only part that we carry out ourselves.” Their Mother said proudly before adding. “Well girls, its high time for you to learn how how to look after them.”

Megan sat up and looked interested. “Oh, wow!” She muttered. For both of the girls had been gently steered in this direction since they were little although neither had been allowed to get close to the livestock, much less help look after them in case the the girls’ presence or their actions distressed the young women.

Fiona, however didn’t look anywhere near as impressed as her younger sister and muttered. “Do I have to?”

Megan saw her mother and grandmother exchange glances but surprisingly it was grandmother who answered in a very gentle voice. “Temple Farm has been in the family since my grandmother acquired it after the war.”

With a sweep of her arm, Granny drew their attention to the two framed photographs sitting atop the piano, both of whom were young women. One was of a severe, though attractive looking brunette while the other was of a rather pretty blonde dressed in a British Army uniform. Megan smiled up at the picture of her great grandmother who had died just before she had been born. She had a hazy idea about what had happened all of those years ago, but that was all.

“She is the woman who drew upon research brought out of Germany at the end of the war and it was she that established our very lucrative herd: frankly, we are relying upon you and your sister to carry on the family farming tradition.”

Megan listened wide eyed but Fiona just shrugged. “I don’t think that I’ve got the patience to be a farmer. I mean it’s a big commitment, isn’t it? And there is so much that I want to do! University, for instance!”

Things were beginning to happen and Megan noticed that Julie had nodded to the two farm girls who both departed while her Mother was trying to address Fiona’s concerns. “Just give it a go, darling, that’s all I ask. If it doesn’t workout then at least we’ll know that you tried but aren’t cut out for this sort of thing. Either way there will be plenty of time and money for university afterwards; we’re not exactly penniless, are we?”

Fiona nodded reluctantly although she still looked far from happy.

Suddenly Grandma Rachael looked up from the pet that she was fussing. “Are you sure about this, Mary?”

Megan’s Mother sighed. “I thought that we had been through this. We delayed starting Fiona off because she just wasn’t ready last year.”

Both Mother and Grandmother glanced in Fiona’s direction and could see that the older sister had a stubborn expression plastered across her face. It was Grandma Rachael who asked. “Is she ready now, Mary?”

“She’s nineteen, so it’s now or never.” Mary almost snapped.

“I’ve said ‘I’ll try’,” Fiona interjected in a sulky, bored voice, “isn’t that enough?”

Rachael shrugged and continued stating her objections to Mary. “...And Megan’s so young...”

“I’m nearly seventeen!” Megan interrupted trying to sound as mature as possible. “I’m ready to do whatever you need me too!”

Her Mother smiled proudly back at her but Grandma Rachael still looked concerned. “Mary, are you prepared to accept the consequences of one or both of them failing?”

“You mean like your sister and Elsa’s daughter both did?” Megan’s mother asked. “Yes I’ve thought about it and it’s up to us to make sure that they don’t!”

Megan stared at her Grandmother... She didn’t know that Granny had even had a sister. She wanted to know about this but before she could ask, her mother continued although her voice now had a cold finality about it. “I’m ready—whatever happens, well, happens!”

Just then the farm-girls returned putting paid to the uneasy conversation between her Mother and Grandmother. The girls were no longer alone: each held a lead attached to a collared, but naked young woman. A young woman who crawled along on her hands and knees. They were both plump brunettes: one European, the other Oriental. Both had placid, almost vacant expressions as they gazed around, wide-eyed, at the assembled family members.

“Girls, may I introduce Anna and Lily?” Mary stated proudly. “They have been conditioned but it will be up to you to prepare and look after them.”

Fiona’s groan was drowned out by Megan’s cry of. “Oh wow!”

The farm girls led Anna and Lily into the centre of the room so that they were in between the sisters and here they remained while Mary carried on speaking. “As you can see, girls, they are very placid and easy to handle. This is the result of many weeks of very careful training and conditioning so treat them gently and with respect and they’ll be happy for you to handle them...”

Without further ado, Megan slipped out of her armchair and plonked herself on the carpet next to the nearest of the two naked woman who turned to gaze at her. “Oh, wow, aren’t you just so beautiful!” The youngster proclaimed and was rewarded with a beaming smile.

Her mother was still talking but Megan no longer heard anything that she said as she slowly reached out and ran her hand over the velvety-soft body that was being paraded in front of her. The woman didn’t balk or back away from her touch so Megan gently stroked her.

The woman shuffled closer to the girl, sighed and shuddered appreciatively which caused her large breasts to jiggle invitingly. Megan noticed how the woman’s long straight hair, though a rich chocolate brown, had short, very black roots. She stroked it before running her fingers through it—it was so clean, soft and silky. In Megan’s eyes her delicate Asian features gave the woman an exotic, almost mystical aura that the girl found beguiling... So gentle... So beautiful... So trusting...

Her Mother cleared her throat noisily, abruptly shattering Megan’s daydreams which was exactly what had been intended. “Right girls, make your choice but remember that the two of you will be together for some considerable time.” She glanced at Julie and smiled. Possibly for your whole life.

Megan gazed at Lily and Lily gazed right back, smiling gently as she did so. Megan suddenly hugged her. “I want this one, Mum!” She proclaimed.

Fiona, who was still slouched in her armchair just shrugged and muttered. “What ever.”

“Right girls, now if you will listen carefully, I’ll explain exactly what you need to do to transform your new ‘friend’ into a productive member of our herd.”