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Home Farm

by Writer345 ©

* * *

Chapter Eight: May 2005 — The Third Phase: Beginning.

Megan was sitting on her bed: she had brought Lily up to the seclusion of her bedroom, as her Mum had suggested and was now, well, just looking at her! Lily had plonked herself down in he middle of the rug and, wide eyed, was looking right back.

Although clearly human, the young woman reminded the girl of a large dog. This state of affairs lasted for a couple of minutes until the girl spoke.

“What am I going to do with you?” Megan chuckled.

As if to answer, the Asian woman crawled over and rubbed herself affectionately against her new owner’s legs.

“Oh, wow!” The girl exclaimed before reaching down to stroke her new pet’s long chocolate coloured hair: an action that clearly met with approval, if the way the Lily jiggled was anything to go by. Megan kissed her on top of her head and was rewarded with another little shudder. She ran her fingers through the woman’s hair, it was soft, silky and clean and the black roots were just over an inch and a quarter long. The girl stopped and thought. How quickly does hair grow?

She left lily and walked over to the computer on her desk, plonked herself down and did a quick search. Um, hair grows at up to half an inch every month! “So it’s been at least ten weeks since you had your roots done.” Megan mused to her new pet who by now was rubbing herself against the girl’s leg in just the way that a dog would.

Then moving back to sit on her bed, she took a good look at her new charge: the woman was on the plump side and would probably have been about five foot two if she were to stand. Her breasts were large and her arse was broad and when she turned around, her pussy was invitingly on display at all times. All body hair had been permanently removed, Megan’s Mum explained that this had been done for the purposes of hygiene, but the girl thought the way that the woman’s pussy seemed to smile at her was most pleasing.

Lily’s skin was smooth and velvety and had an attractive golden tint which advertised her ancestry as did her face and features. Megan thought that she was just about the most beautiful thing on the planet!

“Question is what should we do about your hair? Just leave it; dye it chocolate, or some other colour; or we could even dye it black so that the roots don’t show.” When Lily stared up at her with a vaguely puzzled expression, Megan continued. “You do want to look your best, don’t you?”

As an answer there came none!

There had been other developments... The door at the back of Megan’s bedroom, the one that had always been locked, was now open—in fact the door itself had been removed to reveal a small room complete with a crawl-in shower and a drain in the middle of the floor that Mum had explained was Lily’s toilet. There were also other pieces of equipment in the room that would be needed later, no doubt she would be instructed on it’s use when the time came.

Megan smiled down at her new friend. “No time like the present!” She exclaimed before climbing down to sit on the floor next to the woman. Hesitantly she reached across and began to gently massage the woman’s heavy breasts, just like Julie had shown her. The breasts were every bit as soft as she knew they would be and the girl suddenly realised that she was being turned-on by the contact.

Lily sighed and rubbed herself against her new owner once more, proving she clearly enjoyed the experience also.

“Mum says that I should do this at least eight times a day—its a good job that we both like what I’m doing, isn’t it?” She hadn’t expected a response and so when Lily suddenly kissed her cheek, she was taken by surprise. “Oh, wow! You really love this, don’t you?”

And so Megan continued, gently massaging and kneading Lily’s breasts just like she had been shown. The woman’s nipples were erect and her alveoli were beginning to puff up with blood supply and arousal. There was a pungent, spicy odour which puzzled the girl for a moment until she realised what it was. She twisted around and checked Lily’s pussy and saw that it was so wet that juices were dribbling down the woman’s leg. She frowned and then pushed a hand down the waist-band of her own jeans... She was juicing up too and if Lily was anything to go by, it would soon be soaking through the course blue fabric. “Do you think that a skirt and no knickers would a better idea, Lily?” She enquired playfully.

Of course she didn’t get an answer, or at least not a spoken one; instead, Lily reached around and began rubbing her own pussy with the back of one of her permanently gloved hands, shivering with contentment as she did so.

Megan had wondered about the gloves which were more like thumbless mittens, and Mum had explained that the livestock had had their finger and toe nails removed so that they didn’t grow inside their gloves and boots and cause discomfort or pain. It was then that she realised that neither Julie, nor Grandma’s pets, nor any of the farm or house girls had any fingernails either.

“Oh. Lily,” she sighed, “I think we will be friends for ever!”

* * *

As the day progressed, Megan realised that it was one that she would remember for the rest of her life. There were other things to do... There was the matter of the little breast pumps, for instance. Julie had shown the sisters just how they worked, how to use them and how to keep them clean. Small and battery powered, they hummed and vibrated when switched on.

The girl had found several in the room behind her bedroom, she had picked one up and examined it. The body-part ended in a disc that was a bit like a cross between a giant plastic sucker and the noisy end of a trumpet, underneath was a screw-in glass jar. It didn’t take a genius to see how it, or rather they should be used.

“Mum says that I have to use these on you twice a day to help stimulate you and cause you to begin producing. They look fun, don’t they?” Megan asked her new ‘best-friend’ as she showed her a pair of them.

The woman frowned prettily and then shuffled backwards when the girl turned one on.

“Don’t be afraid, I’d never hurt you.” Megan reassured her as she placed the discs of two of them against Lily’s nipples before flipping the on-switches once more. As the motors began to purr, the girl was intrigued to see the already protruding nipples swell as they were drawn into the cups.

Lily gasped and tried to dislodge one of the pumps with a ‘paw’ but relaxed when she realised that she actually liked it. Megan chuckled when the woman seemed to quiver with pleasure however, supporting the weight of the pumps as she was meant that she could do little other than observe.

She let the little pumps run for a couple of minutes and was a little disappointed when nothing was produced... She knew that lactation would take some time to begin which was what the stimulation and massaging was all about, but was still disappointed none the less.

After the little breast pumps were switched off and fell away Lily looked sort-of sad. “It’s alright, my darling,” Megan reassured the woman, “we can play with them again tomorrow.”

Early evening, she fed her pet and left her curled up on top of the bed while she left to rejoin her family for the evening meal. Oddly enough I was a subdued affair despite the momentous events of the morning although both her mother and Julie made polite enquiries as to how her new charge was settling in. Naturally Megan was most effusive in her reply... Lily was wonderful... Lily loved the attention... Lily had kissed her... Lily was ever so affectionate... And so on.

Mother and her friend had smiled and exchanged knowing glances with each other, clearly pleased with the younger daughter’s enthusiasm. However when the same enquiry was addressed to Mary’s eldest daughter, Fiona, the questions were met with a sulky glare.

“She’s just a stupid fat lump and just stands there while I rub her tits. Is that all I’ve got to look forward too over the next few weeks? Tit rubbing?” The older sister retorted.

Once more Mary and Julie exchanged glances but this time they contained sadness. “Be patient with her.” Mary said very gently. “And remember, she’s relying on you for everything so be gentle.”

For a few seconds Fiona looked as if she was going to answer, but instead she just nodded and, glaring, continued to eat.

And so the first day passed and set the pattern that would be repeated over the next week or so.