The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hotel Robotica

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...”

by Dr. Robo

It was off in the distance, sitting on top of a hill that overlooked their town. Growing up, everyone knew the building was there, but no one knew of anyone who had ever been near it, let alone inside. Everyone thought it was abandoned. There was even talk that it was haunted. Recently someone, a developer perhaps, must have bought it and sunk a lot of money into it because suddenly ads were popping up all over touting this great new hotel/spa complex that was to open in the old, run-down mansion. In fact, the girls had each received flyers in the mail with ‘grand opening’ offers which looked like a great opportunity for some rest and relaxation. It was too good of a deal to pass up. So they decided to give the place a try one day after work. They each even took the next day off so they could spend the night at a four star hotel as well.

“This is going to be great!” said Holly, brushing her hair from her face. “I’ve never been to a fancy spa like this before, and it’s free too!”. She looked over at the driver, Teresa. At 29, Teresa was the oldest of the three, although you’d never be able to tell. She kept herself fit at the local gym, more for her health than for vanity. Don’t be misled, she knew she had a fantastic body, with toned legs, a round yet firm rear which curved into her trim waist, and a set of perfectly shaped 36c breasts. She wore a lot of skirts on the job, knowing full well that the male population of the office appreciated it. Her complexion was pale with a hint of freckles, equally a result of long hours at the office and a light skin tone. Her dark hair was cut just above the shoulders and framed her face quite nicely.

“Well, I guess this is it” Teresa announced. “We’re here”. She drove up the long, winding driveway, and parked in a lot off to the side. “Let’s see if anyone is here. It looks kind of quiet.” As the oldest, Teresa was kind of the leader of the little group, three friends who worked together and began to hang out together as they got to know each other. Anticipating that there was a gym included with the spa, she had worn a black tank top and sports bra combo with a pair of gray tights and white sneakers.

The other two girls were a bit younger than Teresa. Holly was 25, her figure naturally trim and athletic. She also spent a lot of time working out, keeping herself in shape for her favorite season of the year: swimsuit season. She had a nice golden tan that was a product of an equal amount of hours poolside. She had long curly blond hair that hung past her shoulders, and perky breasts which no one would call big but seemed right for her. She was wearing a navy blue cut-off t-shirt and gray athletic shorts, and white sneakers. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail.

The third member of their group was Frances. Frances was the youngest of the trio, 22 years old and not long out of college. In fact, she had just started working with Teresa and Holly a few months earlier. Frances was one of the nicest and sweetest people you would ever meet, always going out of her way to be friendly and helpful to those around her. That’s why she was able to make friends so quickly. Frances was of above average height, around 5‘9“ with short brown hair that covered her ears and stopped at about her chin. She was a bit more filled out than the other girls, with wider hips and longer, thicker legs. By no means was she fat or out of shape, though. She was just built larger than the rest. It’s a good thing too, because she needed that frame to support her most eye-catching feature: her breasts. Frances was one of those girls who had developed early and just kept on developing. By the time she reached her late teens she had filled out to a whopping double D cup, which was obviously quite large but strangely didn’t look freakish on her. In fact, somehow she looked perfect. She had decided recently on surgery to have them reduced, in order to relieve the strain that they were inevitably going to cause on her body as she got older. She had only told a few people about this. She shied away from talking about her body, because her breasts had caused her to be the subject of so much teasing and ogling during her high school days. Even now she had trouble finding a good date, fearing that all men were after her only for her assets and not her personality.

Unfortunately for Frances, she had not gotten the ‘workout attire’ memo. So, in contrast to her friends’ athletic gear, she was sporting a very lovely blouse and skirt combination. Her top was powder blue and hugged her torso very snugly, accenting the curves of her round, full bust. She always had trouble buying shirts that fit well, for obvious reasons. To go with the blouse she wore a black skirt that hung just above the knee, and black hose. On her feet she had a pair of black shoes with straps that held them in place.

The three of them got out of the car and walked across the unpaved lot. Frances’ shoes were giving her trouble on the uneven surface, and as they watched her try to navigate around the rocks and puddles they playfully teased and mocked her choice of footwear. As they came around the front of the mansion they failed to notice a mysterious figure looking at them through the front window. They arrived at the front door, a huge oaken relic left over from when the house was built, and pounded the heavy metal door knocker once, sending an echo throughout the building.

“There’s no one here” Holly said without waiting very long. “Maybe it isn’t open y......” but before she could finish, the door unlocked, and slowly creaked open almost as if on its own. The three of them looked at each other for a second, none of them wanting to make the first move.

“Well, there‘s the answer to that” said Teresa, looking back as she stepped through the doorway. The threesome entered cautiously, and the door slammed shut behind them, leaving them alone in the massive foyer.

“Hello?” Holly asked, her voice echoing across the unpainted walls of the lobby..

“Why hello...” came a voice from the far corner of the room. A man probably in his late 40s stepped out from a doorway, his hands hidden in the pockets of his long, white coat. His hair was graying, a bit long and mussed, kind of like what you would have expected Einstein to have looked like at that age.

The girls jumped at the sound of his voice, even as soft as it was. “Hello there.” Teresa stepped up as the other girls strayed quiet. “We’re here for the... ”

“...yes, of course.” he cut her off. “You must be Teresa, Holly, and Frances. Excellent. Please do allow me to apologize.” He swept his hand across the partially-renovated room. “We are running behind by a few days. I had hoped to be more ready than this when our first guests arrived. I see you got your free passes...”

“Yes” they said in unison and thanked him.

“But why did you choose us?” asked Frances. “And how do you know our names?”

“The man turned to look at her, and a smile crossed his face as he looked her over quickly. “Someone I know recommended you, so I did some research and found that you three would be excellent test subjects for my new facility. I was hoping that once you visited here you would go out and recruit your friends to join us.”

Test Subjects?

“Oh” said Frances. “Well, thanks again. It looks like a nice place so far.” That was a little white lie, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. “I hope we like it here too. In fact, I‘m sure we will if it‘s as nice as the brochures say it is.”

“Well, what do we do now?” Holly questioned, sounding a little annoyed. “We had planned on being here for the for the night and then all day tomorrow.”

“Well, I can offer free rooms for the night. In the morning, more of the building will be open for you to explore.”

They look at each other. “OK” said Teresa, turning back to the stranger. “I’m up for it. I don’t have anything better to do. I just hope that tomorrow I feel differently about this than I do right now.”

“You can count on it” said the man, with a bit of a grin.

“By the way, what is your name?” asked Holly.

“My name is Dr. Robusteza” he said with a slight accent and a gleam in his eye. “But you can call me ‘Doc’, si?”

“OK”, they each said. He smiled at each one of them, seemingly inspecting them up and down with his eyes as they talked. After they retrieved their bags from the car he led them up a set of stairs and down to the end of a hallway where each was shown her own room.

“Sleep tight” he said as he flashed another, more devilish grin. “I’ll be seeing you ladies very soon.”

They each looked at each other quizzically as they entered their rooms. All that was inside was a simple bed, a table and a lamp. As they closed the doors, each heard their room’s door lock the instant it clicked shut. Panic quickly set in as they all simultaneously tried to turn the knobs, then knocked on the inside of the door. The sounds of knocking and wiggling of the doorknobs coming from the other rooms only served to incite their fears even more, and soon they began calling to each other and pounding very hard on the doors, but to no avail. They were trapped.

Suddenly a fine green mist started to seep into each room through an air duct on the floor. Soon the rooms were filled with the gas, and within seconds the pounding and screaming stopped and was replaced by three thuds as the girls unconsciously collapsed to the hardwood floors. The mist dissipated as fresh air replaced the knockout gas, and a female figure entered each room. She gathered each girl individually and carried her down the hall, down the stairs, and into the Doctor’s basement laboratory.

After a few hours had passed, Holly was the first to awaken from her sleep. She struggled to get her bearings as her blurred vision took time to come into focus. She found herself in a near-upright position, yet for some reason was unable to move much more than a finger or a toe. She looked down to find herself bound by thick leather straps to what looked like a large vertical table. The table had a small shelf protruding from its base, which she was standing on. She was restrained at her ankles, hips, and wrists, her arms straight down at her sides and her legs a bit less then shoulder width apart.

She looked around the room, craning her neck to see as much as she could. It looked like a mad scientist’s laboratory, something straight out of a horror film or comic book. The room was very dark and scary with drab stone walls and numerous shadows. It was dimly lit by just a few light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. A number of computers, machines, and other electronic devices lined the walls, and a mass of cables criss-crossed the ceiling, seemingly connecting each piece of equipment to another. Her eyes followed a group of the cables as they descended from the ceiling to a large control panel in the middle of the room, which was sitting next to another large table much like the one she was strapped to. This table, however, was resting at more of a horizontal angle, and although it was covered with a large white sheet it was fairly obvious that there was something (or someone) underneath.

To Holly’s right Teresa began to come around. She looked about the room in the same manner as Holly, and upon the sight of her friend called out to her.

“Holly!” she yelled. “What’s going on? Where are we?” She remembered what happened in the rooms upstairs and started to panic again. Looking around, she noticed that someone was missing. “Where’s Fran??” she cried out.

“I don’t know!” said Holly, unable to fully turn and look at Teresa.

At that moment, a door opened to the side of the lab, and the doctor walked in. Behind him walked a woman who was a bit older than they were. The girls hushed as they watched them enter the room. As soon as they came into clear view the girls recognized her right away. It was Amy. Amy had been another co-worker of theirs for about a year or so. Then out of the blue she quit, leaving only a strangely worded voice mail message as her notice. It was very odd for her to do that because even though she wasn’t best of friends with anyone she had started to get to know them better. Then one day she just disappeared, seemingly without a trace.

There was something very different about her now, though. She walked very stiff, her eyes looking directly ahead. Her posture was perfect, head up, back straight, as if trying to accentuate what was already her most distinguishing feature: her breasts. They were unnaturally round and firm. They should have been, she had gotten implants while in college and they still looked good years later. They were not particularly huge, but still big and very perky. In fact, they stuck right out from her body quite noticeably. They bounced before her with every measured step. She stopped right next to the center table and control module, facing the girls and standing at attention as if for inspection. She was very pretty, but not in a classic sense. She had a cute face, long strawberry-blond hair, and a pink tinge to her pale skin. She was of average build, bigger than Holly and Teresa but not as big as Frances. Of course she was in great shape, having attended many of the same gyms that the other girls did. She was wearing an unusual outfit which consisted of a silver bra and panties, silver miniskirt, and silver over the calf boots. She looked like she was ready for an ‘Austin Powers’ themed costume party.

Her wardrobe aside, it was her eyes that grabbed their attention. They were wide open, and looked to be vacant, as if there was nothing behind them. In fact her whole face had sort of a blank expression to it. Her mouth was open slightly, as if she was in some sort of fog or stupor.

“What is going on here? What do you want with us? Amy, can you hear me? Why won’t she answer? What is that she’s wearing? Why are you doing this? Let us out of here...” Holly and Teresa shouted questions at the doctor, who turned to face them and waved his hand. They immediately stopped talking and listened to what he had to say.

“Yes, this is Amy.” He smiled. “You have met before, no? She is my servant. She came to me one day and hasn’t left since. She has told me so much about you...”

Servant? Huh? The girls were unbelievably calm for all that was happening to them, but they were very confused. “Amy...” Holly called out to her. “Why did you quit work?”

No answer.

“What do you mean?” asked Teresa. “Told so much about us? What is that supposed to mean?”

“She doesn’t need to work. She belongs to me now” the doctor told Holly. “I will take care of her.”

“Huh?” said Teresa. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Why is she” Holly searched for the word.

“Mindless?” he interrupted again. “Obedient? Subservient?” That is because she is my personal slave...a human robot who obeys my every command.” With that he let out an evil laugh, like you would see in a bad cartoon.

“A WHAT?” they asked in unison, it all starting to come together. “You mean...?”

“That’s right. I have turned her into a mindless, obedient zombie. Soon, I am going to do the same to you.”

“Nooooo” they cried, struggling against their bonds. “You can’t! It’s not right! Let us out of here! Where’s Frances? What have you done with her? Where is she???”

With that last question, the doctor walked over to the center table, and grabbed the sheet with both hands. He pulled it off of the table, revealing their worst fears: Frances. She was laying on the table, motionless, looking as if she had not yet awaken from the sleeping gas. She was still fully clothed, but her arms, legs, and waist were held in place by thick leather restraints. She was completely bound to the table.

The girls were shocked, angry, and confused. “What have you done to her?” Teresa yelled. You better not have hurt her...”

“I haven’t touched her...yet. I will soon, though. I wanted you both to witness what I have created.”

The two of them screamed and cursed at him as he traced his finger around her pretty face. Finally, exhausted from struggling, they quieted and stared at him with looks of fatigue and defeat.

“What do you mean? Teresa hissed. “What are you going to do to her?” She looked around at all of the scientific equipment surrounding the lab. “What IS this place?”

“I suppose I can tell doesn’t really matter now. There’s nothing you can do anyway. It is well documented that the human brain operates on a network of electrical pulses, a current that carries signals within the brain and from it to nerves and muscles. Well, during my many psychological experiments I have discovered that those currents can be manipulated using an external electrical source pumped directly into the cerebral cortex. I used to use this method to treat patients with mental illness, until I discovered that I can do so much more. I can actually interrupt the brain’s normal flow of information, allowing me to plant new thoughts and ideas into the subject’s mind until he or she can no longer distinguish those ideas from his/her own. In essence, the person believes whatever I tell them, and becomes whatever I want them to be.”

“What?” they gasped, starting to get it now.

“That’s right. After only a few minutes of my process, the subject becomes a mindless, unthinking zombie awaiting whatever command he or she is given. They will even do things that previously would have been considered displeasing to that person. Isn’t that right, Amy?”

They looked at her. “Yes...Master.” she spoke, slowly and deliberately as if searching for the right words.


She remained staring straight ahead.

The two girls started to sob, as if they had finally realized their fate. “Please, please don’t do this to us” cried Holly. “We don’t want to lose our minds”.

“I’m sorry, but it is too late. I have work to do now. Please enjoy the show.”

With that he ignored their pleas and went to work on Frances. He walked over to a nearby workbench and picked up with looked like a shiny metal headband with two large discs where the forehead is located. a number of wires lead from it to a large computer stationed near the table that Frances lay on.

He placed the band over Frances’ head, securing the discs snugly to her temples. He placed a third, independent disc directly onto the middle of her forehead, with one thin wire leading off the side of the table and through a hole in the floor underneath. Then he slid his hand under the neck of her blouse and places a fourth discover her heart, just above her left breast. This disc was connected to a machine next to a bank of monitors.

Finally, he placed a set of headphones on her head, one in each ear. The earpieces were directly connected to the main computer terminal next to the monitor wall.

He flipped on the monitors, each showing a readout of data. One of them, a larger one in the middle, created a 3D model of her brain with a series of horizontal lines indicating brain function underneath. Another showed her heart rate and other vital signs. The rest of the monitors displayed lines of data that only he would understand.

Everything was ready. Robusteza rested his hand on the main power dial and looked over at Frances awaiting just the right time to begin the procedure. Everything had to be timed perfectly or it would not work. There were literally a dozen women in mental hospitals around the state who would attest to that, if they could. Each was the subject of a failed experiment, and each was left as a lobotomized mess, no longer able to be a functioning member of society. He took no pity on those poor souls whose lives he had ruined for his own personal research. “All in the name of science,” he told himself.

After only a minute or two Frances stirred lightly as she slowly started to arouse from her forced slumber. “Perfect” he thought to himself. “She’s just started to awaken. Now is the time, before she becomes fully conscious.” He was so focused that he could not hear the sobs and wails from the two girls as they begged him one last time for their release.

Dr. Robusteza turned the knob exactly halfway, sending a jolt of current directly into Frances’ semi-conscious mind. She instinctively gasped and cried out in anguish as the power flow invaded her brain, beginning the task of restructuring her thought processes. Her body shook and convulsed as it absorbed the electricity, causing her muscles to twitch in the restraints and her massive bosom to jiggle mightily within the confines of her 38DD bra.

As he slowly turned the knob, the power flow into her increased, and her screams were replaced by whimpers as the disc on her forehead siphoned off excess electricity, creating a perfect balance so she would not be permanently injured like so many before her. The doctor monitored her vitals, nodding his head as everything seemed to be in check. Her eyes, now open, widened as her mind began to slip away, her inner monologue replaced by the sounds entering her mind through the earphones.

What was it she was hearing? The doctor called it ‘programming‘. He thought of the entire process as ’robotization’, the transformation of a human being into an obedient, robot-like slave. He had even taken to calling Amy ’Fembot’ and dressing her up in metallic silver outfits from time to time, just to amuse himself.

Now, the computer was programming Frances as if she truly was a ’robot woman’. She was being instructed, over and over in a monotonous, computer-generated voice, what her new life was going to be like. She was told how to think, act, walk, talk, look, and most importantly obey like a good robot should. Dr. Robusteza had labored over these programs for years, as many years as it took him to perfect the ‘thought interruption’ process itself. He looked down at her, he face now blank much like Amy’s. He could see her lips barely moving, they were repeating the mantra that had now overtaken her mind. It had worked. She was now his.

Holly and Teresa had witnessed this too, but they still held out hope. As the doctor shut down the power flow and removed the devices from Frances, they shouted at her, trying to get her attention, trying to find a sign that she was still her old self. She never so much as batted an eyelash toward them.

Teresa looked at him and screamed, you could see in her eyes how angry she was. “You monster! What did you do to her? Did you kill her?”

“Of course not. She’s fine” the evil scientist smiled, as he finished removing the last restraints. “In fact, she is better than ever. She is perfect. Here, let me show you.” He pressed a button on the control panel, and the table slowly tilted up to approximately the same degree as their own. Frances’ feet rested on the step at the base of the table, and her wonderful breasts fell in place onto her chest, held nicely by her sturdy white bra. She was facing them now, eyes closed, not moving, barely even breathing.

“Frances, open your eyes” he ordered, and with that her eyes snapped open, containing the same vacant stare as Amy’s did. Teresa and Holly called out to her, but to no avail. She only heard one voice, the voice of Dr. Robusteza.

“What did you do to her?” Teresa hissed, her rage in full effect.

“I told you...she’s now a robot woman, just like Amy. Soon, you will join them in a life of mindless service to me.”

“How? How did this happen? Why us?” Holly was in tears at the sight of her friend in such a state.

“Like I told you before, when I transformed Amy I was able to pry from her plenty of useful information about her, especially whom she worked with and whom she enjoyed being around. You didn’t know she was bisexual, did you?”

Teresa and Holly looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Well, it seems that she took a fancy to the three of you. Then she told me something about my dear Frances here...” he traced a finger along the contours of her bust. “Frances had told Amy about her impending surgery, so I had to do something to stop a crime such as that. Naturally, I decided that Frances would be my next robot woman. You two were just a nice little bonus to the deal. From what I had learned about her, she wouldn‘t come to a place like this alone. She needed friends to come with her.”

“So this ‘spa’ is a ...” Teresa wondered aloud.

“...a front, that’s all. A big scam to get attractive women to come to my laboratory. And all three of you fell for it!” With that he cackled an evil laugh.

The doctor leaned over and picked up the metallic headband from his workbench. He walked over to the two girls’ positions and held it up for them to see.

He held the device before them so they could get a good look at it. It looked like a strip of metal about an inch in across, bent into a complete circle that fit a human head. The outside was a shiny chrome color, and the inside was lined with intricate microcircuitry. In the center of one side were attached two small metallic discs, about the size of a half dollar, facing inward.

Holly looked at the device, then looked over at the table. She called out to Frances one last time, holding out faint hope that she may snap out of whatever trance she was in.

“Perhaps you would like a demonstration from your friend here” he gestured at Frances, still standing at attention on the upright table. “Frances, come to me”

At the sound of his command, she slowly leaned forward and stepped away from the table, down onto the lab floor. The heels of her shoes clicked on the hard surface. She mechanically walked over to him, her stocking covered legs swishing against her skirt, her expression never changing. She stopped directly in front of his position, her unblinking eyes looking directly ahead into the distance. He reached out and tousled her hair as Teresa and Holly called out to her.

“Frannie! Frannie! Can’t you hear us? Run away!” they cried to her, but it was no use. To Frances they might as well have not been in the room. The doctor winked at them, and looked back at her. “Watch this!” he chuckled.

“Kneel, my slave. Pleasure your master” he commanded, and slowly Frances lowered herself to her stockinged knees. Her face still stared forward, now directly at his hardening member straining through his black trousers. He quickly unfastened his belt and unzipped his zipper, pulling his pants down to his ankles. He did the same with his boxers, leaving his stiff cock protruding just inches from her blank face. Without hesitation she leaned forward, wrapping her full, red lips around his shaft, taking him into her mouth and then back out. This she repeated almost mechanically as the girls gasped in horror and pleaded with her to stop. After a few more piston-like strokes he commanded her to halt. She pulled away from his manhood, and rocked back on her heels, still kneeling. He ordered her to stand next to Amy, and she did so, moving across the room as stiffly as she had just moments earlier.

“Now don’t you believe me?” Dr. Robusteza smiled triumphantly. He pulled up his pants, refastening his belt and zipper. He picked up the device and looked at Holly menacingly. “Now, it’s your turn, my dear” he sneered.

“Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, and tried to fight out of her restraints. The doctor ordered Frances and Amy to carry her to the main table, and they did so, easily removing her from her bonds and handling her with surprising strength. She kicked and fought with all the strength left in her tight little body, but it was no use. They were too overwhelming for her. The two zombie-slaves laid her on the main table, Amy holding her feet and Frances holding her arms above her, her breasts bouncing around Holly’s face and forehead at they struggled. From the side, the doctor appeared holding the device in his hands, moving toward Holly’s head, an evil glint in his eye. Teresa screamed in the background, knowing that she was about to witness another friend fall victim to the enslavement device. Robusteza placed the cybernetic headband on Holly’s head, making sure to attach the discs to her temples and forehead. After re-connecting the wires to the device, he stepped back, turned a knob on the control panel and....


It is only a couple of hours later, and the process is complete. Standing along one wall of the basement laboratory are four beautiful woman who have been brainwashed into mindless ‘human robots’. They each wear the uniform of their servitude, a silver bra, silver skirt, and silver boots. Each mindless slave stands perfectly still, arms at her sides, chest jutting out at attention, blank expression on her face. The doctor paces in front of them, reading from a clipboard which contains the commands and programs for their first mission as ‘robot women’. The spa opens soon, and they must be ready. When the doctor is finished, they all reply “Yes...Master” in perfectly robotic monotone, then turn and march off to attend to their new duties. After all, those new spa members won’t robotize themselves, will they?