The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

I wrote this tale specifically for the Hotter than Hell Anthology.

Inspirations for this tale came from author Russell E. Martin; for it is his style of writing that I pattern my own scribbling. Also from the film Love Potion #9, by Why Now’s tale “When are you going to marry a rich man, princess?” and Unicode Smith’s “Wedding Party.”

Synopsis: College co-eds Wendy and Lisa experience a very terrifying, yet extremely arousing ordeal at the hands of Trophy Wife Incorporated.

Trophy Wife Incorporated

by JR Parz


I. Jarrod’s House – Thursday, October 12—Jarrod

Jarrod Barnes sat in his living room chair with the phone to his ear. As he listened to his client he gazed down at the naked blonde beauty kneeling between his legs. Tammy Saunders, once a Para-legal, now his live-in sex pet and maid.

“Are you unhappy with Julie and Melissa?” he asked as he glanced across the room at the two girls. They stood quietly at attention in just their thong panties.

“Not at all Mr. Barnes, I’ve been very happy with your girls. They’re both incredible fucks, but I’ve been in the mood for a blonde with big tits lately.”

“Then I’ll see that you have what you want on your next appointment,” Jarrod responded and then they ended their call.

Jarrod made a mental note to contact Sam and then he gazed down at Tammy again. He could see from the look in her eyes that she was anxious. Tammy was a blonde with big tits, and he knew he could always send her, but he would only do so as a last resort. Then he shifted his attention back to Melissa. He remembered how he considered making Melissa a blonde. Now he was sorry he didn’t. “You two can go back to your dorm. I’ll beep you for your next appointment.”

“Yes, sir,” the girls responded in unison and then they exited the room.

Jarrod looked down at Tammy again and smiled, prompting the girl to descend on his erect cock.

II. Barry’s Bar – Friday, October 13—Wendy

“Come on Lisa, there’s no one here worth staying for and I’m tired anyway,” Wendy complained.

“You’re right,” Lisa sighed as she took one last look around the bar.

“I swear… we go through this every time your box gets hot.”

“Can’t blame a girl for wanting to get laid,” Lisa responded with a giggle.

“Invest in some toys,” Wendy insisted prompting more giggles.

“Let me go pee and we’ll leave,” Lisa stated and then she headed off towards the restroom.

III. Barry’s Bar – Friday, October 13—Sam

Sam Donnelly took in the scene around him. There were so many hotties that he wanted to fuck. A blonde gal appearing in her mid twenties happened by him and she reminded him of a younger Pamela Anderson. She possessed a voluptuous body with a healthy pair of tits and she would fit Jarrod’s specs perfectly. But then he saw a guy take liberties with her ass, so he moved on to the next girl.

It was then that he saw her. She was breathtaking… short sassy dark reddish hair, an angelic pretty face, and an incredible body. He whistled appreciatively when he caught a glimpse of her very lovely ass. Noting that the girl was alone for a moment, he pulled out a small palm-sized silver spray canister and gave his mouth a squirt.

IV. Barry’s Bar – Friday, October 13—Wendy

Lisa was taking longer than she should have, and Wendy was growing impatient with her. Just as she was about to head towards the restroom, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“You’re very horny and need to fuck me,” the man told her when she turned around.

Wendy paused a moment to let the words sink in and just as she was about to give the guy holy hell for what he said to her, she suddenly felt an attraction towards the man and with shock she realized she did want to fuck him!

“So, are you ready to go fuck?” the man asked.

“No,” she whispered, trying to suppress her growing need. Had she been slipped a date rate drug?

“Are you sure?”

“We…we don’t even know each other,” she argued. At the same time she could feel her breasts pitch forward and her pussy grow moist.

“Sam,” the man replied with a smile “and you are…?”

“Wendy,” she whispered and then gasped as the man shook her hand.

“And now that we’ve been properly introduced, let’s fuck,” the man stated, but then he paused for a moment. “I almost forgot… are you with anybody?”

“Huh…? Oh… my best friend is here with me,” she replied, having all but forgotten about Lisa.

“And is this best friend a she?”

“Yes… she’s my roommate… we attend the university.”

“Co-eds… how spectacular… this roommate… she wouldn’t happen to be a blonde with big tits, would she?”

“No. She has dark hair, but she does have big boobs,” Wendy responded, and then felt suddenly nervous. Did Sam prefer his girls to have big boobs?

“Relax, Wendy. I like your tits just fine,” Sam responded as if he were reading her mind. Then he pulled her into his for a hug and kiss. She groaned when she felt Sam’s erection press hard against her stomach, and she nearly came when he cupped and squeezed her ass. “Do you have any idea how deliciously fine your ass is?”

Wendy groaned with even greater need, realizing that she would do anything in the world to have Sam fuck her.

“Tell me, my lovely little hottie… what would you like to do right now?” Sam asked as he traced his fingers along her crack.

“Fuck…,” Wendy pleaded.

“We will… I promise… but before we fuck, there’s something you need to do for me.”

“Anything,” Wendy responded.

“I’m going to leave the bar and wait outside in the parking lot for you and your roommate.”


“No buts. I want you to tell your roommate that you met someone need to fuck. Tell her I’ve invited you both to a party and how it would mean so much to you if she accompanied you. Then bring her out to the parking lot to meet me.”

“Okay,” Wendy replied, realizing she had no choice. If this is what it would take for Sam to fuck her, then she’d do it.

“Now, kiss me,” Sam commanded her.

Wendy quickly moved her lips up to Sam’s lips and they kissed. She nearly swooned and Sam had to hold her up. Once she was steady on her feet again, Sam broke off the kiss and headed off towards the exit.

* * *


Wendy was still reeling from this kiss so she wasn’t able to respond.

“Are you alright?” Lisa asked as she turned her around.

“Huh…? Oh… we need to go,” Wendy replied and then she grabbed Lisa’s hand to lead her to the exit.

“What’s going on?!” Lisa asked in response.

“I… I need to get laid,” Wendy rambled as she led Lisa outside.

“What the hell happened to you?” Lisa asked in alarm.

“Sam happened to me… and he’s invited us to a party. I need you to go with me,” Wendy pleaded as she scanned the parking lot. “There he is…” she cried out, pointing.

“Him…?” Lisa asked as they approached the man.

Yes, why not him? Wendy thought, and when she saw Sam open up his arms for an invitation to hug him, she rushed to him with even greater need. Pleasure coursed through her body like wildfire while anticipation soaked her panties.

Sam then broke off the kiss. “Let’s not be rude, introduce us.”

“Sam… this is Lisa… Lisa, Sam,” Wendy reluctantly made the introductions.

“Wendy, wait in the car for me while I talk to Lisa.”

“Okay,” Wendy whispered, and only for a moment did she realize no one ever talked to her like this before. Quickly, she hopped into the Sam’s car and looked out the window at them. Lisa appeared upset about something. Then she saw Sam squirt something into his mouth. Was that breath-freshener?! Was Sam going to kiss Lisa?! Then she felt relieved when all Sam did was talk to her. Then Lisa opened the passenger side door and slid in next to her.

“I… I need to go with you. It’s important that I accompany you,” Lisa insisted.

“We’ll have a great time, you’ll see,” Wendy replied, noting her friend seemed to be struggling with something.

When Sam climbed into the driver’s side his thigh accidentally brushed up against her own. She felt another surge of wet heat and had to bite back a groan.

“Where is this party, anyway?” Lisa asked.

“Actually, it’s a private party for the three of us,” Sam responded with a smile.

“Look, I’m not sure what it is Wendy sees in you, but you’d better not get any ideas about me,” Lisa replied with a burst of anger.

“What? Oh… you mean a ménage trio?” Sam responded. It was obvious that he was feigning ignorance because he grinned.

Wendy visualized a ménage trio and blushed. It wasn’t like she and Lisa had never been propositioned before, but it was the first time she ever gave it serious consideration. She knew if Sam wanted to fuck the both her and Lisa that she would… “Is this something you would like, Sam?”

“No fucking way, Wendy!” Lisa screamed at her.

Wendy saw Sam squirt his mouth with that breath-freshener again and she hoped that this meant he would kiss her.

“You find Lisa sexually desirable and want to fuck her as well as me,” Sam whispered into her ear.

That’s not true, she was about to responded, but then she started to feel strange. It was like her sexual desires shifted and when she turned to Lisa, she suddenly found her sexually attractive. Sam was right! She did find Lisa desirable!

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Lisa asked her.

“I… I never realized how sexy and beautiful you really are,” Wendy whispered, drinking in the sight of her. Her shoulder length dark hair… her sparkling green eyes… luscious mouth-watering breasts…

“Stop it! You’re freaking me out!” Lisa screamed at her.

Wendy turned red. This wasn’t at all like her, but there was no denying how much she wanted Lisa right now. She turned back to Sam for an explanation and felt another spike in her need for him. She wanted him… she wanted Lisa… did this mean she was bisexual now?

“I bet the thought of that threesome has you wet now, doesn’t it?” Sam asked her with a smile.

“God yes…” she groaned.

“Please, tell me you’re kidding,” Lisa pleaded.

Wendy suddenly lunged forward and planted a kiss on Lisa’s lips. Lisa was so stunned that the kiss lasted a good three seconds before Lisa pushed her away.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Lisa cried.

“We’re here,” Sam announced as he pulled into a driveway.

V. Sam’s House – Friday, October 13—Lisa

Lisa was nervous and confused. Nothing made sense to her. Wendy was acting like she was bi all of a sudden and she didn’t even recognize her. Plus, she still couldn’t understand why she agreed to accompany her. What was she going to do, watch them fuck?

“Would you girls like a drink?” Sam offered.

“No,” Lisa replied and then darted off to find the bathroom.

As she stared at her reflection in the mirror, she still couldn’t understand what Wendy saw in Sam. He was a creep… an asshole… and below their standards. When she finished up, she opened the bathroom door, and blocking her way was Sam.

“Move,” she demanded.

“You’re horny for me and Wendy and want to fuck us. You’re a submissive and need to do as you are told.”

“You’re crazy, so fuck off, asshole,” Lisa replied as she stepped around him.

Lisa had to try and convince Wendy to leave with her, but something very strange occurred to her and she blushed with realization. She was suddenly very horny and wanted that threesome!

When she entered the living room, she sat down on the couch. Why was she feeling so different all of a sudden? She knew that she hadn’t felt this way a few moments ago.

Sam and Wendy walked into the living room with huge smiles on their faces. Not only did she feel a sudden desire for Sam, but she felt a need for Wendy as well! She wanted the both of them!

“What did you do to me?” she asked in a quiet timid voice.

“What’s wrong, Lisa?” Wendy asked as she sat down next to her.

“He must have used a date rape drug on us,” Lisa responded, while her body cried out for Wendy’s touch.

“I think Lisa’s been playing us all along. I think she wants that threesome with us,” Sam interjected.

Lisa wanted to be angry wit Sam but she was far too horny.

Wendy leaned over and kissed her again, but this time she welcomed Wendy’s lips with an eagerness that surprised the both of them.

“Follow me, girls,” Sam interrupted, and like obedient little children that got up and followed him down the hallway to Sam’s bedroom. It didn’t surprise her that Sam’s bed was King-sized.

“Strip,” Sam commanded them.

They both quickly replied and then climbed on the bed. Lisa gasped when Wendy pushed her down on her back. She didn’t resist when Wendy parted her legs and she cried out when she felt Wendy’s mouth on her very wet pussy.

Lisa groaned with ever increasing pleasure as Wendy’s tongue played with her clit and then she heard Wendy cry out herself, and that was when she saw Sam fucking Wendy from behind. She blushed with the realization of how much she looked forward to him.

VI. Sam’s House – Saturday, October 14—Sam

Sam sat at the kitchen table in his bathrobe. He held his coffee mug in one hand and his cell phone to his ear with the other.

“So, I’m assuming you were successful,” Jarrod commented to him over the phone.

“Very, and I’ll bring her over later on,” Sam responded in-between sips.

“She is blonde, right?” Jarrod asked.

“Ah… no, she’s a brunette, but she’s even sexier than our other co-eds and she does have a nice sized rack.”


“Yeah, if I’m not mistaken their C cups. And if it’s so important that the girl is blonde, schedule her with a hairstylist and shave her,” Sam added with a chuckle.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll make the arrangements. Hey, not to get off the subject, but do you remember that hot newlywed I did last month?”

“You mean the one that almost cost the girl her marriage and you your life?” Sam asked with a touch of sarcasm.

“Yeah – that one,” Jarrod replied, acknowledging the dig.

“I thought you learned your lesson never to use our formula on a married neighbor regardless how hot they are,” Sam stated with a chuckle.

“Yeah… yeah… yeah… I know and I did learn my lesson. Anyway, I saw her in the shopping center last night and I could tell from the way she was staring at me that she still wanted me. I bet it wouldn’t take much for me to have my way with her again.”

“Probably not… it must be those residual affects that Charlie harps on about… I just wish there was more consistency in them,” Sam responded.

“Speaking of Charlie, he’s been in an incredible mood lately. I think he’s working on a stronger longer lasting formula, and if his mood is an indicator, it must be going well. So, tell me about our new Call Girl.”

“Her name is Lisa and she’s hotter than hell with green eyes and a spectacular pair of tits. I tagged her along with her roommate last night.”

“Her roommate…?”

“Yeah, they’re best-friends and attend the same university Julie and Melissa go to. After a dose of our favorite formula they’re now closer friends, and I must say they took to each others pussy real well.”

“I’m getting hard just picturing them.”

“They are beautiful to watch, and lasted a whole twenty seconds before I joined them,” Sam added with a chuckle.

“Well, we might as well run them both through the Call Girl process.”

“Nope… the other one is not part of the equation. I’m keeping her.”

“Keeping her…? You mean like I keep Tammy and Charlie keeps Jessie?”

“Nope… this girl is too fucking hot for a mere maid or lab assistant. I’ll be starting her off as my girlfriend and then consider a more permanent relationship down the road.”

“Wow. Tell me more about her,” Jarrod insisted, sounding surprised.

“She has short reddish hair and possesses the finest ass on the planet.”

“And does this special girl have a name?”


“I’m impressed. Out of all the girls that you have fucked over these last six months there’s finally one that has grabbed your attention,” Jarrod responded.

Sam chuckled in response.

“Where are the girls now?”

“Still sleeping… I’ll bring them over in a couple of hours,” Sam responded and then ended the call. He put his cell phone and coffee mug down on the table and stood up. Jarrod hadn’t been the only one to have grown an erection due to their conversation. He smiled, knowing just what he was going to do with it and headed off to his bedroom.

When he entered, Lisa was just waking up. The look on her face was priceless.

“Good morning, Princess,” he greeted her with a smile.

“What did you do to us last night?” Lisa asked, trying and failing to sound angry. She then blushed when she noticed his hard-on.

“Be sure to talk quietly because you don’t want to wake up Wendy,” he responded in a serious tone.

Lisa looked at Wendy for a few moments and Sam saw her blush deepen. It was obvious that Wendy still aroused her. Then again he couldn’t say as he would blame her. Wendy looked incredibly sexy lying there partially naked underneath a portion of the covers.

Then Lisa must have realized her own nudity because she quickly covered herself with a blanket.

“Don’t you think it’s a little late for modesty?” Sam asked her with a smile.

“You raped us,” Lisa whispered in anger.

Sam smiled noting Lisa’s compliance to his command to not wake Wendy. “There’s no rape when you’re consenting.”

“You drugged us,” Lisa argued, tearing up.

“I think the argument could be made that you two simply wanted a threesome with me.”

“We would never have agreed to something like that… we were under the influence of something.”

“Are you still under the influence of something?”

“Of course not,” Lisa replied.

“I’ll tell you what… gaze at Wendy and be honest with me. Aren’t you still attracted to her?”

Lisa blushed as she did as she was told. He could see her breathing get more labored.

“Look, Wendy’s gorgeous and there’s no shame that she makes you wet. I know I’m throbbing myself.”

“I don’t believe this,” Lisa whispered.

“I’m sorry you’re freaking out about your new sexuality but I’m betting you would feel a whole lot better after a long hot shower. So, get that pretty fanny of yours out of bed and take one.”

Lisa was about to spring up off the bed but then she stopped. Sam could literally see her struggling internally with something.

“Can I use your robe?” Lisa asked in a soft timid voice.

Sam sighed and rolled his eyes. If he wasn’t bringing Lisa to Jarrod, he would have given her another dose, but Jarrod preferred working with as clean a slate as possible. He stripped off his robe, pulled the sprayer out of his robe pocket and then threw it to Lisa. Lisa’s eyes lit up with desire for him.

“Now get going and take your shower.”

After Lisa left the room, he walked over to his bed. Wendy really was a hellacious piece of ass and as he sat down on the edge of the bed he ran his palm lightly over the contours of her. Wendy groaned and shifted around onto her back, providing him a clear view of her lovely breasts. They were much bigger than he had first given them credit for being.

Wendy then opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he greeted her with a smile.

Wendy smiled back for a moment and then frowned. The memory of everything must have dawned on her. “Where’s Lisa?” she asked sat up.

“She’s taking a shower,” Sam responded just before giving his mouth another squirt.

“What are you doing?” Wendy asked when he leaned towards her.

“You’re extremely attracted to me and want sex with me. You also wish to be my girlfriend and think you’ve fallen in love with me. You’re bisexual and attracted to Lisa as well.”

Wendy stared back at him in stunned silence while the words sunk in. Then her look of shock dissipated and turned to confusion… and then finally to a look of desire.

“Did my little hottie wake up horny?” Sam asked her with a chuckle.

“I’m not the only one, now fuck me,” Wendy responded as she reached for his erect cock.

With a cute eagerness, Wendy guided him inside of her hot wet furnace eliciting a groan of obvious pleasure, and it didn’t take but a few strokes before she cried with an orgasm.

VII. Sam’s House – Saturday, October 14—Wendy

Wendy smiled. She was physically sore, and exhausted, but she still rode a sexual high from her the fucking that Sam gave her. As she showered, her thoughts reflected on her threesome last night and she blushed with the realization that she still felt desire for Lisa, and what made her new feelings for Lisa so incredible was that Sam was okay with them. Now, she had to hope that Lisa felt the same way as she did last night.

When she returned to the bedroom, Lisa was sitting on the bed already dressed. Seeing Lisa’s clothes reminded her that she would have to wear the same clothes that she had worn last night.

“Wasn’t last night incredible,” she commented as she reached for her jeans.

“Whatever,” Lisa responded sounding confused and angry.

Wendy wondered if Lisa was having doubts about what they did last night given how she seemed to be struggling with something. As much as she wanted her again, her friendship with her was more important and she didn’t want to jeopardize it.

VIII. Sam’s Car leading to Jarrod’s House – Saturday, October 14—Lisa

“I thought you were taking us back to my car,” Lisa commented when she saw Sam pass the street where the bar was located.

“First, I want you to meet a friend of mine. He doesn’t live far from here,” Sam replied.

“Oh, Sam… can’t you take us home so we can change first?” Wendy complained.

“Relax, Wendy… you look spectacular regardless what you wear,” Sam stated with a smile.

Lisa rolled her eyes in disgust. She was convinced that Sam had done something to them last night and it appeared that Wendy still hadn’t come out of it.

When they entered the house Sam’s friend lived in, a very busty and attractive blonde woman met them at the door. Lisa was appalled at the way the woman was dressed. She wore a skimpy French maid’s outfit. The maid them led them to the living room.

Sam made the introductions and they took seats in the living room. It didn’t take long before Sam found a reason to usher Wendy out of the room which left her alone with Jarrod. If Sam was playing match maker, she wasn’t impressed, regardless how much money this guy had. Then she saw Jarrod do something that she always saw Sam do—squirt some breath-freshener into his mouth. She just hoped that he wasn’t going to try and kiss her.

“Lisa, you work for me now. You’re my Call Girl. Your body is an instrument of pleasure and you’re bisexual and perpetually horny. You always do as you are told,” Jarrod told her in a commanding tone.

Lisa eyes lit up with shock at what she had just heard and just as she was about to lamb-base him, her thoughts suddenly shifted and she found herself trying to rationalize everything. Jarrod was certainly right about her beauty, and she proved last night that she was bisexual and an instrument of pleasure… but where did this Call Girl part come from?

“Lisa, you’re my Call Girl. You work for me and your body is designed for sex,” Jarrod reiterated with a smile.

Lisa again frowned. It was true her body was perfect for fucking, and speaking of fucking, as horny as she was feeling, she certainly could use a good fuck right now. Suddenly, Jarrod looked mighty fuckable and why he felt he needed another squirt of his breath-freshener was beyond her.

“You use your cunt, your boobs, your mouth, and your ass to provide pleasure.”

Lisa smiled as the words to wash over her. She groaned when she envisioned Jarrod pounding into her.

“You’re my obedient bisexual Call Girl,” Jarrod stated.

Lisa nodded her head yes in agreement.

“Now, who do you work for?” Jarrod asked.

“I work for you. I’m your Call Girl,” Lisa responded with a huge grin.

“In a minute I’m going to have you go report to Tammy. She’s the maid that you met at the door earlier. You’re going to be spending the day with her. She’s going to take you to an appointment you have with a hairstylist so we can turn you blonde.”

“Blonde…? I don’t like…,” Lisa started to respond before she was cut off.

“You will do as you are told,” Jarrod insisted.

“Yes, sir,” Lisa replied, blushing.

“You’re my new Call Girl and I want you to be a blonde. Now, after we’ve turned you blonde, Tammy is going to take you shopping so you’ll have plenty of sexy new clothes to wear on your appointments. Then you will return here so Tammy can shave your pussy. I don’t want your carpet to clash with your new drapes.”

Lisa nodded her head again.

“Now, go report to Tammy.”

“Yes, sir,” Lisa replied and then she hurried off to find Tammy.

* * *

Lisa gazed at her naked reflection in the mirror. She was a blonde now and for the first time in her life—clean shaven. She felt very different and she wasn’t sure she liked her new look.

“Well, how do you like it?” Tammy asked her.

“I look like a…”


“Yeah,” she whispered, remembering that was the reason she never wanted blonde hair in the first place.

“Well, I like your new look,” Tammy responded with a smile.

“Thanks,” she whispered, and it was then that she noticed Tammy stripping. “What are you doing?”

“Jarrod wants us both naked for his inspection.”

“What for…?” Wendy asked as her eyes locked on Tammy’s nude body. If there had been any doubt that she was bisexual before there certainly wasn’t any now.

“I think he’s debating whether or not to schedule you for breast augmentation.”

“A boob job…? But I’m already big!” Lisa replied in shock.

IX. Jarrod’s House – Tuesday, October 17—Tammy

Tammy emptied the vacuum bag into the waste basket and glanced at the clock. She had two hours before Jarrod would be home and this would give her plenty of time to take a bubble bath. Quickly, she returned the vacuum cleaner to the closet and headed off to her bedroom.

As she did, she began to reflect on Lisa again. The girl was definitely sexier as a blonde. She still felt a pleasurable tingling from the threesome with Jarrod the other day. Jarrod was still undecided about Lisa’s breasts. Personally, she felt they were big enough, but still a lot smaller than her own. She was sure Jarrod was leaning towards a bigger pair.

Tammy then found her thoughts reflect on the past four months. Where has the time gone?. Her life was very different from the way she remembered it. She had traded her business attire for French-maid outfits, and no matter how demeaning it all was, she found it impossible to get upset or angry with Jarrod because of it. It seemed like whenever it came to Jarrod, anything he said was fine.

Only recently had it dawned on her that Jarrod had really done something to her. She never felt this way before and had herself a career in a law firm. Now, her role was to please Jarrod.

Tammy felt the tingling pleasure of lust as her thoughts filled with Jarrod. She knew what she felt was artificial and had nothing to do with love, but knowing didn’t stop the pleasure she felt every time he fucked her. When she wasn’t servicing Jarrod with her body, she was either cleaning his house or playing big sister to one of his college co-eds he recruited to be a Call Girl. Tammy reflected on Lisa again as she the memory of shaving the girl’s pussy bare played on her. Was every girl Jarrod brought home bisexual… or had they mysteriously turned bi like she had?

Tammy groaned with growing arousal. She gazed at her outfit and smiled. In the past, her maid’s outfit had merely been her uniform, but now she felt a rush of pleasure every time she saw herself in it. She brought her hands up and cupped her Double Ds. That was another thing. Because of Jarrod, she wasn’t allowed to wear a bra anymore. It probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal if she wasn’t so damn huge.

X. Wendy & Lisa’s Apartment – October 19—Wendy

Wendy sat in the living room staring at nothing. Her mind was racing as she tried to make sense of everything. It had been seven hours since she had seen Sam and things seemed very strange. Although she recognized that Sam was the reason she was so happy in her life lately, he was also the reason for so much confusion. Her thoughts then turned to Lisa, and with them she felt pleasurable warmth inside her pussy. She still couldn’t get over Lisa’s decision to become a Call Girl, and the fact that her best friend was now blonde. Not only that, but Lisa was hinting lately about getting a boob job!

“Hi, honey,” Lisa greeted her when she entered the living room.

Wendy smiled at her best-friend who was dressed in a skintight white shirt and plaid skirt. She looked like the obscene version of a Catholic School Girl, to include ponytails.

“Do you like my outfit?” Lisa asked with a blush.

“You look hot,” Wendy responded with her own blush. Just the mere sight of Lisa juiced her up.

“Yeah, the professor… I mean… the client thought the same. I had to revive him three fucking times to make sure he got his two hours worth,” Lisa responded as she plopped down on the couch beside her.


“Yeah, honey,” Lisa replied as she turned to her.

“Don’t you find our new lives a bit strange?” Wendy asked.

“Maybe… I guess,” Lisa responded as she started unbuttoning her shirt. “But I wouldn’t trade my new life for anything.”

Wendy noted that Lisa stopped wearing bras so she was naked from the waist up. “How come we were never attracted to one another before?”

“I… I guess it took the threesome with Sam to awaken our feelings. All I know is that I get wet every time I see you or any other hot girl and just so you know, you haven’t experienced a true tonguing until Melissa’s gone down on you.”

“Figures you’ve been with her,” Wendy replied, feeling a trace of jealousy. It was business when it came to clients, but Lisa fucked Melissa for pleasure. “You know, Lisa, something isn’t right about this.”

“Are you having doubts about Sam?” Lisa asked as she stripped off her skirt. This exposed her completely.

“God, no… not at all… I love him,” Wendy replied as she gazed at Lisa’s shaven wet pussy.

“Then what’s bothering you?” Lisa asked as she began stripping her.

“I… I don’t know. I… I just wish everything wasn’t so stressful,” Wendy responded as Lisa slid down her jeans. Part of her thought she should try and stop Lisa, but she was way too horny to resist.

“Let’s see if I can relieve some of that stress,” Lisa whispered into her ear before she moved in and kissed her.

Wendy groaned as they made out, assisting Lisa with stripping off the rest of her clothes. Then she broke off their kiss. “Go take a shower and meet me in my bedroom,” she commanded Lisa.

Lisa pouted in response before she stood up and pranced naked towards their bathroom. That was another thing that Wendy had noticed about Lisa lately. She was so damn cooperative.

XI. Jarrod’s House – Saturday, October 19—Jarrod

“It’s ready for use!” Charlie exclaimed as he entered Jarrod’s house.

“Awesome,” Jarrod responded with a smile.

“And it’s better, stronger, and most important – way longer lasting! Hey, where’s Sam?”

“Right behind you,” Sam responded as he entered the house. “And I’m very late in giving Wendy her next dose so we’ll need to make this quick.”

“Oh fuck! I got sidetracked today and forgot all about Lisa,” Jarrod added as he tried remembering when he last dosed her.

“How long has it been?” Charlie asked him.

“I think she’s going on her ninth hour,” Jarrod replied.

“And Wendy…?” Charlie asked Sam.

“Six or seven hours—I’m not sure,” Sam mumbled in response.

“Why don’t we have our meeting on the way to their apartment,” Charlie suggested.

“Makes perfect sense to me,” Jarrod responded as they all headed for the door.

* * *

“The delivery of the formula hasn’t changed, but to keep the two formulas separate, we’ll continue using the silver canister for the short term formula and a new blue canister for the new formula. Like before… you spray your vocal chords and tell your subject their new mindset. The words enter their brain and override their previous thoughts and desires. Like before… you still need to be specific due to their own brain doing the interpretation of your words.”

“Who was your Guinea Pig for the new formula?” Jarrod asked.

“Jessica,” Charlie replied.

“Oh…? How is she by the way?” Jarrod asked. Jessica had been Charlie’s secret crush during their college days in addition to their friend.

“Inside my lab, she’s intelligent and professional as ever, not to mention totally devoted to me. Outside the lab, she’s my submissive and very horny girlfriend, and the transformation she undergoes as she shifts from one role to the other is quite fascinating.”

“So, how long, Charlie… how long does this new formula last?” Sam asked with a touch of impatience.

“Based on using mathematical formulas I’m guessing a year, maybe two,” Charlie replied.

“That’s incredible!” Sam replied with genuine excitement.

“Plus the window to give commands has increased in time. No longer do you only have ten seconds to implant them. Now, it’s about two to three minutes.”

“Holy fuck, Charlie… you really outdid yourself this time,” Jarrod stated.

“There is one major difference and that’s in the affects, but I’m pretty sure I’ve worked around this difference.”

“I knew it was too good to be true. What is it?” Sam asked.

“Like you know, the original formula allowed you to not only alter the subject’s thoughts, but it also provided them a new mindset. Example, Wendy not only feels in love with you on an emotional level, but she also mentally loves you as well. Well, with this new formula, she will only love you on the emotional level, and she will know her feelings are artificially induced.”

“I don’t know, Charlie. This sounds pretty dangerous to me,” Sam responded.

“It would be if not for the additional commands that would prevent your subject from doing anything at all against you.”

“Let me get this straight. You mean to say that our girls will know that what they’re feeling is not real?” Jarrod asked.

“Yes, but like I said… with the additional commands it won’t matter.”

“I’m not sure I like this,” Jarrod stated.

“Oh…? Tell me, Jarrod. Have you noticed anything different about Tammy this past month?” Charlie asked.

“No… should I have?” Jarrod asked.

“So, there hasn’t been anything unusual about the way she’s been acting?”

“Not that I could detect… why?” Jarrod asked with growing concern.

“In the name of science, I’ve performed an experiment on your lovely maid using the new formula. For the past month, she has known that you are controlling her through artificial means, but as you have witnessed, she hasn’t verbalized any of these concerns to you or acted out in defiance. Quite simply because she’s powerless to act out any different than what she is commanded to act,” Charlie responded with a smile.

“No shit…” Sam whispered with a grin.

“Like I told you, the affects are different, but the results are the same. I’ve also run tests on Jessica and Tina.”

“Who’s Tina…?” Sam asked.

“A cute girl I picked up at Antonio’s Bar & Grill.”

“What did you do to her?” Jarrod asked with a smile.

“She used to be feisty and a tease. Not to mention very straight. Let’s say that she’s been tamed, domesticated, and is now my live-in maid. She’s also very docile and bisexual. She also has the hots for Jessica.”

“So, you finally turned Jessica bi then, huh?” Sam responded with a grin.

“Yeah, it allows me a break for alone time as she is very much into Tina now.”

“So, Tammy, Tina and Jessica are fully aware of their predicament…?” Jarrod asked.

“Tammy and Jessica are… while Tina is probably more confused about her sudden change is lifestyle. The really cool thing about the new formula is it allows you to have talks with your subject to find out how they truly feel. This way you can give them the perfect commands so they won’t stress too much about their new lives. In talking with Jessica, I discovered she was taking her new life pretty hard and felt betrayed. So, I eliminated her ability to feel anger, sadness, and depressed. I commanded her to be fine with her new life. So, despite knowing how she should feel on an intellectual level, she is coping with her new life without a worry in the world. This is why I constantly harp on specific commands and the need for clear interpretation of them.”

“So, if I were to tell Lisa that she is a sub, her brain and body would ensure her responses are very submissive, but in fact, she would know she felt this way because of our formula?” Jarrod asked.

“If she has figured it out already, yes,” Charlie replied.

“What do you think, Sam?” Jarrod asked.

“Regarding our new business?” Sam asked in response.

“What are you two talking about?” Charlie asked.

“Sam and I have been tossing around the idea of starting up our own business. You of course would have an equal share,” Jarrod replied with a smile.

“You mean a business other than your current escort service?” Charlie asked.

“On that lines, but yes… much more so,” Jarrod responded.

“We’re going to call it Trophy Wife Incorporated,” Sam interjected.

“With the old formula it would have been too difficult, but now with the new formula… it’s very doable,” Jarrod added.

“Trophy Wives Incorporated would provide a whole variety of services. We would still use the old formula for one night stands. Then with the new formula, we can offer weekend getaways… a steady girlfriend or girlfriends… and the ultimate prize—the perfect Trophy Wife,” Sam stated.

XII. Wendy & Lisa’s Apartment—Saturday, October 19—Lisa

“I know it sounds crazy Wendy, but I swear it’s true. Every time Jarrod squirts that damn breath-freshener into his mouth and tells me to do something I start performing like a puppet for him. Think about it… You meet Sam in a bar and suddenly you need to fuck him. When have you ever acted like that before? Then you drag me along and we’re performing like seasoned lesbians during our threesome with him! Have you ever entertained a lesbian thought before in your life? Now look at us! You’re a fucking love slave and I’m a fucking Call Girl! And I’m a blonde! Haven’t I always said I would never dye my hair blonde? Not only that but I’ve been thinking of getting breast implants. I’m a C cup as it is… why would I want to be bigger? This isn’t me!”

“I know what you’re saying, Lisa, but I really fell for Sam,” Wendy argued.

“You love Sam for the same reasons I was spreading my legs for strangers. These feelings aren’t real… and what’s worse is that we aren’t even aware their fake until the spray starts wearing off.”

“Well, for something that isn’t real it certainly feels real.”

“Trust me… they’re stronger than real. Now, it’s been over eight hours since I’ve last seen Jarrod. How long since you’ve seen Sam?”

“I don’t remember exactly, maybe six hours. He called earlier to tell me that he had business and would drop by afterwards.”

“It must be the time difference that is making this harder for you.”

“I… I love him,” Wendy responded, tearing up.

“We have to escape while we can still think.”

“But how…?”

“Drive away from here,” Lisa replied.

“But our classes…”

“Fuck our classes! This is our life we’re talking about here! How long do you think we’d be allowed to continue college anyway? I’ve already skipped two classes to be with clients, and I know Julie and Melissa are close to dropping out.”


“Do you want to be Sam’s love slave for the rest of your life?!”

“Fine,” Wendy whispered in response.

“They’re going to be here any minute so let’s pack one suitcase and get the hell out of here. We’ll hit a few ATMs on the way out of town and figure out what to do from there.”

“I really do love him, Lisa, and it isn’t just the sex. Every time I think of him, I can feel a tug against my heartstrings. I… I can’t imagine life without him.”

“You’ll have to, Wendy, and I’ll help you. But for now, focus on how you felt before Sam entered our lives and know that you wouldn’t be with him of your own free will.”

XIII. Wendy & Lisa’s Apartment—Saturday, October 19—Sam

“Lisa’s car is gone! We’re too late!” Jarrod screamed as he pulled into the apartment complex parking lot.

“Wow… this is a first,” Charlie replied with genuine shock.

“I’m going to go after them. I want Wendy back. Lisa too, but with her it’s more for the principle. With Wendy it’s because I want her to be our first Trophy Wife… my Trophy Wife,” Sam added.

XIV. Lisa’s Car – Sunday, October 20—Wendy

“Wendy…?” Lisa called out to her.

“What?” Wendy responded as she continued gazing out the window.

“I think we can stop at the next motel we see. We are far enough away and I know we could both use the rest.”

“Whatever,” Wendy whispered, wishing she had never left. She missed Sam more now than before and was pissed at Lisa because she told her it would get easier.

“How are you holding up?” Lisa asked her, sensing her uneasiness.

“I miss him,” she replied, tearing up again.

XV. Motel – Wednesday, October 23—Lisa

Lisa came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. It had been three full days since they had escaped and she was still horny as hell. She hoped that Wendy would be up for some sex again, but the last time she hadn’t been too responsive.

“The shower felt good,” she commented as she allowed her towel to drop to the floor.

Wendy glanced at her and sighed, which wasn’t a good sign. Lisa responded by slipping into their bed and moved up close to Wendy. “How are you doing?”

“Not good,” Wendy responded in an icy cold voice. Although Wendy allowed her to hug her, she didn’t encourage it. “I take it from your little display that you want sex?”

“I… I was hoping,” Lisa replied in a soft voice.

“How come I still miss Sam?” Wendy asked.

“I don’t know… it doesn’t make any sense. As you can tell, I’m not exactly back to normal either, but I’m thinking that if we have sex, you might miss him less.”

“Nope… I’m no longer attracted to you like that,” Wendy responded.

“Really…? How can you be sure?”

“I’m sure. Tomorrow night we start getting two beds in our rooms,” Wendy replied as she shifted around to face away from her.

Lisa felt a spike in her desire from feeling Wendy’s butt against her naked body. “But I… but I need you,” she whispered, tearing up.

“Like I need Sam…?”

“But that’s different!”

“How is it different? I wouldn’t be over a thousand miles away from him if you hadn’t dragged me along with you.”

XVI. Stripper’s Apartment – Saturday, October 30—Lisa

Lisa thrashed around on top of the bed as the stripper licked along her shaven wet slit. “Unnngggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she suddenly cried out, exploding in ecstasy.

* * *

“Are you leaving?” the stripper asked her.

“Yeah… I… I’m sorry… what’s your name again?”

“Janene,” the stripper whispered, sounding hurt.

“I’m sorry, Janene. I hate to fuck and run, but…”

“This was my first time with… with another girl. I thought… I thought we could cuddle… and experiment some more,” Janene responded, sounding hopeful.

Lisa looked at the girl. She really was cute, and she suspected that she got her way a lot. “I’m sorry… no time for cuddling. But hey, I love sex and you’re very pretty… maybe we’ll hook up again. God knows you’re incredibly hot, but I need to get back to my girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend…? You mean you have girlfriend?” Janene asked in shock.


* * *

Lisa hated herself but she couldn’t help it. Was this her new life now? Her need for sex had turned her into a nymphomaniac. Instead of being a Call Girl, she was a lesbian slut… a blonde lesbian slut to boot, for she still preferred blonde hair over her natural dark curls.

As she drove back to the motel, she found herself reflecting on her new life. Despite the absence of the drug in her system, or whatever it was, she was far from normal. Her sexual preferences hadn’t changed back as she now preferred females over males, and her raging libido couldn’t be denied. She still hoped that over time these feelings would dissipate.

Her thoughts turned to Wendy. Initially, it had been worse for Wendy because she had to go through love withdrawals, and even now, despite knowing everything, she still felt something for the bastard. What she did wish, though, was that Wendy had retained some of her bisexual feelings, for her life definitely would have been easier if she had.

Lisa used her key to enter the motel room and immediately realized something was wrong. Then she was suddenly grabbed from behind and thrown down on the bed face down. She was handcuffed and gagged. In her struggle, she saw Wendy lying beside her, also handcuffed and gagged.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the man pull out a cell phone and make a call.

“They’re both secured,” the man told whoever was on the other end of the call. She figured it was either Jarrod or Sam.

“Fucking gorgeous is an understatement,” the man replied as he gazed down at them. “Yeah, I understand. I won’t touch them.”

Lisa felt at least some relief.

“Oh…?” the man suddenly responded, and then Lisa saw the man smile at her specifically. “That would be awesome.”

XVII. Sam’s House – Monday, November 1st—Wendy

“So, how is my most favorite of all redheads?” Sam asked as he entered the room.

Wendy glared at the man responsible for all of this. She hated him more than ever and yet she still felt a small dose of endorphins and sexual desire for the man despite it all. She knew it was because of her earlier conditioning but it didn’t seem to matter. She struggled against her bonds and twisted her head around when Sam caressed her cheek.

“If you promise to behave and not scream, I’ll take your gag off so you can be a little more comfortable.”

Wendy nodded her head yes as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Is that better?” Sam asked her as he removed her gag.

“Can you un-cuff me?” Wendy asked as she tried working her mouth.

“First, we need to talk a bit and then I’ll un-cuff you,” Sam responded with a smile.

Wendy expected Sam to pull out that damn breath-freshener any moment but instead he retrieved a glass of water for her, but instead of letting her drink from it, he placed it on the table next to her.

“Now, before I reward you with this cold refreshing glass of water, I need to pick your brain for a moment.”

Wendy just glared at him in response.

“Have you ever heard the term, Trophy Wife?”

“Yes,” she responded, figuring this is what Sam had planned for her.

“I’d like to know how you would define a Trophy Wife,” Sam asked with a smile.

“A woman who is nothing more than eye candy and an ornament for her husband,” she replied sarcastically.

“That’s part of it… but we need to expand your definition, okay?”

“Fuck you,” she replied, tearing up again… and then she started to cough.

“I’m sorry,” Sam responded and brought the glass of water up to her lips.

Wendy accepted the water and drank a few gulps. She then drank more when she realized how thirsty she was. It was when Sam put the glass back on the table that she saw him holding a small blue canister.

“Please don’t do this to me,” she pleaded, tearing up again.

Sam brought the spray up to his mouth and gave himself a squirt. “Now, a Trophy Wife loves, lusts, and obeys her husband at all times,” Sam told her.

Wendy heard the words and let them sink in.

“A Trophy Wife focuses on pleasing her husband in every way,” Sam added.

The words washed over her.

“A Trophy Wife always dresses or undresses to please her husband,” Sam added.

Wendy knew the words were taking on new meaning.

“A Trophy Wife is a good little girl and always does what her husband tells her,” Sam stated.

Wendy understood these words to be the true definition of a Trophy Wife.

“And finally… you are very horny, very submissive, and very much in love with me… and… oh yeah… you’re also bisexual and have the hots for any girl you find attractive as well. Anyway, your greatest wish is to be my Trophy Wife.”

Wendy closed her eyes in an attempt to mentally block out the words but she could feel them literally shift the way she was feeling.

“Well, how do you feel?” Sam asked her.

“I… I love you,” she whispered as she gazed into his eyes, noting the feelings wash over her, but this time her feelings weren’t blind and she realized she felt this way because Sam told her too. “I should hate you, but I don’t. I love you and I can’t help it.”

“Yeah, it’s a little bonus from our new formula. It allows you girls to know exactly why you feel the way you do and the verdict is still out whether or not this is easier for you. Anyway, you aren’t allowed to communicate in any way how you truly think about the way you feel. Now, tell me your greatest wish.”

“I… I want to be your Trophy Wife,” Wendy whispered, blushing. She hated saying those words but it was true. She really did want to be Sam’s Trophy Wife for than anything else in the world!

Sam unlocked her cuffs and helped her up to her feet. She responded by hugging and kissing him. She was wetter than she could ever remember being… even more so than the last time.

“Here’s your engagement ring,” Sam told her, and she allowed him to slip on what looked to be a two karat diamond ring.

“It’s beautiful,” Wendy responded as she brought up her hand. She was mesmerized by its beauty, and she wanted to cry from both happiness and shock from the way she was feeling.

“Wendy, will you marry me?” Sam asked with a smile.

“God yes,” Wendy whispered, tearing up… again, both with joy and the fear that this would make her a Trophy Wife.

“Then… now that we are officially engaged to be married, you might as well start acting like my perfect Trophy Wife.”

Wendy nearly came from the avalanche of new emotions as they crashed down on her. Sam then spun her around, stripped off her pants and panties in one quick motion and nudged her legs apart as he bent her over the table. She was wet… ready… feeling more love and desire than she ever felt before… all the while knowing that her feelings were fake.

“Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggg,” she cried out from Sam’s penetration.

XVIII. Jarrod’s House – Monday, November 1st—Lisa

“You cost us quite a bit of money,” Jarrod stated with a touch of anger.

“Good,” Lisa responded, taking at least some satisfaction.

“Would you like to know your fate?” Jarrod asked.

“I suppose I’ll be back in your fucking stable happily screwing strangers again, won’t I?” Lisa asked flippantly.

“Nope, I’ve decided to keep you closer to home,” Jarrod replied with a chuckle.

Lisa glared at Jarrod wondering if this meant that she would be joining Tammy as a maid.

“I’m assigning you to Tammy. You’ll be her assistant. Instead of being her equal, you’ll answer to her,” Jarrod added with a smile.

“You’ll burn in hell for this,” Lisa mumbled in response.

“In the meantime… I’m going to enjoy the fuck out of life… and out of you,” Jarrod replied with a chuckle, and then he pulled out his spray and squirted himself in the mouth.

Lisa wished that she wasn’t cuffed so she could cover her ears… or better yet, punch Jarrod in the nose, but instead she screamed in hopes of drowning out his voice. Seconds later his words must have gotten through to her because she suddenly stopped screaming.

“You’re a very horny, very submissive, and very obedient assistant maid to Tammy. You answer to Tammy and me specifically, although anyone else giving you an order has you feeling very accommodating as well. You’re the very best sex slave whenever we want to make use of you sexually and the very best servant in your role as an assistant maid.”

Lisa felt the words wash over her like a tidal wave… knowing that her life was being altered again. Jarrod then un-cuffed her and helped her to her feet. She had been wet and ready to fuck before the commands, and this made them all the more apparent. She was wet from Jarrod’s touch and with her eyes, she begged him to make use of her. Yet, even with these feelings, she realized that she felt this way because he commanded it.

“I realize I don’t have to alter your sexual orientation again but let’s emphasize how much you sexually need Tammy.”

Lisa acknowledged Jarrod’s words as he ran his fingers along her crack.

“Now, report to Tammy… she’s expecting you,” Jarrod commanded.

“Yes, sir,” she replied and then rushed off to do as she was told.

XIX. Jarrod’s House – Friday, November 5th—Jarrod

Jarrod smiled down at his sleeping maids. Tammy and Lisa lay there looking like sisters… except for their breasts. He’d have to change that. He brought his hand down and slapped Lisa’s fanny causing Lisa to yelp. “I don’t want you to be late for your first meeting with your favorite private eye.”

“Yes, sir,” Lisa replied as she disengaged her body from Tammy and left the room.

Jarrod loved to look at Lisa’s ass as she exited a room. Lately, Lisa hadn’t even been allowed to wear the French maid’s outfit, as he preferred her naked.

Jarrod then shifted his attention to Tammy. He moved his head down and kissed her wet vulva. Tammy groaned but didn’t wake. He wished he had time for his favorite Para-legal, but he had to meet a new client.

XX. Meeting Place – Thursday, June 20th, the following year—Jarrod

“As you can see from their pictures, Holly and Heather are identically beautiful.”

“Yes, Mr. Jacobs, and I compliment you again on your taste in pussy. We at Trophy Wife Incorporated can guarantee you delivery on Monday as long as you agree on our price,” Jarrod responded with a smile.

“$1.5 million dollars will be transferred to your bank account midnight tonight.”

“Then we have ourselves a contract. Now, have you filled out the profile questionnaire we sent you?”

Jacobs handed Jarrod the folder.

“Incidentally, our background investigation told us Holly is engaged to be married,” Jarrod added as he glanced over the personality traits Jacobs wanted them to have. He chuckled when he saw the same boxes checked off for each of them.

“Is her being engaged going to cause a problem?” Jacobs asked.

“Huh…? Oh, I’m sorry. Just providing information… ah… there is no problem at all,” Jarrod responded.

“Can I have the twins alternate being my wife?” Jacobs asked.

“Not legally of course, but as far as they’re concerned, they’ll be anything you want them to be. On the surface, they’ll be the Perfect Trophy Wives for you, but for all practical purposes, you’ll be able to consider them your perfect sex slaves.”

XXI. The Mall – Thursday, June 20th—Sam

“Hey, Sam… the twins are a go,” Jarrod told him over the phone.

“Super… I’ve got my sights on them this very moment,” Sam responded as he saw them exit one of the mall stores.

“Our client has indicated that he wants them not only bisexual and very shy, but uncontrollably attracted to each other and very submissive to commands. So, feel free to add these traits when you tag them tonight. I’ll renew those traits and add a few of the other specs when I pick them up from you on Sunday night.”

“A whole three day weekend with them… very generous,” Sam responded with a chuckle.

“Hell… why the hell not,” Jarrod replied and then they ended their call.

Sam chuckled as he called his wife.

“Hi honey,” Wendy responded in her usual sexy voice.

“I shouldn’t be too much longer here and you’ll be happy to know that I’m bringing home company,” Sam responded.

“Anybody I know?” Wendy asked with a touch of eagerness.

“No… uh… then again, maybe… Have you ever seen that Double-the-Pleasure commercial with those blonde twins?”

“Is that the one where they’re tanning themselves on the beach?” Wendy asked.

“Yes, that’s the one. I’m bringing them home.”

“Really…?! Does this mean what I think it does?” Wendy asked with even greater excitement.

“Of course it does… and we have them for the whole weekend,” Sam responded before he closed his cell phone.

Sam saw the twins duck into a small pet shop which would provide him the perfect opportunity. He pulled out his spray and gave himself a squirt, and then entered the store.

Epilogue. (Two years later at Jarrod’s residence)

“Good evening, Mrs. Donnelly,” Lisa greeted her former best-friend.

“Lisa! Oh my god, it’s been so long! Your boobs—they’re huge!” Wendy cried in response.

Lisa rolled her eyes thinking old news, but she did feel a nice pleasurable tingling as Wendy’s eyes roamed every inch of her, and she had to admit that she was reciprocating. She wondered if Wendy liked seeing her in her sexy French maid outfit.

“Its amazing how much our life has changed, isn’t it?” Wendy asked as they gazed at one another.

Lisa had to admit that Wendy looked incredible, and she certainly couldn’t blame Sam for making her his wife. Wendy could grace the cover of Playboy, and she couldn’t ever recall her looking more radiant. Had it really been over two years since she last seen her?

“I’ve missed you,” she finally whispered, tearing up.

“I missed you, too,” Lisa replied and then they hugged. But just as their hug was to turn passionate, Lisa reluctantly broke it off and stepped back from Wendy. “As much as I’d like to catch up with you I can’t. I have to get back to my duties.”

“Huh…?” Wendy responded with a look of shock.

“I’m a server tonight… no time for—”

“Look, Lisa. Sam doesn’t like me straying from his side too long either, but I thought we could—”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Donnelly. I’m not allowed to socialize with the guests but for more than a few pleasantries.”

Wendy stood there… stunned.

* * *

Lisa would have cried if she had been allowed. She knew that her conditioning had prevented her doing something she desperately wanted to do, as there was so much she wanted to say to Wendy.


Lisa turned and did a double take. Danielle Carrington?! What the hell was she doing here?

Danielle had been a college classmate of her and Wendy’s back when they attended college. Danielle was very beautiful.

“Hi, Miss Carrington, it is so nice to see you,” she greeted her former friend, thinking she must have just graduated.

“Is that really you?! I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen you with my own two eyes! You dropped out of college, got a boob job, and became a maid… what the hell gives?”

“It’s complicated,” Lisa responded, blushing. “Why are you here, anyway?”

“Wendy invited me… didn’t she tell you?”

“Mrs. Donnelly…?”

“Yes, Wendy… damn, Lisa, you were already huge, why did you make them so big? They’re spilling out of that outfit you’re wearing! What got into you?”

“Mrs. Donnelly invited you?” Lisa asked again, realizing now that Danielle had been set up.

“Yeah, what’s with this Mrs. Donnelly shit? Weren’t you two best friends? Anyway, she wanted me to meet a rich guy named Trevor Dunn. Hell, the way she described him was that he was a hunk. Quite the opposite… anyway, she might have married for money, but after taking one look at that Dunn fellow, I told her it wasn’t going to happen. She told me to enjoy the party and food anyway.”

“Is that Mr. Dunn over there?” Lisa asked, gesturing to the man standing next to Jarrod.

“Yeah, I can’t believe she’d think I’d be attracted to the guy,” Danielle responded, adding, “Not much to look at it… is he?”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be too quick to judge,” Lisa mumbled and then she headed off to perform the rest of her duties.

* * *

As Lisa made her rounds with more martinis, she figured it was only a matter of time before Danielle started feeling very differently about Mr. Dunn. Part of her thought that she should try to warn her old college friend, but then she thought – what for… it wouldn’t matter. She glanced over at Wendy and wondered if her former best friend had struggled any when she set her up. Would Danielle end up Mr. Dunn’s Trophy Wife… or would she end up his maid?

“Lisa, come over here please,” Jessica called out to her.

Lisa smiled as she rushed to Jessica’s side. She liked Jessica and wished that she could see more of her.

“I haven’t seen you since you got your boob job and I must admit they’re delicious looking,” Jessica complimented her.

Lisa felt a thrill of pleasure from the compliment. Jarrod had made it where anytime someone paid her new boobs a compliment she would get a dose of endorphins and aroused.

“Maybe before the night is out we can get together. Charlie gave me permission to coordinate an orgy… are you interested?”

“God yes, but I have to clear it with Tammy,” Lisa responded with excitement.

“I’ve already got Julie, Melissa, and Tina lined up… and I was about to talk to Tammy. Would you like me to ask her for you?”

“Yes, please,” Lisa replied with a bashful smile.

“We’ll see you a later then,” Jessica replied and then she headed off to find Charlie. She wondered if Charlie was ever going to marry Jessica.

Then her thoughts turned to Danielle again when she saw Jarrod talking to her. She felt a stab of fear that Jarrod might take Danielle for himself and make her his Trophy Wife. That would mean she would have to take orders from Danielle as well. She felt a mixture of jealousy and wet from the mere thought of it.

In any event, she did wish she could sample Danielle’s charms, feeling more and more aroused at licking Danielle’s pussy. She blushed more when she realized she had always felt this way… even before her new life. She really had been a closet lesbian.

The end of Trophy Wife Incorporated