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House Call

By The Sympathetic Devil ()

My sister sounded odd on the phone. I should’ve known something was strange.

But quite frankly my sister had sounded odd ever since her husband left. She had seemed a little off for weeks now. So when she asked for me to come and talk to my nephew, I agreed.

Being a nurse, it goes with the territory. You always get asked all kinds of medical questions, even ones that being a nurse doesn’t prepare you to answer. Rosie said that Brandon was going through some changes since he turned 18. I didn’t think it could be a puberty thing at that age, though the kid was always a little weird.

But asking his father about it wasn’t an option now and Rosie said he didn’t want to see a doctor. And so I found myself at Rosie’s house, ready to play the reluctant medical expert in the family.

Rosie definitely seemed strange when I arrived. For one thing, her boobs were hanging out all over the place. She’d always been a little embarrassed by how chesty she was. She even made me seem small by comparison, and it takes a lot of boobs to do that. But she did her best to diminish and deemphasize their presence.

Not today, though. Today she was wearing a frilly white blouse with the top four buttons undone. Mounds of brown flesh were front and center in the v-shaped white window of fabric that resulted. She wore a choker of pink pearls around her neck. They matched the pink nylons she wore under her navy skirt. And she was wearing heels. On a Monday afternoon.

“What’s going on, Rosie?” I asked. “Are you going out tonight?”

“What?” She asked, confused. “No, no, I couldn’t. I couldn’t leave Brandon’s....Brandon! I couldn’t leave Brandon.”

I was about to say it was good she wasn’t planning to leave the house because she appeared to have forgotten to put her bra on, in addition to the missing buttons. But I was interrupted by my nephew Brandon, who strode up with much more confidence than I usually associated with him.

“Aunt Dahlia!” he said, taking me the by the arm and bringing me into the living room to hug me tightly with his long lanky arms as Rosie closed the door behind me. “I’m so glad you came. I really need to talk to you.”

I inhaled sharply. Brandon always hugged me when I came to visit, but it felt different somehow this time. Had he gotten taller? He always been such a skinny kid and, thinking about it, he was still pretty skinny. And yet in his arms I felt smaller somehow.

I looked around the living room to distract myself, looking for signs of depression in Rosie. I was more concerned about Rosie’s health at that moment then Brandon’s. The look in her eyes... But the curtains were all all open and the room was clean.

Quite a lot cleaner than it usually was really. Rosie had never been a meticulous housekeeper. But the living room was incredibly clean, with all the furniture polished and gleaming. Maybe Rosie was working out her stress that way. The room certainly smell nice. Was it the furniture polish?

My nephew released me from the bearhug and held me back at arms length, looking me up and down in a way that was vaguely disturbing.

“I really, really appreciate it,” he said. “Mom, can you leave us alone so I can talk to Dahlia about the thing?”

“Are you sure I shouldn’t stay, Brandon?” my sister asked, sounding really conflicted. “I mean I’d like to…”

“Mom we talked about this,” Brandon said. “It’s embarrassing enough without you here.”

Rosie look shamefaced but nodded her agreement.

“I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me,” she said then looked at me with embarrassment, turned around and rushed out.

“Rosie?” I asked, but she was gone.

“I really need to talk to you alone Aunt Dahlia,” my nephew insisted. “I think we’ll both be a lot more comfortable this way. It’s a biology thing.”

He led me to the couch and I followed. I didn’t like where this was going, but it was so hard to figure out why. Brandon was acting weird, but he was always acting weird. Rosie was embarrassed, but if Brandon wanted to talk to me about his “biology”. She had every right to be embarrassed.

Damn but the room was clean. I really needed to ask Rosie about the furniture polish.

“Okay Brandon,” I said once we were sitting together on the couch. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“It’s about my cock Aunt Dahlia,” he said.

I blushed.

“Please Brandon! Penis. The word is penis.” I insisted.

“Sorry, Aunt Dahlia. It’s about my penis,” he said.

I shuddered, suddenly really regretting agreeing to this.

“Brandon wouldn’t you be more comfortable talking to a doctor about this?” I asked.

“Maybe later,” he said evasively. “You’re a nurse and your family so I wanted to ask you about it first.”

I sighed. The burden of being the family medical expert.

“Alright Brandon. Has it been hurting?”

He grinned at that. I guess I should’ve expected as much, but pain was always the first question.

“No Aunt Dahlia, it’s not hurting at all! But it’s been acting weird. And this weird stuff is coming out of it. Not piss or cum,” he said, then at my scowl corrected.” I mean urine or semen. Others stuff.”

I sighed. Had the boy gone and gotten himself syphilis? That should hurt like hell, but I guess there were cases where it didn’t.

“Does this discharge smell bad?” I asked.

“Not a bad smell, no. I can’t smell it at all, really.” he admitted. “But ladies seem to like the smell. Girls my age like it ok, but ladies your age, Aunt Dahlia, they just go crazy for it.”

Intellectually, I realized I should have stormed out. But on a much deeper level, I really didn’t want to leave. If I had asked my body to stand up and walk out at that moment I don’t think it would’ve listen to me.

“What...what’s going on here?” was all I could manage.

“I told you, Aunt Dahlia. It’s my cock!” he said, and I couldn’t correct him. “I think it has some sort of weird power. Here, let me show you.”

Before I could stop him, Brandon stood up, positioned himself in front of me, and pulled down his sweatpants.

“Brandon don’t! I…” Was all I managed to get out before my jaw dropped and speaking wasn’t an option.

Brandon had gotten a lot bigger in the past 18 years. But I was a nurse. I had seen a lot of penises. He wasn’t inhumanly big. Just on the large side of normal. Half-erect and healthy looking, the only obvious irregularity was a few droplets of purplish liquid at the tip. But for the life of me, I could not look away. I couldn’t look at anything but my nephew’s penis.

It was beautiful!

“It’s not just the smell,” Brandon elaborated. “Ladies like the smell, but they also like the look of it. Once they get a look at it, they have a hard time looking at anything else. I think it does this because it wants ladies to suck it. Is that normal?”

“I… You… You’re my nephew Brandon,” I said more to remind myself than to tell him. “I couldn’t… I shouldn’t…”

“No, no. Not you Aunt Dahlia,” he said. “Of course not. I mean ladies in general. It’s normal for a cock to want ladies to suck it, right?”

I felt a strange sadness that Brandon didn’t actually seem to be asking me to give him fellatio. I shuttered. What was wrong with me that I was even thinking that?.

“You should pull your pants up Brandon,” I said, and it was like asking someone to chop off my left arm. Every cell in my body seem to be demanding to know why I would ever ask for such a thing.

But they needn’t have bothered. Brandon had no intention of pulling his pants up.

“But you’re a nurse. You should examine it. I’d really appreciate it Aunt Dahlia. And my cock would really, really appreciate it.” he said.

Before I even realized I had decided to do it, my hands were reaching out to grasp hold of my nephews… Cock. It wasn’t a penis. It was a cock. So warm in my hands. My fingertips tingled electrically.

It was only then that I realize that my panties were soaked. I was so wet. And my mouth was watering as well. It wanted ladies to suck it. Why not me? My mouth desperately wanted to volunteer for the job.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, is there Dahlia?” he asked. “Is it fine”

I started to stroke it and it grew in my hand.

“So fine… So very very fine…” I agreed.

“I’m so glad to hear it Aunt Dahlia. It doesn’t seem normal, but if you say it’s fine, I know everything will be all right,” he said.

“Everything will be all right,” I agreed.

And really, it would be. Everything would be all right. With my nephews cock growing in my hand, how could anything be wrong? It was so fine. So fine...

“I don’t mean to make ladies do things,” Brandon confessed. “It’s just my cock. It wants what it wants. And it has these powers. So what choice do I have? I really can’t help it. Anymore than the ladies can.”

“No, of course not,” I said, barely listening, I was so fixated on the male flesh in my hands. “Can’t help it....can’ control.”

Was I in control of myself? It didn’t seem so. My hand were massaging his cock, but clearly it was because the cock wanted them to. My hands didn’t want to, did they? Well, they liked it. I liked it, I shouldn’t like it, but...

Brandon was talking but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It was like I was outside myself, watching as I methodically rubbed at his cock. I knew I couldn’t blame Brandon for any of this. His cock was so much bigger than all of us. It filled the whole universe and everything revolved around it.

I don’t know at what point I started crying. I had always been a good Christian woman. In church every Sunday in the very front pew. But Brandon’s cock was so much bigger than that. And it wanted me to suck it. Who was I to say that I shouldn’t? Surely it wasn’t Brandon’s idea. I was his Auntie. But Brandon’s cock knew what it wanted.

Brandon stepped back and I followed, sliding off the couch and down onto my knees to reverently, worshipfully take his cock into my mouth. It was what It wanted. It was what I was for.

I started humming a hymn as my head slowly bobbed along the shaft, Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee. I was tingling all over from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. My eyes wept, my mouth drooled, my pussy gushed. My nephew called me a cocksucker and I was so happy about that. I was a cocksucker! Oh happy day!

And then Brandon was coming down my throat and I was desperately and ecstatically receiving all his cock had to give me. I was a vast emptiness, yet it was filling me to overflowing. It seemed to go on and on, forever and ever, but that was fine with me because I never wanted it to stop. I couldn’t imagine a better place to be.

But it couldn’t last forever. Something pushed me away, off of his cock. It might’ve been Brandon. But I couldn’t blame him. His Cock had decided I was done. And so I curled up in a little ball on the floor, rocking and rocking, my head buzzing, all of my previous beliefs and desires blowing away to the four winds.

* * *

Someone was stroking my head. My eyes fluttered open only to meet my sister’s boobs. I looked up to see her face and she gave me a tentative, nervous smile.

“You must be thirsty,” she said, and held a bottle of electrolytes to my mouth.

I was indeed thirsty and I gulped it down despite hating the artificial orange flavor. As I began to feel hydrated, the implications of what I had just done came to the forefront of my consciousness.

I gasped and sat up, suddenly aware that the reason my first sight had involved so much boob was that Rosie was now wearing a black and white Maid’s uniform made of PVC that was intended to put her prodigious bust on display while minimizing her waist in a corset.

“What are you wearing, Rosie?” I asked, confused.

“I...” she said, her hand coming up to her chest, her voice trembling. “I thought you would understand, Dahlia. After you......It wants me to wear this, Dahlia. Brandon’s cock wants me to wear this.”

I sat up straighter, looking around for my nephew. But he wasn’t in the room. I looked back to my fetich-clad sister and bit my lower lip.

“It wants you to wear that?” I asked. “Brandon’s cock wants you to wear that?”

I couldn’t bring myself to ask the question I wanted to ask: what did Brandon’s cock want ME to wear.

“It wants me to dress sexy,” Rosie said, nodding vigorously, her relaxed curls bouncing where they were not contained by the plastic kerchief on her head.“sexy normal clothes when I’m at work, but at home it wants me to wear the things from the sex shop. It especially likes it when I wear maid’s outfits and clean the house. You understand, don’t you Dahlia? Please say you understand. I had to call you over. Brandon’s cock wanted me to. But Brandon said you would understand after you saw it.”

And I did understand. Of course she had to do what Brandon’s cock wanted. What choice did she have?

“We’re just a couple of helpless cocksuckers, aren’t we Rosie?” I said.

Rosie’s smile was a sunrise.

“Oh you DO understand, don’t you Dahlia!” she exclaimed. “I’m so relieved! Things are going to be so much better now! I wanted to tell you from that first day, but Brandon said his cock didn’t want me to! That it wasn’t time yet! But now it’s time and now we can be close again!”

“If that’s what Brandon’s cock wants!” I agreed, nodding vigorously.

“Oh it is, Aunt Dahlia,” Brandon said from behind me.

I turned sharply and my face fell. He had his pants on.

“My cock wants you to move in with us,” he said.

I looked at his crotch for confirmation, then back to him to nod my assent.

“And it wants you to wear this,” he said.

From behind his back he brought a white and red PVC nurse’s outfit, complete with cap, red fishnets and stripper heels. I gasped.

I had never been happier.

It liked me. It really liked me.

{End for now. Let me know if you think there should be more.}