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House Guest: The Mirror

by Baralai

Jack laid his suitcase next to him as to free his hand to ring the doorbell of a rather quaint house. The LA weather was scorching and he was getting uncomfortable in his three piece suit. But he always traveled in his professional attire, and while he was staying at a friend’s place this was still a business trip.

He was staying at his friend, Chance’s place. The two were high school buddies, but drifted apart after Jack went on to business school and Chance moved to LA to find, well a job he had assumed. As of last week they had caught up with each other via the facebook experience. As it happened it came at a good time because two days ago Jack’s boss asked him to fly out last minute for a business deal to LA. Jack’s company couldn’t find a reasonably placed and/or priced hotel, but Chance offered a place to stay.

Jack had assumed that without a degree Chance had probably not the best of pads, but he was proven wrong. While not a mansion, the place was huge. It was a full fledge house and not an apartment. But Chance had told him he was single and living by himself, why did he need this big place. The place was basically a deluxe mansion.

The door opened and Chance came into view with a sly off beaten look on his face. Jack looked at his friend. He still was skinny as hell and kept his youthful looks. It wasn’t hard to see his basic appearance since all Chance wore was a towel, and it was a rather short towel that barely covered up his manhood. As for the sly look, it was explained easily from the bong in his hand.

“JACK!” his friend cried. “Long time no see. Why so still bud?”

“Hey Chance,” Jack said trying to maintain his composure. While he definitely looked like Chance, there was definitely something more…faggier about him. So that was the reason why he had moved to LA. Chance his had his shaggy brown hair from high school, but now it there were highlights. There was also a sort of flamboyancy in his stance and movements. And was that a pink tongue ring? He also made it very obvious he was checking his friend out while staring at his crotch longingly a bit too long for Jack’s comfort. He had to be polite to his friend and host for the next few days. If things got weird he’d just cut off all connections with the guy afterwards. “Um nice place you have here.”

“Yeah it’s a sweet place. I got this from my uncle when he passed away. Pretty much left me everything after he passed away. He was in real estate and I kind of took over his business afterwards.”

“You’re probably hurting the way the market has been.”

“Ah, naah. I do well. I’m actually one of the few that gets steady business. Still even I get slow times, but I make use of all the houses I have on the market. Hey you want some?”

He extends his arm with the bong in it while continuing to leer over his friend’s body, which Jack declined.

“Sorry I have to be in good shape tomorrow for the meeting.”

“Man when did you get so, um damper, bro? I mean look at you’re all business like. Wait you’re a suit!” and the Chance started to laugh.

“Are you done?” Jack rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe the immaturity of his friend.

Chance exhaled, ending his mirth. “Dear lord you can at least get into a decent outfit or, er suit...the suits, heh, you, he.”

“I like what I wear. And there is nothing wrong with looking professional,” Jack said sternly.

“Well you could get something that shows off your body better. I mean come on hun, you have a fine bod, show it off a little. That outfit is so loose and doesn’t fit you right, and the colors are all wrong, I mean that school boy light blue and... black?

“Black goes with anything.” Jack had stiffened up a little bit since it was now becoming obvious Chance was hitting on him as he pressed his hand into his arms.

“And you must be sweltering in that thing. Take off some clothes, you see I’m not wearing much” Chance said while tugging at his washcloth of a towel. “I don’t use the air conditioning here so I make do. It takes too much money and is wasteful to put on the air in a place like this. I mean its usually just me and its HUGE! Its got two levels of basements you know, could be more. Uncle had some secret rooms and what not.”

“If it’s just you why do you keep such a giant of a house?” Jack said trying to change the conversation topic.

“Because this place is too much fun! I’m still finding new places and my uncle collected all sorts of weird stuff that is scattered all over. I could never part with it. Now really you should take off those clothes. You’re too hot to be wearing them.”

“Um, if you don’t mind I’d like to get my stuff situated. Which room should I stay in?”

Chance sighed, “Take the first one up the staircase. Proper guestroom and all that. I’ll be down the hall if you need anything in the night. Don’t be afraid to wake at any time.” He winked and then ran off down the hall

Jack went upstairs and walked into the room, which seemed what you’d expect from a plain guestroom. A nicely laid out bed, with a copious amount of pillows was in the center of the room, an open closet half empty, the rest of it filled with the impractical winter clothing during these dog days of summer, and a variety of shelves that tried to instill comfort while making the hosts look educated. Apparently Chance’s uncle knew how to welcome guests at least. Jack unloaded his stuff on the homely looking bed and took out his laptop. He was going to have to get started on his work soon, so he figured he might as well start right away. He plugged in his computer and let it start to boot.

That’s when he saw it. There was an odd full-length mirror in the corner of the wall that caught his eye. It was eye catching cause it contrasted to the room’s homely feel. Jack would never admit that there was something ominous about a mirror, but it did seem particularly gaudy. It looked like it was made out of marble, but a sort of rose marble, but the pink was almost exaggerated. Not to mention that it also had a lot of intricate designs all across the marbled holding. Yes, the thing popped out of the room as almost an eyesore, but mostly as something that didn’t belong. In other words you couldn’t help but look at it.

Jack looked at the mirror and at first glance could tell something was not right. There was something off in the reflection. Something for wasn’t adding up. Jack’s mind understood that there was something wrong with what was in the reflection and what was in the room, but he couldn’t grasp what it was. Like something was stopping his mind from making words of what he saw.

He looked back and forth to what he saw in the mirror and the items in the room. Everything looked like it should; the bookshelves, the bed, the window with frilly curtains. Jack looked at every small detail of the room he could thing of and everything checked.

“Wait,” Jack thought, “This isn’t my shirt.” He could see the frown on his face in the reflection as he looked over his clothes. Didn’t he come in with a blue shirt? What he was wearing was a light pink, did he own anything pink? No he was pretty sure he remembered buying this shirt. He even remembered getting it fitted for it showed off his body.

No that was fine, so what was off…wait did the shirt just change again? Again, no it never changed, this is how he bought it. He came in wearing this shirt. But for a second it looked like his shirt got more…gauzy. Like it went from a think solid cloth into a flimsy almost transparent fabric. But no this is how he bought the shirt. Why were his memories so fuzzy all of a sudden? Maybe he got a whiff of whatever Chance was smoking.

He ran his hands through his hair trying to figure out what was…wait when did he bleach his hair? He would never do that, but he did…right? He had gone to that salon three days ago. No that wasn’t right he always went to Mr. Phillips the old barber he had since he was a kid. Well that was true, but three days ago he decided to splurge and go to that place Geoffroi’s, that queer high-end salon. He let them talk me into getting this done. He had to admit that it looked good with his dark skin. He’d probably go back when my roots start showing.

But what was wrong with the reflection? His pants seemed tighter, maybe he gained some weight. Jack took off his suit jacket to have a look. Nope, he could still see his six pack abs through the sheer fabric of his shirt, so he wasn’t losing his figure. But why did his pants cling so tightly, did he shirk them? He looked over his black pinstriped pants that seemed to hug his leg so tightly you could see every muscle, not to mention that it made his ass and bulge look like they jet out. No his pants didn’t shrink, this is how he liked them.

Jack looked over his body and admired himself. He loved how his muscles showed through even in his business apparel. Wait what was…? There was something underneath his shirt. Maybe that’s what he saw that was off. He started to tear off his shirt to see…piercings? When did he get his nipples pierced? He pinched at one of the barbells hanging from him and then felt a sensation that reminded him why he got them. Man did they feel good. How could he forget that he had pierced his nipples like over a year ago? What ever shit Chance was using must be some strong stuff.

Jack continued to pinch at his nipples like it was the first time. He did so while removing his shirt. He was definitely getting in the mood. His head still felt hazy, but it was easily shifting to a sexual haze. He threw his shirt off to the side and unbuttoned his pants and pulled the elastic on his boxers. He slid his hand in and cupped his bulge. He was proud of his 9 inch manhood, and always happy to play with it every chance he got. He ran his fingers around the leather cockring and gave a smile to himself in the mirror. Jack couldn’t believe he went the entire plane ride wearing it. He watched himself slide the pants off. If there was one problem with his skin tight pants, it was getting the damn things off. He had to stop playing with himself and use both hands to get them off.

Jack looked at himself in the mirror. Now he was only in a pair of knee length black socks and a black jockstrap. For a brief second he questioned why he wasn’t wearing his regular boxers, but then changed his attention to how his socks became knee length. He stopped questioning everything at let the haze take over him. That was some good stuff Chance let him try. Had he tried, he couldn’t remember, but he had to have had some. He watched himself through the looking glass as he felt up every muscle along his body. His hard-on was now poking through his jock. He couldn’t believe he was getting off on watching himself. It was so narcissistic, and it was so fucking hot.

It was then that Jack noticed what was odd in the mirror. The odd reflection the had caught his eye. The one thing that didn’t make any sense. It was his computer. It had for some odd reason started playing a movie. That didn’t make any sense.

Maybe he left it playing when he was on the plane. The movie playing was a download from his favorite site, where a bunch of hot men dressed up in business suits and then start fucking eachother. God that was so hot. Jack had bought or downloaded every movie and picture and membership item from the site. He couldn’t get enough of it. The scene that was playing now had two hot guys servicing their boss in every way imaginable.

Jack crawled onto the bed to watch the porn up closer. He got on his knees and groped himself while he watched the men in multiple stages of undress worshiped each others bodies. Jack looked back to the mirror and saw himself panting over the porn, his butt in the air and the end his butt plug in plain site. The last part of his “professional outfit’ as he called it. He loved wearing and using kinky things during staff meetings or going out in public. It boosted his confidence to know that no one knew about his jockstrap, cockrings or anal toys. Some people imagine other’s in their underwear, he imagined himself. He squeezed his ass muscles a bit and felt the toy brush up against his prostate.

He looked back to the movie to see the boss putting a large toy into one of his employee’s while fucking the other. God that was so hot. He looked back to the mirror seeing himself dazed and sweaty, man he was hot. Man he was vain, but he was what he was. He closed the movie and then opened up his photo folder containing pictures of himself in stimulating poses and copying many of the disarrayed looks of undress he saw from his favorite site. He had shots with him playing with his toys, or showing off his beefy ass in one of his jocks, but most of them were pictures of him stroking his meaty cock. He was so hot. He’d have to take more pictures when he got home.

He went back to the site to see if there was anything new, but they hadn’t updated yet. There was still one section that he hadn’t used, but always wanted to, the link that said ‘Want to be a Model?” Jack’s head raced with thoughts of himself in one of the movies. Him watching himself blowing another stud off, or fucking some tight ass, hell he’d even let them fuck him.

It didn’t take long for him to finish the application attached with a large selection of his favorite pictures. Jack also sent chance a copy of all the pictures as well. He was positive he’d be hearing from these people soon.

Still he was so fucking horny right now. Jack walked towards the door and gave himself one last glance at the mirror. He looked himself over in his “professional outfit” plus the knee socks and walked out the door.

He walked down the hall and opened the door finding his host still wearing only a towel. Well that wasn’t totally all he had on him, he was currently one leg on a table exposing his ass as he inserted a toy into himself.

Chance turned around, not pausing to stop playing with his toy and gave Jack a mischievous grin.

“Well that didn’t take long. Need something Jack.” Chance asks, but it really isn’t a question.

Jack walks over to Chance and takes over the toy from him. Chance turned around and draped one leg over Jack’s beefy thigh as his ass is willingly assaulted by the dildo. The two begin to make out while Chance works on getting the jock strap off his buddy. It doesn’t take much.

Chance moves Jack’s hand so he takes the toy completely out of him and lets it fall to the ground. He then brings his other leg around Jack and hangs from his body as he shimmies up the hard toned body. Jack begins to lick the skinny, yet toned body of his host as he progressively gets further up his body. Soon Chance’s ass is just above Jack’s hard dick.

Within a few minutes of lining up Chance is soon riding Jack while he is standing.

Jack eventually moves to the wall and presses Chance against it as they continue to fuck and sloppily make out.

Jack attentions soon drifts across the room. He sees a mirror at the other side and watches himself fuck his friend. Chance just chuckles to himself

“Just wait to we try the bed with the mirror overhanging. You’ll really get off on that.”

Jack then buries him mouth onto Chance’s neck, both giving loud moans, as Jack begins to fuck the willing ass harder.

“Oh Gawd, I remembered your big guy from the days in the locker room. I’ve wanted it in me for so long. I knew I had to get you over sometime. Man you’re so fucking hot, and you feel so good. I think you need to visit more often buddy.”

Jack can only grunt in concurrence as he explodes into Chance. Chance soon follows suit as his fluid squirts the two in the face as Jack gives his final thrusts.

“Ah, knew it was a good idea to invite you.” Chance says as he removes Jack’s butt plug. “Why don’t I show you where the showers are at. This way.” Chance takes Jack hand and sort of skips in advance. Jack should be paying attention to where they are going, but he can’t help but look at his buddy’s exposed ass.

“My uncle had some awesome fun designing this place. I’m not sure where he found half the stuff, but I always love inviting guests over cause it is always wicked fun. I also loved that he designed the only showers in the place to look like a lockerroom. It awesome to bathe and be completely exposed.

It doesn’t take long for Jack to find himself on his knees “bathing” his friend’s dick while Chance shampoo’s his hair.

“I think we’ll have a lot of fun this week, and so much more to come.” Chance says giving a wicked smile.

* * *

Jack was almost late for the meeting he was supposed to attend. He got distracted with fucking Chance on the kitchen table during breakfast. The meeting didn’t start well, but Jack as able to convince two of the men to agree to the deal, albeit the convincing was in the bathroom stales, but a deal was a deal.

They guys even made it seem like the meetings went on all week. Well they did kind of had meeting, but they relocated to Chance’s pad.

And Chance was such a great host. If Jack as in the mood for anything at any hour, Chance was always gracious to provide. Jack promised to visit as often as he could.

As it turned out there were plenty of reasons to visit. Jack’s favorite site contacted him and wanted to start shooting him as soon as he was available. Jack freed his schedule for the following week. It also surprised Jack that Chance rented out some of his unsold apartments and houses for productions like he was filming now.

“Okay Jack, I want you to stop sucking and let Eric and Toby cum on your face. You cool with that?” asked the director.

Jack just licked him lips. Chance chuckled on the side as he watched Jack get covered in the men’s juices.

“Wow Chance this guy is great,” the director said while the stars were busy cleaning. “He knows how to take directions, he wants it and makes it obvious, and he didn’t even need a fluffer. Where do you find your friends?”

Chance just shrugged. “They all just happen by my place. Now if you don’t mind Jack and I need to get back to my place. I have some more house guests coming over today. Oh and make sure to get him a copy of ALL the footage today. He loves watching himself and who could blame him.”

With that Chance walks over to Jack as the rest of the crew cleans up. He wants to make out with his house guest while the juices are still fresh.