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Household Enslavement

Chapter 1 — Redefining Rachel

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I’d never really thought I was anything special. Growing up I was that typical unremarkable child, and trust me, you know the one. Moderately athletic, small group of friends, could of had better grades if I gave a shit; so y’know, just another boring kid….Things aren’t like they were though, and let me tell you, It’s funny how things change. Nowadays is mostly just me thinking of different ways to have others please me while they mindlessly follow every word I say.

Let me set the scene properly though. I grew up in a small house with my family, and being the youngest of five pretty much assured that I was basically an afterthought. My two brothers were the oldest, and they moved out before I even hit junior high, so I never gave them too much thought either. My dad left the picture not long after they graduated high school, and I get the feeling he was only really interested in raising boys and didn’t have any interest in waiting for me.

I mostly remember living with my mother and two sisters, Rachel and Melanie, who were two and four years older than me, respectively. Since I was the only guy in the house I got my own room while Rachel and Melanie shared one, and mom of course got her own room. We got along well enough, but really, I just kept to myself. Simple, boring teenager. After high school I registered at my fourth choice university because they’d actually take me. This opened up some interesting opportunities for me— and no— they weren’t academic. I got the chance to develop and find uses for my… “ special feeling.”

If you pressed me for when it started, I guess I’d have to say late into puberty, but it never mattered until I was older. I started getting this feeling that I could pull open people’s minds when I was looking at and talking to them, and I guess they must’ve felt it too because at a certain point they’d always leave the conversation abruptly. I never felt it when I was talking in a group or when I was anywhere loud. I’d eventually realize that all this taken together is why I never really discovered what it meant until I was put into a small dorm with no one to talk to but my roommate.

He was a nice guy, but more importantly he was an excellent test subject. The situation was perfect if I’m being honest. A quiet dorm room with no other people, no distractions, and even if he felt my feeling in this head he couldn’t rightfully just walk out of his own home. All this meant I was poised to discover what this special feeling meant one way or the other.

I don’t think details here are important, but suffice to say I had never looked forward to a winter vacation more.

* * *

A friend picked me up from the airport because my mother was at work and no one else felt like driving to get me. He took me back to that old small house and I walked in there to find Rachel watching TV, all alone. Mom was at work, and not too long ago Melanie had moved in with her boyfriend one town over.

Here’s the part you can call me fucked up if you want. Now you see, I understood the limits of my ability and what that meant for possible subjects, but really, my sister was so goddamn hot I’d leap at the opportunity to have her straddle my cock with her eyes blank and a collar on, even if I had every woman I looked at kneeling and begging to be used. She had this long rich black hair, a nice curvy body, and ridiculously firm ass. So yeah, I walked in, assessed the situation, and felt my rod get hard off the sheer anticipation.

“I’m home. Aren’t you supposed to welcome me with a hug?” I said trying to draw her attention from her show.

Rachel looked over to me. “You’ve barely been gone a couple of months. Nice to have you back but I don’t give out my hugs to just anyone.”

So your own brother doesn’t qualify. I’d feel hurt if I didn’t feel like a child waiting to open up Christmas gifts. “I guess that makes sense, but c’mon, i’ve been away at Uni long enough to have some stories. Wanna hear about the time my roommate ended up covered in syrup and feathers?”

Rachel raised an eyebrow and let out a laugh. “Oh, you’re funny. You’re head was in a book the whole time I bet. Listen, I’ve already heard from my friends the ‘finals were really hard’ spiel and the usual stuff, so I’ll take a pass.” She returned her attention to the TV.

That wasn’t going to work. I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the remote. “Yeah yeah. The least you could do is put on something decent though.” I pressed the power button on the cable box and watched as Rachel practically jumped at me.

“What’re you doing! Fix that now!” Rachel yelled pointing to the box.

“Sorry, I’m on it.” I ducked down to the cable box and started rearranging the HDMI and power cables. I knew what I could get away with, partially because Rachel was never the sharpest, hence why she was a sexy early twenties girl still living with mom. Mostly though, I could feel she wasn’t up to it. I stepped back from it all and began to shrug my shoulders.

Rachel let out a resigned sigh. “It took me and Derek almost two hours to figure that thing out last time.”

I put on an apologetic face. “Sorry sis, I’m not used to this place anymore… but who’s this Derek guy?”

I already knew.

Rachel nonchalantly told me, “Derek is my boyfriend. We both work at the same restaurant and he seemed nice enough.”

I sat down next to her and locked my eyes to hers, and at the same time I reached my mind out to put pressure on her own. “Oh, well thats nice. Tell me about him: is he funny, or smart?”

I saw the slightest twitch in my sister’s eyes letting me know I’d started off too strong. Don’t get too eager, these things take time.

I pulled back with my mental pressure and saw her features relax. “He’s crazy smart for just serving tables. He’s a pretty serious guy, but he still makes me laugh.”

I nodded my head. “That’s good. He good lookin? I mean it’s not super important but it never hurts right?” I pushed a little bit and felt way too much resistance. One thing at a time.

“Yeah he’s pretty good looking. He’s got short brown hair and built some muscle in football. I mostly just like how nice he is though.” Rachel said with a small smile.

Now was the time to try for a bit of risk. “That makes him the third football player you dated then, huh. There’s something special about him though right?”

Rachel cocked her head. “What do you mean?”

Shit. Alright, gotta start easing her mind up. “I mean he’s a great guy you found after high school. He’s different from the others. He’s your special someone isn’t he?”

I saw the gears I had been working on begin to turn in her head. “Yeah, he is my special someone. He’s a special guy.”

In nodded my head. Time for the next move. “Yes, he is special. You said you really liked his black hair, so do you think it’s because it reminds you of yours?”

Confusion flooded Rachel face for a moment as she looked at my confident expression. I pushed the hardest I had since the start and smiled wide when that calm look came back to her face. “I mean, maybe. I just really liked it and never even thought about my own hair.”

Bingo; now this I could use. “It’s not a problem to not think about things sometimes. Especially since I’m here now.”

I saw a glimmer of understanding in her eyes be replaced with fear. “I… you… I don’t really get what you’re saying. Really I think I should go to my room for now.” She started to shift on the couch.

This was the barrier that had stopped me so many times. It’d take hours to avoid this mental block, and when I practiced on others they’d never talk with me that long. That means the barrier can’t really be avoided, and with strangers that’s basically the end of it. With family though? I’m was willing to guess I could go right through it.

I put on a hurt look. “Oh please don’t be like that Ray Ray. I haven’t seen you in months and really wanted to catch up.”

She stopped moving, looked at me, and furrowed her brow. “Did you seriously just break out that nickname from when we were fucking ten?”

I smiled and continued the mental pressure while I carried on the conversation. “Yes Ray Ray, because at one point, we had a good relationship. Remember how much you loved me when we were kids?”

Now was an important moment. As Rachel pulled up her memory of us as children I grabbed onto the emotions it called up and tried to amplify them over everything else. That means I took the little feelings of love for me she had and put them on blast trying to make sure the only thing she was feeling at the moment was total love for me. All that could wash out her fear, and the mental block would be an issue no more.

I felt my cock twitch as I drew satisfaction from Rachel’s face melting into one of compassion. Then sadness began to overtake her expression, “I’m so sorry, I guess I just don’t think about the way things used to be very much.”

I tried to put on an understanding look as my heartbeat picked up. “It’s okay Ray Ray. I mean, it’s not too late for us to change our relationship now.”

Rachel put on a sweet, innocent look. “What do you mean?”

I swallowed and prepared for an all out mental assault. “I mean we aren’t kids anymore. We can make decisions now; like how you devoted yourself to your special someone. Remember how you told me how obsessed you were with his resemblance to you, and how he was the smartest person you know, whose every word made you feel happy inside?”

No sense in holding back now. If this was going to work it would work now; if it wasn’t going to work I’d already dug my grave deep enough to never see daylight again.

Rachel drew in sharp breaths. I’d been laying the framework on top of what was already in her head and so I knew what she was going through right now. She was doubting herself, her feelings, and her perception of reality, and so panic was starting to set it. I had to work fast.

“Ray Ray, what’s wrong? Aren’t you feeling well?” I asked with my voice dripping with forced concern.

Rachel gave me a desperate look, and I told myself it’d be the last time I ever saw that from her. “I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening, or what I said, or what you’re doing. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.”

I took Rachel’s hands in mine and looked straight into her eyes again. “Ray Ray, this is just how you feel making decisions. It’s not anything I’m doing that makes you feel this way. I love you and would only ever want you to be happy. You’ve never really known what you wanted to do, but now you’re lucky enough to have found your special someone to take all that confusion away. Right?”

Rachel looked a bit more reassured. “Yes, you’re right. I wanted someone to give me some direction in life.”

I smiled sweetly. “And that special someone that you’re ready to give yourself over fully to; you know who he is don’t you.” I pushed the image into her mind.

Rachel pondered my words. “I… I see his face but… I can’t think of his name… I want… I want to give myself to him.”

I put a hand on her cheek. “Close your eyes Ray Ray, and think of your special someone. He is the only one who’s special, so he’s all that matters. Once you have him, you don’t even need to worry about yourself anymore. He’s smart enough to choose for you. To listen to whatever he says will bring you joy. You don’t have to worry about his name either, because we both know what you need to call him. You know him as ‘Master.’”

I saw a single tear run down her face. I’ll never know, nor care why. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Then the largest smile I’d ever seen her wear came across her face she uttered one word:


Rachel threw her arms around me and I reveled in the experience for a few moments before moving on with the plan. “Release me. You should know to exercise restraint if you do not want to upset me.”

She quickly let go and moved back. “I’m sorry, I was just so happy to finally have you, Master.”

I fought back a smug smile. “So long as you play your role, you will never be anything but happiness from now on. However there are some things we need to cover first.”

Rachel nodded her head. “Anything.”

I put a hand to my chin. “First of all I have been referring to you as Ray Ray. You know that this is not truly your name though correct?”

Rachel response was immediate. “No Master, Ray Ray isn’t my name.”

I started pushing on her mind again. “Thats correct. You’re name is Mindless Slut, or just Slut for short.”

Rachel’s expression started to twist as she took in this new information. I decided it was still early enough that she’d need to be eased in. “Ray Ray was the nickname that I gave you, and you loved it, and so it should stand to reason that I am the one that gets to decide what you are called. You may have been called other things by other people in the past, but you always truly knew that I was the one who would decide the name that fit you. Mindless Slut is the only name that may bring you true happiness.

Now she began to relax. “You’re right Master. I understand now what my name is.”

I shook my head. “No, no. With you there is no ‘I’ because you aren’t one that owns a name and identity, but one that is owned and allowed an identity. You will refer to yourself only as Mindless Slut.”

She briefly cocked her head before smiling once more. “Mindless Slut understands. Mindless Slut is happy that Master is so kind and smart.”

My cock was aching by this point, so I thought I deserved a little reward for my hard work. “Good. Now, it’s time I introduce you to the object of your worship from now on. Ready?” I watched her eyes light up as a dropped my pants to reveal my throbbing erection. I moved it closer to her as I opened her mind up once again to accept instructions.

“For you, Mindless Slut, this is the most important thing in existence. You crave this cock. You dream of this cock. You are hopelessly addicted to seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, and tasting it. You always restrain your lust, because you are a good Mindless Slut, but in the back of your mind you will always know that this is what matters to you.”

As each word sunk in I began to see the desire in her eyes grow. Soon she began to reach for my penis, but I stopped her by putting a finger in front of her face. “You haven’t even done anything to deserve this cock. Why would I just let you pleasure it?”

She looked saddened, and as drool began to drip down down her lips, I finally I got to hear those words I’d fantasized about for months. “Please, Master, how can Mindless Slut earn the privilege of pleasuring you? Mindless Slut will do whatever it takes to be accepted by Master and his cock.”

I refrained from immediately jamming my dick into her mouth. “The TV isn’t working, and I’d like to be entertained. Take off your top and dance for me.” I commanded.

Without hesitation she was up and her shirt was off. She seemed to pick up on what I meant and soon she was dancing like a proper slave, shaking her ass and licking her fingers.

A few things began dawning on me at this point. “You know how to dance like you’re trying to impress. I bet they tip a lot better at the restaurant for the teasing than they do the food. Tell me, did you get off on it?”

Rachel kept up the routine by gently tracing a hand over her body. “Yes master. Mindless Slut always loved when the boy’s eyes were on her. When Mindless Slut got home she would dance in the mirror while thinking of them, just to feel that thrill.”

While other men getting to take pleasure in my sisters body without my permission bothered me, I was more interested in what this meant about her character than anything else. Perhaps my victory did not come from defeating her nature, but rather unlocking it. After a few moments my interest in this began to fade however, as I became fixated on the dull tan bra my sister wore.

I snapped my fingers to make sure she was paying attention. “Tell me, do you own underwear that’s more sexy than that? Why would I have need of a slut who can’t even properly present herself?”

A look of worry shot across her face while she spread her legs, bent her knees and made a humping motion. “Mindless Slut’s old boyfriend took her lingerie, and Mindless Slut doesn’t have money for more.”

I nodded my head. “I assumed as much. This time, I will let it slide, but from now on I expect you to be a good sexy fuckdoll. For now though, take off your shorts and give your master a lap dance. If you do it well, I’ll even help you get the things you need to be a proper slave.”

I knew it wouldn’t be hard to fund some lingerie. Back at Uni I had convinced my roommate that he’d need to take out several extra thousands in student loans, call in all the help he could from his family, and get a full-time job if he was going to have enough money. Then I convinced him that he’d need me to look after his finances, and so I was given access to his account and every purchase he was going to make had to go through me. I smiled as I remembered telling him I was going to take his stress away as he giddily handed me the cash in his wallet.

Flashing back to reality I began to drink in the sight. Rachel smiled wide as her shorts came off. There in her bra and panties she gave me a genuine look of lust before she began shaking her ass around my still hard cock.

I decided to inject a bit more deep in her head. “You know that this dick is like your holy idol. Every touch you feel from it is blissful, and you aren’t afraid to show it.”

Her eyes glazed over for a moment and I decided to test her new command. I began to prop her ass with the tip of my dick when she brought it close and I heard her let out involuntarily gasps and whimpers of pleasure. After a few short moments I began to lose my cool and found myself grabbing onto her firm ass and pulling down on her panties. I decided to give her a firm slap on the ass and she let out a yelp before I scolded her for doing so.

I looked her deep in the eyes once more. “As I told you, everything I give you when you are my slut is pleasure. Even loss, humiliation and pain are are wonderful to you. Now don’t upset your master with such a reaction again.”

This time she merely bowed her head. “Mindless Slut understands.”

It seemed like she finally didn’t need anymore easing. Good. I was just about at my limit and wanted to get a good release in before I needed to be tactful again.

I gave her a smile as she looked back at me. “I really like the position you’re holding, but I know you can go further. Put your hands together behind your back and bow deeply to your master.”

Immediately she took the pose I told her to, and she looked pleased to do it.

I ran my hand through her hair. “Very good. Now, I know that you’ve always been an exotic girl, so you can’t tell me you don’t have something to use for lube. Retrieve it for me and come back at once.”

She was gone for only a few moments before she came back with a generic looking soap bottle.

I frowned in disgust. “Just soap won’t do for your master, slut. I thought you would know this.”

Rachel shook her head. “No master, it isn’t soap. I always keep my lube in bottles like these in case mom decides to examine Mindless Slut’s possessions… Which are now all your possessions Master.”

Well that was… reasonably clever. I guess my sister could actually think things through when it came to hiding how she liked to fuck her boyfriends.

I nodded my head. “Very good. Now, hand me the bottle, take your bra off, lay down on the couch and push your tits together.”

Rachel obeyed without a word, and soon I was gazing upon her tits, which while bigger than the shitty bra would make one think, but were still modestly sized at best. The silence wasn’t all that attractive to me though, and for a moment I considered installing a “yes, master” mantra when I gave her a command. Maybe I would later, but for now I was content to pour the lube onto her chest and position her in-between my legs, with my cock between her tits. I began to thrust my hips, reveling in the sensation of fucking my sister’s tits. Rachel followed her commands, and I watched her shiver in ecstasy as she finally came into contact with the wonderful cock of her dreams.

I humped until my pleasure turned to frustration, since I couldn’t reach my orgasm trying to work with just my sisters small tits. I told Rachel to put the lube onto her hands and then put them onto my cock that was still positioned just above her chest.

I let out a soft moan and looked down at my sister. “Now stroke my dick. Focus on nothing else but the feeling of jerking me off. Pay special attention to the head, and don’t stop until you are rewarded with my semen.”

With that Rachel began to caress my balls with one hand while the other glided over my shaft. She rubbed the head of my dick lovingly, and I knew that I didn’t have long. I’d been so fucking pent up to begin with, that almost as soon as this all started, I blew my load without warning onto Rachel’s face and tits.

Bathing in my afterglow I returned to a seated position on the couch.

“Good slut. Now kneel in front of me and clean yourself off. You know how. Lick up all the semen on you, and if it drips off, lick it up off of whatever it falls on. Don’t stop until you’ve tasted all of the sweet load I bestowed upon you.”

I don’t know if Rachel even waited for me to finish my command before she began greedily lapping at her chest and collecting my juices in her hand before putting it all into her mouth. She thoroughly traced her tongue around every portion of her body that my cum had been, and then licked every area again, all the while with a purely content look on her face.

I allowed myself a few strokes of my cock while it already began to harden once again before moving on. “Good girl. Now I know you had fun just now, and I want to see those results. Sit down on the couch and take off your panties. Then I want to see you masturbate with passion.”

She took the position I told her to, and as her panties came off I got my first look at her hot, wet pussy. It looked like she shaved, but nowhere near regularly, but what was really striking is how her juices seemed about ready to flood down her leg and drench what was around it. It seemed that ever since she’d embraced me she’d been turned on, and my extra prodding had threatened to push her over the edge. As I looked at my sister’s nude body for the first time as she prepared to fulfill my wishes, I understood that she was really all mine. Her mouth, her tits, her ass, everything. A few minutes into her performance I took out my phone and began to take pictures.

While Rachel pleasured herself at my command she looked up at me with the camera. “Why… do you want to do that… Master?” She asked through moans and waves of pleasure.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I just want to be able to relive the moment. Maybe someone would even buy these off of me, and then we could get money together to get you a tit-surgery. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Rachel looked down at her chest as she massaged her left nipple. “Mindless Slut’s breasts have... always been this way…. Do they not make you happy… Master?”

I let out a light sigh. “First off, from now on they aren’t breasts, they’re tits. Secondly, maybe when you were a shell of a person those tits were fine, but now that I own you we should both be considering some upgrades. Don’t you want to be the best slave possible?”

Rachel bit her bottom lip and nodded vigorously as more pleasure radiated through her. “Yes, yes, Master…. Mindless Slut wants to be everything you want…. Change her clothes and her hair… enlarge her tits make her do as you wish... Mindless Slut will always obey to please Master.”

I laughed to myself and smiled at her. “I think devotion like that should be rewarded. Cum.”

As soon as the words left my mouth her eyes shot open as the electricity rocketed through her body and she let out several powerful moans. Her hips thrust gently and some drool began to slip down her mouth. She shook and panted as her orgasm wracked her whole body and she began to smile sweetly. As she started to come down she look deep into my eyes of her own accord. “Oh.. OH MASTER. Thank you. Thank you for pleasing your Mindless Slut. Oh.. thank you master.”

She looked so serene I almost considered letting that be it for the day. Then I just laughed to myself again when I remembered my aching erection. I held my shaft in my hand and brought it closer to her, watching elation enter my sister’s expression.

I licked my lips as a prepared my command. “You’ve been a good girl Mindless Slut, and your master thinks you could use some practice at something else. I want you to take this dick into your mouth and blow me like it was the only thing that mattered in this world. You will be passionate, and you’ll care about nothing else but getting my dick to its glorious orgasm,” I put it to the tip of her lips, “Suck me off sis.”

The pleasure was immediate and almost too extraordinary to describe. To her, blowing me wasn’t just foreplay or a chore, but rather a holy ritual from which she drew immense satisfaction. She wrapped her tongue around my shaft and bobbed her head with gusto. I gave my moans and grunts of approval and she transitioned to licking the head of my penis, and then soon she took my length down to the balls into her mouth and throat. For a moment I wondered if she forgot about breathing, but as I looked down in her with my dick still deep in your mouth I saw nothing but admiration, and even worship in her eyes. She pulled back and took in short breaths before sucking my shaft once more.

All the while she was giving me a blowjob I felt her own moans of pleasure shake my dick, since her programming made sure she enjoyed this almost as much as I did. I was prepared to last far longer than I had earlier, but as time went on I felt myself getting closer and closer to my climax. I knew I could prolong it if I wanted to… but why should I? I grabbed onto her head and began thrusting my cock in and out of my slut’s mouth and felt her gagging ever so slightly on my cock. I continued until I was sure my orgasm was imminent, and then held my dick in her mouth while I shot several hot strings of cum into her mouth.

I pulled my cock from her mouth, which hung open slightly with nothing to fill it.

I put a finger on her chin and pushed her mouth closed. “Do not spit out that cum, and do not swallow it without my permission. We have some more things to cover.”

Rachel dutifully held my semen in her mouth as she nodded her head at me.

I let out a breath as my racing heart began to settle. “Mindless Slut, you know what you are, but you must also understand that no one other than your Master may ever know what that is. You must always make sure to never let anyone know you have given yourself over to me, and to do that you must be ready to put on a great performance. You have lived much of your life already portraying the lie that we will call ‘Rachel,’ and so I expect you to be able to continue this. So, when I tell you to swallow my semen, you will forget about all that has happened here, and begin pretending to be the girl ‘Rachel,’ who we both know does not truly exist. You will behave as she would and never give anyone a reason to suspect you, because if you are ever uncovered, then you whole life will be filled not with happiness, but with misery. That being said, you will continue to obey me when I make it clear you should, and when it is finally time for you to return to being who you are, I will tell you I want my Mindless Slut back. Understand?”

Rachel looked sad at this order, but nonetheless nodded her head deeply.

I nodded my head in return. “Now then, I want you to cook me a nice meal and take a shower. After you have completed these, I want you to sit next to me once again.”

Rachel stood up and began to walk toward the kitchen, still naked, and still with my cum in her mouth. I looked down at her discarded clothing and picked her panties up from the pile.

I snapped my fingers to regain her attention and held them up. “I think these will be a nice memento for me to hold onto. You will not miss these and will soon begin to look for more satisfactory underwear, even when masquerading as Rachel. Now hurry with the meal.”

Rachel returned to her duties while I fixed the television, and soon I had a warm plate of food in front of me while the shower ran in the bathroom. Rachel exited the shower and sat next to me, completely naked.

I ran a hand down my face. “If you’re going to pretend to be Rachel you have to look the part right? Oh, never mind; it’s my fault for not being specific. Put your shorts, bra and shirt back on.”

Rachel followed my orders and soon looked just about how she did when I came into the house. I smiled and flipped through the channels for a few minutes while I waited for the inevitable return of our mother. Sure enough, I soon heard her car enter the garage.

As the doorknob turned and the door began to open I leaned over to Rachel. “Swallow, slut.”

Rachel finally took my seed down her throat and all at once her demeanor completely changed. She looked around confused, but it seemed the command had worked.

Our mother entered with a sigh. “Another bullshit day at work. How are you two?”

While Rachel continued to awkwardly look around, I took the initiative. “Well I got home not too long ago, and Rachel here has been asleep most of the day, so I guess we’re doing better by comparison mom.”

Rachel pondered this briefly, but it seemed the answer I offered was satisfactory to her.

I stood up from the couch. “Speaking of sleep actually, I know it’s early but I had a long flight and an interesting day. I wanted to stay up to see you, but now I think I’m just going to call it an early night.”

My mother cocked her head slightly. “Don’t you two want to eat anything first?”

I shook my head. “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Rachel opened her mouth to speak, “If he’s not hungry I’d like to… umm… actually I feel like I just ate for… some reason.”

I fought back a sick laugh and stepped into my room. “Goodnight.”

I locked the door behind me and lay down in my bed. I pulled my sister’s panties from under my pillow and felt them in-between my fingers. I could hardly wait to experience what me and her would do next. Maybe I could take her back to Uni with me, especially since I already convinced my roommate the the floor is more than good enough for him to sleep on. She could keep me company, and maybe I’d even get her set up as a dancer at the local club to make her more useful. I had a whole vacation ahead of me before that though.