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(Note from author: This story, as well as any others in this series, was posted on the Tickling Media Forum as Michael2002 and the Erotic Mind-Control Archive as Michael McMann. If you happen to see any (or parts) of these stories posted elsewhere, know that it was not posted with my permission and may their web server shut down on them for stealing credit for something that was not theirs. If you are under 18, this is probably not suited for you. However, I started this whole series when I was 17, so I’d probably be a hypocrite if I told you that you weren’t allowed to read this. Plus, there’s nothing I can do to stop you from reading it, so it’s your choice.)

Hypno-tickling Chapter 2

It had been awhile since I had hypnotized my girlfriend Rachel. I made sure that I wiped her memory of the entire experience. I wished that I had brought a camera to the occasion. Of course, the only records of it now were in my head and in print. I didn’t know when I would be given another opportunity to try out anything else that I wanted to do. Fortunately, I was invited to a bachelor party during the summer and I was secretly invited to bring the entertainment. I had never done a show before and I didn’t think I was going to be able to now. Lucky for me, lots of people were skeptical about my ability and volunteered to be hypnotized. Being the guy that I was, I took a few of the female volunteers that I thought were hot looking and tried to put them in a trance. Only five of them were successfully put into deep trances. The others were either in light trances or faked the entire thing. I was able to figure out the fakers by doing a quick tickle. They stopped pretending immediately. This technique also made sure that there weren’t any light trances either. I specifically wanted the deepest ones I could find. Now, a couple of them would do it for free. The others insisted on getting paid for it. I wasn’t exactly rich and I couldn’t exactly ask my parents, because technically they didn’t know and there was no way I was going to admit what I was doing. My sister might have told them if I hadn’t hypnotized her and kept her from remembering that I could. So, I went and cheated a little bit, put them back under and told them they’d do it for twenty bucks. Of course, I did have that type of cash, so they agreed after they got paid. I also made sure that whatever happened, they wouldn’t be able to extract revenge on the hypnotist.

There were a few scenarios that I wanted to put these girls through. I decided that I wanted to have them one on one. (Side note: I’m not being sexist or anything, but every stage hypnotist show that I’ve seen online or in person, there’s numerous examples of male strippers. It kinda disgusts me. I mean, when’s the last time you’ve seen a hypnotized woman stripping all the way down to her underwear during a stage hypnotist show? And no, it doesn’t count if the example is on one of those hypno-fetish sites.) Anyway, my first victim was a cute-looking brunette, Jennifer. She came wearing tight-fitting jeans and one of those pink lace heart T-shirts. Now, I’m not going to bore you with the entire induction. It’s too time and space consuming. But I will tell you a common suggestion I gave to all the girls. I had them imagine that there were two control knobs. The first one was their hypnotized level on a scale of 1-10. The higher the number, the deeper they’re under. The second knob was their ticklishness level. It wasn’t on a scale of 1-10, but on a scale of 1-infinity. In fact, I made sure that the knob would always be turned as fast and hard to the right as quick as possible. When I thought their level was high enough, I had them imagine that the ticklish knob had broken off and their ticklishness would remain where it was until I decided to put the knob back in. Another thing, whenever they heard the word “ticklish” they would feel themselves being quickly tickled under their arms. Sometimes I just drew out the word slowly to have them enjoy a few moments being hypnotically tickled. One last thing: before any of these sessions I made sure the subjects used the bathroom because I didn’t want to have any accidents while their body was out of their control.

Two reasons why I like hypno-tickling. One: Hypnosis is the manipulation of the mind. Having one to believe in invisible bondage is an excellent example. You need no materials whatsoever. The only bindings are all in the subject’s mind and if her will isn’t strong enough to counter against suggestions, she’s as helpless as she’ll ever be. Second: Tickling is the manipulation of the body. Going for one or more sweet spots leaves the victim willing to do anything if you stop. Then, there’s the reason why I write these stories. I’ve looked through search engine after search engine and the only types of hypno-tickling stories I see are always male. There’s not enough female hypno-tickling and I wish there were more of this type. So, I have to be one of the very few to actually come up with this stuff. I personally like reading the stories, not make it up myself. Anyway, back to the story.

So here we were. Me, the hypno-tickler and her, the unaware hypnotized subject. “You’re finding yourself, your body floating upward, resting on a cloud. This cloud is sending relaxation throughout your entire body, relaxation and pleasure. My voice and your thoughts are one. Think nothing but the sound of my voice. Feel yourself relaxed so much that you can’t move even if you wanted to. Your entire body is just too heavy.” She accepted my suggestions without any resistance whatsoever. Time for those clothes to come off. “This cloud is your source of pleasure and relaxation. However, your shirt seems to be getting in the way between you and the cloud. Maybe you should remove it.” And just like that her hands start off by themselves, grip the ends of her shirt and peel it off her body revealing a flowery white bra. “You feel more pleasure flow throughout your body coming from the cloud. However, your pants seem to be in the way...” I continued this suggestion until her jeans, her bra and her panties were completely stripped off, leaving her with absolutely no cover, her entire body was naked before the world. I let her body relax even more, coming in every now and then to check the hypno-level knob. I think she was completely beyond the 10 scale when she took off her panties. Before anything else, I let my hands wander over her sexy body. I did this because I wanted to be able to touch and feel her before she started reacting to my touch. I was pretty sure there was a huge grin on my face. I felt it was time to play doctor.

“When I clap my hands twice, you will awaken in time for your doctor appointment. You will believe that I am your doctor and you have come for your physical exam. However, you are in for your ticklish spots to be checked. If your spots aren’t checked, then you will most surely get sick. You will not resist any tests that I think of, because they are completely normal and have everything to do with your well being.” I repeated what I just said in my mind, checking to see that I didn’t forget anything. ‘Oh, I did forget something.’ “When I snap my fingers twice, you will fall immediately back into a trance even deeper than before. Do you understand?” She was so relaxed, I had to get her to swallow before she could reply. ‘Here we go.’ CLAP...CLAP. Her eyes instantly snapped open.

“Good afternoon,” I said in my cheerful bedside matter.

“Hello.” she said shyly.

“My dear, there’s no reason to be shy. We’re just doing a routine exam, that’s all.” She nodded in understanding. “Now tell me, where are you ticklish?” Not surprisingly she giggled at the question. That and her arms squeezed tighter to cover her arms. She massaged the soles of her feet.

“Well, there’s my feet. Then there’s my sides here. I’m especially ticklish underneath my arms.” She grinned in embarrassment.

“I see. Now when was the longest period you’ve ever been tickled?” I could see her contemplating that question for a moment.

“Probably about twenty seconds.” She looked at me wondering what I was going to do to her.

“Well, if you could stand up for me, please.” She slowly stood up. “Now don’t worry, you’re going to be completely safe.”

“Why? What’s going to happen?” she said nervously.

“I need you to reach up as far as you can.” I could see the confusion on her face. But she complied with no complaint.

“FREEZE!” I said. Her eyes glazed over. She froze in her position. When I freeze a subject, she enters a trance ready to follow any suggestions until I snap her out. “You will not be able to move your body from this position. Your only movable limbs will be from the neck up. Your arms will be locked in that position for the duration of this exercise. That ticklishness knob has been turning to the right for the past few seconds. I will now remove the knob.” Her entire body seemed to shiver with that suggestion. “You are now also blindfolded too.” Again, I wondered if I forgot anything. ‘Nope.’ “UNFREEZE!” Her face was frozen in shock.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Don’t worry.” I said, playing the doctor again. “This is all part of your exam.” I could see her try to struggle with her body. True to my command, the only thing she could do was move her head and feel my touch. I went near her and whispered, “Vibrator.” Another one of my favorite suggestions, with every breath she took, she would feel a vibrator in between her legs pleasuring her. The faster she was breathing, the stronger the vibrator was. Her breathing started to become a little more audible. “Ready?” I don’t think she was, but what was she going to do about it? To make sure she was really blind, I wiggled a finger each in front of each of her armpits. I might as well have been doing nothing at all. She showed no reaction except a confused look on her face.

I brushed my fingers just barely over the hypersensitive flesh of her exposed armpits. You can probably imagine her reaction from that. She would’ve jumped if I had let her. But she was still frozen in her pose and couldn’t do anything but react. Her face of confusion instantly transformed into a giggling face of enjoyment. You ever wonder why whenever you torture them like this, they always seem to enjoy it? I believe it’s because of all the natural endorphins just flooding the nervous system. Anyway, I went directly for her sides and started to knead my fingers into them. Her girlish giggles became pure hysterical laughter. I explored every inch that I could of that sexy midriff of hers. I swirled my finger in her belly button. How enjoyable was that? I would’ve gone for the feet, but I prefer going for the upper body. Besides, her feet were still grounded. I dragged my fingers lightly from the stomach, up her sides and lazily drew circles around her breasts. She was definitely getting turned on from this. She was laughing so hard, there were tears starting to stream from her face. But at the same time, I heard some moans pop out every once in awhile. I forgot all about the vibrator suggestion for a moment. She was definitely building herself up for an orgasm. I switched from the breasts back to her armpits, just forming figure eights again and again. Finally, when she was just about to reach the peak of her excitement, I shouted out “FREEZE!” She stopped laughing just like that. I circled around her body, just for the view. She was at the arousal point of no return. I decided to put a post-hypnotic suggestion for the show later. “Etch this moment into your mind. Remember exactly how you feel, how sexually aroused you are at this point. Whenever you hear me use the word...” I thought for a moment. “...’Kapow’ you will feel yourself as aroused as you are at this point. Then you will do whatever comes naturally.” I could see goose bumps start to spread over her body as the suggestion set in. “UNFREEZE!” Without hesitation, she gave an earth-shattering orgasm. However, I decided to play with her a little bit by freezing and unfreezing her throughout the orgasm. Finally, she seemed to be done, all her energy spent. “That’s good. I’m giving you a clean bill of health.” I said with an evil grin on my face. Of course, she was still hypnotically blindfolded so she couldn’t see it. I snapped my fingers twice and she went back under again. I released her from her bondage and quietly had her put her clothes back on. I also made sure to remove the vibrator suggestion and the blindfold too. Then when everything was put back the way it was before the whole session started, I wiped her memory of the past hour and had her believe I hadn’t started yet. I clapped my hands and she woke up dazed and confused.

“Did we start yet?” was the first thing she said. I just raised my eyebrows in mock confusion and asked her if she remembered anything that had just happened. She shook her head. I smiled and told her that she was an excellent subject and that she could go. “Alright, if you say so.” She waved goodbye and left.

The next subject that I was to test out was a lovely young girl named Jessica. She had black hair with a few strands of brown and was around my height. When she showed up, she was wearing a halter-top with a matching color knee-length skirt. Underneath I could see that she had on a pink bikini. First I made sure to put her under as deep as possible using the trance knob. Now was the time for her to start stripping. I was tempted to go with the shower suggestion which would get all of her clothes off. But I decided to go for the stripper audition instead. I’ll just go through the dialogue for good measure.

“Hello and your name would be?”


“And you know what you’re applying for, right?”

“A stripper.”


“I need another part-time job to pay the rent.”

“Okay. Well, remember we’re looking for sexy, almost flirting. You got that?”

She nodded. I went and turned on some music for her. Being a wrestling fan, I turned on one of the entrance themes for the WWE. Specifically, Shawn Michaels song, “Sexy Boy.” I know, I know, not exactly the right type of music, but hey, I think that music’s kind of catchy. Anyway, let me say that she put on quite a show. She kept swiveling her hips, smiling coyly to the music. Eventually, she was completely naked, except the pink bikini bottom. I stopped the music. She started to gather her clothes and looked at me expectantly.

“Congratulations. You got the job.” She looked relieved and a bit embarrassed that she actually stripped at all. But before she could start putting back on her top, I froze her and told her that she had forgotten how to put her clothes on. I unfroze her and watched as she tried to start putting her bikini top around her legs and her skirt over her head. She started giggling, confused. I snapped my fingers twice and I saw her knees buckle as she started to sink to the floor. Fortunately, she fell right into my waiting arms. Trust me, I was enjoying every minute of this. I had her sit down on the couch. I decided to do something different this time. I wasn’t going to be tickling her directly this time. On the contrary, I saw this happen at my Sober Grad Night by a hypnotist show. I was feeling mixed emotions when this happened, because I was angry that my classmates were being manipulated like this, especially since he had guys up there. But at the same time I was also envying the position that he put these people through. I remember that I was always focusing on this cute blonde that was up there. But at last I finally was able to do this myself.

I took one of my sister’s old rag dolls. Can you see where I’m going with this?

“You will remain in trance, but you will open your eyes.” Her eyes fluttered open. “Now you will not take your eyes off of this doll, for it is a voodoo doll and this doll probably looks familiar for it’s a voodoo doll of you.” I made a mental note to do this skit over at the bachelor party. It looks even more fun when there are multiple subjects responding to the suggestion. “Now, I remember when me and my sister got into tickle fights. I usually won because I always squeezed behind the knees like so.” I squeezed the knees of the doll and I was happy to see that Jessica instantly jumped. “I kept squeezing and squeezing behind the knees again and again...” She started to put her hands behind her knees in a desperate attempt to stop the tickling. “I also went for the neck...” She tried to bury her neck into her shoulders. “...under the feet...” She jerked her feet off the floor. “...back to the knees...” She folded her knees close to her body. “...up and down the sides...” She was giggling like a little girl now, twisting her body to stop the hypnotic sensations she believed she was feeling. “...I also pinned her arms over her head...” I lifted the doll’s arms while Jessica’s arms flew up simultaneously. I had a sadistic grin on my face. “...then I got her under the arms...” The giggling changed to laughter when she heard that. “...back down the sides...” I was just enjoying the sight that was taking place in front of me. It was almost like I had a handheld remote to her entire body. Whatever button I pushed, she would feel it instantly. I started talking faster and faster, which resulted in her feeling the tickling go everywhere. “Finally the tickling ended up in the special spot in between her legs, while there was gentle kissing on her neck.” I didn’t exactly do anything to the doll, but she responded to it just the same. She started to moan while her hips kept swiveling around on the couch. I decided to ditch the doll, she was no longer paying attention to it anyways. I continued to tell her that she was feeling all these gentle kisses all over and that she felt a warm tongue continuing to swirl all around her sex. Just as I had done with Jennifer, I had her freeze that moment of no return into her mind and had her remember the key word, “Kapow.” She eventually reached orgasm. In fact, I was so glad that she was responding so well, that I gave her an orgasm 10 times stronger, then 100 times, then 1000 times. She looked like she was becoming over-stimulated. I gave her one more for sadistic reasons and stopped. I had her put on her clothes and woke her up. I didn’t wipe her memory, at least not yet. I wanted to see her reaction. CLAP...CLAP. She woke up surprised and started giggling.

“I can’t believe you did that.” she said.

“You won’t remember it either.” I replied. I froze her, wiped her memory and unfroze her. She blinked a few times with a look of confusion on her face. I stood up. Hesitantly, she followed. “Well, it was nice meeting you.” I said. I shook her hand. She still looked confused and said, “What just happened?” Instead of responding, I told her that I’d see her at the party.

It was about three days before the party and I wanted to at least test at least one girl per day. However, I was surprised to learn that the next subjects that I was to test were close friends, so I decided to have them both come over. One of the girls was a natural brunette named Clarissa, the other was another blonde named Samantha. Clarissa was wearing a blue tank top and cut-off jeans. Samantha was wearing a red T-shirt and white pants. Putting them under was easy enough. Figuring out what I wanted them to do was the hard part. I decided to start with one girl first and have the other just zone out until I got to her. I had Samantha stay under the trance and Clarissa just let her mind wander. First I wanted Samantha to strip. To do that I decided for her to have the shower suggestion. I had her repeat in her mind that she was hot and sweaty and all she wanted to do was take a shower. She actually followed the suggestion without hesitation. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled it down to the floor. Then she peeled her T-shirt off revealing her bare breasts. Obviously she didn’t usually wear tops, because her skin was flawlessly tanned all over her upper body. She proceeded to strip off her panties and she was completely naked. I went and interrupted the shower suggestion, because after all, you’re reading this because you like tickling, right? So anyway, her she was naked and all this time Clarissa is just staring blankly into space, completely clueless on what was going on around her. Now, I could’ve gotten Clarissa to strip, but I decided to hold off on that until later. I had Samantha lie down on the carpet spread-eagled. I think you know where I’m going with this. I then gave her the suggestion that she was completely bound to the floor and that she wouldn’t be able to move. Since they were best friends, Clarissa probably knew exactly where Samantha was ticklish. I cranked up Samantha’s ticklishness knob to as far as I could get it. Then I had Clarissa start to feel horny. In fact her entire horniness would be dependently linked on Samantha’s laughter. The harder she got Samantha to laugh, the more hornier she’d become. Finally, I gave Samantha the magic word “Vibrator.” Then without further delay, I had Clarissa start to tickle torture her best friend without mercy. She went directly for Samantha’s sides. Obedient to my suggestion, all Samantha could do was laugh her head off. She tried to struggle, but her body was completely stuck to the floor. Clarissa was going around, ravaging Samantha’s body like a wild animal. She raked the soles of Samantha’s feet as fast and hard as she could. She ran her fingers up and down the sides; she even used her long silky hair to brush inside Samantha’s armpits. Both of them seemed to be building toward an orgasm. Not wanting to spoil my fun, I froze both of them, Clarissa with her fingers in Samantha’s armpits and Samantha in mid-laughter. I decided to have them orgasm on command by giving them the keyword “Kapow.” Then unfreezing them, I just sat back and watched. Samantha looked like she was becoming over-stimulated by the vibrator suggestion and Clarissa had one of her hands over her sex and the other was still tickling as hard as possible. Finally I decided that they had enough teasing and said “Kapow.” Instantly they were orgasming as hard as they could. I could almost see the sexual pleasure just washing completely over their bodies. I snapped my fingers twice and they were both back under the trance. It was Clarissa’s turn to be tickled. But first, her clothes needed to come off. I decided to make her think that she was at the beach and that she was feeling really warm. I think I said something like, “Naturally, you’re wearing too much clothing for the beach.” Clarissa started to slip down her shorts little by little. Then, I told her that this was a nudist beach. I started building up her confidence in her body and that it was starting to become warmer. She started squirming on the floor like she was resisting these suggestions. I had to think quickly before she woke up and remembered exactly what was happening, so I had to reinforce the trance taking her deeper and deeper. She started squirming less and less, until she stopped completely. Finally, when I was convinced that her conscious mind was out, I decided to do the strip poker scenario where every hand was a losing one. I got an imaginary deck of cards and had her believe that she was always losing. She wasn’t going to be upset, in fact she was completely indifferent to stripping. So here we were, Samantha was knocked out on the floor and me and Clarissa playing many games of strip poker. True to my commands, she pulled off her shorts, then her shirt and finally her bra and panties, all the time unconcerned that she was losing and oblivious to anything I was doing. Finally she was completely naked, her sexy body completely bared of clothing and with a few suggestions, extremely horny. I snapped my fingers and she was out like a light. Now, I don’t know about you people, but I was running short of ideas that haven’t been taken yet. However, there was one suggestion I haven’t seen anybody do before and now was a perfect time as any. I had her become completely limp, which wasn’t hard to do since she was completely relaxed anyways. I told her that everything below her neck was completely no longer in her control. She was going to become the world’s first animatronic tickle toy. She wouldn’t be able to move by herself. All she could do is react and become hornier and hornier. There was going to be an auto shutoff system where when she reached the peak of her orgasm, she would instantly be put back into a trance. I set her ticklishness level up as high as possible. Her face was completely blank and had no idea what was about to happen to her. The instant my fingers made contact with her side, she didn’t giggle. On the contrary, she exploded with laughter, laughing as hard as she could. I didn’t want to waste any of that laughter, so I moved her arms out of the way and started to attack her armpits. Being hypnotically bound is one thing, but when your entire body is limp, it looked like it was pure torture. I didn’t have to worry about any wiggling or squirming. I just sank my entire being into her sweet laughter. I went and scribbled my fingers over the soles of her feet, dragged my fingers up over her legs, drew zigzags on her sides and just enjoyed spending long moments in her smooth armpits. Finally I started to notice that she was starting to moan in between the bursts of laughter. I was assuming that she wanted to release so bad. I was in no hurry, so I just took my time going back down her body, swirling my little finger in her belly button, brushing my fingers over her tight stomach, until finally I got to her sex. I contemplated whether to let her orgasm or not, all the while just letting my fingers getting her more stimulated. I waited for a few minutes and sure enough she orgasmed as well as she could, because since her body was completely limp, she couldn’t thrust or move her hips. Then it was over. She fell back into the trance, and I was left standing with two gorgeous naked girls lying at my feet. I had them sit back on the couch without putting their clothes back on. I wanted to see their reactions when they had no memory of the trance. I clapped my hands twice and they woke up. Their first reaction was confusion. I enjoyed the moment when their eyes flew down to their bodies and back up to me. They attempted to cover up and asked me a few questions like, “What happened?” and “Why am I naked?” I gave the post-hypnotic trigger, “Kapow,” and they started to masturbate right in front of me, building themselves to orgasm. Just when they looked like they were reaching the peak, I snapped my fingers and all that sexual tension evaporated. They were back in trance. Before I had them put their clothes back on, I decided to do one last thing with this twosome. I had them place their hands under each others arms, so Samantha’s hands were under Clarissa’s armpits and vice-versa. After telling them their hands were stuck to the skin, I gave them the suggestion that they were in a tickle fight. In fact all their ticklishness would be focused into that one particular area. I also told them that whoever got the other to reach an orgasm first would win. I clapped my hands to wake them up and they found themselves in a ticklish situation. They instantly drew their arms in, trapping the other’s tickling fingers underneath. I watched with glee, them struggling to tickle-torture the other with everything they got. Eventually, Samantha orgasmed a few seconds before Clarissa did. After all the activity, I wiped their memory again and had them get dressed. After making sure that the post-hypnotic triggers were still active and that their memories were wiped, I woke them up. This time they woke up, thinking that we hadn’t started yet. When they left, I could hear them saying something about being a fraud. I chuckled to myself, knowing full well that they were hypnotizable.

Now if you remember, I said that I found five girls that were successfully hypnotized for the show. The fifth candidate that was successfully hypnotized was a cute brunette named Sandra. Now, I’ll tell you one thing, she was short. She was around five feet, but this girl looked unbelievable. However, I could tell at a glance that this she was a conservative, shy one, because when she showed up, she was wearing a gray sweatshirt and loose fit jeans. She was so adorable and I knew her body was hot enough to die for. Yet, she covered up. The only time I saw her body was back during my eighth grade graduation picnic, when she wore this midnight black bikini at the pool there. I couldn’t wait to get her to show her stuff off again. She was looking at me, clearly nervous, uncertain what to expect. I was running out of ideas on how to make these girls strip. I thought for a moment. I already used strip poker, the cloud metaphor, the shower, the stripper... What else could I do that was original? Finally it came to me; I would try the beach suggestion again. I used my post-hypnotic trigger to put her back into a trance. Crossing my fingers, I gave her the suggestion that she was at a beach and she was starting to get warm. Obviously, with that sweatshirt on, she was feeling overheated. I didn’t have to say another word. Off came her sweatshirt and jeans, leaving her in a white T-shirt and black panties. I continually made her get hotter and eventually her T-shirt was stripped off, revealing a matching black bra. I took a moment to admire her body. Her brown silky hair was draped below her shoulders, her chest rose and fell with each breath, her stomach was taut and flat, she looked like she was taking really good care of herself. I decided that she looked so good, forget the beach, she was going to be a stripper. I went and got a camera with a flash, made sure there was no film in it (I was tempted, but I didn’t want any evidence of what I was doing.), got a strobe light and convinced her that she was the best stripper in the world. I was her photographer and that with every flash, she would feel herself get hornier and hornier. The next half-hour I was treated to a real great show, she was constantly massaging her breasts, running her hands over her sexy body, her bra and panties completely gone. I was just snapping away with the camera and then decided to get her real horny by activating the strobe light. Right when she looked like she was about to reach the peak of her excitement, I snapped my fingers and she was out like a light. Now was the time for the tickle torture to start. I carefully folded her clothes and put it aside and out of the way. I asked her if she was ticklish. Surprisingly, she told me that she wasn’t. That would’ve posed a problem, if I weren’t in control of her that is. I created the ticklishness knob in her mind and got her to believe that she was indeed ticklish. Just to test the suggestion out, I used the key phrase “ticklish” and drew out the word to see if she would react. Turns out it worked like a charm. She started to giggle the moment the word started to leave my lips. I felt it was time to play “Truth or Dare.” I planted the idea of being tickled until orgasm deeply in her mind. I also made sure she didn’t realize that she was naked. I clapped my hands to awaken her. She seemed completely alright with playing and said that I should go first. I chose a dare and she gave me a really silly dare that I don’t think I should repeat. The fun part about playing this while the other person is hypnotized is that you can implant the suggestion that you’ve already done it. That’s exactly what I did. I froze her, convinced her I already done it, and unfroze her. She started to laugh, thinking I was really crazy to actually do it. Of course, now was her turn. I decided to have her choose her own dare, so I refroze her and asked her what she wanted to do. Obviously, she wanted to be tied up and tickled until orgasm. I unfroze her and gave her that exact dare plus blindfolding her. She reluctantly accepted the dare, not knowing what to expect. I led her to the bedroom. Not wanting to have to actually tie her up, I hypno-bound and blindfolded her under hypnosis. Now, it was just me and a spread-eagled hypnotized, ticklish girl. I used the now-familiar “Vibrator” trigger and instantly she started to breathe more heavily. I got one of those colorful, feather dusters, basically a huge stick covered with feathers that look more like a huge helping of cotton candy. I started to twirl it around in front of her face. Since she was blind at the moment, I don’t think she even knew. She seemed to be listening, trying to anticipate where I was coming from. Then, I attacked! I rotated the duster right on her tight stomach. She started to giggle with embarrassment, probably not believing she was put into this position. I pretended that I was a car wash and she was the car in the drying cycle. I held the stick upright and traced it along her sides. She was squirming with the energy she could muster, but the energy was being drained with the constant laughter that was leaving her sexy lips. I then held the stick horizontally and just barely let the feathers brush against her now erect nipples. After about a few minutes of this, I decided to use another post-hypnotic trigger, “Loop.” This trigger made her feel any sensations that she was feeling at that particular moment and would keep feeling it, even when I wasn’t even touching that spot at all. In other words, when I quickly ran the feathers over her stomach and sides again, she would continue to feel the feathers tickling her there, even though I was over by her feet now. So I wasn’t touching her at all, but as far as she was concerned, I haven’t left those spots yet. Since this “tickle stick” was long, I had no trouble getting both feet at the same time. She kept clenching and unclenching her toes, wiggling them with no purpose. I dropped the stick onto the floor, stood back and surveyed this girl I was torturing. She was laughing her head off, every few seconds she was either begging for me to stop or she let out a moan from the stimulation she was feeling from the imaginary vibrator. Finally, I had enough observing and gave everything I got into those soft underarms of hers. I think it was too much for her, because after a few seconds she started to grit her teeth, arch her back and started thrusting with all she had. As much as I was enjoying this, I felt she had enough and gave her the “Kapow” trigger. I could almost see the orgasm flow throughout her entire body, her body tensed up to the feeling. Then, she collapsed. Everything was silent, except for her heavy breathing and the occasional giggles. I made sure to remove the “Loop” trigger; I didn’t want her to start building up again. Correction, I was saving the multiple orgasms for my final subject. I released her from her bondage and removed her blindness. I asked her how she felt and she responded that was the best feeling she ever felt in her entire life. I put her back under, got her dressed and wiped her memory. However, I made sure that great feeling she had would still be with her when she woke up. I clapped my hands and she woke up with a sexy smile on her face. “I’m feeling a little more energetic than I usually do. What happened?” I told her that I just gave her the suggestion that she would be feeling great and full of energy when she woke up. “Really? Because I haven’t felt this great since...ever!” We shook hands and she told me she’d see me at the party.

That was five girls right there. But, I felt like I needed one more to make it even. I decided I’d ask my girlfriend Rachel. She was still skeptical that I couldn’t hypnotize her. In case you forgot or haven’t read my first story, Rachel is about 5′ 3″, blonde, supermodel body and flawlessly tanned body with not even a single freckle anywhere. I scanned her body, her velvet red vest over her tight white T-shirt, so thin that it allowed me to see her blue bikini top underneath. Her skimpy cut-off blue jeans followed by her perfectly sculpted legs, down to her hiking boots. She was giving me that same coy smirk she did when I hypnotized her before, daring me to put her under. Mark my words, I was going to replace that smug smirk with a full-out smile.

“You’ve already tried once. I still don’t think you can do it.” she said. I felt my heart start to pump harder with that challenge. ‘Time to make you eat your words.’ I thought silently.

“You want to make a bet?”

“I’m listening.” Before I said anything else, I snapped my fingers and she was back into a trance. Since it had been awhile, I decided to deepen the trance even further, before I continued. First of all, I had her remove her boots and socks. Let her feet breathe. Second, I gave her the post-hypnotic suggestion that she would remove an article of clothing whenever she saw me scratch behind my ear. She wouldn’t notice what she was doing until I pointed it out to her. I clapped my hands twice and she stood there as if nothing happened. “Well, you got my attention.” I casually scratched behind my ear. Her face was still staring at me, but her body was moving all on its own. She removed her vest and let it drop carelessly to the floor.

“Tell you what...” I began, scratching behind my other ear. Off came her jeans, revealing the blue bikini bottom that matched her top. “If I can...” Scratch. Off came her T-shirt. “...get you to...” Scratch. Her top met her clothes on the floor. “...strip down naked...” One more casual scratch and she was completely naked. “’ll believe that I hypnotized you.” She shook her head disbelievingly.

“Dream on. There’s no way you’re going to get me to do that.” She crossed her arms over her chest and gave me a challenging look. I don’t think she was expecting me to return with a sadistic grin.

“Oh really?” My eyes glanced at her body. “What are you wearing then?” She gave me a confused look that was replaced with a look of embarrassment when she looked down at her nude body. She covered up the best she could.

“Oh my god! I’m naked!” She looked around for her clothes, where they were scattered all over the floor. I allowed her to redress herself, it wasn’t like she was keeping those clothes on for long anyways.

“You still don’t believe I hypnotized you?” I said. She gave me a look like she was going to kill me. Of course, that was her way of saying ‘I can’t believe you did that!’ Besides, even if she tried to hurt me, she’d have to fight against my suggestions first. Before anything else was said, I snapped my fingers and put her back under. I wiped her memory of the past few moments and got ready for a good time. It was time to play “Tickle Strip.” For those of you who don’t know how to play, the tickler gets to tickle the ticklee anywhere where bare skin is showing. If the ticklee says the words, ‘No’, ‘Stop’, or ‘Uncle,’ the tickling would stop, but the ticklee would have to remove an article of clothing. If she could get to an orgasm before she was stripped completely naked, then the players switch. If she were stripped naked, she’d be tickle-tortured until orgasm. The best part about this is that with a snap of fingers I can make her say any of those words whether she wanted to or not. I froze her body and had her spread herself out. I made sure that she knew what she was playing before I turned up her ticklish knob up to high as it could go. The only places with skin, I could see were her neck, legs and knees. I went and hypno-bound her to the bed. I then proceeded by starting to squeezing her knees. It took only a few seconds for her to say “Stop!” I calmly went to the foot of the bed and removed her left boot. I was about to start up again when I decided to take off her other boot. Making sure to follow the rules, (wink, wink) I snapped my fingers and she let out a “No.” Her face showed astonishment as if she couldn’t believe she had said that. I proceeded with the other boot, snapped my fingers two more times, (making sure that they were spaced out, I wasn’t trying to put her back under yet.) and off came her socks. Now, I’m not a foot fetish like most of you out there, but they were her most vulnerable spot for the time being. I straddled her legs, put her feet together and started to rake them for all their worth. She would’ve been thrashing around on the bed if I hadn’t paralyzed her body. I just calmly wiggled my fingers over her soft soles all the while with her head bouncing around. I believe she screamed “No!” a few times, but I was enjoying myself. Finally, I released her ankles and proceeded to remove her vest and T-shirt, all the while with her sobbing “Oh god.” I pulled off her jeans and just like that she was in her blue bikini once more. I straddled her body, her entire upper body, helpless and vulnerable to me. She tried to beg for me to release her. “Please, I can’t take any more.” She gave me big puppy dog eyes, attempting to get me to stop. Of course, I knew she was enjoying this. She was trying desperately not to become submissive on me, but she was mine whether she liked it or not. Besides, this way I wouldn’t have to actually have sex with her to pleasure her beyond belief. I wiggled my fingers just in range of her most ticklish spot, her armpits. She started to struggle, giggling with her cute girlish laughter, trying to anticipate when I’d actually make contact. I got even closer and she started to laugh her head off, begging and pleading me not to tickle her. I actually enjoy this reaction, I haven’t even touched her yet and she was just laughing as if I had already started. I drew back my fingers and let her giggle out her frustration. When she quieted down a little, I shot my hands toward her ribs and kneaded as much as possible. She instantly burst out laughing. I quickly transferred from the sides to the stomach. She was tearing at the eyes, her face was getting red from laughing, so I had her say another key word and promptly removed her bikini top. I gave her a few seconds to recover, then I started tickling around and over her breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect, so clearly she was enjoying this.

I remember reading that endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and that they can be released by laughing. So technically, the more someone laughed, the more endorphins would flood their system. And the more endorphins there are, the more pleasure the body is willing to receive. So, I’m guessing that there were plenty of endorphins flowing throughout. Spending a lot of time in the breast and armpit area seemed to be getting her horny. Then without any help from me, she finally screamed “Stop!", stripping off her last article of clothing. She was probably feeling embarrassed, but horny and she was in perfect position to receive all the post-hypnotic suggestions that I was building up to.

I gave the words ‘Vibrator’ and ‘Loop’ and started going back over every inch of ticklish skin that I could get my fingers on. Let me tell you, she was just completely out of control! I didn’t think she was capable of any rational thoughts at that particular moment I decided to give her one more trigger to remember. I whispered in her ear through all her laughing that whenever I would say the word ‘More’, she would become more and more aroused. I held off in giving that trigger until she orgasmed. She looked like she was being completely over-stimulated and didn’t know what to do with herself. I stopped tickling, stood back and watched the scene in front of me. I knew she was feeling both tickling of fingers and feathers in every place possible on her body and the relentless vibrator between her legs was stimulating her beyond belief. Finally, the over-stimulation was too much for her and she started to orgasm. Surprisingly, she went into another, then another. With all the energy being spent in laughing and trying to break out of the imaginary bonds, I was surprised that she had any energy left for this at all. After about six orgasms, she collapsed, her entire body shivering and squirming from the imaginary tickling she was still feeling. I released her from the “Loop” and “Vibrator” suggestions but kept her hypno-bound to the bed.

“How do you feel?” I asked. Then without further delay, I started to whisper the word “More” repeatedly. I didn’t think she believed what she just experienced. But she said, “I’ve never felt so great in my entire life!” Then half-jokingly, “Can I take you home with me?” We chuckled a little at that joke, but I decided to reply, “Sure, if you’d like me to say, ‘Kapow!’” Instantly she started to orgasm once again. After she was done, she started to complain how exhausted she was from all the orgasms, yet she was extremely horny and wanted me to do her right there. I was completely taken back by how direct she was, but I forced the sexual thoughts that were emerging out of my mind and put her back under. I released her from the hypno-bondage and had her get dressed. I wiped her memory of the evening, but made sure to keep the post-hypnotic triggers firmly implanted in her mind and increased her attraction to me. I clapped my hands twice and she woke up, dazed, confused and feeling orgasmic. “How are you doing?” I asked. She gave me a strange look as if I was guilty of doing something to her, but then thought better of it. She gave me a kiss goodbye (which is the first time she’s done that outside of hypnosis) and left, feeling great with no rational reason why. I felt inner happiness swell up inside me, completely proud that I was able to succeed in all six of these girls. I couldn’t wait until the bachelor party. More importantly, I couldn’t wait until I created my own private party with these girls.